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Authority Hacker Pro Review – Gael Breton & Mark Webster (Authority Site Builder 2024)

March 16, 2024

Authority Hacker is a leading digital marketing education company that teaches digital marketers how to create and monetize an authority site. Created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, Authority Hacker offers programs for both beginners and advanced digital marketers. The Authority Site System 3.0 and Authority Hacker Pro courses focus on SEO tactics to build site authority and rank on search engines. You can monetize your authority site through selling products or affiliate marketing. Creating authority sites is not free or cheap. You will need to pay subscription for tools like Ahrefs, Elementor, Asana, ConvertKit, and more. This cost of tools and even outsourcing could easily cost you a few hundred to a thousand dollars a month.

Authority Hacker reviews are very positive, with many praising the organization and quality of the beginner course. Business owners also praised the advanced course for teaching them how to increase their business' site authority. Criticism of the programs point at some outdated methods and strategies taught.

In this article, you will find out what an authority site is, what the Authority Hacker courses are and what you get with them, what their affiliate program is, who is Authority Hacker for, what do people say about them, and who are the guys behind it. I will also recommend the best way to monetize your SEO skills.

Authority Hacker Pros and Cons


The training is well structured, comprehensive and easy-to-follow. It is well made with the inclusion of  graphs, diagrams, slides, and pdf transcription.

Mark and Gael are both expert digital marketers. Both are successful in their businesses in digital marketing prior to the course creation.

Students of the courses get discounts on the required tools.


The sheer amount of content in the can be intimidating and overwhelming for beginners. It will take some time before you can digest all of the information.

Tools are not included with the courses. You will be spending more money every month to pay for the tools.

Unless you are creating an authority site for a current business that you have, Monetizing your site through affiliate marketing is an unpredictable source of income.


The Authority Site System costs $1,499 or 5 payments of $330. Authority Hacker Pro costs $2,997. Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals costs $249.

Refund Policy

30 day money-back guarantee




Authority Hacker is considered one of the best SEO training.

What Is an Authority Site?

An authority site is a domain that is recognized as a source of valuable and reliable information by search engines. There are several factors that determine a website’s authority. Authority Hackers highlight several aspects that you should master to create an authority site.

  • Market Research - The first step to successfully creating an authority site is market research. Do your due diligence when researching your market, as not selecting the wrong market can spell failure before you even begin.
  • Keyword Research - Doing keyword research is just as important as knowing how to use them. You need to learn the skills on how to find and identify the right keywords and how to use it effectively.
  • Building Your Site - The lack of knowledge with website building could lead to dated and slow loading websites that will lower your rating. It is important to know which are the right tools and how to use them.
  • Using AI Effectively - AI writing tools such as ChatGPT is a great tool to increase productivity and save time. However, not knowing how to use these AI tools properly can lead to poor content and lost rankings.
  • Content Creation - Knowing how to write for both the reader and search engine algorithm is the key to creating valuable content that leads to high ranking. It is also important to keep up with Google’s frequent algorithm updates to know how to beat it.
  • Link Building - Quality link building can increase the authority of your site. However, there can be negative consequences if you don’t do it properly.
  • Navigating Google Updates - What works now may not work tomorrow. Google regularly updates their algorithm. You need to quickly adapt to any major changes that can shift your ranking.
  • Monetization - Monetization is not only a way to make money with your site but can also help your ranking. There are many monetization strategies that you can implement on your site, such as affiliate marketing and paid subscriptions.
  • Managing Resources - Creating a successful authority site requires logistical management skills. Not properly managing your entire domain can have large consequences.
authority hackers review

What Is The Authority Site System 3.0?

Authority Site System is a 15-module beginner course with 196 video lessons. You will get a step-by-step over-the-shoulder training on how to create an authority website from scratch. The course will cover topics ranging from keyword research to AI generated imagery. You are also provided with a checklist, templates, and blueprints. You will also get access to the support team and the private community. TASS 3.0 is the latest 2024 updated version, which now includes training on how to use AI to help build your site authority.

What Do You Get With Authority Site System 3.0?

Module 1: The Authority Site Business Model 101

The introductory module will show you how authority sites really make money. You’ll learn the most efficient ways to generate revenue and what business models you can use.

Module 2: Finding Niches

Module 2 shows you how to put together a list of potential niches for your authority site. You will learn the most advanced ways of topic researching, such as the use of AI and ChatGPT.

Module 3: Qualifying Niches

Now that you have your list of niches, you will learn the steps on how to pick a niche with high profitability potential. Also discussed in the module is the usage of expired domains to speed up the process.

Module 4: Site Planning

With your niche selected, you will plan the first version of your site. You will learn how to prepare a full topical map of the site you will be building.

Module 5: Site Setup

Module 5 is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your new site, including the domain name. You do not need any technical knowledge as you simply need to copy the steps in the demo.

