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The Best 25 Social Media Marketing Courses of 2024

April 17, 2024

The best SMMA courses in 2024 are:
  • Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi
  • The SMMA Blueprint 2.0 by David Schlais and Derek DeMike
  • 30 Day SMMA by Jovan Stojanovic and Quenten Chad
  • Social Media Marketing Agency: Digital Marketing + Business by Pouya Eti
  • Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete SMMA Guide! by Jim Esen
  • SMMA® 3.0 by Tai Lopez

The top SMMA courses in 2024 provide new strategies. They have proven frameworks and a focus on the changing social media platforms. Top courses like Agency Navigator and The SMMA Blueprint 2.0 excel due to their in-depth instruction on lead generation tactics designed for the latest algorithm updates. They offer real case studies on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Over 50% of digital marketers plan to invest more in short videos in 2024. The 30 Day SMMA and Tai Lopez's SMMA® 3.0 remain popular for their emphasis on business fundamentals, client acquisition, and scaling strategies– areas crucial to SMMA success.

Young SMMA entrepreneurs, Tony Le, 19, and Ben Smith, 18, have earned $300K-$480K each year in their SMMA ventures. The average hourly rate for SMMA services ranges from $50 to $200+, demonstrating the lucrative potential of this field. But studies reveal that an alarming 70% of new SMMA agencies fail within the first year. also asserts traditional social media marketing agencies are obsolete. Jordan Platten of advises that new SMMA owners must stand out from competitors. Understanding top SMMA courses, their benefits, and selecting the right one can increase your chances of success.

In this article, I will provide an overview of the best SMMA courses, explaining the reasons behind their success. I will outline the 9 key benefits of enrolling in these courses and how they can impact your business. I will discuss how to choose the best SMMA course for you. This will ensure you make a well-informed investment. Finally, I will introduce an alternative business model that will help you build a thriving online business.

Expensive Social Media Marketing Courses

1. Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi

Agency Navigator is an online training program designed to help individuals create their own digital marketing agency. The course provides comprehensive modules on topics like client industry selection, outreach techniques, sales scripts, and campaign structure communication schedules. The course serves as a comprehensive program aimed at providing guidance from initial client outreach creating sales scripts up until service delivery.

Iman Gadzhi is the creator of Agency Navigator. He is a high-profile entrepreneur known for his success in the digital marketing industry. Agency Navigator is the culmination of his experience as a multi-six-figure a year agency owner. Iman teaches practical methods like generating leads for local businesses, pricing strategies and managing paid traffic campaigns effectively. The cost of Agency Navigator is steep but it promises a proven business model that can potentially bring in tens of thousands in revenue if applied correctly.


Students participate in live coaching calls, lasting an hour and a half, every Tuesday.

Participants will have access to client-ready funnels is included.

ASM hired 20 experienced sellers to answer questions in the private forum.

Students gain access to 25 uniquely crafted website templates for immediate use.


Digital marketing agencies require active social media management, hindering passive income generation.

Paid traffic is costly due to high competition on advertising platforms.


Agency Navigator offers lifetime access for a one-time payment of only $1499.00.


Agency Navigator course has a 7-Day Guarantee.


Many of Iman's students have nothing but positive things to say about this course.

Who is it for:

The Agency Navigator course is for agency owners to learn from scratch and become advanced practitioners.


  • 8 Modules
  • Bonus program
  • Agency Navigator core curriculum (+50 Hours)
  • Exclusive private agency owners community
  • Financial planner, revenue calculator, outreach tracker & more tools

2. The SMMA Blueprint 2.0 by David Schlais & Derek DeMike

The SMMA Blueprint is an online course that teaches aspiring social media marketers about starting, growing and scaling a social media marketing agency. The course is structured into modules with over 100 videos. It covers topics like foundational concepts to advanced strategies. Students will have access to real-life studies and case studies, ensuring they apply what they learned effectively.

David Schlais and Derek DeMike are the co-founders of the SMMA Blueprint. Both have similar backgrounds working for employment agencies and executive roles. They pivoted to create a social media marketing agency, drawing on their shared experience. After two weeks, they secured their first client and are earning $2750 monthly. David and Derek still operate a successful 7-figure social media marketing agency, providing practical, proven strategies in their course. 


Students have immediate access to 100+ videos and resources to build an SMMA agency.

Students will have immediate access to the course’s private group with hundreds of agency owners.


There is a risk of information overload because of the numerous resources.

The business model’s market saturation makes it difficult for new entrants to make a mark.


The course costs $749.


The course offers a 14 days guarantee with 100% refund after purchase.


The overall reputation of The SMMA Blueprint 2.0 course by David Schlais and Derek DeMike is positive Comprehensive and In-depth Content.

Who is it for:

The course caters to marketers of all experience levels, including beginners and agency professionals.


  • 5 modules
  • 4 bonus programs
  • Exclusive mentorship
  • Weekly Q$A sessions

3. Facebook Ads Course by Kevin David

Facebook Ads Course by Kevin David is specifically for individuals aiming to learn Facebook advertising and leverage it for social media marketing. The course offers a step-by-step guide on setting up effective ads on Facebook and using tools such as Facebook Pixel. The program shares “100% proven success strategies” in creating profitable Facebook Ads, targeting the right audience, and converting them into paying customers.

