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The meaning?

Search Engine Optimization.

You hear about it everywhere, right? Ranking websites in the search engines.

In this review, I'm going to share the best SEO training courses on the internet in 2020 and see which ones are really worth the investment. 
A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

I've been making money from SEO & Lead Generation since 2014, so trust me when I say, I know what a good SEO course is all about. Each of these courses teaches you what SEO is and how it works.

Ever wonder how to do or better yet, how to master SEO?

There's plenty of complexity to this game but if you can master it, there are plenty of benefits.

I've taken some different courses and as a 7-figure earner now in SEO, I still continue to invest in courses to make sure that I have the best SEO skills that help rank my sites globally for some of the toughest keywords out there.

Yea, I said, my sites are ranking globally.

Let's get right into this list and at the end, you'll see which course has the best search engine optimization process of them all, but more importantly:
If you're the impatient type, here's the link where you can read about my #1 online digital marketing business model, period.
Coming in at #4, Lion Zeal SEO Academy by Daryl Rosser.

Top SEO Courses of  2020

4.)Lion Zeal SEO Academy - Daryl Rosser

Course length: Monthly Training     Price: 7 days for $1.00

  • Unlimited site audits for you websites
  • Daryl does weekly live site audits
  • You'll learn how to build your own PBN 
  • No recent update to course

Lion Zeal SEO Academy Details:

In this course, you're going to learn how to build a PBN.

What's PBN?

It means, "private blog network". By building this out, you're going to be able to use them to pass on, what I like to call, "link juice" to other websites so they can rank better on Google.

This isn't taught in so many courses and the fact that it's here puts this course on the map.

With the help of Daryl's course, there won't be any need for you to try to rank sites while blindly following Google's guidelines.

If you want to know more than just learning how to add a backlink, this course will teach you well.

Daryl is from a small town in England. He said NO to the dream most in his hometown have of being a manager in some factory. He wanted to be his own boss.

He started building websites and realized he could make some serious cash.

After a bad situation with a partner, someone approached him for some SEO marketing. He had no clue as to what he needed to do.

Daryl bought a cheap course, followed it to a T and ranked that client. Since then, he's been very successful ranking clients and improving his SEO skills.

He eventually got so good that he decided to create a course that teaches SEO to help other digital marketers. Daryl even speaks at SEO conferences and gets to travel the world and keep his clients happy. 

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • In-depth course that covers the essential skills needed to craft winning ads (copywriting & sales)
Biggest Issue
  • No recent updates to course


Daryl know what he's doing and he's glad to share what's working for him.

It's not a bad to course to get into especially if the cost is $1 for the first week.

This is a good course to get your feet wet in SEO.

lion zeal seo academy course rating: 3.5/5

or you can purchase the course here.

3.) OMG Machines - Greg Morrison

Course length: ​8 hours   Price: $5,000.00
  • Fully comprehensive course where you learn it all when it comes to SEO
  • Greg teaches you long-term, proven SEO methods and strategies
  • You'll learn how to build a PBN
  • Many resources available
  • You aren't shown how to install WordPress or how to buy domain names which may be difficult for some beginners
  • Some methods are outdated

OMG Machines Course Details:

One Man Gang Machines is one of the more premium SEO trainings out there. It consists of a 44 page PDF ebook with some links to instructional videos.

This course is focused on client SEO because it's the fastest way to get paid. I can sign off on that from personal experience.

Greg is who mostly teaches you and he shows you exactly how he does things and even shares the tools he uses to dominate Google.

He shows you the best practices on things such as:

  • how to setup your content on your site
  • linking structure
  • how to build offsite links
  • when to build offsite links
  • types of links to build
  • PBN (Private Blog Networks)

If you follow what Greg says, you'll be able to see your site shoot to the top of Google for the chosen search terms.

Greg's methods should get your site ranking in around 8 weeks.

Also, Greg shares the sources he uses to build links. You aren't going to be so confused with the entire process because Greg and the rest of the instructors do a great job at showing you what you need to do. 

Greg has made millions of dollars with the SEO skills he teaches in this course.

I've learned a decent amount from Greg and I've implemented what he's taught in my local lead gen business, especially when it comes to PBNs.

He knows what he's doing so, definitely implement what you learn from this course if you invest in it. 

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • You'll have a solid foundation on how to get sites to rank on Google
Biggest Issue
  • Training platform is a bit unorganized


This course isn't for you if you already are having success with SEO. This one is definitely if you're a beginner and if you invest in this one, you're going to learn everything you need to get your sites ranking.

omg machines course rating: 4.0/5

or you can purchase the course here.

