Appointment Setter Reviews: Honest Opinions from Real Entrepreneurs

April 4, 2024

Yes, you can really make $7,000 to $15,000 as an appointment setter if you know how to find the right company and have the skills to book more appointments. Company review platforms Indeed, CareerBliss, and PayScale, have an overall average rating for appointment setters of approximately 3.91 out of 5.0. This shows that while the potential income in appointment setting is high, there are other factors that can make the job unsatisfying.

An appointment setter is a professional who contacts potential clients to schedule meetings for sales teams. Appointment setting is a legit job for those seeking flexible and entry-level employment opportunities. There are no required educational background and qualifications to work in this role. An example of an appointment setter is Richard Yu who runs the Setter Certification Program that claims to teach aspiring appointment setters how to earn $3,000 to $7,000 as a setter.

In this article, we’ll review the appointment setter career, including potential earnings, pros and cons, common complaints, and company comparisons. We’ll answer whether you can really make $7,000 to $15,000 monthly in this role. We’ll also introduce a more profitable business model than appointment setting.

Appointment Setter Pros and Cons

Pros of Being an Appointment Setter:

Flexible Schedules: Appointment setting jobs often offer flexible schedules. This will allow you to work at times that suit you best. 

Remote Work: Many appointment setting roles are also called remote setting. You can work comfortably anywhere. This offers the flexibility to create a personalized work environment.

Entry-Level Opportunity: This role usually doesn't require prior experience. You can build a foundation for future career advancements in sales or customer service.

Skill Development: You can improve communication and sales techniques. This can prepares you for more advanced positions in sales, marketing, or customer relations in the future.

Variety of Industries: Appointment setters can work in many different industries. It offers diverse experiences that can broaden your professional perspective.

Cons of Being an Appointment Setter:

Variable Income: Earnings can fluctuate, especially if they're based on commissions, leading to periods of high and low income.

Rejection: Facing frequent rejections from potential clients can impact motivation and confidence. 

Repetitive Work: The job can become monotonous with repetitive tasks. You make numerous calls daily and you deliver similar pitches every time. 

Pressure to Meet Targets: There can be pressure to meet certain performance metrics or targets. This might lead to stress and a demanding work environment.

Limited Career Growth: There may be limited opportunities for advancement within this role. This makes it challenging for individuals to progress significantly in their careers.

Honest Reviews from Experienced Appointment Setters

Appointment setter is a good job, according to appointment setter manager Erika Kulpina from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada who has managed appointment setting teams that generated $17 million in revenue for businesses. She mentions that appointment setters in her industry earn an average income of $4,000 a month. Erika also approves of appointment setting as a legit job that offers flexibility, remote work, and the opportunity to network with high-income professionals.

David Hunter from Philadelphia (@yourealazyfvck on YouTube) claims that appointment setting is not a good career. Dave was scammed into “managing” a $12 billion fund but required him to cold call prospects to set online appointments without pay. He was required to call his personal contacts and a list of potential clients to set appointments for selling insurance products.

In response to a comment that counters his argument that appointment setting is a scam, he says that working in McDonald’s is a more profitable career. David now runs his own marketing agency and teaches an online training program called The Agency Course.

Blue Raven Solar’s Appointment Setter Review

This Blue Raven Solar review from an employee based in Salem, Oregon mentions that they felt valued and financially rewarded for their work. They describe the management as exceptional and very supportive, ranging from the direct managers to the corporate and the scheduling center. The job also left the reviewer feeling positive‌ about their skills.

A former Blue Raven Solar employee from Topeka, Kansas gave the company a 1-star review for their former appointment setter role. They pointed out that the pay could have been better than advertised. It was mostly based on commission, not $20 an hour plus commission. If they took breaks or couldn't work enough hours, they would lose their hourly pay. To get out of training pay, they needed to have 5 appointments kept in the same week.

NERD Power’s Appointment Setter Review

This former appointment setter from Anaheim, California calls NERD Power’s appointment setting role as misleading. They mention that the job provides only three days of training, primarily focused on script memorization, for ‌a door-to-door appointment setting role. Employees who cannot set an appointment within the first two weeks face immediate termination, despite the job's advertised four-week training duration. The promised hourly rate of $20 is often not achievable. 

This review from an appointment setter based in San Atonio, Texas felt the appointment setting job at Nerd Power was demanding and unrewarding. They were required to knock on over 75 doors each day, but payment was only given if an appointment was set and the advisor attended it. The lack of payment for appointments where advisors didn't show up seemed unfair to them. 

Appointment Setter Reviews BBB

The feedback about appointment setting at appointment setting company Contractor Connect at BBB is highly positive. One client said they made over $60,000 in sales in less than a month because of the leads from Contractor Connect. They also said the cost for these leads was low, so they got a lot back for what they spent. Another client, who has been with Contractor Connect for a year, is happy with the results they've seen.

Good communication is a big reason clients are satisfied. They get quick answers to their questions, which helps build a long-term relationship. People are also happy with the consistent and high-quality leads they get. The Contractor Connect team is good at talking to clients and always works to make the leads even better. Overall, clients recommend Contractor Connect for its good leads and great service.