Kevin David is a best-selling author, speaker, mentor, podcaster, and YouTuber. He is also the CEO and founder of THATLifestyleNinja. In the past, Kevin has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets.

Who Is Facebook Ads Course for?

Facebook Ads Course is for marketers “of all ages and levels.” According to their website, no “experience or prior skill is necessary” for this course. Both beginners and seasoned advertisers can learn how to scale their business using Facebook Ads. Students also get access to a library of past Q&As plus the live monthly Q&A with Kevin himself. The course was formerly known as Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass.


Facebook Ads Course is packed with practical and proven ad tips.

Kevin has an energetic teaching style, which helps most students stay attentive and motivated.

A private Facebook group where students can post questions for Kevin and his team.


Kevin sometimes gives out too much information and can get repetitive in some parts.

In some cases, he discusses about his other courses he comes off more pitchy than informative.

He reuses some content from his other courses.


The Facebook Ads Course website does not mention pricing details. The IBuyIReview site says it costs $997 while a PiPiAds review says it costs $1,997.


Facebook Ads Course has a 14-day money-back guarantee.



Beginners to experienced marketers.


Facebook Ads Course is structured into six in-depth modules with over 65 video lessons and PDF notes, supplemented by three bonuses.

4. Social Media Ads That Work by Jeremiah Krakowski

Social Media Ads That Work by Jeremiah Krakowski is a course that teaches profitable social media advertising without requiring a hefty budget or extensive marketing knowledge. Krakowski shares how to generate consistent profits without relying on a large social media following. The updated curriculum includes tips on winning TikTok ads, IOS 14.5 strategies, API setup conversion, and more.

Jeremiah Krakowski is a seasoned social media marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. He boasts a track record that dates back to the early days of MySpace and Google. According to his website, he has “personally spent and managed $8 million dollars in social media ads for myself, my clients, and companies that (he has) worked with.”

Who Is Social Media Ads That Work for?

Social Media Ads is for beginners and experienced advertisers. The program teaches how to create impactful social media ads that “generate consistent profits for less than $5 a day.” The site also assures learners that the strategies do not require marketing expertise and complex techniques.


Jeremiah teaches with experience and expertise, having made 6 to 7 figures for his clients through social media ads.

The course provides lifetime access to all learning materials.

Anyone can join in the program’s free Facebook group.


While there are several testimonials on their site, it can be hard to find course reviews elsewhere.

Some promises may sound too good to be true, such as their claim that learners can “get a 400% increase” on their ads.

1 on 1 VIP Day coaching costs $55,000 for one day. It also requires a non-refundable $5,000 deposit.


Social Media Ads That Work currently costs $997


Social Media Ads That Work offers a 30-day 100% “unconditional” money-back guarantee.



Social Media Ads That Work is both for beginners and advanced marketers who want to earn sizable profits from social media advertising.


Social Media Ads That Work has more than 6 hours of video lessons divided into 9 chapters and 74 lessons.

5. Social Marketing Mastery by Andrew Ethan Zeng

The Social Marketing Mastery course by Andrew Ethan Zeng teaches learners how to “create and run profitable ads” to grow their business. It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to social media advertising, drawing from Zang's firsthand experiences in the field. Despite its higher price point, Zang imparts only effective ad strategies.

Andrew Ethan Zeng is an award-winning Senior Digital Marketing Manager and a multi 6-figure entrepreneur. Over the years, he has gained extensive marketing knowledge after receiving mentorship from industry experts and “regular visits to Facebook, Instagram and Google offices around the world” over the years. Zang is also the CEO and Founder of AEZ Media, a Sydney, Australia-based media and marketing company he established in December 2017. Some of the firm’s notable partnerships include Hubspot, LG, Logitech, Panasonic, Razer, Shopify, Snapchat, and Vivo. 

Who Is Social Marketing Mastery for?

Social Marketing Mastery is recommended for both beginners and advanced marketers. According to their website, the 14-module program teaches learners “how to target and find their dream customers.” Monthly video Q&A calls, check-ins, and a private Slack classroom provide ongoing support for course students. This enhances the overall learning experience and helps address any queries or challenges that may arise.


Social Marketing Mastery teaches proven strategies for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other social media platforms.

The modules cover important topics such as ad anatomy, copywriting, marketing psychology, bullseye ad targeting, ad testing, and product testing, among others.

The course runs for 6 weeks, which allows learners to really dig deep into the subject.


At $995, Social Marketing Mastery is often pricier than other similar courses.

While their site displays several testimonials, it's hard to find unbiased online reviews elsewhere.

Andrew has a YouTube channel where he teaches digital marketing strategies for free.


Social Marketing Mastery currently costs $995.00


Social Marketing Mastery has a 14-day money-back guarantee.



Beginner to seasoned marketers


Social Marketing Mastery has14 modules and runs for 6 weeks.

6. Agency Dominance by Keaton Walker

Agency Dominance course by Keaton Walker is a guide for building and scaling your digital marketing agency. It includes course materials, downloadable resources, weekly Zoom meetings, and access to a private community. Focused on getting and retaining clients, it's supported by Statista's data showing the nature of the digital agency sector with an estimated revenue of $55.7 billion in the United States. Despite the lack of online reviews, existing testimonials commends the course's value and Keaton's responsiveness.

