15 Best Niches For Pinterest Affiliate Marketing PLUS Pin Ideas and Top Programs in 2024

June 3, 2024

The best niches for Pinterest affiliate marketing are:

  • Home decor
  • DIY and crafts
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Health and fitness
  • Beauty
  • Gardening

Home decor is one of the best Pinterest affiliate niches because users frequently pin and search for creative ideas to improve their living spaces. Over 11 billion pins are related to home decor. Fashion is also a good affiliate marketing niche in Pinterest because it resonates with the platform's 67% female user base. Pinterest's algorithm favors these topics and is more likely to feature related affiliate content on users’ Explore page.

Pinterest niches for affiliate marketing are grouped as categories, with around 20 top categories on the platform. This helps in understanding and cataloging content. Profitability with Pinterest affiliate marketing correlates with search volume. Niches with higher search volume tend to be more profitable as they attract more users searching for related keywords.

Many have found Pinterest as a lucrative source of affiliate income. Sara Faraj, an affiliate marketing coach and founder of Sara Finance, claims to earn over $4,000 a week through Pinterest affiliate marketing. She emphasized the importance of selecting a niche that has a high monetization potential to increase your sales. Sara recommends niches like fashion, self-development, and health and wellness.

While some Pinterest niches might be lucrative for other business models, not all of them will do well for affiliate marketing. For example, B2B tech niches aren’t the best-performing categories on Pinterest if your goal is to earn commissions from affiliate sales. They’re not high-interest topics that align with Pinterest’s visually focused format. Nadalie Bardo, a Pinterest marketer and blogger, says that it's still possible to make less profitable niches more lucrative by tying them to higher-profit categories, leveraging seasonal content, and exploring creative intersections between niches.  

This article will cover the 15 best niches for Pinterest affiliate marketing, plus 5 common mistakes to avoid when choosing a niche. At the end of the article, we’ll talk about a potentially more profitable business model than being an affiliate marketer on Pinterest.

Note: I am not an affiliate for any of the programs or niches below.

15 Best Niches for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

1. Home Decor

The home decor niche includes any home decor-related products like furniture, wall art, and home organization products. According to Pinterest, 60% of Pinners have taken inspiration from pin content for their home decor purchases.

As an affiliate marketer, you can show visually appealing home decor items that capture attention and offer practical solutions. You can create themed boards around popular and trending styles.

According to Vogue, the trending interior design trends in 2024 include “Quiet Luxury”, “Mono Rooms”, “China Pantries”, and “Marble Accessories.” You can also post high-quality images of room makeovers, home renovation before-and-after transformations, and organization hacks.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Home Decor Products on Pinterest

WayfairWayfair's affiliate program lets you promote different home goods like rugs, appliances, and storage items. Their data feeds offer access to two million products. You can choose ones that best match the interests of your target audience on Pinterest.

Commission structure and rate: 7% with $176.30 EPC

2. DIY and Crafts

The DIY and crafts niche is about creative projects and hands-on work. It includes crafting materials, DIY home improvement products, and step-by-step tutorials. According to Out and Beyond, 76% of Pinterest audiences are interested in this niche. You can capitalize on how Pinterest thrives on visual and creative content to resonate with the DIY crowd.

There are also specific subcategories within each niche that you can use when doing keyword research and planning your content. For example, fabric crafts within the DIY niche make up 46% of the total Pinterest category audience. Woodworking makes up only 14%, but there’s still potential to earn from it depending on your affiliate offer.

As an affiliate marketer, you can curate boards featuring popular DIY trends. This can include personalized gifts, upcycled furniture, or seasonal crafts. You can also share tutorials showing how to use the products you're promoting. Pinning content that shows how these materials can transform simple projects can increase engagement                  

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Home DIY and Crafts Products on Pinterest

Blick Art MaterialsThe Blick Affiliate Program lets you to earn commissions on sales made through your links to DickBlick.com. You can join this program via affiliate networks like CJ Affiliates or ShareASale. They let you promote products like paints, brushes, sculpting tools, and textile materials

Commission structure and rate: 3% per sale with $18.29 EPC

3. Fashion and Accessories

The fashion and accessories niche covers women's and men's clothing to statement pieces like jewelry and bags. Fashion is a good niche for Pinterest affiliate marketing because of its strong visual focus. Pinterest users often create boards with specific fashion goals.

