7 Best Amazon Retail Arbitrage Scanner Apps

March 15, 2024

Best Amazon retail arbitrage scanner apps include:

  1. Amazon Seller App
  2. Scoutly
  3. Scoutify 2
  4. Scanpower
  5. Profit Bandit
  6. Keepa Amazon Price Tracker
  7. Scout IQ

This article will break down the best Amazon scanning apps to give you some insights that may help you step up your competition. Amazon's marketplace is highly competitive, and having the best tool beside you will add the chance to find the best product. 

Retail arbitrage is an attractive Amazon business model. It's as easy as buying items at a discount and selling them on Amazon's marketplace for a profit. However, this business requires effort and having the best amazon seller scanner app to succeed. While this Amazon business model is attractive, before deciding to start your business using this model, you need to ask if retail arbitrage on Amazon is profitable and if local lead generation is another option to consider.

7 Best Amazon retail arbitrage scanner Apps

Here are the seven best Amazon retail arbitrage scanner apps. Included are the app's features, downsides, membership and pricing, compatibility, and availability—everything you need to know to make the right decision about the best app for your retail arbitrage business.

1. Amazon Seller App

If you're selling anything on Amazon, the Amazon Seller app is a must-have. It's a free amazon scanner app, making it an excellent option for beginners. It will be automatically available to all registered Amazon sellers.


Scans barcodes and packaging for: current selling price, number of sellers and sales rank

FBA calculator for profit estimation

Camera button (easy to use)

List products for sale from the app

Manage orders and get notifications for sales


Wi-Fi or data required to use the tool. It cannot view: sales rank history, average selling price, custom fees or taxes and Amazon Buy box indication

No tax-related data

Displays the lowest price for new and used products


Amazon Seller App is Free

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

2. Scoutly

One of the unique features of Scoutly is its ability to work offline. This can be useful for sellers who may struggle for an internet connection, such as when sourcing product in retail stores.


Provides vital product information: sales price, sales rank, number of sellers, and more

Shows all FBA offers, used offers, and new FBM offers.

Accurate profit calculations

Product-specific profit triggers

Optional database mode (scanning without an internet connection)

Integrates Keepa charts for informed decision-making.

Brings up items in less than a second for efficient sourcing


Possibility to crash during scans

The 30-day free trial is only available in the Professional plan

Downloading the databases takes up a lot of phones space

App's interface is not as user-friendly as other options


Scoutly has a two membership plans:

Monthly Plan: $9.95
6-Month Plan: $54
Annual Plan: $100

Monthly Plan: $35
6-Months Plan:
Annual Plan: 350

Requires subscription

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

3. Scoutify 2

This Amazon arbitrage scanner is developed by InventoryLab and it is included in the InventoryLab subscription. It helps Amazon FBA sellers quickly and easily scan products' barcodes and retrieve information such as sales rank, FBA transaction fees, profitability, and keeps track of expenses related to your listing.


Shows all new, used, and FBA offers

Offers a research button that shows information from Amazon Listing, Prime, Camelcamelcamel, Bookscouter, eBay, Google, and Amazon Restrictions

Can be downloaded to multiple devices

Takes taxes into consideration

Allows you to search by typing in the product name

Shows your net profit and ROI for each product.


It no longer offers direct links to Keepa

It does not show average sales rank

It is only available on Professional Account on Amazon

It is only available with an Inventory Lab subscription


Scoutify 2 is free with an InventoryLab subscription:
Monthly plan: $49 per month
Annual plan: $480

Both plans have a free 30-day trial.

Requires InventoryLab subscription

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

4. ScanPower

ScanPower includes a variety of tools to help retail arbitrage sellers with sourcing, listing, and tracking their products.


ScanPower Mobile : live pricing data, items can be searched not just by barcode, but also ASIN, ISBN, UPC and keyword.

ScanPower Scout: sales rank, price history graph and many more

ScanPower List: create Amazon listing and print the FBA label

ScanPower Boxt: creat box-level content to print 2D barcodes

ScanPower Evaluate: Calculate the net payout for every item

ScanPower Report: Inventory management such as FBA fees, taxes, shipping, and other expenses and also has filter function


Requires an Amazon Seller Pro account to use the app

Search pages do not have a back button

Can be relatively expensive


Scanpower has plans that have a 30-day trial period.

Basic: $49 per month (2 account users)
Pro: $99 per month (4 account users)
Enterprise: $199 per month (unlimited account users)

Requires Scan power subscription

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

Available on

5. Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is from Seller Engine. It's an Amazon arbitrage scanning app that helps sellers to see an estimate of their potential profits for a particular product, based on their purchase price, Amazon fees,and other relevant costs.


