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Children. Our greatest accomplishment. As mothers, we willing sacrifice daily to provide the best for our kids. Careers set aside, we embark on the journey of motherhood. As days turn into years, our treasured bundles begin lives of their own. Off to school, moms are often home alone for hours during the day. Granted, there is a never-ending list of things to do around the house, but many of us want-and need-more. 

If you are keen to carve out a little piece just for you, browse through these suggestions geared to housewives searching for business ideas. Suggestions that don’t compromise on our number ones. Whether you have been out of the workforce for some time, or cannot face returning to the grind of the 9-5, hopefully, one of these options will suit your lifestyle.


The internet is a remarkable resource. Online communication has made the world a much smaller place, giving us the ability to not only work from home but obtain employment from around the globe. For many business owners, there are not enough hours in the day. The need to maintain an online and social media presence is not up for debate, so they turn to outsourcing. Housewives with a bit of tech ability can generate an income with flexible hours and a decent pay scale by getting in on the action.


You don’t necessarily need specialized training to create and design websites, but you do require a better than a basic understanding of what is entailed. This is a fantastic article if you would like to receive professional training and really up your ante. The better you are, the more you can charge-capiche? Each business owner has a vision in their head, and it is your job to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing website that not only WOWs but generates the leads and online traffic the employer is anticipating. 

Websites can range from $300-$15000+ depending on the platform, pages, graphics, and content. Freelance web designers typically earn between $40-$80/hour but some charge by the project. You can take your skills one step further with this and offer to rank and maintain the website using SEO, routine blog posts/new content and be the ‘webmaster’ for a monthly fee. You can market yourself through Facebook and other social media platforms or check out sites such as Upwork or Fiverr for job postings to grow your portfolio.


Recently, a tremendous amount of attention has been given to producing quality content. It would appear that the search engines not only expect but are demanding authoritative language for websites to rank well. Social media posts need to captivate and sell an audience on products/services to stand apart from the crowd. If you can do more than string a sentence together and have the ability to construct informative and titillating articles, you may be harboring a gold mine. 

Copywriters charge by the word 0.05-0.50, hourly, or by the project and have the potential to earn over $40000/year. Competition is fierce, but if this suggestion appeals to you, here is an article outlining specifics of the job and its requirements. Again, freelance platforms such as freelancer and weworkremotely cite numerous opportunities and are a marvelous way to pad your portfolio while making money.


Creative writing may not be your forte, but if you have a solid grasp on the English language with all of its nuances and grammatical idiosyncrasies, why not consider the role of copy editor? Working closely with writers, you are the unbiased eyes that tighten and formulate the perfect piece, enhancing an article’s readability. 

Copy editors typically make $20/hour often with imminent deadlines. No formal education is required, but be sure you are on point with your English usage and can handle the heat. Enago offers flexible and remote positions with fair compensation if you want to check them out here. There are a host of other platforms and businesses in your community posting jobs consistently, so get out your ‘red pen’.


The buck stops here-literally. With the final set of eyes on every document scheduled for publication, proofreaders must have a solid understanding of the conventions of the English language. Methodical with meticulous attention to detail, the job of a good proofreader is to ensure that there are no errors-none-so that the credibility of the article is not compromised.

While a formal degree is of benefit, it is not required. If you are disciplined and able to commit to the task with the end goal equaling perfection, then you might have what it takes to be successful with this. Potential earnings are approximately $25-$50+/hour, but if you can score a gig proofreading court documents or medical journals, you could make even more money. Flexjobs levies $14.95/month to join their platform, but there is work readily available that would offset this expense. 


Consider yourself a problem solver with an eye for illustration and visual communication? Graphic design may be well within your reach, even without formal training. Granted, obtaining a degree will provide you with an edge and exposure to the newest and most innovative technology, but it is possible to go at it on your own. Online teaching and your unique ability to captivate consumers with innovative visual concepts is the desired outcome, no matter how you get there. Hourly rates vary on skill and project and fluctuate between $25-$300+/hour.

Graphic designers devise illustrative content for websites, brochures, logos, and a host of additional visual storytelling designs using color, font, and the gift of visionary dexterity. Government positions require a degree, but many firms hire on experience and ability. With the privilege of flexible online opportunities or your own ‘shout outs,’ there are numerous avenues to explore that you can read more about here.


Long gone are the days Hollywood was where you headed for in this profession. Demands for video editors have risen “26.14% nationwide” and does not appear to be slowing down. Video editors can earn between $75-$150/hour contingent on your location and level of expertise. Stringent attention to detail, creativity, and a concrete understanding of IT software are non-negotiables. Degrees are not mandatory, but it may be a case of who you know. You need to get your foot in the door and ‘dress to impress’. 

Web designers, bloggers, and YouTube influencers, most are in constant pursuit of someone who can turn their lengthy footage from ‘meh’ to ‘rockstar’ status using sound, graphics, and special effects. Ziprecruiter is an online platform promoting many freelance, flexible, and ‘from home’ options worth investigating. Check your local listings-you may be surprised at the number of opportunities available in your backyard.


Up on the latest trends and current events? Enjoy scrolling through social media platforms. If you possess the ability to devise beguiling content and transform online followers into paying customers, you could be holding the winning ticket as a potential Social Media Manager. Existence is not enough for business owners who must generate influence if they want to play in the big leagues and out-market their competitors. Most are in over their heads, and they know it, so they outsource to moguls who understand click funnels, lead generation, and the significance of doing more than just showing up with a page on FaceBook. 

It would be best if you stay current, analyze trends, and generate the best possible ROI for your employer. Social Media Managers can work remotely and typically earn between $15-$100+/hour depending on your level of experience and qualifications. This article outlines what potential employers are looking for-worth the read to see if you fit the profile. Jobs are consistently listed on numerous platforms, including nerdyhire and


Business owners will do whatever it takes to generate the highest possible ROI, which means utilizing every available platform to maximize their leads. Facebook Ads are tricky. When executed correctly, they stand to achieve a significant profit for business owners, but the keyword here is correctly. If Facebook Ads are not set up to capitalize on their target market, you can get thousands of impressions and not one lead. Kind of like flushing money down the toilet.

For most business owners, the idea of spending time and money to learn the skills needed to successfully launch a campaign is a chronic waster of their time-and so they outsource. You can learn more about how to run a profitable Ad campaign here. If you want to make money with this, you will need to prove yourself. Connect with friends and family members that own a company and offer to set up Ads for cost.

If you are able to demonstrate that you will absolutely increase a business ROI and know what you are doing, you will be in high demand. With an average salary of $25+/hour, if you master the technique, you stand to make some serious money with flexibility and convenience-the perfect combo for housewives looking for business ideas.


A website without optimization is like a car without gas. While many business owners have the competence to build and publish a site, scarce few know how to rank and maintain their website. They are then left questioning why it is not generating the leads they were so eagerly anticipating. If you have a knack for cracking the Google code-or at least understand the concept, there is money to be made from home with flexible hours.

You can offer your services in a variety of ways. From on-site optimization-think content, geo tags, etc., to off-site optimization such as back links and citations. SEO is improving a websites search engine results. Another way to market your services is with SEM, which is primarily managing Ad Word campaigns and PPC (pay per click), any tool that utilizes paid options to generate traffic. There are thousands of jobs posted on sites such as fiverr, upwork and peopleperhour, all of which offer hourly or by the job compensation.


As the CEO of the household, housewives have an arsenal of managerial tools from multi-tasking to influencing our family members’ perceptions. Don’t laugh-these skills will come in very handy if you choose to embark on a career as a Reputation Manager. Most companies retain this service to manage their online profiles and for obvious reasons. The better your reputation-the more stars on Google/YELP extra likes on IG and FB-the greater the trust potential consumers have in a company’s ability to not only deliver but exceed expectations.

There are times when a poor rating or obscene comment must be addressed-nature of the beast. It is the role of the Reputation Manager to eliminate any harmful material which may hinder the business’ credibility. You aim to generate trust utilizing tracking and analytical data and keeping a close eye. This position can be performed remotely, and you’re looking at a wage of $25-$35/hour with jobs posted such as and


I have mentioned several times of online platforms offering remote positions, including upwork, fiverr, toptal, and guru to name a few. These sites yield a host of Virtual Assistant contingencies. Business owners require Virtual Assistants to complete administrative tasks that are not being performed by their team in-office. Anything from data entry and appointment setting to publishing blog posts and online articles or responding to emails is up for grabs. 

Candidates must possess a secure internet connection and experience using online tools such as Skype and Zoom. Hours can be flexible with the ability to work from home. With the potential to earn roughly $16/hour, this is an enticing suggestion for housewives looking for business ideas. It won't compromise on family obligations but will generate some capital for you and your crew.


If you have an aptitude for anything and everything technical, a remote position as an IT Technician may be of interest to you. Essentially you are the behind the scenes reason for the constant yet comforting hum. Responsible for diagnosing problems, monitoring processing systems, and examining equipment and programs. Sizeable companies routinely have an IT Tech on staff, but smaller businesses often opt for a remote and mobile team to keep the show running. 

IT Technicians may be requested to teach staff how to use specific programs, but most work can be performed through ICloud and live video chat. You may be required to travel for face to face situations if troubleshooting cannot be addressed without hands-on intervention. Salary ranges from $18-$29/hour, and jobs are posted online in places such as REmotive and wizehire.


The concept behind affiliate marketing is that you get paid to promote other people's products. You are the marketeer-the magician behind the scenes that generate the sales and receive a commission compensation for your efforts. There are two primary ways in which this system operates. Pay per Sale is where the merchant pays a percentage of the sale price for every purchase you generate. Pay per Click reimburses your efforts for every redirect your site provides to the merchant whether a sale is performed or not. 

For housewives looking for business ideas, this one is a no brainer. Flexible, work from home options, once you learn the ropes, this venture has the potential to be very lucrative. If you need further explanation, check out this article I recently published, providing an in-depth description and actionable strategy to set up and be successful with affiliate marketing. 

You can ‘sell’ as an affiliate marketer via a website such as AmazonAssociates, ShopifyAffiliates, or LeadPagesProgram. Facebook is becoming common ground for affiliates which opens a whole other can of whoop-ass. This article outlines how you can leverage social media as an alternate resource. Take your time and do your research. Don’t go 'roger ramjetting' until you know what you’re doing or you could end up losing money as opposed to making it.


You may have heard the term in certain social settings, but what the **** is drop shipping? Simply put, drop shipping is you selling products to people that you purchase elsewhere. As the merchant, you never lay your hands on any products you sell-the third party does all of the product handling-make sense? For further clarification, check out this article I published, which delves into drop shipping-the how-when and whys of the game. You call the shots and this can be as prosperous as you are willing to make it. You own your schedule and can do it all online-ideal for housewives doing the juggling act.

