Dave Nick’s YouTube Automation Systems Review – 12 YouTube Automation Tools For Beginners

May 29, 2024

automation systems review

Dave Nick’s Automation Systems is an online course that teaches 58 ways of generating unlimited traffic to your offer. It also has more tactics to maximize your revenue and Dave's blueprint to get 14M visitors to his offers. Dave is a popular content creator who talks about YouTube Automation on his channel. He is the real deal in YouTube traffic generation, where he has generated more than 54M views on his main channel. 

People from YouTube and Reddit have mixed opinions about Dave Nick and his courses. There have been claims that Dave has scammed a few people. One of them is Spirited_Mango9440, who expressed dissatisfaction with the course and had to wait months for the refund to arrive. However, Dave Nick does not seem like a total scam. Others still find his teaching valuable and helpful. For example, Youri Hofwegen said that Dave's strategies cut your learning curve.

Building an online business on YouTube is challenging because you don't own the platform, and YouTube can change the rules anytime. The growing AI market has led to overcrowding in YouTube automation. With 2.5 billion users, automation opportunities are significant. YouTube remains profitable, but it's crucial to follow YouTube's policies to avoid penalties. Automation can lack personalization, which 71% of customers value, according to McKinsey. YouTube has 82% of US adults using it and over 2.7 billion monthly logged-in users watching over one billion hours of videos daily. Statista values YouTube at $29.71 billion in 2023, but competition is fierce with over 114 million active channels.

In this Automation Systems review, we will look at its pros and cons, content, and inclusions. We will also cover Dave's story from a 13-year-old YouTuber to a multi-millionaire. Also included in the discussion is the profitability of YouTube and YouTube Automation. Lastly, we will check out a business where you have complete ownership and control.

Automation Systems Review: Pros and Cons


The Automation Systems course is a comprehensive compilation of various traffic strategies.

The Automation Systems course also provides alternative ways to earn money from YouTube besides YouTube AdSense.

Dave Nick is an expert in generating traffic because he has generated over 54M views on his channel.


Dave is not transparent about his student’s results. You can’t find proof that backs up the success of his students.

You cannot find the refund policy on the sales page. You need to go to the Terms of Use page to find the policy. 

The upsell of building a monetized done-for-you channel makes little sense for this course. 

 This course is best for entrepreneurs with an existing product or service offer. 


The Automation Systems costs $995. It has an upsell of $495 if you want a monetized channel done for you.


The Automation Systems training has self-paced training videos. 


Dave Nick has a private group from Skool called "Online Business Friends" with 8.9k members. 

Refund Policy

The Automation System refund policy grants a full no-questions-asked refund within thirty (30) days after making a purchase and consuming less than 10% of a course. 


The Automation Systems course started in 2022. 


Dave Nick has a mixed reputation online. He appeared on some prominent websites, but he has a few claims of scamming. The claims only revolve around unreturned refunds and content delivered below expectations. He has over 896K subscribers on his Dave Nick channel and 313K subscribers on his Dave Nick Daily YouTube channel. He also has 71.7K subscriber on Instagram. 

12 YouTube Automation Tools For Beginners

  • 1. AlphaCTR: An AI graphic designer for creating YouTube thumbnails.
  • 2. Get Magical: Helps with email outreach, negotiations, and productivity for brand deals.
  • 3. Capcut: A video editing tool with various effects and auto-caption features.
  • 4. Nexle.io: A niche finder for researching keywords and trending topics.
  • 5. ytsummary.app: Summarizes YouTube videos to save time on content research.
  • 6. IsThisChannelMonetized: Checks if a YouTube channel has monitezation.
  • 7. dfydave.com/monetization: Instantly monetizes your YouTube channel.
  • 8. Creator ML: Analyzes video topics and predicts their potential to get views.
  • 9. Thumbnail AI: Rates your YouTube thumbnails and provides improvement suggestions.
  • 10. Morise.ai: Automates writing descriptions, titles, and tags for your videos.
  • 11. Magic Thumbnails: Generates multiple thumbnail variations using stock footage.
  • 12. vidiq.com: Offers keyword research tools and insights on trending videos.

What is Automation Systems?

