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BeyondSixFigures with Justin Woll. Full (unbiased) review of this dropshipping mentorship program.

January 5, 2021


BeyondSixFigures: A positive personal mastermind mentorship experience, or a program that's over-reaching?
You might have come across Justin Woll if you were looking for a lil personal coaching for your dropshipping business.

If so, I like your style.

I strongly believe that personal coaching/mentoring is super important for anyone looking to be successful.

But choosing the right mentor can definitely be the difference between hittin' it big time and hittin' the unemployment line.

So is Justin Woll your guy? Will his BeyondSixFigures course be the key to helping you achieve the income and the lifestyle that you're dreaming about?

Well, because I'm so passionate about mentoring (and I'll actually talk a little more about why later on) I've done a pretty in-depth review to help you decide.

Let's do it to it.

BeyondSixFigures Course Overview

Ranked #1 out of 2 dropship mentoring courses (See full list here)
6 months
Comprehensive, everything you need to start the biz
$5,000 up front, or payment plans of $1,200/mo for 6 months

Introduction to Justin, the smiling face behind the success.

Justin Woll is a 25yr old self-made millionaire, and he's currently the head of BeyondSixFigures. It’s a company dedicated to helping new & advanced eCommerce entrepreneurs start and scale their online businesses.

It took some digging (probably because it’s not widely known) but Justin Woll actually grew up in a middle-class family like many others. But at some point during his childhood, his family unfortunately ended up losing everything…Like all their assets...gone.
This experience turned out to be a huge motivator for Justin to make something of himself, and through some networking he was introduced the world of eCommerce.

The story is that he locked himself in his bedroom and began testing, re-testing....and then did some more testing… until his persistence and determination finally paid off and lead to some serious results.

Today he is a three-time ClickFunnels ‘Two Comma Club’ recipient – which you get only once you’ve made your second million through ClickFunnels.
(This, however, isn't necessarily an indication of his dropshipping skills, but rather his marketing skills...)
He’s also the head of the largest personal ecommerce Mentorship Agency in the industry (according to him); claiming multi 8-figure successes in student sales.

They also partnered up with some of the biggest eCommerce groups like Ecom Empires.

I mean...sounds like the dude knows what he’s talking about. So how bout we take a look at this course, eh?

FYI - Justin isn't your typical dropshipping "guru. Unlike most of the others, his YouTube Channel is only a few years old and simply has 25 videos (as of January 2021). He has just over 4k subscribers and his channel has had a total of 52k views. 
Compared with the other big names in dropshipping, Justin kinda looks like a "small fry."
(PS: At the time of this review, his last video was posted like eight months ago, on April 16th 2020.
This is a loooooooong time for a dropshipper to go without posting a single video on his channel. Especially for someone selling courses.)

The Insta must be where it's at, though. WIth 411k followers, we've gone from "small fry" to big papa. You won't find too much dropshipping or ecommerce mentorship info on here, tho. It's mostly a lotta sweet posts of cars on this page and some nice views. Guess when you're making the kinda money he makes, you gotta show off your toys? I dunno.

Please note:
Let me start off by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Justin Woll or BeyondSixFigures in any way. I’m not getting any kickbacks or anything else from this review so it is an honest, unbiased opinion.

What is BeyondSixFigures all about?

Beyond6Figures Personal Mastermind Experience Program (Yes, that’s the full name, and yes I know it's a total mouthful) is marketed as a program to help you and your business step up to reach new heights.

The Beyond Six Figures program essentially has two parts: 
1. The 6 months 1-on -1 Mastermind coaching program for $5k (or you can do a full year for $8k)
2. The eCommerce University (online course that some people refer to as Six Figures University)
The course is structured to appeal to a wide range of people.

The newbies will find the first part of the course very helpful, but as you advance, the class material gets deeper & more advanced so that even experienced dropshippers should find it beneficial.

Throughout the course, Justin teaches you customer psychology tips to help generate sales. He also shares his Ecom Philosophy that really gets into the meat of not only WHAT makes for a good store/product/brand, but also WHY.

FYI, you can get the eCommerce University without the coaching for $997.

What’s included in the course?