Safely disregard any rumors you may have heard touting that drop shipping is dead. Like any business venture, if you don't put in the time, you will never see a dime. Drop shipping is work and merely dumping product on a website hoping some person is going to come along, see it and think that they will 'absolutely die if they don't buy' is NOT the way to run a successful drop shipping biz. Do your analysis, pick a target market, hone in on a niche, and set up a site on platforms such as Shopify, AliExpress or SaleHoo and sell, sell, SELL!


Websites are where it is at it is as simple as that. Nearly every business that is successful in its market owns a site, however, not all are created equally. Google rewards websites that have unique content are well optimized, both on and off-site and rank well organically-meaning they generate a ton of traffic without the assistance of paid ads, etc. Here is an excellent article describing the process in more detail.

Sites such as flippa or empire flippers offer old websites that you can purchase, but be careful here. Check out the link profile, age of the site, niche, and marketability. Once you choose a website you wish to purchase, it is your job to improve upon it as quickly as possible, but the reality is the SEO process is slow, so you are looking at 8-12 months for a profitable turnaround. 

Monetize the bejesus out of it and then list it as a resell. There is definitely money to be made playing this game, but you need to have a solid understanding of what you are doing so as not to get burned by the process.


Domain flipping is very similar to flipping houses. Think of this suggestion as to the digital equivalent to house flipping. It requires skill, time, patience, and work-yep-this is not a passive income strategy. You will need to commit to a couple of active hours/day to get good and make money with this. For housewives looking for business ideas, this is something you can delve into around your schedule and do from home when time permits. Here is an article outlining the deets for beginners or those interested in learning more about this process.

Choose your domains carefully. Short-think 3-4 word-title with keywords, age, domain extension, and brand-ability are all fundamental components to making the most money on your purchase. GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Sedo are just a few places you can sell your domain. There is no ceiling on potential earnings, but you need to understand the process and execute your strategy wisely.


Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish someone had told me that when I was their age?” Happens all the time. The reality is that you are sitting on a potential goldmine gleaned with life experiences, struggles, and triumphs. There are many young housewives where you were one year ago, five, ten-you get my point. All would benefit from hearing your story.

That is blogging. An online forum where you post an opinion, tales of woe, or facts on a subject in which you excel. Be it parenthood, travel, fashion-it’s a wide-open slate. If you have a compelling ability to write in a way that engages your target audience and has them coming back for more, you may have what it takes to be the next Beth Woolsey.

Most bloggers make their money through paid advertising-either PPC(pay per click) or CPC (cost per click), which is simply a paid banner ad on the sidebar or in the content of your post. Every time a reader clicks that ad, you are compensated. Write about a subject you are knowledgeable and  passionate about. There is lots of competition, so your blog needs to stand apart. This article outlines how to create and be successful in blogging. Something you can do from home, around your schedule, and create financial freedom for yourself and your family.


Another approach which requires time and tolerance to convert existing capital into cold hard cash, investing in the stock market involves some know-how and perseverance to be successful. The key is to invest regularly and be prepared to let your investment sit. Checking every ten seconds is only going to give you grey hairs.
Do your research, diversify your portfolio, and, if necessary, consult with a professional.

Here is a great article to get you started, but there are several platforms you can connect with and start investing today. Questrade, Interactive Brokers, and Wealth Simple all offer the option to contribute independently of a financial adviser.


One bitcoin equals $7800+USD. I'm just going to leave that here for a minute. Ready? Let's continue. Bitcoin made a huge entrance in 2009, and contrary to myths and rumors, it is not going anywhere. The challenge is not in how much bitcoin is worth, but how to get it and make money with it. Mining bitcoin is the obvious answer, but that takes time and money to capitalize on your earnings. 

What if there were other ways to earn this elusive cryptocurrency? Interested? Check out this article, which shares some fantastic strategies on how to dig for 'the gold' without the digging. You need to an advanced understanding of technology, capital, and time to devote to this. That being said, people who are successful with bitcoin appear to love the challenge and erratic personality, which is cryptocurrency.


I may be aging myself when I tell you that my wedding was recorded on VHS-honest. With everything now on high-definition and VCRs going the way of the dinosaur, I am not the only one with precious memories needing to be converted into current technology. Yes, it is possible for people to simply go out, purchase the software, and do themselves, but that takes time, energy, and effort that most do not really have interest in pursuing.

There are many 'me's' out there, quite happy to outsource this task and pay someone to address the conversion. You need to own and understand the software and be able to accurately download the information. People put their trust and memoirs in your hands to be the grace of God know what you're doing. You can charge per project or by the hour-typically $25 or $9-$40/tape. Jobs can be found on upwork, fiverr, and linkedin, or set yourself up as the go-to geek and you can earn money from home with flexible hours and an potentially entertaining engagement.


You may have traded your business suits and attache case for the housewife wardrobe of Lu Lu Lemon and diaper bags, but that does not negate your ability to proffer your skills to other aspiring femprenuers. If you have an entrepreneurial or business talent, why not capitalize on your knowledge and make some money on your terms around your new lifestyle? There is no shortage of women seeking guidance in creating their niche outside of the 9-5 that would benefit from expertise and solutions to success. Here are a few suggestions to get those venture juices flowing in the right direction.


People come up with new business ideas all of the time, but many do not understand what it takes to influence and define their unique label. Brand designers identify the trademark in a manner which both resonates and appeals to the target customer. You need to possess a flair for design and be able to create a unique strategy that correlates with your clients’ core values and overall vision for their product or service. Designers can expect to make between $25-$30/hour while strategists earn around $45-$50/hour.

A background or degree in marketing, commerce, or communications is a definite asset, but you also need to understand market trends, analytics, and current software. Detail-oriented, excellent listening skills and proficiency in establishing yourself as better than your competitors will set you apart. Be prepared to know your stuff as potential clients depend on your qualifications for their success. You can find jobs posted on LinkedIn, Zippia, or local groups on FaceBook.


I have to shake my head at the number of ‘would be’ business owners who choose to dive in headfirst without devising a plan of attack. When they finally doggy paddle to the side, many end belly up. Those with tenacity quickly realize that to be successful, they must create a business plan. That is where you come in. Know your niche, and do your research. To market your skills, you need to be able to ‘walk the walk’. If you are a skilled communicator with the acumen of business knowledge, put pen to paper. Here is an article worth reading to determine if you have what it takes to fly with this.

Generating business plans requires you to be both organized and strategic, but this is a job that is flexible and can be performed from home. You need to be an expert in the said field and formulate a plan that is both concrete and attainable. A comprehensive, action-oriented, and analytical business plan are worth between $3000-$5000, but you better know what you are doing if you intend to charge that kind of coin.


Housewife today, perhaps, but if you were the nemesis of unproductive business strategies and entrepreneur of the year in your ‘former life’, you may have the skills and experience required to become a business coach. Responsible for devising actionable plans, your role is to hold business owners accountable-a sounding board and the hard nudge to assure ideas and strategies are implemented. Their success is fundamentally your accomplishment. You take where they are now and where they want to be and pave a road map to making it happen. 

To prosper in this role, you need coach training and certification; however, experience and results speak much louder than a formal degree, so do you and do it well. This article offers a compelling explanation and a more in-depth job description. 

With the ability to work remotely with flexible hours you can charge $100-$300/hour for your expertise, but build your relationship and reputation wisely as a ton of referrals are generated via word of mouth. You can also check out online and social media platforms for postings.


Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge for money is consulting. Success leaves clues, and people are willing to pay to the tune of $50-$150/hour for those clues. If you are knowledgeable in a specific business field and have learned through trial and error, why not consider consulting? Business owners seek individuals who can offer expert advice in their area to generate a more efficient business model and ultimately increase their ROI. The bottom line is that they need you to take them to where they want to be for THEIR bottom line.

While there is no specific degree you need to possess, be sure to do your research as individual niches and states may require you to have a license or some formal documentation. As the expert, you will present operable plans to numerous individuals, so know what you’re talking about and be prepared to stand behind your directions. LinkedIn has frequent postings, but hook yourself up with a Google search in your community, and the astounding number of job openings may surprise you.


It’s not always who you know, but how you present yourself that lands you your dream job. Harder than you would think, however as thousands of people struggle to display themselves as professionals and the “perfect choice” for the job. Employers don’t make it easier-tossing resumes in the circular file for things as small as an unprofessional email or grammatical error.

If you can write in a persuasive tone in a professional format that presents your client as the ideal candidate, consider making some money with your proficiency. While expertise may be enough to generate a client base, online training to obtain formal accreditation is quick, easy and generally costs under $200 as per this link.

Basic resumes average $95/each while professional resumes requiring more work-around 90 minutes-generate $300. Not bad for a flexible side hustle, you can do anywhere. Remote job postings can be found on sites such as boardroomresumes and randstadrisesmart


The majority of the population struggles to balance a checkbook-shocking! It is not only business owners who require a bookkeeper to organize the onslaught of receipts, credits, and other potential tax break. Many individuals are willing to hire someone to take care of ‘the mess’ at least once a year before filing taxes. You do not need a formal education to become a bookkeeper, as outlined in this article

Accounting credentials and certifications will undoubtedly aid in you having a better comprehension of this role, but if you are well organized, good with numbers, bank reconciliation, and excel at the computer software required to fulfill this task, honestly, you are good to go. Rates are between $17-$50/hour. With freelance options and flexible hours, this is the perfect job for housewives with some money sense looking to capitalize on their mathematical skills. You can find jobs posted on social media platforms or online forums such as jooble, upwork, and freelancer.


Proficient in English, if you are one of the lucky ones that speak a second language, then listen closely. Translators are in high demand, especially those fluent in Spanish and Mandarin. While certification is a bonus, there is work available without formal training. If you have experience speaking the language and can demonstrate an understanding of the culture, you may be the ideal candidate.

Translators can be utilized verbally or for written documentation, and on average, make between $20-$100/hour or 0.08-0.40/word. There are a host of online opportunities on sites such as languagesunlimited, languageline, and google.

28. MLMS

Love them or hate them. Everywhere you turn, a brand ambassador is trying to sell you on some new product their company has launched. The reality is that there is a real culture around MLMs. If you are looking for a 'tribe' of supportive women who all attest to having the same goals and mindset as you, then it's a good fit. There are perks for sure-discounts on products, social engagements, the opportunity to make new friends. Again-it is a culture, and if it's for you-kudos. If it's not, then steer clear as the expectation is you drink the kool-aid if you want to play with the cool kids. 

If you do decide to have a go at this, choose a company whose products you love and mission statement that aligns with your own. Many successful people have generated 6 and 7 figure incomes with MLMs, so it is possible to make money. It goes without saying that the more you put into this, the more you will take away. You need to treat this like a business if you want to make money like a business. There is definitely no shortage of options, as you can see here, but do your research and best of luck.


Attempting to juggle the demands of school, extra-curricular, elderly parents, life is an act most of us employ on a daily basis-some better than others. Without a support system, the veneer can crack pretty quickly, and families everywhere require a leg up or assistance at some point.

