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Best Local Lead Generation Courses: Top 5+ Picks For 2024

April 5, 2024

Local lead generation is a recession-proof business model. And one of the best ways to make money online. It's a simple concept. But it's more complicated to execute than you'd think. However, you can fast-track your success by investing in a local lead generation course. Not only can you gain a competitive edge. But you'll learn from an industry expert. 

In this article, we dive into the pros and cons of investing in a lead generation course. What makes it worth buying? Plus, what makes this business model so profitable? And tips on how to start a lead generation business. 

What Is Local Lead Generation?

Local lead generation is a super-targeted approach for finding and acquiring customers for small business owners. You don't need a product. And you don't need a ton of investment capital. Plus, because you're focused on a local market, it's easier to find high-intent leads and turn them into customers.

With local lead gen, you hone in on an identified niche in a specific area. As a result, local lead generation is easy to validate because small companies need leads. But be sure to pick a niche in an in-demand industry with proven market demand. One that people are actively searching for. A few popular methods to get leads include things like: 

Websites & GPB (Google My Business):

These are low-cost options. But you need to invest the time to rank your site or business profile to generate a steady flow of online traffic. Use the rank and rent concept to develop digital assets that act like billboards and generate leads for local companies. It takes work upfront. But once you're at the top, you own premium real estate. (And business owners are willing to pay top dollar for your service).

Facebook Ads & Google Ad Options: 

You need a budget for this option. But you can launch ad campaigns on each platform and target a particular area with tools like Facebook Audience and Google Ads location targeting

Email Marketing & Cold Calling:

It takes some savvy marketing skills, and you need to be well versed in persuasive content creation. But email marketing (even cold email b2b salesand cold calling can be highly effective ways to generate leads. And numerous options like MailChimp and Quick Mail let you create custom templates. 

Each of these options has the same selling proposition. Websites, email marketing, and cold calling will get you organic traffic. But if you want to use third-party platforms, you'll need to be willing to pay. And paid advertising is expensive.

Plus, you'll need a pretty hefty budget with ad costs rising. (especially if you want to run more than one Facebook ad). Of course, building and ranking websites and GPBs are low-cost options. But to get to the top of Google search engines, you need to know what you're doing. And that includes understanding things like:

  • SEO & Digital Footprint
  • Content Creation & Videos Or Reels
  • UX/UI & XML Sitemaps

Use tools like Keywords Everywhere and a Google Search. Or third-party platforms like SEMRush and ahrefs to determine search volume and competition. (Don't be scared of some competition). 

Most local companies are easy to beat if you know how to leverage Google and get to the top of the SERPs. But this is why taking a local lead generation training makes so much sense. You learn the tricks of the trade from a leader in the industry. Someone who has tried and failed and still succeeded with the business model. 

Is Local Lead Generation Profitable?

Local lead gen can be highly profitable. But you need to find the ideal margin between acquisition costs and your selling price. The beauty of lead generation is that you can use tried-and-true methods to cultivate leads. So you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

But by taking a local lead generation course, you get inside information on profit hacks. Plus, you gain access to industry secrets on negotiating the best deals. Small business owners don't have time for client procurement. But they need leads to stay in business. And if you learn the skills and become a lead generation machine, you can make a lot of money with the business model. 

And because you own the leads, you call the shots when it comes to payment. But a few of the more popular ways to cut a deal include:

  • Flat Fee: A monthly, weekly, or biweekly automatic payment arrangement
  • Pay-Per-Lead: Get paid for every qualified lead
  • Commission: Earn a percentage on closed deals

Pro Tip: The more lead generation assets you own, the more money you make. Plus, there's no cap on earning potential. 

What To Look For In A Lead Generation Course:

You have a ton of choices when it comes to finding a local lead generation course. But not all are created equally. And there are a few that aren't worth their salt. So before you shell out dosh on a training program. You need to do some research and consider things like:

Course Checklist

  • How long has the coach been doing local lead gen?

  • Do they still actively work on the business model?

  • How often is the content updated?

  • How much do you want to spend?

  • What type of lead generation do you want to learn?

  • Does the course have good reviews?

Beware of offers that sound too good to be true. Or course creators that promise fast money. Local lead generation might be one of the best online business models in 2024. But it's not easy. 

