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Cameron Dunlap Review: Are His Real Estate Wealth Network Products & Services Legit?

March 17, 2024

Cameron Dunlap is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has made a living with real estate since 1993. He has made millions of dollars and, ever since 1995, he's focused on teaching people how to succeed at investing in real estate through many of the real estate courses he sells in the Real Estate Wealth Network platform.

The problem with investing in physical properties is that you have to spend thousands of dollars across many months and years before you get to see a return on your investment. You won't make money as often because there are too many steps you must take to be profitable with real estate flipping.

Cameron Dunlap Review: Pros and Cons


Cameron Dunlap has made over 8-figures as a real estate investor. 

Cameron has trained many people to become successful investors.

He offers training for how to find potential buyers. 

Cameron has trained tens of thousands of real estate investors. 

He has funded over $50 million in wholesale real estate transactions for his clients and students without charging fees. 


Real estate investing doesn't pay you predictably each month. Your income is not guaranteed, especially if you are into commercial real estate investing.  

There are too many courses when he could just package it all together.

There are several complaints stating that his courses are full of hype and not much value.

Cameron Dunlap does not offer a refund policy.

Cameron offers no training on how to make money with a commercial real estate investment.

Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap was born in1965 in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Cameron started real estate investing in 1993 and started speaking and teaching how to  in 1995. He founded and became CEO of the software and training company he now owns, Real Estate Wealth Network. Cameron has created and launched many products and tools for real estate investors running a wholesaling real estate business. He previously sold courses such as The Vacant House Bank and One-Day Flip on the Awesome REI platform.

What is the Cameron Dunlap Net Worth?

Cameron Dunlap has an estimated net worth of over $100 million when you factor in the millions of dollars he has made in real estate since 1993 and all the money he has made from selling his courses to the thousands of students he's taught.

What is the Cameron Dunlap Real Estate Wealth Network?

The Cameron Dunlap Real Estate Wealth Network is an online real estate education platform that helps real estate investors run their business more efficiently. They also have the tools, services, and resources to help guide you towards profitability with real estate investing.

What are the Cameron Dunlap Real Estate Courses and Products?

The Cameron Dunlap real estate courses and products are digital resources that are sold on the Real Estate Network platform.

What are Cameron Dunlap Courses?

The Cameron Dunlap courses teach you how to get started and succeed with real estate investing. These are the courses Cameron sells. 

The Real Estate Essentials (Ressentials)

The Real Estate Essentials training course teaches you how to fund your deals, how to find motivated sellers and hungry buyers and how to leverage automation tools to help you run your business more efficiently. 

Real Estate Wealth Summit

The Real Estate Wealth Summit is a live 3-day virtual workshop that teaches you how to use their proprietary software to find and evaluate deals and connect with buyers. They also explain how you can gain access to $1 million in funding for your real estate deals. 

Price: The Real Estate Wealth Summit costs $49.

Private Lender Training

The Private Lender Training explains how to identify professional private lenders and how to earn their trust so you can continue doing real estate deals. There is training on how to turn your sellers into lenders, and Cameron also provides you with up to $600,000 so you can start closing real estate deals. There is no credit check, no interest is charged, and no experience is needed. 

Price: Private Lender Training costs $97.

Where To Get The Money

The Where to Get The Money training teaches you 4 different ways to get money for your deals without having to go to the banks. Cameron shows you alternative financing strategies anyone can use regardless of credit history or experience.

Price: Where to Get The Money costs $129.

How To Get Agents Working For You

How to Get Agents Working For Your is a course that shows you the blueprint to get real estate agents working to bring you the best real estate deals. You learn how to get them to trust you, how to leverage expired listings, and more.

Price: How to Get Agents Working For You costs $129.

Your Financial Calculator

Your Financial Calculator is a training consisting of 4 volumes that shows you how to understand numbers so you can gain confidence in the offers you make. You learn how to understand numbers associated with real estate investing and also how to negotiate. 

Price: Your Financial Calculator costs $149. 

Sell Fast - Make More

Sell Fast - Make More is a training that shows you how to sell your houses faster with less effort. Cameron reveals how you can use down payment grants to sell fast, how to carry back a mortgage and flip it at closing, and more.

Price: Sell Fast - Make More costs $129.

The Purchase & Sale Agreement Line-By-Line 

The Purchase & Sale Agreement Line-By-Line course provides an in-depth explanation of how to put a purchase & sale agreement together. 

Price: The Purchase & Sale Agreement Line-By-Line costs $129.

