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Top 132 Best MLM companies to Join in 2024? Hot Trending Network Marketing Opportunities

January 28, 2022

If I say "MLM," what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

For many people it's "scam." Or maybe even "pyramid scheme."

But is that really the case?

Well honestly, in some cases the answer is yes. 

Are all MLM's bad? Definitely not. 

But you definitely want to do your research, because there are are more MLM programs that you should avoid than participate in. 

As always, though, I'm here to help you out. So here's how it's goin' down:

Step 1: We list the top 132 network marketing companies by their revenue.

Step 2: We use Google Trends to identify the MLM's that are trending upwards.

Because the reality is, most MLM's tend to do this:

They rise up in popularity in the first 2-3 years, there's a lot of hype around them and then the hype begins to die down.

You want to join a MLM that's on the upward climb in popularity.

We did the research for you down below and ranked the top 11 MLM's that's trending upwards currently in 2021.

Then we'll discuss an alternative to the whole MLM thing that I fancy: the lead generation business which is currently my #1 recommendation to create passive income from home.

But first, let's take a look at the top 132 MLM companies ranked by their revenue, from lowest to highest.

Top 132 Network Marketing Companies Rankings by Revenue (Updated 01/14/2021)

RankCompany2018 RevenueProductYear FoundedCountry
132Unicity International$0.265 BillionHealth and Fitness2001USA/Utah
13131Gifts$0.516 BillionWoman fashion2003USA/Ohio
130Send Out Cards$0.006 Billiononline cards2003USA/Utah
129Zrii$0.021 Billionskincare and wellness products2007USA/Utah
128Stampin Up$0.124 Billionhandmade cards, papercrafting projects, memory keeping, and home décor.1988USA/Utah
127Nucerity International$0.035 BillionSkincare products2008USA/Texas
126Bode - Pro$0.010 BillionNutrition products2004USA/NA
125Shopping SherlockNAe-commerce (products)1992Canada/latvia
124Organo Gold$0.214 BillionBeverages, body care and personal care2008USA/Washington
123Morinda$0.225 Billionskincare,oil products,cosmetics, beverages1993USA/Utah
122Kyani$0.100 BillionHealth care and Beauty2007USA/Idaho
121JavitaNAcoffee products2011USA/Florida
120Opulence Global(Global Wealth Trade)NAHealth , Beauty and Fashion2005Canada/NA
119Kang Ting$0.348 BillionCosmetics1998China/NA
118FM Group$0.110 BillionFragrances, personal care, cosmetics, home goods, foods2007United Kingdom/London
117bHip Global$0.74 BillionHealth, personal care, skin care2007USA/Texas
116ASEA$0.070 Billionskin care and health products2007USA/Utah
115PartyLite$0.273 Billionparty products1973USA /New England
114Mistine$0.407 Billioncosmetic products1998Thailand/Bangkok
113GNLD$0.178 BillionHealth products/ nutrition products1958USA/California
112Jewels by Park Lane$0.150 BillionJewels1955USA/Schaumburg
111DubLi Network0.032 BillionTravel, Shopping and Entertainment services2003USA/Florida
110Kannaway0.15 BillionCBD supplements and hemp oil products2014USA/California
109ForeverGreen0.184 BillionHealth care products1999USA /Utah
108Pampered Chef0.20 Billionkitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks1980USA/illinois
107Cutco Cutlery0.222 BillionHome appliance1949USA/NewYork
106Stella & Dot0.300 Billionskincare products2003USA/San francisco
105Sisel International0.34 BillionNatural Health Supplements, personal care products, cosmetics, anti-aging Products, Safe and Effective Household Products2006USA,Switzerland(HQ)/Sarnen
104For Days0.38 BillionDietary supplements and Cosmetics1997Japan/Tokyo
103Qnet0.415 BillionEnergy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, and fashion accessories1998Hong Kong/Kwun Tong District
102Shaklee0.84 BillionNutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products1956USA/California
