Billy Gene’s AI Powered Agency Accelerator Review | Top 3 Benefits of Using AI in Marketing

April 25, 2024

AI Powered Agency Accelerator is an AI marketing training course by Billy Gene. The 16-week program teaches business owners to earn $302,000 per year with only 10 clients or to scale up their brands to 6-8 figures. According to their official website, Billy and his team will work closely with students to help them launch AI-powered advertising agencies or AI-powered marketing funnels.

A Sprout Social report points out that AI-driven marketing is “set to drive 45% of the total global economy by 2030.” No wonder, we’re seeing an increase of AI-related courses, content, and platforms out there, such as AI Mastery Live by Trey Smith and AI Wealth Window 2.0 by James Altucher.

Despite that, heavily relying on AI can also bring major disadvantages to most businesses. Since the technology is now widely available, it can be hard to stand out among your competition. Generated results are also not 100% accurate all the time, which can be an obstacle in marketing.

In this review, we look at what people can expect from the AI Powered Agency Accelerator, its pros and cons, what students have to say about it, who Billy Gene is and what are his other courses. Additionally, we discuss another business model that’s easier to start, operate, and scale than an AI marketing agency.

AI Powered Agency Accelerator Review: Pros and Cons


Complete beginners and seasoned business owners may sign up and learn from this program.

The course teaches students to become independent AI marketers so they don’t have to use agencies or third party services.

In addition to Billy, students can also learn from his team and chosen resource persons. Past speakers include Ed Mylett and Daymond John of Shark Tank.

Learners can access support from Billy’s team and join the private Facebook group.


The 16 week course takes time to complete.

It can be difficult to find in-depth reviews outside of their website.

The course costs $6,500 - a sizable investment for most business owners.


AI Powered Agency Accelerator costs a one-time payment of $6,500 or 36 monthly payments of $275.

Refund Policy

AI Powered Agency Accelerator does not offer refunds.


AI Powered Agency Accelerator has a private Facebook group for its students.


AI Powered Agency Accelerator website does not mention when the program was launched.


AI Powered Agency Accelerator classes are done through Zoom for 16 weeks. Students also get access to Billy Gene’s team from Monday through Friday.


Billy Gene has worked with over “175,000 students in 75 countries.” His company has earned the #129th ranking in the Entrepreneur 360 Award and has won the Tony Robbins Impact Award.

3 Benefits of Using AI in Marketing

1. Faster processing of customer data

AI can help you process important business data faster. Generally, gathering and analyzing marketing effort results can be time-consuming. No wonder, a WebFX survey indicates that around 53% of marketers today “use AI for analysis.” The site further adds that artificial intelligence can likewise “draw insights and prepare charts and graphs to make it easy to spot trends and patterns.”

2. Easier content creation

According to HubSpot, 67% of marketers say the biggest advantage of using AI is “the ability to create content faster.” While the website does not recommend relying entirely on AI for content creation, it’s still a valid tool for “smaller tasks within the process.” For example, some marketers are using AI for summarizing content, as well as creating outlines and images.

3. Bigger savings on business expenses

In a Kiplinger report, we read that businesses manage to save up to $32,000 by using AI. Today, companies use software technology for recruitment (CVViZ), invoice management (Abacus, Rossum) and chat support customer service (GetJenny, LivePerson), among other routine tasks.

What Do You Get With AI Powered Agency Accelerator?

You get access to a 16 week AI marketing program with AI Powered Agency Accelerator. Billy Gene and his team will provide tools, templates to help you leverage AI technology in selling more products or services, and in scaling an AI marketing business. In their website, Billy also guarantees that participants can expect “exceptional service, world-class support, leading-edge education and a massive advantage over your competition.”.

AI Powered Agency Accelerator students are expected to attend meetings every Tuesday (live or via Zoom) for 16 weeks. Also, they need to have a computer (laptop or desktop) and internet access. No experience is required as students range from beginners and business owners, to professionals from various industries.

What Are Students Saying About AI Powered Agency Accelerator?

Students mostly have positive things to say about the AI Powered Agency Accelerator. On the company’s official website, we see several video testimonials from past learners. 

Rob Cressy gives the program a “15 out of 10” rating, adding that Billy Gene "over delivers in every single capacity.” Austin M says he has “learned more in this (program) about AI and marketing than in the last six years of all my book reading.” He also encourages others to sign up, assuring them “you will not regret it.”

Meanwhile, Leoni M shares how AI Powered Agency Accelerator gives students “access to the most cutting edge AI techniques, programs, and platforms.” According to Leoni, the insights and strategies she learned has helped take her business “to the next level.” She also describes the program’s support and community as “invaluable.”

All the 10 student videos on the site rave about their experiences with the program. However, it is also worth-noting that none of them mention specific results from their training.

Who is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene (fulll name Billy Gene Shaw) is a multi-awarded online marketing expert who has worked with the world’s top franchises. He runs the YouTube channel Billy Gene Is A.I. & XR Marketing channel where he has 85.9k subscribers and over 58k views. He is also the host of the podcast show Billy Gene Is Marketing Offends The Internet.

Billy Gene founded Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc in 2015. So far, they have had over 175,000 students in 75 countries across the world. The marketing agency is often included in the INC 5000 list of The Most Successful Companies in America. He was a nominee for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in San Diego. Billy Gene Is Marketing currently has a 4.8 rating out of over 1.4k reviews on Google. Billy is based in San Diego, California and now has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

What Are Billy Gene’s Other Courses?

