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Life looks very different these days.

They said it was coming.

The scientific evidence was there.

But no one-and we mean no one-was ready for the magnitude or how ill-prepared we were to deal with this pandemic.

Many Americans have lost their jobs-their businesses-and are fighting just to survive.

This is not a political debate.

This is not about conspiracy theories.

This is about the need to pivot your energy and recreate financial stability and future profitability.

After countless hours of meticulous research, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19 to give you a leg up and help you get back on your feet.

But before we dive in, let me give you a quick run-down on my story.

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

Hi, my name is Ippei.

Fed up with my 9-5 hamster wheel grind-making money for someone else-I took this course in 2014-quit my job and am now a wealthy self-employed entrepreneur.

This business model gave me the tools I needed to work from home building & ranking websites that generate leads for small businesses.

That tree service site above has been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet, and I'm going to show you why.

Number 1

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Your personal opinion on masks is of no consequence.

Remember-we said this is not about politics.

Like it or not, masks and PPE equipment will be part of the new normal.

Medical studies are suggesting that we could be wearing masks for the next three years.

Instead of feeling like your rights are being encroached upon, see this as an opportunity.

A way to keep a roof over your family's heads and food on the table.

Selling PPE to business owners and your fellow citizens has the potential to be highly lucrative and will result in keeping Americans safe.

Sites like offer an affiliate program allowing you to sell B2B American-made masks, gowns, gloves, hand sanitizers, and more.

These are on the ground-here and ready to go.

Be part of the solution.

Help business owners position themselves to meet government regulations while keeping their staff and customers safe during these uncertain times.

Number 2


Americans are being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible.

Practice social distancing, and be diligent about 'flattening the curve.'

As a result, the health industry has had to adjust, adapt, and accommodate.

With the advancement of technology, several health-related opportunities have emerged that are worth considering and do not require you to be a medical professional.

Consider Things Like:

  • Telehealth Services
  • On-demand Doctors-Nurses & Careproviders
  • Online Medical Booking

Telehealth is a contactless solution connecting patients to vital health care services.

With the use of videoconferencing, remote monitoring, wireless communication, and electronic consults, patients receive the care they need when and where they need it.

76% of US hospitals currently connect through telehealth technology, and this remote access option is gaining traction.

Projected to see a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 30% between 2020-2025, COVID-19 is expediting the process suggesting that now is the time to take strategic business action. 

By creating the application software, you can assist practitioners in implementing telehealth services.

You meet the needs of an ever-increasing demand for this service and help keep Americans healthy.

There are guidelines which must be adhered to under HIPAA regulations which include:

Telehealth Guidelines As Outlined By HIPAA

Guarantee that only authorized users can access electronic health records.

Security measures.

Minimal data breaches.

Secure communication between healthcare providers and patients.

This article further outlines government regulations and how you can start a telehealth business.

Online medical booking and on-demand service provider platforms are an alternate form of web-based solutions that meet the increased demand for healthcare and are vital when physical distancing is recommended.

While numerous online scheduling software is available, most health care professionals do not have the time or the tech-savvy know-how to implement or monitor this facet of their practice.

The healthcare profession is ready to embrace digital solutions.

The time to act is now.

This a highly advantageous opportunity for software developers and individuals with the knowledge to provide support and service to our medical professionals.

Number 3

Delivery Services

It's not about pushing the panic button.

For a select group of citizens, potential exposure to the virus could be nothing short of a death sentence.

Think about the elderly, autoimmune compromised, or high-risk people that do not relish the thought of entering a public place at the moment.

Offering a hyperlocal delivery service is not only a way to earn money, but to lend a hand to those who need it.

Items like:

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Essentials

  • Miscellaneous Necessities/Commodities

  • Alcohol Delivery (come on-we all need a little pick me up once in a while)

You can approach business owners in your community and offer your services or post on social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to sell your services.

Alternatively, you could connect with platforms such as TaskRabbit, where they connect you with people in your community needing assistance. 

They do skim a bit of your earnings off the top, but it would be a quick way to generate some business and capital while you get your gig setup.

Take it to the next level with your own website or APP creation.

Consider the magnitude of online shopping and not just for essentials and adhering to physical distancing protocols.

This is a massive national conglomerate with revenue projected to reach $374,375 million by the end of 2020.

With a projected growth rate of 6.2% between 2020-2024 and an estimated user penetration rate of 82.2% by the end of the calculated time frame, online anything will become the new 'normal.'

 Limited overhead and staggering projections support that delivery services in any capacity will be a fortuitous business opportunity, providing profitability and scalability and one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

Number 4


Yep-it was fun playing 'house'-for a day.

