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27 Best Business To Start With $100k-Our Top Picks For 2024

December 3, 2021

100k isn't what you'd call chump change.

It's a substantial amount of cash.

So what's the best business investment?

Where will you get the most bang for your buck?

A couple of factors to consider here.

Things like:

  • Competition
  • Profit Margins
  • Overhead
  • COVID-19 Restrictions

What business will generate the most financial success?

We've put together a list of the 27 best business to start with $100k.

Suggestions that have the numbers to back them up.

But before we get after it let me give you my 411.

Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

Hi, my name is Ippei.

I did the 9-5.

An employee never the boss.

I needed to invest in a business.

A way for me to call the shots.

Control my financial independence.

That's the fire that motivated me to take this course in 2014.

This business model gave me the tools I needed to work from home building & ranking websites that generate leads for small businesses.

I quit my job.

Fast forward to 2021, where I do this full time and am killing it.

That tree service site above has been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet, and I'm going to show you why.

1. Auto Mechanic or Repair Shop

According to IBIS World, the Auto Mechanics industry is worth $66.7 billion and set to grow by 5.8% in 2021.

Add to the mix that over  93% of households in America have a car.

And cars get towed away by a towing company every day due to mechanical issues.

And you have a license to print money.

A business idea that will never go out of style.

Essential even during the pandemic.

And under $100K to start.

But you need to determine a couple of things as per this post like:

  • What does the competition look like?

  • Do you have legal advice?

  • Will you specialize-and what products will you use?

  • What's your marketing strategy?

  • How many employees will you hire, and will they require training?

This article gives a run-down of costs associated with opening an auto mechanic or repair shop.

It also advises that overhead is between $10,000-$20,000/month.

But when you factor in that the average owner is clearing about $100K/year.

There's no denying that profit margins are on point.

2. Car Wash

It's an $11.5 billion industry.

And it's expected to see a CAGR of 5.3% as per this post.

The beauty of the car wash and auto detailing business is the options at your fingertips.

From in-bay and tunnel to DIY-mobile and driveway.

Each one with its pros-cons-and price tag.

Bays cost around $42,000/each.

But you could start a mobile car wash/auto detailing business for $5000-$25,000 as per this article.

Check out this infographic highlighting the potential. 

As disposable income continues to increase, Americans are sure to spend to keep their vehicles looking top-notch.

But you need to play your cards right.

Consider things like:

  • Geographical area and current competition.

  • What are your short and long-term goals?

This business model checks all of the boxes.

  • Minimal Labor (for bay style)
  • High Volume
  • Quick Returns on Investment


Check out this article outlining specifics on how to start an auto detailing business.

And if a car wash is your dream, this post should be able to fill in some of the blanks.

3. Purchase A FedEx Route

E-commerce is here to stay.

And with all of the online shopping, there has never been a higher demand for reliable contractors to fulfill shipment orders.

Enter the FedEx route.

The average cost is around $100,000 as per this article.

But there might be a loophole according to FedEx.

They say you can purchase routes directly from FedEx Ground for no cost as per this publication.

Worth checking out.

Of course, you can purchase existing trucking routes.

But guaranteed those aren't coming for free.

You're walking into an existing infrastructure.

Essentially turnkey ready.

But like any business venture, it comes with its pros and cons, as outlined in this post.

And include things like:


  • Reliable Revenue & Well-Known Brand

  • Support & Business Appreciation

  • Work-Defined Territory & Fast Compensation


  • Barrier To Entry Is High & Staffing Can Be An Issue
  • Financing & Equity Injection

  • Extended Hours & Holiday Surges

So how much can you make?

You're looking at 10%-25% of all revenue generated from your route as per this article.

At the end of the day-the more you hustle-the more you earn.

4. Last Mile Delivery Service

The pandemic created a boomtown for the last mile delivery market.

And the reality is this will probably be the new 'normal'.

Let's face it.

People are inherently lazy.

Why spend time running errands when someone will deliver your online shopping for you?

Poised to blow to a staggering $44.88 billion during 2020-2024 as per this post.

The last-mile delivery market is slated to see a CAGR of 14% in the projected forecast period.

