17 Best Etsy Side Hustles | 136 Profitable Gifts and Craft Ideas

April 18, 2024

The best Etsy side hustles are:

  1. Local lead gen biz
  2. Pottery making
  3. Homemade dog treats
  4. Macrame decor
  5. Custom artwork
  6. Selling printables
  7. Digital downloads
  8. Unique homemade items
  9. Wooden crafts
  10. Handmade jewelry

Etsy is an online marketplace that garners an average monthly traffic of 377.4 million visitors, making it a widely accessed platform, according to SimilarWeb. Etsy has a significant user base that reaches 7.5 million active sellers and 95.1 million active buyers, as outlined in Etsy's Annual Report for 2022. It makes the platforms a wise option to start side hustle. While these numbers underscore the demand on Etsy, it's important to note that it also shows tight competition. But, in 2022 alone, Etsy experienced substantial growth by adding 29 million new buyers. It reflects a 55% increase since 2019. It is still positioning the platform as a thriving space despite grower competition.

Starter Story has highlighted the journeys of successful Etsy entrepreneurs. Among them are Lindsay Ann and Courtney Joy, two sisters based in Miami. In 2017, they started a handmade flower and resin jewelry venture on Etsy and achieved notable success. Their Etsy store garnered over 5,000 product sales and resulted in a revenue of $65,000 within the first year.. Another inspiring story features Jess, the founder of Chasing Planner Peace. She started with planner inserts on Etsy.Overtime, Jess diversified her product line to include dividers, notepads, and her branded planners. Currently, Chasing Planner Peace reports an annual income of $270,000. This shows potential success in starting side hustle on Etsy. 

This article features 17 best Etsy side hustles you can try alongside with your main job. We will present you a number about the opportunity and potential income you can utilize for each category. Additionally, we highlight successful sellers for each idea that can serve as your inspiration. This article also answers some of the frequently asked questions related to side hustle on Etsy. At the end, we will introduce you to a business model that can generate you a monthly passive income that ranges from $500 - $2,500. 

17 Best Etsy Side Hustles From Home

1. Pottery 

Pottery involves creating and selling functional pottery items such as pots, mugs, and vases. With this, you can tap into the growing trend of indoor pottery ownership in the United States. According to Statista, a survey in 2017 revealed that 66 percent of U.S. consumers own indoor pottery. It indicates a substantial market for you. Offering pottery products at your Etsy shop is a great way to earn side income. 

Based on successful Etsy sellers in the pottery category, you can price your products between $14.09 and $49.00. For instance, Julia E. Dean is a skilled pottery seller at Etsy. She has accumulated 15,063 total sales since 2011, with an average review rating of 4.8 or higher.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for pottery:

  • Hand-thrown Ceramic Mugs
  • Personalized Pottery Bowls
  • Artisanal Clay Planters
  • Decorative Vases
  • Handcrafted Pottery Dinnerware Sets
  • Unique Sculptural Pieces
  • Ceramic Jewelry Holders
  • Custom Pottery Pet Dishes

2. Homemade Dog Treats

Selling homemade dog treats on Etsy involves crafting and offering pet-friendly treats for dogs. This side hustle allows you to tap into the substantial pet ownership market in the United States. The American Pet Products Association states that dogs are the most popular pets in the U.S., with 65.1 million households owning a dog. This vast number of potential customers creates an excellent opportunity for you to showcase and sell your homemade dog treats at your shop.

