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5 Best Amazon Dropshipping Course (Profit without inventory)

May 16, 2024

What is the best Amazon dropshipping course? I’m not an affiliate, and I’ve reviewed hundreds of courses in my time selling online.

Here are the 5 best Amazon dropshipping courses. I've also included 1 honorable mention and some courses you should avoid.

best amazon dropshipping course for beginners

1. Best Amazon Dropshipping Course for Beginners

bryan guerra

How to Start a Profitable Amazon Dropshipping Business Today

Bryan is an active dropshipper on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and Mercari.  He has over a decade of experience in business and is the founder of an online education company, Invert Media. He has taught about 400,000 students how to dropship. This course is #10 on Udemy’s list of top dropshipping courses. Apart from official courses, Bryan has also been active on YouTube for over 4 years, creating content on Amazon seller suspension, online arbitrage, and Amazon Dropshipping Software. He currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife and dog.



Course Started:

2018 - updated in 2022




Great for beginners, good updated information. It’s “Amazon Dropship Mastery” section includes information on Amazon SEO, how to make a Facebook ad, and other ideas on how to generate free traffic.


No, but you can message Bryan on Udemy. He also offers paid consulting services, where you can also find positive Bryan Guerra reviews.

Some other things we liked:

This Bryan Guerra course includes copywriting techniques, an essential skill for writing product listings and Amazon ads.

There is a 30-day refund policy.

Includes information on how to dropship on Poshmark, eBay, and Shopify.

Some things we didn't like:

At times, Bryan was hard to understand, and lost his train of thought.

Go to Bryan Guerra Udemy site: How to Start a profitable Amazon Dropshipping Business Today

See my review of Bryan Guerra and his Shopify Dropship Mastery Course: Review of Bryan Guerra's Shopify Dropship Mastery: Build Your Own Dropshipping Store

If you want to go deeper into Bryan Guerra Amazon drop shipping courses, try Dropshipping 3.0 - More Sales, Higher Profit, No Competition

Wholesale Ted by Sarah Chrisp

sarah chrisp

Wholesale Ted, led by Sarah Chrisp, offers dropshipping and Amazon FBA training. Sarah, with significant experience in online retail, underscores the platform's credibility. The platform provides resources. These include a YouTube channel, eBooks, and the EComm Clubhouse subscription. Sarah has diverse income sources and a practical approach. Her expertise is a key asset to Wholesale Ted. This is especially helpful for those new to eCommerce.

Price: Access to the Wholesale Ted platform requires a subscription fee of $67 per month.

More Info: Wholesale Ted Review

most professional amazon dropshipping course

2. Most Professional & Affordable Amazon Dropshipping Course

matt bernstein

Selling on Amazon: Build a Successful Dropshipping Business

Matt Bernstein is a successful eBay and Amazon seller. On top of selling and teaching students (over 175,000), he also works as a logistics coordinator for EF Education First.  His dropshipping career started when he made $24,000 in profits while still earning his Communications degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

In this Matt Bernstein Amazon dropshipping course, he teaches how to purchase products from eBay auctions and resell them on Amazon. We chose this course because of its high quality. Many trainers create courses with web-cams, and have no structure or script. This is not the case with Matt Bernstein. His entire course comprises power points, over-the-shoulder screen shares, and excellent planned commentary.



Course Started:





Over-the-shoulder trainings show step-by-step Amazon dropshipping strategies. Matt’s biggest tactic for Amazon dropshipping is eBay arbitrage.



Some other things we liked:

Matt continues to update the course, and you have lifetime access.

He shares great products that have worked for him- and those that haven’t.

Some things we didn't like:

Matt rarely shows his face.

He also could have gone into shipping strategies more.

Read more about eBay arbitrage in my article: How to Dropship on Amazon without Money

product research course

3. Best Dedicated Product Research Course

jason martin

Amazon Dropshipping FBM Titans Product Research Formula

Jason Martin works as both an Amazon seller and a virtual assistant for many other Amazon drop shippers. So, he has collected countless hours working through multiple strategies. He is a dropshipping manager for Profesional Independiente, which sells home and garden items. Jason has a research doctorate from Universidad de Murcia, a Masters in computer applications, and a degree for a Technical engineers in management computing.  

Many courses give a broad picture of running a business. This course makes our list because Jason Martin has focused on a single, all-important part of a successful dropshipping store: product research.



Course Started:





The first 38 minutes trains you on the software Jason recommends. But, the remaining 100 minutes give more universal advice.



Some other things we liked:

Jason encourages his users to continue learning, and doesn’t claim to know everything.

