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Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses 2023, Make 6-7 Figures Online

January 11, 2023

In this review, I'm going to go over what the best online digital marketing courses are here in 2021.

We'll go over what they teach, if they provide any legit value and later on, how they compare to my #1 online business model.

There's a variety of courses out there that teach each digital business model, but the question is...

Which one offers the best value?

Below is the criteria I used to rank these courses in their respective business models...

In my opinion, I feel that these points are what most people need to know when they're thinking about investing in a course.

Hopefully, these rankings will help make your decision easier when choosing not only a business model, but also the best course to go for.

Let's first get into the Facebook ads courses and see which are the best to invest in.

Facebook Ads Courses

4.) Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook - Billy Gene

Course length: 3 hours 37 minutes    Price: $34.00

  • In-depth lesson on copywriting
  • Billy explains the importance of sales and shares his proven scripts that convert
  • You can download Billy's Digital Marketing Workbook
  • There aren't any PDF's of his demographic analysis

Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook Details:

Billy Gene is very active on social media and you've most likely seen his ads on every platform. He's known for how well he can teach and explains the hardest parts of this business to you.

This Facebook ads course is divided into 18 sections and in each one, he shares special tips. You’ll also learn how to create your ads from the ground up, using sophisticated ad copy to capture and convert leads. 

With this course, there’s a great deal of emphasis placed on the actual planning process behind sales and marketing strategies. Just like any aspect of your business, it's always best to take time and plan out every little detail.

Billy Gene is a master at upselling, retargeting, and creating effective sales bridges. His enthusiasm is on 1000% honestly. You can tell he’s happy to share what he knows on all of these concepts and more. 

You’ll also learn about various types of ad formats and how to choose the right one depending what niche you're in. You’ll even get a helpful marketing workbook that can help you as you become more independent and create your own marketing strategies. 

Billy Gene is definitely well-respected in the industry, and I highly recommend this course.

Don’t just take my word for it and definitely don't be intimidated by how he acts in his videos.

I think it's hilarious.

Read the reviews, and you’ll find that this course has an almost perfect average score of 4.7 out of 5. 

Why not give this one a chance?

It could be one of the best decisions you make.

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • This course covers the essential skills needed to create winning ads (copywriting & sales)
Biggest Issue
  • Facebook ads are more expensive each year


Billy is full of energy and can be convincing in his ads.

He talks a big game but he backs it up in the amount of value he provides. 

This course is great for beginners as well as those who are already familiar with Facebook ads but need help creating ads that really convert.

Creating effective paid ads on facebook course rating: 4.0/5

or you can purchase the course here.

3.) Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass - Kevin David

Course length: 15 hours 5 minutes     Price: $1,997.00

FB Ads Ninja Mini Icon
  • Kevin shares proven methods and techniques throughout this FB ads course
  • Kevin's enthusiasm is clearly felt throughout the entire course
  • This is a very comprehensive course so you can easily learn Facebook ads
  • You'll hear Kevin pitch other courses
  • Some parts of this course seem repetitive and at times out of order

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Details:

Third best Facebook ads course is is the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.

Sounds like there's no way this course can steer you wrong with all the ninja stuff, right?

This is a course that'll teach you how to start running Facebook ads for your clients or even if you wanted to run ads for your own business.

Kevin David does a great job at explaining the important steps you need to follow to make this business plan work for you.

From getting started in the Facebook Business Manager section and installing the Facebook pixel, to creating ads, targeting the ideal audience for the niche you're in and retargeting, you're going to learn it all.

Soup to nuts, as they say. 

If Kevin would've gone a bit deeper into how to best craft ad copy, that may have moved this course into the second position.

Because of that, the bronze trophy goes to you Ninja Masterclass.

Still, this course is going to take you from beginner to Facebook ads ninja.

You'll learn everything that's necessary.

Kevin provides plenty of value by sharing his phone and email templates he's used to get clients which will help out big time when prospecting.

For a completely new person to the marketing world, that's priceless.

Kevin David

Kevin David got rich off of Amazon FBA.

He's a 7-figure CEO & Owner of THATLifestyleNinja. He's also the creator of his digital marketing courses that teach Facebook ads, Amazon FBA and Shopify.

He loves to share his knowledge and it's obvious as you go through his courses.

Thousands of his students have become successful because of what Kevin teaches and you can be one of those. 

No scammer here.

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • You learn everything about Facebook ads, as well as time and money saving tactics 
Biggest Issue
  • The cost of the course


Kevin covers everything you need to know and then some.

You'll have a greater understanding of Facebook ads than most people.  

All in all, you won't be wasting your money or time here if you really want to learn FB ads and will work hard at it.

Facebook ads ninja masterclass course rating: 4.0/5

2.) 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency - Billy Willson

Course length: 8 hours and 17 minutes.  Price: $500.00
  • Billy's course is easy to follow
  • He does a good job of sharing proven funnels for different niches
  • When it comes to cold calling, you'll learn what's important for you to keep in mind so you can close clients
  • I would have liked to see Billy spend some more time on copywriting best practices. More examples would've been great
  • In his webinar, he makes it seem as if the 3-step funnel is the only thing you need to make 6 figures. If you want the high-ticket clients, there are more steps 
  • There's definitely a lot of testing that goes on with this business model. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars over a few days and not see any returns.
6-Figure Facebook ads agency details:

This young entrepreneur epically dropped out of college and for good reason.

What's more impressive is what he's been able to accomplish since then.

This course is one of those accomplishments no doubt. 

Trust me.

You're going to get what you paid for here.

Billy does a very good job teaching it all when it comes to Facebook ads.

I think it's awesome how he isn't rushing to get through the videos. That'll be obvious as you go through the course.

From getting all set-up and familiar in the Facebook Business Manager to the creation of ads and learning how to monitor your conversion, Billy teaches it all.

Towards the end of the course, Billy provides some serious value by sharing the entire funnels he's used that really are proven to work for niches such as dentists and even chiropractors.

Make sure to take note of those if you go into those niches because they'll put you a step ahead of the competition.

As my great mentor and friend Dan always says, 

"success leaves clues"