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6 Best Amazon FBA Courses in 2024 (Actual Seller Review)

May 13, 2024

Over the last 3 years, we have reviewed countless Amazon FBA courses on this blog. 

In 2022, 6 made it on this list.

if you feel like another course should be on this list, or you want us to review another course, leave us a comment at the bottom of this article

Let's face it, there's a lot of fake gurus out there, selling recycled info, or courses that are just plain outdated.

1. Private Label Masters (Best High-End Course)

Private Label Masters is the best high-end course we found. Tim teaches you everything from product research, how to source products & establish great relationships with suppliers, the importance of a forwarding/inspection service, optimizing your product listing, scaling your brand, and more. One of the most important tools Tim uses to help with running and automating his Amazon business is Viral Launch. In module 2, he shows you how to best use the tool. He also provides an hour long training with his copywriter, Stacey, where she explains six essential copywriting strategies that you need to implement on your product listing to maximize conversions. Aaron Eaton, Tim's assistant, is an Amazon PPC expert who teaches his in-depth strategies in module 7 to help you generate more traffic.

Tim Sanders is an 8 Figure Amazon Seller

(why this course is #1)

Tim has sold nearly $60 million in the past 5 years. In 2021 alone, he sold over $20 million, which proves that he is someone that's actively working on his Amazon business and growing it. What is surprising about Tim is that he doesn't have any partners. He runs his business with a team of virtual assistants. Today, Tim has an estimated net worth of $7 million and stays active within his private Facebook group.

Why this course is #1

The #1 reason this program makes it at the top of our list of Amazon private label courses is that Tim is an active seller today. He covers all the bases of starting, efficiently running and scaling your Amazon FBA private label business. We found Tim's strategies to be most current and each week, he holds live streams where you can ask him questions. Having access to someone that's operating at Tim's level is priceless.


Private Label Masters costs $5000 and some payment plans are available.

Course Started:

2017 - present


Tim Sanders - did $20 million in sales in 2021, $60 million in the past 5 years, high-level knowledge especially for creating a team and scaling. Well spoken, easy to follow. Launched 120+ products.


Great engaging private Facebook community of 3000 students, ask questions anytime, connect with other FBA sellers


Great for both beginners and experienced sellers. Outstanding advanced training on running Facebook ads for more reviews. Lifetime updates.


Tim provides live coaching once per week. Ask him questions, pick his brain.


no upsells

clear on setting the right expectations of how much it will cost to start a successful FBA business ($5K minimum)

very good Amazon ppc training


Wish Tim would show more behind the curtains on how he manages and communicates with his team. What does his day to day look like?

The group is great but Amazing Selling Machine simply has a bigger group since they've been around longer

For more info, you can read my Private Label Masters Review

To go to Tim's sales page, go here

Private Label Masters vs. Amazing Selling Machine

Why Amazing Selling Machine Lost

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is another high-end $5000 course, and it's been around since 2011, because they offer an affiliate program, they have many bloggers promoting it. 

Don't get me wrong,its not a bad program. They've produced some really successful students. I would say the best thing about ASM is the community, since they've been around the longest, they have the biggest group out there.

However, here are the few reasons that caused us to put Private Label Masters ahead of them in this "High-end courses" category for 2024.

The training uses too many slides: most of the training is Matt Clark talking through these PowerPoint slides which you can read yourself, they should screen share more and show more real-life examples of what they're describing.

Lack of cohesiveness & clear direction: Sometimes the ASM training feels like information overload because they cover every strategy without giving you a priority of which one is most effective. For examples: they cover every single marketing tactic outside of Amazon like Adwords, FB ads, FB messenger bots, Instagram, Working with Influencers... without giving you suggestions on which strategy is most effective for 2022. More is not always better for training. Without clear direction and a step-by-step process, you leave it up to the student to figure out which strategy will work best through trial & error, which could waste a lot of time.

Lack of real-world examples: In the training, it is unclear if the head coaches Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are truly building 7-8 figure Amazon businesses of their own today. Whereas it's nice to have Tim Sanders from Private Label Masters have done $20 million in sales in 2021 & can often share stories & examples from his day to day as a top Amazon seller being in the trenches.

To read my in-depth break-down of ASM, go here Amazing Selling Machine Review

2. Amz Champions 4.0 (Best Affordable Course)

The Amazon Champion course is the best affordable FBA course we found. Trevin teaches you how to create your Amazon business from scratch. He easily lays out what you need to do to get legitimate reviews for your listings, rank your products on the first page in 7 days, master PPC ads, scale, and more. Trevin provides weekly support and also verifies 5 products that you choose during your product research phase. Few coaches take the time to do this. Also, when you join, you get an entire month of email support, which is helpful for any new Amazon seller. AMZ Champions is in its 4th edition and was updated in 2022. 

