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5 Best eBay Dropshipping Courses Of 2024

January 23, 2023

image of ebay dropshipping

eBay dropshipping is a popular business model and a way to make money online without owning inventory or shelling out a lot of upfront capital. But because of its low barrier to entry, the eBay dropshipping business is competitive, which is why many people are choosing to pursue other online business models like local lead generation

Some of the biggest issues with eBay dropshipping are that you're dealing with low-profit margins, potential account suspensions, and unscrupulous suppliers. You have access to an established consumer base of purchase-ready buyers, but there are a lot of moving parts to the business model. So if you want to stand out and be a successful seller on eBay, you need to consider investing in the best eBay dropshipping course.

An eBay course that gives you access to an actionable blueprint from an industry leader and teaches things like: 

  • How to gain a competitive edge 
  • How to conduct product research
  • Where to find quality suppliers
  • How to secure the highest profit margins

In this article, we review 5 best eBay dropshipping courses, including costs, what you get for your dollar, and if they're worth the price of admission.

What Is eBay Dropshipping?

eBay dropshipping is a retail arbitrage or product sourcing-based business model. It offers minimal risk, and you make your profit before you sell your product. You don't need to spend any money before you sell the items you purchase. Instead, you're buying products on behalf of the customer (with their money). And a supplier ships them directly to the customer.

You don't need to see or touch any inventory and are always cash flow positive. eBay is an established and popular platform with consistent traffic. You can leverage a buyer-ready audience and get access to a broad consumer base. But it's a competitive playing field, so you need to get products up and selling fast (the more, the better).

photo of ebay logo

Find winning products to drop ship using tools like Terapeak or ShelfTrend and access things like:

  1. What's working for other people. 
  2. What's selling right now?
  3. Are there specific keywords people are searching for?

Use trusted wholesalers like Walmart, Overstock, or reliable US dropshipping suppliers. Then, as you grow, you can automate your business using tools like Ecomdash and AutoDS. Of course, the more you sell, the more money you make. But you need to comply with eBay's TOS. And it's your responsibility to make sure customers get what they ordered.

1. eBay Dropshipping Guide: David Vu

photo of david vu

David Vu is a serial entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous monetary success with eBay drop shipping. He's taught over 41,400 students and has a 4-star rating with Udemy.

Vu has simplified the process to be successful with eBay dropshipping and shares his "transparent gloves-off A-Z 1 2 3 blueprint." David's angle is a bit different from other instructors. Instead of traditional methods, he teaches students how to source products from Amazon and target international buyers. (People who can't get products shipped directly to them via Amazon). 

David's course also covers things like:

  • The steps to setting up a profitable eBay business
  • How to source products from a wholesale supplier
  • How to calculate profit margins
  • Scaling & Automation
photo of david vu

David's system is uncomplicated, and it's possible to start making sales right out of the gate. So it's a great way for beginners to enter the world of drop shipping.


The online course is listed on Udemy and can range in price from $21.99-$119.99

Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee

Start Date

2016 and updated 06/2019


Students receive ongoing support from David via the Udemy platform, including chat discussions and private messages. You can also access the group forum and Q&A system on Udemy’s platform, where you can connect with other students who have taken the program.

There are numerous testimonials from students who have achieved success with David’s methods, in addition to positive reviews of the course.


David Vu’s course includes:

  • 5 hours of on-demand video
  • 41 articles
  • Full lifetime access

Students get access to David's exact formulas and systems he used to set up his ebay store and generate $100,000 in profit in his first year with eBay dropshipping.

Live Streams


Things We Liked

David is fully transparent with regard to his success, and promotes realistic earning expectations to students.

Things We Didn't Like

David has not updated the course material since 2019, and there have been a lot of changes to the platform since then. However, the basic principles have remained the same, and David’s experience as an instructor is invaluable for beginners.

You can access the course here or check out my full David Vu dropshipping course review for more information.

2. eBay Dropshipping Retail Arbitrage Companion: Jack Pitman

picture of jack pitman

Jack shares a complete guide on how to list your products on eBay, get buyers to bid on them, or how to set a fixed price. Jack shares detailed footage of 1000 of his personal sales and provides in-depth training on topics like:

  • How to increase your profitability using gift cards, cash back, and sales tax exemption
  • How to deal with out-of-stock sales on eBay
  • Tips on growing your eBay account limits
  • Why you need to provide the best customer service

Jack shares all the information you need to develop your skills fast and start making money with eBay dropshipping.



Refund Policy

30 Day money-back guarantee

Start Date

2018 and updated 08/2019


Another Udemy course, you get access to ongoing support, Q&A, and forum community on the platform. Jack also has a YouTube channel with 21.7K subscribers. Here he shares content on other entrepreneurial hacks, how to make money online, and his life in Nicaragua.


