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Brand Builders Academy Review: The “Secret” Training Program of eCommerce Scaling Secrets

September 10, 2023

Brand Builders Academy is a unique eCommerce Scaling Secrets training program that you will only find as a Facebook ad. This enigmatic course is so mysterious that even the official website doesn’t list it. However, once you click on the ad, enter your email, and watch the video, you’ll find that the content is somewhat similar to all the courses offered by the company. 

It boils down to this: Amazon FBA and dropshipping are dead industries that will only waste your money in the next few years. What you should do instead is make an e-commerce brand that lets you ship high-quality products from a reputable supplier with virtually no upfront capital and earn $10-$20k per month without lifting your finger. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because Alex Fedotoff, the founder of eCommerce Scaling Secrets, is deliberately vague about what he offers. 

In this Brand Builder Academy review, I’ll go over what you’ll learn from the only video about Brand Builders Academy that is out there, who Alex Fedotoff is, and what his possible general game plan is. I’ll also discuss how other business models, such as local lead generation, are more reliable options for earning passive income and don’t rely on smoke and mirrors to generate results. 


Relatively new market

Good Income potential

Doesn’t require massive technical skills 


Disorganized content 

High chance of upselling

Unclear pricing 

Vague modules



Refund Policy:

None stated





What is the secret behind Brand Builders Academy

In the only video that mentions it, Alex discusses an entirely “new” e-commerce business model called ‘lean e-com brand” or LEB. Here, he describes a three-step strategy to earn you around $10,000 to $20,000 each month. 

  • Find a product - This has to be something that people would immediately want to buy, and addresses a problem that they weren’t even aware of. 
  • Run some ads & generate traffic - Maximize social media and run ads on various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. You also need to set up a great email marketing strategy.
  • Build a store - This should have converting copy that makes people want to buy right away. 

The sales pitch

According to Alex, this is the first-of-its-kind online course that teaches you a revolutionary way of building an e-commerce brand. Because it’s so new, you have the potential to earn more and learn from the “thousands” of students who have used the same method to be successful. 

But, why is he offering it? 

Alex is on a mission to change the lives of 1,000 people around the world to have an additional income stream without needing a high capital, technical knowledge, or even a marketing background. 

So, why does this raise questions? 

If it’s so new and the goal is to train 1,000 people, then how does Alex already have “thousands” of success stories? Is he looking for an additional thousand people to train, or is this model not as new as he claims? 

Another thing to consider

If you’re scratching your head over the 3-step LEB process, trust me when I say that’s everything Alex mentions in the video. 

Who is Alex Fedotoff? 

The self-proclaimed “King of Scaling FB Ads”, Alex Fedotoff is the founder and CEO of eCommerce Scaling Secrets and Chairman of the Board of D2C Brands. He has supposedly earned more than $100 million practicing the same branding methods he teaches in his courses. 

Alex grew up impoverished in Ukraine and, against everyone’s advice, decided to be an entrepreneur. He started selling cookies and earned an inconsistent monthly income of $100, much to his dismay and to the ridicule of his peers. However, Alex remained focused and looked for other ways to earn money. 

He eventually began his own Amazon FBA business and was doing quite well, until one of his competitors began posting “spam-like” reviews on his products. After an Amazon investigation, his account was permanently banned for faking product reviews. Alex, who had now quit his full-time construction job to focus on his Amazon FBA, was left scrambling to earn cash fast. 

Eventually, and after learning more English, Alex began making Facebook ads and has been very successful in generating ads that earn money either through commission or affiliate marketing

What does Alex Fedotoff sell you?

Alex sells you a dream of financial freedom and punches you in the heart by saying that if you don’t follow his strategies, you’re putting “your family in danger” (verbatim). He says that e-commerce personal brand building is the best way to earn massive income and doesn’t require a huge capital or genius-level intelligence. 

In another video Alex has posted (this won’t be found on the eCommerce Scaling Secrets website and was only discovered after some digging), he introduces himself and his rags-to-riches story, which, unlike Shanda Sumpter, has actual proof that he did grow up poor.

While Alex does touch on some aspects of Facebook ads, he mainly talks about how he can help you and that, for most people, their “why” is always their family. So, how much do you love yours that you will do whatever it takes to provide for their future


Everything you will watch on Alex always ends with an invitation to book a free discovery/coaching call. Alex says that this will help him see if you two can work together, but other student reviews say that he uses the time to upsell you on his private coaching classes which can cost around $1,000 to $2,000. 

How does Brand Builders Academy fit in eCommerce Scaling Secrets?

eCommerce Scaling Secrets officially offers three programs: 

There is also an Elite Mastermind coaching program where you get to meet and network with other high-level eCommerce entrepreneurs and learn their own secrets in creating a successful brand. This is somewhat similar to the DRIVEN events offered by Albert Preciado

Brand Builders Academy is like the combination of the Elite Mastermind Program and the 7-Figure Media Buyer Academy - at least from what is on the video. It’s a more comprehensive program that teaches you how to create a reliable and successful LEB and also gives you immediate access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals. 

What’s the catch?

The catch is that none of the programs, whether official or off-the-cuff, are detailed on what you will learn. Again, Alex is very skilled at manipulating your feelings. All of his free case studies show an ordinary person making it big just by following what he said. 

Now, of course, you have the option to do it by yourself and risk losing more money with trial and error. Or, you can protect your family, and invest an undisclosed amount to learn from Alex himself. Everything alludes to how much you love your family you even love them

It’s interesting to note that Alex professes his courses are very different from university degrees because his programs not only teach you how to be successful but also offer you a great supportive community

However, any school or program would at least give you a general breakdown of its modules. I’ve never heard of a university that just tells potential students to enroll because if they don’t, they are risking the lives of their families - oh, and also because their instructor is a successful business owner.  

Is Alex Fedotoff a scam? 

No. Alex is a successful businessman and marketer and does seem to know what he is talking about. He has an active YouTube channel that goes more specifically into Facebook ads and why Amazon FBA is dead. More often than not, however, Alex posts student success stories and ends with why you should join his program. 

CONCLUSION: Is Brand Builders Academy worth it?

I’d hold off booking a call. It’s already strange that this program (which Alex claims is the best program for LEB) is not listed on his website and is completely invisible in any major search engine result. It’s like Brand Builders Academy doesn’t exist and you have to go into the deep web just to access it. 

In the same vein, it seems that the purpose of the program is to get you to book a call with Alex, where he’ll sell you his mentorship program, which some students have said can range from $1,000 to $2,000. It’s unclear how he determines the price, but either way, it’s not a business model that makes you feel safe. 

I’d recommend local lead generation instead. In this business model, you identify potential customers who are already interested in a specific niche or service in a local area. The risk of oversaturation is low, as there are quite literally thousands of niches in one specific geographic area. This targeted approach to marketing yields to a better ROI and helps many small to medium-sized businesses gain better online visibility. 

You also can work with various coaches who are more upfront about what they do and won’t dangle a carrot in front of your head just to get you to move. 

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