Offers a low-cost option for sellers

Displays product weight and which offer has the Buy Box

Connects to Seller Central account to list an item from the app and detect products that have a Buy Box

Provides accurate product and sales data for all categories

Advanced features include connecting a Bluetooth scanner and receiving restricted item alerts


No database scanning mode available

No integration with Keepa

It uses a lot of battery percentage

Requires a stable internet connection


Profit Bandit monthly fee is $9.99 per month (free 20 trial scans)

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

6. Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

Keepa is a mobile app available on Google Play and Apple Store that helps you track the pricing and sales trends of millions of products in the Amazon marketplace. It is an Amazon retail arbitrage scanner that offers extensive sales data, prices, product availability, and sales rank.


Search for Amazon deals and view historical data

Paid subscription provides detailed sales history charts

See best-selling products on Amazon

View broad statistics of price history

Receive alerts for item availability and price drops and imports wish list.

Shows price history graphs directly on Amazon product pages


Best features are no longer free (Sales Rank Statistics; and being able to monitor Buy Box prices.)

Hard to understand the graphs.


Keepa Amazon Price Tracker premium subscription as of 2020: 

Monthly: €15 

Annual: €149

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

Available on

7. Scout IQ

ScoutIQ has an eScore feature that shows sales data without having to search elsewhere. It includes a variety of tools to help sellers make a data-driven decisions about products to sell on Amazon. Also, it has a Team Mode for expanding your business.


Fast scanning with a Bluetooth scanner

Downloaded database on your phone

Easily find the lowest FBA

Realistic list price, recent price drop overviews

Unique eScore data point shows book demand in the past 6 months


Still doesn’t show the lowest FBA price most of the time, including the Used Buy Box

Need additional licenses for team use, means extra cost

Data is updated only once or twice a day


Scout IQ is Free for 14 Days

Unlimited live lookups:

Monthly: $44

Compatible with

Android and iPhone

Available on

What is an Amazon retail arbitrage scanner app?

Amazon retail arbitrage scanner app is a tool used by retail arbitrage sellers to find items at a cheap price in retail stores they can resell at a higher price on the Amazon marketplace. The app lets users scan barcodes and quickly see how much an item is selling for in different online marketplaces. This helps them decide if it is a profitable product to sell. It will let you gauge how a particular product performs based on its metrics, giving you data on its price, approximate profit, and eligibility to sell that item.

How can the Amazon retail arbitrage scanner apps help you?

The retail arbitrage scanner app is essential for anyone running a buy-and-sell business because it helps to save time and increase profits by finding the best item for Amazon retail arbitrage. Here are some reasons:

  • Efficiency: The seller scanner app saves time by quickly scanning barcodes and providing real-time pricing information from different online marketplaces.
  • Profitability: It helps find profitable products by showing the selling prices of the same or similar items in different markets. This makes it easier to figure out the potential profit margin.
  • Competitive Advantage: The scanning app gives users a competitive edge because it lets them find high-demand items. Even those items are not widely available, which can increase the potential profit.
  • Scalability: Amazon seller scanning app allows users to monitor products in bulk, making it possible to analyze many items quickly and easily, which is essential for scaling up a retail arbitrage business.
  • Cost-Effective: The app is cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for manual research, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Overall, the Amazon retail arbitrage scanner app is a valuable tool for anyone who runs a retail arbitrage business, as it helps to streamline operations, increase profits, and gain a competitive edge.

How could you pick the best Amazon retail arbitrage scanner app?

When choosing the best retail arbitrage scanner app, there are several factors to consider:

  •  Accuracy: Look for an Amazon seller scanner app that provides accurate and up-to-date pricing information from different marketplaces and will help you with your product research.

  • Speed: Choose an app that quickly scans barcodes and provides real-time results to help you make fast decisions.
  • User Interface: It should have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to navigate and search for products.
  • Compatibility: The app should work with your phone's operating system, whether iOS or Android.
  • Additional Features: Look for an app that offers other features such as profit calculators, product histories, product ideas, and alerts for price changes.
  • Price: Consider the cost of the app and ensure that it offers value for money.
  • Reviews: Read user reviews to see what others say about the app and check for common issues or problems.

Final Thoughts

Amazon retail arbitrage scanner app is a tool that really can help Amazon sellers who practice retail arbitrage to make informed decisions when purchasing products in retail stores. The app works by scanning barcodes and providing essentials informations such as pricing, potential profits and Amazon rankings that can be incredibly useful for sellers looking to make a profit on Amazon. However, it is important to note that using an app alone doesn't guarantee success in venture in the highly competitive world of Amazon. It's just one piece for succeeding on Amazon.

If you do not have abundant of time find profitable products using retail scanner apps in different retail store, maybe you can consider different business model entirely like local lead generation. It is more passive and sustainable than fighting millions of sellers in the saturated Amazon marketplace. 

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