These stats equate to a ton of opportunity.

Decide on your niche.

And there are plenty to choose from, including industries like:

  • Restaurants & Grocers

  • Pharmacy & Health

  • Retail & ECommerce

  • Corporations & Law Offices

It all comes down to how well business owners optimize for last-miles as per this post.

The style of delivery you focus on is as varied as the niches.


Costs will ultimately be dependent on your mode of transportation.

Vans and trucks will run you between $18,000-$50,000.

A bike, on the other hand, is a couple hundred bucks tops.

Factor in additional supplies, and you're still within your best business to start with $100k threshold.

Profit margins will vary.

But this post suggests that a courier-style delivery service can make up to 90%.

This article offers a more comprehensive analysis.

The steps to take to start a last-mile delivery service.

5. Meal Kits Delivery Service

Innovative and creative.

Customizable and convenient.

Just a few reasons why the meal kit delivery service saw revenue increases of 22.8% in 2020.

The market is forecast to be worth an estimated $11.6 billion in the United States by 2022 as per this publication.

Revenues are recurring.

But the landscape's competitive.

You're going up against big players like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.

But most Americans look to support local-if you're on your A-game, as per this article.

Choosing your niche is crucial, just like in the traditional restaurant industry..

A few of the hot trends emerging in the meal kit space are outlined in this article and include things like:

Meal Kit Trends 2021

  • Sustainability & Farm-To-Table

  • Specialized Diet & Organic

  • Lifestyle & Pre-Made Meal Choices

  • Competitive Pricing & Extended Delivery Services

Depending on production and scale, you should plan for an initial investment of $5000-$100,000 per this post.

Which also breaks down how to get started in the meal kit delivery business.

6. Subscription Boxes

Wanna take a guess at how many people in the USA have signed up for a subscription box?

Over 25% according to this article.

So what's all the hype about?

People love the experience.

The 'unpredictability'.

Like your birthday once a month. 

But you're not sure what gift you're getting.

It's projected to reach market values of $473 billion by 2025.

Making this suggestion one of the best businesses to start with $100k.

Think about it.

Revenue is recurring.

There's loads of opportunity.

But you need to do your research.

What will you offer that no one else does?

You'll have to think outside the box.

But some of the top trends for 2021 listed in this post include things like:


Fashion & Accessories


Health & Beauty


Kids & Pets


Food & Drink

Unique-interesting-and authentic.

Creative with a balance of high-end and discount items (that don't look cheap) to generate a profit margin.

Plan on investing $10,000-$100,000 as per this article.

Which also advises that profit margins are around 30%/box.

You can also check out this publication

Where you can review a comprehensive guide on how to start a subscription box business.

7. Organic Drink Production & Sales

The organic drinks sector is hot.

People have become aware of health concerns.

Pesticides-chemicals-fertilizers-and the need for alternatives.

Enter the organic beverage.

Projected to grow globally at a rate of 8.3% from 2018-2023 as per this article.

People are saying ciao to carbonated drinks.

Want dairy alternatives.

And have raised their standards.

Of course, there is an influx of online retailers entering the playing field.

But some of the trends for 2021 to set your biz apart include things outlined in this post like:

  • Bubble Tea & Hard Seltzers
  • Fermented Drinks & Sparkling Waters
  • Mocktails & Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • Immune Fortifying & Brain Boosting

Advanced product innovations. 

Aggressive marketing techniques.

And you can propel this best business to start with $100k into orbit.

Determine your niche and be prepared to invest around $100,000+ as per this publication.

Get your financing ducks in a row.

And this idea has the potential to achieve lucrative ROIs.

8. Software Services

Software as a service or SaaS.

A broad-brush term for 'software licensing and delivery model' for software on external servers'.

Not only more cost-effective and secure but known for its simplicity.

And with revenues expected to climb to over $387,000 million.

With a CAGR of 7.26% from 2021-2025 as per this post.

The time to invest is now.

Options are numerous.

But a few of the top trending facets as per this article include things like:

Software Service Trends 2021

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Centralized Analytics & Vertical SaaS

  • API & PaaS

  • Micro-SaaS & White Label SaaS

You can go big or start small.

