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Beyond Six Figures Review with Justin Woll (A Close Look)

March 12, 2024

Justin Woll's Beyond Six Figures Personal Mastermind Experience Program will teach you what criteria make a winning product and why you need to test products if you want to succeed in ecommerce dropshipping.

Justin shares content on why you need systems and the importance of using multiplatform validation. Uncover how to market the right way. (And with the right product). Justin Woll's program offers two options: eCommerce University and a 1:1 Mastermind Coaching Program. 

In this review, we'll show you what he's selling. Justin's actionable techniques, industry hacks, and valuable content that will help you build and scale your dropshipping or ecommerce business. Learn how to increase your dropshipping success rate and why considering another business model like local lead generation can land you higher profit margins. Plus, the difference between dropshipping and ecommerce and more.


Justin covers material suitable for both beginner and advanced dropshippers.

The training is easy to follow and understand and includes step-by-step walkthroughs of setups.

Valuable content covering a wide range of relevant topics.

24/7 support and assistance are available, in addition to weekly 3hr phone sessions with Justin Woll.


Justin's course is expensive, and there are no refunds.

The training will take students six months of intensive study and weekly dedication to complete and comprehend.

The business models Justin teaches are not easy or passive income streams and may not be the best options in 2024.


e commerce university $997

6-Month Mastermind Coaching Program (includes the BSF e commerce university) a one-time fee of $5000 or $1200/mo for 6 months

Refund Policy

There are no refunds.


16 detailed sections that include content around branding and copywriting, targeting, testing, and Facebook Ads Algorithm. YouTube channel, weekly live streams, private Facebook group, Mastermind mentorship inner circle on Telegram, and personal mentorship from Justin.


Justin began testing systems while at Rutgers University and had figured it out when his friends asked him to teach them his tricks. Justin realized he could teach people how to achieve success with dropshipping ecommerce and launched his Beyond Six Figures Program in 2018, and had an estimated net worth of $3 million by 2021.


Reviews from students found both in blogs and on Justin's website are positive. Testimonials from current students also indicate that people are pleased with their purchase, and there is a sense of perceived value in Justin's teaching.

Who Is Justin Woll?

Justin Woll is a self-made millionaire and an ecommerce connoisseur who has scaled multiple entrepreneurs to eight-figure success stories. Justin was born in Wayne, New Jersey, and comes from a middle-class family who faced bankruptcy during his childhood.

Woll began his love of marketing and sales at fifteen and developed a gaming company named LINK. But he has also owned two subscription box businesses and two Shopify stores. Justin won the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Award in 2016 and launched Beyond Six Figures just over a year later. As the founder and CEO, Justin's list of accolades is nothing short of extraordinary and includes:

  • Coach To 600+ Entrepreneurs
  • 6X 2CommaClub Award Winner
  • Multi 7 Figure Brand Builder

Justin Woll has also been published on sites like:

Justin Woll is the 'head and face' of one of the most prestigious ecommerce mentoring agencies in the industry. Woll has a YouTube Channel with 7.25K subscribers and a private Facebook group with over 36K members and is one of the most elite ecommerce coaches in the industry.

Justin leads with value and presents as committed to the long-term success of his students. But he's also sharing some of the most effective strategies to advertise your dropshipping store and how to make real money online.

What Does Justin Woll Teach Inside Beyond Six Figures?

Justin Woll teaches ecommerce entrepreneurs how to start and scale an online business. Using proven methods and processes that can generate six and seven figures, Justin shows students why the number one factor determining business success is the product research system you use.

Justin explains why you need to become 'obsessed' to see massive growth. And outlines what he refers to as his 'Farm Method' that includes a battle-tested system with four pillars: 

  • Consistency
  • Infrastructure
  • Scalability

Justin Woll's Beyond Six Figures Program includes a product index that lists the nine criteria Justin says make a winning product. (You need to meet at least three to move on to the next step of the system). Students also get access to actionable strategies and topics like marketing, mindset, Facebook, and bonus material. Justin's training covers sixteen modules that include the following:

E-Commerce University Course Curriculum:

  • Store Creation

  • Product Research

  • Video Creation

  • Algorithmic Targeting

  • One-Click Upsell

  • Launch
  • Identifying A Winner

  • Scaling To 7 Figures

The BSF Program also includes additional content and bonus materials like:

BSF Bonus Material

  • Product Research System: Tap into one of the most proven product research systems in the industry.

