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Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses 2023 (Ranking Courses in Each Digital Marketing Business Model)

July 31, 2023

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of online strategies such as social media, search engines, and email marketing to promote brands to consumers. The aim is to generate online traffic and boost revenue faster than it would take you if you implemented traditional marketing methods such as cold calling, door knocking, billboards, and more. According to one study, digital marketing can increase brand awareness by 80% which is why 99% of business do well in implementing a digital marketing strategy. 

I've reviewed several digital media marketing courses, and even though many provide little value, there are a good number of courses that teach you valuable digital marketing skills. Is there a complete digital marketing course worth buying? In this article, I've compiled a list of the best digital marketing courses that are currently teaching profitable skills that work in 2023. I break down the top social media marketing, affiliate marketing, paid ads, and SEO courses that are worth looking into. No free online course was added to this list of online digital marketing courses. After all, a free digital marketing course will not provide you with the value necessary to start a legit business online.

Social Media Marketing Courses

TikTok Rapid Growth Program by Keith Krance

TikTok Rapid Growth Program is a digital marketing course where you learn how to grow and monetize your brand on TikTok, and it is full of value for people who think it's worth starting a digital marketing agency. Keith is a digital marketing specialist who teaches you how to create videos based on your personality. When you join his program, you can access his TikTok Video Builder and example library to give you ideas on what to create. There are 5 video training modules covering all steps you need to take.


You get 3 weeks of coaching from Keith where he provides you with constructive criticism on what you can improve on and what steps to take. 

Keith has all students share their TikTok handles so everyone can follow and support each other.

You learn how to make content that you can scale to Instagram and YouTube.

Private Facebook community. 


TikTok advertising is getting more expensive each year. 

The US government is considering banning TikTok and the state of Montana already has. 


TikTok Rapid Growth Program costs $497.


Instagram Hacks University by Taijaun Reshard

Instagram Hacks University is a course that teaches you how to grow your business by paying Instagram shoutout pages a couple hundred dollars to promote your ad selling your digital products or services. When you join the program, you get a list of the best Instagram promo pages. There are over 5 hours of content and are provided with templates, documents, and scripts.


Taijaun teaches the methods he currently uses in his business.

He has made over 6-figures with this business model. 

You get access to their private Slack chat for continued support and mentorship.


Many scam shoutout pages exist that will promise to promote your content, but just take your money.

You don't control how many followers you get. 


Instagram Hacks University costs $1,497.


TikTok Insiders by Maxwell Finn

TikTok Insiders is a library of social media advertising training videos that teaches marketers how to grow their business on TikTok. You will learn all of Maxwell's strategies on how to grow your following and increase your monthly revenue. This is one of the more in-depth TikTok courses that are available to purchase online. 


Maxwell trains you on how to do hashtag research for maximum exposure.

Training on how to research trends. 

Maxwell provides you with 150 high-performing hooks. 

Over 50 winning ad examples to implement. 


Barely any non-affiliated reviews. 

Competition is increasing on TikTok which equates to TikTok ads being more difficult to compete for traffic. 


TikTok Insiders costs $99 per month or $997 for the first year. 


Online Revenue System by Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis

Online Revenue System is one of the few online courses that still teaches you how to make money by becoming a social media manager. They provide you with a software called SociSpy. With their CRM, you can identify business owners in need of a social media manager.


SociSpy CRM that helps you find business owners whose social media profiles need someone to manage them consistently. 

Many business owners need help with their social channels.

Private Facebook group for support. 


Social media management is not a passive way to make money even if you schedule content beforehand.

You have to pay extra to use to SociSpy CRM to the maximum of its capabilities.


Online Revenue system costs $17. 


Chat Money System by Marcel Fernandes

Chat Money System is a digital marketing training that teaches you how to become a digital marketing broker by sending direct messages to businesses on Instagram and connecting them with digital marketing service providers. This training program has over 13 training modules that show you what steps you need to take to make money. You also get DM scripts you can use when reaching out to business owners. 


Marcel shows you how to locate potential clients. 

This business model works in any country that allows social media. 

Inexpensive course. 


No private community for support. 

Not a passive way to make money online. 

Many business owners don't respond to their DMs.


Chat Money System costs $97 and $28.62 per month for continued coaching.


