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I list the top business coaches that had the most impact on my life.

To give you a quick back story, I hated my 9 to 5 job that I got right out of college (MSU grad), only making $35K a year.

I researched for a long time how I can make money online and was fortunate to find a coaching program that taught me online lead generation skills.

Which is basically building & ranking lead gen sites and then you sell the leads to small businesses.

With so many cities and so many different niches within each city, this online business has so much potential & endless opportunities in 2020 & beyond.

6 months after I joined the coaching program, I was able to quit my job for good, and I’ve been self-employed ever since.

Today I pride myself as an entrepreneur that understands the value of continuing to learn and model after success & other people more successful than me.

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2015 and along the way, the following people has had the most impact for me and I continue to learn from them time & time again.

I’ve bought books & coaching programs from these people, and every time I’ve made my money back many times over with serious ROI just based on what I learn & applying it to my business.

Ranked from least to most significance in my life.

But first, let me just say that I’ve looked into to plenty of other coaches as well and unfortunately not all self-proclaimed gurus are legit. Some are faking it till they make it, so this is how I find the right.

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How do you find a great mentor or business coach?

1 rule of thumb is to make sure that the coach is running a real business that’s separate from coaching business. That he’s actually making at least high 6 figures to 7 figures running business utilizing what he’s teaching.

I assure you all the coaches on this list are making multiple 7 figures per year and they’re actually running real businesses right now.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

Although he doesn’t have a serious coaching program, its hard to make a list of business coaches without mentioning Gary Vee. If you’ve been on this entrepreneurial thing for a minute, chances are you’ve heard of him already. He’s the guy that took his family’s wine business & blew it up using the internet when the .com bubble just started. He also used Google AdWords back when clicks were few cents and created a wine video series on youtube when youtube first came out. He was also an angel investor for Facebook, Snapchat & Uber. Gary has been ahead of the curb when it comes to understanding trends and what’s on the up and up. He’s real talent is in sales & speaking. On social media you see him hustling and dropping knowledge bombs regularly.

On one side of the coin, he harps on hard work and hustle, like go, go, go… “I work 18 hour days…”

on the other side, he talks about the importance of patience & empathy in business. Doing the right thing is practical & longterm play in business.

He regularly states the problem in thinking of most millennials in a sort of in your face kind of style, which is both insightful & entertaining.

My most favorite thing that he teaches is this.

To be a great entrepreneur is: You gotta develop a love for the game. To love the grind. You gotta love eating shit.

This means you become happy now about the challenges that you’re faced with every day.

Not chasing the mansion, car, fancy life so that you can feel better about yourself.

Too many people (myself included) put so much emphasis on needing “success” before you can be happy and love life.

What if you began loving the struggle itself.

Gary Vaynerchuk's Philosophies

4. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is one of those coaches that every entrepreneur should know. Background in sales he’s the self-proclaimed best sales trainer in the world.

For me, what he is, is an excellent motivator. I have many of his programs, but I gotta say my favorite one is his 10X Rule Audiobook, narrated in his own voice. When you got him talking in your ear, you begin thinking big in every aspect. His philosophy is that most people are not motivated because they’re not thinking big enough. Therefore whatever goals you set, you should 10X it. Whatever results you are after, you should 10X and 10X your work rate. In my opinion, he’s the best motivator of that hustle mentality.

When I first became self-employed, I listened to his 10X audiobook on repeat any chance I could get. It really helped my productivity big time.

Grant’s energy is contagious, listening to him is like taking a shot of espresso.

My Fav vid by Grant Cardone

3. Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort played a key role in my entrepreneurial journey. He’s the Wolf of Wallstreet (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). What he is, is a naturally gifted salesman. He has epic stories of selling everything from popsicles, meats, insurance, to multi-million dollar stocks. But what made him a legend and responsible for creating the greatest Wallstreet firm of all time was his second talent which was that he was extremely gifted at motivating others & training them. He developed what he calls the Straight Line Persuasion (SLP) system which he used at his firm to teach anyone & everyone how to be great at sales.

I’ve purchased the SLP and went through it many times. It has no doubt made me better at sales which has been crucial in helping me land my lead generation clients. He goes into meticulous detail about how to overcome all the common objections such as “Let me think about it” or “I have to talk to my wife”

SLP is a program I definitely endorse because he gives you truly practical strategies and scripts / lines you can use to rebudle people’s objections during a sale.

Not only that but he’s also a great motivator like a Tony Robbins.

So much of entrepreneurship is about learning how to self-motivate yourself.

Jordan teaches us that no matter what happens in life, you can preserve and always bounce back from anything.

He’s an inspirational guy because he obviously doesn’t have a squeaky clean past but he was able to turn things around and change for the better.

My favorite quote by him: You’re not your past, you’re the resources you glean from it.

I learned a lot from him about sales, and in business sales has been a critical skill for me.

