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Astroflipping Review: Is This Real Estate Co-Wholesaling Course Legit?

February 19, 2023

Astroflipping is a training and mentorship program by 2 of the co-founders of the real estate investment company KeyGlee. It targets a particular niche in real estate, and is one of the courses published by New Reach Education e-learning platform. Astroflipping teaches its students how to succeed in real estate wholesaling.

The term Astroflipping was derived from the idea that if an astronaut flips in space, he will keep flipping indefinitely. With this business model, you can make a 6 figure income flipping real estate without even needing any of your own capital to invest!

In this review, we'll answer these important questions. What does Astroflipping teach and just how effective is it? What are the pros and cons of this offer? Who are the people behind this course, and are they legit?

Pros & Cons of the Astroflipping Course


Lifetime access.

2 course variants offered.

Very comprehensive training.

Provides technical tools needed for the business.

Teaches automation of required tools.

Experienced instructors who are experts in real estate industry.

Active Facebook community for support.


Course has a very expensive price tag.

Many materials to cover may be overwhelming with the ‌time frame

Business model has long ROI.

Business model has low profit margins for the heavy workload.

It's unclear if the head coaches are actually building high-level real estate businesses today or not

High capital needed to invest in wholesaling and flipping.

Who Is Astroflipping Mentoring Course For?

  • Anyone new who wants to have their own real estate business.
  • Current flippers, wholesalers, and real estate investors who want to scale their business.

Who Is Jamil Damji and Josiah Grimes?

Jamil Damji and Josiah Grimes are 2 of the 4 co-founders of KeyGlee LLC founded in Temple, Arizona in 2017. With over 5000 deals made under their belt, the company claims to be the number 1 real estate wholesaling company in the United States. KeyGlee is a national franchise spanning 180 US markets among 25 states.

Who is Jamil Damji?

Jamil Damji has been in the real estate industry since 2002. You’d probably recognize him on his numerous cringy YouTube ads. Jamil is a co-founder and the CBDO of KeyGlee investments. From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jamil has a bachelor in Science with a specialization in kinesiology. He usually catered to expats in Dubai/UAE. Before founding KeyGlee, Jamil used to sell one or two properties a month. Now they close 60-80 deals a month.

Jamil is active on social media. He has a YouTube page as of March 2020 with 19.3k subscriptions and over 700 uploaded videos to date. He constantly posts Q&As, updates on the wholesaling industry, motivational videos, and basic tutorials on real estate wholesaling on his YouTube channel.

Jamil Damji also stars on a A&E original series called Triple Digit Flip. It has a 7.4/10 IMBD rating. The show follows Jamil and company in flipping houses in Phoenix, Arizona. Based on the TV show, Jamil and the other cast of the show have a 7-day Flip Me Challenge. For the price of $47, you get access to a 20 lesson course spanning 3 hours and 40 minutes. This course contains a blueprint of the tools and tips needed to fix and flip.

Who is Josiah Grimes?

Like Jamil, Josiah has been in the real estate industry since 2002. He is a co-founder and CEO of KeyGlee investments. From Chandler, Arizona, Josiah has a bachelor in finance from W.P. Carey School of Business. Josiah is also the CEO and co-founder of New Reach Education.

Joined SRL Group as a realtor in 2012. Became an operations manager for Sell Quick For Cash in 2013. Founding partner of Aptus Investments and Atlas Wholesale Homes.

Josiah manages the Astroflipping YouTube page which has 1.81k subscriptions and 16 videos to date. The videos uploaded are case studies, tutorials for apps and online tools, help with legal issues such as contracts and taxes.

Josiah has been featured in the real estate channel HGTV and The Dave Ramsey show. Josiah also authored a book that he offers for free called “Wholesale Abundance”. The book contains the story and strategies that Josiah employed to make KeyGlee successful.

How Do You Make Money With Astroflipping?

Real estate is a full-time job if you want to achieve financial success. You have to constantly look for properties to invest in. The capital for such ventures is very high and may only yield low ROI for the amount of work done. The upside is that real estate values constantly rises and rarely declines.

There are 3 real estate investing strategies. These are:

  1. Flipping
  2. Wholesaling
  3. Long-term buy and hold

Long-term buy and hold simply means buying a property and waiting for the value to rise before selling it. Flipping is when you buy a property below 70% of its after-repair value, renovate it, and resell it for a profit. Both methods require a huge amount of capital to invest.

Wholesaling is a short-term investment method. With wholesaling, you would contract homes to a buyer at a higher price than what the seller is offering. Effectively acting as a middleman, you get to keep the difference as your profit.

One thing different that Astroflipping teaches is what can be called as co-wholesaling. How this works is as follows:

  1. Find wholesalers with dead leads.
  2. Reach an agreement with the wholesaler to lower the price for you in exchange for finding them a cash buyer.
  3. Send this deal to cash buyers in the area for an amount slightly above the selling price.
  4. Repeat several times to have multiple properties to close per month.

