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Automated Retail Commerce Review: (Is Robert Miller Legit?)

September 25, 2023

image of ARC logo

Automated Retail Commerce is an automated service that provides done for you Shopify stores and Facebook Marketplace shops for qualified investors. Robert Miller and his team promise to build, run and scale an online business using dropshipping to generate a passive income stream.

In this review, we'll look closely at what's on offer. We'll also answer: Why do people fail with the drop shipping model? Is A Facebook Shop a good idea? Or if you're looking for a way to invest in a business model that puts you in complete control of your digital assets. Why starting a local lead generation business might be a better way to make money online.


ARC offers a chance to own an eCommerce business and a passive income stream.

Robert Miller has numerous positive client testimonials on his website.

An opportunity for investors residing outside of the USA to take advantage of all of the features offered on Facebook Shops.


ARC is the rebranded version of ScaleBold (same team, same strategies).

There is no price list (you need to book an onboarding call to get any specific details about their services).

Not an established company.


A one-time set up fee. Then they use your credit to 'float' for ads and the cost of goods sold. (However, reviews from past customers report spending an average of $4000/month plus a retainer).




Robert created his Digital Entrepreneurs Secrets Facebook group on February 12, 2019. (But it doesn't appear active). Robert also has a personal FB page and an active LinkedIn profile. He also has a YouTube channel with seven subscribers that he launched in March 2022.


Robert Miller's first agency was ScaleBold. A full-service advertising company for eCommerce brands with a mix of positive and negative reviews online (including accusations of scamming on sites like Trust Pilot). Robert appears to have rebranded at the beginning of 2022. But with the same team, that includes himself and four of his colleagues. (Who all took Tai Lopez's SMMA training).


ARC doesn't have an established online reputation. But they have multiple testimonials and success stories from customers on their website and a 3.6-star review on Trust Pilot.

Why Do People Fail With Dropshipping? 

There are a lot of reasons why people fail with dropshipping. But the most common dropshipping mistake is not having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the business model. Dropshipping is a simple concept, but it's not a get-rich-quick-scheme. So you need to be prepared to try and fail with multiple products (which means you might lose money) until you find a winner.

Dropshipping has a low barrier to entry. But because you don't need a ton of startup capital or inventory, it's a competitive industry. So you need to research and take advantage of third-party tools like Google Trends, findniche, or ecomhunt. Look for niches with high search volumes and the best dropshipping products to sell. Know what dropshipping niches to avoid and focus on evergreen niches (like the baby or fitness market). 

Another reason people fail with dropshipping is that they don't have reliable suppliers. You're in the business of selling physical products. But you have zero control over your product or shipment. So if your supplier makes mistakes, your business will suffer and could result in bad reviews and returns.

According to most polls, the dropshipping success rate is around 10%. So if you want to win, you need to be the better marketer. Take your skills and improve where your competition is lacking. In addition, you need to know how to control the perceived value of your product and create a content marketing strategy that includes things like:

Content Marketing Strategies:

  • UGC that engages your target market and invokes an emotional response

  • Images and reels that showcase the benefits of your product and how it solves a problem or will make a person's life better

  • Create scroll-stopping dropshipping ads that hook your target customer 

You need to design a professional-looking Shopify dropshipping store. The goal is to create a brand that will resonate with your target market. Then, leverage the best dropshipping product research tools like dropship spy or niche scraper to land hot products (before the trend becomes saturated).  

People also fail with dropshipping because they depend too heavily on paid ads. Facebook ad costs are rising. So you need to know how to design profitable campaigns and when to pivot if things aren't working. (Account suspensions and inconsistent traffic cause a lot of dropshippers to quit before they see any real profits).

With dropshipping, you need to be willing to test and fail and test again. But with the local lead generation business model, you leverage Google to drive organic traffic. So not only is it more consistent, but it costs less. Plus, you're not relying solely on third-party platforms as a way to generate leads for small business owners. 

Is A Facebook Shop A Good Idea?

Facebook is the world's largest social media platform. With over 2.9 billion monthly active users and an estimated one billion Marketplace visitors every month. Facebook rolled out its 'Shops' feature in 2020 and continues to add features and upgrades. They're free to set up, but Facebook charges 5% per transaction on sales over $8.00 (a selling fee). However, it's still much less than platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Hence, Facebook Shops are quickly becoming a powerhouse and the next ecommerce sensation; it's well worth it to consider a Facebook Shop. You have a ready-made customer base on an established platform. Plus, there's less competition because Facebook targets based on location. But like all online businesses, there are a few pros and cons to consider like:


Enhanced Shopping Experience

Increased Reach

Targeted Testing & Integrations

Live Shopping


Limited Control Around Customer Service

Facebook Gets The Sale-Not Your Website

Stringent Platform TOS & Regulations

Facebook Shops are a great way to increase sales and your bottom line. They offer less competition, friendlier consumer interactions, and high traffic levels. They also boast several online messaging tools like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct.