101Gano Excel0.890 BillionHerbal health care products1995Malaysia/unknown
100Vision International People Group$69.0 millionHealth Care1996Cyprus
99Shinsei$69.4 millionAppliances, Home Decor2004Japan
98 Captain Tortue$71 millionClothing and Accessories1993Europe
97Nefful$75 millionClothing and Accessories, Cosmetics, Personal Care1973USA
96Jimon$77 millionCoffee Instant, Energy Drink, Black Tea1993China
95Immunotec$82.2 millionWellness1996Canada
94Total Life Changes$88 millionhealth and wellness1999USA
93Koyo-Sha$91.8 millionNutritional Supplements, Cosmetics, Personal Care1926Japan
92Global Ventures Partners$92.1 millionNutrition, Weight-Loss, Home Care, Skincare2012USA
91Vestige Marketing$97 millionCosmetics, Food and Beverage, Home Care, Personal Care, Wellness, Air Purifier2004India
90Diana Co.$98 millionBeauty, Lingerie, Wellness1986Japan
89Zurvita$100 millionWellness2008USA
88Golden Days$103 millionWellness, Personal Care, and Skincare1994China
87Ideality$115 millionChinese Medicinal Tea2013China
86New Image Group$124 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Wellness1984Asia
85FuXion Biotech$135 millionNutraceutical Products and Beverages2006South America
84Naris Cosmetics$144 millionCosmetics, skincare1932Japan
83World Global Network$146 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Clothing and Accessories2011USA
82ARIIX$151 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Wellness1979USA
81Marketing Personal$153 millionClothing and Accessories, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Decor, Kitchenware and AppliancesNANA
80Giffarine Skyline Unity$154.0 millionCosmetics, Food and Beverage, Home care, Personal Care, Wellness1996Thailand
78Kasly Ju$154.4 millionHealthcare Products, Functional Foods, and Health Management1994China
78Longrich$154.4 millionHealth and Wellness1991China
77Seacret$161 millionCosmetics, Personal CareUSAUSA
76Youngevity$163 millionClothing and Accessories, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Home Decor, Kitchenware and Appliances, Home Care, Services, Wellness1997USA
75BearCere’ Ju$170 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Health and Wellness1987Japan
74Charle$173 millionClothing and Accessories, Cosmetics1997USA
73Mannatech$180 millionHealth and Wellness, Skincare, Home Living, Weight and Fitness1994USA
72Princess House$195 millionFood & Beverage, Home Decor, Kitchenware and Appliances, Wellness1963USA
71Alphay International$200 millionCellular, Health, Coffe2002USA
70Pure Romance$203 millionRelationship Enhancement1993USA
69Kangmei$206 millionPharmaceutical1997China
68LifeVantage$207 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness2007USA
67Southwestern Advantage$218 millionLeisure and Educational1855USA
66CUTCO$222.0 millionAppliances, Home Decor, Kitchenware1949USA
65Take Shape For Life$222.4 millionHealth and Fitness1980USA
64KK Assuran$229 millionBeauty, Cosmetics, Skincare1994Japan
63Resgreen$232 millionEnergy & Utility Services2003China
62Hy Cite Enterprises$233 millionAppliances, Home Decor, Kitchenware1959USA
61Noevir$249 millionSkin Care, Body Care, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics1964Japan
60Pro-Health$257 millionHealth and Wellness2007China
59Viridian +$263 millionElectric and Natural Gas2009USA
58Family Heritage Life$265 millionInsurance Services1989USA
57Menard Cosmetics$267 millionCosmetics, Skincare, Body Care, Fragrances1959Japan
56Merro$283 millionChemical Medicine, Biological Medicine, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Herbal Medicine2014China
55LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH$286 millionHealth and Beauty1985Germany
54NHT Global$288 millionCosmetics, Home care, Personal Care, Wellness2001USA
53Naturally Plus$300 millionCosmetics, Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Wellness1999Japan
52AnRan$321 millionProfessional Security Cameras Systems2007China
514Life Research$328 millionWellness1998USA
