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15+ Best Dropshipping eCommerce Courses of 2024 (Expensive to Affordable Options)

May 25, 2024

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a popular online business model where you can get paid for selling products without having to own any physical products. All you do is promote products in a variety of ways and take orders. After orders are placed through your website, you then take them directly to suppliers who will handle all the logistics required to getting the products shipped to your customers.

Making money with dropshipping is possible, you just need to find a reliable supplier who is manufacturing durable products and who provides you with fast shipping times. You must also always "keep your ear to the streets" for finding the next profitable product because mostly every product has an expiration date. Not only that, you must find several ways to promote products to ensure that you are getting in front of as many people as possible. People who are most likely to buy from you. 

After reviewing several dropshipping courses, we've found that some courses provide more value than others. In this article, we'll go through a list of the best dropshipping courses in 2024 that thousands of people are buying into with the goal of earning a passive income. 

Expensive Dropshipping Courses

eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison

eCom Success Academy is considered by many to be the top dropshipping course online and it was the very first dropshipping course in the market. Adrian not only shows you how to find products that are trendy, he also shows you how to run highly profitable Facebook ads that will turn site visitors into customers. You learn how to use funnels and how to best setup your Shopify store for conversions. 


Adrian has close ties to Facebook (Meta) which may increase the confidence you have in his Facebook advertising training

Live coaching each week 

Training on how to leverage email marketing to generate more sales for your Shopify store

Adrian shows you how to sell your dropshipping business after you've built a reputable brand


No training on how to leverage Google ads, Instagram, or Twitter

Adrian isn't always accessible in the group

Facebook ad cost is rising and making it more difficult to compete for traffic


eCom Success Academy costs $2,495


Dropship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly

image of dropship lifestyle logo

Dropshipping Lifestyle by Anton Kraly is one of the best and more expensive dropshipping programs online. Anton teaches you how to dropship high-ticket products and how to find suppliers that are in the United States as opposed to using suppliers from China. You learn how to optimize your Shopify website in a way that drives more traffic and sales, how to decide on which niche to get into, and more.


In-depth dropshipping course that was awarded the Shopify award for best dropshipping course in 2017

You get help with niche selection, supplier request templates, digital software, and more

One-on-one coaching with dropshipping experts 

Live annual events for students and team members to meet


Anton's training only teaches you how to dropship with Shopify

Expensive training program

Difficult to find reliable high end suppliers overseas and in the US that won't run out of stock quickly


Dropship Lifestyle has three pricing options: 

Premium Package: $3,497

Ultimate Package: $9,997 (6-month program)

Unlimited Package: $25,000 (12-month program)


Launchers Academy by Jaiden Vu

Launchers Academy by Jaiden Vu is a dropshipping mentorship program. Jaiden and his team of Melissa Ng and Christy Liu offer a more personalize approach to teach you how to build and scale your Shopify dropshipping stores. They keep the number of students in their program small so that they can help each of the students. The Launchers Academy team will audit your landing pages and campaigns each week, which is something you don't see in other courses. 


Live 24/7 support

Weekly coaching calls

The coaches help you each week with your Shopify stores

They host their private community on a Slack


They sell you the Launchers Academy Success Kit for $97 where you'll learn the same information in the higher ticket course which they upsell you


Launchers Academy costs $995


Ecom Revolution by Sebastian Esqueda

Ecom Revolution is a Shopify dropshipping course by Sebastian Esqueda. This course targets beginners and advanced e-commerce enthusiasts. Sebastian is a successful TikTok dropshipper and YouTuber with over 81k subscribers. He offers expertise in building profitable online businesses. The course provides over 90 instructional videos. Sebastian covers topics like Shopify setup, TikTok advertising, and strategies for brand dominance. It also features case studies, access to an exclusive Discord community, and personal consulting calls. Potential participants should consider the high cost. They should also consider the lack of external reviews before investing.

Price: The Ecom Revolution course costs $1,997.