Both men’s and women’s fashion are top categories on Pinterest. Top interests in the category also include women’s style and men’s style respectively. 59% of the category audience for women’s style is followed by 38% for dress. 

You can create visually compelling pins featuring affiliate links that integrate fashion trends. Style guides are also popular because you can pair different clothing items or suggest combinations of accessories. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Fashion Products on Pinterest

Urban OutfittersThe Urban Outfitters affiliate program appeals to fashion blogs targeting a younger audience. The brand's strong recognition and reputation can help drive substantial conversions despite the modest commission rate. As an affiliate, you’ll receive weekly newsletters with exclusive deals, along with access to a product feed and marketing creatives.

Commission structure and rate: 5% per sale

4. Health and Fitness

The health and fitness niche includes everything from workout gear and supplements to fitness trackers and healthy recipes. Pinterest users can browse the platform to find motivation, new workout routines, and meal prep ideas. 

You can attract fitness enthusiasts to your content with themed boards like "Morning Workouts" or "Healthy Meal Plans". Incorporate affiliate links for gym equipment, yoga mats, or protein supplements alongside workout guides or healthy snack recipes. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Health and Fitness Products on Pinterest

Athletic GreensThe Athletic Greens affiliate program focuses on promoting their flagship product, AG1 which is a supplement with 75 vitamins and minerals aimed at people with active lifestyles. They have a 30-day cookie period so you have a solid window to earn commissions after a potential customer clicks your link. 

Commission structure and rate: 30% depending on affiliate network

5. Beauty Products

The beauty products niche is popular on Pinterest because users are searching for makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and haircare advice. According to The Pull Agency, you’re 82% more likely to reach a beauty enthusiast on Pinterest compared to other platforms. 

You can create beauty boards like "Perfect Skincare Routine" or "Everyday Glam Makeup" that blend tutorials with product recommendations. Reviews and step-by-step guides offer users valuable insights. This can boost traffic to affiliate links for beauty products.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Beauty Products on Pinterest

SephoraSephora’s affiliate program lets you promote over 13,000 beauty, health, and skincare products from more than 200 brands. You also receive access to marketing materials, newsletters, product previews, and high-quality creatives. Sephora provides free shipping on orders over $50 and free samples with every purchase.

Commission structure and rate: 2.5-10% per sale

6. Gardening

The gardening niche includes garden tools, plant care products, and landscape design ideas. Pinterest users can get inspiration for garden layouts, innovative plant combinations, and practical plant care advice. 

Affiliate marketers can share tools, seeds, planters, and more. You can create pins that show imaginative garden layouts. You can also share guides like "Best Companion Plants" or "DIY Raised Garden Bed." 

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Gardening Products on Pinterest

AeroGardenAeroGarden’s affiliate program lets you promote their hydroponic kits. Affiliates earn with top-tier products priced up to $800. AeroGarden also provides a gardening blog to help customers start gardening.

Commission structure and rate: 7.5% with $86.85 EPC

7. Parenting and Kids

The parenting and kids niche covers children's clothing, toys, educational materials, and parenting tips. Pinterest is a resource for parents looking for creative ideas for kids' activities, school projects, and children’s fashion. According to Social Media Today, Pinterest reaches 40% of parents in the US.

You can curate boards with themes like "Fun DIY Kids Projects" or "Stylish Baby Outfits." The affiliate links could link to clothing brands, educational toys, or learning materials. By providing valuable resources and visually rich content, you can engage parents and help them discover high-quality products for their kids.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Parenting and Kids Products on Pinterest

Parenting Simply: Parenting Simply’s affiliate program lets you promote online courses on positive parenting solutions. The program features a 365-day cookie window and provides various marketing resources, including free articles and promotional tools to help affiliates drive traffic and sales. Commissions are paid monthly.

Commission structure and rate: 40% with $20+ EPC

8. Cooking and Recipes

The cooking and recipes niche covers kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and specialty food items. Recipes are among the most pinned content on Pinterest because food lovers look here for culinary inspiration. 