50Nature’s Sunshine$341 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness1972USA
49KangLi$348 millionProfessional Grade Household Supplies1996China
48Faberlic$356 millionClothing and Accessories, Cosmetics, Home care, Home decor, Kitchenware, Personal Care, Wellness1997Russia
47Fordays$365 millionCosmetics, Personal Care1997Japan
46YOFOTO$375.92 millionFood, Health and Wellness2004China
45Omnilife$375.93 millionNutrition and Wellness1992Mexico
44Le-Vel$449 millionHealth and Wellness2012USA
43LegalShield$450 millionLegal Advices1972USA
42Scentsy$456 millionAppliances, Cosmetics, Home Decor, Kitchenware, Personal Care2004USA
41PM International$460 millionHealth, Beauty, Wellness1993Germany
40Rolmex$515 millionNutritional Supplement, Cosmetics, Kitchen wares, Cleaning products2001China
39Plexus Worldwide$532 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness1992USA
38Arbonne$541 millionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness1980USA
37AdvoCare$586 millionHealth, Nutrition & Wellness, and Dietary Supplements1993USA
36Miki$597 millionCleaning, Nutrition, Skincare1966Japan
35Yandi$644 millionNutrition and Cleaning products1993China
34Team National$659 millionClothing and Accessories, Food and Beverage, Services, Wellness1997USA
33It Works!$686 millionBeauty, Wellness and Weight Loss2001USA
32Tiens/Tianshi$695 millionDietary Supplements and Wellness items1990China
31Stream$735 millionEssential Services2004USA
30A C N$750 millionEnergy & Utility Services1993USA
29Market America$798 millionClothing and Accessories; Cosmetics, Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Home Decor & Kitchenware and Appliances, Home Care, Leisure/Educational, Services, Wellness1992USA
28Team Beachbody$863 millionFitness and Weight Loss Supplements1998USA
27Yanbal$924.0 millionCosmetics, Personal Care1967Peru
26Isagenix$924.3 millionDietary Supplements and Wellness items2002USA
25WorldVentures$926.6 millionLeisure, Educational2005USA
24DXN$927.0 millionAppliances, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, Home Care, Home Decor1995Malaysia
23SUN HOPE$940 millionHealth, Skincare, Household, and Personal Cleaning Products with a focus on Preventative Medicine2003Malaysia
22Young Living$1.00 billionCosmetics, Food and Beverage, Home Care, Personal Care, Wellness1993USA
21Pola$1.004 billionCosmetics, Skincare, Personal Care, Nutrition1929Japan
20USANA$1.01 billionCosmetics, Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Wellness1992USA
18Belcorp$1.09 billionCosmetics, Personal Care1968Peru
17Telecom Plus$1.12 billionCommunications and Energy Services1998UK
16Ambit Energy ++$1.2 billionElectricity and Natural Gas Services2006USA
16New Era$1.16 billionHealth Foods, Nutrition, Cosmetics1995China
15Oriflame$1.40 billionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness1967Luxemborg
14Jeunesse$1.41 billionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness2009USA
13JoyMain$1.49 billionHealthcare Nutrition and Technology2000China
12Primerica$1.52 billionFinancial Services1977USA
11Nu Skin$2.208 billionCosmetics, Personal Care, Wellness1984USA
10Tupperware$2.210 billionBeauty, Personal Care, Storage, Serving1946USA
9Natura$2.26 billionCosmetics, Personal Care1969Brazil
8Quanjian$2.89 billionTeas, Foods, Skincare, and Cosmetics using Traditional Chinese Medicinal Traditions2004China
7Perfect$3.06 billionMakeup and Accessories1994China
6Infinitus$3.41 billionSkin Care, Cosmetics, Health Care1992China
5Mary Kay$3.50 billionSkincare & Cosmetics1963Germany
4Vorwerk$4.20 billionAppliances, Clothing and Accessories, Cosmetics, Home decor, Kitchenware, Personal Care1883Germany
3Herbalife$4.50 billionCosmetics, Food and Beverage, Personal Care, Wellness1980USA
2Avon$5.70 billionHealth, Beauty, Clothing, Household, and Personal Care Products1886USA
1Amway$8.80 billionAppliances, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Home care, Home decor, Kitchenware, Personal Care, Wellness1959USA