Module 6: Branding

Module 6 teaches you how to implement elements that will make your site look and feel like an established and trustable brand. You do not need any background in web design as all the tools are easy to use. Using AI to help brand your site is also taught in the module.

Module 7: Building Posts & Pages

Now that everything is set up, you will start creating the structure of your site based on the topical map you created in module 4. You will learn how to create the perfect site architecture with module 7.

Module 8: Creating Info Content

Once the base of your site is ready, module 8 will guide you through the process of creating content that will beat your competition. You will learn how to give Google what it needs to determine your site authority.

Module 9: Writing Content: Step-by-Step

Writing for search engines is nothing like what you learned in school. Module 9 will guide you through writing an entire article from keyword selection to apply finishing touches. You can then follow this step-by-step example and apply it to your content writing.

Module 10: Optimizing & Publishing Content

Module 10 will teach you about illustrating and optimizing your content to rank on Google’s top results. The module includes many page optimization tricks and tactics that will help you achieve results.

Module 11: Initial Link Building

Now that you have published content, you will also need to start link building. Link building matters in ranking on Google. This module teaches you specific tactics to use in building links.

Module 12: Affiliate Setup

Now that everything's coming together, you can start monetizing your site. Module 12 will teach you how to set up affiliate links to maximize your earnings.

Module 13: Writing & Optimizing Commercial Content

Product reviews are one of the monetization strategies that you can do early on. Module 13 is dedicated to teaching you how to write and optimize these kinds of commercial content.

Module 14: Advanced Tactics

Now that you have everything you need to create a monetized site, you can learn more advanced tactics to improve your site authority. This module includes advanced strategies on how to increase traffic and get better monetization.

Bonus: Becoming an Authority

This bonus module is for TASS members to take their site to the next level. Authority Hacker will share the exact tactics they use to become the dominant authority in a niche.

authority hackers review

What Is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro is the advanced training course for high level experienced digital marketers. You will learn how to increase your site's authority using tactics such as advanced SEO, scalable link building, email marketing, deep sales funnels, and more. Authority Hacker Pro has over 450 videos in 14 “Blueprints”, which are basically mini-courses, templates, and SOPs. You will also have access to the high-level Facebook mastermind community. Authority Hacker Pro is seasonal and you need to sign up for the waitlist if you plan to join in the future.

What Do You Get With Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Site System Blueprint

This is the foundational blueprint that gives a detailed plan for building a new site using WordPress, getting it ranked on Google, and monetizing it using affiliate links. The lesson covers niche selection, site building tools like Elementor Pro and Generate Press, SEO tactics, content writing, and branding.

Sniper Link Building Blueprint

With 20 video lessons, you will learn how to acquire links from high-domain-rating sites to boost your site’s ranking. You will learn how to create AI assisted outreach emails, use automation tools for link building, and how to research high-quality link prospects.

AI Blueprint

Using AI to help with SEO is a growing trend in the digital marketing industry. This blueprint teaches you how to use AI tools for content structuring and editing without sacrificing quality. Note that AI does not replace the content creation process completely, as solely using AI is not as effective.

Opt-ins and Email List Blueprint

This blueprint teaches advanced email marketing strategies, such as email opt-ins and marketing funnels. You will also learn how to develop your own products for further monetization.

Shotgun Link Building Blueprint

Links that lead to your site are great for building authority. This blueprint teaches techniques for getting links back to your site. You will learn how to do guest posting, run paid link campaigns, find prospects, create outreach templates, deal with email delivery issues, and outsource most of the work.

Awesome Review Writing Blueprint

Instructed by a professional copywriter, Kevin, this blueprint teaches how to write engaging and effective product reviews. You will learn how to do preliminary research, what copywriting techniques can increase conversion, and how to close sales by using reviews.

Core Web Vitals Blueprint

For WordPress users, this blueprint will help you improve your site speed and core web vitals to increase user experience and Google ranking. You will learn how to measure cover vitals, optimize your display ads, choose the best web hosting providers, and fix page speed errors.

Editorial Blueprint

This blueprint is for scaling your content creation. You will learn how to create guidelines for various post types, how to use Asana for task management, and how to manage a team of writers and editors.

Keyword Research Blueprint

Finding the right keywords is an integral part of SEO. This blueprint will teach you practical ways to find and implement keywords to increase your site ranking. You will learn how to use tools like Ahrefs to explore keywords and monitor your competitors.

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

The Skyscraper method is used to do mass outreach for link building. This blueprint will teach you how to do bulk outreach to get many links back to your site quickly.

Evergreen Funnels Blueprint

This blueprint teaches you how to create evergreen scarcity funnels. These funnels rely on urgency to drive the audience’s decision to purchase. You will learn about the structure of this type of funnel, how to build sales pages, and how to do retargeting strategies.

Selling Your Site Blueprint

If your authority site business has become very successful, you may decide to exit it for a large profit. This blueprint teaches you how to prepare and position your site for sale, including valuation and finding buyers.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This blueprint teaches you how to use sales funnels for affiliate marketing. You will learn how to add value to your offers and increase your site authority through this monetization strategy. The blueprint also covers how to understand affiliate marketing metrics.

