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49 Best Business To Start In UK-Successful Small Business Ideas For 2024

July 5, 2022

picture of the union jack

Best Business Ideas In The UK 2022

The masks are coming off and so are the gloves.

As we enter the new normal Brits are less than enchanted with the whole return to work thing.

Commutes-stale office air-and fluorescent lights.

They've had a taste of the work from home scene. A better life-work balance.

And if employers won't accommodate, it will be nothing short of a Tyson Fury match.

People are ready for a change and looking to start their own gig.

We get it.

So we did the research and came up with the 49 best business to start in UK.

But before we punch it out, let me give you the 411 on my tale.

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Making minimum wage.

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This course taught me everything I needed to work from home.

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IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet.

Curious? Check out this link.

1. Property Management

They call it 'generation rent' and in the UK it's no joke.

Housing prices are ridiculously expensive.

A situation created by 'weak supply' as per this publication.

It's a global market headed for values of USD28.21 billion as per this post.

And projected to see annual growth rates of 9.3% from 2021-2028.

Property Managers keep the show running.

picture of a row of flats

The link between owner/investors and tenants.

From repairs and rental agreements to daily operations and late-night emergencies.

Property management companies are in high demand.

But keep your eye on trends shaping the market like the ones found in this article including:


Resident-Related Concerns Require More Attention


Increased Dependency On Technology


Better Communication With Owners


Growing In An Abnormal Environment

Investment costs are minimal. But do your research.

Access the competition and be prepared to offer stellar customer service.

Interested? Check out this article outlining how to get rolling with this best business to start UK idea.

2. Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Brits are in the mood to spend.

And with all the time spent at home a lot of money is changing hands.

And it's earmarked for garden and lawns as per this article.

The lawn and garden maintenance market is sprouting with industry revenues expected to increase by 5.2% from 2021-2024.

And hit values of £5.4 billion as per this post.

picture of a backyard garden in the spring

Interested in this business model?

You'll need to pay attention to a few industry trend like the ones in full bloom for 2024

Including things found in this article like:


Cottage Style Plants & Sustainable Soil


Pick Your Own & Start From Seedlings


Low Maintenance Lawns & Simple Designs

A business you can start with a few thousand pounds as per this post.

You have options to go solo, connect with a franchise or buy into an existing company.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, and like getting your hands dirty check out this article.

It shares a few industry tips and tricks on starting a lawn and garden maintenance business.

3. Handyperson

Lockdowns and restrictions are lifting, but a lot of folks are staying put.

The work-from-home gig is too good to go and so they're looking to improve their home environment as per this article.

Tackle that honey-do list and contract a handyperson to take care of the jobs.

picture of a tool belt full of tools on someone's waist

The little tasks they don't have the time or the motivation to address.

There are a few popular services offered by handy people like those listed in this publication including:

Cabinet Refacing & Ceiling Repair

Ceramic Tile Repair & Drywall/Framing

Appliance Repair & Gutter Cleaning

No formal training is needed.

Investment costs are low and demand is high.

The perfect recipe for success with this best business to start UK idea.

Have the skills or want more information?

This post outlines everything you need to know on starting a profitable handyperson business.

4. House Washing & Exterior Cleaning Company

COVID drove the cleaning sector off the charts.

Bleach-disinfectants. Homes have never been so clean.

But that's the interior.

What about the exterior?

Windows-gutters-siding-and laneways?

Climbing, and worth USD10.3 billion worldwide as per this publication.

picture of a device cleaning leaves out of a gutter

House washing is a low-cost startup.

You need a pressure washer, a pole-fed system or a hose and pail to clean windows and siding and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

You can start as a solo act and as you build your brand and your client base.

Hire staff and grow-grow-grow.

Like the sound of this suggestion? Check out this post.

An a-z guide on how to start a pressure washing and exterior cleaning business.

5. Construction Industry

It's a 'double-digit growth forecast' for the construction industry in the UK.

With annual growth rates headed for 12.9% in 2024 as per this publication.

Making now the ideal time cut yourself a piece of the action.

Top niches in the construction industry are numerous.

picture of an apartment complex being built with scaffolding in front

But a few hot ticket services listed in this article include things like:

  • Bricklayers & Carpenters
  • Construction & Building Trades Supervisors & Design Engineers
  • Construction Project Managers & Quantity Surveyors

There are a few trends to be mindful of too like those found in this post including:

2022 Construction Trends

  • Pausing Commercial Construction Projects

  • Change To Construction Contracts 

  • Brexit Impact On Materials

  • Remote & Work From Home Practices

Pick your poison and determine your niche.