But Facebook Shops aren't meant to be used as a single vessel for eCommerce. Instead, the idea is to combine your drop shipping store or eCommerce business with the site. Then you can leverage both angles to grow your brand and increase your customers' lifetime value.

Facebook Shops are shifting online commerce, and the platform is focused on promoting its Shops. They continue to add new monetization channels like: 

  • Facebook Pay 
  • Facebook Checkout

However, most of the features are still only available to residents of the USA. (So, if you are an investor outside of the USA, ARC's offer is an opportunity to bypass the system and stay one step ahead of the curve). 

What Is Automated Retail Commerce?

Automated Retail Commerce is an opportunity for qualified investors to own an entirely hands-free Facebook Shop or Shopify eCommerce store. ARC takes care of all of the details, including:

  • Setting up your shop
  • Picking winning products
  • Managing order fulfillment and customer service
  • Send you P&Ls every month

ARC's service aims to establish an online business. They use a combination of AI software (to identify trends), a logistics network, and an elite team of marketers. Robert Miller and his team promise to build investors an eCommerce store that will grow, scale, and sustain an 'excellent brand trajectory.' 

image of ARC sales page

ARC leverages paid advertising to identify trends in the market using 'successful marketing campaigns.' ARC's process includes:

  • Onboarding Form
  • Account Setup (seasoned ad accounts in top ad platforms)
  • Connecting To Supplier Networks (from all over the world, including US dropshipping suppliers)
  • Sourcing Products (including brand positioning)

ARC runs tests to ensure that the brand fits the market. But they use a financial framework, so you're not faced with a ROAS 'roller coaster.'

ARC's system includes:

  • Edited UGC (to hook your target audience) 

  • Title cards (more conversational)

  • Niche down (on the audience and persona type)

  • Improve front-end acquisition (more efficient)

Their team uses a dropshipping business model first to validate the offer. So there's no upfront cost for inventory-they only buy products once they are sold. But once they have a proven concept, they order inventory (typically three months in advance). As a result, investors can expect consistent profit margins between 20-30% in 10-14 months. (Dependent on the working capital for the store).

ARC advises that they're offering this service because "you can only have one shop per profile on Facebook." So, by building eCommerce stores for investors, ARC can diversify and leverage their team to make a profit. And investors get a monthly passive income in return.

Is Automated Retail Commerce Worth The Money?

Automated Retail Commerce might be worth the money if you're an investor looking to gain exposure to eCommerce (without owning inventory). Partnering with Robert Miller and his team exposes you to an online business model in a trending and profitable market. And it's a chance to secure a passive income.

eCommerce is a growing industry. With retail ecommerce sales projected to grow 16.1% and reach $1.06 trillion in 2022 (in the USA alone). In addition, Facebook is expanding its eCommerce efforts and heavily investing in Facebook Shops. So by taking advantage of ARC's offer, you can align yourself with the trend and take advantage of things like:

  • Higher profit margins 
  • Less competition
  • Lower fees
  • Pixel tracking for remarketing (data and a customer base that you own)

But you're relying on Miller and his team to invest your money and leverage your capital. So you need to decide if the potential risks outweigh the benefits and if ARC is worth the investment. Starting a local lead generation company might be a better option. (If you want an online business that gives you complete control over your digital assets and investment). Instead of relying on Miller and his team, you leverage Google to drive leads. Then you can sell to local business owners for a profit and a semi-passive income. If you find this course doesn't right for you, Ascend CapVentures is an option. 

Who Is Robert Miller?

image robert miller

Robert Miller is a digital entrepreneur and a Tai Lopez SMMA training graduate. Robert worked for Grant Cardone as a strategist, where he handled marketing campaigns and automation. He has managed B2B and B2C clients with budgets over $200,000. And has helped eCommerce brands, publicly traded companies, and entrepreneurs make money online.

Robert launched his first company, ScaleBold, in 2019. But it is no longer active, and he's now the founder/CEO of Automated Retail Commerce. ARC is a 7-figure advertising agency that promises to build, run and scale Shopify Stores and Facebook Shops for qualified investors.

Robert lives in Austin, Texas. A California State University, Northridge graduate with a BA in Finance. Miller also attended Moorpark College. (Where he received diplomas in AAS: Business Administration & Management, Economics, and Behavioral Science).

Robert has earned $35 million for his clients. Now he's offering to do the same for qualified investors. The goal? To develop 'digital assets with 'brand equity and intrinsic value' for their clients.

What’s Included In Automated Retail Commerce?

