Tons of people in 2021 want to try their hand at Day Trading.

It’s not hard to see why – there’s a lot of money to be made.

All you need is an internet connection and some money to invest.

If you’ve got the spare time and necessary level of enthusiasm to boot, it’s hard to think of a reason not to do a little bit of day trading.

Of course, there are a lot of people out there who go all out with day trading…

While it’s difficult to make an estimate of how much that can actually be (especially since it’s so new to the marketplace with things like bitcoin, electroneum, etc.), we may be able to suggest an estimation of it representing the majority – or totality – of their income.

The main thing to remember with Day Trading is: any potential outcome is possible!

No matter how experienced you may – or may not – be in the industry, everyone is subject to the same…

  • Rules
  • Regulations
  • Market Trends
  • Risk-to-profit (or loss)

You could stand to make a hefty profit off of your investment and your capacity to generate impressive sums can seem insurmountably high in some regards.

However, before you jump into this exciting and enticing world – we recommend taking a few moments to assess the importance of your decisions from this point forward and learn to appreciate a few clear realities about the trending financial opportunity before you.

First of all, Day Trading is not easy.

99% percent of people won’t succeed by simply “winging it” with little to no training.

Like any business or entrepreneurial venture, Day Trading takes time, research, planning, and incredible discipline.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to learn how to become a professional Day Trader in 2021.

There are countless courses out available today that can turn a complete newbie into an efficient, highly skilled Day Trader.

We’ve searched high and low for the best Day Trading courses available today, and we’ve found eight of the very best options.

These courses are the most logical starting point for a beginner who wants to learn how to make serious money with this money-making method.

Since entrepreneurship and financial investments carry risk, I wanted to make sure that I had a financial cushion long before I personally began delving into any one of these options.

That’s why I chose to invest in a lead generation coaching program that taught me how to utilize free traffic from search results to generate a passive income of substantial proportions! 

How much of a cushion am I talking about, really?

Have you heard of a rumor of people working from a laptop and taking in $10,000 per month or more? 

I actually accomplished that in my first year of lead generation for small business; this is one of my lead gen sites (out of 40+ virtual real estate properties) that I rent out monthly and they continue to pay me year after year for the work I had done one time (check it out):

Even though these lead gen sites can pay me $750 to $3,000 per property, I still needed something that can allow me to sustain my livelihood while I walk away from my full-time job (thanks to this part-time side hustle that’s so profitable) and try things to write about in this blog for you. 

I wish I’d had something like this to direct me when I was in a low rent apartment complex with little heat and little in the refrigerator back in 2014 – downtown Detroit’s business scene really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, you know! 

Just keep in mind that worthwhile investments can be a long-term play here, but there are still the matters of volatility and risk that no one is immune to or can avoid permanently. 

That’s why I highly recommend getting a side hustle as I have —

That’s when I had learned about this lead gen coaching program (that you can learn for yourself too) so I could have a large amount of pocket change to invest in these methods and review the training programs for your benefit. 

Let’s see what the marketplace has available for your investment options with day trading…

Bulls On Wallstreet

If all you need is a crash course on the general concepts of Day Trading, then look no further…

The Bulls On Wallstreet seem to carry a solid reputation and deliver on concepts that can best advise you on what you’re trying to accomplish with your efforts in this industry.

This is a relatively short course that goes over the basics of Day Trading…

Why is it recommended, then?

In my opinion, this is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to invest in a long, drawn-out educational experience.

If you’re short on funds or time (or both), you might want to take a serious look at this one.

For the maximum benefit and return on investment (ROI) – no pun intended – in your thirst for knowledge and an attempt to expand your financial business acumen, you can obtain a holistic and fuller experience under their highly acclaimed Live Day Trading Course.

Bulls On Wallstreet is most famous for this live trading exposure to people serious about getting their great start in this industry, and it’s a truly exciting, valuable, and methodical way to learn about…

  • What Day Trading is…
  • How to understand the complexities behind the scenes of the industry…
  • And that which you could really stand to gain by investing your time – and money – to understand the game and get involved in playing for the high returns everyone talks about.