  • What service will you provide?
  • Will you specialize?
  • Commercial-residential or both?

This post outlines how to start a construction company and advises how to take your idea from conception to fruition.

6. Cleaning Business

The cleaning industry is a goldmine of potential.

Sweeping in £54.5 billion to the UK economy every year as per this article.

Cleaning is not only one of the best business to start in UK ideas.

It may also be one of the most profitable and a successful small business idea worth taking a closer look at.

People will be cleaning with a vengeance far longer than we wear these masks.

Moulding the 'new normal' are a few trends outlined in this post like:

Low & High Demand

A Boom In Daytime Cleaning

Change Of Focus

A Shift In Approach To Wellbeing

Costs will depend on the niche you choose.

Residential cleaning will put you out a few quid.

But if you're looking to harness the commercial cleaning sector, plan on coughing up £400-£5,000 as per this article.

picture of a pail with gloves and cleaning supplies inside

Decide on your target market.

  1. What services do you plan to offer?
  2. What will your rates look like?

Check out this post.

Sharing a complete guide on how to start a cleaning business.

7. Wallpaper Niche

Like corduroys and legwarmers. Wait long enough and everything comes back in style.

And wallpaper is rumored to become '...big disrupter in the world..and décor' as per this post.

Headed for an increase in revenues of USD5,410 million by 2024 in the UK.

The wallcoverings industry is growing at an annual rate of 4.6% from 2021-2026.

picture of rows of wallpaper sample rolls

So what's driving the market? 

Things like increased disposable income and the move to urban dwellings as per this publication

There are a few business startups on offer in wallpapers.

Some of the top contenders for 2022, as per this article, include things like:


Import & Export


Manufacturing & Wallpaper Store


Installing & Designing Wallpaper

People are loving the throwback. From animal motifs to contemporary prints and trompe l’oeil.

The wallpaper craze shows no sign of slowing down so no time like the present to get in on the action.

This post outlines how to start a wallpaper installation company.

But choices are numerous.

  • Which service best aligns with your entrepreneurial vision? 
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • How will you market and advertise your business?

Get the nitty-gritty sorted and substantial profitability is possible with this best business to start UK.

8. Real Estate Industry

The housing market is blowing up and the UK real estate industry is on fire.

Jumping 46% in revenue in 2022 as per this article, and the most significant industry growth in fourteen years.

An extremely lucrative niche, there are dozens of business start-up ideas in real estate.

But a few hot ticket suggestions are listed in this post and include things like:

  • Broker & Agent

  • Property Flipping & Real Estate Photographer

  • Real Estate Bloggers & Podcasts

  • Home Staging & Inspections

Investment costs and credentials will depend on the niche of your choosing.

But this article offers a breakdown of how to start an estate agency.

9. Airbnb Business

It's always about location.

But in cities like Bath-Brighton-Manchester and Newcastle, if you've got the room-you've got a chance to make some cash as per this post.

Airbnb UK hosts are earning more than £225 million.

air bnb logo

Even the government is on board with this best business to start in the UK.

Offering tax-free income up to £7,500 through their sharing economy allowance as per this article.

A few stats and facts to keep you in the know include things found in this post like:

Two In Three UK Hosts Are Women

Three In Four UK Guests Are From Europe

Visitors Like Living 'Like A Local' 

UK Landlord Numbers Falling=More Airbnb Opportunity

Start as a side hustle, build your reputation and your client base.

  • Interested in learning more?
  • Want to take advantage of this business model?

Check out this post providing the ultimate guide on starting an Airbnb business.

10. Security Company Options

It's a £1bn market growing at 11.1% annually pre-COVID as per this publication.

Security systems for homes and businesses.

Sure the crime rates dropped during the lockdown. Bastards weren't allowed out.

But with the ease of restrictions it's full steam ahead for crime levels in the UK, as per this article.

The security industry offers numerous options. From security guards to camera and system installation.

A few trends are bolstering the market are listed in this post, including things like:


Video Technology Improved Visibility


5G Technology & UHD/Wireless Video Security


Multiple Security Systems & Voice-Controlled Devices

You need the appropriate licensure for this suggestion.

Connect with the Security Industry Authority where you can apply and request your documentation here.