According to top Etsy picks in the Homemade Dog Treats category, you can price your gourmet dog treats between $10.00 and $23.99. An exemplary seller, such as SydneysDogCookies from Ocala, Florida, has marked Star Seller status. It also completed 9,507 sales since 2017 and amassed 2,718 admirers. To enhance your earnings, consider offering variety packs, special promotions, or seasonal treats.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for homemade dog treats:

  • Organic Gluten-Free Dog Biscuits
  • Customized Doggie Birthday Cakes
  • Healthy Veggie and Meat Mix Treats
  • Dehydrated Fruit and Meat Jerky for Dogs
  • CBD-infused Dog Treats for Anxiety
  • Holiday-themed Dog Treat Packs
  • Puppy Training Treats
  • Personalized Treat Boxes

3. Macrame Decor

Starting a macrame decor involves creating and selling intricately knotted decor pieces such as wall hangings and bedroom decor. This niche market focuses on the artistry of macrame craftsmanship. According to FinModelsLab, successful macrame decor boutique businesses aim for an annual revenue growth rate of 10-15%. Additionally, Hobbycraft has witnessed a significant 149% increase in searches for macrame on its website. It indicates a growing interest in this type of decor.

Based on Etsy's picks from the macrame decor category, prices can range from $19.00 to $177.50 per piece. It depends on design, size, and usage. For instance, WallKnot is a Star Seller from the City of London that specializes in macrame wall hangings for bedroom decor. WallKnot has achieved 37,819 sales since 2015 with an average review rating of 4.8 or higher.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for macrame decor:

  • Bohemian Macrame Wall Hangings
  • Macrame Plant Hangers
  • Handmade Macrame Coasters
  • Macrame Dream Catchers
  • Macrame Wedding Backdrops
  • Macrame Table Runners
  • Macrame Chair Backs and Hammocks
  • Macrame Lamp Shades

4. Custom Artwork

Launching a custom artwork involves creating personalized and unique pieces tailored to individual preferences. This may include printable wall art, customizable arts, and gifts, allowing for a high level of personalization. According to McKinsey, 76% of consumers express a greater likelihood to purchase from brands that offer personalization. Furthermore, 78% are more inclined to recommend and make repeat purchases from such brands. This trend emphasizes the significant opportunity to incorporate personalization into your custom artwork because it enhances its appeal to your potential buyers.

Etsy's Picks suggest pricing for custom artwork ranging from $5.40 to $48.75 per piece. PunoPrint specializes in printable wall art and customizable arts and gifts. Since introducing custom arts in 2020, PunoPrints has achieved remarkable success. They accumulated 71,927 sales and gained 14,557 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for custom art:

  • Personalized Family Portraits
  • Custom Pet Illustrations
  • Commissioned Landscape Paintings
  • Abstract Canvas Art Commissions
  • Caricatures and Cartoon Style Portraits
  • Customized House and Building Portraits
  • Bespoke Street Art Style Pieces
  • Personalized Children’s Room Artwork

5. Sell Printables On Etsy

Selling printables on Etsy involves designing digital products, such as templates, digital planners, and printables, that customers can purchase and download. As per Growing Your Craft, the advantage of printables lies in the ability to create a design once and sell it indefinitely. You can utilize tools like Canva or Corjl to produce printables and upload them to Etsy. 

Etsy's recommended pricing for printables ranges from $1.79 to $3.00 per item. An example is CreativeJamCo, a London-based seller that started its Etsy business in 2020 and has already achieved 299,796 sales and 27,578 admirers. Additionally, according to a Medium article by business owner Sarina Chiu, earnings among Etsy sellers can vary widely, with some making as little as $25 a week and others earning thousands every month. 

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for printables:

  • Printable Planners and Organizers
  • Digital Art Prints
  • Printable Budgeting and Finance Sheets
  • Printable Wedding Invitations and Stationery
  • Educational Printables for Kids
  • Printable Meal Planners and Recipe Cards
  • Customized Calendar Templates
  • Home Decor Quote Printables

6. Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are digital goods such as templates, designs, and other downloadable products. You can deliver these products electronically, unlike physical items. According to Statista, the global digital buyer count surged from 1.66 billion in 2016 to over 2.14 billion in recent years. The report further highlights that over two billion people purchased digital products or downloads in 2020. It signifies substantial opportunities for you to leverage the growing online market. However, Fluid Commerce stated that digital products often have a lower perceived value due to their intangibility. Additionally, product development for digital items requires substantial planning and testing that makes it a time-consuming process. 

