Brodie Nitro’s Build Your Empire University Review: $1 Access to an Online Career

September 15, 2023

Brodie Nitro’s Build Your Empire University is a training platform. It introduces beginners to the basics of starting an online career. The program includes modules that go over motivation, self-development, growth, and funding. Brodie included bonuses that teach his students about social media marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and mindset training. These are available in the BYEU membership area for $99 per month.

Build Your Empire University aims to provide a blueprint for students so that they can avoid doing the same mistakes that Brodie did. Although the materials are informative, BYEU is hiding the fact that their “business opportunity” is an MLM product. Students who don’t have their own online business to promote or wish to make money ASAP will be introduced to Enagic’s Kangen, a water alkalizer that sells for $7k to $12k.

In this Build Your Empire University review, We will discuss how the program works, the inclusions, and the cost. We’ll talk about how it can start your online career, answer your questions, and break down whether it’s the best option to make money online.


Comprehensive Trainings

Supportive Community

Live Calls

Low Trial Price

Useful Bonus Content

Interactive Worksheets


Facade for MLM

Bad Refund Policy

Lack of Substantial Reviews from Users

Vague Descriptions during the webinar

Sketchy Trustpilot Rating

Uses Scarcity Tactic for the Trial Price

Trial Price

The trial price for Build Your Empire University is $1 for 7 days.


The monthly subscription to Build Your Empire University is $99.

Refund Policy

Refunds for the trial version of BYEU are guaranteed. For the monthly subscription, you get 7 days to request for a refund and no more after.


Build Your Empire University originated on January 1, 2015.


Build Your Empire University reputation is positive.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Build Your Empire University?

It costs $1 to join Build Your Empire University. The 7 day trial will give you access to all the modules, coaching, copywriting masterclass, and 30-day Sprint Training. After that, the membership costs $99 per month.

Trial Price

The trial price for Build Your Empire University is $1 for 7 days.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription to Build Your Empire University is $99.

What is Build Your Empire University?

Build Your Empire University is an online career coaching program. It has five modules and two bonus contents that will help you launch your online career. Broadie believes his program takes away the guessing part of making money online. His modules aim to provide guidance so complete novices won’t make the mistakes he made when he was just starting.

The coaching program boasts to be life-changing which is the reasoning behind the $1 trial price. They are confident that the modules, coaches, and community behind BYEU can help students launch their online career without having an existing online presence.

Does Build Your Empire University Help You Start an Online Career?

Build Your Empire University can help you start an online career. I suggest leveraging the modules and coaching to launch your business. Some of these modules discuss social media marketing, leadership, funnels, how ads work, and a bonus masterclass for copywriting. These are fundamental knowledge for having an online career.

How Does Build Your Empire University Work?

Build Your Empire University works by offering a module-packed trial for $1. Upon payment, members will have access to the BYEU membership area where they can begin watching the video materials spanning from discovery phases, mentorship, and motivational.

How does Build Your Empire University help you make money?

Build Your Empire University helps students make money by affiliate links, or through Kangen water alkalizer. For students who don’t have their own businesses to launch, selling the program to another person will earn them 30% of the price. And for those who have $7k-$12k to invest, joining Broadie in Enagic MLM is the way to go.

What Can You Find at Build Your Empire University?

You can find 5 modules and bonus training in Build Your Empire University. When you join BYEU, you're given access to:

Introduction to Founders and Course

Discovery Process

Business Launch Blueprint

Coaching Call

Money Resourcefulness

30 Day Sprint Training

Social Media Training

Affiliate Program

Mindset Training

Making Your First Sales

Introduction to Paid Advertising

Copywriting Masterclass

Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Here is the breakdown of the program:

Module 1: The Foundations

Key point: Introduction and Motivation

The first module contains three videos, mostly motivational. It inspires the students to take the route of entrepreneurship as it is the best decision that they could make. The module introduces online opportunities, entrepreneurship, the journey that they will probably experience, and overall mindset to have when attempting to make money online.

Module 2: The Discovery Process

Key point: Self-Development and Growth

In the webinar, Broadie talked about module two as an opportunity to understand your why’s. This module will introduce a lot of other members as they share their journey and their personal motivations that drove them to trying the program. Even if you don’t choose to be an affiliate or sell the water machines, the worksheet can still be helpful.