Trevin Peterson is hands on

Trevin has 4 years of Amazon FBA experience and still works on his FBA business. This means that the tips he shares in his course are practical and relevant. Trevin has sold over 40 products and has earned 6-figures. His success has allowed him to invest in real estate (15 units in his portfolio), crypto, the stock market, and more.


AMZ Champions 4.0 costs $1,497

Course Started:



Trevin Peterson - became successful with FBA in 2018, today has a legit FBA biz and regularly provides helpful tips on YouTube that's higher quality than a lot of FBA YouTubers out there. Launched 40+ products to date.


Engaging Facebook group of 1200 members, ask questions anytime


12+ hours of content split up into 100+ training videos and 30 step-by-step PDFs; lifetime updates


Trevin provides live coaching once per week, great value for the price


Trevin provides verification of 5 product selections during the product research phase

One-on-one coaching call available for a fee


Doesn't have as much experience as other coaches, but he makes up for it with effort & enthusiasm

Doesn't have experience scaling to 7-8 figures

My full article here: Amz Champions Review

Their sales page here.

3. Wholesale Academy (Best Wholesale Course)

Wholesale Academy is the best wholesale Amazon FBA course we found. Larry teaches you how to figure out which products are winners, how to automate and run your business efficiently, how to deal with your competitors, and how to scale. Shipping and logistics can be a complex aspect of this business, but Larry explains everything that has to do with Amazon's packaging rules. To help keep your Amazon seller account active, Larry also goes over Amazon's Terms of Service to make sure that your account is always compliant. As a bonus, you'll learn how to sell products in Europe.

Larry Lubarsky is a high-level wholesaler

Larry Lubarsky is an 8-figure earner like Tim Sanders, but his expertise is in wholesale, not private label. He is a high school dropout who at one point was $100K in debt. Today, he made over $18 million in sales. Overall, Larry has sold over 3000 products in the Amazon marketplace. On his Watch Me Amazon YouTube channel, he has over 28K subscribers and posts content on average, once a week. If you're interested in this biz model, this course is a good option because I see Larry as someone that's actively producing high-level results and his training is thorough.


Wholesale Academy costs $1,997 onetime. You also have the option to do 4 payments of $697

Course Started:



Larry Lubarsky - started Amazon wholesaling in 2012. In 2021, he did $15 million in sales. He has very specific strategies and tips that he has gained from 10 years of experience. Very clear that he knows what he's talking about.


Private Facebook group, ask questions & connect with other students


50+ training videos; 40+ hrs worth of content (supplier email templates, phone scripts & checklists)


2x per month, Larry provides a group coaching call.


14 day refund policy. Must prove you did some work.


Very realistic about the fact that this model takes a lot of work. It is not a get rich quick. You need to contact a lot of suppliers & distributors and pitch to them into opening an account for you. Most of them will deny you, but you need thick skin to keep pushing. Wholesale is a numbers game.

There are other successful wholesale sellers in the group that offer help


States that you need minimum $3000 to start wholesale, but we feel this is not fully transparent. Your chances of success is slim if you only have $3000. You need closer to $10,000 & not be too worried about seeing a return for 6 months to a year.

could use additional strategies on using software to send mass emails

Courses that didn't make the list & why

Jim Cockrum - Proven Amazon Course

It's a cheap course at $499 one time or $29 monthly (cancel anytime). This program is quite old, Jim started the program in 2009. Unfortunately, the training presentation still has an old look & feel to it. Also lacks cohesiveness, as if some of the newer strategies were just added on top of old strategies. They cover 7 different strategies to make money on Amazon from selling merch to private label, but sometimes it feels they don't get deep or detailed enough for each strategy.


training feels dated, covers too broad of topics & not enough depth, too much PowerPoint usage

No private Facebook group, there is a forum but it just doesn't have the same camaraderie of a FB group 

No weekly lives, only once per month

many bloggers promote it because they offer an affiliate program

For more info, read my full Proven Amazon Course Review

Kevin King - Freedom Ticket by Helium 10

Quite a few bloggers promote this course because they offer an affiliate program, but this course pales in comparison to the top courses on our list. This is a free course that comes with a $39 monthly subscription to Helium 10, which is an Amazon seller tool but we don't even think it's the best tool today in 2024. Here's some of the main reasons this course does not make our list.


no private Facebook group or community of any kind

no support or a way to contact course creator

basic training modules, lacking a lot of the advanced strategies covered by the courses you see on our list

many bloggers promote it because they offer an affiliate program

Kevin David - Amazon FBA Ninja

kevin david's fba ninja course logo
kevin david

Kevin David is a great marketer. But I don't see him as an expert Amazon FBA seller. He is more in the business of selling courses such as Amazon FBA Ninja or his latest Amz Automation. Which requires hefty $40K to sign up and they claim their team will do the entire business for you. But you still take on the risks such as your account getting shut down or the product they choose not to succeed. Nothing is guaranteed in Amazon FBA. 