Keaton Walker is an educator and an agency owner helping entrepreneurs with their own agency business. His program has helped 250 clients and counting. 

Who Is Agency Dominance for?

Agency Dominance is for aspiring and established agency owners wanting to gain knowledge under Keaton Walker's guidance. Beginners who wants to start their own digital marketing agency, wishing to earn $80,000 a month. Marketing entrepreneurs Keaton's way of growing his business and business people who wants to streamline their processes in client acquisition, fulfillment, and appointment setting.  


Agency Dominance offers a private community.

Keaton Walker is responsive to queries. 

Agency Dominance has a 3-month access using Keaton's HighLevel account.


Agency Dominance is a new course.

Keaton Walker's tips and strategies might not work for your agency.

Keaton Walker's technique uses paid ads which are expensive.


Agency Dominance costs $1,997 or $450 installment for 5 months. 


Agency Dominance has no refund policy.



Aspiring agency owners to experienced marketers.


Agency Dominance is a 34-hour course.

7. Agency Master Academy by Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter's Agency Master Academy, formerly known as Consulting Master Academy, is a coaching program with a focus on running ads for clients and generating leads. The course is suited for beginners and those already managing an ad agency, but it requires traits like effective communication, cold calling, and resilience to rejection. Training includes creating effective ads, using tools like Facebook Ads Library for client acquisition, and negotiating fees. The program includes practical templates, weekly live calls, and separate client ad budgets.

Price: Price of Agency Master Academy given during the discovery call. It is a high-ticket coaching program estimated to cost thousands.

More Info: Agency Master Academy Review

8. Instagram Hacks University by Taijaun Reshard

Instagram Hacks University is a course that teaches you how to grow your business by paying Instagram shoutout pages a couple hundred dollars to promote your ad selling your digital products or services. When you join the program, you get a list of the best Instagram promo pages. There are over 5 hours of content and are provided with templates, documents, and scripts.


Taijaun teaches the methods he currently uses in his business.

He has made over 6-figures with this business model. 

You get access to their private Slack chat for continued support and mentorship.


Many scam shoutout pages exist that will promise to promote your content, but just take your money.

You don't control how many followers you get. 


Instagram Hacks University costs $1,497.


9. TikTok Insiders by Maxwell Finn

TikTok Insiders is a library of social media advertising training videos that teaches marketers how to grow their business on TikTok. You will learn all of Maxwell's strategies on how to grow your following and increase your monthly revenue. This is one of the more in-depth TikTok courses that are available to purchase online. 


Maxwell trains you on how to do hashtag research for maximum exposure.

Training on how to research trends. 

Maxwell provides you with 150 high-performing hooks. 

Over 50 winning ad examples to implement. 


Barely any non-affiliated reviews. 

Competition is increasing on TikTok which equates to TikTok ads being more difficult to compete for traffic. 


TikTok Insiders costs $99 per month or $997 for the first year. 


Affordable Social Media Marketing Course

10. 30 Day SMMA by Jovan Stojanovic & Quenten Chad


30 Day SMMA is an implementation program designed to help complete beginners become an entrepreneur by starting a social media marketing agency. This SMMA training consists of video tutorials, organized into modules. Each module has daily videos with assignments. It offers an intensive, action-oriented approach, created under the marketing brand Choose Pristine.

This course is the brainchild of Jovan Stojanovic and Quentin Chad. Jovan and Quentin teach individuals how to get their first clients and maintain a great service for their SMMA business. This course is ideal for those who learn best through seeing real applications of strategies and techniques. 


The training program is comprehensive and covers a lot of the important elements necessary to use when going about your business.

Live trainings and observation of case studies help students expand students’ confidence when it comes to SMMA business.


The course isn’t unique for an SMMA course and students will find similar courses at a cheaper price.

Students complain about being overcharged, especially individuals who are located outside the US.


The course is available for a one-time payment of $497 (saving $500), or can be purchased through two payments of $297 each.


They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, conditional on implementing their strategies and not gaining clients.


There are no external reviews from students and previous clients aside from the course's landing page.

Who is it for:

The course is for beginners and aspiring entrepreneurs interested in starting their own social media marketing agency (SMMA) or expanding their digital marketing skills.


  • 7 modules
  • Website template (setup in 60 minutes)
  • 3 month contract template
  • on boarding new clients checklists
  • Email templates
  • Using scraper software
  • Cold calling scripts
  • Successful Facebook Ad examples
  • Additional training on outreach

11. TikTok Rapid Growth Program by Keith Krance

TikTok Rapid Growth Program is a digital marketing course where you learn how to grow and monetize your brand on TikTok, and it is full of value for people who think it's worth starting a digital marketing agency. Keith is a digital marketing specialist who teaches you how to create videos based on your personality. When you join his program, you can access his TikTok Video Builder and example library to give you ideas on what to create. There are 5 video training modules covering all steps you need to take.


You get 3 weeks of coaching from Keith where he provides you with constructive criticism on what you can improve on and what steps to take. 

Keith has all students share their TikTok handles so everyone can follow and support each other.

