Bob Diamond’s Overages Blueprint Review: 5 Biggest Risks of the Business Model

October 14, 2023

Overages Blueprint is an online course that teaches a method of making money by taking advantage of a “loophole” in the government's system. Although it’s an unconventional business model, and it sounds illegal, it's a legit business and Bob Diamond assures that you won’t be violating any laws with this one. In simpler terms, you help property owners recover the overage fund from their foreclosed properties and earn a 30%-40% commission on every transaction. 

When people don’t pay their property tax, the government forecloses it to recover the unpaid amount. But, most times, selling the property makes more than enough to cover the taxes due. This is where the business opportunity is. The surplus amount from the auctioned property (minus property taxes due) is called an “overage fund”. In cases wherein the original property owner doesn't claim the overage, the government forfeits it and keeps it for itself. Bob claims that through this business model, you can earn about $10K commission by helping property owners recover the overage fund. A transaction can be completed in as quick as 10 hours. 

In this Overages Blueprint review, we'll cover the course, its modules, inclusions, learning opportunities, and the 5 biggest risks of the business model. We'll also cover Attorney Bob Diamond, his professional background and reputation, how to make money with the business model, what overage funds are, and what states allow overage fund claims. 

Overages Blueprint Pros and Cons

Overages Blueprint Pros

Income Opportunity: It gives an opportunity to earn a $10K commission for a transaction you can do in as quick as 10 hours.

Valuable Lesson: The course teaches a legitimate method of making money by helping property owners recover overages of their auctioned properties. 

Downloadable Contract Templates: Students are provided with the materials such as contract templates. 

Low Competition: Since it’s a unique business model, not everyone has ventured into it yet. Which means more income opportunities for you. 

Potential for Scalability: The foreclosure rate in the US is at 0.23% by the end of 2022 (higher than 2021 and 2020 rates). Since more and more properties are getting foreclosed, your chances of finding a property owner eligible for an overage claim are higher. 

Overages Blueprint Cons

Cold Calling: It requires you to cold-call people who have lost their properties.

Long Waiting Time: You’ll have to wait for at least 4 months for clients to collect the money, and then you get paid. 

Low-Quality Module: Online complaints say that the video material has very poor sound quality with lots of side conversations. 

No After-Sales Support: Some online complaints say that customer support does not respond to emails and calls. 

Lack of Details: Some online discussions mention that the modules do not go into deep detail on the business model and it lacks in-depth content that you can't find on Google.


Onetime payment of $1,497 or three installments of $597

Refund Policy

3-Day Refund 


Overages Blueprint is by Bob Diamond, America’s Tax Sale Attorney. He is a proficient lawyer and realtor with three published books on foreclosure investing.

What’s in the Overages Blueprint? 

Overages Blueprint has six modules and four bonus lessons. As a member of the program, you also get access to tools, systems, and support. 

  • Module 1: This module is an introduction to the course and the business model. In this module, students will learn the “loophole” in the government system that helps property owners recover overages on their foreclosed real estate.
  •  Module 2: This module students learn a government system for finding leads and how to prioritize high-potential customers. 
  •  Module 3: This module teaches students the most profitable states for foreclosure investing. 
  •  Module 4: Focuses on call scripts for closing deals over the phone. In this module, students will learn the whole process of how to recover overages on auctioned properties. 
  •  Module 5: In this module, students will learn how to draft a legal contract so they don’t have to pay a lawyer’s fee. The contract protects you in case the property owner changes his/her mind about paying you the finder’s fee once the overage funds are recovered. 
  •  Module 6: This module is all about the law's secrets on unclaimed properties. It includes lessons on unclaimed property law, overages expiration (redemption period), and how to submit claims. 

What’s Included in the Overages Blueprint Course?

  •  Quick Start Guide: Introduction of the course and business model 
  •  Video Training Modules: The main learning material that’s divided into 6 modules. 
  • Customer Support
  •  Scripts: Expect plenty of cold callings and negotiations with this business model. Master the scripts to sound like an expert and land good deals. 
  • Legal Documents: Get access to downloadable contract templates you can use in your transactions. 
  • States List: Access to a list of regulations from different states on how to be eligible to claim a sales tax overage on a foreclosed property. 

What is the Overage Blueprint Business Model?

The Overage Blueprint is a business model that helps owners of foreclosed properties recover a portion of the property value instead of letting it all go to the government. Most times, the property is auctioned at a price much higher than the total property tax due, and the government keeps the “surplus” or “overage fund” for themselves, if left unclaimed.

Most of US states have existing regulations where the property owner can claim for the overage fund. However, many don't know about these rights, are too busy to be bothered, or don't know where to begin the process. Bob Diamond’s Overage Blueprint gives a step-by-step guide from finding owners of foreclosed properties to closing deals. 


A property has a $30,000 accumulated tax for defaulting three years of tax payments. The government forecloses the property and holds it for auction. The auction value starts at $30,000 (total taxes due). But, the property is sold at a much higher price, let’s say $130,000. The government only needs $30K to pay the taxes, so where does the excess of $100K go?

It goes to the government. 

This is where you come in as a middleman. You help the property owner recover the $100K overage fund and get 30% to 40% commission. For a $100K overage recovered, you'll earn $30K to $40K! 

Is Overages Blueprint Legitimate or a Scam? 

The Overages Blueprint is technically legit. You get access to all inclusions promised, and the company doesn’t just run away with your money. The business model is not illegal either and there’s a chance that it could work. However, profiting from the business is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you are a realtor or a legal professional, there’s still a lot that could go wrong with the business model. 

Here's What People Say About Overages Blueprint Online


Can You Make Money with the Overage Blueprint? 

