Best Facebook Ads Marketing Course 2023, My Top 5 Picks

July 21, 2019

Here’s my top pick for Facebook advertising courses.

It’s the hot thing to do these days. There’s many courses out there, I’m sort of the course connoisseur so let me give you my top 5 picks based on my experience and what the marketplace is raving at in 2023 as the hottest Facebook marketing course.

Some are courses teaching you how to make money providing Facebook ad service to other businesses.

Some courses I listed here teaches you how to run Facebook ads for yourself and sell affiliate offers.

I’ve made money both ways.

I’ll share with you what I think about online businesses in 2023 that runs on Facebook advertising.

Versus what I focus on now which is building online businesses powered by free traffic, what I call free traffic lead generation business. IMO the most indestructible internet business out there.

5. Cat Howell – Facebook Ads That Convert

Cat’s very good at what she does. Got experience working with some pretty big name companies including Fuji Film and Coca Cola. She definitely knows how to tweak ads so that they’re converting optimally, how to avoid the common mistakes and more.

I also like her teaching method of cutting out the fluff and going straight to the heart of the matter.

This course should give you A through Z training on how to run FB ads for just about anybody, or for yourself if you wanna do some FB ads for your own shopify drop shipping store.

Here’s some of the funnels she shares inside the training.

  • 3 different e-commerce funnel
  • webinar funnel
  • Facebook group funnel
  • Rialto funnel
  • Dentist funnel
  • Personal Training Funnel

Read my full review of this course here.

4. Dan Henry – Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs

Dan Henry is a Facebook ads and funnels guy, young age but already quite experienced in internet marketing, he was mentored by Russell Brunson the creator of clickfunnels. Struggled for a while but eventually found success as he practiced webinars and was trained in the power of using webinar funnels. Which is one of the main things that Russell teaches. Dan Henry teaches his student how to run a digital marketing agency that runs Facebook ads for clients or run FB ads for your own coaching business, using funnels with videos to build authority. Bit more detailed in his funnels than a simple FB ad that just goes to a shopify page.

Click here for my full review.

3. Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones – Rise Academy

This course is no longer available but I did learn some key things from it.

With Rise Academy they were teaching students how to run Facebook ads directly to affiliate offers specifically in the weight loss niche, an information product called the Fat Diminisher by Wesley Virgin.

The problem was they were showing students how to run ads for this offer using the same funnels, ad copy, and various ad images and as more and more students ran the same exact funnels, Facebook got smart and started banning all of those accounts that were using the same kind of squeeze pages. I would see some results for few days, and then suddenly wake up to my ad account being permanently banned.

I believe this is the main culprit of why many of their students began failing and so they had to shut it down.

Now they’re only doing some mastermind classes.

Anyway the key thing I learned was that the image of the ad was most important and using vector image can sometimes really boost CTR because its a pattern interrupt and telling a story is also very important.

This is an example of one of the ads that produced positive ROI. Notice the use of vector art, telling a story with multiple images, and showing something very ambiguous that makes you want to click through to figure out what it is, this is called opening a loop. (in the mind) a psychological trick that makes the user want to close that loop.

2. Carlos Cruz – One on One Mentorship

So many of you might know John Crestani pictured left, he has an affiliate marketing course called the Super Affiliate System Carlos Cruz pictured right coaches part of the course for Facebook ads.

Carlos has been an affiliate marketer for over 10 years now. They do everything for native ads, Facebook ads, to lil’ bit of Adwords.

Anyway in 2017, I paid Carlos Cruz $10,000 to coach me one on one to learn everything he’s doing with Facebook ads to make money as an affiliate. By this time, I had already gone through Rise Academy and didn’t reach the level of success that I had set out to get for myself so I was determined to figure this thing out. I invested again in mentorship.

Here’s how the 1 on 1 mentorship went, he would show me what offer and type of ads he’s running, he’s team would handle the landing pages (also using cloaker) and I would pay for the ad cost out of my own pocket and we would split the profit 50/50.

We made ads like these and ran a skincare CPA offer, where people fill out a form and pay for shipping to receive a free sample of anti-wrinkle skin cream.

Carlos told me exactly what offer, what landing page to use, we used a cloaker, and what kind of ads to use. The thing I learned is that getting your ad accounts banned is part of the game for being a affiliate on Facebook ads. The best month I made $4000 profit. But it ended up being a lot of work managing the numerous ads I had up and creating new ad accounts, as other ones ran its course and would inevitably get banned.

I was probably spending around 3 hours daily on all of these tasks to maintain a $4K profit at the end of the month.

In the end it was not worth it for me to keep doing that because my time was worth more already doing lead generation for small businesses.

Carlos has a team of 5 people working for him constantly running 5 to 10 Business Manager accounts.

I learned a valuable lesson about Facebook ads. It requires plenty of on-going manpower to generate consistent high income. Let me explain, most people think that having only 1-2 ad set will be enough. That’s not quite how FB works. If you create 20 ad sets, half of those ad sets might do really well while the other half might suck. Get this.

Even though all those adsets might have the same exact ad & same targeting.