Decide on what services your business will offer.

picture of security guards in front of parked cars
  • How big do you want to be?
  • Online or storefront setup?

All mitigating factors when it comes to pricing your investment.

But if you're keen, check out this post outlining what you need to know to start a security company.

11. Street Food

COVID turned the food industry on its head. Ghost restaurants.

Rise in take-aways, and forever the attraction to alfresco dining.

Safe and socially distanced and continue to be the food trend for 2022 as per this article.

picture of people lining up for food from a food truck

Street food is not only growing in popularity, but it’s also a highly profitable best business to start in the UK.

Suss out the competition and pay close attention to a few spicy trends.

Like the ones found in this post including:

Street Food Trends 2022

  • Comfort & Simplicity

  • Plant-Based Food & Breakfast

  • Support Local & International-Style Cuisine

  • Low-Alcohol & Healthy Beverages

What do you like to cook? Think small menu-big flavours.

How will you shine in a competitive landscape?

Be prepared to offer stellar customer service, fair prices and out of this world culinary creations.

You're looking at startup costs between £4000 to £5000+ as per this post.

Which also outlines the necessary licenses and how to apply.

So do your research and take a look at this article.

12. Catering Company

Lockdowns-quarantines-border closures.

With the country finally reopening-again-people are pumped to start socializing.

Make up for missed milestones and traditional celebrations.

Time to call in the caterers, and a good time to consider this startup venture.

graph of global catering statistics from 2020-2025

Projected to see global growth rates of 6% from 2021-2024 with revenues of USD187.56 as per this post.

The catering industry is back in the game and it's go time.

Trends dishing out the goods in the catering market listed in this post include things like:

Cocktails At Home & Home Restaurants

Healthy Living & Supporting Local

Sustainability & Graze Tables

Plan on shelling out between £5,000-£20,000. That should get you set up according to this article.

If you love to cook and want to learn more about this best business to start in the UK idea.

This post shares an in-depth breakdown on how to start a catering business.

13. Meal Kits & Recipe Boxes

Quick and convenient.

Fewer trips to the grocers. Less money spent on food that ends up in the bin.

What's not to love about meal kits and recipe boxes?

Scorching through the pandemic the meal kit industry hit global values of USD8.3 billion and it's not done yet.

picture of food and a recipe card

Expected to see annual growth rates of 11.5% from 2020-2027 as per this post.

If you've been on the fence with this suggestion, now's the time to take action.

Trends boxing it up for 2022 found in this article include things like:

Sustainability Commitment & Competitive Pricing

Diet Specialization & Organic Foods

Pre-Made Meal Choices & Extended Delivery Services

Decide on your niche and target market, and dial down on the style of food you want to offer.

Plan on an initial investment of between £500-£2000 as per this post to cover your licensing and marketing costs.

When you're ready to light it up, check out this article highlighting tips on starting a meal kits/recipe box business.

14. Organic Foods Store

The organic food market in the UK is sproutin with the largest YoY in sales in over 15 years.

Worth a whopping £2.79 billion, and expected to reach £2.9 billion by the end of 2021, as per this article.

People are concerned about what they're putting in their gobs, especially your 25-45 year age group and ideal target market.

cartoon of people shopping for fresh produce

With a rise in disposable income and an increased awareness on health and wellness, it's all about organic in the UK these days.

Top sellers for 2022 found in this post include:

Organic Top Sellers 2022

  • Preserves & Spreads 

  • Beef & Eggs

  • Sparkling Wine & Fruit

For brick and mortar setups, you're looking at around £60,000 to over £300,000 as per this post.

But if you want to do it for less consider an eCommerce style market.

Initial investment costs are about £5,000 as per this article.

This publication shares additional information and a few tips on how to start an organic food online business.

15. Courier Service Business

It's a USD563.43 billion global market, and with online shopping as the new normal.

The courier services industry is looking at a CAGR of 6.2% in 2022, as per this post.

Plenty of opportunity for people interested in last-mile delivery.

But you need to decide on your niche.

  • Who is your ideal target market?
  • What means of transportation will you employ?
  • How far will you travel to deliver?

All part of your market research and a factor on the type of services you decide to offer.

cartoon of men carrying different household items

A few suggestions to consider are listed in this article and include things like:


Immediate Local & Same-Day Deliveries


Next-Day & Specialist Deliveries


Overnight & Weekend Deliveries

Customers are attracted to small-local service providers, but want stellar service, and you need to be quick.

