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Kodi King’s Apical Ecommerce Review: How Does Amazon Automation Work?

July 7, 2024

Apical Ecommerce is a private label ecommerce automation company. Their CEO, Kodi Brown, established the company in 2016 and now goes by Kodi King. It helps users set up and run an automated Amazon store with private labeling. Unlike other Amazon FBA courses, this one includes branding and private labeling. This makes the products appear as if you own them. However, the program requires a significant investment, potentially reaching $20,000. Once the store is up, your only job is to pay your fees and taxes and cash in your money every month. 

Apical Ecommerce has positive reviews on its platform and Instagram. They claimed to have helped over 250 clients build 7-8-figure businesses. Also, some testimonials said they have generated sales within 3-4 months. However, there are no reviews outside their platform. On Reddit, some users accused the company and Kodi of being a scam.

Amazon automation stores use credit lines to keep up with inventory demand. Just like Apical Ecommerce. This strategy generates a lot of credit points that businesses can use for travel. However, the Amazon FBA private label space has already become crowded. It could pose a challenge for new entrants. Additionally, consumers may be skeptical of buying from unknown brands, affecting potential sales. 

In this article, we will discuss everything there is about Apical Ecommerce. This includes their systems, their team, and their testimonials. We will also talk about a business model like local lead generation that does not deal with credit. Since there is no physical product, you won't have to keep up with inventory. 

Apical Ecommerce Review: Pros and Cons


The Apical Ecommerce by Kodi King has highly successful people that will manage your business for you. 

You only need to worry about a onetime payment.

The Apical Ecommerce business structure can bring you more travel opportunities and freedom. 

The Apical Ecommerce also provides ways to help you secure business funding. 


There isn't much information on the Apical Ecommerce's process and strategies available before you sign up. 

The program has very limited reviews from outside sources.

Kodi King seems to have no connection to his alleged team. 


Apical Ecommerce's cost is a onetime payment that depends on your business idea. To get the price, you will have to book a call with Kodi and his team.

Refund Policy

The Apical Ecommerce refund policy offers a 2-year 100% money-back guarantee. 


The Apical Ecommerce started in 2016.


Kodi King's reputation is very limited. There is no other information about him other than his platform. 

There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write one.

0.0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)

How Does Amazon Automation Work?

Amazon automation works by using an agency, individual, or software to manage tasks. Especially within the Amazon FBA business model. It aims to reduce the effort required by the store owner. This can be done through methods. This includes signing up with an automation agency or hiring a virtual assistant. You can also try setting up specialized software. It seems convenient, especially for new FBA sellers. However, there are several controversial aspects to consider.

Many automation services misleadingly portray making money on Amazon as easy. Their goal is to attract new clients. They make money using your store while you bear all the risk. Most of these contracts guarantee their payment regardless of your store's success. Additionally, Amazon automation is expensive. It often costs around $30,000, which can delay your return on investment. Agencies also take a profit share, sometimes above 50%. This leaves you with less than half of your earnings.

Success stories in Amazon automation are rare. This is partly because of NDAs in contracts. They prevent clients from sharing their experiences. Moreover, the work is often outsourced to overseas virtual assistants. Many agencies use a dropshipping model, which is not illegal. However, it can lead to account suspensions or deactivations if done improperly.

What is Apical Ecommerce?

Apical Ecommerce is a private label e-commerce automation company. Kodi Brown established this company in 2016. It automates the entire process of running an Amazon store. This includes product sourcing to inventory management. Their services also include creating product labels and handling the shipping process.

Kodi King has extensive experience in e-commerce. He had launched products and generated significant sales through Amazon. His approach with Apical Ecommerce is to provide a nearly fully automated service. He promised minimal involvement from the store owner. Additionally, the service is marketed as a solution to generate passive income. The company manages most aspects of the business. Apical Ecommerce presents an attractive option for automating an Amazon business. However, potential clients must conduct thorough research. Consider the associated risks and costs before investing.

How Can You Get Started With Apical Ecommerce?

To get started with Apical E-commerce, you need to access the links on his and the company’s Instagram. This will redirect you to the landing page. Kodi presents a pitch on how he can create a private-label business for you that's fully automated.

After viewing the video, you can make your decision if you want to move forward. You need to apply to schedule a free call with their team. This will also check if you’re qualified to work with their team. It will ask you a few questions about your business idea and send you an email if you’re confirmed. The phone call with the team will reveal more details about how you will get started with the company. They will also tell you the onetime payment you will pay for the start-up costs. 

What Services Do Apical E-Commerce Offer?

  • A fully automated system: This includes finding your would-be product. It also includes setting the best price. The system will compete with other sellers and bring in more customers. They also handle the shipping process and inventory management. Even before it reaches Amazon’s warehouse.
  • 99.99% Automated Passive Income: They use FBA and their method for getting the product to sell in your online store. The only thing you will need to do is pay your fees and taxes. They also have an in-house accountant who specializes in e-commerce. They can help you manage your taxes and fees to the next level.
  • Start-up business funding: If you have a credit score of 650, they provide start-up funding. You can also opt for quarterly funding. How much you can get will depend on your revenue and their connections with banks.