High-quality images of mouth-watering dishes can entice clicks. It makes affiliate products related to cooking and baking popular and profitable. Boards like "Gourmet Kitchen Essentials" or "Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners" can integrate affiliate links for kitchen tools, cookbooks, or gourmet ingredients.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Cooking and Recipes Products on Pinterest

HelloFresh: HelloFresh's affiliate program allows affiliates to earn commissions from a global audience compared to US-only competitors. As the world’s leading meal kit service, their strong brand recognition enhances conversion rates. Affiliates benefit from personalized discount codes, performance bonuses, and a signup offer of “free dessert for life” to boost conversions.

Commission structure and rate: 10% per sale with potential increases based on performance

9. Event Planning

The event planning niche includes party supplies, event themes, and planning tips. Pinterest is a go-to platform for anyone seeking inspiration for their next big celebration. It could be a wedding, birthday party, or holiday gathering. People use the platform to curate unique ideas, themes, and decorations.

Affiliate marketers can use Pinterest to promote event-related products like themed party supplies, creative décor, and customized invitations. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Event Planning Products on Pinterest

Event Planning BlueprintEvent Planning Blueprint’s affiliate program lets you promote their event business courses. The program boasts high conversion rates, low refund rates, and provides quality, constantly updated training materials. Affiliates can start promoting quickly by signing up through Clickbank, generating personalized referral links, and accessing promotional materials. 

Commission structure and rate: Up to 50%

10. Food and Drinks

Food and drink imagery has a high engagement rate on Pinterest. Users often look for new recipes, cooking techniques, and party beverages. According to Pinterest, 40% of their users were 40% more likely to buy new food or drinks that they saw on their platform.

You can create pins around cocktail recipes and wine pairings. Then you can link to purchase ingredients or tools. Tailor content around holidays and events, offering themed food and drink ideas like Super Bowl snacks or festive meals.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Food and Drinks Products on Pinterest

Wine Express: WineExpress' affiliate program offers a commission for each wine club membership and regular store purchases. They have a wide selection of wine varieties, including exclusive reserves, with free shipping on orders over $149. WineExpress also provides several wine club packages starting at $49.95 per month. Affiliates receive promotional materials such as banner ads, text links, and product links to support their marketing efforts.

Commission structure and rate: 10% per membership and 6% on regular store purchase

11. Travel

The travel niche covers travel gear, booking services, and destination guides. Travel content is suitable for Pinterest because of its visually appealing nature. According to Pinterest, there are over 1 billion travel-related searches on their platform.

As an affiliate marketer, you can feature travel guides with affiliate links to gear and booking sites. Create detailed itineraries for popular destinations and offer travel tips that help users pack efficiently or find the best deals.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Travel Products on Pinterest

Expedia: Expedia's affiliate program gives affiliates access to promote over 140,000 properties and discounts on flights, vacation packages, cruises, and car rentals. Expedia's loyalty program allows users to earn points for future travel experiences. This enhances the incentive to book through the platform.

Commission structure and rate: 2% to 6% with $83 EPC

12. Sports

The sports niche includes sports equipment, apparel, and fitness programs. Sports enthusiasts can go to Pinterest for training tips, gear recommendations, and inspiration for their athletic pursuits. 

Post training tips for specific sports with links to the necessary equipment. Highlight the advantages of various sports gear through comparisons and reviews. Inspire your audience with motivational sports content and challenge pins.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Sports Products on Pinterest

Under Armour: Under Armour is a well-known sports clothing brand which can enhance conversions. Their affiliate program is available through Awin. This setup allows affiliates to earn income from their traffic.

Commission structure and rate: 5% for an average order value of $100, with $55.52 EPC

13. Wedding

Pinterest is the primary planning resource for many brides-to-be. According to Pinterest, there are over 3 billion wedding-related searches on their platform, and more than 10 billion wedding ideas saved. Users turn to Pinterest to visualize their dream wedding. They could get inspiration for crafting the perfect table settings, finding breathtaking wedding dresses, or creating a unique wedding theme. 