How You Can Tell Which MLM is Ascending vs. Descending

If you're really in MLM to make money--which most people are, but believe it or not, there are some people out there who just want a hobby--you really want to capitalize on a company that's trending upwards.

I used to look up every MLM before I even think about joining them.  

It'll basically show you the search volume of the company name since 2004.

If it’s going up, that’s a clear indicator that it’s picking up steam, which is what you want.

Even if the results display a consistent level of search volume since 2004, that’s a good sign as well.

What you see a lot more often, though, is a sharp rise when the company first came into the market, then slow decline in popularity over the years.

I'm not 100% sure why that is, but I'd be willing to bet that it's an indicator of oversaturation.

But sometimes you can find companies that are still trending up. The below is what we're looking for.

A graph that goes up in the beginning and stays consistent (without dramatic downward trends) is also good, because that indicates that it’s enduring, which probably stems from selling great products. 

You'll see some examples of consistency later in this article.

But watch out! Steer away from joining MLM companies with trends that display this . . .

I'm sure you're getting the hang of it by now and can figure out why.

I'll say it again: Research is key.

Choosing to join a MLM that's trending upwards can literally be the difference between success and failure.

You'll want to pick a reputable company with strong business policies that's backed by ethical leaders, and most important of all: one that provides products that sell themselves!

Products that actually deliver real value to the marketplace.

Last thing you want is a company that sells BS. Not just because of any ethical conflicts, but because if the FTC catches wind of things, they'll swoop in and shut the whole operation down after you put years of hard work into building your organization.

Okay, so who do we want, then?

Let's find out.

Top 11 Hottest Trending MLM that's on a Upward Tick

You would be shocked to find that so many MLM's are already over the hill and are at downward turn in popularity which you do not want to join if you're wanting to actually build a profitable MLM business.

We researched all the top revenue MLM companies and the following companies are ones that are still on the upward tick in popularity, these companies are great opportunities worth looking into.

1. Amway

Amway got started in 1959, still going strong with a large inventory of healthy & beauty products. They have everything from weight loss shakes, eye & lip care, laundry detergent, household cleaners, and more. Their compensation plan is strong with plenty of bonuses for recruiting new distributors. Google trends show steady popularity over the years with a slight up-take in recent years. Google estimated monthly search volume for "Amway" is at 1,830,000/mo.

2. Avon Products

As of 2021, Avon has been around for a whopping 135 years.

That's incredible. And company sticks around for that long unless they're providing something valuable to the market. As you can see by the Google Trends data above, this MLM is trending downwards in recent years. But I mean...they've been solid for over a century, so I'm really not worried about it.

How much do you make selling Avon? Well, you can look forward to making 25% for everything you sell. You can also look forward to a bonus of $20 for every $200 in each sales campaign. For every $1,000 cumulative sales, you'll earn a 10% bonus as well. You can also earn bonuses if you invite others to join the ranks and work with in the business. 

If you think you might be into an MLM that's really withstood the test of time, Avon might be for you.

3. Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition offers a number of ways that their "Independent Distributors" can participate in their program. They can (1) buy HN products at a discount for their own or household use (2) sell HN products to make a retail profit, or (3) recruit others who are interested in consuming or selling HN products. To enter into the program, you must buy a "conversion pack" for $59.95 and then complete the required distributor training. 