More Info: Ecom Revolution Review

Dropship Breakthru by Jon Warren & Ben Knegendorf

Dropship Breakthru by Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf, offers an extensive high-ticket dropshipping program, guiding individuals through product selection, Shopify website creation, and traffic generation via SEO. The course stands out for its emphasis on sourcing high-value items from local suppliers for swift customer delivery, diverging from conventional dropshipping methods. Despite the simplicity of the dropshipping concept, the program provides comprehensive insights into business management facets such as sales tax and email marketing. The course ensures accessibility while promising substantial returns for dedicated learners committed to navigating the complexities of high-ticket dropshipping.

Price: Dropship Breakthru costs $2,497. 

More Info: Dropship Breakthru Review

Affordable Dropshipping Courses

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 by AC Hampton

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 is another great option for dropshipping courses and it's affordable. AC Hampton teaches you how to build and scale your Shopify dropshipping eCommerce store from scratch with the help of some essential tools. They updated this course in 2022 with the newest strategies and the content is more precise. AC's top way to generate traffic for your Shopify store and products is through Facebook ads. The course has over 30 training videos and they provide you with a list of 950 winning product ideas to help you take a shortcut in your product research phase.


AC is an 8-figure business coach and eCom expert

AC includes web design and SEO training to help you rank your product listings

They hold live coaching calls each week

You learn how to set up an LLC and be legally compliant


You don't get to learn how to promote your products on other platforms like TikTok, Google ads or YouTube

Email marketing training is over explained


The Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 course costs $597


Performance Dropshipping by Hayden Bowles

Performance Dropshipping by Hayden Bowles helps you scale your Shopify store with the help of TikTok and Facebook ads. You even learn how to move beyond just being a store and transition to becoming an established brand in the marketplace. Hayden's focus in this course is on how to scale. To help you gain an advantage on your competitors, Hayden also shares his sourcing sites and agents. The same ones that helped him scale his stores and earn him millions of dollars.


They updated the course in 2021 (From Hacking Shopify Dropshipping to Performance Dropshipping)

Training on how to use TikTok ads to promote your products

Hayden provides you with many bonus training videos

9 modules with over 50 training videos


No private community for support (Facebook or Discord)

No training on how to promote your products with Google ads

Lots of the content in Hayden's course can be learned by just subscribing to his and other dropshipping guru's YouTube channels


The Performance Dropshipping course costs $500


Cheap Dropshipping Courses

eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett's eCom Elites is the best of the cheaper dropshipping courses that teaches you how to get started with dropshipping. This course contains a lot of information. You get over 34 hours of training videos divided into 10 comprehensive modules. There is a private Facebook community for support and each week, Franklin holds live Q&A coaching calls. 


Franklin Hatchett gives you real-world examples of profitable products and strategies

Inexpensive price to learn the basics of dropshipping

Easy to follow instruction

You learn how to generate traffic on Facebook, Instagram, and Google as well as how to leverage email marketing and Chatbots to grow your dropshipping business


Some parts of the course seem like overkill because they are repetitive

No training on how to automate certain parts of your dropshipping business

You aren't provided with any technical support if any issues arise


eCom Elites costs $197


More info:

The Ecomm Clubhouse by Sarah Chrisp (Wholesale Ted)

The Ecomm Clubhouse, by Sarah Chrisp of Wholesale Ted, is another inexpensive option to learn the basics of the dropshipping business model and print on demand. The training is presented in step-by-step video tutorials, you get sales training, and even learn how to scale your business by hiring virtual assistants. There are also live coaching Q&A calls held each month.


Sarah and the Wholesale Ted team are well known and very respected in the dropshipping community

Supporting PDF documents with each lesson

Sarah teaches different, scientifically proven, sales psychology techniques to get customers to spend more money with you

Over 9 hours of video content for a low price per month


Sarah only focuses on teaching you Facebook ads to promote your products

Product research training is mediocre

No private community for support


The Ecomm Clubhouse costs $67 per month


Effortless Ecom by Dontrell Lyons

Dontrell Lyons' Effortless Ecom offers a detailed program for starting an automated e-commerce business, targeting beginners using the “3-Phase Rapid Implementation Masterclass.” It features unique strategies, including partnerships with USAdrop to enhance buying power. The program's emphasis on collaboration and collective efforts for market positioning is also what makes it unique. Lyons' 15-year background adds credibility to the program.