Automation Systems is a comprehensive program designed by Dave Nick. It aims to help individuals build and scale successful YouTube. It teaches advanced automation techniques and strategies for content creation. The course covers various aspects of YouTube management. This includes channel monetization and affiliate marketing. It also covers print-on-demand strategies, brand deals, and using AI for content creation. The course provides practical guidance on optimizing your YouTube channel's growth and revenue. It features real-life case studies, action guides, and insider tips.

What Do You Get With Automation Systems?

You will get from Automation System the 58 comprehensive lectures on traffic generation. Dave calls it the ADR Traffic System. This system generates 120K-160K of warm traffic per month for Dave Nick’s main channel.

He also talks about the 14,700,000+ Visitor Blueprint. This section talks about automating content creation. You will also get more revenue strategies to augment the AdSense income from YouTube. This is through affiliate marketing and providing freelance services. It also teaches brand deals and selling YouTube channels.

Finally, you will also get live 24/7 support. This is helpful when you're trying to put in place the recommendations and you encounter difficulties.

What is the Automation Systems’ Curriculum?

Welcome To Traffic Automation Systems

The module begins with an introductory video that welcomes participants and outlines the program. It also covers foundational concepts. It guides users in creating a personalized roadmap to success based on proven strategies. A feature called "ReFriday" offers personalized feedback on users' YouTube ventures. The module concludes with an action guide designed to help users solidify their goals and dreams into actionable plans.

Claim Your Free Gift! Automation Systems 2.0 

To claim your gift, Automation Systems 2.0, you need to unlock the course. Once you have access to the course, you can enjoy the benefits and resources provided.

Quick Case Study

This case study provides a real-life example of an automation channel generating $400,000 per year. The brief video highlights key strategies and insights that contributed to the channel's success. It offers practical takeaways for viewers looking to replicate similar results. 

Before We Start - Getting Tech Out Of The Way

This section focuses on overcoming technical hurdles to pave the way for automation. It includes a video on leveraging automation for greater freedom and efficiency. It also covers understanding YouTube's platform. Including how to create a channel, upload videos, and add titles, tags, and descriptions. The course includes an overview of YouTube Studio's features and functionalities. This equips users with the skills to manage and optimize their YouTube channels effectively.

Let's Start - Setting You Up For Success 

This section prepares users for achieving success on YouTube. It begins with an introductory video that sets the stage for the journey ahead. Following this, a detailed exploration of battle-tested niche ideas and examples. It aims to provide inspiration and guidance. The "How To Choose Your Perfect Niche" video introduces the LPM (Lifestyle, Passion, Market) concept. This helps users identify the ideal niche for their channel. The section concludes with an action guide that assists users in writing their LPM and making a final decision on their niche.

Beat The Algorithm - Knowing What You're Up Against Is Half The Battle 

This module aims to help understand and overcome YouTube's algorithm. It starts with an overview video that introduces strategies for beating the algorithm. The next video explains the do's and don'ts of the algorithm, providing crucial insights. Following this, "The Art of Getting Traction" video delves into methods for gaining views and subscribers. It encourages users to observe successful channels in their niche. Then, identify the key factors contributing to their success.

Content Creation - On the Verge of Innovation & Automation

This comprehensive module delves into advanced content creation strategies. It focuses on innovation and automation. It begins with an introduction to the most important types of content and an overview of content types. The module offers pioneering methods for generating unlimited video ideas. It also explains the Universal Video Framework.

It warns against actions that can lead to costly legal issues and provides a complete breakdown of the video creation process. The course extensively covers scriptwriting secrets. This includes free tools and negotiation tactics. It also explains voice-over methods and introduces a powerful video generator tool.

It also covers upload and SEO strategies, thumbnail creation, and optimal publishing times. Additional resources include an Upwork job description formula. It is an action guide for creating perfect videos, and a case study on passive income from a single video. The module concludes with a look at revolutionary AI-driven video creation methods.

Bonus: Leveraging the Power of AI Bots

This bonus section focuses on harnessing AI technology to grow your YouTube business. It begins with an introduction to how AI can enhance your YouTube growth and essential considerations before using AI. The module also covers generating viral video ideas and creating scripts using AI. It also explores AI-driven solutions for voiceovers, video editing, and thumbnails.

The module also includes generating descriptions and tags. Each segment provides practical guidance on implementing AI tools. Especially to streamline and optimize various aspects of YouTube content creation.

