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Biaheza Dropshipping Course Review. Teen genius at play? Or nothing but hype?

May 26, 2021

Biaheza is a bit of a YouTube sensation.

One of his videos has over 2.1MM views! (It's the one about gaining Instagram followers on a like-for-like method).  

Having over 42 million views in total...I'd say that affords him some clout.

He hasn't done too bad for a teenager giving eCommerce tips.

Do all those views really mean that he knows anything, though?

With so many views, you have to ask: Does he have all those views because his content is THAT amazing, or is he just exceptionally good at marketing his YouTube channel?

Despite being hugely popular on YouTube, his lessons seem to be quite hit or miss. A fairly large number of his case studies don't work out as planned...

"That's show business, right?" He said with an innocent smile, shrugging off a failed case study.

So you might be Biaheza just all about the show....or is he really about the biz?

Well to me, it's actually refreshing to see someone airing their failures and not just their successes. It's a lot more realistic, since entrepreneurship is rarely constant success. 

You will have disappointments.

Successful people aren't defined by how many disappointments they have, but how they handle them as they come.

And trust me, they will come.

So the fact that Biaheza isn't shy about his failures actually makes me trust him a bit more.

I failed quite a bit myself in dropshipping before I found success.

(Update: In 2020 I prefer the lead generation business model over dropshipping, more on that later...)

Back to dropshipping...

Hopefully though, your failures won't be brought about by naivete or poor product research.

For example: If you sell electronic equipment/appliances (like a portable steamer) be sure to confirm what kind of electrical plug it has. Different countries have different-shaped electrical outlets, and you'll only be able to sell the product in certain countries.

I find it a little disconcerting that someone who has made six-figures from a dropshipping store in a single month can make such an elementary mistake...but then again, he's still super young.

And then there's the aesthetic part of his course website. 

It's plain. There's nothing special about it.

This is what the landing page looks like for the course:

I know you're never supposed to judge a book by its cover, but a large part of your conversions will depend on your online store's landing page.

I get the impression that Biaheza cares more about his YouTube appearance than his course's landing page.

Yes, the guy has charm and he's camera-friendly, but you still need to make an effort with your site if you're asking people to pay money for it, no matter how good your ads are...

Someone who has a course about dropshipping should know about the importance of a landing page. And this one looks like it was thrown up by a kid in just a few minutes. No offense.

It doesn't even have the most basic of branding features: a logo. 

The banner at the top of the page looks like something out of the 90s. It just looks very ordinary. As if no effort went into it. 

We're not off to a good start.

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Overview

Ranked #9 out of 8 dropship courses (See full list here)
1 hour 30 minutes
Thin content to get you started on your dropshipping journey. This is for Biaheza fans who do not want to look for information about dropshipping on YouTube.

Introduction to Biaheza

Biaheza started his YouTube Channel a year ago and currently has 834k subscribers. That's no small feat.

The videos range between 4 to 20 minutes in length and there are 102 in total. Biaheza posts on average one video a week.

He gets very excited and his hands are constantly moving around everywhere, so at least he's not a boring presenter. (I could totally see how it might irritate some people, though.)
Biaheza also boasts over 112,000 Instagram followers.
He's not really active on Facebook, though.

I found that strange that he doesn't have too much of a presence on the platform that makes him all his money...
But let's dig a little deeper and find out more.

MY DISCLAIMER before we start:
Please note that this review is my opinion of Biaheza's Dropshipping Course. I am not affiliated to Biaheza in any way, whatsoever.

This means I don't get ANY money from doing this review. I was not paid to promote, (nor say nasty things) about this course. My review is purely my opinion, based on my dropshipping experience, nothing more. 

What to Expect in this Course

The course is broken down into 13 short lessons that total just over 1.5 hours in viewing time. (Already you have to ask yourself if it's worth $294...think of it like you're paying this guy $196/hr to teach you what he knows.) 

This is what Biaheza offers you:

He says that the goal of the course is the following:

Biaheza claims that this is the most revealing piece of content he has have ever put out. He says, "...I even reveal some of my personal best selling products."

He shows you his own process (that you can easily repeat for future stores) to create an online store from scratch. 

He also talks about his Facebook and Instagram theme page marketing strategies that will make you successful!

Okay, so that's the sales pitch. Let's see if he delivers on any of his promises.

The Biaheza Full Dropshipping Course Breakdown

This course contains 13 different video lessons. This is a breakdown of each of the lessons offered.

