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Best Social Media Marketing Courses of 2023

November 23, 2022

Does COVID-19 have you looking for work online now?

It's got so many people trying to find a different way to make a steady income no matter what coronavirus strain or pandemic comes around.

One option to make money online is social media marketing.

I'm going to review the top social media marketing courses in 2020 and see which is the best option.

Once you're done, we'll get into if SMM is worth it or if there's a better option for making money online.
Before that...
Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

I'm a full-time internet entrepreneur focused primarily on lead generation using free organic traffic.

I've taken plenty of courses for different business models including social media marketing certification courses to see which is the best way to make serious money in the digital space.

In many of the business models, I was able to make a lot of money but personally, I think local lead gen is the way to.

More on that later though.

If you want to check that out real quick before you get into this review:

For the rest of you, let's dive in!

Top Social Media Marketing Courses of 2020

3.) Social Marketing Mastery - Andrew Ethan Zang

Course length: 7 hours 45 minutes    Price: $597.00
  • Andrew does well in teaching you relevant marketing methods for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram as well as Snapchat
  • Andrew teaches you how to market on platforms that aren't taught in other courses
  • The fact that the duration of the course is 6 weeks allows you to really let the info sink in properly
  • Supplementary course if you're a beginner to dropshipping.
  • Course isn't for you if you're really serious about eComm
  • No tips on how to start a business

Social Marketing Mastery Course Details:

This course might be a bit pricier than other courses, but you can be sure that what Andrew teaches you is only what he knows is proven to work. 

This course is pretty much based off of his previous experiences working with digital marketing companies and eComm stores.

What stands out to me and pretty much makes this course legit is the fact that Andrew has worked directly with companies like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google

What Andrew teaches is the real deal.

Another really great part of this course is that he teaches you the basics of Snapchat ads too.

The field is pretty much wide open at this point in time because so many marketers aren't on this platform.  You'd in essence be jumping into a great opportunity if you decide to mess with Snapchat ads. I'd say the same for the Instagram training. Small businesses need this service and usually don't have time to do it themselves.

As far as support goes, there are monthly Q&A calls with Andrew.

If you have any questions or concerns, you'll have the support necessary to understand what might seem difficult. 

Andrew makes most of his money in the affiliate marketing space as well as with dropshipping. This guy has been money driven since a young age and he's definitely still focused.

He works full time at a digital marketing agency as the marketing manager and still handles his side hustles.

This guy is hustling hard so you'll definitely learn well from him. 

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • Andrew shares plenty of  his marketing knowledge
Biggest Issue
  • eComm isn't consistent which makes trying to grow and scale very expensive as well as very difficult


There aren't many courses out there that teach you a wide variety of social media platforms but, you'll be exposed to them in this one. 

It's worth it if you invest in this one and you're set on doing dropshipping.

Social marketing mastery course rating: 4.0/5

2.) Marketing Agency Program - Kevin David

Course length: 3 hours 13 minutes    Price: $37.00
  • Kevin will share efficient ways in which you can get in contact with prospects
  • Easy to understand all of the info Kevin teaches
  • Great price for this course
  • Course geared toward landing FB ads clients
  • SMM isn't a business model that's really going to allow you to earn a truly passive income

Social Marketing Mastery Course Details:

It's 2020 and the pandemic is driving mostly everyone crazy.

Everyone wants this all to be over with and many are starting to realize that the only job security is to have an online business. So many online courses are being bought now and new agencies are being created daily.

Kevin David does a fine job teaching you how to land clients.

That may be one of the most difficult things to do when you start your own business.

Kevin shows you how to find the contact information of these people with the use of his software. Not only that, he shares scripts and templates that have worked for him so that you can put them to work right away and land clients.

You'll also learn how to setup ads in Facebook and he'll get you familiar with how to do retargeting with your ads so you can land even more clients.

Kevin David

Amazon FBA is what made Kevin David rich. 

He's a 7-figure CEO and owner of THATNinjaLifestyle.

This guy is really passionate about what he does and that shows not only in his social media ads but also in the way he teaches you in each an every video.

If Facebook ads is the route you want to take, this course will be a good one for you.

The Bottom Line
Best selling point
  • Great course to get your feet wet in SMM for  only $37.00
Biggest Issue
  • This course helps you land Facebook ads clients


You can't get me to mess with Facebook ads in 2020. Running ads on any platform is no way to earn a passive income.

It's highly possible that you can be out of hundreds of dollars in a matter of a couple of days with nothing to show for it. 

Still though, this course is $37. Not bad for getting your feet wet. 

Social marketing mastery course rating: 4.0/5

1.) Social Media Marketing Agency Academy Program 2.0 - Tai Lopez

Course length: 33 hours 30 minutes    Price: $497.00