With the demands of remote work, e-learning, household chores, and financial stress, the whole June Cleaver thing got really old really fast.

Thank god for food delivery options, which is expected to see a CAGR of 5.1% from 2020-2024 to reach market volumes exceeding $32 million.

Anything from meal kits and ready-made meals to coffee subscription and 'date-night' boxes are up for grabs.

Of course, there are the usual delivery service suspects like UberEats, online orders, and delivery APPs, but there are a couple of innovative options coming onto the scene.

These advancements to the food delivery service industry can turn this demand into an even more profitable venture. Things like:

Profitable Food Delivery Niche Ideas

Delivery channels that cater to the masses-meaning the Millenials-think tweets, smart devices.

Trendy delivery methods like drones, robotics, etc.

Embody new niches-vegan-no-waste-etc.

Implement VR-AR and online courses-training for your subscribers.

If you are in a jam, there is an urgent need for delivery people right now.

May not be glam but it will pay the rent.

If you have the luxury of some capital behind you, then considering one of the more technological and innovative suggestions will see you earning hefty ROIs on your investments long after this pandemic has been resolved.

This article offers additional information and suggestions on trends that will inevitably revolutionize the food delivery niche.

Number 5


As American parents attempt to maintain some semblance of order in what is rapidly turning to uncontrolled chaos, the real victims are the children.

Stressed-out parents have little time or patience to deal with the daily demands imposed upon them due to school closures.

The US education system was not designed to deal with extended shutdowns. 

Despite the best intentions, the e-learning experience has fallen way short for most as per this publication.

With nearly 1.7 billion learners affected by COVID-19, the demand for online tutoring options is through the roof.

If you have any training, background, or qualifications in teaching children, then starting an online tutoring business is not only financially advantageous but necessary.

There are other child-focussed options you could launch if you are not scholastically inclined, including:

Child-Focussed Opportunities
  • Online fitness classes

  • DIY kits (think crafts-art-etc.)

  • Virtual parties or social activities to stimulate and entertain

  • Board games-puzzles-playmates-your own creations or as an affiliate marketer

American parents need help. 

The 'mom-guilt' is real. 

If you have the tenacity and creativity to engage and captivate children through digital or virtual technology, then you have one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19 at your fingertips.

Number 6

The Home 'Office'

Americans are working from home.

Remote and virtual meetings have become status quo.

Attempting to etch out a 'workstation' in your home can, at times, be nothing short of miraculous.

For entrepreneurs interested in the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19, there is substantial profit potential in this niche.

Consider ergonomics-chairs, laptop desks, device holders, etc. 

The dining room table is only going to cut it for so long before people's backs scream for mercy.

Build and publish a website and connect with affiliate parent companies like or one of their competitors.

Free to sign up, affiliates earn 10% commission with a variety of ergonomic office furniture-and they are only one of many.

Hit up GoogleTrends and see what hot ticket items are selling.

FYI-today's list includes solar cellphone chargers.

If selling is not your style, consider tele and video conferencing.

More people are using Zoom now than during its entire conception-or it certainly feels like that.

The reality is that there is little chance the need will diminish anytime soon.

With a market value of over $6 billion forecast by the end of 2026, tele and video conferencing provide alternate solutions for business owners trying to maintain 'business as normal.'

There are some strengths and shortcomings to teleconferencing that should be considered and include the following:

Teleconferencing Strengths & Shortcomings
  • Connects friends and relatives living abroad or implemented into e-learning forums.

  • Easy follow up.

  • Incorporates social distancing.

  • Maintains communication for business owners-their staff, clients and suppliers during this challenging time.

  • Speed is an issue as internet carriers are being bogged down by the influx of users created by the pandemic.
  • Can be impersonal.

  • Technical issues and connection problems.

  • Not always the most excellent option for interpersonal communication but during this pandemic it is better than nothing.

Alternately, many business owners turn to cloud services, which offer several opportunities like security, software service, and support, troubleshooting, etc. for tech gurus to etch out a piece of the lucrative pie.

As a society, we have been asking to work from home for years.

It may not be the way we imagined it, but here it is, and we may as well get as comfortable as possible and enjoy the ride.

Number 7


Deep cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning.

While it remains unclear as to where these standards were pre-pandemic-talking about things like wiping down shopping carts, washing your hands-you know-basic cleaning procedures-they are certainly in full-force now.

Commercial cleaning services and full-on disinfection services are booming.

But it goes much deeper than that.

Cleaning products-specifically Lysol wipes, bleach, and disinfectant sprays are flying off the shelves faster than the supply chain can keep up.