After you completed that process, you can begin earning money selling their products at a discount, which starts at 25% and goes up to a maximum of 50% the more you sell. Since health and nutrition is a major focus these days, there will always be people looking out for healthy things to put into their bodies. If you have a passion for consumable health products such as this, you might find this MLM to be more "fun"  than "work."

4. Mary Kay

This one's for the ladies.

Like Avon, Mary Kay is another MLM that has weathered the decades pretty well. I'm pretty sure everyone's seen at least one of those pink Cadillacs in their lifetime, am I right?

The structure is also fairly similar to Avon's, in that you purchase Mary Kay products for half the retail price, and then try to sell them. You have the ability to decide the pricing--I would assume that most sell for half the retail price for obvious reasons--and you'll potentially earn a 50% profit.

Mary Kay's starter kit only costs $100, which is peanuts compared some other MLM startup kits (those things can get pricey.) If you want to be involved with a nationally recognized brand, and you have a network of people who trust you and might be interested in this products, this might be the MLM for you.

5. TupperwareBrands

You know how Kleenex has somehow become the name for every tissue ever made?

Well I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, every plastic storage container in our house was called "Tupperware," no matter what brand it was.

Everybody knows Tupperware, and that will only work in  your favor if you decide to sell this item. And they've got a LOT more products than the classic square with the rounded edges that my mom was always using for leftover rice. This is another brand that just ain't goin' nowhere, which provides a feeling of comfort and stability for anyone considering this MLM. You'll even notice that according to the Google Trends graph above, they've experienced an increase in popularity recently that you typically don't see in MLMs that have been in the game for this long. 

Tupperware provides a virtual "kit" of digital tools to individuals who are looking to start their business. The best part is, it's priced at a modest $15. Can't beat that! I really like this because it shows that they're equipping their partners with the tools they need to keep up with the times. 

Could this be why they're still going strong after 75 years?

6. Atomy

Atomy was founded in 2009, its a MLM that offers Korean skincare & cosmetic products made out of all natural ingredients. They also have come out with dish detergent and some health supplements. There is a US headquarter in Washington. They also strive to make their products as affordable as possible, their motto: "Absolute Quality Absolute Price". They offer a strong multi-tier compensation plan like any other popular MLM's out there, the maximum is 35% commission over your total sales volume with all the bonuses. Atomy is gaining some serious popularity in recent years, if you like skincare & cosmetic products, I believe this is one of the best MLM's out there you can join. Google estimated monthly search volume for "Atomy" is at 135,000/mo.

7. Norwex

Norwex was founded in 1994, their flagship product is an antimicrobial ultra-microfiber cloth that allows consumers to clean their homes without harmful chemicals. The motto is: "improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes." The compensation plan is rock solid at 35% which is amongst the best rates in all of MLM's. The prices are affordable from $5 to $112. Their popularity has been on the rise for a while now which is indicative of their strong product & marketing. They even offer a 2 year warranty which is really impressive. There's great reviews about their products so this is a definitely a solid MLM company with Monthly Google search volume for "Norwex" at 165,000/mo. Also, if you happen to be in San Franscisco, Bay Area and is looking for millwork, home remodelling and landscaping service. Feel free to check this site out.

8. LegalShield
LegalShield offers $20/month memberships that provide the following legal services:

They also have Identity Theft protection product as well at $14.95 per month. By recruiting others into LegalShield you earn some commission but the real money is made when you are able to sell LegalShield's prepaid legal services as their associate but you may need backround in legal matters to effectively pull this off. They even claim they'll provide leads to their associates even though as more associates have joined their company its not certain just how consistently you will get leads from them. In anycase if this niche tickles your fancy, LegalShield is definitely the best MLM out there in the law niche, also they're consistently rising in popuarity and Forbes voted them as 78 out of 100 best company in America. Google estimated monthly search volume for "LegalShield" is at 22,000/mo.