As the logistics industry continues to battle shortages, there will continue to be a need for last-mile and courier services.

last mile delivery logo

Get yourself sorted and there is potential for big payouts.

Interested? Ready to learn more?

Here's a post sharing a comprehensive guide and industry pointers on how to start a courier service business.

16. Mobile Car Valeting

You can't put a price tag on convenience.

The mobile car valeting industry is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as per this post.

A nation known for valuing its time and their money, his is a low-cost startup business venture.

picture of a white van with numerous cleaning products in front of it

But has the potential to bring in substantial profits (like £600 - £800+ per week).

The key is to provide value and stellar service and be on-point with industry trends like the ones in this article which include:

Implementation Of Technology & Mobile Apps

Convenient Payment Process & Online Booking

Eco-Friendly Products & Premium Services

You don't need any specific requirements or licensing as per this post.

You just need some hustle and good old-fashioned elbow grease. Get the word out.

Market your business and your brand and scale as you build a client base.

Flexible and profitable, if you're keen check out this article.

17. Beauty Industry Opportunities

The lip-stick effect.

An economic indicator but now with a new spin.

COVID proved that the beauty industry isn't just recession-proof, it's pandemic proof.

Experiencing a 4.75% CAGR from 2021-2025 as per this post.

The beauty industry is headed for a global value of USD784.6 billion.

So what's driving this demand?

People still want to look good lockdowns or not.

chart of beauty and personal care market statistics for 2020-2025

More willing to pay for quality products and service and ready to invest in themselves, it's a competitive landscape.

But with an abundance of niches and sub-niches you just need to pick one.

  • What style of business do you want to own?
  • What products or services will you offer?

Consider a few hot-ticket ideas like the ones found in this article like:

  • Mobile Beauty Salons & Pamper Parties
  • eCommerce & Private Beauty Lessons

  • Beauty Subscription Services & Homemade Products

Investment costs will depend on your business of choice.

Research. Spy on the competition. Create your business plan, and check out this post.

Giving the 411 on how to start a business in the beauty industry.

18. Mobile Massage

Manipulating soft tissues. Loosening muscles-ligaments-and connective tissue.

Lots of medical benefits to massage therapy.

But for most of us-we just want some R&R and TLC back in our lives.

As restrictions gradually lift, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and massage is back on the table.

Favourites include those listed in this post like:


Swedish & Hot Stone Massage


Myofascial & Active Release Therapy


Deep Tissue & Shiatsu


Medical & Thai Massage

New on the scene?

Interested in making massage therapy your career?

Check out this article outlining the steps required to become a massage therapist in the UK.

You need a license for this one, but you can learn where and how to apply here.

Mobile massage is convenient and boasts decent startup costs.

graphic of symbols representing the benefits of massage therapy

You need transportation and your supplies.

Market your brand and build your client base and for more info check out this post outlining how to start a mobile massage truck.

19. Mobile Hair Salon

All those months we couldn't get a haircut and finally the wait is over, as evidenced in this article.

A much-anticipated event.

The hair industry took its fair share of wallops at the hands of COVID, and the battle's not over yet.

picture of a van designed for haircuts

But with revenues expected to hit USD7.972,2 in the UK by 2024 as per this post it was worth the wait.

There are a few trends on the cutting edge in hair for 2022 and include things found in this article like:

Experimental Colours & The Natural Balayage

60s Inspired & Invisible Layers

The Alice Band & Fringes

The Illusion Of Longer Hair & Textured Midi

You don't need a license to cut hair, but you will need one for your business that you can learn more about here.

For those looking to break into the industry, this post gives step-by-step instructions on becoming a hairdresser.

Ready for rubber to hit the road? Check out this article.

Sharing all kinds of tips and tricks of the trade and how to start a mobile hair salon.

20. Personal Trainer

Another industry nearly eradicated at the hands of the pandemic.

Personal trainers had to fight or hit the fence.

Forced to close their doors, many turned to virtual classes and streaming options and saw massive success, as evidenced by this publication.

chart listing the benefits of personal training and the role of a personal trainer

Now as the dust settles, we can reinstate pre-pandemic routines, and people are looking for face-to-face training.

A couple of trends pumping up the new normal are outlined in this post, and include things like:


Outside & Remote Training


Flexible & Natural Remedies


Eye Yoga & Virtual Challenges

You need some certs. But this article lists the how-what-why-and where's on becoming a legit PT.