Fear and scientific evidence suggesting that this virus can survive on surfaces are the driving forces behind the ever-increasing need for clean.

If you are ready, willing, and able, starting a cleaning company-residential or commercial is an extremely profitable business venture with low overhead costs that can be operated from a home office.

Where To Advertise Your Cleaning Biz:
  • Market your services on social media platforms-like 'mom-groups,' church organizations, etc. to get your name and brand out there.
  • Connect with local business owners and see if they need assistance.

  • The local newspaper-bulletin boards-etc.

  • Neighborhood flyers.

Just be mindful of any government regulations, such as licensure.

This article offers a list of requirements and a low-cost guide to starting a cleaning business.

Cleaning services aren't the only thing you can get into.

You can be a reseller of cleaning products utilizing drop shipping, which simply means you have no stock, but rather connect the wholesaler with the consumer in a B2C style transaction.

If you are looking for the low down on how to be successful with dropshipping, check out this article I published breaking it down for easy-to-understand steps.

There are all kinds of American-based wholesale distributors like or .

Each platform gives you the option to purchase in bulk to resell.

But again, perform your due diligence to ensure you have all of your ducks in a row to avoid any legal recourse down the road.

We will beat this virus.

Extra cleaning and meticulous hygiene are part of the solution and are sure to be adopted and enforced well beyond this global crisis.

Number 8


The threat of 'the COVID-20' is real.

Stuck at home living more sedentary than ever and in very close proximity to the refrigerator have prompted a monumental growth in the fitness and health industry.

Already estimated to be worth over $30 billion, physical locations have been hit hard by the pandemic, but that has not stopped Americans on their quest for fitness.

With a 2,000,000% growth in consumer interest since March 2020, Americans are taking note of the scientific research suggesting that this virus preys on the weak and less healthy.

With over 40% of our population considered obese, America was already facing a growing health concern.

Enter COVID-19.

Change needs to happen today.

Home workouts, no-equipment APPs, digital nutrition, and virtual weight loss programs lead the way for aggregation in this market.

Consider options like:

Fitness-Niche Business Ideas During COVID-19
  1. 1
    Online training or nutrition videos.
  2. 2
    Webinars on healthy eating.
  3. 3

    Affiliate marketing for products such as gym equipment, wearable technology, smart scales, posture trainers, etc. 

There is a demand for trending fitness products and no time like the present to meet that need.

This post gives a list of the best high-tech fitness gadgets worth noting if you opt to go the affiliate marketing route and capitalize on this niche.

Number 9

Landscaping & Outdoor Living

If you have to be there you may as well enjoy your home.

And that includes your landscaping.

Whether you opt to dig at it alone or hire a service, the landscaping and outdoor living industries have experienced significant growth as a result of the pandemic.

With Americans shopping online for gardening supplies and outdoor decor, jumping in as an affiliate marketer is only one way to get a slice of the profit margins.

Grab your lawnmower and weed eater and offer yard and garden services to seniors, younger couples, frazzled parents, or anyone else needing a helping hand.

Landscaping is a notoriously competitive industry, however, this $101 billion industry has been faced with a steady decline in reliable and qualified labor-well before the pandemic hit-so people are looking for a service that may not necessarily be readily available to them.

From basic maintenance to irrigation systems, outdoor fire pits, decks, and pool installation, there are many potential approaches to capitalizing on the market, and you don't have to break the bank to do it.

Consider renting equipment or purchasing used, which will save you a ton of upfront capital.

Market yourself and your brand with a website or Facebook business page and get involved with community social media platforms to advertise your services.

The opportunity is there, and landscaping and outdoor living are among the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19 as it is all outdoors-making social distancing and staying safe simple.

Number 10


Lockdown presented American shelters with a unique opportunity to encourage people to adopt.

What better time to get a pet than when you are home all day?

New Yorkers have adopted ten times the number of pets they typically do, and LA is close on their heels with an increase of 70%.

With 67% of American households owning a pet, this industry sees a consumer expenditure of about $99 billion.

Full stop-people love their pets.

This upswing opens the door to a host of potentially advantageous financial endeavors for those interested in capitalizing on the pet industry.

Consider business ventures like:

Pet-Niche Business Ideas

  • VR dog training courses

  • Pet food & products subscription boxes
  • Homemade meal services

  • Mobile grooming
  • Dog walking-pet sitting

  • Telemedicine for pets software implementation

  • Communication tools like Hunger For Words

The pet-niche has always had the potential for profitability, scalability, and long-term financial gains, but with the steady rise of pet owners in the United States, this market will continue to see growth and offer opportunities to create financial security.