Influencer Marketing Courses

The Influencer Bootcamp by Christina Galbato

The Influencer Bootcamp is an online digital marketing course that teaches influencers how to grow their social media presence on Instagram. You learn how to build your brand from scratch. Christina reveals what tools to use and even what camera preset settings to implement so you can bring your IG photos to life. The course is well laid out and presented in a clear and modern format. You also get access to a media kit and email pitch templates. 


Training on how to leverage Instagram to become profitable with affiliate marketing.

Christina uncovers the secret to growing an engaged audience. 

You learn how to reach out to brand contacts and PR agencies to establish a professional relationship.


Christina only shows you how to make money on Instagram, no other social platforms. 

Some tools she has you use are expensive.


Influencer Bootcamp costs $2,497.


Affiliate Marketing Courses

Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is an online marketing course that shows you how to make money by promoting affiliate offers. For 6 weeks, you learn all of John Crestani's affiliate marketing strategies that currently work for him in his business. John shares the funnels, landing pages, email templates, affiliate network referrals, and more. He also hosts weekly coaching calls for his students. 


Paid traffic training. 

Private Facebook group. 

Over 50 hours of step-by-step video training. 


John only teaches how to use ClickBank.

No training on how to generate free organic traffic. 


Super Affiliate System costs $997. 


The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

The Affiliate Lab is a digital marketing program that shows you how to sell your affiliate sites for over 40X the monthly revenue it generates. Matt's digital strategy is a bit different than other affiliate marketing courses. There are over 160 training videos that will reveal how to position your affiliate sites in a way that will make them highly profitable. Matt shares tools, templates, checklists, and more to help you in your business.


Matt teaches you current high-level SEO strategies.

He actively engages and helps students whenever they have questions or need more guidance.

Matt's course is updated regularly.


It can take months or years to build the authority of your affiliate site.

You have to put in the initial investment which can be high if you are to build your sites authority.


Affiliate Lab costs $997. 


Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero 2.0 is geared towards showing you how to find affiliate offers to promote on ClickBank. Robby shows you how to use Facebook ads and YouTube ads to generate more traffic to your offers. This is a 6-week program that provides you with automation tools, lead gen training, and more. There is also bonus training that is added to the platform.


Private Facebook group. 

Weekly coaching calls. 

You are trained on how to leverage SnapChat to generate more traffic to your offers. 

Training on how to promote offers on other affiliate networks like Perform CB and Digistore24. 


One of the more expensive affiliate marketing courses.

Robby relies too much on paid traffic to generate more traffic. 


Commission Hero 2.0 costs $2,497.


YouTube Marketing Courses

YouTube Shorts Mentorship by Robert Benjamin

YouTube Shorts Mentorship is a marketing course that shows you how to grow your YouTube channel through the creation of YouTube shorts. Robert reveals his content marketing strategies of what to post, when to post, what thumbnails to post, and more. You also learn how to stay up to date with the latest trends so that you ensure your YT shorts are optimized for the algorithm.


6 step course teaching you about how YouTube works. 

Weekly check-ins with coaches. 

Training on how to improve your YouTube shorts. 


They apply the same strategies to different accounts even though they say each plan is personalized.

Mediocre support for students. 

YouTube videos can take a long time to before they go viral, IF they go viral.


YouTube Shorts Mentorship costs $297. 


Jet Video Academy by Greg Kononenko & Alen Sehovic

Jet Video Academy will show you how to start and scale a YouTube channel. There are 10 training modules that cover all aspects of monetizing a YouTube channel. Greg and Alen cover the basics of getting setup, choosing a niche, creating content, getting your first 1,000 subscribers, and more. 


You learn all of the newest changes to the YouTube algorithm.

Greg and Alen teach you the tactics they use to monetize YouTube channels.

Training on how to create YouTube channels without having to be on camera.


There is no guarantee that your YouTube channel will become profitable. 

YouTube is getting more saturated each year.


Jet Video Academy costs $497.


Facebook Ads Courses

6-Figure Agency by Billy Willson

6 figure agency created by Billy Willson

The 6-Figure Agency by Billy Willson is a Facebook marketing course that goes beyond just showing you how to run ads on Facebook. This course shows you how to start an entire Facebook advertising agency. There are over 6 training modules and he shares cold call and email scripts that will give you a guideline when prospecting businesses. There is a private Facebook group for support and you are provided with bonus videos that show you how to put ads together for certain industries like chiropractors and dentists.