When you've dotted all the i's and crossed all your t's, take a look at this post and start making big returns with this best business to start in UK.

21. Health & Wellness Coach

Mindsets have shifted. People are taking pause and re-evaluating what's important.

Facing down a pandemic has caused many to take a closer look at their health and wellness.

Add to the mix a spike in chronic diseases and obesity.

Coupled with increased awareness of our overall well being, and you have a recipe for a successful small business venture.

cartoon of a personal trainer and a client lifting weights

Predicted to see a global CAGR of 6.7% from 2021-2030 as per this post.

Health and wellness coaches offer solutions and actionable strategies their clients can develop.

Routines to better their overall health and wellbeing as per this article.

But the landscape has changed and new trends are recreating the future of health and wellness coaching. 

A few listed in this publication include things like:

Pandemic Adaptations & Higher Standards Of Professionalism

Affordability & Accessibility

Increased Focus On Lifestyle Improvement

UK coaches are charging between £50 - £77 per session as per this post, and the more clients you help-the more dosh you make.

Certification isn't mandatory, but it does go a long way to increasing your credibility.

This article offers a certification option and reasons to consider becoming accredited.

Enjoy helping people and passionate about health and wellness?

Then this best business to start UK suggestion is the perfect fit.

graphic of a heart in between hands with food inside

Get picky about your specific niche.

Do your research and market your services, and you'll secure a solid client base in no time.

For more information on starting your coaching business, check out this US-based article.

22. Eldercare

People are living longer.

In the UK, there are currently over 15.5 million folks over the age of 60, as per this post.

That's 23% of the population.

graph breaking down the estimated growth of the elderly population in the UK

By 2041, over 3 million people will be over the age of 85, that double what it is right now.

If ever there was a time to consider the eldercare market, it's right now.

A niche that offers a plethora of ideas for business ventures, including things like:

Delivery Services & Smart Technology

Transportation & Meal Prep

You have the option to start a medical or nonmedical eldercare service.

Credentials and education will be the deciding factors.

But with a growing population that will continue to need services and support, starting a business in the eldercare niche is sheer brilliance.

cartoon of women assisting elderly people in wheelchairs-with walkers and canes

Investment costs will vary on your business of choice.

But if this idea has got your wheels turning, check out this post for more suggestions.

23. Childcare

On the other end of the spectrum, you've got the childcare industry.

Nothing short of a hot mess as a result of COVID-19 as per this article as nurseries around the nation were forced to close.

Lack of funding and resources coupled with shortcomings from governing bodies has left the childcare industry in a bit of a muddle.

But blue skies are on the horizon as per this post.

picture of little people toys in Olympic clothes

Changes to the Reform Universal Credit combined with allocated 'free hours'.

Solutions that will alleviate some of the stress short-term as per this publication.

And an industry expected to see revenue increases of 29% through 2022 as per this post.

The times are changing and so are the trends.

Popular practices being put into action are outlined in this post and include things like:

  • Resurgence Of Play

  • Increasing Use Of Technology

  • Best Practices In ECE Assessment

  • Quality Early Childhood Education

You have a couple of options with this best business in the UK idea.

Start a nursery school business that will run you around £100,000,and if this suggestion appeals to your inner teacher, take a look at this post.

cartoon of children's hands painted with funny faces

Want a more low-cost option?

Consider opening a childminding business in your home, and you can learn more about this idea here.

You'll need an extra big cup of patience, energy-empathy and understanding.

But if you love children and have a knack for teaching, this suggestion is one worth checking out.

24. Private Tutoring Business

The unsung heroes of this pandemic have been the kiddies.

Poor wee bairns got the short end of the stick in education, and now the mad scramble to play catch up is in full force.

One factor driving the private tutoring market which is expected to hit global values of USD171.93 billion by 2028.

Growing at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2021-2028 as per this post.

infographic showing the number of children in the uk that use private tutors

Of course, there's the bureaucratic red tape nonsense with employers trying to capitalize on government funding, as evidenced in this publication.

But the reality is kids are behind and need tutors to set things straight, and that includes incorporating some new teaching methods.

Like those found in this article that includes things like:

Online Learning 


Personal Learning

The UK doesn't impose any particular regulations on the tutoring market, but you need to be an expert in the area of study you choose to offer.

Choose your subject niche and market your services. Advertise and grow your reputation and client base.

