Mike & Joe Brusca’s Build Assets Online Review: What Industry Does Build Assets Online Belong To?

February 9, 2024

Build Assets Online is an online training course educating entrepreneurs using different business models for building digital assets. This includes high-ticket dropshipping programs, Kindle Publishing, and Amazon FBA. The course is intended for beginners, intermediate, and advanced business owners.

One of the reviews about the program expresses concern that the variety of business models covered may overwhelm beginners. The preference is for a more structured approach. The course is priced around $2,499, with an option to upgrade to $4,999 for additional one-on-one support and coaching.

According to Yaguara, 27% of local businesses have embraced dropshipping, contributing to $85 billion in sales. Another data also shows profitability analysis indicates that dropshipping is 10 to 20% more feasible than affiliate marketing, though the latter proves more profitable in digital products like online courses and SaaS. Moreover, suppliers tend to generate higher profits when selling to dropshippers rather than through their own online stores. That’s why the Build Assets Online dropshipping program could offer insights into optimizing this model for profitability and success in the diverse e-commerce industry.

Mike and Joe Brusca are well-known on YouTube and through podcasts, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality assets that have been sold for profit. One of their focuses include the high-ticket dropshipping model.

In this article, we will explore how Build Assets Online helps entrepreneurs with the course offer and how to start with dropshipping using the strategies taught by Mike and Joe Brusca. We will also assess why local lead generation is a better business model than using dropshipping strategies. 

Build Assets Online Pros And Cons 


The courses cover various aspects of online business and wealth creation.

Teaches different online business models, providing options for entrepreneurs at different levels.

The "Elite Fleet Membership" provides one-on-one collaboration for personalized guidance.

Offers additional courses like Kindle Publishing and Blogging for diversifying online income streams.

30-day money-back guarantee for the course.


Some reviews express concerns over the variety of business models covered may overwhelm beginners who prefer a more structured approach.

The course is relatively expensive, with a standard package priced at $2,499 and an upgraded mentoring package at $4,999.


The cost of Build Assets Online is $2,499 for the standard package
$4,999 for the mentoring package

Refund Policy

Build Assets Online policy is 30-day money-back guarantee.


Students who took the course shared their success stories. However, one external review mentioned that the program covers too many business models, which could be overwhelming for beginners. The reviewer suggested adopting a more structured approach.

What Industry Does Build Assets Online

Belong To?

Build Assets Online belongs to the e-commerce industry. It provides knowledge on business models related to dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing and other strategies for online businesses. The program offers 1 on 1 sessions to help you choose a profitable niche and domain name, build an authoritative website to attract suppliers and customers, and establish a Google Ads system. 

How Much Does Build Assets Online Cost?

The cost of Build Assets Online is $2,499 for the regular package and $4,999 for the mentoring package, including 1-on-1 access. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What Will You Get From Build Assets Online?

You will get comprehensive education on various aspects of online business and wealth creation from Build Assets Online. The program covers the best online business models, guiding learners on how to generate income. 

It also emphasizes avoiding common pitfalls that often hinder beginners and provides insights into essential digital asset management software and tools versus unnecessary expenses. The importance of customer service for maximizing profits is highlighted, along with the concept of working smarter, not harder. The course also teaches effective ways to reinvest online profits for exponential growth.

The Online Asset Playbook  is a free course included in the program, guiding users on building a million-dollar online portfolio. 

Additionally, participants can learn how to create and sell an e-commerce store through the Instant E-Commerce Asset module. The Passive Publishing Profits module teaches how to earn royalties through Amazon Kindle Publishing on autopilot.

For personalized guidance, the "Elite Fleet Membership" offers one-on-one collaboration to help individuals achieve their specific business goals.

Who Is Build Assets Online For? 

The Build Assets Online is for investors who want to venture in E-commerce, who are already an entrepreneur and want to shift to dropshipping, who wish to gain online presence for existing E-commerce businesses and generate passive income streams.

Are The Students Of Build Assets Online Getting Results? 

Yes, the students of Build Assets Online are getting results and sharing their success stories.

The podcast features a success story of a Canadian individual, Jacob, who transitioned from dropshipping as a teenager to high ticket dropshipping in Canada. Jacob shares his journey from attempting various online marketing ventures, including affiliate marketing and blogging, to joining the elite fleet and pursuing high ticket dropshipping. 

