Aaron Richards ATN Unlimited Review: What Is The Automated Trading Network?

March 6, 2024

ATN Unlimited (Automated Trading Network LLC) offers DFY program and financial trading education for experienced sellers to create a passive income stream through private trading networks. It differs from traditional trading because it uses automated bots or AI for trading plans. Aaron and his group of traders aims to help you achieve 7% to 15% ROI per month. According to Finder, 64% of Americans earn $100,000 invests in trading.

There are client testimonials found on the website mentioning how ATN Unlimited helps them achieve an income in a week’s time after joining the program. But their unmanaged Facebook page mentions the hassle of having to book a discovery call before knowing the prices and other information about the program. It is also the sentiment on one Reddit thread that talks about their experience with ATN Unlimited. 

This ATN Unlimited review you learn what are the pros and cons, who it is for, who the creator is and his claims. You learn if forex trading is worth it or is there an alternative for a low-risk passive income in 2024.

What Is The Automated Trading Network?

Automated Trading Network is a DFY program for investors using machine advancements in learning computer trading algorithms without spending much of your time in front of the computer. ATN Unlimited uses a private trading network, which gives access to a group of traders who use learning software and artificial intelligence (AI) to understand trading algorithms. The company has an exclusive agreement with their traders to offer licenses per quarter. 

ATN Unlimited offers transparency and realistic expectations, unlike competitors who over promise and not deliver results. They follow the regulations placed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to follow legality issues, and avoid false claims.

How Does ATN Unlimited Help You Make Money?

Step 1: Choose your package

ATN Unlimited offers two packages; Gold and Gold Elite. The split between you and the company also varies depending on the package. It can be a 50-50 or an 80-20 split. Once accepted, they will tell you the ways to send your investment to ATN Unlimited’s trusted brokerage. 

Step 2: Onboarding call

Their specialist will explain how you can fund your brokerage account. They will show how to take advantage of their private trading account. And their group of private traders monitor algorithmic trading bots. 

Step 3: Your subscription

You’ll know how you can subscribe to their trading network within their brokerage. Then your capital is pooled with other ATN Unlimited members of the same network. You get a portion of the amount you allocate. 

Step 4: Enjoy your passive income

As you let their group of traders invest do the work for you, you will receive a deposit on your account. It is based on the generated profits. You can withdraw your income or continue into your trading balance. 

Aaron Richards ATN Unlimited Review: Pros and Cons


ATN Unlimited uses AI-driven bots to understand trading algorithms.

ATN Unlimited uses automated trading that differs from traditional trading.

Aaron Richards’ experience with different automation businesses.


ATN Unlimited requires a minimum $25,000 capital investment.

ATN Unlimited is not for beginners.

Website offers limited information about the program, group of investors, and reviews don’t have client full names.

ATN Unlimited is picky on who they accept in their program.


The price of ATN Unlimited is not disclosed on the website. You need a minimum of $25,000 capital. Book a discovery call to know the price of the program.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of ATN Unlimited is not mentioned on the website, and you have to ask during the call.




The training of ATN Unlimited is a combination of Zoom calls and emails.


The reputation of Aaron Richards is good based on his 30 year overall experience. No Trustpilot reviews but a few negative comments on ATN Unlimited non-active Facebook page.

What Do You Get With ATN Unlimited?

  • Team of experienced private traders
  • True passive income opportunity
  • Learn how AI trading bots work
  • Access to trading platforms and tools
  • Consultation with Aaron Richards
  • Connection with a group of investors
  • Good customer service from Aaron and his team

Who Is ATN Unlimited For?

  1. Investors with a minimum capital of $25,000 with a vision to earn money but do not want to spend their time on the computer.

  2. Entrepreneurs, workers, or any person who wants to break the limited freedom they have during work and wishes for a way to earn passively. 

  3. Experienced investors owning $25,000 or more that support and believe in automated trading using AI-bots.

ATN Unlimited Reviews

There are few reviews for ATN Unlimited reviews found online other than the reviews found on the website. It shows Chau, Damon, and Mahalo with little information about the students. And it is a common concern brought up by some reviews on ATN Unlimited’s Facebook page. Although not updated, there are still recent reviews on the page.

Clients like Chau and Jordan who share how they earned an income ranging from $10,000 to $17,000 a month through the program’s advice. Chau is an anesthetist who realized that he was losing money in the bank because inflation motivated him to invest. Jordan, an entrepreneur with different income streams and wanted to transition from a physical business to a digital one.

ATN Unlimited has 2 Facebook pages, and both are not active. But one page has reviews from 2023 until recently, February 2024. ATN Unlimited has 2.1 ratings for 57 reviews. Peter Kohout, owner of Champions Performance LLC from Washington, DC. He says that the website does not have any information on the website unless you book a discovery call. And he compared it to other services where you’ll have information on what the offers are based on the advertisements.

ATN Unlimited Reddit

A Reddit discussion shares their experience with ATN Unlimited and Aaron Richards. A comment mentions how the landing page “seems fishy” while another comment strengthens the idea. The comment also mentions that he thinks it is full of tracking bots and wants to know other people’s experience with ATN Unlimited before he proceeds with his checkout. And another says that the interview looks scripted, similar to ads. 

Putrid-Big6431’s comment from January 2024 shares his discovery call with ATN Unlimited and says that the company only works with investors who have $25,000 to $30,000. Even if the questionnaire asks the maximum amount, you can invest. And mentions how the employee he talked to is condescending and rude. 

Another comment from the thread noticed the student testimonials having no surname or complete name. This lessens the effectiveness and credibility of the reviews found on the website.