Effortless Ecom provides a comprehensive course and training in ecommerce operations.

The program is friendly for beginners.

Effortless Ecom provides a monthly list of top products in the market. This results in an increase in positive customers wanting to buy products.


The program requires an upfront cost to start your business.

Effortless Ecom relies on platforms like Facebook and TikTok as their sales funnel. This makes the market volatile.

Dontrell Lyon doesn't guarantee your personal results using his program.


Effortless Ecom's current price is $27 for the entire bundle.

Ecom Brands

Ecom Brands is a Shopify store provider that offers a pre-built branded website and in-depth dropshipping training for only $15. claims to partner with Shopify. It offers key features like product details and selection, website design, and supplier access. By providing pre-built stores, members can immediately start dropshipping and generating income. They also offer support to manage and scale your online store. Ecom Brands is for individuals seeking convenience in setting up their Shopify store. It's also for those who are aiming for financial freedom through the dropshipping business model.


Ecom Brands offer pre-built Shopify stores that are convenient for users.

The program is beginner-friendly by providing pre-built stores and support.

Ecom Brands is cost-effective. With $15, you can have your an online dropshipping store


The program has gained a reputation as a scam and has a lot of negative reviews.

Purchasing a pre-built store creates a gap of knowledge in understanding dropshipping.

Ecommerce Brands pre-built online ecommerce stores don't address product and niche saturation in dropshipping.


Ecom Brands' pre-built store costs $15.

More info:

Dropshipping Courses for Beginners

Ecom Remastered by Austin Rabin

Austin Rabin, a skilled Shopify dropshipper and e-commerce expert, offers the Ecom Remastered program to target beginners and entrepreneurs in e-commerce. Priced between $1,000-$2,000, the comprehensive mentorship promises to guide participants toward making $10,000 monthly. The curriculum covers dropshipping, web design, social media marketing, supply chain management, email/SMS marketing, and more. Ecom Remastered includes live Zoom calls, Q&A sessions, tutorial videos, resources, and a community for collaborative learning. While the program's details are limited, it is well-received online, with consistent, informative content across social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Austin Rabin Review

Build Assets Online by Mike & Joe Brusca

Build Assets Online is an online course by Mike and Joe Brusca that teaches various e-commerce business strategies, including dropshipping, Kindle Publishing, and Amazon FBA. Aimed at all levels of entrepreneurs, it offers extensive training but has been critiqued for possibly overwhelming beginners with its wide range of topics.

Despite some skepticism about its broad success claims, the course is well-regarded for its detailed guidance on building profitable online businesses, leveraging the profitable trends in dropshipping. 

Price: The cost of Build Assets Online is $2,499 for the standard package, $4,999 for the mentoring package

More Info: Build Assets Online Review

Success With Sam

"Success with Sam" is an educational platform by UK-based entrepreneur Sam, offering two dropshipping courses focused on eBay and Shopify. These courses include step-by-step video guides covering topics like product and supplier research, store branding, listing products, and ad optimization. The courses are designed for beginners and those already in dropshipping but not performing well, offering practical strategies to avoid common pitfalls in dropshipping and aiming for more sustainable business practices.

Price: Success With Sam courses are priced at $169 each.

More Info: Success With Sam Review

Shopify Dropshipping Courses 

Drop Ship Lifestyle By Anton Kraly

Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the OG of dropshipping courses. It includes an actionable blueprint on how to set up and launch a Shopify dropshipping business. Anton Kraly teaches students how to source and sell high-ticket products. Students are part of a supportive community of more than 14,000 from 25 countries. Anton Kraly's course was awarded the Shopify Award for Best ecommerce Course in 2017, and he continues to be a leader in the dropshipping industry.

