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Local Lead Generation vs. Amazon FBA

Tree Site

The Reason I love Lead Generation:

  • Above site took only 5 months to rank (Amazon takes 1-2 years to rank)
  • Above site cost $500 to launch (Amazon is $5K to $15K)
  • It's been producing $2000 in net profit every month for over 6 years with hardly any maintenance
  • I own the entire business (I don't have to worry about Amazon suspending my account)
  • I'm only competing with tree care companies in Grand Rapids, MI which means it's far less competitive than dealing with sellers from all over the world (more lasting income)
  • So many opportunities, 100 niches in every city, thousands of cities out there

I don't hate Amazon FBA but...

Look, Amazon FBA is still a solid online business. I'm making money with it, but my issue is that there's so many variables that's outside your control.

  • Many product categories are too saturated today in 2024
  • Amazon can suspend accounts
  • Amazon has been increasing seller fees
  • Many variables outside your control, like low-quality products from suppliers
  • Real brands & suppliers are entering the market that you can't compete with

Find out more info about Local Lead Generation

I've been doing lead generation for over 7 years and I still believe this is one of the best online business models out there.

This Documentary reveals many people prefer this business model over Amazon FBA