With the Live Trading Course, beginners are able to…

  • drop into live trading sessions
  • ask seasoned pros questions about their daily activities
  • And see how the real pros engage in actual deals – with real-time Day Trading operations.

If you’re looking to get a taste of the action before you become a fully invested operator of Day Trading, consider looking into the Bulls on Wallstreet first.

Warrior’s Trading

Warrior’s Trading is one of the fastest-growing Day Trading courses on the web, and it’s getting tons of attention in 2021.

This newer platform is catered towards beginners, and it features one of the biggest and most active Day Trading communities on the internet.

It’s a great course if you’re on a tight budget, as Warrior’s Trading offers some of the most reasonably priced courses out there.

All you’ll need is one full and solid open day in your schedule to really delve into the topics discussed and presented in a logical, easy to digest format. 

 The Warrior’s Trading community can step up to the plate to teach you everything you need in order to get started with Day Trading.

You’ll also get access to a real-time Day Trading Simulator; it’s here that you can get into the habits of…

  • Reading the market trends
  • Considering all of the possible factors (that you were taught in class)
  • Making decisions that can have short-term and extended consequences (which could be good and/or bad)

… all of which are factors that students of the past have openly stated were paramount to their success in the industry thus far. 

Crucial lessons learned has been the goal of this training design and students seem to really enjoy the experience of this training program.

Even though it’s only one business day in length, your Warrior’s Trading attendance can provide you with the teachings of how to look for resistance and support levels, including other factors that you need to comprehend in order to make your most educated of guesses.

You don’t even need to be a mathematical genius in order to follow the lessons for interpreting trends through common graphing models you’ll encounter during your career. 

When you’re looking for a fast, one-stop shop for all of your Day Trading training needs, Warrior’s Trading may be just the thing your financial doctor ordered. 

Online Trading Academy

If you want access to the most respected educational Day Trading experience on the world wide web, then you should definitely look into the entity that refers to themselves as the Online Trading Academy.

Their name might not be very imaginative, but they’re definitely the real deal.

Known by the professionals of the Day Trading community as simply as OTA, this training course has the capacity to turn just about anyone into a true professional of the tradecraft.

One of the best things about this course (that I have seen and heard about) is the wealth of options you have access to in which to obtain the material and find the best fit for your learning modes and strengths.

There are many different learning pathways to choose from, including your opportunity to learn how to trade stocks and securities…

  • In their online learning modules (available as an internet-accessible course)
  • Through attending your very own in-person workshop
  • You could even call them to see if they have another avenue of approach so you can maximize your opportunities to find the best fit for you!

There’s a free half-day introductory course available for those that are teetering on the brink of interest but haven’t quite hopped off the fence to make a choice of whether or not to get started. 

Rest assured, this exposure can better position you to have the available option of upgrading your level of training access to their prestigious, reputable, professional trader course.

If you want to start your career off on the right foot, this may be one of the better options for you; it holds nothing back and the Online Training Academy makes themselves available for questions, concerns, feedback, and constant review for improvement of the content they seek to deliver to the marketplace.

Winner’s Edge Trading

A newly renovated and relatively young Day Trading training platform, the Winner’s Edge is quickly gaining momentum in the marketplace and gaining a reputation as one of the top training courses available today!   

Whether you’re a newbie, a returning vet, or just think you could benefit from a brush-up with what’s going on in the routine Day Trading career developments, your Winner’s Edge participant manual (and companion educational resources) definitely delivers as a solid choice for your career preparation and continuing education needs.

You’ll be guided through…

  • the basic concepts of Day Trading
  • principles and success-driven strategy
  • rendering confidence to most all participants regarding where they wish to take their career after completing this educational curriculum

If they’re so good, then how come I’ve never heard of them?

Well, as we’ve said, they’re pretty new to the community but more than happy to deliver competence and a strong base of knowledge and wisdom that you can carry with you as you progress from your current situation into a new career. 

Some people are still held up about the pricing of a program like this…

Because its core lessons are completely free, this might be an obvious choice for a lot of people out there.

But if you want the full experience, you can upgrade for full access to the latest tips and tricks.

Even with the free lessons, you’ll be able to read about tons of proven strategies, and you’ll learn about the most important trading signals to look out for.