Who Is Aaron Richards?

Aaron Richards or Aaron Kingsley Richards is a father, husband, business consultant, sales coach and the owner of ATN Unlimited from Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Grand Canyon University in 2017. Aaron is a volunteer of St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco, US. And HandsOn Greater Phoenix in Mesa, Arizona.

Aaron worked with Direct Energy for 5 years as their account manager and later promoted as sales and marketing consultant. He worked on marketing sales, strategies, and handling client requests. In 2016, he became the account executive of BASIS.ed in Phoenix, Arizona. In charge of training registrars and enrollment policies. After a year, Aaron became a college recruiter at Grand Canyon University, where took his bachelor’s degree. Then became the business development executive for the same company handling events and building connections. In 2021, Aaron became the VP of sales at ZonBase, which is an essential tool for Amazon sellers. Aaron started his own business in 2022, the ATN Unlimited, based on his overall work experienced with trading. The company is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with over 11 to 50 employees. 

Aaron Richards has an ATN Unlimited YouTube channel where he has 528 subscribers, and an Instagram account with 4,571 followers. ATN Unlimited has a LinkedIn account with 89 followers.

What Is Aaron Richards’s Claim?

Aaron Richard claims that you can earn your own passive income for only 7 to 14 days. ATN Unlimited will help in your financial journey within 2 weeks. He also claims that you will learn how to earn more in a month rather than real estate and stocks earn in a year using private trading networks.

Debunking Aaron Richard’s Claim

The claim of Aaron Richards of owning a passive income within 2 weeks is not realistic, even for experienced investors. He even mentioned in his introductory video that the usual timeline is within 30 days. And that is if you give them all the information they need ASAP. A screenshot shows that, for Damon, an ATN Unlimited student shows that timeframe is 5 months, which contradicts their 7 to 14 days claim.

ATN Unlimited’s disclaimer explains that their program is not a “get rich quick” which proves that the timeline is not possible. Their roadmap also shows that phase 2 and phase 3’s needs at least 11 days to complete.

Is Forex Trading Worth It in 2024?

Forex Trading is worth it in 2024 if you have a passion for trading and you fully understand the trading algorithm. And essentially, if you have the extra money to invest. ATN Unlimited offers an automated trading system where you take advantage of bots and AI in understanding trade patterns, which offers efficiency. JPMorgan Chase, a well-known investor in the global market, applies trading programs and softwares to understand previous patterns, according to Reuters.  

Automated trading may seem easy, as ATN Unlimited suggests, it is not. If you want to do it yourself, you will heavily rely on your software and programs. While some may perform their trades through servers and computers. Your trade might suffer if you have an unstable internet connection. And automated trading requires intensive learning in understanding buy dips, carry trade, chart patterns, and other technical terms that come with trading. 

While it looks promising and profitable, a lot of Forex trading scams also appear. Top Forex Brokers Review, list ‌ 500 + fake Forex brokers list in 2024. These scammers target investors or traders by offering or giving high-profit trading expectations. So it is better to research well and learn everything you need to know before trusting automation companies and offering your money. 

Forex trading or automation trading may differ according to one’s knowledge and skills. It is not an easy passive money making approach. It is important to equip yourself first before jumping into trading, let alone automated trading. Gather enough trading experience from watching tutorials before jumping in.

Create Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local Lead Generation is a better alternative for a low-risk option for a passive income business because the start-up investment or cost is lower than forex trading. The investment needed for you to start a lead generation website is $500. Unlike ATN Unlimited, that requires a minimum of $25,000 before you can start their program or even begin. As they offer automated private trading as a way of earning a passive income, local lead generation also offers that. As long as your website is ranking on Google, you don’t need to edit it. Similar to other business models where you have to put the work beforehand.

You start by targeting a business or niche from a specific town or city and creating a website around that business. For example, a tree service website. Then you try to rank your website using search engine optimization (SEO) targeting specific keywords. Once your website ranks, you can earn $2,000 of passive income without the need to update your website. 

Local lead generation is scalable, as you can create as many websites as you want. You are in control of all decision making, plus you can choose who to work with. Making it a big potential earning capability. This is my number 1 business model for a low-risk passive income that creates financial independence. 

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  1. Thank heavens for the common person to be able to receive reviews by simply Googling about any particular "guru" who might be trying to sell a package/dream opportunity by swiping people with a scam. Local sounds inviting.

  2. I have invested with ATN. They charge $20k, to $25k just for consulting and they claim that is going up soon. I almost invested a large amount initially. However something told me to start small and test the waters. I first invested $1000 with ATN. In a month it did about 9% despite their claims. I thought that is nice. I then increased my total investment to $5000 to my surprise, within a couple of weeks I my account went below $5000 due to leveraging. I was basically now in a hole. There were so many red flags. I have over 20 plus years of investing in stocks, both using technical and fundamental. I asked many questions about how do they manage risk for the trades. No one could answer. The subscription and monthly numbers they produce are fake. The same month I lost over 100%, they publish 5% for that month.

    My advice there are so many places to invest $25k to get better average than this. For example Vanguard index fund produces 7% average. You will also never loose over 100%.

  3. Local lead generation isn't too viable for places like Australia that by comparison to the U.S. have very low population density and large urban sprawl. The economy is much smaller and so high demand businesses are fewer.
    Any second, third or fourth place suggestions ?

    1. Hey, Bren. We have plenty of students in Australia, but we also have students overseas that get clients in the USA. Most of our students come from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

    1. Hey, Richard. I don’t participate in this specific program. I just want to give comprehensive details on different online courses and offer insight into a more profitable and scalable business model like local lead gen.

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