Training on landing page creation for your Facebook ad.

Private community on Facebook for support and mentorship. 

In-depth training on how to build an entire agency instead of just learning how to run Facebook ads. 


Billy seems to be focused on running a lead generation business for car dealerships instead of teaching how to run a Facebook advertising agency. 

The cost to run ads on Facebook is rising exponentially each year. 


6-Figure Agency costs $997.


Google Ads Course

Paid Traffic Mastery by Kasim Aslam

Paid Traffic Mastery was once taught by Molly Pittman, and Facebook ads were the highlight. Since 2022, Kasim Aslam has been at the helm and you will learn more about how to create a successful Google ad campaign for yourself or for other businesses. There are also a couple of YouTube and Facebook ads training modules. There are over 72 training videos that go along with tools, templates, and worksheets. Kasim is digital marketer and CEO of one of the top ranked Google agencies in the world, so his digital marketing specialization is Google paid ads, which means his methods are current. You also learn how to make the best use of Google analytics to monitor your ad campaigns. When you finish this course, you are given a digital marketing certification provided by Digital Marketer.


Kasim has other marketing experts teaching YT and FB ads. 

Inexpensive program that provides more value. 

Kasim teaches you Google ads in a simple to understand manner. 

You learn how to monitor the marketing analytics for your digital marketing campaign.


LinkedIn training was removed. 

No private community for support. 


Paid Traffic Mastery costs $495.


SEO Courses

The Blueprint Training by Ryan Stewart

The Blueprint Training is an SEO training course that helps up-and-coming SEOs and digital marketers build their business. Ryan's training shows marketing professionals how to quote prospects, achieve results for them based on their niche and needs, and more. This is an 8-week search engine marketing training where Ryan's team provides you with plenty of support as you start and run your business. 


Ryan covers basic and advanced SEO strategies. 

Ryan hosts live bi-weekly coaching calls. 

You are provided with SEO tools that help you run your business efficiently and in an organized manner. 


SEO can pay you thousands of dollars up front, but take a long time to provide results. 


The Blueprint Training costs $5,000.


Traffic Hacks Accelerator by Greg Morrison

Traffic Hacks teaches you how to rank websites on Google and make money for doing it. You also learn how to rank your clients' The goal is to help you grow your business past $100,000 in revenue. Ryan and his team help you run your business efficiently and have more time for other things.


You learn how to automate your business with the help of the automation software Ryan provides you.

Sales training. 

Live webinars every month. 

Private Facebook group that provides you with support. 


One year contract to be in the course. 

SEO takes time for you to see any results, even if you are ranking your own sites. 

High price-point.


Traffic Hacks Accelerator costs $497/month for 12 months. 


Local Lead Generation Training Program by Dan Klein

The Local Lead Generation training program shows you how to rank services sites you own and send free organic traffic to local businesses who need more customers. In the process, you get a sliver to deliver those leads to them. There are live coaching calls twice per week where Dan and other highly successful students touch on current strategies that help you rank your sites. If you want to reach financial freedom, this is the best digital marketing course. You are taught every step of how to make money online.


You learn how to build each service site so that if makes site visitors want to take action. 

All of the SEO methods taught in this course are white hat, current and proven to rank sites locally and nationally.

You'll learn about PBN's which will help your sites rank locally.

Highly active private Facebook group where you get access to many contacts and resources that help you succeed.


The cost of the Local Lead Generation Training Program is revealed over the phone with the sales team. 


Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than Running an Digital Marketing Agency

Local lead generation is better than running an online digital marketing agency because you own your digital assets. You aren't putting in endless work to improve someone else's digital property. Owning your digital assets means you will always get paid each month because they will continue generating leads for your local small business clients. 

I explain how this business works in the following video. 

A digital marketing agency can benefit from implementing local lead generation. By generating leads for local small business owners, they will be happy to pay you every month for consistent and exclusive leads. The more sites you build, the more money you can make. As long as your sites rank at the top of the search results, they will generate leads. This translates into you getting paid predictably each month. 

After you rank your sites, there is not much else you need to do but monitor the rankings and maybe refresh the content from time to time, which is a good practice for the Google algorithm.

There are over 7000 students who are actively building out their digital assets so they can generate leads for local businesses and get paid a recurring passive income. 

To learn how to do the same without all the high overhead costs, check out the local lead generation training program.

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