Lack on on-going support by Kevin David

Training lacks real world examples, a lot of surface level explanations

Kevin David promotes too many other business models & programs

Free Amazon FBA Courses vs. Paid

We even reviewed free Amazon FBA training out there and the conclusion is that the free training simply doesn't compare to the paid. Even the very best Free Amazon FBA courses that we reviewed at most provided 4.5 hours worth of content, versus the paid courses are at minimum 15-20 hours of training. Not to mention there is no support, community or live training, which is a major component of investing in a program. Being able to communicate with other sellers that's in the program and brain storm / asking questions is one of the main value for the paid course. And it gives you an immense advantage to learn from the experience of others, not just the head coach.

Amazon FBA Course for Beginners

If you are just starting your Amazon selling journey, check out our list of Top 20 Amazon FBA courses for beginners and my review to the FBA Roadmap course. Enrolling in an excellent course from the start can help shorten your learning curve with valuable mentorships, live coaching calls, and private Facebook group support from fellow Amazon sellers. I highly recommend purchasing a course from the beginning so that you don't waste time sifting through mountains of disorganized or outdated YouTube information.

Freedom by FBA

Freedom by FBA is an Amazon FBA course by Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai. The training is designed to teach and guide individuals in establishing a lucrative Amazon FBA store, assuring anyone can boost their earnings within 30 to 60 days, regardless of past experience. The course comprises 10 modules covering topics, such as foundational setup, advanced strategies, product research, branding, PPC advertising, and more.

Price: Freedom by FBA pricing information is not indicated on their website. People need to book a call 

More Info: Freedom by FBA Review

Ecom Dave's Amazon FBA Coaching & Academy Programs by David Scheuer


Ecom Dave's Amazon FBA courses were created by successful seller David Scheuer. They provide a detailed and practical approach for beginners. The Academy program provides a 12-week course. It covers key topics like product research, supplier communication, and product ranking. The pricier coaching program includes all Academy content. It also has weekly strategy meetings and phone support for in-depth learning. The courses have few external reviews. They might underestimate the costs of Amazon FBA. Still, Ecom Dave's courses could help. They are for those ready to invest in a complete Amazon FBA education.

Price: Coaching program (includes academy) costs $4,000+. The Academy Program costs $999 (limited time $499).

More Info: Ecom Dave Review

Ecommerce Business School by Ann Sieg

Ecommerce Business School, by Ann Sieg, is a platform for scaling your ecommerce businesses. It covers topics including Amazon arbitrage and wholesaling. The program focuses on niche research, product sourcing and website optimization. It also covers marketing, customer management, and business scaling. Ann Sieg’s practical and real-world teaching approach distinguishes her school from competitors. Ecommerce Business School is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce. The program supports entrepreneurs of all skill levels.

Price: Sources show that the Local Shopping Profit system costs $997. Additionally, the Ecommerce Acceleration Program costs $6,800.

More info: Ecommerce Business School Review

Amazon Dropshipping Courses

Dropshipping model

Amazon dropshipping is an entirely different business model where you don't have to buy inventory. You list items on Amazon and only when a customer purchases your product, you place an order to a supplier or retailer and they ship the product for you to the customer. There's different things you have to watch out for like understanding how to avoid Amazon dropshipping account suspensions, but this business model allows people to get started with Amazon without having to invest in inventory, so lower startup cost than the usual FBA model.

Best Amazon Dropshipping Courses

Top UK Amazon FBA Courses

You can absolutely use US based Amazon training even if you're starting a UK Amazon business. However, there are some minor differences like Value Added Tax, or VAT. Some also like to hear things from their country's perspective and you can also connect with other sellers based in the UK in the course's private group. We compiled the best list for UK Amazon FBA courses.

Is Amazon FBA still profitable?

This is a topic that a lot of gurus don't want to touch because they're selling a course.