[NEW] Secret Ways To Get More Views & Subscribers

This section reveals advanced techniques for increasing views and subscribers on YouTube. It starts with a video on leveraging AI bots to gain actual views. Next is an exploration of secret YouTube settings that can enhance channel performance. The video explains the '16:8' method, a strategy that might double views. Finally, they reveal a simple trick that can boost watch time and attract more views. Each video offers practical tips to help users improve their YouTube channels.

Bonus #1: Reach a Wider Audience, Get More Views and Aggressively Increase Your Revenue

This bonus section provides strategies to expand your audience and boost revenue. It begins with a video on making videos for a wider audience to increase views and revenue threefold. It is followed by an updated version of this strategy. Additionally, it presents a bonus platform that enables you to publish videos and maximize your earnings. These insights aim to help users broaden their reach and enhance their revenue potential.

Extra Content: 100,000,000 in 9 months

This extra content features a case study detailing the growth of a YouTube channel to 100 million views in nine months, as of July 2022. The video provides an in-depth look at the strategies and tactics used to achieve this rapid growth. It offers valuable lessons and insights for users aiming to replicate this success in their channels.

Part I: Rare Channel Monetization Secrets ($600,000/Year Secrets) 

This part unveils rare monetization strategies to achieve significant revenue. It starts with a module overview outlining the content. It presents two options for channel monetization: the standard approach and an expedited method to get monetized in just one day. Additionally, it includes a tutorial on setting up Google AdSense to ensure proper payment. It also comes with a guide on optimizing YouTube video ad placement to increase revenue by over 500%. The module also provides an action guide document to help put in place these strategies.

Part II : Making Money (My $1,000,000/Year Blueprint) - Affiliate Marketing

This part of the course details a blueprint for generating $1,000,000 through affiliate marketing. It begins with an overview of the affiliate marketing process. It then explores different offers and provides extensive guidance on where to find profitable offers. The course outlines the best methods to promote these offers. It also includes successful real-life examples to illustrate these strategies. The course provides an action guide to help users implement and follow through with these tactics.

Part III: Print On Demand + YouTube Automation = Automated Money Machine 

This part combines Print-on-Demand (POD) with YouTube automation to create a powerful revenue stream. It begins by explaining how one can monetize POD alongside YouTube automation. The course highlights the best POD platform and how to leverage it effectively. It offers an efficient approach to creating your designs. It also includes downloadable content featuring a free Done-For-You design bundle. The last video details the most effective way to promote your designs using faceless videos. It provides a comprehensive strategy for maximizing earnings through this automated system.

Part IV: Making Money With Brand Deals - My Private Lessons After Hundreds of Successful Brand Deals 

This part focuses on securing and profiting from brand deals. It draws from extensive experience with many successful partnerships. It begins with a video revealing a powerful method to attract brand deals, even with a small channel. Accompanying documents include a brand deal email template to craft effective pitches. It also shares an agreement template to formalize deals and an exclusive list of companies open to collaborations. These resources provide a comprehensive toolkit for monetizing your channel through brand partnerships.

Revealing The Real Automation Secrets - Achieve Freedom by Working Less, While Making More 

This section uncovers advanced automation techniques to maximize efficiency and profitability. It begins with a video sharing true insider automation secrets. It also gives a detailed guide on setting up an automation system using a unique tool. Additionally, it offers a document that provides practical steps to automate content creation. The module helps you streamline your workflow and achieve greater freedom by working less while making more.

Bonus #2: Make Money By Selling DFY (Done-for-You) YouTube Automation Videos/Service

It talks about how to monetize by offering Done-for-You (DFY) YouTube automation videos and services. It begins with a video explaining the reliable method used by major players to sell DFY YouTube automation services. The second video reveals a little-known trick for acquiring clients for these services. It provides valuable insights and strategies to expand your business in this niche market.

YouTube Shorts: Fast Track To Millions of Views

This section focuses on leveraging YouTube Shorts to increase views and engagement. It starts with an introduction to YouTube Shorts and their potential, followed by strategies to go viral using Shorts. The video details the creation process of YouTube Shorts. The section concludes by uncovering the best methods to monetize YouTube Shorts. 

The $10,000,000 Key 

This upcoming module will reveal critical strategies to unlock significant revenue potential. It aims for the impressive milestone of $10,000,000. 

Who is Automation Systems For?

Automation Systems is for established entrepreneurs with a strong product or offer. The focus of the course is bringing traffic to your website or offer. If you don’t have an offer in place, you will get no benefit from the course. This is because you need to figure this out first before learning more ways to generate traffic. In short, this is not for beginners. 

