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19 Tips On How To Build a Network Marketing Business Quickly

August 15, 2020

Looking to build your network marketing business at light speed?

Well, we took the time to create the absolute best list of tips that will help supercharge the growth of your network marketing business faster than you can say Punch it, Chewie....

How do we know our list is the best? Because we’ve read what else the internet serves up for you on this topic. And it sucks.

Below we're gonna give you the most helpful and actionable tips to growing your MLM business fast.

Whether you are new to network marketing or just trying to infuse some serious growth (and money) into your mlm business, we've got what you need.

Let’s jump into the list right now:

1. Listen To Your Mentor/Up Line

You wanna build your business fast, right? Then the last thing you should do is go rogue trying to figure it out on your own.

Find a successful up line individual or mentor in your company and LISTEN!

They will have likely mastered important techniques such as duplication, presenting, and closing new reps for your team.

Even if what they say you should do sounds uncomfortable or unappealing, do it anyway. Trust their process and the fact that they wouldn’t want to steer you wrong because they benefit from your success as well.

Not only will you be putting effort into tried and true methods, but you’ll also be learning from their past mistakes and how you can avoid them in your own business.

2. Identify Any Company Fast Start/Monthly Bonuses

Network marketing companies understand that incentivizing reps to quickly build their businesses via customers and new recruits benefits everyone.

The company is able to generate more revenue, your up line gets benefit from your success, and of course you are the main recipient of growing your own business.

To help motivate growth, most companies offer fast start bonuses for new reps as well as reoccurring monthly bonus opportunities for everyone, usually tied to selling a certain volume of products or hitting a ​new rank.

Whether you are new to your company or just looking for a way to revitalize your existing team, you should take the time to understand what additional bonuses and incentives are up for grabs.

Sometimes these bonuses can get into the thousands and provide a great way to spark fast growth in your business!

3. Commit a Set Amount of Time

Nothing will provide you with a strong frame work for quick success in your mlm business like setting a specific amount of time to work on it every day.

Consistency beats intensity every single time.

What does that mean?

It means that even dedicating 1 or 2 hours every day will impact your business more than doing nothing all week and then trying to cram 8 hours of growing your business into a Saturday.

Even if it may not seem like it, committing to and keeping a set amount of time you work on growing your mlm business is a key pillar in developing your organization efficiently.

4. Set Daily Goals

Ok, you’re focused on working on your business daily. What will you actually be doing in that dedicated time though?

It’s easy to let that time kind of just slip by with “busy work”. Set specific goals of what you’re going to do in those windows of focused time.

STAY FOCUSED ON RGA (revenue-generating activity)!

Set a target for every day that you want to hit. Some great ideas of what these goals could look like would be:

Use these examples as ideas to set up your own. Maybe you are capable of setting daily goals much more aggressive, or perhaps your work and personal life only allows for more conservative goals.

No matter what amount of time and resources at your disposal to pursue these daily goals, set ones that stretch and challenge you. 

5. Think Beyond Friends & Family

You’ll never grow your business quickly if you only ever try to get friends and family to sign up in your business.

Part of growing your network marketing business quickly is finding your way into new social circles and connections.

Statistics clearly say that most of the people you start your mlm business with, won’t be there in a year. Finding new people you didn’t know before is a crucial part to building your business fast.

Stop trying to fish in the same pond. Bring along the friends and family who do want to build the business with you, then move on.

There are infinite growth opportunities for your business if you’re willing to get out there and network to meet them!

6. Find New Social Circles

Think about your regular routines and what you can change to consciously run into new people.

New people equals new opportunities to grow your business. Here are some different ways you can do this:

There are countless ways to find yourself meeting up with new people, you just have to get out there!

Be someone that other people want to be around.

At the end of the day, attraction marketing is unstoppable and that happens when you become the leader your business needs.

7. Know Your Why

If you’re in network marketing, you need to have a “why”. This is the reason you started your business and expands beyond simply making more money.

Your why is the deep rooted reason for why you need your business to grow fast.

This is what you wake up for. This is what you work for. When your why is defined, you’re unstoppable.

It doesn’t matter how many “NO’s” you hear. You push onward.

Maybe you’re looking to financially retire a parent, or provide for your family in a way you’ve always dreamed.

Whatever it is, when you know what your WHY is, it will create a never-ending source of motivation to grow your business.

8. Know Your Target Audience

Want to build fast? Don’t waste your time talking to people you shouldn’t be.

We realize this contradicts the widely popular “3 foot rule” that exists in MLM. Don’t get sucked into the “everyone is a prospect” mentality.

Yes, you should always be prospecting, but think about what you’re doing if you want your efforts to pay off quickly and efficiently.

What kind of individual is most likely to benefit from your company’s product or service?

If you are selling health supplements (good chance you are since health & wellness products make up about 35% of the MLM industry), you should avoid trying to convince people to live a healthy lifestyle and buy your products.

You should also consider the kind of demographic that you resemble. If you are a 38 year old professional male with a family, your message and approach may not resonate with a 34 year old stay at home mom.