Number 11

Website Design & Development

Lockdowns-mandatory quarantines-physical distancing.

Catalytic equation for many business owners-especially those that did not have a digital presence before the pandemic.

Scrambling to keep their doors open, many business owners are now faced with building and launching a website that can offer their customers online options.

This marked increase in demand for web design and development will catapult the projected 4.4% increase for 2020 much higher.

Valued at an estimated $40 billion in the United States, if you possess the skills to create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and algorithmically sound websites, you are about to get a whole lot busier.

American business owners need cash-flow to stay afloat.

The only way to ensure that happens is with paying customers.

By offering your web design and development services to those without a digital entity or to any who needs to add online ordering or shopping elements, you are providing a vital service, and establishing financial stability for yourself and the business owner.

Businesses need a website for a variety of reasons such as:

Why Businesses Need A Website to Survive the Pandemic
  1. 1

    People expect you to have one.

  2. 2

    A website provides social proof for potential consumers.

  3. 3

    Helps control your brand and consumer relations.

  4. 4

    Provides credibility to your business.

  5. 5

    Maximizes your ROI.

  6. 6

    Marketing & advertising.

  7. 7

    During COVID-19, it may be the only way for your customers to purchase your goods or services.

Yet another reason why I am so glad I found this course.

The detailed training, on-going support, and learning has allowed me to go into any niche anywhere in the world and build websites that I rank leveraging Google to get to the top of the search engines.

I own these digital properties.

The leads generated by my websites belong to me.

I sell those leads to business owners hungry for opportunity.

My business has not suffered at all during COVID-19.

I'm not being facetious-merely stating a fact.

The leads I am generating for local business owners are, in some cases, the only reason why they have not gone belly up during this pandemic.

Lead generation has taught me everything I need to know, and then some about website design and development.

Now I use the skills this course taught me to help business owners and create financial security-all from the comfort of my own home. 

Check out this article offering additional information on why having a website in 2020 is so important for business owners if you need additional evidence to sell your services to potential clients.

Number 12

Home Improvement

There is no question that 2020 has not gone according to plan.

For all of the wives out there with 'honey-do' lists, however, it would appear that this is your time.

Americans have embraced the 'want to be handy' trend head on-some with greater success than others.

The home improvement niche has seen a 140% growth in consumer interest since the start of COVID-19.

Already a $407+ billion market, this industry is projected to see a growth of 3.4% with hot trends in DIY plumbing, self-sustainability projects, and minor home renovations.

For those of you who actually are handy, this is the ideal time to capitalize on increased consumer interest and market your knowledge.

Things like:

  • Online tutorials or courses on how to snake a toilet, put up drywall, or build a fence.
  •  DIY tips and tricks webinars. 

  • Offer user suggestions on the best products-where to shop for the deals and how to use them.

There is potential to generate cash flow and create solid profit margins in this market so strap on your tool belt and get after it.

This article offers some interesting statistics which support that this is just the beginning of a wave of home improvement projects.

Number 13

Home Entertainment

Amidst depressing headlines, new conferences, and rising numbers, Americans find some semblance of solace in entertaining themselves at home.

The home entertainment industry has historically seen substantial revenues.

 But with the introduction of advanced technology, smart home devices, and a newfound craze for gaming, this multimillion-dollar market is currently generating revenues over $3,000 million.

Projected to see a CAGR of 12.9% between 2020-2024, household penetration is expected to hit 35.8% by the end of the forecasted term.

While there is definite potential to capitalize on the smart home device facet, streaming services, and cloud options, there is a more prominent player in home entertainment as a result of COVID-19, and that is the gaming niche.

Studies confirm that there has been a 145% growth in consumer interest in the gaming industry, and not just digital options, as a result of the virus.

Games including world building scenarios, interactive elements, or the ability to socialize and incorporate exercise, will thrive both now and post-pandemic.

Of course, game consoles, hardware, esports, and VR options are uber-trendy, and suppliers struggle to meet the demand.

But there has also been a noted increase in consumer interest around board games, puzzles, and mind teasers.

Some old-school favorites are making a comeback.

As parents battle boredom and too many hours in front of the screen, these are an excellent alternative. 

The biggest challenge for the current players has been getting products in the hands of the consumer in a timely fashion and troubleshooting connection issues as per this publication.

Find an answer to any of these suggestions, and you will have won the lotto in terms of profitability and an opportunity to benefit from one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

Number 14

Home Beauty Solutions

It's not about entitlement.

It's not about 'white privilege.'

Not arguing semantics or engaging in a poltical debate.

Just here to give you the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

But the reality is that how we look and feel about ourselves physically has a direct result on our mental health.