Etsy's bestseller results suggest that you can price your digital products between $6.60 and an impressive $119.70. For example, HelloMarketingStudio offers digital marketing templates for real estate agents. It already garnered 38,809 sales and 6,259 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for digital downloads:

  • Online Courses and Tutorials
  • E-books and Guides
  • Digital Graphic Design Templates
  • Stock Photography
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • Video Editing Presets and Filters
  • Customizable Website Themes
  • Fitness and Workout Plans

7. Unique Homemade Items

Selling unique homemade items involves crafting and offering handmade products that stand out for their distinctiveness. This can range from handcrafted decor to personalized items. According to Ask Your Target Market's recent survey, 30% of respondents have frequently purchased handmade items, while 40% have done so at least once or twice. This highlights a significant opportunity for you to cater to a market that appreciates the uniqueness and craftsmanship of homemade items. As noted by Rural Handmade, one of the primary challenges is competition from mass-produced items that are often cheaper and more widely available.

Etsy's curated picks show a wide price range for homemade items. It spans from $11.20 to $269.99. For instance, MaggiesFarmAromatics, is a small business specializing in natural ingredients and essential oils. It has completed an impressive 53,401 sales since 2020.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for unique handmade items:

  • Hand-painted Shoes and Apparel
  • Custom Sculpted Figurines
  • Handmade Wooden Puzzles
  • Artisanal Home Decor Pieces
  • Unique Handcrafted Toys
  • Bespoke Leather Goods
  • Hand-sewn Quilts and Blankets
  • Customized Kitchen Utensils

8. Wooden Crafts

Crafting and selling wooden items involves creating handmade pieces using wood as the primary material. This can encompass a wide range of products, from intricately carved sculptures to functional wooden crafts. According to Brandon Gaille, the demand for wood carvers in the United States is projected to grow by 6% through 2026. This suggests that there is continuous demand for wooden products.

Etsy’s Picks indicate that the pricing range for wooden crafts can vary from $8.00 to $67.99. An example is iHolyLandCrafts that is based in Lake Mary, Florida. It offers handmade Olive Wood crafts from The Holy Land. Since 2017, they have achieved 2,977 sales and garnered 827 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for wooden crafts:

  • Hand-carved Wooden Utensils
  • Custom Wooden Cutting Boards
  • Artistic Wooden Wall Art
  • Handmade Wooden Jewelry Boxes
  • Rustic Wooden Furniture
  • Wooden Children’s Toys
  • Personalized Wooden Signs
  • Crafted Wooden Bowls

9. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry entails creating unique and personalized adornments crafted by hand. This includes a diverse range of pieces, such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 22% of Americans have made online purchases of handmade products. Additionally, Data from GWI's jewelry market research indicates that married average-income women aged 25 to 34 are the most frequent buyers, while individuals aged 45 to 54 with an annual income of $200,000 invest the most in jewelry. It highlights a substantial and growing market for you.

Etsy's curated picks reveal a pricing range for handmade jewelry, spanning from $15.50 to $27.86. NecklaceDreamWorld is a Star Seller based in North Carolina, United States that specializes in handmade personalized jewelry. Since its launch in 2019, the shop has accumulated an impressive 145,567 sales and garnered 13,573 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for handmade jewelry:

  • Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry
  • Personalized Birthstone Necklaces
  • Artisanal Beaded Bracelets
  • Custom Engraved Rings
  • Handmade Statement Earrings
  • Eco-friendly Recycled Material Jewelry
  • Minimalist Geometric Jewelry
  • Vintage Style Brooches and Pins

10. Stickers

Selling stickers involves creating and offering adhesive decals that cater to various themes and preferences. These stickers can be die-cut that provide unique shapes that add a personalized touch to any surface. As per Industry Growth Insight, the global die-cut stickers market is expected to witness a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.5% from 2021 to 2030. This growth is because of the rising demand for customized stickers and the increasing popularity of die-cut designs in commercial applications.