These suggestions offer flexibility and the opportunity to lend a hand to those in need and for decent compensation. A warm fuzzy feel-good thing that pays you for your kindness with more than just gratitude.


We all seem to have that one cupboard or 'junk drawer that anything and everything gets stuffed into. The kids' old progress reports, receipts that we know should be tossed, but we hold onto 'just in case.' What happens when the cupboard spills over, and your beloved paper trail begins having a mind of its own? Sometimes people need a second pair of eyes-and hands-to assist them in organizing and de-stressing over the mass of crap they have collected and reclaim their space-and their sanity.

Professional Organizers guide their clients through the process of cleaning and sorting-everything has a place and everything in its place-mentality. While there is no formal education requirement for becoming an organizer, you may choose to obtain certification. You can write an exam (roughly $450USD) called CPO. A super problem solver, communicator, and possess fine-tuned time management skills. Above all, you must be empathetic. Their place is a mess-they know it-that's why they called you-so now you work your magic. This article breaks down how to start a success Professional Organizer biz. Reviews suggest you can charge between $50-$200/hour.


If you have watched even 5 minutes of TLCs ‘Hoarders’ you get the picture. Granted, those are extreme circumstances, but you can see how quickly a situation could spiral out of control when you refuse to eliminate the excess. The most glaringly obvious difference between clutter relief and professional organizing is that organizing is an ongoing battle. Organizers teach their clients how to maintain decorum. Clutter relief is heaving the heavy hammer and throwing it out, and no formal education is required with rates typically between $40-$70+/hour. Clutter relief experts help their clients reclaim their space. 

Perhaps it is not that they have too much stuff-doubtful but possible. They may be downsizing or in a position to finally remove items that no longer serve a function in their current familial dynamic. Whatever the reason, clutter relief services are in demand. Studies support that too much clutter is bad for both our physical and mental health. If you can purge like a boss while maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor with a ton of patience and compassion, this may be worth looking into further. Market yourself on social media, print business cards and put up a website to generate a client base. You can choose the hours and clients you wish to work with-an ideal situation for housewives interested in innovative business ideas.


With a load of junk equating to $100-$500, this may be a notion worth noshing on. To start and be successful with a junk removal service, you need-at a minimum-own a truck and have access to some haul away muscle. You will need equipment-dollies, ratchet straps, moving blankets, etc. You will need to promote your business-be visible-catchy name-marketing-the works. Read this article for an in-depth description of how to start your own business.

If you would prefer, you can opt to purchase a franchise like 1800gotjunk, collegehunkshaulingjunk, and junkluggers are just a few. Startups range between $80000-$230000, but with the potential to generate $100000 revenue in your first year, 1800 GOT JUNK commits to this number or offers to pay back your franchise. There are not many safety nets being a business owner, so if this intrigues you-read more about this offer here.


You know what they say-one man's trash is another man's treasure. If you have an eye for value and can see beyond the rust and grime, you may be interested in pursuing a career as an appraiser. There are now online courses that can have you formally qualified in as little as 6 months for around $2500. Each state has it's own licensing and specific qualifications, so take a look here to determine or contact the correct people to ascertain exactly what you need for your location.

Appraisers can charge between $500-$2000+/appraisal, depending on the pages, time, and complexity of the project. They definitely earn an above-standard salary, so if you have the time, interest, and a bit of capital to invest in this, you stand to make your money back in spades. You can fly solo or hook up with established businesses found posing jobs on sites like, and


As housewives, we can commiserate that there are never enough hours in the day. For families running the rat race of the 9-5 grind, the last thing they want is their evening and weekend time being chipped away running errands and performing menial household chores. So-they outsource. Free time for them and a flexible job for you. Most housekeepers and errand runners (gofers) require insurance or some license, so do your research and see what requirements are needed where you live. This link is a great starting point to cover your backside.

Clients may request you do their laundry, make the beds, light dusting, or pick up dry cleaning. All that fun stuff that doesn’t take tong, but combined eats away at the day. You can charge between $15-$45/hour, depending on where you live and the work you are requested to perform. There is no formal education required, but you will need to devise a business strategy to retain clients around your schedule. You can also check out platforms such as indeed and jobdiagnosis.


I love the old codgers with some spice. You know the people who will remain independent to the bitter end, and don’t even mention 'retirement home' to them as they are not going anywhere. For many families with aging parents, they wish to be respectful of these choices but worry that daily tasks are not being completed. If the immediate family does not live close by or ensconced with the demands of their own lives, they often hire a companion to bridge the gap.

Elderly companions are responsible for a variety of tasks, from light housework and errand running to providing transportation for appointments and extracurricular activities. Sometimes you are hired merely to spend time together. CPR and First Aid training is a bonus, but there are not any established credentials for this role. It would be best if you were kind and courteous, enjoy spending time with your client and have patience. Hourly rates are $10-$20, and if you are not ready to launch your business, you can find employment opportunities on forums such as and


Home businesses are on the rise with no evidence to suggest that small business growth will slow down any time soon. Many business owners begin their ventures from home. As their business prospers, they find they require a personal assistant to manage some of the daily responsibilities such as replying to emails and Facebook Messenger. Answering telephones, overseeing their schedule, and just keeping the cogs well oiled and their system running smoothly.

Personal assistants must be well organized with practical time management skills. Proficient in written and oral communication with attention to detail, the epitome of professionalism. You may be required to work alongside the owner or have the luxury of completing tasks remotely. While no formal training is necessary, the experience is a bonus. For housewives well versed in juggling numerous activities at the same time, this should be a breeze. Hourly wages are between $13-$16 with room for advancement and bonuses. Various jobs are posted on sites such as simplyhired and linkedIn.


Wardrobe 101-not, everything in your closet, should be black. If you have a knack for putting together the perfect outfit, are up to date on trends, styles, and everything fashion becoming an image consultant is right up your alley. Perfect for housewives looking to fill a few hours of their day with money-making activities. You can do this from home or travel to your client's destination. Shopping and accessing current collections do not require formal training or a license.

Many consultants choose to obtain certification to set themselves apart. The good news this can all be done online in as little as 10 hours for roughly $75- $650. Image consultants customarily charge by the consult-anywhere between $500-$750/session. You need to understand body shapes and what pieces will best accentuate what the good Lord gave your client. You can freelance with platforms such as fashion style institute, and the (AICI) association of image consultants international or create your own institution.


College is as much of an investment as owning a home these days, and the process for most families is daunting at best. With so many options, steep competition, and an extreme level of uncertainty, more and more parents are turning to professional college prep consultants to help their children best present themselves and find the perfect fit for post-secondary education. For those housewives with experience or a background in academia, this suggestion is for you.

No longer a luxury for the wealthy, college consultants delve deep into the students learning ability, social, economic, and preparation for college admittance. Everything from help with SAT, letters of recommendation, and admission interviews is on the table. In the role of the mediator, you make the experience productive and pleasant for both the student and parents, with the outcome being an acceptance letter. This is a great post from a parents’ perspective you may enjoy reading.

You will need to be qualified and possess formal education, experience, and accreditation to be considered for this position, which you can learn more about here. Consultants average between $85-$150/hour with the flexibility to choose your hours and number of clients. Getintocollege commonly posts job opportunities, but you can also check out ivycoach and collegewise or market yourself as an independent contractor.


Grant writers are in HUGE demand! It would help if you were cool as a cucumber with exceptional organizational and writing skills for this job. Think-you taking two significant trigger points-time and money-and squishing them together. If you can adhere to tight deadlines and still plead a decent case, you stand to make anywhere between $30-$100/hour doing this job from home.

Hours are flexible as long as you meet the advised timeline. No formal education is required, however, online classes are available and strongly suggested to hone your skills and become the master of your art. You need to write WELL and be persuasive in your language. Experience in a non-profit is a must. You will benefit from enjoying the research aspect of this industry-makes it all the more pleasant. You can find job postings on sites like flexjobs, upwork and ziprecruiter. Or take matters into your own hands and connect with non-profit organizations in your area and offer your expertise.


We have all been exposed to the painful, monotonic voice of someone giving a lecture, podcast, or audio recording during our lifetime. Not everyone is born with the beguiling voice of Nancy Cartwright. There is a market for people who speak well, enunciate and captivate their listeners. Anything from audio books to commercials is on the table. 

For those just starting out, you do not need any specific education, however, online courses will assist you in increasing your skills. Wages are based on a per-project or by the minute job and can fluctuate from $100-$1200+.but average out to around $40/hour.

There are several places you can find jobs, including, and If you are looking for remote work, try FilmlessSnap Recordings, or Voice123Here is an interesting read on how to start and what you need to be successful if this suggestion appeals to your inner movie star.


For many new parents, the constant nights of sleep deprivation are nothing short of a nightmare. Babies and children who do not sleep well can become the catalyst that erodes a relationship, the physical mental and emotional health of both mums and dads. Sleep consultants are emerging as the saving grace, and as this relatively new concept gains traction, there has never been a better time than now to get in on the action. 

If you can empathize with caregivers, love children, and are interested in learning more, check out this article. You can decide your style of consulting, online or in-person, and charge accordingly-$150/week for home and text support or up to $7500 for 72 hours of in-home coaching. As a sleep consultant, your role is to weed out the clutter and create a system for parents that works well and works consistently. You can become certified online for approximately $4000-a bit of investment, but businesses like Family Sleep Institute and Gentle Sleep Coach offer support and job opportunities upon completion of their respective programs. 


We may joke about how we ever survived our own childhoods and that 'kids these days live in a bubble,' but the reality is child/baby proofing a home is no laughing matter. When you stop to consider the stress on new parents and how busy care providers-working full-time with a million and one things going on every day,-its no wonder more children are not met with regrettable outcomes. By hiring a professional to childproof a home, parents can rest assured that the person they employ has ONE job-not one million-ONE, and that is to make sure the residence is appropriately baby/child proofed.

If you have a keen eye for danger or potential hazards and are beyond vigilant in your quest to keep babies and children safe, then this could be a job for you. Online certification is offered through The International Association for Child Safety. You will need to fill out the information as the details and costs are nowhere in sight-much like all of the cleaning products in a home with children.

Consultations equate to between $50-$100, and the complete service will generate an income of $300-$1500/job depending on the size of the home and length of time it takes to get the job done right. Investigate your local market and ascertain if there is a company offering these services in your area you can affiliate yourself with. If not, you will have to go out on your own. With a business plan and some grit, this option will only expand in the future as it gains in popularity.


If you don't mind having a couple of extra kids underfoot, have the patience of a saint, and are good with children, then this is a business idea for housewives that has a few variables. You can opt to run a full day in-home daycare, which averages about $45/kid/day ($10-$14/hour), or you can choose to offer only before/aftercare services. There is also the option to provide daycare only PA days or school holidays. 

Whichever option you-choose, you need to check with your areas licensing board and make sure you adhere to regulations. More about that here for those interested. Many parents prefer the comfortable environment of in-home daycare facilities, so there should not be an issue getting customers. 