Module 3: Business Launch Blueprint

Key point: How to Earn Money

Module three covers the money part of the program. Many sources will try to be vague about this part because it’s where they introduce Enagic’s water alkalizer. The product is effective, but will cost thousands. If Broadie chose to outright market his online course as an MLM training, no one would choose to take part. Still, there’s value in taking the valid points and starting from there. If you don’t want to drop $7k-$12k to sell Kangen, the blueprint can still be a valuable resource.

Module 4: Before Your Coaching Call

Key point: Actions You Need to Take

This module prepares you to set your goals and manage your expectations. This part of the program takes the theories and shows you the actions that you need to take if you want to make money (might be only through their affiliate program or the water alkalizer). They recap previous discussions before your call with one of their coaches.

Module 5: Funding Your Business

Key point: Taking Risks for Funding

Every business will start somewhere and having to spend money is not surprising. However, I need to warn you about this part of the program. In the introductory webinar, Broadie talks about members who had to sell belongings or take out loans to launch their online careers. You might have to do the same, but not for water alkalizer hopefully. BYEU highly encourages financing and taking out personal loans.

Bonus Content

30-day Sprint Training

Paying $1 for this bonus is definitely worth it. It covers social media marketing, attraction marketing, Canva tutorials, affiliate programs, paid ads, and more.

Copywriting Masterclass

The copywriting masterclass is a valuable resource. Unlike other sources, BYEU doesn't just hand out scripts, they actually teach their students how to create their copy.

Mindset 101 Course

Having the right mindset can definitely help especially when threading through a new opportunity.

What does Build Your Empire University sell?

Build Your Empire University sells a coaching platform. The modules include motivational materials, means for funding, and a business launch blueprint. The $1 that you used to access their platform allows you to watch the videos in their modules, and a one-on-one call with your coach. For students who wish to make money without having to create their own business, Broadie is part of Enagic, an MLM company that sells water alkalizer. Students who can purchase $7k to $12k machines and sell them can definitely make money quicker than those who don’t.

Who is Build Your Empire University for?

Build Your Empire University is for everyone who wants to learn the basics of having an online career. They market the program to those who want to have more time with their families, want flexibility, and dream of not working a 9-to-5.

Who is Build Your Empire University NOT for?

Build Your Empire University is not for people who want to get rich quickly. If you really want to be an entrepreneur, you know it will take time, money, and effort. The modules provide valuable information. Maximize your $1 by completing them as well as the free copywriting mastery course, 30 Day Sprint Training, and coaching.

Is Build Your Empire University Safe to Use?

Build Your Empire University is safe to use. You’re still in control on what path you would take. You only have to pay $1 for the trial, and the monthly subscription is fairly priced. The modules, community, active Facebook group, and mentorship can be beneficial especially for those who are starting from scratch. Also note that BYEU updates their content.

Is Build Your Empire University an MLM?

Build Your Empire University is not an MLM. BYEU is a coaching program. Broadie is part of an MLM (Enagic) and introduces it as an option for someone who doesn’t have their own business to launch. If someone joins the program to make money within the first 7 days, the option to sell water alkalizer for a commission is the go-to.

Is Build Your Empire University a Pyramid Scheme?

Build Your Empire University is not a pyramid scheme. The course material revolves around motivation and a healthy mindset to prepare students for their online career. It is important to note that they also offer water alkalizer for you to promote if you don’t have a business of your own, which might be the cause of confusion whether BYEU is a pyramid scheme.

Are Build Your Empire University Students Getting Results?

Students of Build Your Empire University are getting positive results. Those who sign up for the training module and coaching believe that it helped them get on the right mindset to start their online careers and change their lives. For the others, while no one would publicly say that they purchased a Kangen machine and joined the MLM, there’s a big chance that these students made their money off of that.

Does Build Your Empire University Help You Become an Entrepreneur?