2.) SEO That Works - Brian Dean

Course length: 5 Weeks   Price: $900.00
  • Brian shares actual successful case studies
  • The methods Brian teaches are all white hat methods.
  • Brian's SEO methods can definitely take up time if you're trying to rank clients locally as opposed to ranking clients nationally
  • You won't learn about PBN which is essential to ranking clients locally

SEO That Works Course Details:

This course is perfect for you if you're looking to build out a blog.

You're going to be taught a step by step way to structure your content which really matters because what you want is to grab your reader's attention from the start of your post.

After taking this course and taking action on what you've learned, you can expect to have your blog ranked on page 1 for not just one keyword or search term, but various keywords and phrases which means you're putting your blog at the top of the search engines.

Expect success. 

Brian backlinking techniques will definitely get your blog moving and making progress in the search engines. 

Just when you think you know what you're doing, Brian's methods will take you to the next level in your SEO game, I'm sure of it. 

There is also a private FB group where Brian does a great job at offering support and assistance when needed. 

To help with learning, Brian shares videos, templates and worksheets. All of this definitely gives you the confidence to kill it in the SEO world. Mainly if you have a blog going. 

Brian is one of the top SEO's you're going to come across and has his site, backlinko, ranked for many keywords and search terms.

He emphasizes the importance of high quality content. This guy is legit because he's been featured on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and more. 

You can check out his Youtube channel where you'll pick up really valuable tips and tricks that you can implement immediately for your blog.

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • Brian only teaches whitehat SEO methods
Biggest Issue
  • His course is more for ranking a blog than ranking a local small business


If you want to grow a blog such as, Brian Dean has really solid and current SEO tips and tricks that if you implement today, you're going to see positive results.

Currently, his course is closed, but you can still get on a waiting list by entering your email. 

If you want to rank websites for small businesses, there is another course that is better suited for that.

SEO that works course rating: 4.0/5

or you can purchase the course here.

1.) Lead Generation Coaching Program - Dan & Ippei

Course length: 5 Weeks 
  • The white hat SEO methods/techniques are regularly updated and current which makes ranking locally as well as nationally very much possible
  • You'll learn all about the different types of backlinking that's possible as well as the correct ratio to follow
  • You'll be able to rank your GMBs in the map pack
  • Weekly coaching calls, twice a week
  • Extensive trackrecord of successful students, 6000 students, been coaching since 2014
  • Takes some time to rank these sites, doesn't happen over night. 3-6 months typically
  • Takes commitment & hustle, don't sign up if you're alergic to work

Lead Generation Coaching Program Details:

This is the best SEO course you're going to find.

It's really the best online business out there in my opinion for a number of reasons. I'll get into the entire business model after I explain why it's the best SEO course.

You can go through any other SEO course, but you're going to find they all lack something.

This program teaches you every aspect of SEO and when you're done with the course, you'll have the knowledge and tools to take on any client or even if you want to rank your own blog. Dan teaches you SEO, "soup to nuts", as he says, from onsite and offsite optimization to PBNs, GMB ranking and keyword optimization. 

You get it all here.

If you want to know Google's standards for websites, you'll learn once you join the program and go through the course. 

The best part?

 We use SEO to generate leads for small businesses.

Why does this matter?

Simply because I own the websites that I rank #1 on Google and send all of that free organic traffic to my clients who aren't ranked #1. My clients won't fire me.

Better yet, they can't fire me.

I own the digital assets, which are the ranked websites. I'm the one in control.

It's a genius business model and I'm so glad I took that call in 2014 with Dan. 

This business model has changed my life and I view SEO easy now.

What's also great about this program are all of the Done For You systems that are in place so you can go hard in other aspects of your business. If you feel a certain part of this business model is a bit time consuming for you, you can outsource it and still be productive.

As a previous student in this program, I can say that I was and still am ahead of any other digital marketers out there that took other courses because of all the value this course gives you from the connections, the resources and knowledge you gain on a daily basis.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the level of support you get in this group of more than 5800.

It's second to none. 

Dan's an OG in the SEO and lead gen game who's made millions annually off of lead gen as well as other business ventures.

When he teaches you, take it all in because you'll learn some serious skills. You'll come out of this program as a better entrepreneur period.

Dan is all about providing value and opening your mind to different ways to get money.

As long as you don't forget that, "the main thing is the main thing" - Dan

Local lead generation is the main thing no doubt because you can really earn a truly passive income.

That's the difference between this business model and any other. 

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • You're going to learn the most current SEO techniques surrounded by the most supportive and driven group of entrepreneurs around that are truly earning a passive income with the local lead generation with free organic traffic
Biggest Issue
  • You haven't joined yet


I should be giving this course 1000 stars, but you get the point.