You learn how to make content that you can scale to Instagram and YouTube.

Private Facebook community. 


TikTok advertising is getting more expensive each year. 

The US government is considering banning TikTok and the state of Montana already has. 


TikTok Rapid Growth Program costs $497.


12. Social Media Marketing Agency: Digital Marketing + Business by Pouya Eti

Pouya Eti

Social Media Marketing Agency: Marketing + Business is a social media marketing course for people who want to learn marketing and start to make money as a digital marketer. Or people who want to make good money with specific instructions. Students will learn how to do successful marketing for different businesses and how to build a social media marketing agency. All the course documents are written and bonuses to make the learning process easier for students.

Pouya Eti is the creator of Social Media Marketing Agency: Marketing + Business course. He holds a Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) from Yerevan State University, obtained between 2007 and 2014. He is a passionate educator, entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert with a mission to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential. Pouya is enthusiastic about technology and learning. He's also eager to share his knowledge. This has made him a respected expert and educator in the technology community.


The course is a good source with a lot of good information and exercises for beginners.

This course not only covers marketing and business skills, but life-applicable skills as well.


Most of the tools mentioned in the program are outdated.

The course is too generic and students complained of not learning anything new.


Social Media Marketing Agency: Digital Marketing + Business costs $139.99.


The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on Udemy.


This course is a bestseller on Udemy with a 4.5 rating.

Who is it for:

The Digital Marketing + Business course is for individuals aiming to start a social media marketing agency, profit from marketing, or market their own business effectively.


  • 50.5 hours on-demand video
  • Assignments
  • 48 articles
  • 9 downloadable resources

13. AI Marketing Agency Training by Alex Mehr

AI Marketing Agency Training by, led by Alex Mehr. The program teaches launching an AI marketing agency. The course's effectiveness is unclear because of limited reviews and student feedback. It offers training videos, community support, and live coaching. However, its reliance on’s tools and the learning curve involved are potential drawbacks.

Price: The AI Marketing Agency Training for $97 and a subscription option at $69/month.

More Info: AI Marketing Agency Training Review

14. Jim's Digital Marketing Masterclass

jims digital marketing masterclass review

Jim's Digital Marketing Masterclass is a course focused on establishing and managing a social media marketing agency. It includes a comprehensive set of modules covering topics such as niche selection, service offerings, pricing models, client acquisition, and agency management. The course promises to teach strategies for client retention and scaling an agency.

Price: Jim's Digital Marketing Masterclass costs $750 AUD

More Info: Jim's Digital Marketing Masterclass Review

15. AdPulse AI by Rocco Jasinski

AdPulse AI by Rocco Jasinski is an educational platform targeting marketers and advertisers, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize ad campaigns for profitability. The program, with a focus on a 10-day challenge format, offers various products aimed at enhancing participants' skills in running successful ad campaigns. The platform boasts affordable pricing and limited student enrollment to ensure personalized attention. Rocco's positive reputation and success stories showcased on the website suggest potential value for those eager to delve into social media marketing augmented by AI technology. With a 24-hour money-back guarantee and a nominal price point, AdPulse AI may be worth considering for individuals keen on exploring the intersection of AI and digital advertising to generate online income.

Price: AdPulse AI costs $34.95. 

More Info: AdPulse AI Review

16. Rockstar Marketing Blueprint by Rene Lacad Training

rene lacad training review

Rene Lacad's training course, the Rockstar Marketing Blueprint, is focused on building a social media marketing agency. The course covers a range of topics, from marketing basics to advanced media buying, and it delves into the psychological aspects of marketing. It also guides on monetization methods for a social media marketing agency. The strategy emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing, ensuring that learners can build customer trust, effectively create and run marketing campaigns, and monetize their skills, either by starting their own agency or through various other models.

Price: Rockstar Marketing Blueprint costs $99.99.

More Info: Rockstar Marketing Blueprint Review

17. Zesty Agency by Sam Despo & Em Lucin

Zesty Agency, created by Sam Despo and Em Lucin, presents it as a comprehensive TikTok marketing course focusing on community building rather than viral content creation. The course aims to teach students to gain followers and generate substantial income on TikTok by selling without overt selling. Despite its strong points, such as experienced founders and personalized coaching, the review notes a few drawbacks, like the freshness of the course and additional fees for coaching. Zesty Agency is geared towards those looking to leverage TikTok's potential for digital marketing. The review touches on limited external reviews but mentions positive testimonials featured on the agency's website and social media. With a focus on self-paced learning and specific strategies tailored to TikTok's platform, the Zesty Agency appears as a potentially valuable resource for digital marketers looking to explore TikTok's growing influence in the online space.

Price: Zesty Agency cost $199 a month and a yearly payment of $999. 

More Info: Zesty Agency Review

18. AI Ads Machine by Hernan Vasquez

AI Ads Machine is a SMMA course focusing on using AI tools (ChatGPT) to enhance Facebook ad campaigns. The course is designed to cater to those with no prior AI experience. It teaches how to effectively use AI for creating impactful images and videos for ads. Hernan teaches profitable skillset for marketers given the extensive use of Facebook and ad revenue potential. A major advantage of the course is its affordability and accessibility, backed by Hernan's extensive experience and a community of successful students. It's particularly beneficial for advertisers, ad content creators, and managers looking to leverage AI in ad campaigns, but may not suit entrepreneurs not focused on AI-generated content for Facebook ads. Hernan Vazquez, with his rich background in digital marketing, positions this course as a potentially valuable resource for those looking to integrate AI into their marketing strategies.