Email Marketing Blueprint

Email marketing is the main marketing method that Authority Hacker teaches. This blueprint will cover all aspects of email marketing, such as list cleaning, promotional calendars, conversion optimization techniques, and other strategies to improve your email marketing campaigns.

authority hackers review

What Is Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals?

Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals is a 30+ video lesson step-by-step training course on how to build and fix sites that pass core web vitals using WordPress and WordPress plugins. The standalone course is specifically made for those who have zero experience and knowledge in web development. This course aims to increase your site’s speed and pass Google’s core web vitals test. This course is included in Authority Hacker Pro.

What Is Authority Hacker Affiliate Program?

Authority Hacker has an affiliate program where you can potentially earn $1,979 in commission per sale. To join the affiliate program, you have to meet the requirements before applying. The application process can take 7 days for an approval. The requirements required are as follows:

Who Is Authority Hacker For?

  • Beginners who want to learn how to create authority sites as a business or for their business. The Authority Site System course teaches you how to build an authority site from the ground up.
  • Experienced and advanced marketers who already have a website. Authority Hacker Pro teaches advanced tactics on SEO, email marketing, link building, and more.
  • Established website owners who want to understand and pass Core Web Vitals.

What Are the Authority Hacker Reviews?

Authority Hacker has a claimed profile on Trustpilot with a 3.7 score, but there is only one 5-star review visible. Why the rest of the reviews are hidden is anyone's guess. Student reviews on Reddit are mostly positive. The reviews praise the comprehensive training of the course and the legitimacy of Mark and Gael.

authority hackers review

In a Reddit thread on SEO, a student of Authority Hacker posted on an inquiry if the TASS course was legit. This student praised the course as being a comprehensive and step-by-step training for beginners. The student was not part of the affiliate program but highly recommended Authority Hacker as an SEO course.

authority hackers review

Another Redditor, who is not a student but a follower of Authority Hacker on YouTube and on their podcast, replied that Gael and Mark were indeed legit experts in their field. Although the redditor did not recommend any course, they explain that Gael and Mark give a lot of value in their blogs and podcast.

authority hackers review

Pilar Newman - Authority Hacker Pro With AI

YouTuber, affiliate marketer, and ecommerce business owner Pilar Newman posted about her experiences with Authority Hacker on her YouTube channel. Pilar stated that Authority Hacker Pro helped her improve her skills in the areas of SEO and content creation, which benefited her online business greatly. She mentioned that what sold her to the program was the inclusion of AI in the training. She also praised the helpfulness of the private mastermind community. Pilar has made no criticism of Authority Hacker, although keep in mind that she has an affiliate link.

Is Authority Hacker Worth It?

Authority Hacker is worth it if you want to learn SEO to optimize your business’ website to get more leads from Google searches. If you do not have a business that sells services or products, then Authority Hacker might not be the best fit for you. The Authority Site System 3.0 is a good course for beginners to learn about SEO. However, there are limited ways to monetize what you learn with Authority Hackers. Either you use what you learn for your ecommerce store, to do affiliate marketing, or start an SEO agency. Neither any of these business models are sustainable.

Who Is Mark Webster?

Mark Webster is a British online marketer and the co-founder of Authority Hacker. He launched his first profitable site in 2008 and has since been optimizing websites. He has a reputation as the tech side half of Authority Hacker. Mark has a master's degree in business studies from The University of Edinburgh and worked as a project manager for the IT company Zurich and for the digital marketing company Accentix. In 2010, he co-founded the digital marketing company Higher Click with Gael Breton while in Budapest. Higher Click was acquired in 2015.

Who Is Gael Breton?

Gael Breton is a Hungarian web designer and the co-founder of Authority Hacker. He has over 10 years of experience in building and growing websites and worked with Fortune 500 companies. Gael has a business degree from the HKUST Business School and a marketing degree from NEOMA Business School. He was working as an SEO manager for LoveClients INC in 2009 before co-founding Higher Click with Mark Webster.

The Best Way To Monetize SEO

Local lead generation is my recommended business model that uses SEO tactics to create passive income. Similar to authority sites where SEO ranks it on Google in order to get leads to sell a product or affiliate offers, a local lead generation site uses SEO to rank it on Google in which you then rent it out to local business. This makes the business more a type of digital real estate where you are the landlord. Instead of regularly creating content for your site to gain more authority and promote more products or affiliate offers, you only need to create a local lead generation site once. It can stay ranked on Google for years without even needing any update.

If you do not have your own business, then you will have to monetize your authority site through affiliate marketing. A local lead generation business has less competition and does not rely on commission to make money. You can earn $500 to $2,500 a month in predictable and passive income from one local lead generation site. Check out local lead generation if you want to know more about the best business to create time and financial freedom.

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