Home staging is not a regulated industry. Granted, if you are certified, you may have more clout with realtors, but it is not a requirement, and you cannot buy natural talent. If you do possess an aptitude for putting together the perfect room with an ability to showcase a home's most exceptional features, then this may be of interest to you. In a fickle market, people want to get the best price for their investment, and the demand for home staging has grown astronomically. 

Home stagers generate an income of $150+/hour, so even if your schedule permits only part-time hours you can still achieve a pretty sweet side income in very little time. You need to be the best in the biz. Create a home that sells and sells FAST. Connect with high-ticket realtors and market yourself wisely. Albeit a bit out of date, this article does a good job laying out how to start and steps to take to be successful with this enterprise.


Creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and beautiful interior environments are the name of the game for interior designers. If you enjoy picking out the perfect light fixtures, accent pieces, color swatches, and decor, then you may enjoy the role of an interior designer. The majority of the states do not require you to possess specific qualifications but double-check as a few states insist you are regulated and certified, which you can review quickly here.

Market yourself as an influencer and make sure all of your social media platforms are on point. To be uber-successful in this role, it often comes down to not what you know but who you know. Don’t get facetious on me, please. Of course, you need to recognize the elements that constitute an outstanding designer, but you can’t showcase your talent without clients. Check out this post for tips on how to stake your claim in the market and start earning $25+/hour for your savvy skills.


Ever been accused of being the groups ‘matchmaker’? No joke, this is a booming industry that is only going to get bigger. People love the convenience of their mobile device, which also acts as a bit of a security blanket for nervous singles looking to connect with that perfect someone without having the initial awkward face to face encounters.

If you have been set up on disaster blind dates or spent an evening with someone wishing you were anywhere else, then you can commiserate. You need to be a social butterfly with the psychological intuition of a therapist and know an abundance of people to get great at this. Not hard for most socialite housewives. Kidding aside, this role can be both lucrative and rewarding.

Matchmakers have the potential to earn upwards of $38000/year, and if you get in on the game and can land high ticket clients you can charge as much as $25000/person-move over Patti Stanger! This article provides an informative overview of what you need to succeed and tips in starting whether you choose to own your legacy or partner up with a franchise such as tawkify and macbeth-matchmaking


For every person who enjoys cleaning, there are at least ten of us who abhor it-I speak the truth! Numerous families are willing to pay for convenient services to address the mess, saving them both time and aggravation. If you have a panache for cleaning and it doesn't drive you insane, consider taking this on as a side gig. Most people want their homes cleaned during the day while everyone is out of the house-circumstances ideal for housewives with kids in school and a few hours to burn.

House cleaners make upwards of $40/hour, so there is some real money to be made here if you advertise your services well and forge a solid client base. This article gives what's what on starting your business, including necessary licenses, etc. If you aren't interested in a solo act, you can look into job postings on,, and


Similar to cleaning, with cooking, you either love it, or you hate it. While there seems to be an abundance of online options to deliver to your door, most of us still appreciate the healthy, home-cooked meals prepared fresh daily-by someone else. If you are knowledgeable with regards to nutrition, can pack a punch with flavor and can keep grocery costs low, consider selling your services to local families.

Every stage of meal planning is up for grabs. From slice and dice to fully prepared and ready to go in the oven options. This article provides a solid approach to starting out and determining if this is a venture you are ready and willing to take on. 

Sites like yummit skim a portion of the profit (around 20%) but find your clients, so all you need to worry about is cooking. You can also post in local Facebook groups, advertise in your community paper, or ask for referrals from friends and family. Rates are upwards of $35/hour, and be sure not to undercharge. Know your value-cover your costs and remember, people are paying $175+/week for meal delivery services and don’t always like the food they receive. If you can over deliver on what your client requests you are worth your weight in gold.


Born with a green thumb? You have a hidden talent that alludes many, and if you have the time to weed, prune and cultivate, you are ahead of the pack. Many people aren't interested in hiring a professional landscaping company. They want someone to come in once or twice a month, pull weeds, plant annuals, and generally make it pretty. Perfect arrangement for housewives with only a few extra hours a week to dedicate to a part-time position.

Find an affluent subdivision with homeowners who pride themselves on their gardens, and you are golden. You can market yourself with a website, Facebook page, or other social media channels. Word of mouth and referrals are enormous, so do a good job and watch your client base grow faster than the weeds you're pulling. You can charge $50+/hour and if you aren't interested in starting your own company, look to sites like meetagardener, or nerdyhire.


If you have a knack for being a ‘fixer-upper’ why not consider sharing your talents? Anything from changing light bulbs to a clogged toilet is up for grabs. Many homeowners do not have the time or knowledge to undertake the numerous odd jobs that seem to appear seemingly overnight and are happy to outsource the work to someone who has the knowledge and skill to get it done right and get it done fast.

Typically charging $60-$150/hour you do not require any formal training or certification but may need a license for any jobs over $1000. Here is a comprehensive guide outlining licensing in more detail that I recommend reading. Your skill set and experience will dictate the work you are able to do, but there is flexibility and tremendous opportunities with jobs posted on craigslist and simplyhired. You can also hook up with platforms such as and which take a portion of your earnings as compensation for connecting you with paying clients.


Interior house painting is a low cost, high-profit job for those that are physically fit and exceptional in their talent. There is a LOT of competition, but if you can paint a brush above the rest, you have the potential to make between $20-$70/hour. No formal training or certification is required, however, you will need to obtain liability insurance and be sure you have the correct licensing requirements for your state. Read more about those details here. You will need to purchase supplies, but buy as you go and the jobs you land will ultimately pay for products you can write off come tax time.

Contemplating business ideas for housewives can be a daunting task, but with the flexibility to work hours you are available and essentially choose your own clientele, there is a massive market of potential earnings in interior painting. You can choose to go out on your own or negotiate your services. Many established companies seek to hire contractual workers or you can check out sites like indeed and wow1day. Positions can also be found on or but be sure to read the fine print.


The healthcare system is a labyrinth of confusion and intricate nuances for most of us. If you possess a background in the health care field, a solid understanding-or are willing to the learn-the ins and outs of this business, perhaps a position as a patient advocate is of interest to you. 

While there is no formal certification required, the more you educate yourself, the better positioned you will be to advocate for the people that need your services most. Online courses typically run around $5000 but do a great job at preparing you for the BCPA (Board Certified Patient Advocate). These letters behind your name go a long way with individuals searching for someone to represent them. You can learn more about the course and examination process here.

Patient advocates, on average, make around $15/hour. Work is available in hospitals, rehab facilities, and retirement homes, to name a few. Jobs are regularly posted on sites such as snagajobmonster, and linkedin or check out your local healthcare service providers job boards or websites for postings.


Sometimes the only option for a side hustle is one from home. Take it day by day-this won't always be the case, so enjoy the precious moments, sleepless nights and daily battles. Soon enough you will no longer be a housewife, but an 'empty nester' wondering how it all happened so fast.

Slow down and savor the small stuff. If finances are tight and you really do need a business idea that will generate an income from home, take a look at these suggestions and hopefully one will resonate with you and your interests-likes and abilities.


The virtual world meets your kitchen table. You can now conduct an answering service businesses for anywhere in the world from your home. Most companies require you to have a landline with a quiet working environment but do not expect you to have formal education. If you are articulate and enjoy talking on the phone, there are jobs offering remote, part-time, and flexibility to manage this role around your family's demands.

You will need to pay for and pass a background check, and the hourly rate is anywhere between $9-$14. For a bit of side income, this is a business idea for housewives that does not require a ton of thought or legwork to incorporate. You can look for employment with American ExpressArise, or Nex Rep.


Perchance you have a picture of your loved one, your kids, or your pet as your lock screen, but how much do you care really? If you're not fussed about what you lock screen displays, why not consider renting it out for some quick cash. While you won't make millions with this, sites like slidejoy and appnana will pay you in cash or gift cards to unlock your screen and allow them to post ads. Click here to read more about how this works.

You don't get paid for clicking on the ad, but you do get paid for using our phone just as you usually would. Users generate around $5-$15/month, but both platforms entice you with added bonuses and referral options. If you make $10/month, that's $1200/year and may be enough to cover your holiday expenses.


It’s so easy to do everything online-except when it’s not. Booking trips, especially for large groups looking for the best all-inclusive deals, can turn into a significant headache VERY quickly. Thank God there are online travel agents to take the guesswork out of the equation. Online travel agents receive commissions from the supplier, so the variance is as numerous as the island options.

There is money to be made here, though, and with flexible hours and a job housewives can perform from home, it is easy to sneak in a few hours every week to make some extra dosh.

With no set licensing requirements, you may be further ahead to collaborate with an existing company for a small fee (between $150-$500/year) such as globaltravel or thetravelnet who do the grunt work of supplying the clientele for a percentage of the sale. If you choose to fly your own plane, do your due diligence. Figure out your target market, niche, and best marketing strategies with a concrete and actionable business plan.

There is some competition, so the more travel experience and knowledge you have about your particular recommendations, the better you will do with this. Earning is dependent on sales, obviously, but even part-time, you could potentially collect around $15+/hour. If you’re slick with the sales, this number has the potential to be considerably higher.


Medical coding is a bit like translating. Your job is to transfer a written diagnosis or prescription and assign the corresponding numeric or alphanumeric code. There are literally thousands of codes that must be accurately noted before delivered to a medical biller. This article breaks down the difference between coding and billing and provides an in-depth explanation of each role. 

Most companies offer online or in-house training, which can be completed in under 12 months. A Medical Coding Specialist Certificate costs around $900USD. You may also be required to write and successfully pass a written exam, which incurs a fee of around $300. In terms of career start-up costs though this is definitely on the low end of the scale.

The demand for this position is on the rise, and remote jobs with flexible hours are becoming increasingly popular-an incredible revelation for housewives looking for business ideas. You need high-speed internet, possess an acute attention to detail, and the ability to work well under tight deadlines. Coders typically make $24/hour, and jobs with reputable companies can be found on changehealthcare, thecodingnetwork, and humana.


As stated above, similar to the coder, medical billing is a definitive position that stands alone. The role of a medical biller is to submit, follow up, and even appeal claims with health insurance companies to ensure payment for services rendered. Medical billers do not necessarily require formal training but may need certification, which can be obtained in 50-60 hours and runs about $700USD. More information on that here if you’re interested.

Medical billers are in significant demand, with remote, part-time, contract, or per diem positions readily available. With a pay scale of roughly $20/hour this may be one of the easiest remote jobs to land and execute.

For housewives looking to generate an income around their own busy lifestyles and family schedules, this is a marvelous opportunity. You can locate positions with esteemed companies on forums such as jobisjob, upwork, and indeed, and there does not appear to be a shortage of openings.


While a Bachelor of Arts in Business will go a long way with potential employers, formal education is not required for this role. If you are technically savvy with the knowledge and expertise in coding-think HTML, JavaScript, etc., then you have the potential to earn cash from your skills. There are numerous consulting jobs offered by agencies, but you can also freelance and extend your services on sites such as fiverr, upwork, and vancery.