And investment costs will vary on the size of your production.

But a ballpark figure as per this post suggests $1500-$40,000+.

You don't have to be a techie to achieve financial prosperity with this suggestion.

Check out this article outlining how to start a software as a service business.

9. Video Production

COVID hit the entertainment and media industry HARD.

But that's not slowing down the video production market.

Forecast to see a CAGR of 7.4% as per this post.

In 2021 this market is valued at $33.8billion.

And the good news?

The industry is on an upsurge.

The bad news?

There are literally no barriers to entry.

Any Tom-Dick-or Jane with a camera can shoot a video.

But are they any good?

It'll come down to your ability to market yourself and your brand.

Get niche specific.

Like really dial down.

Consider ideas outlined in this post like:

Live Streaming & Remote Video Production

Simpler Productions & Widespread Diversity

Accessibility & Formatting

Investment costs are as varied as cameras.

As little as $15,000 or up to $100,000+ as per this article.

What it comes down to is equipment-location-and marketing.

But if you have the skills.

Possess the passion.

For you it just might be the best business to start with $100k.

This article offers some insight on how to start a profitable video production company.

10. IT Support

Forced into lockdowns-quarantines and work from home.

Conditions that brought to the forefront just how many home and business owners lack basic technology skills.

As the pandemic surges on digital is the new normal.

One explanation for the IT services market forecast to see an annual growth rate of 8.3% by the end of 2021, as per this post.

A few of the top tech trends leading the industry in 2021 as per this article include things like:


Internet of Things & Total Experience


Privacy-Enhancing Computation & Cybersecurity Mesh


Anywhere Operations & Hyper Automation

But don't forget basic support services like troubleshooting, malware issues, and data backup.

A 'knowledge and service-based business' startup costs are generally on the lower end of your $100k.

And you should budget for $6500-$47,000+ as per this post.

There are franchise options if you're interested in aligning with a tried and true business model.

Like the one listed in this post that require around $150,000 initial capital if you're willing to spend a little more.

Check out this article for additional information on starting an IT support service.

11. Accounting Firm

The pandemic forced many small business owners to close their doors for good.

But that means that new ownership is a distinct possibility.

And with new management comes the potential for new accounting clients.

Predicted to see a CAGR of 4% from 2019-2029 as per this post.

The accounting industry is worth an estimated $107 billion.

Let's face it.

Money is funny. 

And most business owners need an assist when it comes to taxes and managing their finances.

From auditing to basic book management, a few of the accounting trends forecast for 2021 as per this article include things like:

Cloud-Based Accounting & Accounting Software

Remote Work & Virtual Assistant Staffing

Big Data & Data Analytics

Startup costs will vary depending on your style of service delivery.

Remote and from home cost significantly less to fund than a brick-and-mortar establishment.

But you should plan for an initial investment of $2500-$25,000+ as per this publication.

With the ability to charge $150-$300+/hour, the bigger your clientele, the better your ROIs.

If crunching numbers is your jam, this post offers a comprehensive guide on starting an accounting firm.

12. Consulting Firm

Are you an expert in a particular field?

Can you provide value to individuals and business owners with your knowledge and expertise?

Then why not consider this best business to start with $100k.

Consulting firms are seeing growth rates of 2.3% in 2021 as per this publication.

This $241.6 billion market offers high ROIs ($100-$300+/hour).

Flexibility and scalability.

But you need to prove you're the expert.

And determine the ideal niche and target market for your business.

A few of the more popular consulting niches include things outlined in this post like:

Operations Consulting & Financial Consulting

Human Resources Consulting & Strategy Consulting

Risk & Compliance Consulting

You should budget for around $60,000+ as per this post.

And have an iron-clad marketing and branding strategy.

Have the skills that pay the bills? 

Then this article offers additional information on how to open a consulting firm.

13. Education Services

Kids have been walloped by the pandemic.

Forced to learn from home, the eLearning facet of the education industry scrambled to keep up.

But there are other opportunities in education services.

Expected to see a CAGR of 4.7% and be worth an estimated $1,950 billion by 2025 as per this post.

If you are education savvy, this is a suggestion worth a closer look.