Based on Etsy's Picks, you can price your stickers competitively, ranging from $1.85 to $10.00. For instance, LilyLlamaPrints is a family-run print shop based in Miami, Florida began its Etsy venture in 2020. As of the latest update, LilyLlamaPrints has completed an impressive 86,958 sales and garnered 8,399 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for handmade jewelry:

  • Planner and Organizer Stickers
  • Custom Vinyl Decals
  • Laptop and Phone Stickers
  • Waterproof Stickers for Bottles
  • Cute Character Stickers
  • Inspirational Quote Stickers
  • Seasonal and Holiday-themed Stickers
  • Personalized Name Stickers

11. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes involve creating and offering handmade and customized clothing items tailored for infants and toddlers. According to Mercari US CEO John Lagerling, the spending on kids and baby items in the U.S. reached a staggering $143 billion in 2021. It shows that this figure will rise to $182 billion by 2030, signifying a lucrative opportunity for you.

Etsy's top picks suggest that you can price your handmade and customized baby clothes competitively, ranging from $16.08 to $38.34. For instance, BabyShop77, which is based in California and specializes in cute baby apparel. It includes customized baby blankets. Since their establishment in 2019, BabyShop77 has garnered an impressive 39,146 sales and 1,583 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for baby clothes:

  • Organic Cotton Baby Outfits
  • Personalized Baby Onesies
  • Hand-Knitted Baby Sweaters
  • Baby Sleepwear Sets
  • Themed Baby Outfits
  • Matching Baby and Parent T-Shirts
  • Seasonal Baby Clothes
  • Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

12. Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps are natural, eco-friendly, and skin-friendly products crafted with care. According to The Soap Bar, these soaps are unprocessed, devoid of harmful additives, and present an opportunity for you to create unique personal care items. Additionally, GlobalNews Wire reported that the global market for handmade soaps reached USD 158.79 million in 2023. This signals a promising market that you can tap into, given the rising demand for eco-conscious and quality skincare products. While the handmade soap market is thriving, it's essential to note the competition. The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild reports around 300,000 soap-making businesses in the U.S., with 95% being women.

FinModelsLab notes a steady increase in revenue for handmade soap businesses, with an average annual income ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. Etsy's Picks reveals that handmade soaps are priced between $11.20 and $62.00. It shows the potential for profitable returns. NaturalAmor offers natural personal care products based in LA, California. It exemplifies success with 57,854 sales and 8,141 admirers since 2020.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for handmade soaps:

  • Organic Handmade Soaps
  • Natural Skincare Serums
  • Handcrafted Bath Bombs
  • Artisanal Shampoo Bars
  • Herbal Body Scrubs
  • Customizable Face Masks
  • Eco-friendly Makeup Products
  • Beard and Grooming Products

13. Crochet Items

Crochet items refer to handmade products created through the art of crocheting. Specifically, these encompass a wide range of items, from toys to wearables, crafted with yarn and a crochet hook. FinModelsLab reports that the market for crochet products and services surged to an impressive $1.8 billion in 2020. This statistic highlights a substantial opportunity for you interested in leveraging crochet skills as an Etsy side hustle. According to a Craft Yarn Council survey in the United States in 2020, approximately 18.2 million Americans knew how to crochet. This widespread interest also translates to a tougher competition.

Socialzedpr estimates that a skilled crocheter might earn up to $20 per hour. Moreover, Etsy's Picks show a pricing range for crochet items between $1.86 and $39.80. It showcases the diverse income potential in this side hustle. An exemplary seller is ToyStoryPatternsAU that is based in Australia. It specializes in crochet pattern toys such as bunnies, cats, and bears. With an average review of 4.8 and a remarkable 125,925 sales, this seller showcases the global reach achievable through Etsy.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for crochet items:

  • Hand-knit Sweaters and Cardigans
  • Crocheted Hats and Beanies
  • Handmade Scarves and Shawls
  • Amigurumi (Crocheted Toys)
  • Knitted Baby Blankets and Clothing
  • Crocheted Home Decor Items
  • Knit Socks and Slippers
  • Seasonal Crocheted Decorations

14. Vintage Collectibles

Vintage collectibles on Etsy refer to unique and nostalgic items from past eras, ranging from furniture to decor pieces. Buyers often seek after these for their historical charm and sentimental value. Recent research from Emarsys reveals that three in five (60%) US consumers regularly purchase vintage items. The study of 2,041 American shoppers highlights that 23% seek vintage pieces for home decoration, 19% for sentimental value, and 17% as a retro hobby. This indicates a significant opportunity for you to cater to the demand for vintage collectibles.

