Benjamin Fairbourne Review: What Is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

July 11, 2024

Benjamin Fairbourne is an adult affiliate marketer and CPA (Cost Per Action) marketer. He promotes adult products, like sex toys and videos, and earns a big commission from them. Because of his success in this niche, he created courses that focus mostly on the adult industry. Some of his courses include The Money Accelerator and Adult Marketing Mastery. Fairbourne claims that his methods are highly effective in gaining big profits online.  

Reviews of Benjamin Fairbourne's training often highlight the detailed insights and practical strategies. Daniel, one of the students, praises the course for its business marketing secrets and how to implement it. He complements Fairbourne for being very generous, both with his knowledge and money. He says Fairbourne randomly gives $10,000 cash to one of his program members every month. However, not everybody was happy with it. One comment from BlackHatWorld says that he’s a scammer that doesn’t teach anything much. He says that it's better to test multiple things, fail, and try again to find your own method. 

In this Benjamin Fairbourne review, we're going to go into more detail about him and his courses. We'll look at reviews from satisfied and disappointed students. We'll also show you the potential benefits and drawbacks of adult affiliate marketing.

Benjamin Fairbourne: Pros and Cons


Benjamin Fairbourne is very successful in the industry he promotes. This shows he has the knowledge and skills to teach adult affiliate marketing and CPA marketing

 Benjamin Fairbourne's "The Money Accelerator" membership includes many things. Students get a bundle of his courses, ongoing support, new content, and even a chance to be his affiliate

 Benjamin Fairbourne is a generous guy. He freely gives away $1,000 to $10,000 to one of his program members every month


Benjamin Fairbourne has a minimal online presence. He barely posts anything on his Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He used to frequently post on YouTube, but all his content there is now deleted

 Benjamin Fairbourne makes big claims that you can earn six to seven figures in a short time. These promises are usually not realistic or are not for beginners

Benjamin Fairbourne's courses are a step-by-step guide on how he succeeded. Students have to follow his blueprint to see success instead of doing their own thing

July 9, 2024

I just bought Ben’s The Money Accelerator program. I’m excited to learn! Let’s go Learning Machines!

Alex Branch

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Is Adult Affiliate Marketing?

Adult affiliate marketing is a type of affiliate marketing that promotes adult-themed toys, costumes, videos, and other novelties. When people buy these things, the promoter earns a commission. Adult affiliate marketing is worth it as this niche is one of the most profitable. This is because of its high demand and a substantial consumer base. An IBISWorld report showed that adult entertainment in the USA reached $1.1B. This means people can earn a significant amount through commissions. 

Benjamin Fairbourne's training offers a strategic approach to adult affiliate marketing. His courses equip marketers with the skills and knowledge needed for this niche. He helps people navigate and capitalize on its complexities. He gives lessons on identifying profitable products and services. He teaches how to target and reach an adult audience. He also leverages digital marketing tools to maximize conversions. Fairbourne emphasizes the importance of ethical marketing practices and compliance with regulations. These two things are very stringent in the adult content industry.

Who Is Benjamin Fairbourne?

Benjamin Fairbourne-cropped

Benjamin Fairbourne is an online entrepreneur who focuses on affiliate marketing and YouTube. He says that he's on his way to becoming a multi-millionaire at only 25 years old. Other than that, he has a low profile online. He has no exact stats online except claims on his website and a few reviews here and there. 

According to his website, he earns six figures every month. He posts videos and screenshots showing proof of his earnings. His income comes from adult affiliate marketing, YouTube, and other online platforms. He is also the creator of the program "The Money Accelerator".  This is a membership platform that compiles all his knowledge and strategies. He describes the program as offering some of the biggest secrets to earning money online. He wants to help others achieve the same level of success that he has.

What Are the Main Criticisms of Benjamin Fairbourne?

Selling a scammy-like course and making big claims are the main criticisms of Benjamin Fairbourne. People say that Benjamin Fairbourne is a fake guru. One person predicts he only made an overpriced course because he wants more money. Another person says a lot of the things he sells no longer exist. Here's what someone from BlackHatWorld has to say:

Benjamin Fairbourne review

Benjamin Fairbourne YouTube Channels

Benjamin Fairbourne used to run several YouTube channels. There, he provided a lot of his inside knowledge for free. Today, all the videos from his 5 channels have been deleted. He either deleted them so that people would pay for his course or YouTube terminated it. Here's what you’ll see if you go to his channels:

Benjamin Fairbourne YouTube
Benjamin Fairbourne YouTube 1

What Is the Money Accelerator?

The Money Accelerator is a membership program by Benjamin Fairbourne. It mostly focuses on adult affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. It's for people who wish to make money online from a proven system. It’s also a lot cheaper than other trainings out there. The membership-based program costs $97 a month. 