There are options to purchase a franchise that you can check out here, but investment costs will run you between £6,000-£30,000.

cartoon of a tutor and a child

Looking for something less costly?

Consider starting your own business. Teach from people's homes or have pupils come to you.

This post gives a comprehensive breakdown of how to start a private tutoring business.

Alternately you could start an online tutoring business.

Startup costs are next to nil, and if you're interested in this idea, check out this article for information.

25. Consulting Firm

Brexit barely put a dent in it. The pandemic added a few hiccups.

But all in all, the consulting industry has done pretty well.

After seeing a 2.5% growth rate to hit revenues over the £11 billion mark and expected to see a CAGR of 9% in 2022 as per this post.

It's all systems a-go for the consulting industry in the UK.

But not all sectors are money makers.

Hot niches worth considering as per this article include the following:


Strategy & Management Consultant


Operations & Financial Advisory Consultant


Human Resource & IT Consultant.

Consulting isn't a regulated industry exactly but credentials go a long way.

Not only to elevating your professional status, but also opening the door to premium-priced services.

Check out this post for some tips on applicable courses and training.

infographic showing the growth rate of the consulting industry 2020-2021

Make sure you're in compliance, and you can learn all about any red tape here.

When you're ready to launch, check out this article outlining in detail how to start a consulting business in the UK.

26. Business Coach

A market headed for values of USD20 billion by 2022, and one of the 'fastest-growing sectors in the world' as per this article.

But you need to be savvy and understand that the riches are in the niches.

Offer specialized services to hit hefty profit margins.

infographic of sectors in business coaching

You need credentials and on-point qualifications too.

Education-experience and coaching training certificates are a must. 

If you want to dominate your niche and charge top dollar, you need to prove you're worth your salt.

And while coaching is not a regulated industry, consider getting accredited in training like those listed in this post.

Including things like:

ILM Coaching & Mentoring Courses

Business & Enterprise

Specialist Qualifications

Find your perfect audience and provide solutions to problems for the people you serve.

If you've got the background and are interested in diving into this best business to start in the UK.

This ultimate guide shares the complete rundown on how to start a business coaching firm.

27. Bookkeeping Services

Love crunching numbers? Get excited over credit and debit ledgers?

Then bookkeeping may be your ticket to ride.

UK business owners count on bookkeepers and accountants to help save them money come tax time and keep things organized.

cartoon of a woman with a calculator, money and a ledger

The global accounting services industry is headed for a CAGR of 5.4% in 2022 to hit market values of USD573.29 billion by the end of the year as per this post.

Need some convincing?

This article shares a few reasons why bookkeeping is the best business to start in the UK and includes reasons like:

  • Always In Demand & A Degree Is Not Required
  • Flexible & Scalable

  • Do What You Love & Current Skill Set

Let the HMRC know what you're up to and get your AML license so the powers that be don't think you're running a money laundering show.

Consider getting your qualifications that you can read more about here.

But if this sounds like your jam, check out this article sharing the ultimate guide to starting a bookkeeping business.

28. Cybersecurity Industry

It comes with the territory.

Increased digital interactions, remote work and online transactions.

Fair game for ransomware-hackers-and data breaches.

All reasons the cybersecurity industry is headed for values of USD366.10 by 2028 with a CAGR of 12% from 2021-2028 as per this post.

If you have the tech-savvy ability to stop these dark knights in their tracks, you have a license to print money.

image of people securing a computer

Top in-demand cybersecurity job roles leading the pack in 2022 are outlined in this article and include things like:

Security Analyst & Network Security Engineer

Security Manager & Security Architect

Chief Information Security Officer & Cloud Security

You need some cred for this suggestion.

But this post outlines skills and qualification and links to relevant resources to get you going in the right direction.

Ready to stop these Clydesdale Bankers in their tracks?

Then take a read through this article giving the deets on starting a cybersecurity company.

29. Cloud Computing As A Service Options

Providing IT as a service.

  • Through the internet or designated network.
  • Delivery on demand-you pay for what you use.
  • The beauty of cloud-based services.

A market expected to see a growth rate of 27% in 2022, as per this post, and an innovative and exciting opportunity for venture capitalists.

cartoon of cloud computing

Trends shaping the industry in 2022 are listed in this article and include the following:

  • Rise Of Hybrid Cloud Computing

  • FaaS Implementation In Cloud

  • Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Expansion Of Serverless

Certification is the way to go, and AWS is on it with their cloud skills program that you can learn more about here.