Essentially your job is to assist clients in optimizing their online presence through website design, optimization, and business initiatives. With the potential to earn between $50-$150/hour some large firms are willing to pay upwards of $300/hour for an individual who can ensure their business dominates the market. Whether you opt for a gig with an established agency or choose to work from home, there is the potential for tremendous earnings with this role.


If you have a degree in environmental management/ecology or have an exceptional amount of experience with site assessments or inspections, then this one is for you. Hired as the expert adviser to help businesses become more "socially and environmentally responsible" on the how-why-and whats they conduct business
Many business owners opt to hire someone remotely or on a contractual basis.

The goal is to hire someone to assist them in creating strategic sustainability plans. You job is to show them how to best devise a 'green' business model that will reduce waste and minimize their company's footprint. You can find jobs posted on linkedin, conservationjobboard, and other environmental platforms in your area. On average, consultants earn roughly $30-$50/hour-not bad for helping the world be a better place.


Science is rapidly unfolding, and for progress to be favorable, research must be continuous. There are numerous online medical research studies available for housewives to perform from home. With flexible hours, you can complete studies around your schedule, but you must finish the study in question within the allocated time. 

Medical research studies have mandatory requirements unique to each study-some you may qualify for-others not chance, but most payout between $50-$500/study. often posts studies, but there is a collection of other locales such as university websites-think Harvard, MIT, Yale or hit up online platforms such as, engage, or probemarket.


Professors not on the ‘tenure track’ have the luxury of teaching online without a doctorate, but undeniably do not make the same salary as their tenured counterparts. Some local community colleges accept applicants with only a Bachelors although a Masters is preferred. As a contractual employee, you generally teach entry-level courses. Often there is the ability to have some say in the number of classes you are available to instruct making this is a viable option for housewives with a passion for teaching and compulsory accreditation.

Compensation calculated hourly ranges from $26-$95. Alternately, wages may be subject to the course, credentials, or number of students participating. Competition is on the rise, but there are numerous positions to be found on forums such as American Public University System, Brain Mass, and Kaplan.


Online learning is where it's at. People are literally teaching anything and everything online, so why not housewives looking for business ideas? You don't need to be "the expert" you just need to be honest with regards to your credentials. Compile a course that is compelling, easy to follow and understand and tada you are making a passive income with your knowledge.

Everything from parenting to salsa dancing is up for grabs. Teach a course people are interested in taking-meaning they are already searching the web for you what you have on offer. Think about what you are good at-what do people ask your advice about? Keep it simple, and keep it short. If you can provide quality people will buy it. Here is an excellent article outlining the step by step process to get you started. 

Once you create your perfect course you can sell it over and over again. You may tweak it once or twice, but the volume of sales and earnings will totally depend on how well your course is received. There’s no ceiling on earning potential so do it well and do it right. Paid platforms (typically $24-$9/month) like teachable, thinkific,  and learnworlds are great resources to not only sell your course but receive support and suggestions if you hit any snags along the way.


The cash cow you have been looking for-no word of a lie! A job any housewife can do from home when time allows, and that pays relatively well. Transcriptionists make between $15-$50/hour listening to audio and typing what you hear. Far from glamorous, this job can be monotonous and extremely repetitive, but if you have an excellent listening ear, are a quick typer, and have acute grammar skills, it is something that you can do anywhere.

You need a high-speed internet connection and may be required to purchase transcription software-which runs around $100-not a bad start-up cost. As you become more skilled or acquire formal credentials, you may be eligible to make more money transcribing court documentation, medical files, etc. Jobs can be found online through agencies such as RevTranscribeMe, and Transcribe Anywhere.


From history to physics, kids need tutors. Internet access options are convenient and beneficial for both the student and the instructor. Offering the flexibility to teach the number of hours and students you can accommodate, online tutors offer additional instruction and assistance to students of all ages. While a degree is undoubtedly beneficial, many platforms only require that you have knowledge and experience in the faculty or have received tutoring certification from a recognized organization such as the National Tutoring Association

Tutors can charge between $15-$60/hour contingent on the discipline, level of instruction, and qualifications. You can choose to market yourself as an independent consultant or connect with online platforms such as, udemy, chegg, and skooli. This is a brilliant idea for any housewives looking to make an additional income for their family.

64. ESL

Similar to online tutoring, teaching English as a second language is not necessarily as stringent with regards to their qualifications. Granted, specific platforms such as VIPKids, GoGoKid, and QKids require their tutors to either possess a degree or a TEFL certificate. There are conversational English podiums, however, that request only that you be fluent and proficient in English. Sites such as Cambly, Palfish, and SkimaTalk prefer experienced tutors but will accept candidates without any formal training or degree who successfully pass their application process.

Hours are flexible, and you can manipulate your schedule to fit your lifestyle and expect to earn $10-$25/hour making this a convenient way to generate some extra cash when you can sneak in the hours-perfect for housewives looking for business ideas and a supplementary income.


You love the idea, or you don’t, but you can make money completing surveys online. While this is far from a get rich quick scheme, it does have the ability to generate more than just a few bucks if you align yourself with a decent payout platform and can commit to a level of consistency. I have done my utmost to sift through the shite and suggest only the best five, but the reality is that if you type in “can I make money doing surveys from home,” be prepared to be SLAMMED with suggestions-you have been warned.

 Certain sites pay on a point system and offer gift cards. For the sake of this article, I am only going to suggest places that pay actual cash. Earnings are anywhere between $0.50-$50/survey, but the reality is sometimes you are working for less than minimum wage. If the convenience factor and affability are your drawing card, then it may be worth your while to check out the following: MyPoints, SwagBucks, SurveyJunkie, IpsosISay, and LifePointsPanel


90% of consumers utilize APPs. Quick, convenient, and easy to navigate, APPs are what is making the world go round-well at least a little bit. If you have an idea for an APP design, the first thing you need to do is write it down. Then comes the task of deciding how you will build and execute your plan. Have you picked a market that is trending? Why will people want to use your APP? All important factors to consider if you hope to generate an income from this. Here is an article worth reading to help you get started.

APPs make their money primarily through advertising but also use in-APP purchase options, paid selections, and sponserships. It takes talent and some capital to generate an income from APP design, so I would encourage you to do your research. There are tons of articles and do-it-yourself help guides such as this one to assist you in navigating through the process. There is no limit to how much you can make with a favorable APP, the key is making it happen.


While composing this list, I have done a ton of research. To my surprise, no one is talking about this unique yet unusual work from home option. If this suggestion doesn't sit with your moral compass, then, by all means, feel free to circumvent this suggestion. For those curious, here is what I discovered about working as an adult phone operator.

A massive industry in the 1990s this business still generates a steady client base that pays operators $60+/hour to talk 'dirty' on the phone, text, or send 'photos' of yourself (all fake ladies-please play it safe). Yes, you will have to be um-shall we say-creative, but platforms such as chaturbateiwantphone, and do an excellent job of protecting your identity and your privacy. The hours are flexible, and you can set your own schedule. It may not be for you, but there are honest earnings to be made with this if you can pass the 'voice test,' and the whole idea doesn't completely gross you out.


A suggestion as old as the sands of time I know, but there are a ton of savings-and some money-to be made couponing. The whole process has undergone a complete overhaul and is now current with technological advancements. While you can still clip and save, sites like KrazyCouponLady, Honey, and are super convenient ways to save money on purchases you buy on a daily/weekly basis. 

Here is an excellent article outlining the best sites for deals. It also lists the pros and cons of each platform that is not only extraordinarily detailed but also very helpful. For anyone looking to save a bit on spending this is a concept worth the extra little time and effort.


Our best friends and most trusted companions. Loyal with unconditional love, there is nothing quite like owning a pet. Except for the responsibility, vet bills, daily care, shall I continue? Being a pet owner is expensive and does not come without its share of pitfalls. For many pet lovers, owning an animal is not a feasible option due to current circumstances. 

If you are fond of creatures but lack the funds to have your own, why not consider lending a helping hand to those that do and offer your care and expertise? Make money doing something you enjoy and spending time with fur babies may be the perfect solution to generate a side income while sneaking in your snuggle quota. You can market any of your pet pursuits on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, create a website or connect with forums such as Rover and  Fetch which are free to join but take a percentage of your profits for providing a client base.


It is entirely possible to set up and run a successful doggie daycare from your home, but know your limitations and take the time to research what is involved before starting yours. Most municipalities require you to have a license. How many dogs can you handle-realistically? If your space is small, don’t overcrowd-dog owners won’t go in for that, and it’s terrible for both the dogs and your business reputation. 

Remember, dog owners, consider their fur babes part of their family. They are not happily going to hand over one of their loved ones without checking out you and your space. You need to have sufficient room for the dogs to run or a plan in place for regular exercise. What perks will you offer and how much you can charge depends on the package you can put together and how your brand will be perceived. Typically earnings are around $25/day per dog but if you offer a dynamic set up you may be able to set your rates a little higher.


While pet-friendly hotels and resorts are becoming a more viable option for families wanting to take their four-legged friends with them everywhere, there are still places where bringing a dog is an absolute no-no. Dog owners cannot always rely on friends and family to step up, and so they look for an alternate caregiver to love and spoil their dog while they go off and play.

How you run your show is up to you. Some people allow the dog free reign in their home-sleep on the bed-drink from the toilet-the whole nine yards, but if that's not your jam, it's ok. Be honest with owners about where you draw the line. There is always the option to care for the dog in the owner's home, but that can get tricky for most housewives contending with their own family.

Photos, daily text updates, and the care the animal would receive from their family are part of the package deal. The perfect way for housewives to expose their own family to a dog without the stress and responsiveness of being the owner. It's a win-win situation if you are a dog lover. A pretty profitable side gig you can do from your home and most overnight stays equate to $50+/night. Get a few regulars, have two or three dogs at the same time, and you will need to go out and purchase a new purse. Check out this current price list and see what I mean.


Ahh-cats. Let's not forget about our feline friends. Less enthusiastic with their affection, cats consider themselves superior species and their owners could not agree more. Cat sitting jobs are almost always performed in the clients' home so as not to disrupt our royal highness-es schedule and create unnecessary drama or upheaval. On the plus side, cats do not require nearly as much work as dogs, so even if you need to go to the client's home, you won't be there too long. Put out some fresh food and water, change the litter, and spend a bit of social time and then vamoose. Perfect for housewives on the go.

You can market yourself via social media, websites, family, and friends or connect with service providers such as Sittercity, Fetch!PetCare and While it's true that these sites receive a portion of your earnings, they are a quick and easy way to generate a client base to at least get you started. If you do a great job, there should be a domino effect as people recommend your services to others. Cat sitters typically charge around $20/day, but you can set your rates as you best see fit.