Fairbourne emphasizes the importance of following the blueprints provided to achieve similar success. Yes, he teaches shortcuts to big profits within ethical boundaries. However, students must invest time and effort, as well as take action to see results.

Subscribers of The Money Accelerator can cancel anytime. This removes financial risk and allows them to see whether it works for them or not. The program is inclusive, too. There are no requirements for prior knowledge or technical skills. Even total beginners can join and find success.

What Do You Get Inside the Money Accelerator?

  • The Money Accelerator. This foundational component provides a comprehensive overview of the system. It sets the stage for your financial growth through affiliate marketing and CPA
  • The Mentorship Trainings. Gives you access to personalized coaching sessions. This guides you through the complexities of online marketing strategies
  • Super Affiliate Marketing Secrets 3.0. Dives deep into advanced strategies for maximizing your earnings in affiliate marketing
  • The Adult Affiliate Marketing Secrets 3.0. Explores specialized techniques for succeeding in the lucrative adult content marketing niche
  • More Adult Marketing Training. Additional in-depth training focused on expanding your knowledge and skills in adult marketing
  • Sweepstakes Marketing Secrets 3.0. Teaches effective sweepstakes marketing to attract a broader audience and generate leads
  • The Done For You System. A ready-to-use system that simplifies your path to marketing success. It comes with pre-made tools and resources
  • Sales God 3.0. Enhances sales skills with strategies to improve your persuasion and conversion rates
  • Next Level Marketing 3.0. Helps step up your marketing game. It has innovative tactics that keep you ahead in a competitive market
  • YouTube Viral Growth Secrets 3.0. Learn the secrets to creating viral content on YouTube and boosting your channel
  • The Instant Money Blueprint. This is a quick-start guide to making immediate income through effective online strategies
  • The Passive Income Juggernaut. Teaches how to set up and maintain several streams of passive income for long-term financial stability
  • Copywriting Secrets 3.0. Master the art of persuasive writing to captivate audiences and drive sales
  • New Make Money Methods (Monthly). Stay updated with the latest and most effective strategies for earning money online
  • Epic Discovered Content (Weekly). Access to a selection of high-quality content that provides unique insights and value
  • Top Offers Of The Month (Monthly). Get a list of the top-performing offers to maximize your earnings potential
  • The Monthly Q&A (Monthly). Get direct answers to your pressing questions from Benjamin Fairbourne himself
  • Monthly $1,000 - $10,000 Giveaway. Engage in monthly contests and giveaways for a chance to win money prizes
  • Become An Affiliate For TMA. Earn a 60% recurring commission by getting new students to sign up for The Money Accelerator
  • Every Guru's Course. Get access to a comprehensive library of courses from various industry gurus. This gives you a wide range of learning opportunities

What Is the Adult Marketing Mastery Course?

The Adult Marketing Mastery Course is Benjamin Fairbourne's most popular course. It teaches people all they need to know about adult CPA marketing. It only costs $97, but there's a warning on the page that it'll soon change to $997. Here is the course curriculum:

  • What Worked For Me

  • My Biggest Campaigns

  • What’s Working Now

  • The Best Offers To Promote

  • The Easiest Strategy To Make Money As Fast As Possible

  • The Best Free Strategy To Make Money With

  • Best Step-By-Step Way To Make Double Your Money Back Quickly

  • How To Actually Make Money With Paid Ads

  • The Secret to Scaling Campaigns First

  • How to Cashflow Efficiently to Scale Successfully

  • How To Make Millions Adult Marketing

  • And more!

The course introduces Benjamin Fairbourne's journey into this niche. It details his initial setbacks, including Facebook Ads’ strict policies on adult content. Fairbourne then shares valuable insights that he gained over the years. He highlights the benefits, such as high demand and low competition. 

Developing a personal brand is one key strategy that he focuses on. He also talks about the critical role of adult-specific advertising platforms. This includes Traffic Junkie, EXO Click, and Arrow Advertising. He mentions major CPA networks, too, like CrakRevenue and MaxBounty. All this is what will help scale the campaign and maximize profits. 

The course recommends strategies for free traffic and content creation. This is how to promote well-known offers. Finally, it stresses the need for continued adaptability. This is why the course includes spy tools to discover promising offers.

What Is Learning Machines?

Learning Machines is the term Benjamin Fairbourne uses for his students and subscribers. This is because he views them as people engaged in learning. They continuously apply his marketing techniques to improve and automate their earnings. Fairbourne manages a Facebook group called "Learning Machines" to foster a community. This group allows people to connect, share experiences, discuss strategies, and ask questions. It currently has 558 members. 