TradePro Academy

TradePro Academy isn’t for everyone, but it’ll definitely appeal to a select group of people seeking a unique, explicit and concentrated experience on the Day Trading career preparation.

Exclusively delivered online as a training course for your benefit, convenience, and affordability, you’ll get to focus solely on the trading of something called options.   

If you’re interested in focusing on put and call predictions with financial dollar values of interexchange currencies across the globe, this unique choice for home-delivered training may suit the Day Trader hungry for getting started quickly and reducing any risk of fluff or uninteresting topics filling up a course or jacking up their pricing.   

When you sign up for the no-nonsense approach that the TradePro Academy provides, you’ll gain immediate access to what they like to illustrate as a nine-day course. 

Within that calendar time, you can find more information on…

  • The basics of this honed-in, unique, specific type of digital trading strategy
  • The intricacies of trading currency options
  • Helpful tactics you can leverage (just like professionals do) to land your own levels of success. 

The best part about TradePro Academy is the fact that you’ll have received a proven approach to better facilitate your maximizing profits through your trading efforts.

Keep in mind that a lot of this can teach you how to invest other people’s money or your own.

If you’re working with another person’s financing, then it’s probably best to ask questions that deal with regulation and licensing so ensure you may be in compliance with any federal or local laws.

As for the personal financing part, are you sure you have the liquidity to do something like this?

Most of my other blog posts have been concentrated toward people who are looking to leverage the internet to turn a profit in the form of a side hustle.

If you’re looking to this as a side hustle, then it is probably for the best that you keep these ideas in your back pocket until you have the discretionary income to utilize for trying these things out for yourself.

What do I mean?

When I was chillin’ in a winter-chilled apartment and with several layers of blankets while I’m sitting on my couch in downtown Detroit — yeah, the landlord was that stingy — I needed a way to make just a few more bucks to make ends meet.

When I found a coaching program that taught how to do lead generation with free traffic, I knew that advertising costs would be low and profits could be high; this was my chance to get ahead.

A year later, I was able to walk away from my corporate job and the $35k salary because I had a passive income of $10k each and every month — predictably and reliably.

Below is an example of how I could whip together some virtual real estate that generates a nice return on investment (ROI) with less than a business day’s worth of work (see below):


The image above shows you how you can be ahead of the competition and leverage the marketplace to your advantage with a little bit of work to generate massive gains — without the biggest roll of the dice with your cash in a side hustle that you can implement skill with to get ahead.

Today I’m sitting at 4 to 5 times that much in a single month’s revenue — which allows me the time and financial base to explore these day trading platforms and bring you the information and insight on them.

If you’re looking to build wealth that you can then turn around and attempt to build upon even further through day trading, there are only a few seats left in our lead generation coaching program. Check it out only if you’re serious about raking in the cash!

Please invest responsibly; if you need your money for you gas bill or to buy groceries, please don’t sacrifice your needs for something like this — I am writing about day trading and I still personally find it a gamble.

If you’re still considering Day Training for your side hustle, I hope you’re being honest with yourself about how you can work the system to your advantage.

That being said, you still have the opportunity to land some epic deals in the course of your training — provided you can day trade like the best and confidently.

Confidence and competence don’t necessarily measure up to the same thing, however.

You’ll need a Day Trading program that guides you and prepares your higher faculties for assessing data and making smart decisions on what to do with your money which you seek to try and build upon.

What separates this course from others is how open the company is in assisting the graduates (within the last few days of the course) to develop their own personal plan for success. 

When the last days of the course are devoted to this, the instructors seek to ensure your preparation is adequate so you can tackle your career goals and financial wealth dreams.

The individual interest that TradePro takes with their students is a unique form of customer service in this cut-throat industry and one of the many reasons I enjoyed putting this company on the list for your benefit. 

Day Trading Academy

Otherwise known as DTA, the Day Trading Academy is a Day Trading education option found to be typically reserved for those most dedicated to picking up the craft completely.

It can’t be stated enough: this is a tough field to get into and the complexities can be a tough nut for your mind to crack.   

If Day Trading is something you’re approaching casually as a source of side income, then DTA probably isn’t for you.