You’ll get full access to BeyondSixFigures E-Commerce University, 6 months 1-on-1 coaching…Plus Justin’s bonus courses are thrown in as well.

That means you get:

  • 6 months intensive curriculum (eCommerce University)
  • Personal adset/product review & feedback
  • Current winning products revealed
  • 24/7 Support from Justin & his team
  • Access to Justin's 7 & 8-figure students
  • Weekly calls (up to 3 hours)
  • Secret bonuses inside the program

Course Curriculum for BeyondSixFigures Personal Mastermind Experience Program

The BeyondSixFigures eCommerce Personal Mastermind Experience Program is divided into 16 detailed sections with teachings ranging from branding and copywriting, to targeting, testing, and understanding the ever-elusive Facebook Ads Algorithm (one of my least favorite things about anything ever.)

Each section is broken down into smaller sections consisting of one or more videos of varying lengths.

It's done this way to help break up the material and make it easier for you to tackle.

It also makes it easier for you to start and stop your learning, as well as skip to areas that interest you the most, or any parts you might find a little confusing.

Step 1 – Store Creation

Justin starts out slow, giving you a general overview of the kinds of things that are covered in the personal mastermind experience program in a few short Introduction videos.

These are chock-full of valuable information, tho. 

He also shows you step by step how to create a store on the computer so you can follow along with him.

Step 2 – Product Research

In this module, you will learn how to do product research to find winning products for your store.

There’s also a Q&A section where hopefully you'll find some answers to any problems you might run into.

Step 3 – Video Creation

Video advertisements are a great way to capture people’s attention while they’re scrolling the web, so it’s become a valuable way to promote products.

Justin teaches you how to do this in a step-by-step video.

Step 4 – Algorithmic Targeting

This topic is relatively new & causing some controversy in the advertising industry. The fact that it is included shows that Justin updates his course pretty regularly.

Step 5 – One Click Upsell

Justin teaches you how to use one-click upsells for your store.

Step 6 – Launch

In this section, Justin discusses launching a traditional ad campaign.

He covers a lot of ground in this topic, so make sure you have pen & paper ready to make take notes.

Step 7 – Identifying A Winner

Learn how to identify winning products for your store. Justin also covers the importance of branding and key performance indicators.

These are essential topics to ensure your store has some long running success.

Step 8 – Scaling To 7 Figures

Once your store begins to see some profit, Justin shares strategies you can use to scale it to 7 figures (that's what you're there for, right?) 

It’s mostly like expanding your store to make more profits. He shares two plans: a ‘slow cook’ approach, and a more aggressive (pressure cooker, if you will) approach.

Bonus 1 - Product Research System

Claims to be one of the most consistent & proven product research systems in the industry.
Bonus 2 - Algorithmic Targeting Roadmap

The new age way to locate your buyers, which apparently forces sales to your pixel in an ethical way.
Bonus 3 - Automatic & Manual Bidding Bootcamp

Justin walks you through every strategy that has worked for him and his students, as well as the tactics that enabled him to push over $40K a day on his Shopify stores.
Bonus 4 - Big Bang Method

Apparently one of the fastest, most effective scaling strategies. It is not only helpful for scaling your business extremely high, but also a crucial part of getting consistent traffic & sales.

Learn the current strategies to take advantage of with IG being one of the top places that Influencers tend to flock. It’s a perfect way to inject way more sales into your business, starring a few special guest friends of Justin.
Bonus 6 - Email Marketing Bootcamp

Learn the methods that supposedly enable Justin & his students to pull in thousands of sales every few days just from email marketing alone.
Bonus 7 – 7 Figure Scaling Strategies & Branding Bootcamp

Learn the exact way Justin & his students have effectively scaled to multi 7-figure incomes, and then branded their business to make it long term – you need to do this to make your business stand the test of time!

So...does this course take you to Infinity & Beyond?

I think I might know why you stumbled upon this review.

I’ve reviewed a lot of courses by so-called "Dropshipping Gurus" and personally, I find that a lot of them are overpriced because they don't offer nearly enough value for the money.