Course Curriculum

What Products ACTUALLY Work for Dropshipping

  • Biaheza uses tools to find his products. As a dropshipper, this is a terrible method to find products as thousands of other dropshippers will use the same tools and have the same products in their online stores.
  • Serious dropshippers worth their salt will always have a long-term goal in mind. To be successful in the long-term, you need to run your own product research, and not rely on a genetic tool shtat everyone and their auntie can use.

The Software I Use to Find Winning Products

  • Biaheza is an affiliate for these apps/tools that he uses to find his products. There's a clear focus on getting you to also use these apps/tools, which got it...he earns a commission as an affiliate.

Five Winning Product Examples + Revealing Products I Have Personally Dropshipped

  • From my experience, anyone making hundreds of thousands of dollars from dropshipping is not going to be willing to share their products with you unless the products are on a downward curve of a fading trend.
  • You might still make money off these (older) products, but you won't ever make what Biaheza made off of them.
  • Just remember that everyone else who has done this course will also be trying to sell these exact same products...

Creating a Brand New Shopify Website from Scratch Step-by-Step

  • Biaheza covers the basics to get you started.
  • There are better (and free) videos available on YouTube

Where to get Content for Your Store

  • Covers the basics of setting up your product pages, but doesn't offer any new revelations.

Setting up the Shipping and Legal Pages

  • These are good additions, as not everyone covers this in their courses.

Building a Proper Instagram Company Page from Scratch

  • As an Influencer, Biaheza uses Instagram to great effect. So this is a great addition to any dropshipping course.

Where to Find Content for Your Company Page

  • With his successful FB and Instagram background, Biaheza gives some solid advice here.

What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install It

  • Once again, a pretty straightforward lesson.
  • All of this info (and better) can be found for free on YouTube from more seasoned dropshipping veterans and Facebook marketers.

My FULL Instagram Theme Page Marketing Strategy

  • It's surprising to me that this strategy still works. It's been tried and tested though, so while it still works, you can also use it.

Choosing the Right Pages to Advertise On

  • This is Biaheza's best lesson. Is it worth the course fee, though? Probably not...
  • You'll learn a lot about Instagram in this one. How to use IG Influencers, which pages to target, and how to make your ads go viral (in theory, anyway.)

How to Use Facebook Ads

  • This is a basic introduction to FB Ads with nothing new to offer.
  • This has been covered in probably a thousand other YouTube videos.

How I Target and Scale my Facebook Ads (Full Strategy)

  • It's definitely a strategy, but I couldn't call it a "full" strategy. A full strategy would include other ad platforms such as Google, Bing, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.
  • Scaling your Ad Campaigns is also not sufficiently covered.

How to Deal with Taxes

  • I have to say, this is a very good addition to the course and something often neglected in dropshipping courses. So I appreciate this for sure.

Setting Up Customer Support

  • Easy to set up and straight forward. But once again, nothing new to warrant slapping a price tag on this course.

Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course on Reddit: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I always like to go on Reddit to see what people are saying about these courses. If you go onto the Reddit forums to find out what people think about Biheza and his course, you'll find a lot of offers to buy the course for $5-$10 and not much on the quality of the course. I usually like to find a mix of the good and the bad to give you the full picture, but in this case...I wasn't able to find much of the former. But here's what I did find:

The Bad

This person commented that they didn't get the value out of the course that would justify the price tag. I'd have to concur.

The Ugly

It's never a good thing when someone buys something, only to feel "bamboozled" afterwards. What I found interesting was that this person makes a very good observation: that a lot of these dropshipping "gurus" are selling courses. Hmmm....think there could be a reason for that? it a worthwhile course?

Biaheza's target market for this dropshipping course is complete beginners and people who don't know anything about dropshipping. This course might tempt people who don't know where or how to find free information on dropshipping, or get overwhelmed by the amount of it on the internet (And I get it, there really is a lot to sift through.)

It's not a very expensive course, but the value for money is simply not there. Biaheza's course content is very basic, and frankly, you can find better, free lessons on YouTube.

The course length is also a mockery of the dropshipping business model.

You honestly cannot expect to start a successful dropshipping business with knowledge gained in an hour and a half...

Review Conclusion

I'll always give credit where it's due. But it seems that Biaheza's course isn't there to bedazzle you with its amazing content and insider tips. It relies rather on his bankability as a YouTuber and Instagram sensation. If I'm being completely honest, the course content is very basic. Everything covered in the course can be found as free lessons on YouTube.

Especially considering Biaheza's age, he is a great entrepreneur, but he probably performs best as a marketer or youtuber.

He has seen success from his dropshipping dealings, but I think most of that success comes from having such a large following on youtube and selling his courses.