With an increase in suicides in the United States, the pandemic is driving America into a national mental health crisis as evidenced further in this publication.

The United States beauty industry sees revenues exceeding $16668 million and is expected to grow by an annual rate of 5.4% between 2020-2023.

With the implementation of physical distancing and resulting business closures, home beauty products are where it's at currently.

Experiencing a 36% increase in consumer interest, Americans are taking matters into their own hands and performing hair and beauty treatments at home.

There are several options you can manipulate to capitalize on this necessity, including:

Home Beauty Business Ideas

Affiliate marketing for products like hair clippers, skincare products, and DIY hair color kits.

Online training services on exactly how to undertake these not so simple feats.

VR or AR options.

If you possess any talent or have experience in the beauty industry in any capacity then there is definitely potential for you to pivot your skills and create a sustainable business that will surely lead to significant profits both during and after COVID-19.

Number 15

IT Support & Service

Granted there have been times when the onslaught of 'Karen' videos, fake news, and outlandish claims result in us shutting off devices to save our sanity.

But we really are fortunate that with today's advanced technology, we have been able to stay connected to family, friends, and the professional aspects of our lives.

With the increased reliance on digital connections comes issues with software development, elevated automation, and for some-just how in the world to turn the blasted thing on.

The IT support and service industry are projected to see a growth rate of 22% in 2020 as more Americans turn to professional intervention to assist with troubleshooting issues, setup, maintenance, and remote support.

The potential to carve out financial independence in the IT support and service niche is virtually limitless when you consider positions such as:

IT Support & Service Business Ideas

  • Database Distributors

  • IT Managers

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

  • Cloud Architect

  • DevOps Designer

  • Blockchain Director

If you have the skills and tech-savvy ability to explain, assemble, or regulate anything technical, then a remote IT support and service position will generate high-profit margins and ensure that your services are in demand both during and after the pandemic.

Check out this article for a more extensive list of positions in the IT support and service industry if you are interested in capitalizing on this market.

Number 16


With the onslaught of online dependency comes a can of snakes.

You know what we're talking about.

The hackers that prey on weak systems, insecure passwords, and a host of other evils that can potentially wreak havoc and derail even the most diligent business owner.

DDoS is one of the more popular cyberattacks, but unfortunately, only one of many.

A DDoS cyber-attack attempts to flood an online service with multiple bogus requests, thereby impeding legit traffic to a website.

Business owners under a DDoS cyber-attack lose potential customers and a chunk of change to eradicate the malware and rectify the situation.

DDoS cyber-attack prevention security companies are a proactive measure to ensure that your digital property remains secure.

Expected to be valued at $9.10 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 24.9%, professional services will continue to be in high demand.

Cybersecurity companies handle issues such as:

Cybersecurity Business Suggestions

A blending of in-house and third-party resources dedicated to flexible server hosting.

Implements recommended infrastructure components, and stops attacks quickly by rerouting legitimate traffic and addressing any unsavory aspects left behind as a result.

Sets up the server to accept only a predetermined number of requests in any given time period.

For individuals with the knowledge to design or implement cybersecurity services, you not only offer a necessary function in this digital age but will continue to see an increased need for your skills.

Number 17

Freelance & VA's

So we have determined that at least in some capacity if you want to be prosperous and secure financial independence, you will need to turn your focus and energy to online options.

We have no idea how long we will be at the mercy of COVID-19 or what the future will look like.

But we do know with certainty that business will be conducted more and more online.

Transfer your skills and offer freelance options to local business owners.

Things like:

Freelance & Virtual Assistant Tasks




Sales Projects




Customer Service





While you get your own setup situated, you can find immediate employment on several freelance and virtual assistant platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiveer.

Business owners like the virtual assistant option as it cuts down their overhead costs, so really, it's a win-win situation.

They save money, and you make some.

Here is a great article providing suggestions on how to be fortuitous with freelance or virtual assistant work that will ensure you land a profit from one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

Number 18

Public Relations

Now before you start thinking we are bat-shit crazy, hear us out with this suggestion.

While it is true that PR is not an essential service and equally true that many businesses are pulling back on their PR spending during COVID-19, look at the bigger picture.

This pandemic is not going to last forever-even when it feels like that some days.

Americans are being pummeled by fake news, outlandish claims, and contradictory information on a daily basis.

What the general public needs now is brands they can trust.

Businesses demonstrating transparency, reliability, and dependability.

With a solid promotional strategy, businesses can position themselves favorably with their target market now so that after the pandemic, they are at the forefront in people's minds when looking for goods or services.