Price: AI Ads Machine cost $27.

AI Ads Machine + ChatGPT Digital Marketer's Guide OR 10 Profitable Sales Funnels cost $64.

AI Ads Machine + ChatGPT Digital Marketer's Guide + 10 Profitable Sales Funnels cost $101. 

More Info: AI Ads Machine Review

Cheap Social Media Marketing Course

19. FB Income School 2.0 by Lester Diaz

FB Income School 2.0, developed by Lester Diaz, is an online course tailored for those seeking to monetize their Facebook pages effectively. It offers a detailed, step-by-step blueprint that encompasses everything from setting up and optimizing a Facebook page to content creation and strategic use of Facebook ads. The course is up-to-date with Meta's evolving guidelines, ensuring its relevance in the rapidly changing social media landscape. However, the program's accessibility to beginners is questionable, as it may prove challenging for those new to Facebook's intricacies.


The training program will keep you posted with updated information from Meta. 

FB Income School 2.0 has a private Facebook group. 

They have an organized dashboard where you’ll find all the training videos. 


Difficult to find other reviews online aside from the testimonials posted on their website.

Meta also provides online trainings on monetizing your Facebook page for free.

While it says it caters to beginners on Facebook, some newbies might find it too overwhelming or challenging to follow.


$197 (discounted price) 


20. Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete SMMA Guide! by Jim Esen

Jim's Complete SMMA Guides is an online course that covers establishing, managing, and automating a social media marketing agency, along with client acquisition. It includes training on achieving seven-figure earnings through the unique "8-Step Antman System."

Jim Esen has worked in start-ups and multi-national agencies for 10 years. Jim teaches a SMMA hack that will help students get clients booked on autopilot with 88% close rate.This course is for beginners with no marketing experience. It's also for agency owners who struggle to get clients and want to scale. And it's for those who want to automate their business for more efficiency.


Jim offers a full double refund of the course price.

Jim Esen's extensive experience in Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) significantly enhances the value of the course.


The course seems to teach questionable practices like "hiding errors on behalf of clients."

There is a notable absence of success stories or external client testimonials.


The training program costs $139.99


Jim Esen offers a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchase.


There are mixed reviews regarding the credibility and effectiveness of the course.

Who is it for:

Start Your Digital Marketing Agency: Complete SMMA Guide is suitable for beginners and small business owners who want to scale their digital marketing team.


  • 62 lessons
  • 19 modules
  • 4 hours of video content
  • 1-on-1 support through WhatsApp
  • Downloadable sales scripts.

21. SMMA® 3.0 by Tai Lopez by Tai Lopez

SMMA® 3.0 by Tai Lopez is an upgrade of 1.0 and 2.0 versions by incorporating modules based on insights from both students and instructors. Tai's new course is designed to help you to establish your own digital marketing agency within 4 months. The goal is for students to start their own social media marketing agency and find business owners who will pay them $1,000 to $10,000 per month for their services. The program features video and audio lessons, plus downloadable templates, and scripts.

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, actor, executive producer, and online personality based in Los Angeles. He gained recognition for his work in the 2022 TV series "Kings of the Internet". He is also known as a social media influencer with over 6.1 million Facebook followers and 2.4 million YouTube subscribers. His long-running podcast The Tai Lopez Show also reaches over a million listeners per month.


The Social Media Marketing Agency program covers everything from starting an agency from scratch to achieving industry success.

In addition to Tai Lopez, the lessons are taught also by experts from social media, marketing, and sales.

Live Q&A call with Tai and a supportive online community.

Learners receive a Social Media Marketing Certification upon completion of the program.


The course is spread over 4 months so it takes a while to finish. The amount of information may overwhelm some learners.

Lessons are generally in video format, which may not be some people’s preferred learning style.

Most success stories are posted on the private Facebook group.

Reviews critique the program for not being well organized and for containing some outdated information.


SMMA® 3.0 costs $29 per month or $57 per year.


The official website does not mention any information about any refund policy for the program.


SMMA® 3.0 has a 4.5 rating.

Who is it for:

The course is for beginners aiming to establish their own social media marketing agencies.


  • 5 lessons
  • Bonus lessons
  • How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program
  • How to Build an Audience from Scratch
  • Live Weekly Video Calls
  • Acquiring Customers and Scaling Your Agency 
  • Exclusive Access to the Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 Facebook Group
  • Certificate of completion

More info:

22. Viral Content by Jon Jacques

Viral Content by Jon Jacques is an instructional course focusing on teaching students how to effectively use social media to earn money and increase their online presence. This course is an updated version of Jacques' previous course, "Viral Secrets." It emphasizes automating social media marketing to save time. The course also includes strategies for creating engaging content quickly, boosting brand awareness, and earning income through social media. Learning materials comprise a 92-page physical book and a 5-hour video course on a USB drive, with options available for physical or digital versions. 