The course includes:

  • 13.5 hours of on-demand video
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access

Live Streams


Things We Liked

Jack is a four-star instructor who has taught over 26,200 students. He has an honest and detailed training style and covers fundamental topics in-depth.

Things We Didn't Like

Jack hasn’t updated the content in almost four years.

Interested in checking out Jack’s eBay Dropshipping Retail Arbitrage Companion?  You can access his course here.

3. Dropshipping University: Tom Cormier

image of tom cormier

Thomas Cormier, better known as eCom Tom, is an internet marketer who professes to have achieved earnings of over $1.4 million on eBay. Tom and his university frat brother Jason Meunier are the cofounders of Dropshipping University and teach people how to leverage eBay to make money.

In his eBay dropshipping course, students learn the basic process. Tom also provides an ebay drop shipping guide and in-depth training on topics like:

  • How to list your goods
  • Tips on creating product descriptions that stick
  • How to optimize titles and images to increase your conversion rate
  • How to find reliable sources for your products

Tom also covers content on how to establish your reputation and why you need to get favorable feedback from customers. Tom shares his strategy on policy changes, growth hacks, and tax laws. 



Refund Policy

No refunds

Start Date

2019-content updated regularly


With 7 courses and over 10,000 students, DSU offers teaching programs for almost every drop shipping style available. Active on social media, Ecom Tom has a YouTube channel with 37K subscribers. Members also have access to a private Facebook group and ongoing support.


DSU offers an in-depth dropshipping program. Students get 13 hours of detailed video training in 14 modules and 67 videos. Students also have access to:

  • 25 bonus written guides with Thomas Cormier
  • Our top 20 secret suppliers list
  • 5 formatted dropshipping spreadsheets and tutorials
  • Frequently updated course curriculum for life.
  • 25 bonus written guides
  • Lifetime access and updates

Live Streams

Yes-on their YouTube channel and Q&A’s in their exclusive students-only Facebook group

Things We Liked

Ecom Tom shares his insider secrets on how to run a successful eBay dropshipping store. He includes complete strategies that are ideal for beginners. But can help veterans scale their profit margins and grow their business.

Things We Didn't Like

The course is a bit pricey. 

Want to see what Dropshipping University is all about? You can connect with Tom and Jason using this link.

4. Dropshipping Titans: Paul Joseph Lipsky

photo of paul lipsky

Paul Lipsky went from a corporate lawyer on the 9-5 hamster wheel to a dropshipper who amassed over $2.5 million in sales in two years. In his course Dropshipping Titans, Paul teaches people how to achieve success using his exact methods. 

In his eBay dropshipping course, Paul Lipsky covers content on subjects like:

  • How to open an eBay account and run a profitable online business
  • How to classify pre-existing brands
  • Where to find products to sell
  • Why the key is to sell large quantities for small profit margins

Paul also covers the technical components, customer service hacks, and how to create the perfect product listing.


One payment of $297 or a payment plan with 3 payments of $127 equaling $381 

Refund Policy

30 Day moneyback guarantee

Start Date

2019 with regular updates


Students of the course have access to the Titans Tribe Facebook Mastermind group, which has over 4000 members. Paul also has a YouTube channel with 91.7 subscribers, where he shares a ton of valuable content and FAQs every Tuesday. 

Paul offers a customer support team, and his program has an active online community.


Paul's program provides over 75 training videos, including 20 modules and his step-by-step strategy on how to set up, run, and scale your eBay dropshipping store

Live Streams

Yes-every Tuesday

Things We Liked

Lipsky provides detailed training outlining his three steps to success: how to launch your business, why you should mimic others that are selling well, and the best software to automate processes and scale faster (spoiler alert-it's the DMS tool). But he has an effortless teaching style and dials down every aspect of his system, which is ideal for beginners.

Things We Didn't Like

Paul tends to cover the basics well but doesn't always offer a more in-depth explanation of how to circumvent challenges on the platform. Paul also has a broad mix of reviews, and many people question the validity of his income statements.

If you’re looking for a complete review of Paul Lipsky’s Dropshipping Titans course, check out my Dropshipping Titans Review. And if you want to sign up, you can access the training here.

5. Manual Dropshipping: Suliman Farooq

picture of sullivan farooq

Suliman Farooq is a 21-year-old college dropout and a 6-figure eBay dropshipper. But he is also an active seller on Amazon (dropshipping & Amazon FBA). The founder of Manual Dropshipping, Sullivan (better known as Success With Sully), has been making money on the platform for over three years. Sully's course takes the guesswork out of the equation and teaches straightforward methods on how to be an ebay seller with steps that include:

  • How to set up your eBay account
  • Tips to finding a dropshipping supplier (he recommends Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot)
  • How to find products and list them on eBay for a mark-up price

Sully knows how to play the game, and he shares some solid profit hacks. (Like 'creating a stealth eBay account') that even veterans can use to scale. But the course material is also suitable for people just starting their eBay dropshipping journey.