There are opportunities in sectors like:

Education Service Options:

  • Online Tutoring

  • English As A Second Language & Adult Learning

  • College Prep 

  • SAT Prep & Standardized Testing Support

You need the necessary educational background and certification.

But if you enjoy teaching and have the required credentials, this is a business that you can start for $15,000-$50,000+, depending on your delivery method.

Will you offer services only online?

In your home or your clients?

Established brick and mortar?

Will you hire additional staff?

Things to consider and should be dependent on your location, competition, and target market.

Factor in costs of equipment.

Technology will only continue to advance.

And some of the current trends in the education landscape include things outlined in this article like:

  • eLearning & Video-Assisted Learning
  • Big Data & Blockchain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence & Immersive AR/VR
  • Gamification & Learning Analytics

Without question, education is a sector of stability.

It offers scalability and generous ROIs.

If you're interested in learning more about starting an education business, check out this article for specific recommendations.

14. In-Home Health & Senior Care

Baby boomers are booming.

And with an increase in aging and chronically ill population comes opportunity.

This post suggests that by 2035 there will be almost 78 million people over 65 in the USA.

Growth in the in-home health and senior care sector is poised to see annual rates of a staggering 34% between 2019-2029, as per this article.

This massive expansion equates to a fissure in supply versus demand.

Making this one of the best businesses to start with $100k top recommendations.

Minimal risk and high ROIs will result in a lucrative venture capital endeavor.

A few trends in the field as per this post include things like:


On-Demand Companionship Services & Remote Patient Monitoring


Increased Focus On Health & Wellness


Transportation Assistance & Nutritional Support & Laundry


Implementation of Technology (AI) & Redefining Community

Build up your client base.

Hire staff and provide value.

And you will be the owner of a highly fortuitous in-home health care and senior care business.

There are franchise options available for around $125,000+.

But if you're building independently from the ground up, plan on investing between $50,000-$100,000 for non-Medicare. 

Or a little more at $150,000+ for Medicare as per this post.

Looking for additional info on how to get started?

Check out this article providing a more comprehensive breakdown of the process.

15. Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Service

The world has never been so clean.

With the continued recommendation to wash our hands.

And clean all surfaces.

Mask mandates and social distancing the wage against the COVID virus continues to run rampant.

Fantastic news for commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

This industry was already gearing for a 6% revenue increase between 2021-2026 as per this publication.

And the demand shows no signs of slowing down.

Business owners continue to perform their due diligence to ensure customer safety.

And deep cleans are at the top of their list.

A few of the latest things in commercial cleaning as per this post include:

  • Coronavirus Cleaning & Green Cleaning
  • Add-On Services & Additional Services
  • Software Tools & Increased Staff Training

Depending on the size of your business, plan on investing $5000-$100,000+.

There are also franchise options available for around $40,000.

An idea which may be worth its weight in convenience alone.

And with profit margins between 5%-40% as per this post, commercial cleaning is not only low-risk but sweeps in decent ROIs.

This article offers extensive information.

Compares residential versus commercial cleaning.

And franchise versus independents.

16. Pest Control

Insects-rodents-creepy crawlies.

Call them what you want. 

But at the end of the day, pests are unwanted guests.

Eradicating infestations is a job best left to professionals.

Explaining why this $17.5 billion industry is slated to see a CAGR of 5% from 2021-2026 as per this post.

So what factors are driving market growth?

A couple of things as evidenced by this article including:


Continuous Outbreak of Diseases


Demand for Digital Pest Control Methods


Increase in Pest Intolerance

If you can stomach the bugs, you stand to earn generous compensation with this lucrative idea.

This post advises that pest control services can earn profits of over $75,000/year.

Plan for an initial investment of $10,000-$50,000+ as per this article.

Or opt for the franchise route and spend around $15,000-$150,000.

Check out this post for a complete analysis on starting a pest control business.

17. Skilled Trades

Supply is not meeting demand.

And as more 'baby boomers' retire the gap continues to grow.

This post reports a 'dire need for workers.'

What industry?

The skilled trades.

Businesses like those handyman skills listed in this post including things like:

Welder & Pipefitters

Diesel Technician & Electrician

Machinists & Construction & Woodworking

You can opt to own a business and cut initial start-up costs by renting or purchasing used equipment.