You can opt for a Shopify Store or a Facebook Shop. ARC picks products with great margins. Then they get the data that includes emails and phone numbers so they can market through other channels-not just paid advertising. But the process for both business models is initially the same and includes:

  1. Pre-Launch Phase-complete the onboarding and vetting process, and ARC will identify your best option.
  2. Launch-complete all assets and begin populating your store with the winning products
  3. Scale & Operate-ARC handles all order fulfillment using their team, software, and suppliers (and you make a profit).
picture of ARC Facebook shops

The long-term goal is for you to be able to exit the brand. So ARC focuses on:

  • Building you an ad account as an asset
  • Building your customer list as an asset
  • Creating a brand as an asset

Facebook Shops

A Facebook Shop allows you to diversify your income without spending money on ads or content. Instead, ARC takes care of all the heavy lifting to set up and grow your Shop. 

Results in the first 30 days build credibility for your Facebook Shop. You'll get a few orders and reviews. Investors should see some sales ($100-$200) with around 30% net margins.

Month 2-6 is about reputation building and includes:

  • Reviews
  • Increasing credibility with the platform
  • Stellar customer service
  • Mild growth (testing scalability & increasing sales)

Then ARC begins listing more products and continue to manage: 

  • Pre and post-purchase customer service
  • Remove listings not gaining traction
  • Collect data with the Facebook pixel to manage and sustain the growth of your online shop.

You receive a monthly profit and loss report. At the same time, ARC continues to grow and optimize your Facebook Shop.

dropshipping money earning

Shopify Store

A Shopify store is a chance to become an investor in a digital business. Your storefront is built using custom content. This includes engaging copy with unique angles that targets your identified customer. ARC tests marketing campaigns and effective ways to advertise dropshipping stores through paid ads on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

But they also employ email/SMS marketing and influencer marketing. The goal is to grow and scale your store with a 'big net' of products. Then, their team uses the drop shipping method as orders come in and handles shipping, customer service, etc. At the same time, you earn profits passively. (The bigger the net-the better profit potential). Miller and his team advise that they take calculated risks. But 'treat spend as their own.' To achieve growth, not 'status quo.'

For other options, see our list of top ecommerce automation companies.


Automated Retail Commerce is an opportunity to own a completely hands-off digital asset. You can diversify your income streams by allowing Robert Miller and his team to handle all the heavy lifting. But you're relying on their expertise and integrity with your monetary investment. 

So you need to decide if the risks outweigh the rewards. But as an investor, you have no control over daily transactions. So is it a gamble you're prepared to take? Or would you'd be more comfortable investing in an alternate online business model? (One that gives you control of your money).

You can also learn how to create your own Shopify store. There are many courses, such as Gretta van Riel’s Start and Scale, that teach you how to create, manage, and scale your Shopify business. 

Why Lead Generation Is A Great Opportunity To Make Money Online 

Lead generation might be a better opportunity if you're looking for a way to make money online. One that results in a semi-passive income stream and gives you complete control over every aspect of your business-including your capital. Also, unlike dropshipping, you're not dealing with physical products. So there aren't issues around shipping delays or breakdowns in the supply chain.

Instead, lead generation allows you to develop systems that generate leads for local business owners. Then, by leveraging Google, you drive free traffic that converts into leads. You then sell those leads to small business owners for a profit. You can learn more about local lead generation and why it might be a better option in 2024.

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      1. Arc is a scam. Do not give them any money, they will steal your money and stop responding.Do not trust them they are worthless

  1. The Automated Retail Commerce is a SCAM! Avoid them or you will lose your life's savings.
    They asked for $50K for signing a contract that only harm you. There is no guarantee of the performance expect they will not charge you $2500 again in the next two years.
    The company's age is less than one year despite the 7 years they claim.
    As you also mentioned ARC is the rebranded version of ScaleBold (same team, same strategies).
    In addition to the enormous upfront fee they charge you, they ask for a monthly fee to hire someone offshore from one of the freelance websites like Fivver and Upwork to handle the account for you.
    Also, don't fall for their claim selling branded products with big profits. It is not true. You will barely make money.

    1. Robert and Kendal are scammers. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!!!! They took my money, did nothing for months, tried only 2 products that failed, made me pay for subscriptions they never used, and refused to honor their refund policy. RUN AWAY!!!

  2. Well This person seems to be more determined to make aggressive sales, he does not believe in hard work also he appreciates only pretty Filipinos or may be any females, if they say sun sets from east then He will dance on her tune, They charge clients and then they fail to deliver. Not recommended at all.

  3. This company will charge you 35k and then will not look into shipping and customer service, as there contract says nonrefundable and which means they made money already out of the contract. So guys beware they do not take care of the customers.

    1. Hello Steve, I agree with you completely, I know how this backend works, they are more into making money and honestly honesty and hard work is never complimented rather bullshit workers are giving false report to remove hardworking people. So they have no merits, they make money and then leave people jeopardize

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