There seems to be this random factor with Facebook ad that cause some ad to be fed premium traffic while other ad might be fed poor quality traffic.

Sometimes the performance of the ad has nothing to do with your targetting or choice of ad copy or image.

This creates a situation in which you have to do a lot of split testing on an on-going basis.

Now you starting to see how running Facebook ads for your own business is not going to be a set it & forget it type of biz?

This is the major reason why I’m now solely focused on building my online business with free traffic instead in 2023.

1. James Bonadies & Jason McKim – Local Marketing Vault

These guys are teaching students how to make money online by offering Facebook advertising services to local businesses.

Driving customers to a local business using Facebook ads.

I actually met these guys in person before, both great guys, actually James Bonadies was originally in the coaching program I’m in for free traffic generation. I’ll get into pros & cons of doing free traffic vs. Facebook ad traffic in a little bit.

What makes this course pretty cool is they have tested many different local business niches for you and have developed various funnels for each niche that you can copy using Clickfunnels. Last time I checked, they have over 50 different funnels available, anything from Dentists to carpet cleaners.

I know plenty of people having success with their program.

I for one like building my online business with free traffic instead because it’s a lot less maintenance and more stable.

Why I Focus on Free Traffic, Not Facebook Ads

So I’ve been touching on this concept throughout this blog post

but let me make it more clear for ya’ll.

First of all, we get all the positive features of Facebook ads already. We’ve been beaten over the head with it.

Yes we get that you can turn on traffic immediately, we get that there’s amazing ways to niche down & target specific audiences, we get that its got awesome scalability to it, etc, etc

but… what most people (gurus especially) don’t like to talk about is some of the downside of relying on Facebook ads to run your online business…

The big downside of Facebook ad is this.

  • Performance fluctuate too much, Requires daily monitoring of ads. This cuts into your time you could be spending on income increasing activities
  • People on Facebook are there to socialize, mostly not looking to buy something, so the traffic is lower quality in general
  • Costs more to acquire a qualified lead, so it cuts down your profit margin
  • Everyone & their sister is flocking over to Facebook ads
  • Doesn’t build a long-term business that can run on auto-pilot because you’re borrowing Facebook’s traffic
  • When you begin scaling, inevitably ad accounts get shut down / suspended because people “down vote” your ad
  • Its Interruption Marketing

We should never build our entire business around Interruption Marketing, well that’s what Facebook is. You’re interrupting someone’s time doing god knows what during their social media activities, and flashing an ad trying to convince & think about a need that they weren’t thinking of before so that they buy.

Hey I’m not saying interruption marketing is a bad thing, of course not, most of all the ads that we experienced in our lives was interruption marketing from TV ads, Magazine Ads, Billboards, etc

There’s a time and place for Facebook ads as well, the biggest strength comes when you have an amazing offer, product or service that has a high enough profit margin so that you have room for the ad cost.

This is why selling coaching courses with Facebook ad makes so much more sense because selling a course is nearly 100% profit margin versus providing lead generation service for a local business is much slimmer 20-30% profit margin.

So after you subtract the ad cost for the day, you make a lot less money than you thought you did with 1 client.

You also had to do a lot more work than I have to do with free traffic lead generation which means once I rank a site, I can forget about it and it keeps making money for me month after month, year after year.

Also the leads I’m generating for my client is much higher quality because my traffic is generated through attraction marketing, meaning people are seeking me out, entering their search queries in Google search and finding my lead gen sites.

In my opinion, running Facebook ad for small businesses as a service only makes sense as a short term strategies to providing instantaneous results to impress them, while you build free traffic lead generation for that client. For me I don’t want the burden of managing Facebook ads for people when I can just rank sites & let the site do all the work for me year after year.

That’s what I call leveraged income.

The above limo site in Lansing, MI has been making me $750 per month since 2014, I haven’t touched it since. I probably spent a total of 6 hours building that site & ranking it.

$750 * 12 = $9000 is what this site makes me per year.

After 4 years this site has made me $36,000 from 6 hours worth of work that I did in 2014, so that was a $36,000/6 = $6000 per hour activity

I’ve yet to find any other online business that is this leveraged and give you this kind of a return for your time.


I think Facebook ad can for those offering some sort of coaching program with pretty high price point and very high profit margins.

These ad costs are no joke.

I know people working tireless trying to manage all of their different ad accounts that they have for their clients and not making that much money at the end of the month.

It can cause some serious burn out.

Going into Facebook ad is tempting because it promises instantaneous fast results kinda like a drug, like someone snorting a line of cocaine, it might give you temporarily shot of adrenaline and make you feel powerful but in the long run its gonna leave you weaker and weaker.

I’m fortunate that 95% of my online business runs on free traffic, which gives me peace of mind & security because as long as there is internet, my business cannot be shut down. Free traffic business is indestructible.

Facebook ad is prone to many different variables that can cause your business to not become profitable anymore. I’ve known many entrepreneurs that went from making good money to zero because their ad and/or offer stopped converting on Facebook.

In my opinion, before people begin experimenting with Facebook ads, they should first build an online business to at least $10K per month all generated by free traffic, This is what gives you stability. Click here for the coaching program that will show you exactly how to do this.


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