A passive income is not possible with paid traffic because you have to constantly monitor and test your ads regardles the platform you're on. 

This business model, with the help of the SEO skills you learn, will get you to reach the goals you've set for yourself.

Jump right in to this one.

lead generation coaching program rating: 5.0/5

or you can purchase the course here.

The #1 Online Business Model That Earns Me $50K+ Per Month...Passively

Why Lead Generation is Better than Doing SEO

More than $50,000,

per month,


That's the type of income I'm able to generate because of local lead generation.

SEO is vital to the success of my lead gen biz because I'm able to rank my digital properties well and as a result, send FREE organic traffic to small businesses who can use more leads.

By doing so, I'm making a huge positive impact on their business and their lives.

Yea, you can make a ton of money doing SEO and ranking clients sites on page 1 of Google but the issue is, how long will that client keep paying you month after month once you get them to page 1???

That's the biggest issue with a SEO client.

Client Retention.

You work hard for 6 months to rank another person's website, and once they get their results, they feel like they no longer need to pay you anymore.

Super fun...

And I hate chasing SEO clients for my money...

This is why today I no longer take SEO clients.

I do lead generation instead, which means I rank my own websites & make money on the leads.

For example, this is my very own site that I own.

I own the site, I rank it and whatever free organic traffic (leads) that flows through that site, I send to a business owner who's looking for more work. In turn, I make $$$ for every lead I send.

A client can't fire me

SEO = You're ranking other people's websites

Lead Generation = You're ranking your own websites

I much rather rank my own sites and sell the lead, if the client stops paying me, I can send the leads to their competitor and keep making money.

I'm in 100% control of my website & where I send the leads.

Once I have a lead generation client, they cannot leave me.

This is what that whole process looks like.

These websites are digital assets because once they rank, I barely have to touch 'em anymore. All of that free traffic is gonna keep flowing in because we all know that being in the top spot on Google is prime real estate.

That's what you tell your SEO clients all the time when prospecting, right?

Let's use a bit of logic now.

YOUR sites already ranked...

leads keep flowing in...

client will always be happy!

They aren't going to wanna stop that flow of leads, therefore, they'll keep paying you like clockwork.

An SEO client can stop paying you once you get them to rank, but not with this lead gen model.

Check out another site, that's been making me money for years:

I got this site to rank for limo rental keywords in Lansing, MI in 2014.

Every month since then, I've been getting a check for $750 in my mailbox like clockwork.

You do the math.

$750 a month for 12 months since 2014

That's already at least $45,000 that I've gotten sent to me and it only took a total of 6 hours to build and rank this one site.

Do I have your attention now?

Believe me, you're not going to see those kind of passive returns on any other business model.

Not even just doing SEO for other businesses.

Now, don't get it twisted.

I am NOT saying this is a get rich quick type of deal.

This isn't.

There's work you need to put in so you can earn a passive income but this is definitely the business model to get you there.

Because its a repeatable process. Once you rank 1 website, its just rinse & repeat.

Rank more websites and create more passive income stream!

I and many other local lead generators in our coaching program are already there.

Like my mentor and friend Dan says, "I'm in the future... listen to me..."

We know this business model works and there's no end in sight.

Here are all of the reasons why SEO with this business model is #1:

This is a versatile business because you can get into recession proof niches such as plumbing and towing etc.

You can go into niches that are needed no matter what is going on in this world.

What also I love about this coaching program is that you're at a higher skill level than most other marketers which helps keep the competition out.

What can be said about our group of over 5800?

You need support? You got it.

There's plenty of respect and support once you join. From the very beginning, we've really been able to learn and help each other. You'll definitely have all the support you need and there's definitely a level of respect in our group that not many other groups have.

You could say we're kinda like a family.

Twice a week, you'll be able to tune into the coaching calls with Dan so you can level-up your lead gen skills. Also, there's plenty of additional education that will help you add more "tools" to your belt, but that's only if you really want to.

The main thing is the main thing, which is lead gen.

We're all about really changing the lives of the businesses that we send tons of leads to. They may not know how to generate their own leads, but we're able to. 

We change their lives and in turn, we change our own too.

Look, I was working an auto parts counter back in 2014 when I had my call with Dan.

Joining was the best decision I ever made.

Now, I've been able to speak in Vegas at our annual events and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs that are generating leads for so many small businesses.

I've recently moved to SF with my business partner and great friend Shiv. We're just going to keep killin' it in the local lead gen space.

Truth is, there's plenty of space for you too.

Just know that if you join, you've got to work hard, be coachable and serious about investing in your future.

Your life will change if you take action.

If you're not going to commit to improving your future, don't even bother.

If you are committed, 

see you on the inside.

What are you waiting for? 

Click the link below.
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