Their company abdicates responsibility for their student’s success since the actions that any person takes is out of their control; however, they heartily advocate that those willing to work hard and dedicate the required energy, time, focus, and commitment required to improve personal skill and knowledge to be successful at day trading would be a good fit.   

The barrier of entry isn’t kind for those that are tire kickers – hence the stringent pitch not to have some types of people join in learning the material with this company’s training model. 

  • Most – if not all – courses require attendance in-person
  • Live classes are the way that Day Trading Academy delivers at a high level
  • This has proven to be a barrier to entry for many who simply can’t arrive or stay for the entire course in-town
  • Seating at the live courses are extremely limited
  • Admission is expensive for a variety of factors

Upon being lucky enough to afford – and earn – your seat in a live course, you are numbered among your fellow students and then divided into separate groups. 

In case you were thinking that you could wing off of the group work of another attendee, they’ve done a great job of considering whether you’ll make it through the course without knowing your stuff. 

In fact, upon arrival, your level of competency is taken into account when you are divided into your groups for the remainder of the course; that means if you’re brand new to the world of Day Trading, you can look forward to earning your stripes by being selected among a cohort of like-minded individuals.

Their training doesn’t stop there, however. 

When you reach the more advanced classes, you’ll get some additional tips – including the powerful role that psychology plays in successful careers in Day Trading.   

Computers were made by people – and, as a result, their metrics and predictions are also not perfect. 

Instead of relying on software and algorithms, your Day Trading Academy’s overarching curriculum can facilitate your understanding of the basics and shift you into leveraging the tried and true methodology for exploring price action and comprehending the market pricing indices.

If you want to step into the game brand new and avoid playing small ball, the big wigs that come out of this training platform are ready to grind! 

Investor’s Underground

Investor’s Underground is another great way to get a solid education on Day Trading, and this resource focuses mostly on video lessons.

These are some of the most comprehensive and well-made videos on the web, and they break down even the most complex Day Trading concepts in an easy-to-digest manner.

Their entry level course comes with:

  • 8 hours of videos
  • access to the full video library
  • and 1-on-1 mentorship with a professional

Like many of the courses mentioned here, the Investor’s Underground begins with a free beginner’s class. 

It’s an excellent introduction and brief exposure to what you could be getting into so you can make a more educated decision on whether or not you wish to spend your hard earned money getting trained for something you could love – or could hate. 

Beyond that introductory session (at no cost), you’ll be extended the opportunity to pay for a more extensive education in your future.  

Stock Whisperer

Aside from having a pretty cool name, Stock Whisperer is definitely one of the most popular options out there for people who want to learn all about Day Trading.

This course is establishing itself as one of the most useful for anyone who’s new to the game.

This brand offers a variety of courses, and one of them focuses on Day Trading.

Another is a workshop format called Counting The Cards Of Wall Street

Not just cleverly named, this program gives students the necessary tools to:

  • identify trends,
  • notice financial patterns, and…
  • assess probabilities in the stock market.

Students will also be equipped with the basic knowledge they need to become successful Day Traders, as well as more specific tricks and “hacks” that you can use to get ahead of the competition.   

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of options available to anyone who wants to try their hand at Day Trading.

It might seem like a rigged game that only professionals profit from, but that just isn’t necessarily the case.

In fact, it’s one of the easiest things to get into these days.

There are countless entrepreneurs out there who are seeking to generate an impressive income – and a few that actually do – with nothing more than a cursory knowledge of the Day Trading field.

The truth is that investing in your education is one of the most intelligent moves you can make.

Even if you simply sign up for a one-day crash course in Day Trading, you’ll still have a massive advantage going into the gamble of playing with marketing trends which are completely out of your own control. 

Perhaps that’s what attracts people to the industry…

  • High risk
  • High reward
  • Not that much competition who really know what they’re doing

This investment could provide you with a lifetime supply of money – if handled smartly and a little luck is in your favor.

If you land success early on, you can…

  • Find your education reimbursed from the money you’ve brought in
  • End up really investing more of your time than anything else
  • Hope to see major returns on your efforts

The vast majority of these courses offer plenty of free training that you can learn from initially for exposure and serious consideration about making the educational investment with the larger programs (see above).   