You can, however, curate a pitch for dads who work all the time and don’t get to spend enough time with their families.

9. Master Social Media

Social media can either help you build your business fast or burn it to the ground even faster.

If you’re looking to build quickly, observe how successful reps in your company use social media.

Don’t turn your profiles into a digital billboard for your business. You must retain your authenticity.

When you talk/post/go live on social media, focus on the way your business is impacting your life and bettering your family.

People don’t want to hear about how you can help them make $1000 next month. Enough mlm reps are already on social media pitching their business like that. 

Most people are scared that they are just seen by reps as a way to make a quick buck and then they’re left holding the bag. Reassure them that you want to connect and help them on a 1 on 1 level.

10. Find Your Second Home

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to get you to take out a second mortgage or anything.

But should you find a second home? Yes.

Here’s what we mean….

The “trenches” are where most successful mlm reps built their foundation.

The trenches are where you grind out back to back to back phone calls with prospects.

You follow up with leads. You meet with your team. You might even prospect strangers in-between all of this.

The second home can be the local Starbucks, Panera, or wherever you set up your “mobile office” to work.

Not only does this provide you a location free of distractions that you may find at home, but it also doubles as a suitable location to hold meetings and even smaller presentations.

Aggressive builders will even take the time to scope out other mobile workers and approach these strangers with a quick pitch!

11. Keep A Full Schedule

The last thing you want to be doing is wasting precious hours on your business inefficiently.

Keep a full schedule of what you should be working on during your devoted business building hours.

Focusing on never wasting time in your schedule ensures that every hour is put to good use.

Every effort is going towards team building and revenue generating activity - all things you want to have happen for fast growth.

12. SW, SW, SW, SWN?

Confusing title? We’ll clear it up:

It stands for “some will, some won’t, so what, so who’s next?”.

It's a mindset that you should carry in your mlm business.

It means that some will join your business, and some wont. It doesn’t matter whether they do or don’t, who or what is next on my list to accomplish?

Appreciate when new reps join your organization. Don’t pause or feel down when people tell you no.

Stay moving and focused on the next goal. Don’t get comfortable because that breeds complacency.

13. Eat Sleep & Breathe Your Product

You should definitely have selected your network marketing company based on the fact that their service or product is something you 100% can stand behind.

That being said, you should have no trouble at all becoming the biggest cheerleader of all for it.

If you are in the health and wellness vertical, take before and after photos if it has impacted your weight, skin, or overall health. Become a case study of your own product and share the benefits you have received using it.

Here's a quick example of a great testimonial on social media:

Bonus points for video testimonials!

Nothing tells the story of what you’re offering better than a customer testimonial video. 

Never miss an opportunity on social media or in conversation to give props to how awesome your product/service is.

14. Duplication is Key

Fast network marketing growth is unlocked when you can master duplication. Duplication is more than just learning how to sign up as many reps as fast as you can.

True duplication happens when your effort and training into the individuals on your team can perform and grow their own business just as good (or better than) as you.

This should be a major priority for your network marketing business.

This is the heart of why network marketing leaders focus so much on helping develop their team. They know that if their downline is performing and growing on their own, they will reap those rewards in a passive manner over time.

It also is simple math at the end of the day. You only have so many hours you can work, and only so many people you can talk to during those hours.

Duplication is growth with no cap.

15. Pretend You Just Spent $100,000

This might trip people up the most in network marketing. Since your barrier of entry into the business is significantly lower than launching a traditional business, most reps don't take it very seriously. 

This low fee to get started then tends to have an effect where the stakes to “make it work” aren’t really there.

Avoid this pitfall and hold yourself to a higher standard in order to achieve fast growth.

Pretend that you just took out a $100,000 loan from your local bank to launch your company and that first payment is due in 45 days.

What would you being doing today, tonight, or tomorrow? With that level of financial responsibility as a business owner, you bet you’d be working your butt off!

Excuses like “It’s uncomfortable talking to people on the phone” doesn’t fly when the bank wants their payment.

Look, only you can make the decision to take your business this seriously. They say if you treat it like a hobby, it’ll pay you like a hobby. So treat it like a business!

16. Automate Any Part of The Business You Can

Automation is really about taking things off your plate that slow you down from moving fast. 

What areas of your network marketing business can you become more efficient in and automate?

Here are some ideas….

Find ways to make technology work for you.

Every minute spared by leveraging automated processes is more time you can put into revenue generating activities!

17. Be Elevator Pitch Ready

Ever been asked at a social event with new people what you do? Did you shy away from talking about your business because you though it would sound too “pitchy”?

If that is you, fix it IMMEDIATELY.

It doesn’t matter if you need to spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror every night before bed, practice your elevator pitch.

Personalize the pitch, and learn how to tailor it to who is hearing it. Keep it around 30 seconds long.

Your objective should be piquing someones interest enough from what you just said to want to have a more detailed conversation about it.

When you get asked what you do and your elevator pitch results in listeners wanting to know more about it, you know you’ve got an elevator pitch that is ready to go.