But you're still looking at an investment of $5,000-$100,000+ depending on the choice trade.

This post outlines how to start an HVAC business as a point of reference.

But again-costs will vary depending on required equipment, business licensing, staffing, etc.

ROI's are roughly 6% of all earnings for most sectors.

Niche-location-and competition.

All contributing factors to consider with this best business to start with $100k.

18. Landscaping


It's a $99.7 billion industry set to see an annual growth rate of 1% in 2021, as per this post.

Demand is intense.

But so is the playing field.

So perform your due diligence before you invest.

Consider a specific style geared to a distinct audience.

Something to set you apart.

Like any of the season's hottest trends outlined in this article which include things like:

  • Outdoors As An Extension Of Indoors

  • Grow It & Eat It

  • Eclectic Styles & Native Plants

  • Vertical Gardens & Unique Lighting & Design

  • Landscape Architecture

There are the old faithful's too.

The bread and butter of most landscaping businesses.

Things like lawn care, weeding, tree services, etc.

It comes down to value-service-and quality work.

Happy customers = returning customers.

And with profit margins falling between 2%-40% as per this post.

The more happy clients you retain-the more money you make.

Start a Landscaping Business Landscape Architect Degree

Start-up costs can average between $5000 for a small-scale lawn cutting service.

To upwards of $100,000+ for a full-service landscape architecture or design firm.

Check out this publication which outlines costs in addition to the do's and don'ts when launching a landscaping business.

19. Solar Panel Installation

We might be pushing the envelope with this best business to start with $100k

But hear us out.

Solar power installation business investments typically run around $500,000 as per this post.

But there are a couple of ways to mitigate costs.

Franchise options are available for $100,000-$350,000.

Alternatively, you could start a business out of your home.

Forgo purchasing equipment in advance.

And you're looking at a $9,000-$50,000 initial investment.

Want the full Monty?

You're looking at numbers around $500,000-$2 million+ as an independent.

Before you throw in the towel on this idea, let's factor in the business model's pros and cons.


  • CAGR of 20.5% Between 2019-2026
  • Profit Margins Of Up To 60%
  • New Government Incentives Are Driving Demand
  • Environmental Awareness Has Spiked Interest


  • Expensive to Launch & Competitive
  • Requires Steady Stream Of Contracts To Generate Substantial Profit Margins
  • Highly Regulated Industry

It is possible to achieve outstanding profitability with this business model.

But you need to do your research with a fine-tooth comb.

Understand what you are investing in and the skills, tools, and licensing you need to succeed.

This article offers additional information on starting a solar power installation business.

20. Pet Grooming

Can't get your haircut during lockdown.

But you can take your dog to the groomers.

It's an $8.8 billion industry.

Projected to see an annual growth rate of 23.4% in 2021 alone as per this post.

And over 63.4 million American dog owners as per this article.

People spend money on their pets.

Over $7 billion, according to this publication.

And pet grooming is one of the biggest contenders.

You can offer a mobile option or brick-and-mortar establishment.

Depending on your delivery method, you're looking at an initial investment of $5000-$50,000+ as per this post.

You can earn $75,000-$100,000+/year according to this publication.

More if you offer any specialized services.

Good with animals?

Have the skills?

Then you're looking at a profitable venture capitalist opportunity.

Check out this post for more information on how to get started as a pet grooming business owner.

21. Franchise Options

Turn-key ready.

High success rate.

Impressive ROIs.

Franchises are an excellent option for people interested in starting their own business.

But choose your niche with care

Franchises that offer contactless curb-side options-take-out and delivery services have fared exceptionally well during the pandemic, as per this post.

There will always be pros and cons to starting any business.

But a few associated with franchises include things outlined in this post like: 

  • Skip The Start-Up Phase

  • Support & Training At Your Fingertips

  • Built-In Marketing & Branding

  • High Initial Investment Costs

  • No Control Over Reputation Management
  • Limited Flexibility of Ownership

Some franchises will run you big bucks to finance.

But there are a few top contenders that fit the best business to start with $100k.