  • Enjoy the intricate world of IT?
  • Think you'd like to get in on the action?

Choices in this industry are numerous, but this article outlines how to start a cloud storage business.

30. Reseller’s Business

Reselling. Nothing new.

But an ingenious way to make some cash, and one best business to start in UK.

Reselling is all about buying cheap and selling for profit.

You can sell anything you want.

From clothing and technology, to sports equipment and beauty products.

graph showing growth of the resellers market

This market is on fire and projected to double in from 2021-2026 to hit global values of USD77 billion as per this post.

Which also shares some trends driving market growth that includes things like:

Sustainability & Zero Waste

Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective

Recycled Over Disposable & Trending

Get niche-market specific.

Decide exactly what products you want to hone in on for reselling.

It takes time and energy to build up your inventory, but thrift's where it's at in 2022.

cartoon of a man with money symbols surrounding him

Get in on the action now and your bank account will thank you later.

Love the idea of shopping for that perfect deal?

Want to make money the old-school way?

Check out this post sharing information on how to start a reseller's business in the UK.

31. Rental Platform

When they close the shops people take matters into their own hands, and trending doesn't even begin to describe the half of it.

As people across the UK hop aboard the rental platform phenomenon, as per this article.

Fashion rental platforms were all the rage in 2020.

Some sites saw increased rentals of 600% as per this post.

From shoes and handbags, to haute couture and accessories.

picture of a rental platform in the uk

This isn't some fad.

People like the price tag, the eco-friendly vibe and endless options as per this article.

But rental platforms aren't restricted to just fashion.

You could build a site in any number of categories. Think things like:


Sports Equipment


Infant & Toddler Items


Adventure & Camping Gear

Decide on your product niche.

Create your platform like it's laid out in this post.

Set up online payment and delivery options and allow people to post their items on your site.

You make money from the rentals and take a cut of others that offer their wares.

Here's an example of a site you can use as a template, and start making some serious cash with this idea.

32. eCommerce Business

Everyone and their mother shops online.

It started out as fun-quick and easy and became a necessity but the trend has stuck.

In the UK, the eCommerce market is headed for revenues of £80,678 million in 2022 with an annual growth rate of 3.5% from 2021-2025 as per this post.

infographic of ecommerce sites

And a grand total of £92,464 million by the end of the forecast period.

But like anything in life, there are pros and cons especially when it comes to starting a business.

A few found in this article include things like:


  • Convenient

  • Increased Variety

  • Faster Price Comparisons

  • Potentially Less Expensive


  • Weak Customer Experience 

  • Limited Customer Service

  • Less Regulation

  • Delivery & Logistic Issues

The market's not saturated-contrary to popular belief but you need to choose your product of choice carefully.

Spend the time and do the research, and check out this article I published recently.

Outlining a complete step-by-step guide on how to start an eCommerce business.

33. Copywriter Business

You pitch their brand.

You build their target audience.

Promote, sell, educate, and all done with the words you weave.

Copywriters are in huge demand.

A few top industries are well worth considering for your ideal target market like the ones in this post including:

  • Travel & Tourism 

  • Education & Healthcare 

  • Fitness & Wellness 

  • Fashion & Grooming 

A job you can do from home. Scale as you grow your client base.

With the opportunity to earn between £20,000-£90,000/year as per this article.

If you have the skills and expertise, this best business to start UK promises to be an extremely profitable venture.

infographic outlining the role of a copywriter

Think you've got what it takes? Want to know for sure?

Who better to help you decide than the infamous Dan Lok?

Check out this post where he shares an in-depth guide to starting a copywriting business.

34. Transcription Agency

Transcription and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

An industry on its way to global values of USD3361 million by 2025 with a CAGR of 12.52% as per this publication.

Data generated from audio-documents-blogs-and social media.

Information requiring the quick hand and sharp ear of a transcriptionist.

cartoon of a medical chart with a man & woman beside it

You need some skills including a few non-negotiables like the ones listed in this article including:

Language & Listening Skills

Speed & Accuracy

Discretion & Professionalism

Decide on your area of expertise and if you wish to enroll in training to gain that extra edge.

Certification isn't required in the UK, but if you want to up the ante you can learn more about courses available here.

cartoon of a computer and headset

Build your client base.

Market your services and take a look at this US-based post sharing the a-z on how to start a transcription agency.