You can capitalize on this by giving wedding planning tips and timelines. Post wedding fashion inspiration and create boards for different wedding themes and color schemes to help users visualize their perfect day.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Wedding Products on Pinterest

Kate Aspen: Kate Aspen's affiliate program lets you promote their products which include gifts, favors, and decorations for events like weddings and bridal showers. The program offers a a 30-day cookie window. Affiliates gain access to product links, text links, banner ads, and deep linking options.

Commission structure and rate: 7-12% per sale

14. Electronics

The electronics niche includes gadgets, home electronics, and tech accessories. Tech enthusiasts explore Pinterest for the latest gadget trends and electronic solutions. It’s a great platform for promoting tech-related affiliate products. 

Offer buying guides and comparisons for the latest gadgets. Provide tips on how to get the most out of various electronic devices and showcase tech setup inspirations. This could include home office or gaming setups.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Electronics Products on Pinterest

Samsung: Samsung’s affiliate program lets you promote high-quality TVs, tablets, and smartphones. As one of the leading brands in electronics, affiliates can have high conversions compared to other electronic brands. The Samsung affiliate program offers commissions on all sales, including new and returning customers. You can join this program via the affiliate network CJ Affiliates.

Commission structure and rate: 2-4% with $62.77 EPC

15. Vehicles

The vehicles category on Pinterest has a 15% interest from audiences, with the cars sub-niche getting 53% interest. There is a targeted audience for automotive-related content who may be considering purchasing vehicles or related products. The visual aspect of Pinterest lends itself well to showcasing vehicles like classic cars, luxury automobiles, or practical transportation options. 

You can design pins featuring sleek car designs, maintenance tips, road trip ideas, or DIY vehicle projects with a link to your affiliate product. For example, pins featuring lists of must-have car accessories, recommended automotive tools, or deals on vehicle maintenance services can attract users interested in automotive-related purchases. This helps in generating commissions from qualified referrals.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program to Promote Vehicles Products on Pinterest

Keller Heart: Keller Heart’s affiliate program targets auto dealers, shipping companies, and businesses with vehicle fleets. They let affiliates promote industrial, aviation, and automotive oils and lubricants. The affiliate program offers a 10% commission on sales, with an average order value of $580, yielding about $58 per sale.

Commission structure and rate: 10% with $265.63 EPC

What are the Key Factors To Consider When Choosing a Niche for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Monetization potential, content availability, audience interest, and alignment with your brand are the key factors to consider when choosing a niche for Pinterest affiliate marketing. Consider niches where there are content opportunities. Ensure there’s enough information to build captivating boards, posts, and guides that appeal to your audience. 

You can find the best niche for Pinterest affiliate marketing by:

  • Assessing the monetization potential of each affiliate niche. An evergreen niche with consistent demand and long-term relevance will yield steady commissions. Choose niches with proven high-performing affiliate programs, offering competitive payouts.
  • Selecting an affiliate niche that aligns with your brand and interests. Authenticity in your pins will foster trust and credibility. It makes your affiliate recommendations more persuasive and better received.
  • Using Pinterest analytics for feedback and adjustment. Check Pinterest Analytics to understand which pins are performing well and why. Use this feedback to refine your content strategy based on what generates the most engagement and conversions.
  • Looking at other Pinterest accounts and bloggers who are successful in your potential niche. Note what types of content they are posting, how they are linking to affiliate products, and their engagement rates. This can help you gauge the competitive landscape and identify gaps you could fill.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Pinterest Niche

1. Ignoring Niche Popularity on Pinterest

Not all niches perform equally well on Pinterest. Failing to identify the right niche for your affiliate marketing efforts can lead to lackluster results. It's crucial to research which affiliate marketing niche has a strong, active audience among Pinterest users. Selecting a niche that's commonly searched for and resonates with the platform's demographic will enhance your chances of tapping into Pinterest traffic and achieving better engagement.

2. Overlooking the Visual Aspect of Pinterest

Pinterest is a visually-driven platform. Choosing a niche that doesn't translate into appealing, eye-catching imagery can undermine your ability to capture attention. It's essential to select an affiliate marketing niche where products or services can be showcased through compelling visual content. This way, your pins will stand out and resonate with Pinterest users.