10 Day A.I. Business Plan

The 10 Day AI Business Plan teaches how to start an AI marketing business within 10 days. Each day, students will receive an email with a short video clip and a set of instructions. For 10 days, students are expected to complete daily tasks in using “A.I., marketing, and automation to deliver customers to businesses in exchange for money.” Billy Gene also offers a “100% money back” guarantee for those who finish the course but do not make “at least $10k a month.” 

Course students need to have a computer (laptop or desktop) and internet access. Previous experience in tech or marketing is not a requirement.

A.I. Marketing Crash Course

The AI Marketing Crash Course teaches students how to take full advantage of artificial intelligence as an effective marketing tool. It provides 20 tools that will “eliminate the learning curve and put you on the fast track to making more money” using AI technology. 

The course is divided into 3 phases namely:

  • Phase I: The once-in-a-generation opportunity for marketers to make "The 4-Hour Workweek" a reality while getting paid like the 1%
  • Phase II: AI powered selling for the entrepreneurs who love making sales but hate doing it
  • Phase III: Ethically Profiting From The Dark & Confidential Future of Artificial Intelligence

Interested individuals can sign up for the program, regardless if they have any experience in AI and marketing. In fact, the program is ideal for learners of different levels, including “the non-techy, boot-strapped beginner, or the busy marketing professional with limited resources.”
Billy Gene also promises a refund for students who complete the course and do not make their money back in 30 days.

Billy Gene’s Claims

In the AI Powered Agency Accelerator website, Billy Gene claims that the goal is for AI marketing beginners to reach an annual earning of $302,000 with just 10 clients. He also adds that business owners may scale their companies to “6, 7, or 8 figures and beyond without increasing your overhead.” Additionally, Billy guarantees that learners can look forward to “exceptional service, world-class support, leading-edge education and a massive advantage over your competition. 

Billy Gene Is Marketing also has a high 4.6 star rating with overwhelmingly positive reviews on TrustPilot. As an example, TrustPilot user John E gave the 10 Day A.I. Business Plan 5 stars for being “easy to follow,” assuring others that they “won’t be disappointed” with the course.

Debunking Billy Gene’s Claims

To his credit, Billy Gene is quick to point out that the above-mentioned figures are “a goal, not a guarantee.” While our research yielded many positive reviews about his different programs, we have not seen any example of a student that has specifically achieved such results.

The Terms of Enrollment page points out that the program and the website “are continually under development.” As such, they make “no warranty of any kind, implied or express, as to its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for any purpose.” This may sound like a red flag for some.

Meanwhile, TrustPilot user Jabou shares that while the course’s information on AI was interesting, Billy comes off as “a super salesy guy and a bit on the inappropriate side” because of his teaching methods. The reviewer also adds that Billy “teaches you to be a pushy salesperson which is the most annoying thing to do.”

Another reviewer Sarah McGurk says she doubts the legitimacy of reviews on TrustPilot since “most of these reviewers only have one review.”

Is It Ethical To Use Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, it is ethical to use artificial intelligence in some aspects. Despite controversies surrounding artificial intelligence and deep learning, we now have many legitimate AI products and tools from reputable companies and brands.

In December 2023, Google introduced Gemini as its “largest and most capable AI model.” AI-powered chatbot Microsoft Copilot was launched in February of the same year.

That said, the ethical use of artificial intelligence continues to be a hot topic online, with many still on the fence about it. Case in point, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) encourages all countries to implement its global ethical framework. According to the agency, their Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence “guides countries on how to maximize the benefits of AI and reduce the risks it entails.”

UNESCO's AI-related concerns include discrimination, stereotyping and disinformation, as well as “right to privacy, protection of personal data, and human and environmental rights.” Meanwhile, a Bloomberg article also tells us how Google employees labeled their own Google AI chatbot as “worse than useless” and “a pathological liar.” Bard, which is known as Google’s response to ChatGPT, often gave users dangerous tips on scuba diving and plane landing. Most recently, Italy became the first Western country to implement a ban on ChatGPT, CNBC also reported.

Furthermore, WebFX also points out that among the common disadvantages of AI use include “1) data privacy, 2) concerns of biases and inaccurate content, and 3) lack of creativity.” So while AI can be a useful marketing tool, it’s important for users to proceed with caution to avoid any potential risks and mistakes. Signing up with top AI courses can help you determine the pros and cons of using the technology in specific business aspects.

Why I Recommend Local Lead Generation Over Starting AI Marketing Agencies

While learning from AI marketing courses can potentially lead to profitable business ventures, I’d still recommend local lead generation. With this business model, you can avoid the dangers of relying heavily on artificial intelligence tools. Besides, over 77% of companies are now “using or exploring the use of AI,” according to Exploding Topics. As they learn and master automation tools, it’s less likely that they spend on AI agency services to do marketing work for them.

It’s an entirely different story with local lead generation. You have higher chances of building a positive presence online. As you build sites and rank them online using industry and area specific keywords, you can attract organic traffic for your customers. That’s something AI cannot replicate since search engine ranking takes time and comes naturally as a result of proven SEO practices. 


All businesses need leads and they’ll happily pay you $500 to $3,000 a month if your sites continue to deliver. In many ways, local lead generation is definitely a better strategy if you’re aiming to start and grow a business that generates a passive income stream. Personally, I own multiple of these rank and rent sites. As a digital real estate owner providing this service to small businesses in different areas, I manage to earn up to $52,000 per month. The beauty of it is that anyone can do it, too - as proven by our students who have applied our repeatable 3-step process.

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