In some cases, they give you very little information, and like 90% of what they do give you is nothing you wouldn’t be able to find on YouTube without paying a cent.

They end up selling you the promise of a dream rather than providing you with some relative and useful information.

The worst part about it is the number of disheartened and now slightly more broke individuals they leave in their wake as they continue to pad their own bank accounts.

Dropshipping is not the overnight, get-rich-quick scheme a lot of these gurus make it out to be. If it was, why would they be charging people ridiculous prices for these courses?

People who are trying so hard to improve their lives, get out of the rat race and provide for their families...

Most of the time, their courses are NOT WORTH IT. You can find what they teach for FREE.

So, if you came across this course but you were kinda skeptical and needed some feedback from an unaffiliated person...I totally get it.

But I have to say, tho...BeyondSixFigures is slightly different…While many courses claim to help students achieve immediate results, this eCommerce course doesn't take that approach.

Rather than claim overnight astronomical success (which could happen one day but then totally fizzle out the next) Justin’s course material and 6 month 1-on-1 coaching program, both aim to help you build a REAL Dropshipping business that could potentially be both consistent and sustainable.

His dedication to his students really shows, and he passionately aims to help them achieve the same success he has. 

A great mentor and supportive peers were the keys to my success as an entrepreneur. 

But it also helps to choose the right business model that suits your personality and drive and ambition. 

If you want to know more about my Number 1 online business model, click below.

Review Conclusion

One of the main reasons why I like this course is that it’s really straightforward, especially for newbies. But then as you progress through the program (and hopefully as the student's knowledge and experience grows) it dives into the more intense material that even advanced dropshippers can benefit from.

It's also great that there is a mentoring aspect that makes you accountable for your dedication and progress.

Justin also takes time to explain the"why" behind everything, giving you inside into the philosophy of online business. This tells me that he really is trying to teach, because people learn better when they're not just told to do something, but they learn why they're doing it. 

If dropshipping is your thing, and you have the money, then Justin’s program is a good option.


What I like:

  • Caters to both beginners & advanced dropshippers.
  • Easy to understand & follow, with step-by-step walkthroughs of setups.
  • Good content, covering a range of topics.
  • 24/7 Support & assistance available, with weekly 3hr phone sessions.

What I didn't like:

  • Very Pricey.
  • Takes 6 months of intense dedication…with lots of weekly hours.
  • Will not provide you with an easy passive income.
  • Not the best business model for 2021.

Beyond6Figures Reviews on Reddit

Once I've got my opinion dialed in about a course, I like to check out what the word on Reddit is from others who have taken it. I didn't find too much by way of Beyond6Figures E-Commerce University reviews I saw a few people were just looking for or offering free downloads. 

Good...but Sketch

So I did find one very lengthy, glowing review about the course. Right off the bat, that's something not very typical of someone leaving honest feedback with no ulterior motives.

What really did it for me was when I got to the end, when they invite you to visit Justin's personal website via their link. That has "affiliate" written all over it. 

If they're getting a kickback to promote Justin Woll, of course they're going to say incredible things in hopes that whoever's reading will make a purchase.

Is a dropshipping mentoring course (even one as good as this), worth all your savings? 

Well, that’s main the question isn’t it…& that leads to the second MOST important question - is this course right for ME?

Only you can answer that.

Just remember, it's pricey…

But saying that, I do feel that Justin’s course material and 1-on-1 mentorship is worth a solid A.

He dives into tons of important topics, which is normally skimmed over or sometimes completely ignored by other dropshipping “gurus”.

And the personal mentoring is a great addition that enhances your chances at dropshipping success.

So from my side, if you have the cash & you really, really, absolutely, feel like it’s the dropshipping life for you, then investing in some sort of a dropshipping course would be beneficial - 'specially if it has a personal coaching component.

If that’s the route you wanna go, then this program is one of the better ones to invest in. Rather than fork out 5k at once, you can always opt for the slightly cheaper (but still expensive) E-Commerce Profit University on its own & see how that goes…
If you're really married to the whole idea of dropshipping (which you shouldn't be, but I'll tell you why in a min) and need something even less expensive to learn from,the  eCom Elites course offers tremendous value for the price. And since I've always got your back, I also did an eCom Elites review, which you can read here

In reality, using dropshipping to launch your business empire is often cumbersome & comes with a hefty price tag in both time and cash.