Some things we didn't like:

To succeed in this course and this product research strategy, you must commit to $18/month in software. He uses Kappa Premium ($15/month) and Grabbly Pro ($3/month), which requires a 3 month commitment.

amazon profit guide

4. Best Dropshipping Course to Set an eCommerce Foundation


Amazon Profit Guide by Dominick Carney

Dominick is a 7-figure Amazon seller who learned Amazon dropshipping from Tommy Rodriguez. After some hard times and a DUI, Dominick declared bankruptcy at 19. He tried to come back by selling on Shopify, Amazon, affiliate marketing, and more. After 19 failed businesses, and 5 Amazon account suspensions, Dom finally found success. He coaches this course, sells on Amazon, runs an ATM rental gig and actively invests in real estate. Dominick teaches dropshipping exactly as it was for him: as the very first step on your Amazon FBA and ecommerce journey- not the solution. 



Course Started:

Dominick created the course after many requests to learn his secrets, prior to 2020.


Yes- has over 700 members


10 modules + step-by-step documents



Some other things we liked:

Dominick is actively selling in 2022

Some things we didn't like:

Dominick's marketing is extremely confusing.

ecom degree university

BONUS: Best *UPDATED* Amazon Wholesale Course

william rivera

Ecom Degree University's Free Online Workshop

William Rivera made over $650,000 doing eCommerce during the pandemic, and well over $2 million during 2016. That's saying alot, becuase in 2015, he was working at an LA Fitness and Amazon warehosue as a college dropout.

Prior to 2021, William Rivera was a dropshipping fiend. But now, he's seen the shift on Amazon, and has adjusted this course to include effective tips for Amazon wholesale. He also might be taking a different direction away from Amazon entirely, as we've noticed a heavy promotion of his music career. William makes some wild claims you will want to check out for yourself before buying this course. Read by full review on WIlliam and his course below.


$997 for full course, $84 for starter program.

Course Started:



William Rivera has over 2,000 students. He made over $650,000 doing eCommerce during the pandemic, and over $2 mil during 2016. 




William shares his recession proof strategy and his $35,000 blueprint. This includes information on how to find suppliers, how to set up your Amazon account, launch, marketing, backlinks, Facebook ads, and strategies to increase conversion rates. 



Some other things we liked:

William provides a product research action plan template that includes exact steps to effective product research. It's a concrete way to see exactly what his strategy is.

Some things we didn't like:

They only offer this webinar on Sundays, and is only available free for a limited time.

Amazon Dropshipping Courses Honorable Mention:

The Last Amazon Course by Brock Johnson is a massive course that gives a great overview of selling on Amazon, including dropshipping. However, drop shipping is not the focus.

Still, there are over 397 videos, 50 hours of content, and over 30,000 students. All that information costs you a whopping $1/week with no upsells, billed months. Or, you can opt for a $24 package or a $39 package.

This would be a great course to sign up for after starting your Amazon dropshipping business to scale it even higher.

Not Interested in Amazon Dropshipping?

Many of the most popular courses listed online for Amazon dropshipping are actually for other forms of this business model. For example, Ecom Elite from Franklin Hatchett shows you how to make a Shopify store from scratch. It includes dozens of hours on how to set up the most converting Facebook ad, Instagram traffic, Google ads, and more. 

Another example is Dropship Lifestyle. Drop Ship Lifestyle is great for Shopify beginners. It has a dedicated support community and live monthly coaching calls. 

Other dropshipping courses include:

Courses That Didn’t Make the Cut and Why

Dropshipping- 1 Hour Work Week

1 hour work week logo
Christian Trujillo

This course from 2020 has a private Facebook community and access to an exclusive Slack community for 30 days after your modules are complete.

Things we didn't like:

The course costs $2,497.

Even though it’s expensive, there were many inconsistencies in Christian’s messaging. From the beginning, I couldn’t figure out if he was teaching me 5, 6, or 7 ways of making money off of one product.

It includes creative strategies for making your dollar go further, like collecting gift cards through reward programs. However, this isn’t content that I care to pay $3K for. A training this expensive should have concrete online business strategies, not a discussion on how to use promotions.

You have limited access to Christian. If you want better communication, you need to upgrade to a new package- up to a whopping $4997. And, when I searched for this option, I couldn't find it.

Flying Ecom

Flying Ecom
peter whitlock

Peter Whitlock is rising in the Instagram sphere. He spent $10k and over a year of time diving into dropshipping on Amazon. Then, he had his own online store for 2 years before making his course. His $997 course is full of fairly new info. It’s full of videos, power points, and screen shares. Your access to Peter is through Instagram DMs, text, and Zooms.

Things we didn't like:

When asked what percentage of his students make over 2k in sales a month within 6 months, he claimed 100%.