Price: Viral Content price is $575.

More info: Viral Content Review

Who Is Viral Content For?

Viral Content is for social media newbies, existing influencers, content creators, and entrepreneurs. It's an ideal resource for beginners and newcomers eager to learn effective strategies for creating viral videos. The course's approach is centered on making the user a 'celebrity' on social media, attracting a significant following, automating content creation, and planning posts well in advance.


Jon Jacques has taught over 20,000 students in his online courses and presentations.

He currently offers a huge 82% discount for learners who will sign up for the Viral Content course.

The comprehensive program is ideal for people aiming to understand how viral content works, how to achieve them, and how they lead to significant earnings.


Relying on viral content creation usually requires significant time and effort.

You’ll have no control over your income because of the strategy’s unpredictable nature.

Social media marketing results may vary from one content creator to another.


Viral Content hard copy currently costs $37 instead of its usual price $575. The online version costs $7 for a limited time.


Viral Content has a "risk-free" 30-day refund policy.



The Viral Content system is ideal both for beginners and advanced students.


Viral Content training is self-paced. Learners get to receive a 92-page book and a 5-hour video course or its online counterpart.

23. Online Revenue System by Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis

Online Revenue System is one of the few online courses that still teaches you how to make money by becoming a social media manager. They provide you with a software called SociSpy. With their CRM, you can identify business owners in need of a social media manager.


SociSpy CRM that helps you find business owners whose social media profiles need someone to manage them consistently. 

Many business owners need help with their social channels.

Private Facebook group for support. 


Social media management is not a passive way to make money even if you schedule content beforehand.

You have to pay extra to use to SociSpy CRM to the maximum of its capabilities.


Online Revenue system costs $17. 


24. Game of Advertising by Marvin Weiss

Game of Advertising created by Marvin Weiss, teaches social media advertising with a focus on Instagram. It includes courses and coaching for beginners and experienced advertisers. They feature strategies like the 10-Day Challenge and Market Open Strategy. Customer feedback on Trustpilot is mixed, averaging a 3.2 rating. There are concerns due to instructional videos being in German, slow customer support, and a lack of external positive reviews. The program's promise of earning $10,000 in 10 days is ambitious and may not be achievable for beginners. Prospective students should research before enrolling.

Price: The Game of Advertising costs $9.95 and full retail price of $97.

More info: Game of Advertising Review

AdsRx by Jon Reyes

AdsRx by Jon Reyes is a specialized video editing course designed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and video editors focusing on direct response video ads for social media. For a monthly fee, the course provides over 500 templates editable in Adobe Premiere Pro, extensive training modules, and access to a supportive Slack community. Jon Reyes has a decade of experience in video editing and a background in business administration from his video production company, EcomVids.

Price: AdsRx costs $97 per month or $297 per year.

More Info: AdsRx Review

Influencer Courses

Anonymous Influencer by Digital Marketing Misfits

Anonymous Influencer by Digital Marketing Misfits offers training on leveraging the Amazon Influencer Program to generate income while maintaining anonymous. The course helps individuals set up a side hustle with no need to build an email list or websites. It includes 30 step-by-step with 8 sections that cover everything from getting started to becoming an Amazon influencer. Anonymous Influencer covers creating review videos, getting fast approval from Amazon, and live streaming your store. You also gain access to a secure membership area. It is a community of users and regular live webinars, along with recordings of past sessions. 

Price: $997 is the cost of an Anonymous Influencer.

More Info: Anonymous Influencer Review

9 Benefits of Enrolling in the Best SMMA Courses

  • Build a Solid SMMA Foundational Knowledge: Understanding the basics of Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) operations, from social media platforms to marketing strategies, is crucial. This foundational knowledge ensures that aspiring SMMA owners can make informed decisions, adapt to changes, and innovate. For example, knowing the ins and outs of Facebook's advertising platform allows for more effective campaign management.
  • Choose In-Demand Niches and Customer Segments: Focusing on niches and customer segments with high demand ensures a steady flow of potential clients. For instance, targeting the health and wellness industry, which has seen exponential growth on platforms like Instagram, can be lucrative. This approach allows SMMAs to tailor their services to the specific needs of these sectors, increasing relevance and value.
  • Create Dynamic Sales and Marketing Strategies: Developing flexible and innovative sales and marketing strategies can help SMMAs stand out in a competitive market. For example, leveraging video marketing on platforms like TikTok for a restaurant chain can significantly increase engagement and conversions, showcasing the agency's ability to tap into current trends and platform strengths.
  • Acquire and Retain High-Value Clients: Implementing strategies focused on acquiring and retaining high-value clients ensures long-term success. This can involve offering premium services, such as comprehensive analytics and custom content creation, that cater to larger businesses or brands looking for a high return on investment. Building strong relationships through consistent results and communication is key.
  • Develop Creative Audience Engagement Initiatives: Creating unique and creative campaigns that drive audience engagement can set an SMMA apart. For instance, creating an interactive online event or challenge that encourages user-generated content can significantly boost a brand's online presence and engagement rates, demonstrating the agency's creative capabilities.
  • Generate More Leads: Mastering lead generation techniques, such as SEO optimization for SMMA websites or utilizing LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, can ensure a steady pipeline of potential clients. Effective lead generation strategies help SMMAs grow their client base and increase revenue.
  • Learn Unique SMMA Skills and Techniques: Continuously learning and applying unique skills, such as data analytics for social media presence or mastering new social media platforms, can provide SMMAs with a competitive edge. For example, being proficient in analyzing social media trends and data can help tailor campaigns for better performance.
  • Identify More SMMA Business Opportunities: Keeping an eye on emerging trends and technologies, such as the rise of augmented reality (AR) in social media marketing, can uncover new business opportunities. SMMAs that capitalize on these trends early can offer innovative services that meet the evolving needs of their clients.
  • Gain Insight on the Latest SMMA Market Trends: Staying informed about the latest market trends, such as the increasing importance of social media in ecommerce, allows SMMAs to adapt their strategies and services accordingly. This knowledge ensures that the agency remains relevant and can provide up-to-date advice and solutions to its clients.