Between the constant product searching, and marketing, and difficulty to find suppliers; it’s really not as great as everyone makes it out to be.
I still honestly believe, that as a long-term business model Dropshipping is not the way to go. There’s just too many problems with it… 

Do you want to be okay in your new business? Or do you want to be GREAT?!?

So what are the alternatives to dropshipping?
I guess that depends on what you’re after… For me, the important thing was Freedom.
  • Freedom from wondering if I’d still have an income a few years down the line.
  • Freedom from trading my time for money.
  • Freedom to work WHERE & WHEN I want.
  • Freedom to set my own limits on what I earn.
  • Freedom to travel the world & experience unknown things.
  • Freedom to spend quality time with those that matter most.
At the moment, I can tick all these things on my List of Essential Freedoms.

How did I do this..?
Simple, through Lead Generation…

I’ve found that the lead generation business model is more lucrative & much more stable in terms of growth and recurring income than all the other online biz models.

Having a Lead generation skill is, in my opinion, one of the most sought after skills on the internet & it’s one of the best high-income skills you can learn in 2020.

There are many reasons why I love this business model (believe me I’ve tried a few). At the end of the day, I can be proud of what I do. I’ve developed a skill & built a business platform that allows me to make a real difference in other business owners’ lives. 

I’ve managed to build an ethical business that’s here to stay & that makes me love what I do.

There was a time when making $10K per month seemed way out of reach for me.

Now, I feel making $10K per month is no big deal & actually feels way too low for me. But most importantly, I now feel like I am worth a lot more than just that because of the skills & expertize that I’ve developed.

Your skills are your skills & no one can take that away from you. Even if you go bankrupt, lose all your assets, you’ll have the knowledge & confidence that you can build it all back up again.

Here's a quick comparison between Local Lead Gen and Dropshipping:


  • For most products, you’ll have to cut into your profits to keep your sales prices competitive.
  • Chasing trending products doesn't work. You have to build a BRAND. That takes time...
  • Low barrier to entry means a lot of competition.
  • No Control - Shopify can freeze your store + No control over supply-chain
  • Unhappy customers.

Lead Generation

  • High profit margins of 90%
  • Passive income! 
  • Skills needed to rank to Number One = high barrier to entry.
  • Complete Control - You own your digital real estate sites.
  • Happy and loyal clients for life!

The beauty about this whole concept is that ALL the lead gen sites you build, you own…it’s your own little piece of digital real estate,

Take a look at this tree service site I built in 2014. The calls it’s generating for this company is paying me $2k per month… every month, since 2014…
That’s $24,000 a year, and $120,000 in total from this little site’s lifetime over the last 5 years up to 2020…how’s that for a passive residual income? 

And this is just one example of the many sites I own.
Here's another example, circa 2014. And still paying me monthly. With no maintenance...
Limo Lead Gen
Imagine building an empire of these lead gen properties THAT YOU OWN..?

Unlike dropshipping, NO ONE can steal your lead gen site or your number and advertise or market it as their own. They can't copy, paste and clone your site.

Lead gen also has several other advantages:
  • Local lead Gen offers attraction marketing, rather than interruption marketing such as Facebook ads. Your search results reach the intended audience - people who are actively searching for our service. You're not interrupting them on social media.
  • Lead gen requires less effort to get going. You don't have to focus (constantly) on advertising mediums to generate leads. Lead gen runs on autopilot once you're ranking.
  • Local Lead Gen supports local business. You can make a difference to businesses and the community. There's no job satisfaction from running ad campaigns and sitting behind a desk all day.
  • Most businesses you are competing with do not have a clue about digital marketing. That makes it easy to rank your site and then in turn, help your client.
  • Once the site is up and ranking, you rinse and repeat the process. This allows you to create an empire of lead gen sites. 
The truth is, as long as there are local businesses & this thing called the Internet - I'll always be in business.

If you would like to learn more about how I generate 52K per month while helping local business owners, then click here or the button below.
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