Lead gen takes some hard work upfront. First, you need to develop the systems to secure steady leads. And that takes time and the willingness to commit to the process. But you'll get there faster by investing in a course, so pick one that aligns with your long-term goals. You'll make fewer mistakes and get support from an industry expert with one of these best local lead generation courses:

1. Best Local Lead Generation Course & Our Number One Recommendation: Job Killing By Dan Klein:

Our number one local lead generation course recommendation goes to Dan Klein's Job Killing. I achieved a $52K/month passive income with this local lead generation training. Dan's program includes in-depth and over-the-shoulder video content on how to start, build and scale a lead gen business. 

Watch Dan as he explains in detail how to do keyword research and find profitable niches. Then, learn how to leverage on and off-site optimization and killer sales strategies. And get industry tips on how to set up and optimize your GBP. Plus, a ton of 'free stuff.' (Information you're not going to find on YouTube). 


JK is known for its community, and its members-only Facebook group is worth the price of the program for the value it delivers.

The course content is current, and new material and updates are added regularly.

JK offers small group training, D4U services, sales school, and events.


You'll find a ton of misinformation and fake reviews online.

More than one ex-students has copied Dan's course and sold it under the guise of working with him to make some fast cash.

The price of the program isn't listed (you need to book a call, and they don't take everyone who applies)


Job Killing price is not listed.

Refund Policy

Reviewed by Dan and addressed on an individual basis




Dan's JK lead gen course offers members an exclusive Facebook group where they can network and ask questions. Or get access to support from admin and veterans of the industry. Job Killing offers numerous white label and D4U services and 24/7 customer support. But they also provide software for call tracking numbers, website hosting, and premium training options. In addition, JK has added TEAMS to their repertoire (small group and hands-on training). Sales school training and supercharged prospecting strategies. Plus, they share a ton of free content on their YouTube channel.


JK includes over 100+ hours of in-depth video content. Each segment is divided into 5 to 30-minute intervals. In addition, the course provides PDF worksheets, a profit calculator, tips on how to get quality leads, and lists to access free resources and bonuses.


Dan hosts live streams every Tuesday and Thursday.

image of JK logo
photo of dan klein

Dan Klein is an industry expert and the creator of Job Killing. This father of two went from being a used car salesman to building an online empire. What started in 2012 and took 18 months of hard work and grind to fine-tune the most recent version of his lead gen course. Dan launched his training program in 2014 to help others make money online. And his commitment hasn't wavered. Now almost a decade later and 7000+members strong, Dan is still showing up week in and week out. He continues to add new updates and hacks on negotiation tactics and landing big-ticket potential customers.

Plus, how to leverage social platforms and the best way to deal with the constant changes to Google algorithms.

Dan's Course: Job Killing
See my review of Job Killing

2. Local Marketing Vault By James Bonadies & Jason McKim:

LMV teaches students how to generate leads for business owners using paid ads. Learn how to leverage platforms and design profitable Facebook ads and Google AdWords campaigns. Watch as Jason and James share industry hacks on B2B sales.

Plus, strategies to secure high-paying clients long-term. LMV also offers pre-built landing pages and Click funnels. Members get training on email marketing, Craigslist lead automation, and cold prospecting. In addition, students get tips on how and when to scale. And how to become paid ads experts.

But the entire premise of the program is on paid advertising. The LMV philosophy is that paid ads get results faster. But ads come with a price. (Unlike lead generation, which leverages organic (free) traffic and ‘leads in advance’ techniques). So, you need to be able to sell your services before you make money. And if you can’t deliver, the client will go elsewhere. 


Paid advertising allows you to tap into a more extensive scope of people on social media platforms.

Ads are a quick way to get results.

Jason and James are active in the Facebook group and still practice what they teach.



LMV depends on paid advertising, which is expensive (and increasing), and doesn’t offer any training around local SEO.

Clients can end contracts or decide they no longer need your services, and there are no repercussions.

It takes considerable skill to sell paid ad services to business owners.


Local Marketing Vault costs $5,000

Refund Policy

Refunds requested within 72 hours of purchase will be granted.




LMV has a private Facebook group with over 3,000 students. Plus, they provide over 50 niches of fully optimized funnels you can swipe-including the design and copy. LMV also offers 1:1 tech assistance in their LMV Tech Concierge option, LMV Approved Partners D4U services. And their LMV Accelerator ($997/month). An individual training and coaching program with top-tier industry leaders for students looking to fast-track their success. James also has a YouTube channel where he shares free content.