Yes, you can still profit from this business, but it has gotten drastically more saturated compared to 4 years ago. According to Jungle Scout, there's 4000 new sellers joining every day.

A big issue is that a lot of brands & suppliers / distributors are getting into FBA themselves, making the price competition across the board very tough in a lot of categories. 

This is the reason building a proper brand with Private Label & innovating on a product to differentiate yourself from the competition is even more important in 2024.

You can read more about it here: Is Amazon FBA still profitable in 2022? I go more in-detail about 6 reasons it became unprofitable for some sellers and what you can do about it.

Is Amazon FBA right for you? or should you consider a different business?

Amazon FBA takes patience. You have to be okay with not making any profit for 1-2 years because there's so many variables that can derail the business. Investing in a good course & mentor will help you avoid the common Amazon FBA mistakes however, even if you do everything perfectly. The marketplace is getting more competitive each year and us 3rd party sellers are losing more competitive advantage. Here's some reasons FBA is becoming a more difficult online business model.

  • More brands & suppliers are beginning to do FBA themselves. They can sell for much smaller margins, and its very difficult to compete with their prices.
  • Amazon started pushing their own private label brand called Amazon Basics, & they're giving themselves unfair rankings
  • Rising Amazon FBA fees over the years

Despite these challenges, you can still become a successful seller. It's just not as easy as it once was. I still believe in the Amazon FBA business model, but I also really like another internet business called local lead generation. Check out Amazon FBA vs. Local Lead Generation 


I'm a firm believer in having business mentors. They can help you avoid costly mistakes & speed up learning. However, Amazon gurus come in all different experience levels. Some have only been successful with 1-2 product launches and they're trying to teach others. This is why we don't have a huge list of courses. We vetted the training and coach to make sure what you see on this list is top tier at different price points. 

Amazon FBA is still one of the best online businesses, but it comes with its challenges. 

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    1. Hey Blue-glad you enjoyed the post. Have you decided where you want to spend your $$$? If you’re interested in an online business model my number one recommendation is lead generation. You can schedule a call through this link if you’re curious or interested in getting some more information: https://ippei/coaching. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Best of luck with your quest.

  2. wow thanks for all this useful info. I had no idea FBA costs and fees were so high!
    Can you please do another article on a different market? eg best Youtube biz courses, or other?
    Also, i am seeing new thing now called White Label, marketing. "Is that kid of the same as private labeling or is it a bit better in terms of cost savings etc?

    1. Isabelle, If you browse around, you’ll see I have various best of articles, on a lot of other niches!
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Thanks for all of this great information! I too was looking for the Amazon FBA training that would give me an easy start and provide mentoring to guide me through the process. I am intrigued about what Lead Generation is all about. I would be interested in more information.

  4. Hi ippei,  Thanks for the worth reading article.
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  5. Hi, ippei. I come from china. and my english is a little poor, haha and speak english so hard. I can do this in china?? what should I do?

    thanks u!!!

  6. Hmmm. I am pretty stoked by you. Ive just begun researching amazon and passive money makers
    Id like more info about lead generation. Cheers, amelie

      1. learning the skillset yourself is probably the best option tbh, although we do have ppl within our network that’s doing lead-gen they would most likely need some upfront investment

  7. Hi Ippei. Is your course the same as Chad Kimbal’s SEO Maps course? Sorry, I’m a little confused with all these jargon. This is a very well researched and written article by the way. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

  8. Great article, I’m in and ready to move forward. Question though, I am familiar with computers and technology but have never created a website. Is it still reasonable for me to try and make a living this way through lead generation?

  9. Hey, Ippei
    I saw your blog while doing some research on FBA.
    Having a financial business, I wonder do you have anyone who can help to generate local leads for my business?
    There are many lead-generate programs out there, but none of them is based on pay-per-deal-done. That is why making it very difficult to measure the service we want to hire. I am very happy to pay each lead closed。

    1. learning the skillset yourself is probably the best option tbh, although we do have ppl within our network that’s doing lead-gen they would most likely need some upfront investment

  10. This was really helpful thank you. There’s something really slimey about this mad rush to Amazon, and it’s hard to tell what’s a real review and what’s an affiliate marketer. Thanks for providing another perspective.

  11. Hi Ippei, is your lead gen course primary focused on the North American market? I’m based in the UK. Does it involve phoning a lot of companies up to sell your lead generation service? Or how do you approach companies? And can it be easily done from anywhere in the world?

