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Looking for the best SEO courses of 2021?

You've come to the right place. 

Here, you'll find a mix of the best free seo courses and the best paid courses online, and I rate them based on their quality, how up-to-date they are, and how active the course creator is. 

If you start searching for the best SEO course on Quora or Reddit, you can end up going down a rabbit hole that just ends up leaving you dazed and confused, and it's hard to know who to trust.

So I'm gonna tell you why I'm qualified to review these courses (I've ranked 80+ projects & counting.) 

Let's go.

WHat is seo?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing both the quantity and quality of the traffic to a website by raising the quality of the on-site content to meet visitors needs and the off-site links that vouch for the content by linking to the page or post.

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

I've been making money from SEO & Lead Generation since 2014 after going through the best local seo course, so trust me when I say, I know what a good SEO course is all about.

Ever wonder how to do basic or better yet, how to master SEO?

There's plenty of complexity to this game but if you can get a handle on it, your clientele will grow faster than a weed in a fertilized garden.

Over the past 6 years, I've taken many different courses.

As a 7-figure earner in SEO, I still continue to invest in cutting edge optimization courses to make sure that I have the most robust SEO skills that help rank my websites globally for some of the toughest keywords out there.

Yep....I've got sites ranking globally.

Let's jump right into this list, and at the end, you'll see which course has the best search engine optimization process of them all.

If you're impatient like me and you want to know about the online business model that got me out of my 9-5 in 7 months, click on the link below.

Or you can keep rolling to see what you came for: The top 10 SEO courses for 2021. 

Top SEO Courses For  2021

10.)  DistilledU - SEO 101 & Advanced 

Course length: 133 hours of video     Price: $40.00/month

  • Provides content for all levels, clearly showing what's for beginners and what's for experienced SEO's
  • You really are going to learn a skillset for life
  • Matthew divides the course into bite-size lessons every week
  • You could get all the info needed on his blog and on his YT channel

DistilledU - SEO 101 & Advanced Details:

DistilledU was originally created by employee Paddy Moogan to aid in training staff, but then they opened it as a resource for both businesses and freelancers looking to level up their skills. 

Well-known brands such as Adobe, Marriott and eBay use DistilledU as a way to train their employees. 

This collection of training provides education on:

  • Getting the most out of a Search Engine (aka how to make Google your Bench)
  • Pro-Level queries to quickly access desired information
  • Crystal clear explanations on how crawling works
  • Refreshing lessons on getting indexed faster than greased lightning thrown by Zeus (aka laying out the red carpet for Google's crawlers)
  • Cranking up your site's speed so that users are never left waiting for the page to load
  • Increasing dwell time and overall conversions via UI practices that make your competitor's user experience look like 1994
The Bottom Line
Best Selling Point
  • Helpful detailed information geared for all levels (you don't need to be an expert to get a lot out of this training set)
  • Clarifying screenshots
Biggest Issue
  • No PDF downloads
  • Videos not in all lessons
  • Lessons are pretty wordy


Overall, Distilled U provides a lot of indepth, actionable training that doesn't get lost in abstraction or theory, but stays very practical. 

It has a lot of up-to-date information. 

The main improvement that could be made would be to increase the number of graphics used both inside the videos and outside the videos to explain the various search engine optimization concepts that are more easily charted than taught using words. 

Distilled U course rating: 3.25/5

or you can purchase the course here.

9.)  The Blueprint Training

Course length: 12 Weeks     Price: $2,999.00

  • Ryan has created a holistic training that covers pretty much every topic that an agency needs to bring results and scale.
  • Ryan runs an actual agency so he's not simply some course creating guru. He walks the talk.
  • He includes a lot of diagrams and graphics that help visually explain what he's talking about in each lesson. 
  • Price: this is one of the more expensive courses on our list.
  • Lack of written content to undergird the videos.

The Blueprint Training

This course has been built to be a holistic agency process training, designed specifically for up-and-coming seos who want to build out their business' structure and in-house processes, from quoting prospects to building desired content and ultimately making the client happy by achieving the results projected.

This Training Package Provides Structure On

  • Adding clients seamlessly to your agency
  • Managing lots of projects efficiently
  • Providing holistic website audits so that your prospects to know exactly what their sites need
  • Running advanced SEO audits for larger companies
  • Educating yourself on the competition's organic success by reverse engineering how they got to their current positions
  • Implementing massive link outreach and acquisition campaigns
  • Managing lots of projects efficiently via provided templates
The Bottom Line
Best Selling Point
  • Learning both the everyday processes of an SEO agency as well as the bigger picture structure that needs to be in place in order to scale.
Biggest Issue
  • Very little written material, mostly video content. To be better, they should provide transcripts of the videos or recaps of the primary content. 


Ryan actually being an operator inside of an SEO agency shows through his webinars and lessons, with the calculated cadence with which he speaks. 

He's well versed in the accurate terminology of Search Engine Optimization as well as how the terminology is applied. He even develops his own terms. 

The bluePrint training rating: 3.5/5

or you can purchase the course here.

8.)  SEO Training by Jellyfish (U.K. Only)

Course length: 1 Day     Price: £499.00