If you would prefer to leave the dogs out of your home, why not consider dog walking. Housewives can shuffle walks around their schedules as most people are looking for someone to walk their pooch during the day while they are at work. You can choose your hours, rates, and the number of dogs you are willing to provide this service to. Set your rates fairly, but take into consideration travel time and how easy or not so the dog walks if it’s like entering a boxing ring every time charge accordingly. 

Your rates will depend on where you live, but you can charge at a minimum $14-$20/20 minute walk. If owners have multiple dogs, you may want to consider giving them a break. The same goes if the dog needs more than one walk per day. Here’s a current guide for price comparison. It may surprise you to see just how lucrative this venture can become and you earn the added bonus of  getting in to pretty good shape doing this.


A competitive market, dog trainers, are not required to have formal education or certification, credentials and experience go a long way with dog owners and will earn you a lot more money in the future should you choose to invest in this option. Typically certification costs around $3000, and there a few distinct possibilities you can read more about here. The average wage is around $25/hour, but if you are really good or specialize in a specific niche-think guide dogs-you could make upwards of $150/hour.

Log in your hours, gain experience, and keep a stellar portfolio with client testimonials, pictures, and demonstrations of your work. When you can provide people with tangible evidence that you are the real deal, they will be much more inclined to choose your services. Word of mouth and referrals are a great way to get clients, but the same rules apply-website, social media, etc. to branch out and market your skills.


Mobile grooming has become quite the rage. Dog owners love the convenience of someone coming to them to give Fido a cut-style-blow dry and nail trim. While every state differs with regards to licensing-check this out for more info-you, do not necessarily require formal certification. Of course, like everything, the more knowledge, and experience you have, the better received you will be by people searching for your service.

Should you choose to enlist in formal education you are looking at an investment of around $4000 for 150 hours of training. The flip side is you could align yourself with a groomer currently in business and apprentice to gain both experience and potential clients.

Housewives looking for business ideas with a background in dogs, basic understanding of the grooming process, and the ability to market themselves well have the potential to make some real money with this. Dog groomers typically charge $10+/hour, but again consider travel time when creating your rates. Will you be breed specific-large or small dogs? The variables are as vast as the number of types of dogs. This article offers a step-by-step guide to getting started if this option appeals to the dog lover in you.


If you have a dog, you have a pooper, and you know it. One of the less pleasant aspects of owning a pooch-especially in the winter months-their bowels are as regular as the hands on a clock. Dog owners with little time or the inclination to pick up after their beloved are looking to outsource this less than charming task and are willing to pay around $10-$15/per dog/per visit for someone else to tend to the issue.

Start-up costs are low-you need a bucket-some gloves and a poor sense of smell with a strong stomach. Pick up enough dog shite and you can earn between $40-$45/hour-fast and furious my friends. You will need to do a fair bit of legwork initially to get this idea up and running. Market yourself, build a solid client base. After the dust settles, you can have your staff or contractors picking up the waste while you prospect for more clients or take care of your own household tasks. Here is a great article breaking down the deal from a-z with more details and specifications for getting started-scoop that poop!


Cameron from TRHOD sells pink dog food/treats. Granted, she’s a socialite on television and looks like Barbie, but there is no question she is business savvy. Choose your target market then dial it down. Analyze market trends-what sells and what does not. Animal owners are willing to spend money on their pets-everything from treats, booties, and cute coats to practical items such as beds, food/water dishes, and collars/leashes are up for grabs. Determine what it is you want to sell and then get to work.  This is a terrific piece on how to start your own online business selling your handmade concoctions. 

You will need a website-think an e-commerce site such as Shopify or Etsy. Connect with local animal groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Put the word out there everywhere and anywhere you can. Price your items fairy and have a marketing strategy, but there is money to be made if you are willing to put in the time and energy to researching and producing. Housewives looking for business ideas can do this from home, it just takes some careful planning and executing, and you could end up earning much more than you had hoped.


For many housewives, returning to the demands of a full-time job is not feasible. If you are considering creating a stream of income that allows you flexibility and still generates a profit, here are a few low-cost start-ups to consider. While most will require some form of certification, but I have intentionally chosen accreditation's that are relatively quick to obtain for a reasonable rate. Imagine calling the shots around your family's schedule and having the luxury of working for yourself. Yes, there is work involved, but money takes work. There are numerous personal rewards for being a 'boss babe' and establishing your personal legacy.


 $1500-$2000 and 4-6 hours will earn you the certification to jump on board one of the spicy new trends of this century. Everyone wants a whiter smile, but many people do not like the dentist-no offense. Mobile teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to obtain the desired look without spending a lot of time or money. Malleable, you set your schedule and your rates-typically $75-$150/session depending on the number of minutes (45-60). For housewives hoping to generate an income around their hectic lifestyles, this is a convenient solution.

Utilize your connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. Connect with professionals and utilize referrals. The more you sell yourself and your services, the more successful you will become. Social media plays a significant role in this-people eat before and after pictures like smarties, so become an 'IG queenie' and get posting.


Mindset training and intention setting are the way of the future. Business owners and individuals alike utilize this pictorial tool for an inspiration-a dynamic way to make dreams attainable. You need to market yourself and generate excitement so that people will want to attend and pay to be there. It is up to you to make this an event people want to visit. You can charge what you like but, at a minimum, cover your costs plus 1.5%. This article offers ideas and an online course for those interested in honing their skills, but I will tell you that people pay around $20- $40/each to attend a top of the line class.

As the host, your role is to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life-either address their financial hardships, their life intention, or goal for the year in a manner that manifests the law of attraction. It may sound like a whole lot of bull****, but I am telling you, vision boards are HOT!

If you can get in on the action, you stand to make some serious coin BUT-you have to be good-think OM vibes and exceptional juju. Initial legwork is involved as you need to have supplies and a plan on how you will facilitate the course, but once you have the kinks ironed out-watch out. You can develop a buzz on social media platforms, word of mouth, and referrals.


If you can take something old and make it look new, you are one of the lucky ones. There is a lot of money to be made refinishing or reupholstering furniture. Most people that attempt this fail miserably because they don't take the time to learn the skills and understand what types of pieces to look for, and the work entailed to convert 'junk' to solid gold. You can be the next Bob Villa is if you educate yourself. There are all kinds of online coursestips and tricks, so do your due diligence and understand what you are getting into before you start.

Know what you are doing and how much you are worth. Most people that are successful with this simply set up a Facebook Market page and sell from their phone. You can offer custom work for clients, but the pieces you do choose to refinish need to be quality-hint-stay away from fake wood. The national average is around $40/hour, but most bill on a per project basis. A home-based scheme that can land you some serious coin-the perfect fit for talents housewives.


Gone are the days we hit the beach with nary a thought about sunscreen. No longer armed with baby oil and aluminum foil, we grab a big floppy hat and a bottle of SPF 1000+ sunscreen to protect ourselves from those harmful UV rays. But...we still want a tan-what to do? Spray tanning has made tremendous progress over the years-no longer leaving people that interesting orange color-well most people. Today spray tans done well provide a natural, tawny glow and people are happy to pay for them.

You can obtain spray tan certification for under $600 either in person or online in as little as 3-4 hours and charge your clients $35-$85/tan. Brand yourself well, set up a Facebook business page, build a website, and advertise your service anywhere and everywhere you can. This business is booming and has the potential to be very lucrative if you are willing to put in the legwork to establishing yourself. Offering flexibility and the freedom to be your own boss, you could also connect with endorsed business owners on sites such as ziprecruiter and jobilize


There is a BIG difference between being a makeup artist and an esthetician-let's put that out there straight away. Certification, licensing, and 'red tape' scenarios differ dramatically between the two professions. As a makeup artist, you do not generally require formal accreditation or a license, but check out this article to begin researching your state just to be safe as there are a few that have chosen to be complicated.

Your skill, experience, and love for makeup may be all you need to glean a client base and offer bridal party makeup application, special occasion, etc. A flexible opportunity for busy housewives, you have the option to freelance or work contractually for someone else. There are numerous courses that you can complete online and range between $1500-$2500. You can expect to earn between $40-$200/session for basic makeup application. As your client base grows, consider expanding your knowledge and offer specialty or niche-specific products and you could be the next Gucci Westman. Social media is your friend. To generate a buzz, you need to post pics, testimonials, and exclusive deals to set yourself apart from your competitors.


From lifts and tints to extensions, people are not interested in wasting time with mascara wands anymore. Ladies-and gentlemen-want a quick fix that will cut down on the 5-minute face and provide a low-maintenance solution to their morning routine. While some states require you to have a cosmetology or esthetician certificate, many do not. Check out this article to see what the regulations are where you live.

Lash artists average $25/hour, and numerous online courses take around 6 hours to complete. Classes range from $900-$2000, which not only offer training but correlation and ongoing support, and clients should you choose to align yourself with them. If you prefer to run your own show, you can market yourself on social media platforms, a website, and obtain referrals from friends and family. With the flexibility to work when you are available, this is an economical start-up business that will generate monetary rewards quickly.


With the option to learn microblading online, this beauty trend is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the most popular facets of the industry. In-person courses are recommended, but either way, you should choose an option that provides around 100 hours of instruction and is affiliated with the AMM or SCPC. Then you know that you are not only an expert in the field but that you are eligible to be bonded and insured. Microblading is not regulated in every state, but do your research-better safe than sorry. 

Courses range from $800-$2000, but I would suggest shopping around and be wary of scams that are not the real deal. Technicians typically earn between $250-$1000/session, which equates to roughly $50-$150/hour making this a desirable solution for housewives wanting a flexible job they can do from home around their own schedules.


If you do not have a background in hair styling or cosmetology, you will need to commit to a bit of time to complete your certification. Hairstylists are required to be licensed and insured even if they are working from home. The good news is that you can obtain your certification online in approximately 24-30 weeks for a cost of around $1300-$1800. You can read more about online courses here.

Hairstylists generally charge between $17-$30/hour, but if you are doing specialized color, highlights, tints, etc., you could potentially charge more. Establish a substantial client base of repeat customers, and you can work the hours you want during the week from your own home. Or, you can connect with local salons and work part-time or as a freelance contractor. 


If you love helping people look their best and have an interest in skincare, offering mobile facial services may be an attractive business idea for housewives looking to earn some extra money around their own busy life. You do require certification and state licensing to perform facials, but with online options available, you could potentially complete your education in 6-12 months for around $4000-$12000.

With the option to charge between $75-$300+facial, you would quickly recoup your investment if you were able to generate a solid client base. By offering the mobile variant, you provide convenience in addition to exceptional service. You need to market yourself-social media, website-you know the frill. If you would prefer to start out as a freelance or part-time consultant, jobs are always posted on platforms such as recruit.netcareerjet, and linkedin.


Wherever there is skin, there is potential for piercing. A craze that has been around for decades is not slowing down in popularity. There are some stringent requirements to becoming piercer that should be mentioned.  Online training is available to teach you about blood pathogens, sterilization and perhaps get a foot in the door to this exciting and lucrative side hustle. 