He emphasizes the challenges he faced, such as spending money on ads without much success, until he eventually invested in the Build Assets Online Course and joined the elite fleet for guidance. 

Jacob's experience with Google Ads, the importance of a trustworthy website, and the impact of effective strategies on increasing conversions and sales. It reflects on the ongoing process of reaching out to suppliers, the role of customer service, and the potential challenges associated with high-value products in dropshipping.

Another student of Build Assets Online, Mike Lopez, shared his success story in high-ticket dropshipping after facing challenges with eBay and AliExpress dropshipping. Mike initially struggled with eBay dropshipping, faced issues with PayPal, and then moved on to AliExpress dropshipping, investing in coaching that didn't yield desired results.  

Mike found success in high-ticket dropshipping after joining the "Build Assets Online" course, where he learned strategies for Google Ads and search engine optimization (SEO). 

The shift to high-ticket items, combined with Google Ads and SEO strategies, allowed Mike to achieve significant success, leading to financial independence and plans to expand the business further.

How Does Build Assets Online Leverage The Dropshipping Business Model?

Build Assets Online emphasizes not only building assets but also reselling them, even if significant profit hasn't been generated. The focus is on selling to other entrepreneurs who can improve on the assets.  

Build Assets Online highlights high ticket dropshipping as their main model, involving finding domestic suppliers through utilizing digital content, brand awareness and SEO to drive traffic to their drop shipping store. The approach differs from traditional drop shipping, focusing on sustainable and profitable methods while avoiding the pitfalls of low-margin strategies.

What Is Elite Fleet Plus Coaching Program? 

The Elite Fleet Plus Coaching Program offers a comprehensive package of valuable resources and personalized guidance to help individuals succeed in various online businesses.

What Do You Get Inside Elite Fleet Plus Coaching Program?  

The Elite Fleet Plus Coaching Program offers a comprehensive package of valuable resources and personalized guidance to help individuals succeed in various online businesses. 

Dropshipping Course

The program includes a detailed Dropshipping Course with over 50 videos and 9+ hours of exclusive content. The course focuses on sustainable e-commerce assets, avoiding spammy tactics and Aliexpress, providing potential for profits within two weeks.

Kindle Publishing Course 

The Kindle Publishing Course reveals strategies for earning significant royalty payments from Amazon KDP, emphasizing a highly passive business model with minimal time investment. Participants learn to build a loyal fan base and generate substantial income from selling books.

Blogging Course

The Blogging Course, BAO Blog Blastoff Advanced, teaches how to create passive income blog sites using SEO. The curriculum covers advanced SEO tactics applicable to various business models, such as Kindle Publishing and Dropshipping. It also guides participants in setting up WordPress from scratch, emphasizing the ability to make money without building backlinks.

Discord Community

Discord community is available in their Dropshipping Q&A 2020 Edition LIVE. The discord channel is available where you can ask us questions about dropshipping or online business in general. However, the discord link is no longer available. Mike and Joe commented on one of their YouTube podcasts that the next time they will take calls, they will use a phone number because it's easier for them.

1-on-1 Coaching 

The program includes a unique 1-on-1 Coaching session tailored to individual business goals, providing personalized guidance for success. Overall, the Elite Fleet Plus Coaching Program offers a diverse set of skills and knowledge to escape the 9-5 grind and achieve financial success in online business.

Does Build Assets Online Have A Good Reputation? 

Yes, Build Assets Online has a good reputation based on their students' success stories. One of the first success stories of their dropshipping program earned $831,275.01.

Raz, a successful high-ticket dropshipping entrepreneur with a $831,275.01 success story. He transitioned from office jobs, particularly in logistics, to pursue dropshipping, seeking creative freedom. Though hesitant, Raz took the plunge in 2018, quitting his job before having a fully operational store, contrary to conventional advice. 

He overcame challenges, including periods of low sales. Then, implemented lessons from mentors like Mike and Joe to build a thriving dropshipping business. Raz emphasizes the importance of consistency, discipline, and gradually expanding business models while sharing his journey and success.