Bottom line is, Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course was not worth the $294 investment for us.

Alternatives to Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course

If money is an issue, I suggest the following courses in terms of Value for Money:
1. Ecom Empires
- It's free, with over 20 hours of content. Read my review of Nick Peroni's Ecom Empires Academy, here.

2. Oberlo 101 
- Created by Oberlo, it contains over 7 hours of content. It costs either $39.92 or $49.90, depending on whether they're running a promotional discount or not. You can read my review, here.

3. Ecom Elites
- Its still one of the best courses out there at $197 with over 32 and a half hours of content. Read my review of Franklin Hatchett's dropshipping course, here.

4. And if you're looking for a FREE step-by-step guide with downloadable and printable content, why not have a look at my Dropshipping Guide? You can access it by clicking on the banner button below.


What I like:

  • Biaheza has lots of personality and the potential to go far as a marketer. 
  • The young man has "chutzpah" and appeals to a younger audience.

What I didn't like:

  • Content is lacking. Not enough detail.
  • You can find all the course content on YouTube for free.
  • No Ad bidding strategies (his one FB strategy is VERY basic, so shouldn't really count.)
  • Only FB Ads covered.
  • Product, supplier and niche research not covered. Rather pushes apps to do it for you.
  • Not the best online business model in 2020. 

Dropshipping. Still viable in 2020?

Even if you work hard at dropshipping it's hit or miss today.

Fb ads are getting so expensive.

Many dropshipping niches are getting saturated.

These factors are ever changing and include:

1. The Right Product(s)
- whether you sell evergreen or trending products, you constantly have to do YOUR OWN product research. If you use an app/tool to find your products, you'll be selling the same products as a thousand (10k, 100k?) other dropshippers.

2. The Right Time
- Timing is crucial when selling trending products. You need to strike while the iron is hot, otherwise you won't make much money.  

3. The Right Place
- You need to know how to get your products in front of shoppers. And if they're not ready to buy just yet, you must convince them to buy NOW. That takes marketing savvy.

4. Marketing
- Ad costs are going up year-on-year with lower Return on Investment (ROI).
Therefore, you need to know:
- what successful ads look and read like
- how to get those ads to the correct audience
- how to scale your ads effectively, and
- when to kill ads.  

There are many other factors at play. If you really want to know more, I suggest you refer to my Dropshipping Guide, which lists 14 Steps to Dropshipping Success. You can access it here.

WARNING: Dropshipping takes time, effort and skill to be a viable business model. The days of easy money through dropshipping are over. To succeed, you have to be in it for the long run. And be ready to drop some $$$ testing ads.

What is the alternative?

There are actually many alternative online business models besides dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is just one of the better-known models because of all the YouTube videos and gurus creating a buzz. It's definitely not the best, though.

I have a hand in just about every online business you can think of.

Affiliate Marketing, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Affiliate, Dropshipping, Lead Generation.

Many of them are still ongoing businesses. Dropshipping is one of them. I used to make $10k a month from dropshipping, but it is too inconsistent and not my best earner. 

For the best ROI, local rank-and-rent or lead generation, wins hands-down.   

Unless you have the capital to invest in an asset such as a property giving you rent, or an investment that earns you interest, most of us are unable to enjoy the spoils of a passive income.

Lead gen however, offers you the opportunity to create a passive income stream by using your skill set to add value to other businesses. 

Lead gen works like this.

You rank simple websites like this at the top of Google that generate leads for local businesses. 

Your local business owner will pay you month after month to continue receiving your leads.

Local Lead Generation Cycle

So, you basically rank and rent a virtual property.

An online property that YOU created and YOU control. This means you even have the freedom to choose your "tenants". 

Thus, if a client becomes difficult or doesn't want to pay you anymore, you simply rent the site out to another business owner serious about making money.     

Besides the passive income, lead gen is a business model that is truly 100% automated, once you've ranked your site.

Then you either move on to the next one, or sit back and see how the money comes in. Your choice. But once you've started making good money from the hustling, you won't just sit back and relax... 

But don't think it's a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put the effort in to reap the rewards.

Lead gen has quite a high learning curve. This is a positive though. Unlike dropshipping with a very low barrier to entry, you need to be quite specialized if you want to be successful with lead gen. 

Luckily you can learn all the necessary skills and a lot of it (unlike dropshipping) doesn't depend on luck. 

You might not become a millionaire anytime soon through lead gen, but you can quit your job within a few short months and make a decent (and honest) living this way.  

Thanks to lead gen, I am living the true laptop lifestyle...

Want to know more? 

Click the button below. (It might just change your life...)

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