Anton is active on YouTube and other social media platforms. He regularly shares valuable content and updates his course to reflect current market trends. Anton's program provides a 21-day business launch that holds students accountable so they can get fast wins. The Drop Ship Lifestyle Course is perfect for beginners or seasoned experts interested in learning the best methods on how to build and scale a high-ticket drop shipping store.

Price: Drop Ship Lifestyle Premium Package: $3,497 (7 training modules & dropshipping blueprint)
Ultimate Package (6 mo): $9,997
Unlimited Package (lifetime-12 mo): $25,000

Create a Profitable Online Store by Steve Chou

steve chou

Create a Profitable Online Store is a beginner-friendly course that teaches Shopify dropshipping. The program has 15 modules, which include setting up a website and various marketing strategies. Students get video testimonials, community support, and regularly-updated content. 

Steve Chou is an accomplished eCommerce entrepreneur and author of a Wall Street Journal bestseller. He is an engineer by profession who worked for Tensilica in Silicon Valley for 13 years before becoming a digital entrepreneur in 2007. His business, bumble bee linens, quickly made $100,000 revenue in its first year of business. From there, he build his 7-figure ecommerce empire. 

Price: $1,999 straight payment or 3 payments of $699 or monthly payment of $299. 

More Info: Create a Profitable Online Store 

BeyondSixFigures With Justin Woll 

image of justin woll

Beyond Six Figures is one of our top picks because Justin Woll doesn't just deliver a course. He offers the opportunity to receive 1:1 mentorship and intensive coaching. Justin Woll is a six-time 2CommaClub Award Winner with an estimated net worth of $3 million and is the 'head and face' of one of the industry's most prestigious ecommerce mentoring agencies. 

Justin Woll does 3-hour live streams weekly where students can ask questions and learn the latest industry profit hacks. His video training is easy-to-understand and includes actionable techniques like a list of criteria for finding a winning product. And how to maximize your profits with one-click upsells. Justin's program is ideal for beginners and veterans because it shows you how to achieve real results with ecommerce and Shopify dropshipping.

Price: eCommerce University $997
6-Month Mastermind Coaching Program (includes the BSF eCommerce University) is a one-time fee of $5000 or $1200/mo for 6 months)

Ecommerce Empire Builders By Peter Pru

image of peter pru

Ecommerce Empire Builders is an award-winning program designed by Peter Pru. His training is an in-depth guide on how to make money with dropshipping and ecommerce using Click Funnels. But it also includes content on why subscriptions and upsells will always make you more money. Peter is the owner of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. He's won numerous 2Comma Club Awards for achieving over one million in sales using a funnel. His course has been around since 2016 and has hundreds of experienced students in his Inner Circle and Mastermind Facebook Group.

In addition, Peter does weekly live streams twice a week (and sometimes a third on Sundays). Here he reviews ecommerce stores that are thriving in the market. Peter breaks down each store and shows his students how to replicate what's working. Peter is an animated instructor with a natural teaching style.

His program includes a comprehensive guide on how to set up and scale your online business using funnels and effective ways to launch email marketing campaigns. This course is perfect for all levels of ecommerce and dropshippers looking to scale their business to six figures and beyond.

Price: One-time fee of $1,997 or 5 Payments of $497

Marketer Growth's Dropshipping Scalability Secrets With Owen Blue

photo of owen blue

Marketer Growth's Dropshipping Scalability Secrets is an ecommerce automation agency run by Owen Blue. Marketer Growth DS also offers a free dropshipping mini-course. Here they share four basic steps on how to build and scale your dropshipping store.

Owen Blue has a team of over twenty experts who are masters at creating customized ads and curated content for online business owners. This is the agency where dropshippers go to get real results. As a result, online business owners can outsource ad campaigns to industry leaders to scale faster and generate more income for their online stores.