Appointment Setter Reviews Reddit

People who wrote about appointment setter jobs on Reddit have several complaints. One person, a college student, felt the job was not as described and involved door-to-door sales in the hot Arizona summer. They also felt the pay was mostly based on commission, not the hourly wage advertised. 

Other people shared their thoughts, with one saying the job and the company didn't seem trustworthy. Another person mentioned it's a bad idea, explaining that the work can be tough and might not even pay. They suggest it's better to find a job with a more reliable income. Overall, they seem to think the appointment setter job isn't a good choice because it's hard and the pay isn't guaranteed.

The Good: Top Positive Appointment Setter Reviews

1. Good Financial Compensation and Flexibility

Many people find the job of an appointment setter financially rewarding. They often earn good money, sometimes through commissions. The job also offers flexible working hours. This means employees can choose their schedules to fit their personal life. It's helpful for people who have other commitments because they can work at convenient times.

What Appointment Setter Skills Do You Need to Earn High Commissions?

Good communication, customer service, and objection handling are the appointment setter skills you need to earn high commissions. Prospects are more likely to book calls with you if you can address their pain points and offer your product as the clear solution.

2. Rewarding and Fulfilling Work

Appointment setters often find their work personally fulfilling. They feel good about making successful sales and helping environmental causes in some roles. They enjoy knowing their work has a meaningful purpose, which increases their job satisfaction. Feeling like they contribute to more than just sales targets, many appointment setters take pride in their work. This makes the role not just a job, but a rewarding career choice.

3. Supportive Management and Positive Work Environment

Many employees find the managers in this job supportive and kind. They appreciate the positive treatment from all levels of management. This welcoming environment makes them feel valued and like they belong. The friendly atmosphere and helpful colleagues contribute to their happiness at work.

The Not-So-Good: Common Appointment Setter Complaints and Concerns

1. No Benefits

Some appointment setting jobs don't offer employee benefits. These jobs rarely provide health insurance, retirement plans, or paid vacation and sick leave. As a result, appointment setters may have to pay for their own health care and retirement savings, which can be expensive. Without paid time off, missing work for sickness or vacation means losing income, making the job financially unstable.

2. High Pressure and Unfair Requirements

Many reviews of the job mention stress from the pressure to meet sales goals. Workers need to achieve a set number of leads or sales each week. Failing to meet these goals can cause losing their hourly pay, leaving them to depend solely on commission earnings. Meeting these targets is often challenging. The constant stress of trying to reach these goals, combined with the worry of losing regular pay, makes the job more difficult. 

3. Misleading and Inconsistent Pay

Many people have said that their earnings were lower than expected. They mainly made money from commissions, which vary. The base pay is often less than expected. There's also a risk of losing this base pay if they don't meet specific sales targets or generate enough leads. This uncertainty causes their income to fluctuate significantly.

Company Comparisons: Reviews of Top Companies Hiring Appointment Setters

Blue Raven Solar's reviews on Indeed highlight pros like good pay, enjoyable team environment, flexible hours, and a relaxed atmosphere but point out downsides such as no benefits and a choice between base pay or commissions. The training is beneficial, though door-to-door sales pose challenges for some.

NERD Power receives mixed feedback as well. Employees were not expecting the door-to-door aspect of the job, and brief training focuses mainly on script learning. While job security is an issue, with quick termination if appointments aren't set, some enjoy the job for the competitive pay, diverse workforce, and opportunities for growth. However, using personal cars and phones is a downside.

Automated Appointment Engines faces criticism for unfair treatment and favoritism, according to a Glassdoor review. Automatic Appointments on Indeed has varied responses: from early termination regrets to praises for the community, flexible scheduling, and potential for raises. Drawbacks include cold calling, no benefits, and disorganized scheduling.

Salary insights show Blue Raven Solar appointment setters earn about $3,599 monthly on average. WCPS Management Group offers between $6,052 to $7,676 for entry-level positions. NERD Power appointment setters can expect around $26 per hour, as per Glassdoor.

Finding a trustworthy appointment setting company involves searching where high-ticket coaches look for support. Online directories, LinkedIn, and forums where coaches discuss these services can be useful. 

Are There Any Alternatives to Working as an Appointment Setter? 

Local lead generation is the best alternative to appointment setter. First, while appointment setting can improve your sales skills, it's an active job that needs full-time work, especially to earn more. But local lead generation gives you a more passive way to make money. Once you set up your website, it can keep earning for you without needing constant work.


Also, appointment setters are usually employees working for a company, but with local lead generation, you're in charge of your own business. This gives you more control over your work and income. In appointment setting, your earnings depend on commissions, which can be unpredictable. You rely on others to close the deals so you can get paid. But in local lead gen, once your website is up and running, it can bring in a steady income every month.

If you're looking for a more stable way to earn and want to manage your own business, local lead generation is worth considering. You can learn more and start your own local lead gen business here.

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