How To Choose the Best SMMA Course?

  • Check out the SMMA course creator’s accomplishments, experience, and skills.Their social media certification ensures the instructor has verified social media expertise. Opt for courses by creators with a proven agency track record, client success, or industry accolades for valuable content.
  • Examine the SMMA course’s details and curriculum. It's crucial the course aligns with your learning style, time availability, and budget. Take advantage of preview videos, check for hidden costs, support/community and more. Knowing these details upfront prevents surprises and helps you make the most of your investment.
  • Search for student testimonials and course reviews. Testimonials and reviews are unbiased. They show the real student experience. They highlight the course's strengths and weaknesses. These are things not shown on the sales page. Consistent mentions of great mentorship or a strong community indicate valuable support.
  • Find other SMMA courses and compare their potential value. Comparison aids informed choices. A pricier course may offer better content, mentorship, or success rates. Some focus on client acquisition, others on comprehensive agency management. Understanding these variations allows you to pick what best suits your goals.
  • Register for trial offers and use free resources from the course creator. "Test-driving" the course content lets you assess the teaching style, content quality, and whether or not it resonates with you before committing financially. Many instructors offer blogs, YouTube videos, or mini-courses which give you a sample of their teaching style and expertise.

Are There Free SMMA Courses Available Online?

Yes, there are free SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) courses available online. Various platforms offer free courses to help individuals enhance their social media marketing skills. Some of the sources mentioned include Google, Buffer, Meta Blueprint, WordStream, Influencer Marketing Hub, Alison, and Udemy.

These platforms provide free courses covering topics like Google analytics, ads, social media analytics, branding, PR outreach, viral content curation, and more. These courses cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced users, and cover a wide range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Timothy Bullock advises aspiring SMMA business owners not to get roped into any courses that tell the same story but in different flavor. He says that we already live in an era where the information you need is out there and free. Timothy also adds that you only need  to learn the basics and get experience. He even shared a word formula that will help individuals get on the right start - experience + hard work + consistency = victory.

Timothy Bullock

Are SMMA Courses Worth It?

Yes, SMMA courses can be worth it because they provide a structured learning path for aspiring entrepreneurs. They ensure you learn the right things in the right order. Course creators are often experienced SMMA professionals. They share proven strategies, industry insights, and avoid costly mistakes they've learned from. Courses help you understand service pricing and packaging. You'll learn to charge what you're worth, avoiding underselling your services and ensuring a healthy profit margin.

Zippia reports SMMA earns around $94,000 annually in the US, with the potential to earn more as an agency owner. Hourly rates for experienced social media marketers can range from $50 to $200+ per hour. This demonstrates the high value businesses place on this expertise

Can You Fail in Building a Business Even After Joining the Best SMMA Courses?

Yes, you can fail in building a business even after joining the best SMMA courses because you would need to compete with 42,396 digital specialists in the US. Some courses teach tactics that can be outdated as platforms change. Success relies on understanding a client's real needs. It also relies on providing strategic, not technical, solutions.

Evan Vance, a 23-year-old SMMA owner in Toronto, works 65 hours a week, or about 13-14 hours daily. He notes beginners in SMMA struggle to attract skilled professionals. David Schlais co-created The SMMA Blueprint. He sees staying informed and self-education as key challenges for beginners.

Reddit use ResearcherOk9873 comments that SMMA is simple but not easy. And this is the reason why people who get into SMMA fail. They points out that in order to succeed, aspiring SMMA owners should have an enormous amount of resilience to deal with all the troubles and that includes working with difficult clients. 


How To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Step 1: Gain knowledge about establishing a social media marketing agency.

Social media marketing specialization helps you stand out from your competition. Instead of being a generalist, you become the go-to agency for a specific type of business or industry. Research shows that 80% of a company's future revenue often comes from 20% of its existing customers. By focusing on a specific, underserved market, you can charge higher prices. And you can also enjoy better profits.

Reddit user Wonderful_Cry8401 said that it's better to focus on something that works well and can offer results. They also advises others in the community how crucial it is to have experience and niched down SMMA services. 

Step 2: Identify and specialize in a lucrative niche.

Social media marketing specialization helps you stand out from your competition. Instead of being a generalist, you become the go-to agency for a specific type of business or industry. Research shows that 80% of a company's future revenue often comes from 20% of its existing customers. By focusing on a specific, underserved market, you can charge higher prices. And you can also enjoy better profits.