LMV includes 20 modules of in-depth video training. Watch as Jason teaches students how to create landing pages that convert. Learn the exact keywords to get leads and how to launch PPC campaigns that will make money. Students also get tips on customer psychology and sales strategies. Plus, access to tools like Dashclicks and Zapier. (Software to help you automate and scale your online business).


Once a week.

image of local marketing vault logo

James Bonadies is the motivator and internet marketer extraordinaire in this partnership. (James was also a student in Dan Klein's Job Killing coaching program). But instead of leveraging organic traffic, James shifted his focus to running paid ads. James has a background in education and holds an MBA. But he also holds a ton of talent in sales and prospecting. (Skills he learned from DK). And James is now the co-founder of LMV.

picture of james mckim

Jason McKim is an ad agency genius and the owner of 8-figure businesses. He's also the creator and coach of LMV. An Air Force veteran with a background in finance, Jason has seen marked success as an entrepreneur. And he's been published online in articles like Yahoo Sports. A master at his craft, Jason has taught over 3500 students how to make money using paid advertising. 

James Bonadies & Jason McKim's Course: Local Marketing Vault
See my review of Local Marketing Vault

3. Modern Millionaires By Abdul Farooqi & Chance Anthony Welton:

Modern Millionaires is a lead gen course by Abdul Farooqi and Chance Anthony Welton. Both are ex-students of Job Killing by Dan Klein. (Who taught them a lot of this information). But MM relies primarily on paid advertising.

And while they do share a VIP section on SEO and content marketing. The primary focus is on paid ads. MM show students how to scale faster and get results quicker because of paid ads. They also share tips on sales and prospecting. And how to land big-ticket players. 


Abdul and Chance are both 8-figures business owners.

MM offers exemplary training in sales and prospecting.

Abdul and Chase share actionable tips on how to automate your agency.


Modern Millionaire has a poor online reputation (it's been rebranded three times). First, it was Officeless Agency, then Millionaire Middleman. And now it's Modern Millionaire.

Paid ads are expensive, and if you don't know what you're doing, you're going to lose a lot of money.

The material is pretty thin for the cost of the course.


Modern Millionaires costs $5,000-$8,000.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.




MM has a private Facebook group with over 5,700 students. However, neither Abdul nor Chase is regularly active.


MM includes 4 modules of video training sharing tips on a lead generation strategy that uses only paid ads. Students get training on topics like how to launch profitable Google Ads and Facebook Ads. And how paid ads can make you a lead magnet if you know how to leverage the platforms to your advantage. Unfortunately, Chase and Abdul only teach paid ads. (So have a budget because paid advertising is big bucks).


There are no lives

image of modern millionaires logo

Abdul Samad Farooqi began his online journey in 2013. A commerce graduate from the University of British Columbia, he started Samad Consulting (a digital marketing company). Abdul joined JK in 2014. And he saw impressive success super fast. 

(He landed his first client after only 6 days in Dan's program). Samad launched his own training course with Chase in 2019. And he has continued to see notable results. 

Chance Welton is a free spirit who spent time living in a van and journeying around the USA. Chance found Job Killing in 2014 and, like Abdul, was a quick study. (Landing his first $2K/month client after only two weeks in the lead gen program).

Chance continued on his path of success. And he amassed an income of around $50K per month using the skills Dan teaches. But it wasn't enough. And in 2019, he partnered with Abdul to facilitate their own training course. 

Abdul Farooqi & Chance Anthony Welton’s Course: Modern Millionaires
See my review: Modern Millionaires

4. Digital Storefronts By Cory Long:

Digital Storefronts will show you how to build and rank a website. Learn how to discover 'low-hanging fruit' niches. And industry hacks on how to dominate the local market.

Cory teaches his students how to attract high-paying tenants. Plus, why you need to outsource if you want to scale. Cory also shares tips on how to fast-track the process. And his prospecting techniques that are guaranteed to get your sites rented. 


Cory is an animated instructor, and his video training is easy to digest.

DSF provides a detailed breakdown of building, ranking, and renting your lead gen sites.

There are a ton of testimonials and success stories on their website.


Cory pilfered his entire program from his coach and mentor.

DSF encourages outsourcing, but their services are pricey and not of the best quality.

The course is pretty basic for the price tag.


Digital Storefronts costs $5,000.

Refund Policy

No refunds policy.




