Sunny Lenarduzzi Authority Accelerator Review: 5 Steps to Monetize Your Skills

April 15, 2024

Authority Accelerator is a training program by Sunny Lenarduzzi that teaches you how to create your own courses based on your own specialities and how to use YouTube and social media to market it. She teaches the 5 steps to monetize your skills in her 4-phase comprehensive curriculum. Sunny's YouTube for Bosses course is now included in Authority Accelerator.

Reviews for Authority Accelerator are mostly positive, having helped many monetize their skills and expertise into online courses, from gardening to real estate investing courses. Negative reviews come from students who failed to find success with their own courses. A common complaint about her programs is the excessive use of Google Docs and low success rates.

Finding success in selling a course is rare. You often have to be really skilled at your expertise in order to stand out and build a following. Sunny is renowned in the digital marketing field after working with big companies like Hootsuite and Applebees. She has spoken in the NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels and the Creative Live event in San Francisco, teaching brand building and social media marketing. Her career has paved the way to the success in selling her course.

In this article, you will find out about Sunny's 5 steps to monetizing your skills, what you get with Authority Accelerator, who is it for, and what students say about it. You will also learn about who Sunny Lenarduzzi is, if creating a course will be worth it, and my recommended alternative.

Pros and Cons of Authority Accelerator


Sunny Lenarduzzi is well renowned expert in her field.

You get access to a private community for further support.

You will have lifetime access to the course and all updates.


Her lessons on traffic generation are limited to YouTube and social media.

The course has questionable refund policies.

Students with no high-demand skills may find it difficult to create and sell a course.


Authority Accelerator originally costs $6,000 but has been increased several times. The price is given during your call with Sunny’s team and it is currently reported to cost $12,000.

Refund Policy

There is a refund policy where you must meet certain conditions, although most students reported difficulty in getting their refund request approved.




Sunny Lenarduzzi enjoys a positive reputation.

5 Steps to Monetize Your Skills

Sunny Lenarduzzi teaches us that you can monetize your skills by creating a training program based on your expertise and skill set, then using social media and YouTube to market it. Her method for creating a successful course can be summarized into 5 steps:

1. Identify Your Niche and Expertise

Start by pinpointing the specific knowledge or skills you possess that are both valuable and unique. This could be anything from cooking techniques to advanced software training. Ensure your chosen niche is something you're not only knowledgeable about, but also passionate enough to create engaging and informative content. It is also important to niche down to highly specific topics rather than broad ones to lower competition and make it more visible to search engine algorithms.

2. Create Valuable Content

Focus on creating free high value content that solves specific problems, addressing pain points, and providing actionable advice that leads to real-world outcomes. For example, if your expertise is in fitness, you could create a series that guides beginners through a transformative journey from novice to fitness enthusiast.

3. Productize Your Expertise

Develop and package your expertise into a structured product, such as an online course, webinar series, or downloadable guides. This step is crucial because it transforms free content into a comprehensive, paid offering that provides more depth and personalized guidance than your YouTube videos alone....

4. Use YouTube for Lead Generation

YouTube will be your main channel to attract and build an audience by offering content that is highly relevant and tailored to the needs of your potential customers. Optimize your content for YouTube's search and recommendation algorithms by focusing on specific keywords and topics that your target audience is searching for.

5. Build a Community and Convert Viewers

Engage with your audience through comments, live Q&As, and social media to build a community. Offer additional resources like eBooks or exclusive video content for email sign-ups to turn viewers into leads. From there, nurture these leads with targeted communication and special offers to convert them into paying customers.

What Do You Get With Authority Accelerator?

Authority Accelerator is Sunny Lenarduzzi’s premier training program that teaches you how to monetize your skills by creating and selling a course. The program also teaches you how to scale your business by leveraging social media and YouTube. Contents of the program will cover content creation, audience engagement, monetization strategies, and automation.

Authority Accelerator Curriculum

Phase 1: Test Phase

Objective: Achieve business lift-off within 30 days.


  • Design a course that sells.
  • Discover the most profitable niche in your industry.
  • Master lead generation and sales processes.
  • Utilize a proven sales script generating over $3,000,000.
  • Implement Sunny’s on-demand client attraction techniques.

Outcome: Foundation of your course is laid for growth and sales generation.

Phase 2: Build Phase

Objective: Introduce the sales machine and niche down strategy.


  • Discover the sales machine for business automation.
  • Learn the niche down strategy to increase profitability.
  • Develop offers to attract paying clients.

Outcome: Establishment of the key elements for sustainability

Phase 3: Accelerate Phase

Objective: Attract leads and sales on autopilot using YouTube.


  • Learn the fundamentals of YouTube and channel setup.
  • Understand the metrics for measuring success.
  • Follow 4 phases of YouTube success: content topic selection, video creation, optimization, and distribution.
  • Utilize pre-formulated spreadsheets for tracking growth and success.