Becoming a certified piercer takes time (3-12 months), work (study hard and gain apprenticeship), and money ($2000+). If you have the time and interest, this article will show you the ropes and shed some light on the process. On average piercers make around $15/hour. Once you have the right credentials, you can offer mobile services, freelance with local businesses, or check out online job postings on the internet and social media platforms.


If you love makeup as much as you love kids, why not consider a side hustle as a face painter? With no formal certification required, you can learn online at your own pace for between $200-$1400. Granted, most gigs will happen on the weekends and evening hours, but if you to the ‘hand-off’ with your partner or alternate caregiver, as a housewife looking for business ideas, this may be worth investigating further.

Once you learn and hone your skills, you can charge $5+/face, and if you paint quick enough, that’s around $40/hour. This is a competitive field, so you need to be the best in the biz and land jobs which generate repeat customers-think birthday parties. Pass out your business cards with a special offer and watch your success snowball. By offering unique and creative designs, you can be a brush above the rest. Brand and market yourself well, and you will be on the road to success before you know it.


You're never too old for Disney. The magic and mystery. Oh sure, you KNOW it's just a person dressed up in a costume, but when they look EXACTLY like Cinderella-goosebumps! Imagine how kids feel with their active imaginations and obsession with certain characters. This is a well-heeled idea and could make you a ton of cash-upwards of $195-$395/hour for every character appearance.

While you may not have the looks or theatrical talent to pull this off on your own, starting a company would be a profitable investment for women looking for business ideas. You will need to purchase the costumes and hire actors that have the talent and represent the character you offer-the closer the better. Launch a website and social media posts and bazinga you have yourself a business. 

Like any new venture, you will need some capital- around $4000-$10000, but if you hire enough entertainers, you will recoup those costs in no time. Here is a post from a parents perspective on why this suggestion is worth more than just considering.


Sleepovers are so much fun! Up all night giggling, gossiping and generally being silly. One of a child's best memories. For the parents, however, there is a ton of 'behind the scenes' work to pulling off an exceptional soiree-pressure! There are now companies that provide everything you need to transform your sleeping quarters into a fairy tale wonderland. There are numerous packages, including pop up tents, mattresses, and added extras. Packages range from $175-$550+/night for rentals, so...if you're thinking what I'm thinking, then I like the way you think!

You would need to purchase items and have a plan for delivery. Also, a biggie would be cleanliness-no bedbug issues, or you will be out of business before you start. Like every new business venture, you will need some capital, but if you start small-think 10-20 kids/party and grow a client base, you can purchase more products as you expand. There is the potential for this idea to really take off. You are entering as close to the ground level as possible, so if you're interested get after it.


As a parent, we are always looking for new and innovative ideas for birthdays, play dates, you name it. The appeal to entertain our kids is a reality. Many housewives are capitalizing on the need and inventing cool new ways to both beguile and earn an income. Jewelry making parties are one of the latest trends and a ton of fun for both you and the little charges in attendance. 

You can impose your own rates, but be sure to cover the cost of materials, travel time, and potential headache medication after captivating a room full of excited children for 2-4 hours. A mobile solution that is flexible for you and fun for your audience. You have to be a bit crafty and have the patience to teach so that every child can make a bracelet or whatever to take home. Brand-market-brand-market-you know the drill. Do it well, and you have the potential to make a lot of money with this venture.


If you have the dexterity to wield a needle and thread like a champion, you should contemplate offering your expertise for monetary rewards. Most people can’t even sew on a button, so they turn to a sewist to take care of it for them. If you are outstanding and can design and make clothes, do alterations in addition to little mending jobs, this is a fantastic opportunity.

No formal education or licensing requirements are enforced, and this is a job you can do from home when time permits. Seamstress and tailors typically charge around $13/hour, but if you get into costume design and apparel, you could charge up to $20+/hour. This is a service that is in high demand, so if people are aware that you offer these skills, you will have business knocking at your door.


Healing hands and a passion for universal opportunity are prerequisites for any reiki master. There is no governing body, however, certain states require you to possess a therapy license so dig around before you start. Online courses are available, but anyone in the field will advise you that this specialized strategy cannot be taught without hands-on experience and active interactions with others. These training courses offer further understanding and the ability to channel relationship responses to assist the body in healing itself on a deeper level.

There are levels to reiki training, but for those just starting, the first level takes around 8-12 hours and runs about $200. To become a reiki master, you will need to invest approximately 12 months and $1600. Reiki masters charge between $60-$90/hour and have the ability to choose their hours while working where they want. You may choose to go solo, or if you prefer to align with a facility, you can join IARP (International Association of Reiki Practitioners), who connect practitioners to job openings in their area.


Love babies and want to be a support system for new or expecting mums? If you answered yes, a career as a doula is an attainable and relatively lucrative industry that will only continue to grow as more and more parents opt for natural and home births as opposed to traditional hospital stays. Online learning is available for just under $800 are roughly 40 hours of both teaching and practical components. This a rewarding job with the opportunity to work as much or as little as you like. Not as flexible as some options, however, as you need to be available for the birth that, as you know, could happen at the most inopportune time.

On average, doulas charge $45+/hour, but most choose to price per delivery and average around $2000+baby. There is an alternative to be a postpartum doula, which would be more flexible and better suited to the hourly rate, so it depends on your schedule and time commitment if pursuing this idea. You can choose to freelance or do your own thing, but either way, you will need to market yourself with either a website or social media platform-both is better- and advertise your services to be successful.


Possess the panache to create cakes that would put Martha Stewart to shame? If given a choice, most people will always choose to go with a homemade cake where they have a say in the design. While no formal certification is required for this role-which makes an appealing stay at home business idea for housewives looking for a supplemental income, there are numerous courses you can enroll in-either online or at your local community college to up your game.

Cake designers tend to earn around $13/hour, but most charge per job ($150-$300+). If you can outshine the competition or can corner a specified niche of the market, you stand to earn much more. Word of mouth goes a long way in this business, so make your creations not only look great but taste fantastic, and people will be calling you the cake lady. Here is a useful article to peruse for some helpful hints on how to best be successful in this endeavor.


Funerals are EXPENSIVE. More and more people are shying away from the traditional funeral in lieu of a Celebration of Life. Not just for the economic benefits, but for the personalization this industry provides. With online training available for approximately $1000, you can learn at your own pace-around 6-12 months- and become certified in this unique and increasingly popular position.

With a wage of between $50-$150/hour, you would only need to do this part-time to generate a decent side hustle income. Selling your services, you have a variety of options. Connect and freelance with local funeral homes who do not offer this service but would like to. Or-you could go out on your own if you are interested in starting a business for yourself. There are also job postings to be found on platforms like ziprecruiter, indeed, and linkedin.


Who doesn't love a wedding? Everybody all dressed up and happy. The theme of the day is love, and everyone just seems a little more beautiful and more affectionate. If you pour over "Four Weddings" and think what fun it would be to attend regularly, why not consider becoming a wedding officiant? It is not as difficult as you might think to become ordained to officiate at least a legal ceremony. If you want to enter into the religious sector, then you will have to take care of that ball of wax yourself.

It is so easy to become ordained these days that you can even do it online-check this out-told you it was easy. The reality is that if you wish to do this as your side hustle, it will take a bit more than just obtaining your license. You need to practice and offer the best service possible to the jittery couple. Wedding officiants make around $50-$100/wedding, but people need to discover you before they can hire you. Website, social media, referrals, you need to get the word out there, so more people will be saying "I do" because of you.


This ancient practice does not lift, tuck or tighten, but it does provide a host of health benefits including relief of menstrual cramps, bloating fertility issues, and overall vaginal health. Yoni steaming is a holistic and natural approach to addressing complications that may arise below the equator and is rapidly growing traction as the 'go-to' procedure for women looking for female comfort.

You can become certified online for around $400 for basic level accreditation, but there are options to expand your knowledge and grow as an expert in this method. There are numerous DIY kits on the market, but the stars are flocking to professionals to take care of this ritual for them. There has never been a better time to get in on the action, and you can charge $100+/treatment.

You can offer your expertise to local spas or branch out on your own-either way you are providing a service in a rapidly growing industry that could generate an income for you and your family and still provide the flexibility you depend on.



The days you being the life of the party may be a distant memory, but nothing is saying you can’t bring the party to life. Combine the best of both worlds and socialize while making money doing it. Just a heads up that these suggestions will require a bit of time and capital to get off the ground, but that said, if executed correctly, these suggestions have the potential to achieve a tremendous ROI. 


There are so many types and styles of photography and a photographer for each one. A competitive market, you must have a creative eye and posses the ability to capture moments on film in a unique and captivating style.  For photography, you must pick a niche-go as specific as you can-and then get after your market. When you specialize, you become the expert, and everyone wants the best, so that is what you need to be-the best.

There are as many options as there are styles of photography, but the bottom line is that you do not necessarily need formal training to be a freelance photographer or own your own business. Experience and skill go a long way with potential clients who are more interested in the quality of your work than the diploma on your wall. Not every state requires licenses, but double check here to see where your locale fits into the equation.

If you are formally trained, you can offer your services as a freelance contractor or seek part-time work on sites such as snappr and meetaphotographer. Photographers generally make between $15-$40/hour, and there is flexibility in this profession, especially if you are an independent.


It takes more than slicing and dicing to be a stellar videographer. Granted, you have to have ‘the eyes’ and be able to capture the setting on film, but these days it is more about how well you understand and can execute the technical side of the industry that will really set you apart from the crowd. There are numerous online training programs available to up your ante and hone your skills ranging from $20 to upwards of $100.

Burrow into an alcove of a particular area-be it weddings, family events, live streams, etc. and dive into your potential market armed with the latest and greatest innovative technology and your specific skill set. Several platforms offer freelance work such as freelancer, upwork, and workana.

The hourly wage for videographers is $25+-not a bad business idea for housewives looking to utilize their creative skills with the option for flexible hours and mainly work from home situation.


Multi-tasking, detail-oriented, organized to a fault-like it or not, you have learned well grasshopper. Many housewives are the epitome of the perfect event planner, and they don’t even know it. If you run your household like a well-oiled machine and don’t get stressed out over the minute details, why not consider making some money from those superior skills and enroll in a six-week online course to become a certified event planner? 

Classes average $100-$250 and can be completed in the comfort of your own home in as little as six weeks. While you do not need any formal education to become an event planner, it is a competitive field, so the more knowledge you possess, the better positioned you are to market yourself and your expertise.

There are so many options to choose from with event planning. From wedding to corporate and private, most planners average around $50-$150/hour. You can decide to go out on our own and build an empire, or establish connections with active companies in your area and offer freelance services. Platforms such as,, and request a membership fee ranging from a 20% service charge per job to flat fees between $200-$500/year, but are a great way to find jobs, connect, and network with other planners.