Factor in that 90% of franchises are still operating at a profit five years later as per this post, and you could be sitting on a goldmine.

This article lists some of the best franchise opportunities for 2021.

And include options that fit into your predetermined investment worth further investigation.

22. Online Business

Set to increase from 14%-22% by 2023 as per this post.

Online business is just getting warmed up.

The pandemic forced people to shop from home.

Causing a surge of online shopping that is here to stay.

Worth over $2 trillion, the eCommerce and online business model is permeated with opportunity.

So what's driving the market aside from COVID-19?

Things like customer demand, a change in shopping habits, and the need for convenience.

A few of the newest crazes to hit the internet as per this article include things like:

Online Business Trends 2021

  • Print-On-Demand T-Shirts & Custom Masks

  • PPE & Sanitation Supplies

  • Courses & eBooks

  • Homemade Products & Artisan Crafts

  • Cybersecurity & Web Development

Niche is crucial.

But you also need to factor in costs for things like website development, marketing, branding, inventory, etc., 

Add it all up, and you're looking at an initial investment of $5000-$100,000+ as per this post.

Think you're up for it?

Check out this article for a comprehensive guide to starting an online business.

23. E-Commerce Distribution Platform

With the onslaught of online businesses comes another opportunity.

For those who are tech-savvy and understand the nuances associated with developing an e-commerce website, this one's for you.

Poised to see an annual growth rate of 13% from 2018-2028 as per this publication confirms impressive market expansion.

Think about it.

The vast majority of existing business owners looking to move to online options haven't got a clue.

Add in new business ventures, and there are favorable circumstances at every turn.

From curbside pickup to a full e-commerce site.

Costs vary depending on the platform of choice, add-ons, and customized features

The necessary software, equipment, marketing, and advertising will see you spending an initial investment of $5000-$100,000.

But with the ability to charge $5000-$10,000+ per build as per this post, the ROIs are pretty sweet.

24. Online Clothing Rental Platform

Sustainability, fashion-conscious, and money savvy.

Driving forces contributing to the expansion of an 8.7% CAGR.

All going down between 2020-2025 in the online clothing rental business, as per this post.

Fashion businesses are expected to reach market values of $2.08 billion worldwide by 2025, this best business to start with $100k is worth evaluating.

So what's driving this market?

Things found in this article like:

Budget & Environmentally Friendly

Radical & Trending

Rising Internet Penetration & Inflating Disposable Income

It's going to take some platform designing.

A user-friendly and seamless experience.

High-quality clothing and delivery.

You want the caliber these sites are delivering to their client base.

But if you can check all of the boxes, you stand to earn hefty payouts with this idea.

Depending on your inventory costs and size, plan on an initial investment of $5000-$100,000.

This article offers a complete a-z guide on starting a dress rental business clothing line but can be copied for any niche you wish.

25. Graphic Design Firm

The graphic design industry is calling for a growth rate of 4.1% in 2021, as per this post.

Good news for all the creatives out there.

If you have the eye-the talent-and the tech-savvy know-how starting a graphic design business may be an ideal fit.

The biggest challenge is developing your brand and retaining clients.

A competitive industry-if you're good at what you do you stand to earn $75-$200+/hour.

Identifying your niche and target market will help take some of the guesswork out of how to market your brand.

Some of the graphic design trends rolling out in 2021 include things outlined in this post like: 

3D Design & 3D Typography Design

Nature-Inspired Design & Optical Illusion Design

Emoji Design & Cartoon Illustrations in Design

Geometric Shapes Design & Typography Chaos Design

You can run your gig from home to reduce startup costs.

Freelance or establish a brick and mortar business.

Depending on your style of delivery choice, plan to invest between $1000-$100,000 as per this article.

Want more info on how to get started?

Check out this post for all the tips and tricks of the trade.

26. Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing.

How business owners reach consumers in an era driven by the internet.

Projected to grow by 4.4% in 2021 as per this post.

Digital marketing is a $17.2 billion industry in the United States and will continue to see expansion.

Here's the thing.

There is a method to the madness with digital marketing that the general population doesn't really get.

If you can manipulate the market, you stand to earn massive compensation.