Outcome: Deep understanding and effective use of YouTube for sustainable lead generation.

Phase 4: Scale Phase

Objective: Optimize time, identify hiring needs, and scale offers into online courses.


  • Develop daily, weekly, and monthly workflow outlines.
  • Identify your hiring needs for continued growth.
  • Scale your offers into online courses for increased impact and revenue.
  • Ensure business setup for success, including legal and payment collection.

Outcome: Business optimization, scalability, and sustainability.

Who Is Authority Accelerator For?

  • High-skilled professionals who want to learn how to monetize their skills to create another income stream.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who want to sell their strategies.
  • Small business owners who want to learn how to leverage YouTube and social media to generate more leads.

What Are the Reviews for Authority Accelerator?

Reviews for Authority Accelerator are positive with most of the students that leave reviews. The common complaints are from those who do not spend enough time growing their business. Those who found some success did so after a few months to a few years.

In a Reddit thread about Authority Accelerator, a Redditor with the name Own-Trainer108 has been in the course for 2 years at the time they made the review. They explained that it took 8-9 months before they figured everything out and started making 5 figures/month. The Redditor adding the online course to their offerings during COVID helped the business stay afloat.

Another user who signed up for during the pandemic mentioned they got it for a discount. They explained that they had an issue with the Google Docs and Spreadsheet training materials at it could get confusing and that the Facebook group was filled with other students asking the same questions. The user then complained that the sales script was the same as they used to sell them to the course. They then requested a refund in 30 days after finishing only the 1st module. Another redditor commented that you won't get everything running and find success in only 30 days.

Who Is Sunny Lenarduzzi?

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a Canadian digital and social media marketing and online business strategist from Vancouver, British Columbia. Sunny worked growing both small and big businesses. She has worked with Hootsuite in creating a YouTube series that boosted subscriptions by 75%, and with Applebee's that achieved 1 billion impressions in a single day. 

After graduating from British Columbia Institute of Technology with a degree in broadcast communications, she reported from the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games before working as a social media reporter for Breakfast Television for almost 4 years and did freelance social media marketing consulting. Looking for passive income, Sunny created and sold courses based on her expertise.

The first course that Sunny created was called Recording for Revenue. This course taught YouTube and social media marketing. After learning from this experience and using it to improve her curriculum, she created Authority Accelerator and YouTube for Bosses in December 2016.

Sunny has a substantial following on YouTube with over 550,000 subscribers. She regularly posts content about leveraging YouTube for marketing, course niches that are profitable, content creation strategies, and more. She features in Forbes' "20 Must-Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business," appeared on national radio and television, and features in publications such as Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Fast Company.

What Is YouTube for Bosses?

YouTube for Bosses was Sunny Lenarduzzi’s course designed to help individuals and businesses leverage YouTube effectively to grow their online presence, attract a larger audience, and generate revenue. The course covered a wide range of topics related to YouTube content creation, channel optimization, audience engagement, and monetization strategies. The course was priced at $599 but is no longer offered as it has been integrated into Sunny’s comprehensive training program, Authority Accelerator.

Is Creating a Course Worth it?

Creating a course to monetize on your expertise and skills is definitely worth the time and effort. It’s a great way to earn extra money for something you are good and passionate about. However, if you are looking to replace your main income by selling courses, you might find that this will be very difficult.

Reddit user BA1969 posted on a thread their experiences with selling a course. Initially a high school and college teacher, they transitioned to teaching art online because of health-related issues but struggled with driving traffic to their website. After investing $3,000 in a coaching program to improve their website and copywriting, they still had problems making sales. They moved to Udemy and Skillshare, where after 3 long years, they gained over 10,000 students and made about $650 per month. They then invested in a popular $1,000 mastermind but only made $75 from direct results.

Selling a course is a great way to supplement your income, but it faces the same problem that most business models have… marketing. You can drive traffic to your course through paid advertising or organic methods. Paid ads are the most effective way but are costly, which makes them highly risky. Organic methods take more skill but can lead to free and sustainable lead flow. SEO is one of the most effective lead generation strategies, as it is low cost and, if successful, long-term.

Create Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model that uses SEO to create predictable passive income. As a type of digital real estate business, you rank a website on Google and rent it out to local businesses. These businesses will pay you $500 to $3000 a month in rent to benefit from the traffic that your site generates. It costs as little as $500 to start and $30 a month to maintain. You do not need to regularly create any content or run ads. Once your site is launched, it's basically hands-free, and a site can even stay ranked on Google for years.


There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about market saturation. You only need to outrank a handful of websites. To scale a local lead generation business, you just need to rank another site and rent it out. There is no limit to how many sites you can have. Just a few sites can make enough to replace your 9-5. This makes your earning potential virtually unlimited. This is why local lead generation is my recommended business model to create time and financial freedom.

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