How Do You Pay for Inventory With Apical Ecommerce?

You can pay for inventory with Apical Ecommerce by giving an upfront fee once you get started with them. This fee covers everything so you can get started with your business. This also includes your inventory. As an automation company, Apical Ecommerce handles all aspects of business management. 

Apical Ecommerce also has an accountant who specializes in e-commerce. They will take care of that for you. You don't have to worry about paying for inventory, as your only job would be to cash in your check each month.  

How Do You Get Strong Profit Margins With Apical E-commerce?

Most new Amazon FBA sellers can expect to earn a profit margin of 10%, according to beprofit. When starting out, it is normal to have a lower profit margin. You can take the steps yourself to increase the margin, but Apical Ecommerce provides a fully automated system designed to increase commerce for your business. They set the inventory and the prices available in your online store, which is made to compete with other sellers to drive in more consumers. 

Is Apical E-commerce the Best Amazon Automation Service?

Apical E-commerce is not the best Amazon automation service. But it might work if you’re someone with a lot of capital to spare. Or if you will take risks in the name of doing less work. However, even though they present a lot of benefits to improve your brand, there is nothing to back it up. 

Apical Ecommerce has been running for 7 years and Kodi King has been in the Ecommerce business for over 8. However, there is nothing that can confirm the success they bring. Well, aside from the testimonials they provide. 

If you're the type of person who likes to research before investing, do it with diligence. There are a lot of other Amazon automation companies out there. Amazon automation companies, like Apical E-commerce, can bring you large profits. However, they are still subject to changes in the e-commerce platform they use. This brings instability. 

Apical E-Commerce Reviews

The Apical E-commerce reviews from its platform are all positive. However, there are no other reviews outside their platform. According to the company’s website, they have helped over 250+ clients. They turn their business into 7-8-figure brands. He has a lot of testimonials and reviews from clients on the company’s Instagram page. Clients claimed that they generated sales within 3-4 months of working with Kodi and his team. 

He also has a few testimonials that he presents in his introductory video of current clients. One client said that after almost falling for a scam, he found Kodi's course. Now, he uses his business so he can travel anywhere around the world. However, aside from the videos and posts on their Instagram page, there are very few reviews outside their platform. 

On Reddit, Intrepid_Chapter_157 claimed that Apical E-commerce is a scam and accused Kodi Brown of scamming people. Another Redditor said that someone was about to give $5000 to the company, but Kodi Brown ignored them when they asked for contacts for the check. 

Who is Kodi Brown?

Kodi Brown

Kodi Brown or Kodi King is a marketer. He started his digital marketing company when he was 17. He started his ecommerce brand at 20 years old. This is when he found that digital marketing took up too much of his time. In 2015, he published an ebook with 50+ social media and marketing tips. This was before starting founding Apical Ecommerce in 2016. He has over seven years of experience as an Amazon sales expert and over 10 years in the ecommerce industry. Kodi has helped his clients generate millions in sales over the past two years. He is also an Amazon seller and has developed over 300 brands on Amazon. He has a new program called Apical Consulting. 

Is Kodi Brown a Scam?

Kodi Brown is not a scam. But he has several YouTube channels with no active videos. He dedicates his secondary channel, Kodiak Brown, for reviews and theories on various internet niches.  Kodi claims that he has many articles about him as an "Ecommerce Mogul and Business Coach". Several of these pieces are identical and are on different sites. There are over 12 articles posted on different blogs about his success. Seven of these articles are duplicated under different writers. 

His website,, is no longer accessible. He claims they have multiple features on many big financial websites. But there is nothing underneath his name or the company’s name. The closest thing that could back up his claims is he was featured on Yahoo. However, it was not on Yahoo! Finance, as he says. Instead, an article about him is on and

How Many People are in Kodi's Team?

Kodi King also works with several 8-figure sellers, according to his video. He has 6 members on his team, that can help you with the development of your online business. However, a quick look at some of their LinkedIn profiles shows they have no connection to Kodi King. Keegan Sard, the company’s Director of Operations, has made no connection to the company or Kodi.

Some of his team members have a big online presence. Yet, there is nothing aside from Kodi's claims proving their partnerships. For example, Seneca Hampton, most famous for his appearance on Shark Tank, and Jay Jay. She is a renowned Australian international speaker and brand advisor. Jay-Jay has a website, promoting himself and his business expertise. But there is no mention of Apical Ecommerce or Kodi.

What are Kodi’s Other Business Ventures?