18. Plug Into OR Start a Weekend Training

Weekend trainings are the lifeblood to mlm organizations. As you grow your team, connect with local leaders who are already hosting weekend training events.

If there are none in your area for your team to plug into, create your own. Not only does this environment create a habit of commitment for your team, it fosters a culture of growth and challenge.

It is also a phenomenal opportunity to bring new prospects to and show them that your business is not just about money.

It brings together people from all walks of life and builds a community of support for them to succeed in.

Some mlm teams have weekend trainings so big that they rent entire halls to host the hundreds of attendees. If yours does not have this level of atmosphere, make it a goal!

These kind of massive trainings are contagious environments to be in and will play a huge part in growing your business quickly.


Pro Tip: Talk to high ranking reps in your up line and ask for them to come present at your weekend training events. Once one commits to coming, push yourself and your team hard to get the attendance as high as it can be. The end result will be worth the extra effort to turn it into a big event!

19. Buy Leads

We were somewhat reluctant to put this tip to growing your network marketing business quickly on the list because it does need to be taken with a grain of salt….

One way you can potentially expedite the growth of your business is with buying leads online for your network marketing business.

We want to stress that your success can vary wildly by using this method and it shouldn’t be viewed as a shortcut to the “organic” methods we have listed above.

Nevertheless, companies such as do offer the ability to buy leads. You can even filter them based on certain demographics.

Cost can vary based on the amount of data the lead provides, such as contact number, email, name, and additional personal data that fit the scope of what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that while you may be able to take a “shortcut” in buying leads to find new people to talk to about faster, the QUALITY of these leads will never compare to the warm ones you can create on your own.

One More Thing....

Why I decided to Quit MLM and What I'm Doing Now Instead

A quick note about why I decided to leave behind trying to build my network marketing business….

If you’re like me, you probably found this list because you know that it’s possible to leverage what’s inside your head to make a great living.

You also probably already knew some pretty alarming statistics like:

But we made the plunge anyway, didn’t we?

I’m gonna tell you exactly why we both made a decision to bet against the odds….

Because like me, you believed in yourself and what you are capable of.

And also like me….

you probably didn’t have several hundred thousand dollars lying around to open up the next McDonalds money printing press franchise location in your city. 

So we found ourselves stumbling into the world of network marketing all wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Who cares if less than 1% of us make the big money….

It's gotta be me that makes it, right?

So we grind hard. We listen to our up line. We go all in on the roadmap to success.

Maybe you made some decent bonus money and a little residual action like I did. Maybe not.

Inevitably, you found out the same thing I did. RARELY do we find that diamond in the rough who is willing to go all in like we did.

No matter how many people we begged convinced to join our business, we just couldn’t quite get that steamrolling momentum to happen that would catapult us to financial freedom.

The hard truth I had to face is at the end of the day, I STILL HAD TO RELY ON OTHER PEOPLE to make significant money.


I wasn’t going to waste another day trying to convince someone to work as hard as I was willing to.

Call it fate or whatever you want, but I course corrected my path to financial freedom.

No autoships, no living room meetings, and no pitching family or friends. In case I’m not being clear, I’m NOT talking about another MLM.

Stick with me for a second, cause I’m taking you somewhere you want to go…

What I am forever grateful that I found is something that keeps me in high demand and helps me truly make a passive income.

I’m talking about local lead generation for small businesses.

Confused? i’ll explain it really easily right here:

There are literally COUNTLESS opportunities out there for generating leads for local small businesses. I’ll show you exactly what I did and how you can too….

Below is a local lead generation site I own that produces customers wanting a quote for tree work. You know trimming, removal, that kind of stuff either at their home or business. And yes, this ONE site makes me $2000/mo every month...

And it makes me that because it produces phone calls like this:

What do I do with all these phone calls and leads?


I reached out to a local tree trimming company in the area who has never had his website produce a single lead in his life and offered him 100% of everything my site produced. All phone calls, all quote request forms, everything. 

Guess how much of an issue he has paying me $2000 every month for hundreds of new customer requests.

You're correct, ZERO issue.

And I've done it several other times in other cities for other business owners, all of them still paying me to this day. The beauty of this is you can do it in practically any service based like:


Pressure Washing


Party Bus/Limos

Carpet Cleaning



And literally 100s more....

You might be thinking, "Creative way to make money, sure, but I don't know the first thing about websites or using Google like that.". 

Once again, you would be just like I was a few years ago. I knew nothing about that stuff. Still don't know a ton to be honest...

Let me tell you though, that it didn't matter. 

I found my way into local lead generation through what I confidently can tell you is the premiere coaching system I have ever been a part of. 

I was literally taught everything. I had the phone ringing for business owners in less than 90 days:

The BEST part?

Not a single thing was left out or required me to jump through any special hoops to unlock the TRUE secrets. 

They showed me how to quickly build EASY websites and legitimately dumbed down the only fundamentals that truly matter when ranking a website on Google, or SEO as some call it.

It is why I have definitively determined....

If your gears are spinning as fast as mine was when I first saw this, you probably have already figured out some of those points above. 

Want to check out the program that taught me everything I just explained? Click the button below:

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