One payment of $294 or a payment plan with 3 payments of $150/month 

Refund Policy

All sales are final, and no refunds are granted

Start Date

2019 with regular updates


Students can join the private Facebook group with direct access to Sully and his team. Sully shares valuable content on his YouTube channel with 23.2K subscribers (Success With Sully), including Q&As. Sully also updates the course content regularly and offers customer support for his students.


The course includes 13 modules of video training and bonus material that outlines how to master using Lowe’s as a supplier.

Live Streams

Yes-regular live Q&As on his YouTube channel

Things We Liked

Sully clearly knows his stuff and shares some invaluable content around profit hacks and why the fine-tuning your supplier process is key.

Things We Didn't Like

The ‘manual’ portion of this training is using VAs to check prices on your suppliers' websites which is confusing when you could take advantage of real-time data from software automation tools like SkuGrid or Wholesale2b.

You can access Manual Dropshipping here if you’d like to see what Sully’s selling in more detail.

Why You Should Take An eBay Dropshipping Course

An eBay dropshipping course can be an indispensable tool in quickly setting up and making sales on the platform. In addition, a course can give you access to premium information that will save you time and money. You can learn from a successful dropshipper how to avoid mistakes and how to scale faster.

You're not trying to reinvent the wheel. Your goal is to generate sales and make a profit. By investing in an eBay dropshipping course, you set yourself up to own a profitable ebay dropshipping business. And you can connect with members who will hold you accountable and provide ongoing support. 

How Is eBay Dropshipping Different Than Shopify Dropshipping?

The biggest difference between eBay and Shopify dropshipping is traffic. eBay is the second most popular online marketplace and has over 187 million users worldwide. So you can capitalize on existing traffic for your online store without the need to establish brand awareness.

But with Shopify dropshipping, you need to drive traffic to your online business and establish trust with your target market. So you need to be the best marketer and jump on new trends before the curve. It takes scroll-stopping creatives that hone in on consumer pain points and showcase how your product provides the best solution.

It’s a steep learning curve, and you need to understand the fundamentals of the business model if you want to be successful long term. Consider connecting with an industry leader or investing in one of the best dropshipping course options.

You also need to understand video marketing and how to create virality with your videos. Most Shopify dropshippers rely on paid advertising which isn't necessary on eBay. But with eBay, you don't have control over your listings and are bound by their branding.

You also need to pay fees for your listings, and there are ever-present concerns around account suspension. Both business models are competitive and have pros and cons that you need to consider. Although neither option may be the best online business, they offer minimal risk and investment costs and can make you money in 2024

eBay Vs. Amazon Dropshipping-Which Is The Better Choice?

Like eBay dropshipping, Amazon dropshipping is a business model that doesn't require you to own stock or invest significant upfront investment. But you're still the middleman between a third-party merchant (wholesaler) and the consumer. However, Amazon dropshipping allows you to access a broad audience of purchase-ready consumers on an established and trusted platform.

But Amazon controls your marketing, UI, and branding. Plus, the customer trusts the platform, so there's little to no chance of recurring sales. And just like eBay, you're working with low-profit margins and a high risk of suspension. Amazon also takes a transaction fee for each listing which will eat into your already razor-thin profit margins.

They also have stringent guidelines, so you need to figure out how to get around the Amazon TOS and create the perfect product listing. You also need to establish a seasoned account to avoid suspension and secure vetted suppliers like Walmart and Home Depot. 

Research and price tools like Repricehub and Zoro can help you find hot sellers, but you always need to be on the hustle. You could consider taking one of the best Amazon dropshipping course options to expedite the learning curve. Learn insider tricks from an industry leader on how to create your product listings or circumvent issues and set yourself up for success.


You can make quick money with low to no investment costs and sell more products faster with minimal risk. But you need to source new inventory constantly, and Amazon and eBay drop shipping is challenging to sustain long-term.

You're not building a brand or business you can sell in the future with this business model, unlike starting a local lead generation business where you leverage Google to drive online traffic. Instead, generate leads and sell them to small business owners to create a semi-passive income. With third-party drop shipping, you're still doing a lot of heavy lifting for very little financial compensation. But a course can help you avoid mistakes, save time and find the best suppliers.

Also, courses with an online community or private group will support you and can be invaluable for your mindset and bottom line. If you want to save yourself the hassle of trying to connect the dots on your own, investing in one of the best eBay dropshipping courses is worth it.
But you're always fighting for the top spot because it's such a low-barrier-to-entry business model. And eBay drop shipping is a lot of work for meager payouts that might not be worth it.

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