There’s really no reason for you to ignore these free courses if you want to try your hand at Day Trading. 

Sitting with these resources and taking good notes may be man considered mandatory before you start trading for the first time.

Those that don’t put the necessary time and effort into Day Trading shouldn’t expect to succeed.

But if you take the crucial step of educating yourself, you’re almost guaranteed success.

The Best Financial Investment is Local Lead Generation in 2021

We’ve been discussing financial investment options for the past several minutes…

While they’re good to know, the vast majority of people may not be a good fit for such courses. 


3 Word: Not Enough Money!

I personally didn’t begin exploring this kind of space until my side hustle of local lead generation for small business was bringing in – at the very least — $10,000.00 in passive income.

That means I was still going to be able to afford my daily living expenses whether I was successful with my discretionary income being put into the risk of Day Trading. 

If you don’t have that kind of wealth yet, then financial investments and day trading may not be a good fit for you.

After all – and we’ve all heard it in advertisements before – we should only invest what we can afford to lose.

I wouldn’t put my gas money or electric bill into Day Trading and risk having the lights or heat shut off in the winter time. 

Even when I was making $35k in downtown Detroit, the low-rent apartment complex I was subjected to wouldn’t turn the heat on even when I “was” paying the bill on time. 

It wasn’t until I found the local lead generation coaching program online that helped me to really change my life in the time span of 1 year. 

While it may not be an entrepreneurial fit for everyone, I can share my experience of having walked away from my corporate 9 to 5 and earning myself a better apartment – one with heat that I could turn on and off when I wanted to – with a part-time income of $10k per month. 

How did I do it? 

Well, the coaching program I learned from showed me a very simple process that I still use to this day…

  1. Create your lead gen site
  2. Rank it on Google search results – GET THAT FREE TRAFFIC, BABY!!!
  3. Pocket your profits

There’s really not much more to it! 

If you can turn on a computer and have some reasonable typing skills – hunting and pecking is also an acceptable strategy – then you can work this business model; in fact, there are people with less technologically-inclined skillsets that have profited wildly from what I’m sharing with you. 

This is what the result looks like when you’ve got your ducks in a row with lead gen with free traffic:


When positioned at the top of the marketplace online, you can generate buyer leads and send them to small businesses — those are your prospective customers who already have a marketing budget set aside to bring in more business.

When it comes to local lead generation, your business owners are happy to pay you to keep bringing them more paying clients. 

What’s awesome about this kind of business model is that I can …

  • Work anywhere I want, and wake up whenever I choose – I’m the boss of my lead gen business
  • Benefit from High-Profit Margins in the same business model that other companies have been using for years (like Uber and Airbnb): bring in referrals and send them over to service providers for a sliver to deliver
  • Little to No competition – I can compete for referrals from free traffic against 10 to 20 companies, then send those buyers to one of them and get paid monthly – for years
  • Own virtual real estate that business owners can rent from you for the life that they’re producing results for you (and them)
  • Establish a trend working toward a high 6 or 7 figure salary – without the full-time week like doctors and lawyers have to put in with the hope of matching your level of income

I assure you – it’s a nice feeling to be able to wake up in the morning and think about what I’m going to do that day because all of my bills are paid and I can afford to indulge a little. 

It wasn’t like that a few short years ago, and this lead generation coaching program has changed my life forever! 

If it wasn’t for this, I would still be in Detroit and probably working that same $35k corporate gig that I still had to walk to every morning… whether the weather was below freezing or snow was on the ground; they didn’t care if I fell and injured myself on my morning commute, then just wanted me working for them each and every day. 

Now that I’m out of that rut and making $50,000 per month in part-time income (you read that right), I can continue to grow my wealth by putting together assets that generate passive income like this limo lead gen site in Lansing, Michigan. 

What’s cool about this is I actually put in less than 7 hours of labor to get this thing producing for me and the business partner I have pays me like clockwork (see it below):


If you’re ready to get that side hustle income started from leveraging the internet, or you seek to make good things happen for you in the local lead generation space, CLICK HERE to hit me up and we can talk more about how this could be a good fit for you! 

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