Price: free training webinar and e-commerce automation packages from $697-$2997/month

Ecom Warrior Academy by Matthew Lepre

ecom warrior academy review

Ecom Warrior Academy, founded by Matthew Lepre in 2017, is a Shopify dropshipping mentorship program emphasizing the use of AI tools to enhance efficiency and profitability in e-commerce. Ecom Warrior Academy program, known for its comprehensive training, 1-on-1 coaching, and access to a private network. The different packages offer varied resources, including video training modules, a weekend business launch plan, ongoing coaching, and a range of bonuses. The course’s recent update to incorporate AI tools reflects a modern approach to dropshipping, aiming to reduce the need for outsourced work and increase store efficiency.

Price: Ecom Warrior Academy costs $5,000 AUD for the Diamond Level and $1,497 AUD for the Gold.

Info: Ecom Warrior Review

The Sharif Course By Sharif Mohsin

photo of sharif mohsin

The Sharif Course is a complete dropshipping accelerator program by Sharif Mohsin. This young dropshipper is taking the industry head-on, and he's amassed quite a following on YouTube and several social media platforms. With three years in the industry, he's made over one million in sales by dropshipping inventory on Facebook and TikTok.

The Sharif Course is a comprehensive guide on how to build and scale a Shopify dropshipping store. It includes Sharif's recommended apps and video ad service options to help find stellar creatives. Sharif shares techniques on subjects like how to create viral content for Facebook and links to alternate suppliers with fast shipping. Sharif has a private Facebook group and is active on YouTube and Instagram. This course is perfect for any dropshipper interested in learning the latest winning Facebook and TikTok ad strategies.

Price: $394

YenCommerce by Brandon Nguyen

photo of yen-gub

YenCommerce offers a comprehensive over-the-shoulder training spanning 77 easy-to-follow lessons where students will gain insights into Brandon's step-by-step process of building and scaling a profitable dropshipping store. The program has a wealth of videos, checklists, templates, and frameworks. Bi-weekly coaching calls and access to a supportive live chat community are included.

Price: YenCommerce costs $47 CAD or $34 USD.

Creato By Jeremy Ray Holst

The Creato is a free Shopify dropshipping course focusing on building a successful 7-figure Shopify dropshipping business by Jeremy Ray Holst. Jeremy is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO of Crystalline Academy. He leverages his extensive experience in e-commerce to teach key strategies, including product selection and marketing. The course is accessible for free, but it requires users to sign up for Shopify using a special link. It offers a discounted rate of $1 per month for the first three months.

Price: The Creato dropshipping class is offered entirely for free, with an optional discounted Shopify subscription at $1 per month for the first three months through a special link provided in the course.

More Info: Creato Review

The Dropshipping Launchpad by Tan Choudhury

The Dropshipping Launchpad by Tan Choudhury, a self-made e-commerce expert, is a Shopify dropshipping course targeted towards beginners. This course, free with a Shopify account sign-up through Choudhury's affiliate link, teaches users how to start, scale, and automate an online dropshipping business using Shopify and Facebook ads. The course includes other resources like the TikTok Ads course and a members' chatroom.

Price: Currently free

More Info: The Dropshipping Launchpad Review

Outright Ecom by Nathan Nazareth

Outright Ecom offers a comprehensive Shopify dropshipping course and mentorship program. The main course consists of a 5-module, 2.5-hour training video, providing an A-Z guide on starting, managing, and scaling a Shopify business. The modules cover product research, store setup and design, advertising on TikTok and Facebook, backend systems and automation, and alternative advertising methods. Additionally, his YouTube channel offers about 70 detailed supplementary videos, making the information accessible for those starting their own Shopify dropshipping business.

Price: Outright Ecom mentorship costs $2,000

More Info: Outright Ecom Review

Ecom Strider Academy by Leon Green

The Ecom Strider Academy by Leon Green is a dropshipping program targeting beginners that focuses on using Facebook ads in dropshipping. It offers a comprehensive guide for starting and building businesses from scratch. Ecom Stride Academy offers cheap lifetime access but has no refund policy and limited support from Leon Green, including paid mentorship.The course includes weekly prod