Yes, it’s possible to make money with the Overage Blueprint business model. In the second quarter of 2023, there are already 97K property foreclosure filings. This means there could be a market for this type of service. But, to make money with the business model, you need to find the right property owners to tap and negotiate. Another challenge would be profiling their case: are they eligible for an overage claim? And then you move to the paperwork and the complex process of filing a claim. If everything goes right, the waiting time to get paid is 4 months. The risk is that you do all the hard work first, but the client can backout or illude you in the end. 

Can the Overages Blueprint Business Model Work?

Yes, the business model can work, and it’s not against the law. Most people don't know that this “loophole” in foreclosed properties exists. While others are too embarrassed to make a move, so they just move on with the loss of their home. The latest statistics show that 1 in every 4,245 homes in the US is foreclosed. From this number, we can safely assume that there's a potential market for this type of service. 

5 Biggest Risks of the Business Model: 

Who is the Creator of Overages Blueprint?

Bob Diamond is the creator of Overages Blueprint, he calls himself “America's Tax Sale Attorney”. He has been a practicing lawyer since 1995, an online entrepreneur, and an author of three foreclosure books: How I Make Super Profits in Foreclosure Real Estate Investing, Super-Profit Real Estate Investing in Foreclosures & Bankruptcy Properties, Bob Diamond's New Treasure Map to a New Gold Mine in Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Properties. 

His LinkedIn shows he went to Villanova University in Pennsylvania and studied business and philosophy. After that, he went to Temple University School of Law and become the division class president from 1992 to 93.

He first worked as a consultant for Coopers & Lybrand Consulting in the Greater Philadelphia Area for three years. And then he became a real estate and business attorney. He also worked for Frey Petrakis Deeb Blum Briggs & Mitts, representing banks and creditors in real estate matters and mortgage foreclosures, and founded the international law firm Diamond Law Center, LLC. The law firm claims to educate property owners on foreclosure matters, especially overage funds. 

There’s not much said about Bob’s personal life.

Reviews on Bob Diamond's Books

What is a Tax Sale Overage? 

Tax Sale Overage is the money left after a foreclosed real estate property is auctioned at a tax sale for more than the total property tax due. It is also called an “overage fund” or “surplus fund”. Eligible property owners at the time of the tax sale can claim for the overage fund on their foreclosed property. 

Can You Claim Overage Funds in All the 50 States? 

No, you cannot claim an overage fund in all of the 50 states. Claiming of overage funds depends on the existing regulations and laws of the state the property is located. Some states also set a redemption period. If the overage is unclaimed after the redemption period, the amount can be forfeited. 

What States Allow Overage Fund Claim? 

Here's a list of states that may allow for an overage fund claim: 

  • Alabama: 3 years redemption period 
  • Alaska: none 
  • Arkansas: 30 days redemption period
  • California
  • Connecticut: 2 to 6 months of redemption period 
  • Delaware: 2 to 12 redemption period 
  • Florida: 2 years redemption period for tax liens 
  • Georgia: 1-year redemption period 
  • Idaho 
  • Indiana: 1-year redemption period 
  • Kansas 
  • Maine 
  • Maryland: 6 months 2 year redemption period 
  • Massachusetts: 6 months
  • Nevada: 1-year redemption period 
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey: 2 years redemption period 
  • New Mexico 
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio: 1-year redemption period 
  • Oklahoma: 2 years redemption period for Tax Liens, none for Tax Deeds 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island: 1-year redemption period 
  • South Carolina: 1-year redemption period 
  • South Dakota: 1-year redemption period 
  • Tennessee: 1-year redemption period 
  • Texas: 2years redemption period 
  • Utah: 1-year redemption period 
  • Vermont: 1-year redemption period 
  • Virginia: 3 years redemption period 
  • Washington: 3 years redemption period 
  • West Virginia: 2 years redemption period 
  • Wyoming: 4 years redemption period 

Alternative Courses 

  • Jay Drexel’s United Tax Liens is an online course that teaches how to make money by investing in tax liens. In this course, students will learn the basics of Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. The course also teaches students how to avoid common beginner mistakes to minimize the risks. 

  • Carlton Weiss’ Foreclosure Academy is a course with a similar business model to Overage Blueprint. This course also teaches a method of making money by helping property owners recover the remaining funds from their foreclosed properties.
  • King Khang’s Wholesale To Millions is an online academy on real estate wholesaling. This course is suitable for beginners and experienced realtors. It teaches a three-step method of finding distressed properties, negotiating deals, and finding buyers.

Overall Overages Blueprint Review: Is It Worth Investing in this Course?

It can be worth investing in the Overage Blueprint course. But, you should put in the work by learning the business model, the policies in different states, and the legal processes it requires. Although the business model has the potential to work, there are so many things that could go wrong throughout the process. Overage Blueprint is harder to learn than what Bob Diamond says in his promotional videos. 

To profit from the business model, you have to pay $1497 upfront for the course, invest time and effort in finding and negotiating clients, and render your services without a guarantee of getting paid after all the effort has been made. Aside from that, state policies may change anytime or the client can backout from the deal. In this case, all your efforts will be put to waste. 

Local lead generation is still my #1 business recommendation for making money online in 2023 and beyond. It's a proven business model that I have been doing since 2014. Local lead gen is easier to learn. After many years in this business, I can say with confidence that it's scalable and profitable.  

Take my Grand Rapids tree care site as an example. It earns me $2K monthly passive income for over 6 years now. The best part is, I barely touched the site and only made minimal maintenance to it. With local lead gen, you have full control of the business. Unlike Overage Blueprint, it is not dependent on external factors that you can't control. 

Interested in my money-making method? Take a local lead gen course from the expert. 

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