Despite a 9.7% decline as a direct result of the pandemic, the PR industry in the USA accumulates industry revenues of $14.5 billion and will continue to see an annualized rate of 0.6% in 2020.

For those of you thinking about launching your own brand of PR this is your chance.

You have been given the gift of time to create your brand and provide upfront value to business owners who are not necessarily willing to spend the big bucks charged by established entities.

We know that business is moving online, and the pandemic has merely accelerated the process.

Make yourself indispensable by offering efficient promotional strategies that guarantee results.

Use this time to hone your skill set and consider the following to create trust and a potential client base. 

Do the work now and when COVID-19 is behind us, you will find yourself positioned in a highly favorable situation.

How To Set Your PR Biz Up For Post-COVID-19 Success Now

Don't be pushy-listen and offer valuable systems (sometimes that includes free).


Value over profit-set your sights on the long-term.


Create a substantial digital presence on all available platforms to maximize potential profitability.

Businesses are quickly turning to online options, and with heightened advancements to technology, the time to carve out your place in the PR market is here and now.

Check out this article offering additional suggestions on how to make your PR company profitable.

Number 19


If you have been blessed with the gift of a glib tongue, then considering a job in sales may very well be one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

We have well established that online is where it's at.

American business owners hoping to survive the pandemic will need to shift gears and concentrate their energy on building trust and brand recognition over all facets of the digital world.

With this online transition has come a host of opportunities for sales associates to capitalize on the increased need and assist business owners in generating more paying customers.

Customer behavior has deviated to compensate for the potential loss of income, looming recession, and financial strain.

With an acute focus on how and where they spend their money, business owners will need to appeal to the American consumer if they hope to generate profits.

That's where you come in.

Either as a hire for any number of companies currently looking for sales associates, or going solo. 

By offering sales outsourcing options to business owners, and you have the potential to earn a substantial income and own your own business-one where you can work from home and provide yourself with a flexible schedule.

Consider the following aspects of excelling in sales during and post COVID-19:

How To Maximize Earning Potential With Sales During COVID-19
  • Consumers will spend on essentials, but if there is trust and you cater to emotions, they will buy what you are selling.

  • Online and contactless options are currently the best solution for getting your product into the hands of consumers.

  • Consumers are ditching brand loyalty during the pandemic, making up and coming options backed by transparency and convenience more likely to be sought after.

  • Safety measures and how employees are treated is holding a lot of weight with American shoppers during COVID-19.

This article offers further insight into consumer sentiment during this challenging time and provides some excellent suggestions that can be implemented by sales associates to maximize profits.

Number 20

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

Throughout this article, we have stressed the importance of building an online empire if you hope to survive and prosper during the pandemic and beyond.

Easier said than done and the million-dollar question for most is-how to get there?

Creating a robust digital presence takes skill and perseverance and encompasses digital marketing and social media strategies that leverage platforms you are attempting to conquer.

No one will find you if your business does not make the cut with the search engines.

Your primary goal is to build your brand, generate consumer confidence, and not break the bank.

The beauty of digital marketing and social media is that numerous avenues can essentially lead you to the same place.

Business owners can control spending and shift strategies as necessary.

Trackable and focus-driven, both digital marketing and social media management, can engage consumers and drive sales exponentially.

Consider implementing any number of these options to your business strategy to capitalize on this industry fully:

Ways to Make $$$ With Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

SEO-SEM-CRM or ad campaigns like PPC, PPL, etc.

Content marketing-think blog posts, podcasts.

Leveraging all social platforms-FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and funding ad campaigns when applicable.

Video marketing-YouTube, etc.

Email marketing campaigns.

Reputation management and brand awareness.

For individuals with the skills or willingness to learn, offering freelance digital marketing or social media management to business owners will not only provide you with a steady income right now, but will equate to a highly lucrative business venture in the future.

With a projected growth rate of 17% in 2020, this is one of the best business ideas to start from home during COVID-19.

Check out this article offering some staggering statistics regarding digital marketing providing additional evidence that this is a suggestion well worth investigating further.

Number 21

Affiliate Marketing

We have been tossing around the concept of affiliate marketing throughout this article. 

One of the lowest cost per action techniques for business owners to access a diversified approach to digital and media platforms, affiliate marketing, provides financial freedom with minimal to no start-up costs.

Affiliate marketing is an achievement-based approach where business owners retain affiliates to market their goods or services.

Currently valued at $12 billion and projected to experience annual growth rates of around 10% between 2020-2025, affiliate marketing accounts for over 16% of e-commerce orders in North America and is arguably one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

Affiliates earn a commission-style income through the use of links, paid ads, and campaigns-anything that will augment a business's brand recognition, online presence, consumer engagement, and overall sales.