  • Algorithmic Targeting Roadmap: Locate your buyers and force sales to your pixel ethically and effectively.

  • Automatic & Manual Bidding Bootcamp: Use Justin’s personal hacks that generate over $40K/day to his Shopify dropshipping store with advanced manual bidding strategies that result in massive daily profits.

  • Big Bang Method: (Justin Woll's Never Before Seen Secret Scaling Strategy): Scale faster and achieve consistent traffic and sales for your dropshipping or ecommerce store. 

  • Influencer Marketing Bootcamp: Learn current strategies and how to take advantage of influencers to leverage social media sites like Instagram and TikTok to get more sales.

  • Email Marketing Bootcamp: Generate thousands of sales every single day with insider hacks on how to design email marketing campaigns that convert to more money for your dropshipping ecommerce business.

  • 7 Figure Scaling Strategies & Branding Bootcamp: Learn the steps to securing a proven concept and how to build a brand around your winning product(s).

image of justin woll

Beyond Six Figures Review:

Justin is an animated instructor with a natural teaching style. He discusses why you need a positive attitude and shares winning habits to adopt; like getting up early and breaking a sweat. Next, Justin talks about productivity tips and mindset strategies that have helped him achieve success in business. Then it's time to dive into his training techniques:

Store Creation

Justin begins with the basics and covers how to structure a winning Shopify store. Watch over his shoulder as he shows you the exact steps to design a profitable ecommerce business. Then, learn why you need to be all-in if you want to out bench the competition.

Product Research

Justin breaks down how to minimize spending while increasing profits using a dropshipping product research tool and social sites that share information in real-time. Learn why you need to see what's working and not test random products. And the importance of validating before you move forward. Justin outlines what makes a winning product, including his entire product research system, which includes BSF's product index tool that looks at nine criteria:

  1. Improves Confidence
  2. Improves Convenience
  3. Fills A Void/Solves A Problem
  4. Saves People Money
  5. Saves People Time
  6. Improves Quality Of Life
  7. Extremely Unique
  8. High Perceived Value
  9. Woman-Dominated

This section also covers why you need to use tools and social sites like Google Trends, Amazon, and Jungle Scout Extension. And why sites like AliExpress, YouTube, and WatchCount are crucial for research and staying on top of trends.

Video Creation

Get high click-through rates and watch times using Justin' exact tactics and secrets to creating a dropshipping video ad that converts. Justin covers everything from footage and video structure to developing your WOW factor and the perfect call to action and explains why you can't be massively successful without video creation. (Videos allow the consumer to visualize themselves using your winning product and can influence their purchasing decisions). 

But it's about increasing the perceived value. So the first 5-8 seconds must be captivating and grab your viewer's attention. You want them to watch the entire video. You're putting on a show, but it needs to be entertaining. And it needs to get your viewer to the end of the video and buy what you're selling.

photo of justin woll's youtube channel

Algorithmic Targeting

This section breaks down why profitably scaling while maintaining a healthy ROI is a science that's not just about testing. You need a system that includes an algorithmic interest approach and a unique combination of keywords, including passionate flex keywords (to create impulse buys).

The key is to split Facebooks complex algorithm, so it reads through your audience more efficiently. You'll be able to scale a lot more linearly because you're preserving the algorithm. The result? Profitable campaigns that get more sales from the initial spend and a higher ROAS.

One-Click Upsell

Justin shares his e coms top secrets, and an actionable blueprint for creating a winning offer, including how to implement upsells to increase cart value to achieve a higher LTV (lifetime value) customer. Students learn why building out a real ecosystem, and true environment is essential. 

You need to over-deliver and design an organized offer-one with a community of like-minded individuals around it. This is how you'll make a priceless and valuable offer that people will love, get lifetime customers, and make more money.


Learn why the more information you have about what's working that the rest of the market doesn't know can give you the edge to achieve profitable results with less spend. The more knowledge you have about your product and consumer, the better prepared you are to derive a binary answer (yes or no). 

This information will determine if this product is worth launching and spending money on ads. But it starts with consistency and building a true foundation before you move forward. Next, Justin dives into how to launch ads with low budgets and higher ROAS. Learn how to create profitable online marketing campaigns that dial in on your audience and get you more 'bang for your buck.'