Another review was posted in Trustpilot. However, it was just a generic review on how informative the website is. No in-depth reviews were included.

One website review expresses mixed feedback about Build Assets Online. It acknowledges the credibility of the creators, praising their authenticity and commitment. However, the reviewer is neutral but disagrees with the platform's approach of offering courses on various business models. The concern is that this might distract users and prevent them from focusing on a single, tailored business model, potentially hindering success.  

Overall, the review suggests that, despite positive aspects, the platform's diverse courses may not be ideal for users seeking a more focused learning experience.

What Do You Get Inside Build Assets Online Dropshipping Course?

What you get from Build Assets Online Dropshipping course includes personalized 1-on-1 sessions to guide participants in selecting a niche and domain name. It emphasizes building a robust website to attract both suppliers and customers, coupled with building a Google Ads system for sustained profitability. 

The key approach involves capitalizing on targeted keyword searches, ensuring the business consistently appears for relevant product queries. The course advocates for a high-ticket drop shipping model, highlighting the potential to generate significant monthly profits.  

Notably, it emphasizes the creation of a valuable long-term asset by selling the established website. This showcases success stories of students achieving substantial sums, ranging from $30,000 to $200,000. This method minimizes customer interaction, providing a more hands-off and lucrative dropshipping approach.

Module 1: How to Approach Online Business with the Right Mindset 

Module 1 focuses on building a solid foundation for online success. It covers the importance of consistency, goal-setting, and outsourcing tasks, with a checklist for e-commerce assets.

Module 2: Setting Up Your First Successful Online Store the Right Way 

Module 2 provides a comprehensive overview, from finding products and suppliers to setting up a Shopify store. It includes a live product research example and guides on business setup and financial aspects.

Module 3.1 NEW EMPIRE THEME TUTORIALS - Set Up Your Shopify Store FAST!

Module 3.1 emphasizes the importance of a well-designed Shopify store. It includes a quick setup tutorial and insights on optimizing the Empire theme for better conversions.

Module 3.2: Website Design and Shopify Setup

Module 3.2 delves into the details of site design, domain selection, logo creation, and theme customization, providing a step-by-step guide for creating an attractive and functional online store.

Module 4: Securing Suppliers and Business Relationships

Module 4 discusses the professional setup of email addresses, supplier relationships, and order placement. It also explores the customer journey and competing with established brands.

Module 5: Starting Ads and Optimizing Your Ads for Sales 

Module 5 covers essential aspects of advertising on Shopify, including app usage, Google Ads setup, retargeting, and in-depth discussions on text ads and campaign segmentation.

Module 5.1 Google Ads Troubleshooting - Biggest Mistakes & In-Depth Theory Discussion 

Module 5.1 addresses common mistakes in Google Ads, such as negative keywording and budget allocation, providing insights to optimize campaign performance.

Module 7: Get More Traffic with Long Tail SEO

Module 7 introduces SEO concepts, covering keyword research, site structure, and article organization. 

YouTube Ads Retargeting

The section on YouTube Ads offers insights into creating, analyzing, and leveraging ads for customer acquisition.

Is Build Assets Online Profitable?

Build Assets Online is profitable because it gives passive income ideas starting with small businesses. The program helps them grow using dropshipping and other e-commerce related online strategies. The success stories compilation served as a proof for the program to help many entrepreneurs start from scratch or improve stagnant online businesses or even save every business owner from failed implementation of business models.

Who Are The Creators Of Build Assets Online? 

Joe and Mike, the creators of Build Assets Online, are brothers with a collaborative online work history dating back to 2014. Over the years, they have achieved success in various online business models, notably in Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, and E-commerce websites.  

Together, they have built and managed a diverse online portfolio comprising more than 10 different businesses. Their expertise extends to not only expanding their existing holdings but also engaging in the acquisition and sale of new online businesses.  

Joe and Mike continue to be active players in the digital business landscape with a track record of success and a focus on building and managing online assets.

Mike & Joe Brusca Claims 

Mike and Joe's claim in the Build Assets Online coaching program suggests a guarantee: assurance of dropshipping store profitability or reimbursement for ad expenses. They assert that their coaching can enhance business outcomes and avoid mistakes to shield clients from financial risk.