9. Plexus Worldwide

Plexus came into the scene hot in 2006 with a whole array of supplements & body creams to assist in nutrition, skin health, & weight loss. Their flagship product is the Plexus Slim which is a weight loss powder to be mixed with water that's designed to burn calories & fat, it does not contain any caffeine. Its also claimed to help with healthy cholesterol, lipid, and blood sugar levels. They have a solid compensation plan as well at 25% at first level, 15% and 10% at next 2 levels of recruits. Plexus has maintained steady popularity over the years and still going strong into 2021 with signs of showing slight uptick since 2016, their product is so easy to use and raved for its good taste that they have solid customer retention. Google estimated monthly search volume for "Plexus" is at 301,000/mo.

10. Modere

Modere entered the market in 2015 their products include health & wellness, collagen science, household products, and personal care products. Their products have been used for 25 years though since it is a relaunch of a MLM that was called Neways International. Solid commission at 10-20% from retail which isn't the highest but solid compensation plan for recruiting because you can earn down 8 levels at 3-5%. Their most popular product is their biocell collagen line and their weight management line. The Modere CellProof Serum is an anti-aging serum that is one of the primary attraction toward Modere. Modere has proven to show consistent rise in popularity since its launch in 2015, their products are definitely very interesting and so its a great MLM opportunity to consider. Google estimated monthly search volume for "Modere" is at 135,000/mo.


OPTAVIA is a weight loss MLM, their main product is the Medifast meals and shakes. The distributors are considered health coaches that not only sell the products but teach consumers & recruits to follow a specific keto diet plan of 5 meals per day. Physicians used to offer the OPTAVIA meals to patients for weight loss before the direct selling (MLM) marketing approach came into play. These meals are perfect for those that are busy and on the go, as you can easily carry a whole day worth of meals with you. Their popularity is clearly on the rise according to Google trends, with estimated monthly search volume for "OPTAVIA" being at 165,000/mo.

98% of People Who Sign Up to Join MLMs in 2021 Fail. Here's Why:

Did you know that MLM business model has a very high attrition date?

98%!!! That's the failure rate, not the success rate.

That means a lot of dreams will be dashed, bank accounts drained, and only the most vicious will rise to the top.

These numbers are bleak and should discourage people from signing up with the next hot ticket, but they still do!

The 98% bad news came from a report done by Consumer Awareness Institute's Jon M. Taylor, MBA, PhD for the Federal Trade Commission.

Why such a high failure rate?

Here's the top reasons why people fail at their MLM business:

The Top Reasons Why People Fail at their MLM Business:

  • Lack of solid marketing/sales skills - once an MLM distributor runs out of friends and family to talk to, they have a hard time reaching out to strangers to sell products or prospect for new recruits
  • Lacking passion in the products - if you don't have the passion for what you're selling, it's very hard to convince others why they should buy your wares
  • Failure to develop interpersonal skills - your success in network marketing is heavily dependent on forming good relationships with people. MLM requires charisma and leadership skills to truly succeed
  • Failure to leverage the internet for lead generation - there are so many eyeballs looking at social media sites that it's almost criminal not to advertise on these sites. Capture the attention of potential buyers any way you can!
  • The brand gets over-saturated when too many recruits sing up in the firm - this is the reason most successful MLM distributors always say time your entry right. It's best to join an MLM company right when it's taking off because once it blows up, it's tougher to build a team as others have beaten you to the same customers
  • Negative press about the company - there's been some major cases over the years of huge companies getting shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for resembling a pyramid scheme which is illegal, causing all their distributors to lose their income overnight

Why I Quit MLM and How I'm Earning Over 6 Figures Online in 2021 Generating Leads for Small Businesses

I used to think network marketing was the best vehicle for me to finally quit my 9 to 5 job and live the life I wanted to live.

I joined Empower Network in 2013 for $1,500, back when it was starting to take off.

Then it hit me. It was super hard to generate leads for a network marketing business!

I wasn't stoked with selling their products to family and friends.