There is no Facebook group.

Peter’s user base seems a little off. He has tens of thousands of Instagram followers, yet very few reviews and comments. In fact, there’s a whole Reddit thread following this guy and investigating whether he’s legit.

Dropship Shenanigans

Amanda Coffman claims to teach the safest, fastest way to break 6 figure sales per month. She also boasts a minimum suspension risk. The cost of Dropship Shenanigans is great at $69, but it's outdated. Also, her Facebook group for members is fairly dead, with no new posts in weeks.

How to Start a 6 Figure Amazon Dropshipping Home Business

We love Udemy, and it lists Armani Keller’s course is the 11th best drop shipping course. However, Armani last updated his course in 2018. This means he shares incorrect information about the most basic things, even setting up your Amazon Seller Central Account.

Why You Should Take an Amazon Dropshipping Course

You need to take a quality Amazon drop shipping course before starting because it’s common for Amazon to suspend your seller account.

If you make one wrong move, you can lose access to your sales, customers,and funds. Amazon will have every right to withhold your money for at least 3 months.

 A good Amazon drop shipping course should teach you how to conduct product research, when and how to contact customers within Amazon’s Terms of Service, and how to find quality suppliers that won’t scam you. Without building a firm knowledge base, it’s more likely that this will occur. 

Where Can You Find a Good Amazon Dropshipping Course?

Both Udemy and Teachable have vast databases for Amazon dropshipping courses. YouTube also offers a mountain of information on this subject. 

Make sure the content focuses on Amazon dropshipping. For instance, a search for “best dropshipping course” will connect you with Shopify, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and other strategies.

To find the best information, pay attention to when the content was last updated. Read reviews of both the course and the seller. If the content is too old, they lack reviews, or the drop shipper makes wild guarantees, look elsewhere.

How Does Dropshipping Compare to Other Methods of Selling on Amazon?

Unlike many other Amazon FBA business models, you won’t have to pay for inventory or FBA warehouse fees when you dropship. This is because you will send your product directly from supplier to customer.

Amazon wholesale, private label, online and retail arbitrage, liquidations, passion products, and homemade all require these fees if you choose the FBA route.

Most other Amazon FBA business models require purchasing your inventory before creating a product listing. When you dropship, you are essentially listing a picture and buying the product after a sale comes in.

Also, you won’t need to spend your time creating a new product or brand. Amazon private label, passion products, Merch by Amazon, and Amazon KDP all require the creation (and marketing!) of at least the product, if not the entire brand.

Want to take an Amazon FBA Course? Consider:

What Disadvantages Are There to Dropshipping on Amazon?

Other Amazon business models also have a higher profit margin. The average Amazon dropshipping profit margin is around 10%-30%. Amazon wholesale can reach profit margins of up to 50%. Private label rarely dips below 25%-30%.

Also, you cannot access Amazon Prime eligibility, as Amazon Prime is only available to FBA sellers.

Dropshipping from retail stores like Wal-Mart is the best way to stay profitable in Amazon Dropshipping, however it also faces the most account suspensions if you're not careful. The best way to overcome this is to season your account by doing FBA first.

Will Amazon Automation Help You Dropship?

There are actual agencies that will help you with the manual management tasks of Amazon dropshipping business and then there are literal Amazon automation scams which are companies that ask for huge up front investment $30K+ and they promise they'll do everything for you.

Before of these companies, because they can keep your money even though your account has been suspended because of what these automation companies did with your account, but they can blame amazon for it.

Conclusion: What Dropshipping Course Would You Recommend the Most?

If you’re a beginner, check out Bryan Guerra’s courses. if you're looking to set the foundation for a life of ecommerce, try Dominick Carney's Amazon Profit Guide.

Remember: Research any course you’re considering. Check reviews and make sure it is legit before giving anyone your money. Also, make sure it covers the topic you’re interested in. You should also consider learning about other business models for making money online.

My Online Business Portfolio in 2024

Amazon FBA: $15K NET per month (After 50% split with a partner)

Local Lead Generation: $52K NET per month

Amazon FBA is a great business model but like all businesses it has its challenges, particularly how competitive it's becoming as more big brands & suppliers began selling on FBA themselves 2-3 years ago.

Another business model I've had a lot of success with is local lead generation. It's simple and less competitive. It might be a better fit for some people.

Click here to learn all about it: Local Lead Generation vs. Amazon FBA

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  1. I am an Amazon FBM seller and I dropship products from AliExpress to Amazon and I constantly win the Buy Box of my top sales products because my products are low-priced (and still highly profitable to me), very valuable, readily available and sell very well.

    I am working on creating a course based on my experiences as an FBM Amazon Dropshipper to help educate others.

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