It all comes down to your strategy and ability to increase business ROIs.

Essentially you need to put your money where your mouth is.

And you need to be current on all of the latest trends.

A few of the forces shaping digital marketing in 2021, as per this article, include things like: 


Advanced Chatbots & Featured Snippets


Optimize For Voice Search & User Intent


Shoppable Social Posts & Inclusive Marketing


SEO & Earned Media Better Than PPC

Flexible and scalable.

You can start a digital marketing company from home to minimize costs.

As you grow, hire staff-consider leasing office space-etc.

Plan on an initial investment of about $1000-$50,000+ depending on how big you want to be.

This post offers step-by-step instructions on how to start a digital marketing agency from the ground up.

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You've scrimped and saved.

Made sacrifices and set a goal.

But investing $100k is not a decision to be taken lightly.

You need to do your research.

I scoured the internet looking for the best way to make money before I discovered this online training.

A business model that changed my life.

one-of-a-kind program that showed me exactly what I needed to know to build and rank websites on Google.

Think of it like this.

The websites you build are like digital real estate you own.

Virtual billboards that generate leads for local businesses.

Follow the training and trust the process.

Do that and you can get those sites to the top of the search engines.

Like this tree site, I built back in 2015.

This site alone has been making me $2000/month for the last six years.

My sweet spot?

This is only one of over 80 sites I currently own.

And I rent all of them to local business owners hungry to grow their business.

Just the way it's taught in this online course.

Let me break it down for you.

There are over 400 niches to choose from.

In any city.

Any country.

Anywhere in the world.

Lead generation doesn't know borders.

It doesn't fall victim to lockdowns and quarantines.

Once your site is generating leads, you connect with a reliable business owner.

Someone who sees the value you bring to the table.

Then you sell those leads.

Commission-flat-fee-rev share-doesn't matter.

The leads and the sites belong to you.

You call the shots here.

Just follow the training and you've got cash coming in every month like a well-oiled machine.

Now make no mistake.

This is no 'get rich quick scheme'.

You need to follow the training just the way it's laid out.

But even if you have no background you can be successful with lead generation.

The program is so detailed a kid could follow along.

But you need to commit.

Put in the time

Do the work and trust the process.

Why Lead Gen is Changing Lives

And with you every step of the way is the mastermind and creator of this exclusive training program.

A guy by the name of Dan.

A legend in his own right.

And he's been doing this for over a decade.

Adding new material.

Creating new systems and bringing ongoing value twice a week in live streams.

Sharing the most innovative ways.

The newest hacks.

All of the tools and then some to be successful with lead generation.

My mentor-turned friend and now business partner.

I learn something new every day because of his dedication to this online program and unparalleled business model.

And I'm not the only one.

There are currently over 6500 members in our group.

People from all walks of life who have committed to this training.

Followed the program and continue to trust the process.

And they're winning with lead generation.

Like a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

We come together in our private Facebook group.

A place to swap tricks of the trade.

Celebrate wins and share strategies on how to mitigate losses.

Deciding what the best business to start with $100k is not an easy task.

Arm yourself with as much information as possible before you commit.

But if you're looking for a business model like no other.

A way to make real money.

Be your own boss and earn staggering profit margins.

Then you should examine this opportunity closely.

You need to lean in.

Do the hard work.

No free rides here.

But if you trust the process.

Follow the training.

And dedicate the time to lead generation your ROIs will propel into orbit.

Have questions?

Curious about how to get started with lead generation?

Want more information?

Click the link below and book a call today.

Congratulations on coming up with $100k.

This list of 27 best business to start with $100k will hopefully inspire.

Or at the very least align with your vision and talents.

Not even close to a comprehensive list.

If you have an idea that didn't make the cut, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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  1. Yes, why didn’t I think of it before? A car repair shop is the perfect business considering I have ZERO experience in mechanical repair!!!

    1. No worries. When you start thinking like a business owner, you start to see new ways of solving problems (that’s where the money is). If I wanted to start a car repair shop but didn’t know how to fix the cars myself, I’d just hire a couple of people who do and manage the place. It’s best to stick to our strengths and hire others for their expertise. Thanks for reading.

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