Dave Nick’s YouTube Automation Systems Review – (Dave Exposed!)

August 13, 2023

Dave Nick's YouTube Automation Systems Review

Dave Nick’s Automation Systems is an online course that teaches 58 ways of generating unlimited traffic to your offer. It also has additional tactics to maximize your revenue and the blueprint Dave used to get 14M visitors to his offers.

Dave is a popular content creator who talks a lot about YouTube Automation on his own channel. He is the real deal in YouTube traffic generation where he has generated more than 42M views on his main channel. 

Online reputation is important for any course creator and there have been claims that Dave has scammed a few people. It's important to verify if a mentor is trustworthy because no one wants to lose money.

Building an online business on YouTube is hard. You don't own the platform. YouTube owns it and it can easily change the rules. So it's important to get advice from trustworthy sources. Consider learning a business where you have complete ownership and control, like local lead generation.

Automation Systems Pros and Cons


The course is a comprehensive compilation of various traffic strategies. Having many ideas gives the business owner many options to bring traffic to their offer

The course also provides alternative ways to earn money from YouTube in addition to YouTube AdSense. This allows you to make money right at the very beginning without having to grind and wait you channel to get monetized on YouTube.

You know you’re learning from an expert in generating traffic because he has generated over 42M views on his channel.


Dave is not transparent about his student’s results. You can’t find proof that backs up the success of his students.

The refund policy is not mentioned in the sales page. You need to go to the Terms of Use page to find the policy. You can only ask for a refund within 30 days if you have not consumed over 10% of the course.

The upsell of building a monetized done-for-you channel makes little sense for this course. This course is best for entrepreneurs with an existing offer. You don’t need a monetized channel if you already have a working offer. You just need to drive traffic to your offer.


$795. With an Upsell of $495 if you want a monetized channel done for you.

Refund Policy

Full no-questions-asked refund within thirty (30) days after a purchase has been made, or you have consumed less than 10% of a course, whichever comes first.


Dave Nick has a mixed reputation online. He has been featured on some prominent websites, but he has a few claims of scamming. The claims only revolve around unreturned refunds and content delivered below expectations.

What Do You Get in Automation Systems?

The main thing you’ll get from Automation Systems is the 58 comprehensive lectures on traffic generation. Dave calls it the ADR Traffic System. This system generates 120K-160K of warm traffic per month for Dave Nick’s main channel.

He also talks about the 14,700,000+ Visitor Blueprint which is confusing because this is supposed to be the same as the traffic generation strategies but this section talks about automating content creation.

You will also get additional revenue strategies to augment the AdSense income from YouTube. He has talked about generating income through affiliate marketing, providing freelance services, brand deals, and selling YouTube channels.

Finally, you will also get live 24/7 Support which is helpful when you're trying to implement the recommendations and you encounter difficulties.

Is Automation Systems Worth It?

The Automation Systems course is not worth it because it's expensive in my opinion. While any one of the 58 traffic strategies could work to bring in more traffic, I believe you can easily get that knowledge from YouTube or other more affordable courses.

Their sales page also claims that they had more than 38 students who joined the pre-launch and have made $315,320+ from YouTube Ad revenue alone. However, the page didn’t have any testimonials or names. There are no published case studies of successful students making it impossible to verify the claims. If you want a course that is cheaper, you can check YouTube PIlots. Or if you're willing to invest $6,000 for a course, you may want to look up Grow Channels.

Who is Automation Systems For?

The Automated Systems course is not for beginners. It’s best for established entrepreneurs with a strong offer. The main focus of the course is bringing traffic to your website or offer. If you don’t have an offer in place, you will get no benefit from the course because you need to figure this out first before learning more ways to generate traffic.

While you can use the lessons to bring traffic to your YouTube channel, if you don't have an offer, you will only get revenue from YouTube Adsense which is not the best way to make money with the YouTube Automation method.

What is the YouTube Automation Method?

YouTube automation method is a way to create faceless YouTube videos using freelancers to write the script, record the videos, edit the videos, and upload the videos to YouTube. Automation is achieved not through software but by creating systems to delegate the work. Recent advances in AI technology also have made it easier to create faceless YouTube videos without hiring freelancers.

How Much Can You Earn from Youtube Automation?

