Blake Choisnet Review: Top 2 Ways of Earning With Real Estate Investing

June 21, 2024

Blake Choisnet is a real estate investor and passive income coach. He built a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio in 18 months. Blake created the 90 Day Rental Roadmap to help new real estate investors and burned-out 9-to-5 employees get their first property. Blake teaches you the basics of real estate investing and rental property portfolio management through this 12-week, comprehensive course.

In this Blake Choisnet review, we will highlight how you can earn passive income in real estate and attain the financial freedom to retire early. Besides traditional real estate, there are also different ways you can make money investing in digital real estate. Much like digital real estate, the local lead generation business model requires less effort to maintain and scale.

Blake Choisnet Review: Pros and Cons


Blake determines your needs and recommends the best program.

Review potential deals over live calls and receive feedback and advice.

Helps you scale around 5-50 properties.

Only needs $5,000-$10,000 in capital to get started.

Only 5 hours per week of your time

Bonus resources


Limited details on the course modules.


The course cost is determined during the discovery call. It varies depending on the program that will suit your needs (Passive Income Generators, Passive Income Accelerating, and One-on-One Professional Coaching).


A 12-week program that includes a weekly Q&A and practical


Private Slack channel and Facebook group and a member-only area.


May 2019

June 19, 2024

as a teacher, I entered real estate to supplement my family’s income.. Blake’s expert guidance transformed me from a novice to owning two cash-flowing properties. his clear practical teaching emphasizes data-driven decisions. . i highly recommend his class for anyone wanting to better their financial flexibility through real estate investing


4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Top 2 Ways of Earning With Real Estate Investing

1. Short- and Long-Term Rentals

One way to generate passive income in real estate is through short- and long-term rentals. Blake refers to this as “turnkey investing”, where you settle the 20% down payment and use your monthly rental income to pay for the remaining 80%. You can lease the property either for short-term vacation rentals or long-term residential rentals. This way, you get to own the property and earn a steady cash flow.

2. Flipping

House flipping is when you buy a house (usually at a cheap price), repair or renovate it, and sell it for a higher price. This kind of real estate investing is not passive because when you sell one property, you then have to buy another to earn an income continuously. The differential after deducting all the expenses is what you earn for a specific house.

You can also check out our The Flip Secrets Review for additional information about house flipping.

What Do You Get With the 90 Day Rental Roadmap?

You will get 2 hours of Zoom support calls per week, on-demand Slack support, and 6-month access to Blake’s inner circle. With the 90 Day Rental Roadmap, you will gain insights into real estate investing and rental portfolios and engage in practical conversations and granular question-and-answer sessions.

This 12-week program shows you how to:

  • Select a prime market, which includes a property’s location, geography, state, and economic stability.
  • Build your team (contractors, property managers, and real estate agents).
  • Demonstrate how to run the numbers and create a solid financial plan before you buy a property.
  • Finance your deals.
  • Renovate a property remotely.

Is the 90 Day Rental Roadmap Worth It?

The 90 Day Rental Roadmap is worth it if you want to get started with establishing a passive income through rental properties and real estate investing. During the discovery call, Blake identifies your potential goals, the barriers you’re experiencing, and the strategies that fit your needs. This program offers ample support and guidance for acquiring your first property within 90 days.

It is also important to note that when starting the course, Blake recommends that you have at least $5,000-$10,000 in working capital to continue with your application. While traditional real estate is a lucrative business model, going digital is now more profitable. However, it is still crucial to learn the pros and cons of digital real estate before delving into this business model.

You can also check out our Springboard to Wealth Review for another great course about real estate investing.

90 Day Rental Roadmap Success Stories

  • Breanna Almodovar is from Austin, Texas. Before entering the program, she worked 50 to 60 hours weekly. Blake’s easy-to-follow and self-paced course allowed her to get her first property within 3 months. She also acknowledged how organized 90 Day Rental Road is and how Blake guided her to realize a cash-flowing, passive monthly income.
  • Chris Boddy lives in Tyler, Texas. At first, he was overwhelmed with real estate investing and its terminologies. But because he wanted a different source of income while doing the job he loves, he joined Blake’s program. Blake’s expertise allowed him to acquire a property that generates substantial income.

Who Is Blake Choisnet?

Blake Choisnet is a real estate investor, passive income coach, speaker, and business owner from Bixby, Oklahoma. He is also the owner of Rooted Land Company LLC. Blake started with $10,000 of hard-earned savings, eventually building a multimillion-dollar rental portfolio in 18 months. At 32, he retired from his corporate job and became a self-made millionaire 5 years after buying his first property.

He developed his skills by studying real estate tax, market and deal analysis, and rental strategies. With his desire to help new real estate investors, he created the 90 Day Rental Roadmap. Since the start of the program, Blake has helped new investors earn over $10 million worth of real estate cash flow.

9 Things You Need To Get Started in Real Estate Investing

1. Set your goals

A crucial part of starting your real estate journey is setting your goals. You need to determine what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, and where you will be a few years from now.

2. Create a roadmap

This strategic guide will help you reach your goals by breaking them down into small, easily achievable steps. You should have a clear-cut roadmap as your reference point in the direction you want to go.

3. Design your business plan.

Making a business plan is necessary to identify your strengths, competitors, and opportunities.

4. Develop a marketing plan.

A marketing plan allows you to think of creative and effective ideas for showcasing your services to your potential market. This is essential to the success of your real estate investments.

5. Organize your finances.

Industry experts can’t stress this enough. Financial planning is a significant way to keep your rental properties and real estate investments afloat.

6. Review local and state guidelines.

It is important to note local and state guidelines when buying and selling properties. This ensures that you don’t incur a legal misstep.

7. Find prospects.

Choose your target market wisely. Selecting the right one can make or break your business.

8. Grow your connections and build a support group.

Engaging with like-minded people and real estate experts will enable you to learn useful tips for growing your rental properties and supporting your investments. You can explore social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit. For instance, the Multifamily Movement offers support for students of the Multifamily Masterplan course.

9. Have the right mindset.

This point is true whatever industry you’re in. The right mindset will help you scale your business, gather the right people, and push you to greater heights. Because having the proper mindset is important, most people seek professional advice or join workshops to enhance their goal-setting and sales skills, like Next Play.

Why Do People Fail in Real Estate Investing?

People fail in real estate investing because of a variety of reasons. However, these top three points are the most common ones:

1. Lack of knowledge

New investors need sufficient knowledge and relevant resources and guidance to succeed in the real estate industry. As they say, “Knowledge is power.” Some individuals quit when they become frustrated with factors and terms they can’t comprehend. That’s why you must educate yourself continuously on topics like economic stability, real estate trends, and rental issues. Checking out a digital real estate course or joining Facebook groups are also good moves.

2. Lack of a comprehensive financial plan

Without necessary experience, new investors can make financial decisions based on whims and emotional pressure. Planning your finances accurately and based on facts allows you to make sound decisions.

3. Lack of patience

Patience is an important part of your journey as a rental property manager or real estate investor. There will be times when you earn a small profit or you can’t close deals. Just be patient and always bring your a-game.

Why Local Lead Generation Is Still the Best Passive Income?

Local lead generation is still the best passive income because it has less saturation compared to traditional real estate. This is the main reason digital real estate investing has become widespread. It doesn’t require much convincing. So, when talking about digital real estate vs real estate, the former wins. Much like the local lead generation business model, going virtual results in a more stable passive income.

If you don’t want to burn significant time and effort with closing deals, then I recommend local lead generation. It is highly scalable, offering you a high-potential passive income to retire early and enjoy financial freedom.

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