Etsy's most loved items show a price range for vintage collections between $13.99 and $30.99. ShopGoodWitch offers curated vintage fashions from Grand Rapids, Michigan. ShopGoodWitch owner is a former model for fashioners like Issey Miyake and Georgio Armani. Since 2014, ShopGoodWitch garnered 11,256 sales and 6, 039 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for vintage collectibles:

  • Vintage Coins
  • Retro Home Decor and Furnishings
  • Collectible Vinyl Records
  • Antique Books and Manuscripts
  • Vintage Clothing and Footwear
  • Classic Toys and Games
  • Historical Memorabilia
  • Vintage Cameras and Electronics

15. Sell Canva Templates On Etsy

Selling Canva templates on Etsy involves creating and offering digital design assets compatible with the Canva platform. Canva reports a significant growth in team accounts on their platform. It doubled to 12% of its users in the past year. With 800,000 teams now paying for their accounts, the platform's widespread adoption suggests a substantial market for Canva templates. Additionally, Stock Photo Secrets reveals that approximately 85% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide are Canva users. It indicates a broad user base with potential for template purchases.

Etsy's most loved results showcase a pricing range for Canva templates from $1.97 to $20.66. tinacreativeco is from Winnipeg, California that sells Canva templates for a distinct form like wedding planner, budget planner and digital product mockups. Tina is a designer, photographer and marketer. As of now, her shop has completed 40,993 sales since 2022. 

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for Canva templates:

  • Social Media Post Templates
  • Resume/CV Templates
  • Business Presentation Templates
  • Marketing Flyer Templates
  • Invitation Templates
  • E-book and Report Templates
  • Infographic Templates
  • Newsletter Templates

16. Handcrafted Candles

Handcrafted candles on Etsy refer to uniquely made candles crafted with care. These candles serve as popular home decor items and some are diffusers.Candlescience reports that 7 out of 10 U.S. households use candles. It indicates a widespread market for you to offer your handmade candles products.

According to Etsy's Picks, you can price your candles between $10.50 and $48.00. A successful example is mltdcandlecompany. It offers a wide range of candles, reed diffusers, car diffusers, candle sets, and room and linen spray. With 14,610 sales and 2,004 admirers, mltdcandlecompany showcases the income potential in the handcrafted candle niche.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for handcrafted candles:

  • Scented Soy Wax Candles
  • Hand-poured Beeswax Candles
  • Aromatherapy Candles
  • Personalized Photo Candles
  • Decorative Pillar Candles
  • Seasonal and Holiday-themed Candles
  • Eco-friendly Candle Making Kits
  • Unique Shaped and Molded Candles

17. Sell Photography Prints On Etsy

Selling photography prints on Etsy refer to high-quality prints of professional photographs that individuals can purchase to decorate their homes or offices. You provide your buyers with unique and visually appealing wall art. Research conducted by the Professional Photographers of America reveals that 45 percent of consumers plan to purchase photography in the next 12 months. This data indicates a significant opportunity for you to sell your work on Etsy.

According to Etsy's Picks, you can sell your photography prints from $18.00 to $45.50. AllysonBrownPhoto is a Star Seller that offer fine art photography prints and travel inspired wall art. Allyson is a trained graphic designer and award-winning photographer. She started on Etsy in 2014 and now completed 15,358 sales and 5,849 admirers.