Cost-effective for business owners and potentially fortuitous for you.

There are a multitude of affiliate parent companies you can connect with. 

The key is to determine what interests you and then choose your niche and target market.

Consider affiliate networks such as:

To be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to niche down and really pinpoint your audience and target market.

What is their pain point?

How can your product make a positive difference in their lives-specifically during a pandemic?

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing or need a point of reference on how to begin, check out this article I published, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to start an affiliate marketing business.

For those of you that are uber-ambitious and want to take it to the next level, you can also hit up my post on how to leverage YouTube for affiliate marketing.

Number 22


Quarantines and lockdowns have resulted in periods where shopping online has not only been the best option-it has been the only option.

E-commerce has seen a 99% increase as a direct result of COVID-19.

Already boasting an annual growth rate of 14% with sales in the United States alone reaching heights of over $600 billion, e-commerce is becoming the favored way to conduct business.

Whether you make and sell your own products and hit up sites like Etsy and Shopify geared to the more eclectic and one-of-a-kind crafty vibe or utilize dropshipping and sell on platforms like BigCommerce and Squarespace, if you offer a product in high demand, you will generate staggering profit marg

Consider carefully what consumers are currently searching for.

Things like essentials, home improvement products, self-improvement items, etc.

This article offers a list and stats of what Americans have been buying online and trends worth noting.

Use Google Trends to determine hot ticket items that will serve you well when doing your due diligence and deciding what products to sell to generate the best ROI.

E-commerce offers a business opportunity you can start from home with minimal to no initial upfront costs.

Fixate on your niche and marketing strategy and offer a shopping experience that over-delivers, is cost-effective and straightforward for consumers hard hit by the pandemic, and you will quickly secure a favorable reputation.

There are several tips to keeping your e-commerce platform 'lean & mean' during these financially challenging times and include such things as:

Tips For High E-Commerce ROIs During COVID-19

  • Target your top paying consumers.

  • Pay close attention to marketing your products with the best margins and most value.

  • Determine where to spend your energy (and money).

  • Value-value-value for your customers-always.

This article provides additional advice and information on how to excel with e-commerce during the pandemic and create strategies that will undoubtedly make you a profit now and well beyond COVID-19.

Number 23

Consulting & Coaching

As we rely more heavily on digital interactions creating an online business in any capacity will prove to be highly advantageous.

Consider how much time people are currently spending on the internet every day.

Americans are searching for anything and everything to pass the time or improve upon themselves during this pandemic.

Launching your own online consulting or coaching business fits the bill in terms of one of the best businesses to start from home during COVID-19.

Internet surges have seen a 50%-70% increase since the start of COVID-19 as per this publication.

With over 53% of Americans reporting to internet use being essential given the current situation, there is no time like the present to design and develop your online entity.

Think of things that you are good at or are passionate about.

Do you offer something that people would like to learn?

Can you provide guidance or suggestions to better improve people's lives?

Using tele or video conferencing, you can connect with potential clients through virtual portals in any number of facets, including:

Consulting & Coaching Niche Suggestions

Digital solutions-web design, SEO, graphics, etc.

Resume writing & job interviews & application consulting.

Cooking & baking webinars or dietician consulting firm.

Money-management & finance consulting.

Business or career coaching.

Music or language classes.

The list is virtually endless.

How you market your brand and build a solid client base will be paramount to your success.

Perform your due diligence-do the work and reap the rewards.

Check out this article outlining specific steps to take to establish a consulting business.

Number 24


As the financial world reverberates from the shock and uncertainty of COVID-19, threats of the worst recession to hit since the Great Depression is at the forefront of most people's minds.

Jobs and savings lost.

Stocks and bonds plummeting.

The financial strain and rapid decline of the global economy have people more than a little concerned about their financial future.

Businesses and individuals need assistance now on how to cut costs, manage books, reinvest, and a slew of other financial support if they hope to make it to the other side relatively unscathed.

If you have the knowledge, degree, or skills required in the finance sector, this is your time to shine.

Think jobs like:

Positions In The Financial Sector
  • Accountants

  • Bookkeepers

  • Financial planners

  • Strategic advisors

You can work for any number of establishments, and there are jobs for the taking if you need one now.

Alternatively, you could start your own financial support and service business and offer online consulting and advice to those with questions or in need of guidance.

This post offers further insight into the United States' current economic position and strategies to combat loss and plan for the best-case scenario.

IMO The Best Biz To Start During COVID-19

Lead Generation

Some days it feels like life has been put on pause.