Example of Jordan Belfort Selling

2. Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a coach that I discovered most recently but quickly became my latest mentor that I learn a lot from today. He’s the self-proclaimed king of high-ticket sales, and he’s also a sales teacher but so much more than that, he has a background in copywriting, online marketing, sales & entrepreneurship. He knows how to motivate like no other, has a no BS straight to the chase type of teaching where he shares not just philosophy but real tactical training in sales & online marketing.

Instead of the actively pursuing type of sales that Grant Cardone teaches, Dan Lok puts more emphasis on positioning strategies, what he calls attraction marketing where clients come to you because you’ve made yourself the celebrity authority in the field.

Extremely valuable stuff, my favorite course is his High Ticket Closer. With real live replays of sales calls.

He also teaches a very important concept which he calls the Wealth Triangle. The science of money, how to get rich and stay rich.

The very first thing an entrepreneur has to develop are some high-income skills. Any skill that allows you to make more than $10K per month. This is why I was able to succeed. I invested in a mentor that taught me the high-income skill of lead generation.

Then I built a scalable online business with it.

I’ve not gone into high-return investment yet but that comes after you built a powerful scalable business and you’ve got more money than you know what to do with. Right now, I’m still using my profits and investing it back into my online business.

This is a great video of Dan, talking about the importance of continuing to improve your high-income skills every year.

One of Dan Lok's Best Video

2. Dan Pena

Dan Pena is known as the 50 billion dollar man due to how many multi-millionaire & billionaire students he has produced, he's self-proclaimed greatest high performance coach of all time.

He's the antithesis of the politically correct PC culture we live in today, he tells it like it is and that rawness about him is refreshing.

He constantly points out that men of today are so much weaker than his generation, he calls the millennial's snowflakes... melts under pressure.

He may definitely rub some people the wrong way, he's not for everyone but whatever anyone says about him, you cannot deny his track record of success he has created in his students and how many ultra successful entrepreneurs credit Dan Pena as their main mentor including Dan Lok.

He says that getting wealthy has nothing to do with intellect or talent, its about having courage and taking action.

In his opinion, the root cause of why some people don't take action and succeed in life lies at the deeper level of who they are, predominantly how that person was brought up by his or her parents.

“People with low self-esteem protect themselves by not taking risks. High self-esteem gives you the power of confidence to take chances.”

The good news is, as you become aware of your own weakness you can begin to self-correct these things as an adult, but first you have to become aware of your own laziness or low-self esteem.

Dan Pena provides that glaring mirror for you to look at yourself & your deficiencies, & then also gives you a visual target of what it entails to be a high performance individual.

Someone that can go out there and make millions.

This Video is Dan Pena in a Nutshell - Take Action!

1. Dan @ Lead Gen Coaching

Dan is the coach that created the lead generation coaching program which is what has allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 job and become a full time self-employed entrepreneur. Look other coaches are great, but he has made the most impact in my life by far. He has background in sales and owning several businesses himself. He not only gives you the practical training on how to create lead gen sites that make money on auto-pilot but how to think like a true business owner that knows how to best leverage your time, & other tools & people to grow & scale your business to 6 figures & beyond.

I’m one of his original successful students and I came from no entrepreneurial background, now making $50K per month. He has trained many other students from all walks of life to become 6-7 figure earners online, some of them had no internet background whatsoever.

He is constantly posting new coaching videos in our private Facebook group which I still get so much value out of to this day. He doesn’t toot his own horn much, but his ability to motivate & teach high-income skills to people is second to none, right up there with all the other famous coaches on this list.

To learn more about this lead generation coaching program, where you can learn a highly monetizable skill of lead generation that’s in very high demand today, go here.

What’s great about this program is that it teaches you one of the most important skill for an entrepreneur in 2020, and that is online lead generation.

Every business out there needs leads, when you have this skillset you can either generate leads for yourself or for others for a lot of money.

If it wasn’t Dan, I’m fully convinced that I wouldn’t be where I’m at today, possibly still working for somebody else. He’s mainly responsible for me living the self-employed, laptop lifestyle today. People say they’re self-made but for me its more accurate to say that I’m mentor-made. And he continues to update the training and provide us with on-going coaching which is invaluable. To show my appreciation, I sent him a nice pair of Jordans

Check out more case studies & testimonials of his coaching here.

Here's a great video by Dan, one of the lessons he taught me back when I first got started in entrepreneurship was I had this idea that I had to pick a business model that was aligned with my "passions" ...Dan called me out on that dumb belief and told me I gotta get my priorities straight, that I need to worry about money first and getting free from a job then I can begin thinking about passions.

But little did I know, "passion" was just a bullshit excuse to not start something, not take action, once I started having success with lead generation I became extremely passionate about winning in business & reaching higher financial levels in life.

Now I love what I do.

Dan on why "follow your passion" is bullshit
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