Justin Woll Pro Tip: Run multiple low-budget ad campaigns at once, and Facebook will get you results because they want you to increase your ad spend.

image of tiktok made me buy it products

Identifying A Winner

Products need key differentiators. Components that make them stand out from others in the market. Don't just rely on something similar or fall prey to common dropshipping mistakes. You need to look at how the product is used and how unique factors affect the end result. Determine things like:

  • Where's the demand?
  • What do people want? Need?
  • What is selling now?

You need to stay on top of current events and what's working in other businesses and what's not. Be involved or ahead of trends. 

Think like a consumer. What resonates with them? What appeals to them? Focus on your strong performers-the ones that are really selling. Take advantage of data and design strategies around top-converting items. And that's how you'll find a winner.

Scaling To 7 Figures

In his e commerce training, Justin shares the inside scoop on how to scale to 7-figures and strategies to maintain profitability. Learn his two options, including plans he refers to as 'the slow cook approach or the faster 'pressure cooker approach.'

Is Beyond Six Figures Worth It?

Justin Woll's Beyond Six Figures Program is worth it if you want to succeed with ecommerce or dropshipping and gain access to proven concepts and systems to scale and achieve profitability. Yes, the course is expensive. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a program or mentor that provides the level of continued dedication and support to their students exhibited by Justin and his team. And that's hard to put a price tag on. 

Justin takes the time to explain the 'why's and the importance of developing world-class-level creations and systems. But he also covers a ton of content like:

Testimonials and reviews are impressive, with numerous student success stories available. Beyond Six Figures is like the Cadillac model for ecommerce dropshipping courses and mentorship. So, if you're serious about making money online or want to invest in yourself and your future-BSF will be money well spent.

picture of a BSF student review

Luke Tull: How He Made 7-Figures with Beyond Six Figures System

Luke's Background and Story

Luke Tull has an IT background. He had many failed attempts in e-commerce because he struggles with communication, but it did not stop him. Luke was already behind his debts so he had to work harder to make the business work. His desire to improve his ecom strategies led him to join Justin Woll's program. With hands-on guidance and a better system, he finally succeeded in e-commerce. 

Luke Tull’s Current Business Status

Luke's e-commerce business has grown into a 7-figure brand. He achieved this by leaving his old methods and focusing on the new system taught by Justin Woll in Beyond Six Figures. After following Justin's strategies, Luke's income was more consistent and would sometimes exceed $10,000 a day. He automated his ecom business so he doesn't have to spend so much time on it. Automation helped him achieve the freedom he needs to pursue other business ventures like cryptocurrency.

Lessons Learned from Challenges

Managing Volatility: Market volatility is a major challenge in dropshipping. Luke learned the importance of not letting short-term results affect long-term strategy. The key was consistency, instead of making rash decisions based on daily fluctuations.

Data-Driven Strategy: Luke emphasizes the importance of data-driven decisions and adapting strategies based on what the data suggests, especially in terms of product selection and advertisement.

Seeking Mentorship: Another lesson was the necessity of seeking help and mentorship. Luke credits much of his success to the guidance and real-time feedback he received from the BSF team.

Gradual Scaling: He also learned the value of gradual scaling rather than rapid expansion which can lead to unsustainable growth and operational challenges.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Luke claims to make $10k sales in a day. However, he did not mention how much it cost him to achieve that number. Dropshipping has low profit margins, usually around 15%. The BSF strategy also uses Facebook for traffic (one of the most-expensive out there), which further trims down profit. 

Partnership with Nick Peroni and Ecom Empires

Early in 2023, Justin Woll partnered with 8-figure entrepreneur and ecommerce mentor, Nick Peroni of Ecom Empires, to create a program called "Beyond Six Figures E-Commerce Mastery Program" that goes beyond Shopify dropshipping. The program offered an automation focused scaling system to scale businesses quickly and profitably.

What Is Ecom Empire?

Ecom Empires was an educational platform created by Nick Peroni that taught Shopify dropshipping. At its height, the Ecom Empires community had over 103K members. Compared to many other dropshipping educational programs, Ecom Empires excelled in delivering quality content and training, which contributed to its immense popularity.

The Issues With Dropshipping:

The dropshipping business model is heavily reliant on paid advertising. And while Justin teaches insider techniques on how to leverage Facebook's algorithms, there's still the issue around depending on paid ads as your sole source of traffic for your dropshipping or ecommerce business.