Looking back, I noted that the people who were making good money with network marketing companies had a killer skill that 98% of distributors didn't have:

  • Knowing how to generate leads online with a blog
  • Generating leads by consistently producing YouTube videos

I was out of my depth. But that experience taught me a valuable lesson.

I needed to learn marketing skills ASAP. Ranking websites and generating free traffic are super valuable skills.

My upline made his money by ranking a blog targeting the keywords "empower network review" and other keywords related to "Empower Network."

This pushed me to enroll in a coaching program that taught students how to make money working from home by generating leads for small businesses.

This training taught me to build my own lead gen sites like these:

Six months after I joined the mentorship program, I had several clients, making $3,000 total every month, and I was able to quit my job.

If you've had success with MLM, good for you.

I still encourage you to learn online marketing skills so you can generate leads for your own business in-house.

People fail in business not because they don't work hard, it's because they jump into businesses without first developing high-income skills that's going to support that business.

Lead generation using free traffic, is one of the most high-income skills to grow your own business.

This is the biz model in a nut-shell.

With free traffic you can give biz owners free leads so that you can prove yourself with real results before you even talk to them. With that said, you can also visit one of my lead gen sites, check this out Best Seattle Asbestos Removal & Inspection Company.

You do the leads do all the talking for you.

No hard-selling required.

What's great about this biz is that once you have the skill you got something no one can take away from you.

And generating leads is a highly demanded skillset.

Small businesses aren't going anywhere anytime soon, neither is the internet.

A smart business owner is always looking to invest in good marketing.

This is my limo site in Lansing, MI.


Been making me $750 per month since 2014 like clockwork.

In my world, leads = $$$!

It's like building a money-printing machine the legal way.

Get away from the 9-to-5 grind. Build residual income that frees up your time.

Click here to find out more about this lead-gen biz model, I promise you once you grasp it, it'll make total sense why it's such a smart business.

Check out all the reasons why lead generation is the best business model for anyone looking to start their own online business. If you're interested, click the "Get Started with Lead Generation" button at the bottom of the graphic.

I'll see you soon.

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    So many have struggles seeing their reps duplicate due to high entry points, requirements to purchase product monthly and limits on how you can promote with things like social media. I finally found a company that removes all that with their Membership model known as LiveGood which you and your readers may definitely find intriguing with how they are revolutionizing the industry

    1. Hi Dave! Thanks for reading and for sharing your MLM experience with my readers. For me there is no better way to earn a consistent and semi-passive income than local lead generation. I don’t have to sell to my friends or family, but I appreciate alternate perspectives and how other people make money online so I’m glad you found something that is suited to your long-term goals. Wishing you much success.

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  6. Hi, I am 55yrs old and now venturing into the MLM business.
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    Since I am new to this field, could you share a step-by-step guide for beginners?

      1. I started by learning to rank in local search engine doing lead-gen for small businesses, in my experience it was the easiest way to get started, rest were way too difficult

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  10. Yes, I agree aboved mentioned companies running well. We are among top mlm software provider. I checked software of few of mentioned companies.. I found very good and can live long. Admin you just shared a good company detailes. I appreciated your effort.

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  12. It is very interesting and attractive but I don’t know what it really is and how it works, how much time and money to invest to get started and so on

  13. Hey Ippei,
    Do you think that the rise of voice searches on mobile and virtual assistants will affect the lead-generation business model? Won’t Google Assitant/Duplex/Siri just choose the top rated or the most relevant ad and automatically book an appointment? Is this affecting your lead-gen business currently and will voice searches and virtual assistants hurt or prevent the lead-gen business model from working in the future as these technologies continue to grow in their use?

  14. Hello, So I just quit LegalShield after 8 yrs. Total waste of almost a decade. I’ve 40 yrs experience as an entrepreneur with my last company of 29 yrs building commercial industrial construction projects. Last two projects were $15,000,000 and $3,000,000… I’ve 6 yrs left before I retire and would like to do something fun and needed by business.

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