Kodi has other business ventures that are up and running. They help you build your own business. The services provided by Apical Ecommerce also include some of these services. His Amazon Private Label Automation will redirect you to Apical Ecommerce. He also runs a consulting agency called Apical Consulting. Here are some of the common services offered by Kodi: 

  • Funding Services: This is for those looking to start a business but has no funding. They cover a multitude of programs, not just in business. They can also get you funding for personal and real estate loans. There’s no upfront payment needed. You will receive a monthly invoice. But it depends on your use of funds, industry type, credit score, cash flow, and revenue.
  • Monthly Credit Repair Subscription: Kodi offers this service for $197 a month. This helps dispute inaccurate debt from your report and boosts your score. With this, you can also purchase his DIY Credit Repair ebook for $97 and a Financial Literacy Course for $2,497.
  • Build your Online Brand Ebook: This is an A-Z handbook that shares secrets to building your online brand. It includes social media marketing and sales. You can purchase the full ebook for $25.

Is Private Label Dead in 2024?

Private-label Amazon FBA is not dead in 2024. However, it faces significant challenges. This makes it more difficult and less profitable than before. CNBC said that Amazon now sells over 118 of its private-label brands. This puts third-party sellers at a disadvantage. Products on the first page receive 80% of all clicks, according to Jungle Scout.

As per EcomCrew, a large portion of third-party sellers on Amazon, about 63%, are now from China. These sellers often have better margins and direct access to manufacturing. This allows them to undercut prices and offer higher-quality products. Boston Consulting Group reports that manufacturing costs in China have risen. It is now only 5% lower than in the US. This reduces the profit margins for private label sellers.

Two million active sellers and thousands of new ones joined the Amazon marketplace. This makes it extremely crowded, as per eDesk. This intense competition makes it hard for new products to gain visibility and sales. Also, Amazon has increased its fees, cutting into the profit margins of sellers. Advertising costs have also risen, further reducing profitability. 

Why is Local Lead Generation Better Than Private Label Amazon FBA?

Local lead generation is better than private-label Amazon FBA because it is straightforward. Maintaining an Amazon FBA business demands continuous effort and meticulous inventory management. The shipment of products from suppliers in China to Amazon warehouses is direct. Thus, it becomes a major issue to maintain quality control. This leads to negative reviews if products are defective. This can affect your product listings and overall profits.

The initial costs and time investment to set up a successful Amazon FBA listing are large. It often ranges around $10,000 and it takes several months to establish. Additionally, the competition on Amazon is fierce. Edesk posted that there are over 2.5 million third-party sellers on the platform. Of these, 59% use Amazon’s private label model. To remain competitive, sellers must continuously reinvest profits into launching new products.


Mastering Amazon FBA takes at least 1-2 years. This is because of the many steps involved. This makes it difficult for beginners compared to local lead generation. Competing against Amazon's private label brands poses another significant challenge. These brands have unfair advantages in rankings and pricing. With local lead generation, you fully own your websites. This gives you long-term control and stability. No one can take your website away from you. In Amazon FBA, your business depends on its platform. They can restrict or remove your selling access at any time.

Local lead generation offers steady passive income by selling leads to local businesses. This model can generate $500 to $3000 of dollars per month per website. It also relies on organic traffic through local SEO. This can be more cost-effective and sustainable. Free traffic becomes increasingly valuable as data protection laws and advertising costs rise. With Amazon FBA, you rely on paid advertising (Amazon PPC). This has become more expensive, reducing profitability. Helium 10 mentioned that, on average, you must spend around 10-15% of your revenue.

So, if you are looking for a business that provides more control, less competition, and offers passive income, try local lead generation.

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  1. Apical has terrible communication based on our own experience. I would not recommend this company as they make promises they cannot deliver on. No one responds to their emails when you ask questions. They demand more money even after they gave you the value you would need to start. They promise 4 month start times but it has taken up to a year for some people to get product in their store. They are not organized and have a terrible business set up. Don't gamble with your money.

  2. Don't work with this company. They will rip you off. They don't do what they say. The sales rep will tell you one thing and your contract says something else. They told me I would launch in 3 months and it's been 8 months. There are several clients complaining about the same thing, and all they do is continue to ask for more money. They will ask you to get business credit cards to pay, and you will be stuck with the bill. Im making payments on $55K and they will not cancel my contract. I have no products launched and im paying a large bill and now im in debt. Run from this company as fast as you can. This company will eventually file bankruptcy!! Kodiak better watch his back…

    1. Wow, sorry about that experience. Automation companies are definitely a huge gamble. Unlike when you create and control your own lead generation properties that predictably pay you every month without a massive upfront investment.

  3. Im an apical customer and I myself didnt believe that I could make a income on the side of my regular job, however I am seeing some great results in the first few months of running 2 stores. I can vouch for Apical and their knowledgeable team. Ive had nothing but good words to say from the very start!

    1. Hi Will! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. This is the most up-to-date article I have on Apical Ecommerce atm.

        1. Many online courses appear to be a scam to most people because you’re not face to face with course creators. Skepticism is a real thing but when you do the research, you see the success they’ve had as a company.

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