Facebook CPC is rising at a rate of 24% YoY. But even worse is that other dropshippers can easily duplicate what's working. Or steal your ad copy or creative angles. That's a ton of upfront capital for a big gamble that might not get you the ROAS you were banking on.

Dropshipping is still a viable business model if you do it right. But you need quick shipping times with a great agent or be willing to buy merchandise after you have a proven concept (ecommerce). As a dropshipper, you're the middleman. So you've lost before you start if you don't have a reliable supplier. 

Shipping from China isn't the best choice anymore. Instead, you need to research and consider finding US dropshipping suppliers. But this will cut into your already paper-thin profits. In addition, you don't own any assets with dropshipping making it a lower-cost business model. But that means you don't have a brand.

So you always need to be one step ahead of the latest trends. You need a unique marketing angle to differentiate from the competition and tap into customer psychology. What drives them to purchase? What benefit does your product offer to their lives?

In 2024, there's more opportunity than ever to make money with dropshipping-if you know what you're doing. But it's competitive and old methods won't generate the same results. Now it's too easy for the competition to undercut your price point or steal your winning product and push you out of the running. 

Dropshipping Versus Ecommerce And Is One The Better Option In 2024?

Justin Woll teaches both dropshipping and ecommerce. But is one business model better than the other? The short answer is no. But it depends on your long-term goals, and there are a few differences between dropshipping versus ecommerce to consider.

Dropshipping is about being quick and catching the latest trends before the market gets tapped out. Then it's on to the next item. Not a long-term game, and you're constantly sourcing new merchandise to keep one step ahead of the market. But the business model comes with lower costs and fewer risks.

Ecommerce, on the other hand, takes upfront capital and relies heavily on attraction marketing. As a result, you take more risks and need more resources, but ecommerce is a long game because you're building a brand.

Both business models require product research and systems. You also need reliable sources of information that share real-time data, including ad spy software like SpyFu or AdBeat. And even with a good product-if you don't have the right marketing angle-you'll struggle to get sales with both options.

But investing in a program like Justin Woll's BSF is a chance to learn from a master and get maximum results fast. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs and educate yourself on the business model you choose.

If you're willing to grind and be coachable. Focus on staying consistent and are ready to take massive action on a daily basis-you can make money with dropshipping or ecommerce in 2024.


Beyond Six Figures is an extensive product research course with ongoing coaching and mentorship. And there's no question that Justin Woll delivers on-point content that is valuable and applicable. Students get access to solid systems and a blueprint on how to generate higher profit margins and higher quality customers. 

Dropshipping is a thriving industry expected to see a valuation of $196.78 billion in 2022. (That's a 23.7% YoY increase from 2021). Which means there's money to be made if you know how. But the biggest issue is a lack of control or an ability to generate free traffic to your dropshipping or ecommerce store. You're reliant on paid ads for traffic which is expensive-especially when you're lookin at razor-thin profit margins.

There is a way to make money online with free traffic that's not only more reliable but less competitive because the barriers to entry aren't as low. You should check out this local lead generation training if you're curious. It's the best one I've found, and it shows you exactly how to capitalize on free online traffic. 

An Alternate Option I’m Doing Instead:

Dropshipping and ecommerce are both legitimate business models that offer a ton of opportunities in all kinds of untapped markets. If you can find a winning product or design an ad and hone in on marketing and advertising methods that drive traffic and conversions. Or build a brand from a proven concept and create a loyal consumer base, then you're winning the battle. But for me, neither ecommerce nor dropshipping is my first choice anymore because the juice just isn't worth the squeeze, and IMO isn't the best online business in 2024.

As a dropshipper, you need to be the best marketer and jump on trends before the market becomes saturated. You have the constant aggravation of supply chain issues, customer service disputes, and shipping concerns. Then there are the other dropshippers that can easily copy your winning methods and beat you at your own game.

With ecommerce, if you're not on your game with processes and marketing or have a well-oiled fulfillment system, you're setting yourself up for substantial loss.

It's a lot of headaches and daily grind, and why now my first choice is lead generation. Lead generation is a business model that provides me with a steady passive income stream. I have websites like the one above that I created in 2015 that still make me $500-$2000/month. 

Want more information? Check out this local lead gen program.

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