Are Benjamin Fairbourne’s Students Successful?

Benjamin Fairbourne's students are successful. However, there are no actual details or proof of this. Fairbourne simply posted a poll in 2020 on his Facebook group asking his members how much they made. Here are the results:

Benjamin Fairbourne student success

Other than that, the reviews on his website are simply praising his program. Many students are also highly recommending courses. Whether this is genuine or if they are simply affiliates of it, no one knows. Here are a few of his course reviews:

Benjamin Fairbourne student review 2
Benjamin Fairbourne student review
Benjamin Fairbourne student review 1

Outside of Fairbourne's website, people are critical of him. Many call him a scammer or fake guru. Others say that his courses don't really teach anything. This review from an actual student is very insightful:

Benjamin Fairbourne student review 3

Benjamin Fairbourne's Claims

Benjamin Fairbourne claims he has the secrets to help people earn $300K to $1M monthly. He bases this claim on his own success with adult affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. His main promise is to show exactly how he did it. This way, students can follow his every step and generate insane amounts of money online. Fairbourne says, "The quickest way to success is to copy other people's success." 

Fairbourne also claims that he helped hundreds of people achieve their income dreams. According to his course introduction, he helped one student go from $0 to $100,000 in just one year. He says he doesn't offer an overpriced program that wastes your time. Instead, he provides a life-changing course that only costs $97 a month. Plus, he freely gives $1,000 to $10,000 a month to a random member.

Are Benjamin Fairbourne’s Claims Real? 

Benjamin Fairbourne's claims are real as he is a successful affiliate marketer who earns six to seven figures. The marketing strategies and affiliates that he uses do work. Also, adult affiliate marketing is an industry that pays big commissions. Someone from Reddit says that they earned $1000 to $2000 a month. All they did was put a banner of their dating site affiliate on Chaturbate. Here is another adult affiliate marketing success story from Reddit:

Adult affiliate marketing success story

Fairbourne's promise that his courses are the answer to insane income is not real. Sure, he probably does have a few successful students. However, what works for him may not work for everyone else. This is why one person says they wished the course provided tutorials and examples - not only steps on what to do. Another one comments that it's better to test what works for you instead of following the exact steps of a "guru". 

Also, Fairbourne started much earlier. His adult marketing methods might not be as effective in 2024. In fact, people online are saying that it's now harder to sell adult affiliates. Here's one comment on Reddit:

Adult affiliate marketing

What Are the Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Niches?

These are the best high ticket affiliate marketing niches:

  • Adult-themed content, products, or services

  • Web hosting

  • Education and learning

  • Home security 

  • Insurance

  • Travel and tours

  • Gaming 

  • Finance and trading

  • Personal care

  • Software

How Profitable Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is profitable if you know how to navigate it effectively. Pat Flynn, a popular blogger and podcaster, earns $3M from his affiliates alone. Neil Patel, an SEO expert, gets $300K+ from the affiliate links on his blog. Then here’s Benjamin Fairbourne who earns $300K to $1M from adult affiliate marketing. 

Not everyone is going to see huge profits. Still, affiliate marketers in the beauty, travel, and education niches earn an average of $15,551, $13,847, and $12,475. The total average that an affiliate marketer earns is $8,038 per month. 

However, you'll have to break into the industry to start earning. And that can be very hard if you don't have the right strategy. Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing is difficult for beginners:

  • The affiliate market is too saturated 

  • It takes time to build an audience

  • You must create quality content that convinces 

  • You have to find a niche that works

  • Affiliate marketing has lots of scammers

  • Affiliate marketing comes with many rules and regulations

Conclusion: Is There a More Stable Income Stream Than Affiliate Marketing?

Local lead generation is a more stable income stream than affiliate marketing. This is because the local lead gen business generates leads for local businesses. Since small local businesses need leads, and people always need services, there is consistent demand and revenue flow. Moreover, these businesses are willing to pay a monthly fee of $500 to $3,000 for it. 

Local lead generation works by creating a local service website or listing online. You then rank these on Google to attract organic traffic. These are your leads. After that, you reach out to a small local business within the industry and ask if they want your leads. If yes, you rent the website or listing to them. They get quality leads and you earn monthly income.


Local lead generation is much easier than affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing relies on product selection, content creation, and market engagement. Also, affiliate marketing is now heavily saturated. Local lead gen, on the other hand, relies on a direct service to an audience that's ready to buy. Once the effort of creating, ranking, and renting a website is done, you can enjoy passive income. I've created 50+ local lead gen websites already. I earn a steady income of $50,000 a month without worrying too much about it. The best part is that, since you're targeting locals, the competition is low. 

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