With this method; you don’t have to compete with other wholesalers, or even require any capital to buy property. The idea is you get to keep a profit from helping other wholesalers close a deal. Co-wholesaling works better in areas with plenty of competition, as it gives you plenty of wholesalers with dead deals to contact.

Here’s an example:

A wholesale deal costs $90k. You convince the wholesaler to lower the price to $85k. You find a buyer to get the deal at $88k. Closing this sale will make you $3k in profits investing no capital. While this method sounds easy, it is easier said than done.

If you choose to work as a solo wholesaler, then you'll need to locate potential sellers. Here are 5 ways of acquiring properties:

  1. Reviewing local MLS listings.
  2. Driving through neighborhoods to locate distressed property.
  3. Contacting a real estate agent to locate sellers.
  4. Cold calling homeowners of potential properties.
  5. Locating distressed property through google maps satellite view. These are identified by indicators such as piles of trash, broken cars, overgrown vegetation, etc.

Do Students of Astroflipping Actually Make Money?

How effective is the course? Do Astroflipping students actually achieve the success that the course is promoting? There are several of both positive and negative reviews of the course found throughout the web.

Students of the course who review it positively mention no specifics on their reviews. There is a lack of figures and specifics on the success stories of the course. Negative reviews come from the over-hype the course sells, its methods, and the steep price tag.

These two reviews are from two students who, from their comment, appear to use the co-wholesaling method to make a product. We'll talk more about how co-wholesaling works further down the article.

These two reviews criticize the false advertising of the program and states that other similar courses all use the same system to get leads.

This review complains about the steep price tag and the multiple upsells in the program.

Risks Involved With Real Estate Wholesaling?

Real estate wholesaling, like all other business models, comes with its own risks and rewards. You can do real estate wholesaling with no capital, but that doesn't mean it's free of risks.

Risks of real estate wholesaling:

  • No guaranteed income - Like anyone who works in real estate, no sale means no commission. Since you work for yourself, you don't have a regular salary, insurance, and other benefits an employee would receive from a company.
  • Legalities - It is very important to know the requirements and regulations of the area where you do business. Every state, and sometimes even towns and counties, has their own regulations and requirements. Violating these may see you behind bars or have you facing hefty fines.
  • Contracts - Usually, a contract with a seller would have a time stipulation. If you don't sell the property within the allotted time, the contract will expire.
  • Lack of buyers - It is important to have a list of buyers in real estate wholesaling. You also need to know the preferences of each of your buyers to effectively make a favorable deal when a matching property comes on sale.
  • Deal failure - As long as the deal is not closed, it is not a guaranteed sale. A buyer can always back out at the last minute. Unforeseen natural disasters may also affect the property which affects the deal.

What’s Included In The Astroflipping Mentorship?

The Astroflipping mentorship program is available in 2 variants (Astro Accelerator, and Astro Accelerator Executive). The variants only differ in what's included in the package.

Astro Accelerator - perfect if you are a first time real estate investor, or if you are a current real estate business owner who wishes to reach 6-7 figure income. This package includes:

  • 6 week training course.
  • 78 step-by-step videos.
  • Downloadable contracts.
  • Access to an active real estate community.
  • Lifetime access.
  • 2 weekly group training calls for 6 months.
  • Live comping assistant to run comps.

Astro Accelerator Executive - if you are a real estate business owner who wishes to scale your business to 7-8 figures.

  • 7 week training course.
  • 88 step-by-step videos.
  • Downloadable contracts.
  • Access to an active real estate community.
  • Lifetime access.
  • 2 weekly group training calls for 6 months.
  • Live comping assistant to run comps.
  • 2 custom websites made for you.
  • Customer relationship management setup.
  • Workflow automation training.
  • Team build-out and organization training.
  • 9 live calls per month with Jamil Damji.

Astroflipping has an active Facebook support group for students. The main Facebook group has 12k members. The Elite Facebook group has 3.5k members.

How Much Does Astroflipping Cost?

Unfortunately, Astroflipping does not have transparency with its price. The price is only given after booking and talking with the sales agent.

The most commonly reported price is that the price can range anywhere from $5,800 to $7,500. This price also depends on the time of the year and the payment plans.

Check out my list on real estate wholesaling courses for other alternatives.

Is Real Estate Wholesaling Still Relevant in 2023?

According to Forbes, real estate is “one of the most recommended assets to invest in”. Real estate market values mostly increase and rarely decrease overtime, although the appreciation timeframe is very slow.

If you have the time and capital to invest in Real Estate Wholesaling or house flipping, then this course might be for you. If you don't have capital to invest, then you can try your luck with the co-wholesaling method. Just keep in mind that real estate wholesaling will not bring you much success if you do not invest a big part of your time on it.

There are plenty of less complicated ways to make money online compared to real estate wholesaling. If you are someone who doesn't have all the time in the world to invest in real estate, then check out online business models where you can earn passive income.

I've tried many types of online businesses such as Amazon FBA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, many others, but none of these have given me financial freedom. What I found most successful is now my number one business, local lead generation. It doesn't take much of my time. In fact, it practically runs and pays for itself. Local Lead Generation is the true definition of a passive income model.

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