Build Your Empire University won’t help you become a successful entrepreneur. Completing the program won’t guarantee that you can launch your online career (they made that clear in their disclaimer too). However, the lessons might help you take a step and make your way into building one. With BYEU, you don’t become an entrepreneur but mark yourself as one without really owning your own business. Probably why the fees are for membership, since it's all about personal brand.

Does BYEU Help People Build Their Own Empire?

BYEU doesn’t help people build their own empire. If anything, you’re helping Broadie build Enagic’s empire when you choose that path. On a positive note, you can use the modules as a foundation. The mentorship and materials are actually helpful, it’s only a matter of how one

Build Your Empire University User Reviews:

BYEU is rated 4.8 in Trustpilot. Knowing that it is a highly reliable platform, it’s easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the current members. However, none of the BYEU review seem to mention the water alkalizer (which is the main money-making opportunity in BYEU). The program lacks substantial review and genuine success story, even the ones presented in the webinar rely on the emotional impact. It's safe to say that we need to see a BYEU testimonial that shows everything that's happening, and how much it costs.

Is It Possible to Make Money via Build Your Empire University?

It is possible to make money via Build Your Empire University. If you choose to use the learning materials as your guide to start your online career, you’re free to do so. If you want to promote BYEU for 30% commission, that option is also viable. For those who want to make big money, invest in buying water alkalizer. But then again, MLM doesn’t have the best reputation.

How Much Can You Earn With Build Your Empire University?

You can make $1k to $4k with Build Your Empire University. That’s your commission if you choose to sell water alkalizer that cost $7k-$12k. You can also make money by being an affiliate of the program. BYE University pays 30% to their affiliates.

Who is Brodie Nitro?

Brodie Nitro (Brodie SalNitro) used to be a lead solutions provider for cosmetic clinics, dentist offices and chiropractors. He launched Build Your Empire University with his partner Ashley Taylor. He aims to share a guide for those who want to start their online careers so they won’t have to make the same mistakes that he did.

According to his pitch in the BYEU webinar, his troubled past and hardships forced him to take the leap of faith. He shared pictures of his travels and adventures that he apparently had because of Build Your Empire University. It’s important to note that he mentions nothing about his previous career, and how he traveled for it as well.

This is the unfortunate side of BYEU, as they guide students to rebrand themselves and sell a lifestyle if they choose to join Brodie in Enagic. No one might flat-out say it, but it’s the reality that Brodie displays himself. His work travels in Thailand from his previous career is now part of the fantasy that he is selling in BYEU

Is MLM a Good Start for an Online Career?

Multi-level Marketing is not a good start for an online career. Other than its poor reputation, MLM requires high investments and often comes at the expense of your close networks. In the United States, 63% of individuals joined MLMs to make money, but only 25% made a profit. And 53% of them only made less than $5,000.

Alternative Courses

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Affiliate marketing course by Kyle Loudoun with in-depth training on affiliate marketing and access to an interactive community of accomplished affiliates.

Legendary Marketer Review - Online education platform founded by David Sharpe in 2017 that offers a wide variety of training courses.

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Expand Your Horizons Academy Review - High ticket sales specialist course by Brent and Molly Orwell, which also promotes multi-level marketing opportunities by selling Enagic products. 

Local Lead Generation is the Best Online Career

Making money online is a great way to start your journey towards financial freedom, but it's not a game. It can be intimidating and overwhelming especially for someone with no prior experience. Passive income and having a stream of income from online platforms is popular for a reason, and you’re on the internet looking for a way to start one yourself.

Build Your Empire University is a good platform to learn about the basics of an online career. However, it leads you towards becoming a part of an MLM if you’re not cautious enough. Gearing yourself up with the techniques and knowledge from experts is a good start. I suggest stopping there, don’t bite the Kangen pitch, and go find something else that works.

My recommendation? Local lead generation. I’ve been doing local lead generation for almost a decade, and I know beginners who want to make money online can do it too. If you’re starting an online career, you want something scalable and profitable. Local lead gen, is the way to go.

Keep your relationships tight without risking your loved ones in MLM. With local lead generation, you can rent out ranked websites to small businesses with little-to-no maintenance needed. One of my sites is earning me $2000 a month, and I don’t even have to tend to it 24/7! If that’s something that you want to achieve, try local lead generation.

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