Like RyhymeZone says-"Come on in, the whole place is jumpin', Everybody's out on the floor. If you want to keep the rhythm pumpin." If you have the talent for slinging records like Martin Garrix, then you may want to consider a side hustle as a DJ. Obviously, it takes more than downloading your best playlist on our iPad. You need to understand the psychology and read your crowd. While there is no formal training required, you better have a solid grasp of the technological devices and equipment.

DJs typically earn between $500-$1000/night. A housewife with precious few free hours could do this part part-time, make a bit of dosh and get to socialize without the guilt. With an outgoing personality and the ability to perform' mashups' and rev up the throng of party-goers looking to cut some rug, you are the life of the party, so know your trade.

You more than likely will not require a license for small events, but if you start performing gigs at clubs or venues, you may need to obtain a permit. Check out this post for more information, but be sure to do your own research, so you cover your tail. Jobs are often posted on djagency,, and glassdoor.


Everyone loves a good party, and they especially like it when there is added entertainment and the option for a 'favor' to take home. Owning and operating a pop-up photo booth business is both lucrative and one you can run from home. Photo booths cost about $2000-$9000 to purchase but generate between $700-$1200/event. Overhead and maintenance costs are relatively low-around $75-$100/event to rent. 

There has been a complete overhaul on the types and styles of photo booths. This article sheds some light on it if you're interested in learning more. You will need licensing and liability insurance as the owner-check you local sate guidelines or connect with the Small Business Administration here for more details. There is no shortage of opportunities to market. Every event from corporate to weddings and festivals are all a lot more fun with a photo booth.


Consumerism is not dead. People are as interested in buying merchandise as ever.  Despite economic setbacks and the doom and gloom rumors you hear touted on certain television stations, people love to shop. If you have a product or service that is of value and is marketed well, chances are you have a winner. Capitalize on your sales to generate a sweet side income. With online shopping comes an even more convenient way to reach a vast number of people, so think outside the box a bit. 

You may need to set up an e-commerce site or, at the very least, a website and social media platforms to advertise. If you do your research, create eye-catching packaging, logos, etc., you have a much better chance of being successful online. Yes, there is always the option to hop from one vendor or mom-to-mom sale to the next, but you need to think big to make it BIG. You can sell whatever you like, but here are business ideas for housewives that are currently high-ticket items to consider.


Vintage is back baby! As we make endeavors to become a greener planet, there has been a resurgence of recycled and vintage clothes. Now it is not only cool to wear old clothes, but it is eco-friendly too. Buying vintage pieces that are actually worth something takes a little knowledge and skill. It would help if you had an eye for fashion. Know what sells and how to price your finds reasonably. It is of benefit to you if you are also handy with a needle and thread as most pieces will require some alterations or adjustments before they are market-ready.

You can locate vintage pieces in number places, but this article gives a quick recap on not only the best places to find but where to sell as well. Take note of your niche and choose one that is not saturated for a better success rate with this. Your profit margin is in your hands. Clearly, the better the bargain and mark up price, the more your pieces are worth. And of course, it goes without saying that the more you sell, the more you make. This is a potentially profitable business if done correctly. It has flexible hours and the luxury of performing from home.


They grow sooo fast! Some of those cute little outfits you received as gifts at your baby shower were never even worn before your precious bundle had outgrown them. As quickly as the babes' grow, it seems we accumulate baby gear. Everything from clothes to essentials like strollers and car seats. When you have made the decision not to have any more children, what to do with all this stuff is a genuine question.

While there are numerous local consignment stores geared to baby items, they never give you much for your stuff. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, consider selling them online. Places like Facebook Marketplace, mum groups, or APP such as LetGo and Kidizine, which allow you to take home about 90% of the selling price. If you want to take it one step further, you could purchase items at consignment or thrift stores and then re-sell with a mark up-not exactly ethical, but it is a quick way to make a few extra bucks if you're really stuck.


A billion-dollar industry, jewelry is spicy. Why not get in on the action? There are two ways you can go about selling jewelry-either online or at vendor and trade shows. The pair have their pros and cons but with a bit of legwork, a solid business plan and unique pieces you have the potential to be quite successful with this.

Etsy is the number one place to be for homemade and craft artists selling their wares but do your research. What kind of jewelry do you make? Costume or practical? Gender-specific? If you are interested in starting your own online jewelry website, read how to do it here. Selling jewelry online can be done from home around your calendar. If you choose to go the vendor route, it still offers flexibility and a chance to get out and socialize as an added bonus. This article is an excellent starting place and may help you launch your idea to sell jewelry for a profit.


Wood has always been in style, but it seems like, in recent years, it has made a serious comeback. Everyone appears to be requesting wooden signs for their homes or cottages, a new charcuterie board, and custom pieces to finish the look of a room. If you have the git of wielding a chisel and saw like a champion, then you should consider selling your artisanal pieces for money.

More than just a hobby, if taken seriously and done well, there is potential for real earnings. Be sure to price your pieces in a manner that won't undercut your own costs. Cover your bases and add between %15-%100 depending on your selling platform. This article may shed some light on how much you should ask for without compromises. icraft and depop are two unique sites which cater to carpentry and woodworking if you don't feel like going the Etsy route.


As fast as you can buy them, companies are putting out a new version. Cell phones are updated and improved as often as most people change their socks. There are a lot of people who just have to have the newest device, which means that there are a lot of ‘old’ working devices up for sale. If you can find a good deal locally on a used cell phone that works, you have the opportunity to resell that phone nationally for profit. 

Believe me when I tell you that people are making serious coin with this concept. Something that housewives can do from home around their schedule with a start-up cost as low as $100. You definitely need to do your research. Check out this article, which offers some great tips on how to initiate the process. With platforms like eBayswappa, and gadgetgobbler, you need to be mindful of the percentage they skim from each sale. Also, factor in shipping and incidentals when pricing your resale to ensure you generate a profit on each device.


At the risk of sounding redundant, I will stop here, but you get the idea. The if you build it, they will come kind of analogy, Everything from knitting/crochet and embroidery to planters and baked goods/sweets are up for grabs with online selling. If you sell an item from home that has been over sighted apologies. Drop a line in the comments and tell us about it and any tips for success you might care to share.


If you are not the techie type and online options do not appeal to you, there are still a plethora of flexible jobs you can do around your schedule. I get it. Sometimes you just NEED to get out of the house.

Anything from errands and food delivery, to driving around town offers a decent wage and customized hours-ideal business ideas for housewives looking for a little extra income each month. Here are a few of my top contenders.


Acquiring modest money for quick and simple tasks is the long and short of micro-jobs. This can be anything from running an errand to online assignments. For housewives looking for business ideas, this is an easy way to make money around your agenda-work when you want. 

Grab our cup of joe and be prepared to move quickly. The more jobs you complete, the more you earn. Jobs typically range from $1-$50 and may take anywhere from 10-60 minutes to complete. There are a host of places to land gigs. Check out sites like Mechanical TurkTask Rabbit, and Clickworker and get started ASAP.


If you own or have access to a vehicle, then driving for Lyft or Uber is a convenient way to make some extra money around your schedule. On average, Lyft drivers earn around $17/hour-$2 more than Uber drivers. You definitely need to factor in costs associated with this gig. Wear and tear on your car, gas, insurance, etc. This article provides a valuable read about hidden fees and what you can actually write off come tax time.

If you can make yourself available during hours where there is less competition, and you don’t have to drive too far to get an engagement, there is potential to make some serious money with this suggestion. Why not sign up with both companies and double your chances of scoring clients? Remember that each company skims a portion of your profit-20-25%, so be sure to factor that into your rates.


Food delivery APPs are soaring. With the convenience they offer, it does not appear that this need is going to slow down any time soon. There are several platforms you can align yourself with to deliver food. Offering flexible hours and the ‘work when you want’ mentality, food delivery drivers average around $12-$22/hour, and most pay via direct deposit or PayPal. Here is a list of the best food delivery services to help you decide who you want to connect with.

You need to have a vehicle, be over the age of 18, and meet applicant criteria.  Keep in mind that each company will take a percentage of your earnings, but tips are yours free and clear. In addition to food, some platforms offer grocery shopping and errand running as options for users and generate a higher income for delivery persons. For housewives looking for business ideas they can perform around their own itinerary, this one is a definite contender. 


What if I told you it was possible to make $300-$1000/month just to wrap your car? Believe it, folks, because this is the real deal. Granted, there are a colossal number of factors you need to meet to be considered for this service, such as the age of your car, your driving record, how much you drive, etc. Check out this article for more details on specifics if you're interested. 

If you meet the requirements, this is EAZZZYYY monay! Wrapify, Carvertise, and FreeCarMedia are the three top contenders. Word to the wise-there are a ton of scams in this market, so be sure you affiliate yourself with a legit company.


Despite the advancements of the internet and social media, business owners continue to rely heavily on cold calling to generate buzz around their business. Be it via a call center or pounding the pavement going door to door with flyers, etc., there is a need to be filled. Hours are flexible, and the pay averages out to $9-$12/hour, not bad for a secondary income you can leverage around your own stuff.

You need a thick skin and some sales savvy sense to be prosperous with this. You will hear a lot of no’s-have doors slammed in your face, and people hang up on you, so if you are at all sensitive, I would advise reading on and forgo this idea. If you think you can handle the heat, then check out job postings on platforms like upwork, indeed, and ziprecruiter, to name a few. 


It may not be the most glamorous job, but a paper route typically takes between 60-90 minutes, so that leaves busy housewives the added hours in their day to take care of the thousand and one other things they need to address. You stand to earn between $150-$500/week delivering papers, and that's not including any tips you might glean as a result of your hard work.

Yes, it's early mornings, but if you own a car, you can even drive in inclement weather if you are so inclined. A lot of newspapers now prefer their carriers to be adults or late teens as opposed to 'the youngsters'. Check out this article for a step by step explanation on how you can obtain a paper route in your area. A little fresh air and exercise never hurt anyone.

My #1 Business Idea for Housewives Recommendation-Learn to Generate Leads for Local Businesses (all you Need is a Laptop)


Being a housewife can be a challenging and thankless job. Often financial stressors only compound the situation. That is why I am so thankful that I discovered lead generation. The premise behind the madness is to create an online presence and generate leads for business owners. It takes a bit of legwork and some capital to get started, but when you are up and running, nothing compares to this passive income stream.

Check out this article to read more about lead generation and decide if this is a good fit for you. The hours are flexible, and it can be done from literally anywhere. Never have I found a more rewarding opportunity for a supplemental income. Lead generation has changed the trajectory of my life and allowed me to provide for my family in a way I had never dreamed possible.

This is by no means an encyclopedic list of business ideas for housewives. It is an inventory of suggestions that honestly have the potential to make money saving you valuable time searching for ideas on your own. I have attempted to separate the categories to tailor specific niches and individual requirements. 

If you have a recommendation that has not been mentioned here, I would love to hear it and am sure our readers would too. Please feel free to leave any proposals in the comment section. Thank you for taking the time.

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