You can earn anywhere from $0 to more than $1,000,000 per year from YouTube Automation. It all depends on how well you understand your audience and the YouTube algorithm plus the quality of work that you put out. I've seen many aspiring creators never make money, even after six months to one year of creating content on YouTube. They simply cannot capture enough views on their videos or enough subscribers on their channel.

And then there are creators that really understand their market and can generate thousands and even millions of views. If you can do this, then there unlock many ways to make passive income on YouTube such as YouTube AdSense, brand deals, and affiliate marketing. The dirty little secret of many YouTube influencers is they make more money selling courses.

In an article in the New York Times, Dave Nick mentioned that 85% of his income came from course sales and not AdSense. That's why it's important to have an offer before you try learning how to generate traffic.

What is the Best YouTube Automation Course?

For beginners, the best YouTube automation course is YouTube's Creator Academy.  This is completely free. If you're starting out, it doesn't make sense to hire freelancers right away because you don't know what to delegate and you would not be able to tell if the freelancer did a good job. You wouldn’t be able to judge if you are hiring a good freelancer.

I've seen a lot of people who lost money trying out many courses and done-for-you schemes. They took courses and hired freelancers that didn't deliver the results that were promised. They got low-quality work while paying a lot of money. If you want to succeed on YouTube you need to put out high-quality videos. So, it’s best that you learn the business from scratch before you do any automation.

If you want a more affordable YouTube Automation course for beginners, check out Gareth Lamb's Channel Profits.

Who Is Dave Nick?

Dave Nick

Dave Nick, also known as Dejan Nikolic, is a popular Serbian YouTuber, digital marketing expert, online business coach, and course creator. He is a Gen Z entrepreneur born on October 29, 2000. He has multiple YouTube channels and his main channel, started on September 7th, 2015, has 714,000 subscribers and has been viewed over 42 million times.

He also has an online learning platform called OnlineBusinessAcademy.com where all his courses are available. Dave has launched multiple courses, however, they don’t seem to last very long. You will notice a couple of reviews and press releases on programs that he launched before that are no longer available.

What’s impressive about Dave is he started early at 13 years old. At 22 years old, he’s already a millionaire and on the fast track to making more.

What is Online Business Academy?

Online Business Academy is Dave Nick's learning platform. This is where you can find all of Dave's learning programs and events, including Automation Systems.

Other courses on his platform are YouTube Shorts Billions, Online Business Models, and Alex Kramer's Complete YouTube Automation.

Alternatively, if you want to learn how to create a personality channel, check out Ali Abdaal’s Part-Time Youtuber Academy course.

Is Dave Nick a Scammer?

I have seen claims calling Dave Nick a scammer for a different product - DFY Dave. He’s been called out in the YouTube Automation subreddit by user Spirited_Mango9440 for not delivering on the promise of a monetized channel. The user tried to get a refund but was refused by Dave’s support team. However, the user was finally able to get a refund after filing a dispute with PayPal but it took months to get the money back.

Daniel Umeh, a content creator who runs the YouTube channel Daniels Hustle also claims that a course he bought from Dave NIck called Unique YouTube Method, is trash. It’s trash because of one tip that Dave Nick gave to get a channel monetized quickly. He tells students to create an hour-long video of you randomly doing stuff. You don’t need to talk, just record yourself for 1 hour. Then post that video inside the private Facebook group that supposedly has thousands of members. But the group is actually not active. So the tip makes no sense because it doesn’t build an audience and no one will waste their time watching an hour-long video that has no benefit to them.

I don’t think these complaints make Dave Nick a scammer but it puts him and his courses in a bad light. I have yet to find a student thanking Dave Nick publicly. This is a concern because, without social proof from former students, that can cast doubt on the effectiveness of the course.


In my opinion, Dave Nick's Automation Systems course is not worth the money. While I don't doubt the tactics can work, it's going to take a long time to get traction on YouTube because of the competition. More and more creators are going to YouTube because it's now easy to create faceless YouTube videos with AI tools.

I still see local lead generation as the best online business today, even with AI. You are competing against 20-30 local businesses instead of millions of businesses all over the world. That alone makes lead generation a simpler business to operate and grow. If you don't want to compete against creators in in the US, Europe, and India, you should at least check out local lead generation.

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