While you can use the lessons to bring traffic to your YouTube channel, if you don't have an offer, you will only get revenue from YouTube Adsense. Which, according to Dave, is not the best way to make money with the YouTube Automation method. 

Is Automation Systems Worth It?

Automation Systems is not worth it for beginners because it's expensive. Any of the 58 traffic strategies could work to bring in more traffic. But, you can easily get that knowledge from YouTube or other more affordable courses.

Their sales page also claims that they had over 38 students who joined the pre-launch and have made $315,320+ from YouTube Ad revenue alone. However, the page didn’t have any testimonials or names. There are no published case studies of successful students, making it impossible to verify the claims. If you want a cheaper course, you can check YouTube PIlots. Or if you're willing to invest $6,000 for a course, look up Grow Channels. 

Who Is Dave Nick?

Dave Nick

Dave Nick, also known as Dejan Nikolic, is a popular Serbian YouTuber. He is also a digital marketing expert, online business coach, entrepreneur, and course creator. He is a Gen Z entrepreneur born on October 29, 2001. Dave started working at 13 to support his financially struggling family. Dave began his YouTube career with a compilation of several educational YouTube channels. He operates many YouTube channels, and he established his main channel on September 7th, 2015. He has gathered over 800,000 subscribers and has accumulated over 54 million views. His estimated net worth is $12,680,000.

He also has an online learning platform called OnlineBusinessAcademy.com. This is where all his courses are available. He received two Golden Play Buttons from YouTube for 1,000,000+ subscribers and multiple Silver Play Buttons for 100,000+ subscribers. He claimed that his Automation Systems course enrolled over 2,500 students and was the Best Selling YouTube Course of 2022. 

Dave has launched multiple courses, however, they don’t seem to last very long. You will notice a couple of reviews and press releases on programs that he launched before that are no longer available.

What’s impressive about Dave is he started early at 13 years old. He is only 22 years old and has already become a millionaire, with the potential to earn even more quickly. He received media coverage from outlets such as Daily Caller, Flaunt, the New York Times, American Daily Post, and Yahoo. 

Is Dave Nick a Scammer?

No, Dave Nick is not a scammer, but we have seen complaints for a different product - DFY Dave. He’s been called out in the YouTube Automation subreddit by user Spirited_Mango9440 for not delivering on the promise of a monetized channel. Dave's support team refused to provide a refund to the user. However, the user could finally get a refund after filing a dispute with PayPal, but it took months to get the money back.

automation systems

Daniel Umeh is a content creator who runs the YouTube channel Daniels Hustle. He claims that a course he bought from Dave Nick called Unique YouTube Method is trash. It’s trash because of one tip that Dave Nick gave to get a channel monetized quickly. He tells students to create an hour-long video of them randomly doing stuff. You don’t need to talk, just record yourself for 1 hour. Then post that video inside the private Facebook group that supposedly has thousands of members. But the group is not active. So the tip makes no sense because it doesn’t build an audience and no one will waste their time watching an hour-long video that has no benefit to them.

I don’t think these complaints make Dave Nick a scammer, but it puts him and his courses in a bad light. I have yet to find a student thanking Dave Nick publicly. This is a concern because, without social proof from former students, that can cast doubt on the effectiveness of the course. However, on his website, you can find a lot of positive reviews about Dave and his course. For instance, Incognito Money said that Dave is one guy who helped him start his channel and grow it to over 70,000 subscribers. Youri Hofwegen said that the strategies shown will easily cut your learning curve. A review from EMAL in Quora also states that Dave Nick's ideas work, but only if you will put in the effort. 

What is Online Business Academy?

Online Business Academy is Dave Nick's learning platform. This is where you can find all of Dave's learning programs and events, including Automation Systems. Other courses on his platform are YouTube Shorts Billions, Online Business Models, and many more. 

Alternatively, if you want to learn how to create a personality channel, check out Ali Abdaal’s Part-Time Youtuber Academy course.

What is the YouTube Automation Method?

The YouTube Automation Method is a way to create faceless videos. You can use freelancers to write the script, record the videos, edit the videos, and upload the videos to YouTube. Automation is not through software but by creating systems to delegate the work. AI technology also made it easier to create faceless YouTube videos without hiring freelancers.