Here are some of the best Etsy side hustle ideas for photography prints:

  • Landscape Photography Prints
  • Wildlife Photography Prints
  • Abstract Photography Prints
  • Black and White Photography Prints
  • Astrophotography Prints
  • Urban Street Photography Prints
  • Macro Photography Prints
  • Aerial/Drone Photography Prints

FAQs For Best Etsy Side Hustles

Can Etsy Be A Good Side Hustle?

Yes, Etsy can be a good side hustle if you choose the right category. Successful Etsy sellers earn around $43,000 to $46,000 per year on average, with top earners making over $65,000 per month, according to Sale Samurai. This range of potential income shows lucrative financial aspects. However, take note that you can’t achieve that overnight. 

On Reddit, users share their experiences selling on Etsy. One user, bigblued, started selling on Etsy full time after 5 years. He shared that only works because he started selling on various platforms like Amazon, eBay, Redbubble, and their own website. 

Another Reddit user stated that it took him 4 years to sell on Etsy full time. He shared that the success came from diversifying his offerings, doing a mix of handmade items, supplies, and vintage products across three Etsy shops. He also sells on eBay and Mercari and participates in events. His best year was in 2021, making about $40k in profit. 


Success on Etsy varies based on your niche and the time you invest. It's not an overnight achievement, but with the right approach and dedication, Etsy can indeed be a profitable side hustle.

What Are Some Low-Cost Etsy Side Hustle Ideas?

Printables and digital downloads are some of the low cost Etsy side hustles because it doesn’t require huge upfront costs for materials.These ideas are budget-friendly because you don't need to spend much on materials. For design, you can use Canva for free, but there's also a premium version called Canva Pro. It costs $12.95 per month or $119.40 per year. If you're running a business, there's Canva Enterprise starting at $30 per user per month. This makes it a flexible choice – you can start with no investment or go for a premium subscription for extra design features. Either way, you can create and sell these digital products on Etsy.

What Are The Most Profitable Etsy Side Hustles?

The most profitable Etsy side hustle is selling jewelry. In 2021, jewelry sales went up by almost 38% and reached $94.2 billion, as per the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that people spend around $136.33 on jewelry. It nearly doubled the amount from the previous year. This high demand makes selling jewelry a lucrative Etsy side hustle. What makes it profitable is the option to make handmade or customized jewelry. According to Deloitte, 45% of people aged 25 to 39 are interested in personalized fashion accessories and jewelry. This creates you a huge space to offer handmade jewelry on Etsy and offer customization.

One successful Etsy shop in this category is CaitlynMinimalist. They started in 2014 and have achieved remarkable success, with over 2 million in sales. CaitlynMinimalist is based in the US and has received a Start Seller badge. Since the launch, they've made 2,772,440 sales and gained 411,959 admirers. Some of their featured items include personalized name necklaces, duo baguette birthstone rings, and dainty initial tag necklaces.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is Better Than Selling On Etsy?

Local lead gen biz is better than selling on Etsy because of its low cost, minimal competition and high ROI. Local lead generation works similarly to digital real estate. With as little as $500, you can start creating your own lead website as a digital asset. You'll rank it on search engines like Google, aiming for the sweet spot. Afterward, you can rent it out to local businesses that need leads for $500 to $2,500 monthly per website. The reason local lead gen is a wise choice is that you can set it and forget it, still generating a passive income. Unlike Etsy, where you need to constantly update your offerings and monitor trends to stand out. Moreover, local lead gen is easier because of local competition that is around 10-20 companies rather than global competition on Etsy. According to Etsy's Q1 Report, the platform had 7.9 million active sellers. This indicates a really tough competition.

In lead generation, your profit margins can be as high as 95%, as you're generating free traffic and selling information (leads) rather than physical products. This profit margin is significantly better compared to Etsy side hustles. OneShop suggests a profit margin of 30% to 40% for most Etsy sellers, almost half of what you can achieve with local lead gen.

So, if you're seeking a side hustle other than selling on Etsy, local lead gen biz is a significant win. It offers a low investment, predictable monthly passive income, and an impressive profit margin.

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