For most Americans, this time off due to lockdowns and quarantines has not been one of quiet contemplation and treasured moments with family.

For the vast majority it has been riddled with financial strain, stress over job security, and grave concerns about what the future holds.

While we try to remain optimistic, the stark reality is that we have no idea how long the pandemic will last and can only speculate on how the 'new normal' will pan out.

Instead of feeling stuck, use this time to acquire a new skill set-one that will guarantee you financial security.

Granted when I discovered this lead gen course, there was no COVID-19 to deal with-but I did feel stuck.

Stuck in a job with no future.

Stuck with a weekly paycheck that barely covered my necessities.

Then I discovered lead generation.

An opportunity to create financial freedom I had only imagined possible.

This online program is so comprehensive I was able to quickly learn a technique that I had no prior experience with.

This lead gen program teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to design, publish, and rank websites.

Leveraging Google to land at the top of  search engines in the quickest way possible.

You have the option to go into any niche in any city or country in the world.

You build your digital empire one website at a time.

Start bringing in leads and you connect with a business owner keen to grow their biz.

The websites and the leads belong to you.

Your site is like a billboard, and you take your cut for all the leads you generate-mailbox money every single month.

With lead gen you can build and own as many websites as you want.

There is no limit to your earning potential.

Even during COVID-19, people search for goods and services, and my sites are there at the top, ready to help.

Take this tree service site for example.

I built this site in 2014 following the instructions outlined in this lead gen course and have been earning upwards of $2000/month for the last six years.

The crazy thing?

This site is only one of 80 I currently own and sell leads to business owners securing a passive income stream month after month.

The pandemic presented me with the opportunity to adjust my strategy a bit but it's all good.

I am just publishing and ranking websites geared to services that Americans need right now while my other sites continue to generate revenue for business owners who really need the extra work to stay afloat during these uncertain times.

The step-by-step instruction in this course is so specific I have been able to rank these sites quickly and generate leads for local business owners who pay either per lead, flat monthly fee, rev share or arbitrage-whatever we agree upon-a win-win for both of us.

This lead generation program provides you with financial stability and an opportunity to scale and secure profit margins like nothing else on the internet.

And here's why:

  • Local lead generation doesn't base its success on finding the right trending product week after week, month after month.
  • You don't have to consistently make adjustments to your advertising methods or budgets. In fact, you don't have to run Facebook, Instagram or Google ads at ALL...
  • There's no buying and selling of products. You don't have to worry about profit margins. Or shipping. Or returns. Or any of the other problems associated with selling physical products. EVER!
  • You get FREE organic traffic from Google.
  • If you set it up properly from the start, you can leave your lead gen site for months without having to tweak it.
  • It provides you with a passive income. THAT'S the golden ticket!

This online method is pure genius and is the best business to start from home during COVID-19

With this model, you can build as many digital properties as you want-each one is a semi-passive income stream.

Do the work, and the more you build, the more you make.

And the learning doesn't stop after you purchase and pay for the course.

The legend behind this one of a kind program is a guy named Dan.

He shows up on Facebook live feeds twice a week to motivate, encourage, and provide invaluable strategies to help us scale our business.

Here's a pic of me and the man.

He has been a tremendous mentor and inspiration to me and an invaluable resource before and during the pandemic.

And not just for me.

We have an online family of over 6000 members-all with the common goal of being successful with lead generation and building our digital empires.

During COVID-19, Dan has given us-free of charge I might add-numerous suggestions on how to connect with, assist and support business owners and receive financial compensation and that warm fuzzy feeling for our hard work.

Members of the group have been killing it when most Americans are losing sleep over how to pay the rent.

This program literally changes lives.

If you are willing to put in the work and invest in yourself, this lead gen program will pay you back in spades.

Lead gen gives you authority over your financial situation and future.

These are unprecedented times, but there is little sense stressing over things out of your control.

The pandemic will run its course and we will survive.

The biggest question is-where do you want to be when we finally reach the other side?

This program gives you the chance to change your life course.

Alter the future of your family's financial security.

Sell business owners live-quality leads to help them out during these difficult times.

You won't find a solution like this anywhere else on the internet.

This lead gen training is in a class all by itself.

If you are curious about lead generation or want to learn more about the process, click the link below and book a call today.

COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees.

While we attempt to put the pieces back together and determine our next steps, there remains the underlying uncertainty on just how the future will look post-pandemic.

We sincerely hope that one of these best business ideas to start from home during COVID-19 aligns with your skillset and vision for a better tomorrow.

If you have an alternate idea that our readers may find helpful, please don't hesitate to leave it in the comments.

Stay well and stay safe.

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