Is YouTube Automation Saturated?

No, YouTube automation is not saturated, but it is overcrowded. YouTube automation is also not dead; in fact, it remains highly viable and beneficial. Grand View Research predicts that the global AI market, valued at $136.55 billion in 2022, will grow by 37.3% annually from 2023 to 2030. Businesses are increasingly investing in AI, with 91.5% seeing it to improve their work, as noted by Business Focus Magazine. YouTube has 2.5 billion users. It remains the second most popular social platform, offering significant opportunities for automation.

However, it is crucial to follow YouTube's automation policies to avoid penalties like channel bans. McKinsey reports that 71% of customers value personalized experiences. This emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to automation.

You can earn anywhere from $0 to more than $1,000,000 per year from YouTube automation. It all depends on how well you understand your audience and the YouTube algorithm, plus the quality of work that you put out. I've seen many aspiring creators never make money, even after six months to one year of creating content on YouTube. They simply cannot capture enough views on their videos or enough subscribers on their channel.

And then some creators really understand their market and can generate thousands and even millions of views. If you can do this, then there are many ways to make a passive income on YouTube, such as YouTube AdSense, brand deals, and affiliate marketing. The dirty little secret of many YouTube influencers is they make more money selling courses.

In an article in the New York Times, Dave Nick mentioned that 85% of his income came from course sales and not AdSense. That's why it's important to have an offer before you try learning how to generate traffic.

Is YouTube Still Profitable?

Yes, YouTube is still profitable. According to Marketing Charts, 82% of US adults use YouTube, making it the second most popular search engine globally after Google. It has more searches per month than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask.com combined. YouTube reported it boasts over 2.7 billion monthly logged-in users. It has a competitive nature and unpredictable algorithm. But YouTube's vast audience and potential for revenue make it a valuable platform. 

Demand Sage reported that people watch over one billion hours of videos daily. Statista values YouTube at $29.71 billion in 2023, up from $23.89 billion the previous year, highlighting its profitability. Typical earnings for a YouTube channel in the US are around $29.05 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter. However, competition is fierce, with over 114 million active channels, as noted by Wyzowl

What is the Best YouTube Automation Course?

The best YouTube automation course for beginners is YouTube’s Creator Academy. This is completely free. If you're starting, it makes little sense to hire freelancers right away. This is because you don't know what to delegate and you could not tell if the freelancer did a good job. You wouldn’t be able to judge if you are hiring a good freelancer.

I've seen many people who lost money trying out many courses and done-for-you scheme. They took courses and hired freelancers that didn't deliver the results that were promised. They got low-quality work while paying a lot of money. If you want to succeed on YouTube, you need to put out high-quality videos. So, it’s best that you learn the business from scratch before you do any automation.

If you want a more affordable YouTube Automation course for beginners, check out Gareth Lamb's Channel Profits.

What Makes Local Lead Generation More Profitable Than YouTube? 

Local lead generation is more profitable than YouTube for several reasons. First, it often involves building, ranking, and renting websites to local businesses. This can be done with minimal ongoing cost. This leads to higher profit margin of up to 95%. Additionally, local lead generation provides recurring revenue. Renting these websites for monthly fees, ranging from $500 to $3,000 per site, established a steady income stream. With YouTube, it's difficult to guess how much are you going to earn in the next month because it is reliant on views and ads.


Also, YouTube has over 114 million active channels and intense competition. Local lead generation targets specific niches in local markets. This means it faces much less competition. As long as you can rank your site using SEO strategies and partner with local businesses, you can start earning. But, with YouTube, you will begin earning money once you have accumulated at least 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months. Influencer Marketing Hub said that the average YouTuber earns $0.018 per view, which amounts to approximately $18 for every 1,000 ad views.

Moreover, you have more control over SEO strategies compared to YouTube's unpredictable algorithm. This makes local lead generation easier to maintain and improve rankings. Local businesses are often willing to pay for leads that translate into customers. This can be more interesting than the ad revenue or sponsorships earned on YouTube. Dave Nick's Automation system can give you lessons on earning from YouTube. But, it's still going to take a long time to get traction on YouTube, because of the competition. More and more creators are going to YouTube because it's now easy to create faceless YouTube videos with AI tools. Even with AI, local lead generation is still the best online business today. If you don't want to compete against millions of creators, you should check out local lead generation.

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