Reddit user Wonderful_Cry8401 said that it's better to focus on something that works well and can offer results. They also advises others in the community how crucial it is to have experience and niched down SMMA services. 

Step 3: Develop a detailed inventory of your services.

A detailed service inventory allows tailored marketing that resonates with your audience. This results in higher conversion rates and a better return on marketing investment. Data shows that agencies that specialize in one service get 38% more returning visitors. They also get 33% higher email subscription rates and 50% more social media sharing than generalist competitors.

Step 4: Establish pricing strategies for your services.

Effective market research and strategic pricing strengthen your competitive position. Offer basic, standard, and premium options. This gives clients choice and builds scalable revenue streams. Understand what similar agencies charge. The average SMMA retainer is $1500-$5000/month. Consider value-based pricing as you gain experience and prove ROI for clients.

Step 5: Create a thorough business plan.

Forbes states that having a written plan can increase your chances of achieving strategic goals by up to 16%. Entrepreneur Kevin J. Donaldson points out that launching a business without a plan is comparable to mountain trekking without a map or GPS—it leads to getting lost. Business plans are crucial for successful business initiation.

Step 6: Assemble a diverse and skilled team.

Diverse teams tap into a wider range of expertise and experiences. They are better equipped to understand and serve a diverse customer base. This can give businesses a significant competitive advantage. A 2015 McKinsey study of 366 public companies showed that those with the most diverse management were in the top 25%. Those with top gender diversity were 15% more likely to exceed industry financial averages.

Step 7: Look and engage high-value clients.

The Pareto Principle highlights the importance of high-value clients in SMMA. It says that 80% of revenue often comes from 20% of clients. Focusing on these clients boosts Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and agency value. It's generally 5-25 times more expensive to get a new client than to keep an existing one. High-value clients justify the time and cost needed to attract them.

Step 8: Implement cutting-edge technologies.

New tech can automate tasks. It can also streamline work and cut manual labor. AI-powered systems can automate repeating tasks. This frees up employees to focus on more valuable work. AI, ML, and big data analytics provide businesses with valuable insights and real-time data. These tools let businesses make more informed, data-driven decisions. And can lead to better strategic planning, risk management, and resource allocation.

Step 9: Monitor your performance and refine your approach.

Evaluating KPIs helps businesses find areas to improve. It lets them make data-driven decisions to optimize processes, products, or services. A study found that good performance management systems help. They help organizations achieve 30% higher customer satisfaction and 22% higher profitability. Pivoting companies are 2.7 times more likely to perform well.

Is Social Media Marketing Worth Getting Into?

Social media marketing is worth getting into if you have the skills and expertise. Forbes contributor Rachel Wells says social media marketing skills are highly sought after. The industry is projected to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2030. The site reports that 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers. 76% of users have purchased items they saw on social networking platforms.” Sprout Social reports global ad spend on social media will reach $219.8 billion in 2024. It may increase to $255.8 billion. With social media marketing, you’ll have to stay updated with market trends and implement updated strategies all the time. You’ll also have to be ready to put in a lot of effort to do it right.

When you start social media marketing, you will run ads, manage profiles, and interact with clients' customers. Running ads can be time-consuming. You must monitor conversions daily. Your first ads may not be winners that convert well so you’ll have to test ideas and techniques. Of course, the obvious drawback is that testing ads can get expensive real quick. You might spend hundreds or thousands of your clients' money on ads in a few days without seeing any results.

There also isn’t much freedom there when you’re managing business profiles. You're at the mercy of your client on a daily basis if they're serious about growing. It would be hard to generate passive income from social media marketing since you’re working for your clients. 

Is Local Lead Generation More Sustainable and Scalable Than an SMMA in 2024?

Although the SMMA business model can offer rapid growth, local lead generation proves a more sustainable and scalable option in the long run. The SMMA market has inherent challenges that can hinder stability. SMMAs face intense competition and the pressure of adapting to changing social media algorithms. This leads to battles over clients and downward pressure on pricing.

Client retention in SMMA can fluctuate as businesses opt for cheaper options or move their social media efforts in-house. Studies show that client churn rates in the SMMA industry can be as high as 60%. Local lead generation focuses on a specific niche in a defined area. It fosters deeper client relationships and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. This leads to longer partnerships and reduced client churn compared to the often-volatile SMMA client base. The saturated SMMA market means 91% of agencies have fewer than 10 employees. This demonstrates the difficulty of scaling amidst intense competition.

Local lead generation focuses on attracting potential customers within a business's geographic region. This strategy is better because it targets a smaller, clearer audience. This reduces competition and market saturation. The localized focus and lower level of content creation make this model approachable, even for those without extensive skills in specific areas. When a lead generation website ranks at the top of Google, it becomes visible to people looking for your services. This visibility generates leads, yielding a passive income of $5 and $1,000+ per lead, or $500 to $2,000+ monthly per lead generation site.

This business model allows you to start small and expand, adjusting strategies based on local market feedback. And expand your reach as your business grows. This trifecta of benefits makes local lead generation a better option to build a thriving business online.

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