Students get access to a private Facebook Group where they can connect with 6,000 other members, veterans, and Cory himself. DSF offers numerous D4U outsourcing services and additional coaching like 'The Fast Track to $20K Training' and 'Fast Cash Challenge Program.' In addition, DSF hosts live events, sales, prospecting events, and 24/7 customer support.


DSF is divided into 7 modules, sharing a complete guide on how to build, rank, and rent websites. And Cory says you can do this without tech skills, large investment capital, or design skills. Long shares information on how to pick a profitable niche. And what to look for in a location. Learn how to scale quickly using outsourcing options. Plus, what techniques to use to land high-paying clients that will stay with you for a long time.



image of DSF logo

Cory Long is the creator and CEO of Digital Storefronts. A devoted husband, father, and minister. Cory has spent nearly two decades in ministry. And was the CEO of a private home for abused and underprivileged children. Now Long is teaching other faith-driven entrepreneurs how to make money online. But he's using a local lead generation model he stole from his original coach and mentor. Cory Long was a student of Dan Klein's Job Killing program. And he saw tremendous success with the business model while in the group. 

But after five years in Dan's program, Cory jumped ship. He reformatted Dan's content and created his own lead generation course. Long has since taught thousands of students and generated over $42 million in sales. A 2-Comma Club Award recipient Cory and his family now travel the USA in their RV. 

Cory Long’s Course: Digital Storefronts
See my review: Digital Storefronts

5. Digital Real Estate Secret Shortcuts By James Kuck:

The DRE lead gen course by James Kuck teaches students how to build 'simple digital properties,' rank them and generate a steady flow of online traffic. James covers topics like how to pick a niche and what to look for when choosing a location.

Learn where to find paying clients and how to design and optimize your lead gen sites. DRE also teaches you insider hacks for on and off-page SEO and tips on how to produce results. 


DRE is ideal for beginners, and James explains the rank and rent business model's fundamentals well.

Good value for money.

DRE offers an active and supportive online community for members.


The course is pretty introductory.

James 'add-ons' don't offer a ton of value.

Rank and rent isn't the only online business model James promotes. (Cool, but then why teach?)

Other Local Lead Generation Courses

The Local SEO Accelerator Rank and Rent by Saravanan Ganesh

Saravanan Ganesh

The Local SEO Accelerator was designed by digital marketing expert Saravanan Ganesh. It offers a practical approach to local SEO and lead generation. The course targets beginners. It covers key SEO topics, such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, and link building. The course also covers using tools, like Google Analytics and Google Maps. It includes video modules, access to a private community, and downloadable templates. The course focuses on strategies for ranking easy local keywords and website monetization. It gives students the skills needed to use SEO for business growth.

Price: The Rank and Rent full course costs $997, and the mini-course costs $37.

More Info: The Local SEO Accelerator–Rank and Rent Review

Rank and Rent Masterclass by Mike Martin

Rank and Rent Masterclass by Mike Martin is rank and rent course focusing on client acquisition and automation through Lead Simplify and Magic Page Plugin. The course outlines five crucial steps in the rank and rent business, emphasizing niche selection, website construction, SEO techniques, rental strategies, and scalability.

While the course provides valuable insights for those already in the rank and rent field seeking automation, potential drawbacks include heavy reliance on software and limited skill acquisition due to this dependency. Overall, for individuals already the in rank and rent business and seeking automation solutions, Rank and Rent Masterclass offers worthwhile insights and strategies to enhance their businesses.

Price: Rank and Rent Masterclass costs $670.

More Info: Rank and Rent Masterclass Review

Conclusion: Local Lead Generation Is the Best Way To Generate Leads or Passive Income

Local lead generation is by far the best sustainable and recession-proof business model to create predictable passive income. It takes come skill to rank websites on Google but can lead to long-term passive cash flow if executed successfully. Selecting the best course that suites your goals and situation will equip you with the tools, help you avoid costly mistakes, and teach you effective SEO tactics that will increase your chance for success.


The SEO skills you learn for a local lead generation business with also be extremely helpful in other business models should you choose to diversify. You can also use the same process to rank the website of your own business to create free organic leads. You can also start a digital marketing agency or work as a freelancer. SEO is also one of the most effective ways of generating leads for affiliate marketing. Therefore, what you learn in a local lead generation course will also help you succeed in different business models. As for this best list, Job Killing by Dan Klein is my number 1 rated lead generation course.

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