    1. we generate free leads for them in advance before we reach out to them, so they’re already wanting your leads. yes it works in UK

      1. Thanks Ippei. Read a bit more and understand how you work now. So even though I am based in the UK would you recommend to target US towns/cities rather than UK towns? Given the larger customer base in the US?
        Also, is it all white hat? So if Google change their search algorithms, we don’t lose our rankings?

          1. Hi Ippei,

            A couple of questions though :

            1) Does the Lead Generation Program work for India?
            2) Can I target other countries for Lead Generation based from India?
            3) How long does it take to learn and start
            4) What is the cost of the course

          2. 1. yes you can be in India and get US clients or India clients.
            2. See above.
            3. Takes about 3 months to really get the grasp of things
            4. DM me on IG

  12. This was is the kind of information I’ve been looking for. Thanks so much for doing this. I’ve been looking into Final Mentor and haven’t found much. Have you heard of them?

    1. I’m actually a student of theirs….can’t say enough good things about the program. Been in a few other programs but the 1-1 aspects of this course, along with helping to find the product and the level of knowledge that Josh and his team have…..really digging it.

  13. Thank you very much for your review of several Amazon FBA programs. I am interested in the FBA program, but don’t know enough to ask the right questions yet.

  14. Hi Ippei,

    I’m curious about the lead generation program. I was actually looking for an FBA program but for what yo are saying, lead generation program is not as expensive as the FBA courses , Am I right ?
    How can I look into lead gen in more depth before I commit with any FBA course
    Thanks Ippei
    – Alfredo

      1. Hi. Just to confirm, another name for lead generation is pretty much digital marketing services in general that you trying to sell to potential customers right?

  15. Hi Ippei – thanks for the info. I have been looking into getting on board with Amazon. Have you heard of the Adam Hudson (Australia) cpurse? Its expensive at $2497 US. I will read your article on lead gen – maybe that is a better way to make money. Thanks!

  16. Do you know anything about Efreedom? The diamond package for 24,999?
    Do you know of any other e-commerce program that charge this amount?

      1. Hi Ippei

        Came across your blog, opened my eyes after reviewing Kevin David . I like And agree to your analysis on each FBA models. Like to learn more on leads gen?


  17. Would you say the lower priced courses are just as good as the higher value ones? I would like to purchase one of the lower priced course but afraid I “would get what I paid for”.

  18. Hey Ippei, I really like your blog. I came across it while finding which FBA program was best while hoping you would recommend Dan or Empire academy. Well you have recommended Dan on 3rd place which is good as I may join him even though I had decided that I will not consider any other online business model until I get some success with FBA first but you really have done a great job with this blog and have made me curious to attend your call. I hope it is not expensive for me though I can easily comment if you are teaching this stuff then there is no value anyone could attach to it.

    Keep sharing and helping others.

  19. I paid $5000 for ASM about 4 years ago, followed exactly what they said to do and made over $100K in the first year of our PL product. Started with a total of $650 and scaled from there. Not a get-rich-quick program, but legitimate lessons on exactly what to do. We’re still in business and have grossed at least 20% more a year. Profits are about 25-30%.
    Good luck out there!

  20. Ippei! This page is the EXACT reason why I ended up deciding to buy that Local Lead Gen course that you recommend. I have had crazy success on amazon but for a lot of reasons I wanted something more. Was just browsing through the internet and found this page again and just had to leave a thank you haha!

  21. I located and read your Top 5 Best Amazon FBA Courses of 2018, Unbiased Review with considerable interest as I am attempting to wade through the waters of starting a business like Amazon FBA. I have been selling goods on Ebay since Ebay began on a part time basis. I am a retired bank executive and would like to begin a business like Amazon FBA or Local Lead Generation as you have described in this article. Your information and approach I found on the internet encouraged me that you are a person who knows what to do and had already walked the path to starting and running such a business utilizing E Commerce. In a nutshell I am seeking your in put (possible guidance/training) to begin a business on the internet. Would you be interested in talking with me?

  22. I would say Amazing selling machine is the best Amazon FBA Course on the Market. I have personally bought it a few years ago and the course was thorough and i created a successful 6 figure Business based upon what i learned from it.

    1. Hopeton, That is amazing! I would like to hear about how its going now. If you don’t mind letting me know. Thanks. I’m very interested in beginning with the amazing selling machine but I am trying to do my due diligence first. Many people say it’s a scam.

  23. Hi, thanks for the article! As someone who is doing a lot of research before starting my Amazon FBA business I appreciate your honest feedback on some of the courses out there. On a side note, I did notice multiple spelling and grammar errors throughout the article so if you are ever looking to hire someone to edit or proofread your work let me know!
    ~ Ashley

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