3. Neglecting To Consider Pinterest Audience Engagement

Even if a niche is popular, if the audience isn't actively pinning, commenting, or sharing content, it may not be viable for affiliate marketing. When choosing the right niche for an affiliate offer, it's vital to use Pinterest analytics to gauge the level of audience engagement within that category. By focusing on niches with high engagement, you increase your chances of reaching an active, interested audience that's more likely to convert.

4. Choosing Overly Broad Pinterest Niches

While broad niches provide a wealth of content, they often come with high competition and less targeting. By narrowing down to a specific segment within a broader niche, you can find and engage with your target audience. This focused approach helps your content stand out. It attracts Pinterest users who are interested in your affiliate products and more likely to convert.

5. Ignoring Pinterest Seasonal Trends and Timing

Ignoring the seasonal nature of your chosen niche may cause you to miss peak interest periods. For instance, home decor has a holiday focus, and travel experiences surge during summer. 

According to Justyn Gourdin who runs a Pinterest marketing agency based Montrose, Colorado, Pinterest trends usually start 20% earlier than other platforms and sustain for 21% longer. This means that you can still share content from the previous month as long as it has a trending keyword on Pinterest. Justyn says that the most effective way to get more clicks on your Pinterest affiliate content is to create a dedicated blog post about the latest trend in your niche. She recommends publishing at least one blog per week, for an entire year.

You can also use tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Pinterest Analytics to identify trend and keyword patterns. This data will help align your promotions with periods of high user interest. This ensures your affiliate content reaches its maximum potential with effective Pinterest SEO.

How Can You Optimize Niche Pins For Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

You can optimize niche pins for Pinterest affiliate marketing by:

  • Using high-quality images that stand out on the Pinterest feed
  • Choosing images that align with your niche
  • Showing images that showcase the affiliate product in a natural and visually compelling way
  • Incorporating text overlays that provide context for the image
  • Using text overlays that highlight a key benefit of the affiliate link's offerings

Each of these will involve a mix of strategy and creativity to boost engagement and click-through rates. Reddit user Houdasho recommends not posting the same affiliate link twice in the same week because Pinterest considers it as spam. They can shadow ban your account indefinitely. They also say that 3 to 5 well optimized pins per day are great for growing your audience and potential affiliate results from Pinterest.

Optimize for SEO by including relevant keywords in your pin descriptions and titles. This ensures your affiliate pin shows up in search results. Leverage the proper pin sizing to enhance visibility across different devices. Make sure your affiliate product is easy to identify. Use Rich Pins to automatically pull key product information directly into your Pinterest pin. This includes pricing, availability, and description.

Is Pinterest Good for Affiliate Marketing? 

Yes, Pinterest is good for affiliate marketing because its highly visual and user-friendly platform encourages users to seek inspiration and discover new products. With a search engine-like functionality, Pinterest makes it easy for users to find content relevant to their interests. This drives highly targeted traffic to affiliate pins and links. This ability to organize pins into themed boards also enhances visibility for specific niches and products. 

According to Glowwithgia on YouTube, she has earned $14,282 in a month through Pinterest affiliate marketing. She chose a niche that appealed to the platform's predominantly female audience. This included fashion, skincare, recipes, and interior design. Gia also leveraged popular affiliate programs such as Amazon, Impact Radius, and Awin. and created engaging pins that showcased carefully selected products to attract clicks and generate commissions.

Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Local lead generation is better than Pinterest affiliate marketing because it doesn’t require continuous content creation and monitoring of trends to remain relevant. Pinterest affiliate marketing also faces challenges of algorithm changes that can affect how pins are shown to users, making consistent visibility and predictability difficult to manage. Local lead generation provides a more stable and controllable environment. This model doesn’t rely on social media trends and changes. It offers a steadier and more predictable revenue stream.

The local lead generation business model involves creating websites or landing pages that capture leads in specific local markets and then selling or renting these leads to local businesses. It is the best opportunity to make money online due to its scalability and potential for passive income. Once a lead generation site is ranked and optimized, it can continuously generate leads with minimal ongoing effort. By focusing on targeted niches within local markets, marketers can build a robust portfolio of lead generation sites that consistently deliver high-value leads to clients, ensuring a lucrative and stable income.

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