Mike & Joe Brusca Claims Debunked 

Mike and Joe Brusca claims debunked because skeptics may question the feasibility of such assurances, as success in e-commerce often depends on numerous factors beyond coaching.
Potential customers should assess the program's details, considering the complexities of dropshipping and the different factors influencing profitability, before placing undue reliance on the promised outcomes.

Is Build Assets Online Legit? 

Build Assets Online is legit because they have actual testimonials from their students through their video podcast and their offer page.

One YouTube channel posted a review on what Build Assets Online offers. He concluded and showed a positive outlook on Build Assets Online as a business model for building and flipping digital assets.  

However, he was concerned that the variety of business models taught by the course might be beginners. The speaker suggested for a more structured approach over compilation packages.

What Is Dropshipping?  

Dropshipping is a business model in which a store refrains from maintaining inventory of the products it offers for sale. Instead, it acquires the merchandise from a third-party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.  However, there are some challenges with this type of business model.  

One of the common issues online businesses face is related to supplier reliability. Based on the reports from TrueList, about 84% of the retailers identify locating the appropriate supplier as one of the challenges they encounter. It is crucial for retailers to align with suppliers who meet their standards in terms of customer service and product quality. For instance, dependence on third-party suppliers can lead to issues like stockouts, delayed shipping, or low-quality products. 

Dropshippers should also be mindful of the legal aspect of the business model. According to Bluecart, refrain from selling copyrighted or fraudulent items on Amazon, as the platform strictly enforces this policy. Non-compliance may ban the account from the platform or legal action.

What Are Digital Assets?  

Digital assets refer to any form of content or information that exists in a digital format and has value. These assets can be owned or controlled by individuals, organizations, or entities. Creating digital assets can take various forms, and they are often created, stored, and distributed electronically. 

According to Markets and Markets, the 2028 projection of digital assets management worldwide is estimated to be $8.7 billion. This reflects the increasing significance of digital assets in the business landscape. As businesses increasingly leverage digital assets for different purposes, the expansion is needed.  

Digital assets is important in modern business strategies, emphasizing the need for effective management tools to navigate and capitalize on any type of business models.  

Calan Robert, an e-commerce brand and agency owner, claims to have successfully scaled a digital product brand from zero to $70,000 per month in just 30 days, emphasizing the profitability of this venture. 

After facing challenges with traditional e-commerce, he shifted focus to digital products due to their higher profitability, no product costs, and instant customer delivery. 

He recommends studying competitors, dissecting successful ads on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and learning from other brands in the digital asset space to improve their own strategies. 

How Can You Create Assets Online?  

  • Ebooks and Guides: Write and publish ebooks or guides on platforms like Amazon Kindle or through your own website.
  • Blogging: Start a blog and generate income through advertising, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing.
  • YouTube Channel: Create and upload videos on YouTube. Monetize through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.
  • Podcasting: Start a podcast and monetize through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or listener donations.
  • Virtual Real Estate: You can either do domain or website flipping for real estate. Purchase and sell domain names for a profit or build and sell websites/online businesses.
  • Cryptocurrencies and NFTs: Engage in cryptocurrency trading and investment. You may also create and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for digital art or collectibles.

Why Lead Generation Is A Better Online Asset Than A Dropshipping Store In 2024

Local lead generation is a better online asset because it drives actual results over unrealistic expectations. According to Motley Fool, local lead generation offers a more targeted approach, better ROI, and increased brand awareness. It uses various traffic sources including SEO, social media, and paid ads to make sure you get the top spot in Google and let all the leads visit your website voluntarily. 

Based on the PiPiAds report, local lead generation is more practical than engaging in e-commerce businesses in 2024. Local lead generation is advocated for its streamlined and straightforward nature, higher success probabilities with a compelling offer. It's recommended for beginners to choose a niche aligned with their strengths, avoiding unprofitable niches and false promises.

On the contrary, E-commerce is less favorable in 2024 due to factors, such as widespread knowledge among founders about ad management, successful brands, in-house campaigns, stores with similar offers, and challenges in finding competent media buyers.  

Establish your digital asset now and maximize your online resources. With top ranking websites, you will never have to think about how to attract potential leads because local lead generation will do it for you.

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