The 2023 Vacant House Blueprint

The 2023 Vacant House Blueprint shows you how to pick the best vacant houses, how to estimate repairs, how to get sellers to agree to your offers quickly, and more.

Price: The 2023 Vacant House Blueprint is free. 

Overcoming Seller Objections

The Overcoming Seller Objections training will uncover how to talk to motivated sellers during initial contact and how to deal with any objection they throw your way. Cameron provides you with proven seller scripts to follow. 

Price: Overcoming Seller Objections costs $97.

What are Cameron Dunlap Products & Services?

The Cameron Dunlap products & services are shown below. 

Motivated Seller Data Feed

Motivated Seller Data Feed is a software by Cameron Dunlap that helps identify up to 20 key motivation types that help you spot off-market deals in every market in the United States. You'll have access to national change of addresses, phone numbers, mortgage history, school districts, property details, current state of distress of a property, and more.

Price: Motivated Seller Data Feed costs $99 per month after a 3-day trial period that costs $1. 

Cash Buyer Data Feed

The Cash Buyer Data Feed is a system that will give you access to Cameron's nationwide database of over 60,000 verified cash buyers. 

Price: Cash Buyer Data Feed costs $147 for 3 months of statewide data and $247 each year for nationwide data. 

iFlip Real Estate

iFlip Real Estate is a business management software that helps you automate your marketing efforts like prospecting, website creation, email marketing, and more. You can also make offers using the software.

Price: iFlip Real Estate costs $79.99 per month after a 14-trial worth $1.95. 

Cameron's Inner Circle

Cameron's Inner Circle is an exclusive group of experts that will answer any question you have while running your real estate business. The Inner Cirlce meets twice per month for in-depth training sessions. They host Q&A sessions and have advanced market conversations.

Price: Cameron's Inner Circle costs $74.95 per month after a 30-day trial that costs $3.95.

Custom Comps

Custom Comps is a software that gives you access to reliable sales data that includes listed and unlisted properties. This system comes included with your purchase of Ressentials.

Find the Seller

Find the Seller is a software that generates skip trace searches to locate missing property owners. You can order 4 types of reports with this software.

  1. Premium Skip Trace
  2. Tax Roll Search
  3. Business Background Search
  4. Judgements, Bankruptcies, & Liens

Price: Find the Seller costs $424 for 50 credits or $9.97 per ordered report.

Real Estate Skip Trace

Real Estate Skip Trace is a tool that searches for hard to find abandoned properties and their owners. 

Price: Real Estate Skip Trace costs $49.98 per month. 

What are Real Estate Wealth Network Reviews?

Real Estate Wealth Network Reviews are both good and bad. The most recent review on the Better Business Bureau is from Earl who said Cameron and his Real Estate Wealth Network gave him the confidence to take consistent action. He also saw the value in the tools provided in the program.

On Reddit, several people said that Cameron Dunlap and the Real Estate Wealth Network are a scam but didn't give a detailed reason for saying so. 

David Boykin Makes $54,780 Profit on His First Wholesale Deal with Real Estate Network

David Boykin's Background and Story 

David Boykin has been in real estate for over a decade. He has been doing fix and flip hotel projects in Augusta, Georgia. He transitioned to wholesale real estate with Cameron's help because it required less hands-on work and offers quicker profit potential.  

How David Made $54K Profit

Cameron Dunlap's group funded David's first wholesale real estate deal, where he sold a four-unit property (quadplex) in Augusta. He said the experience was very different from his usual fix and flips because it was quicker, easier, and more profitable. Although there was a minor issue in the rental income calculations, he still made $54,780 profit in the end. 

Top Strategies to Succeed in Wholesale Real Estate

Utilizing Diverse Sourcing Channels: David emphasized the importance of using social media platforms to source property deals. 

Effective Use of Funding and Legal Processes: He mentioned the significance of having the right funding partner when venturing wholesale real estate deals. He also hired a legal team to help him go through the process. 

Consistency and Market Awareness: David pointed out his inconsistency in the past and tells new investors the importance of being aware of the market trends. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: According to March 2024 data presented by ZipRecruiter, the average income of wholesale real estate is about $51,000 per year. The lowest recorded income is $23,686, while the highest is $96,223. 

What are Cameron Dunlap Reviews?

Cameron Dunlap Reviews are a mix of positive and negative reviews based on the experience each reviewer had. Ron and Julie P. were thankful to Cameron Dunlap and his team for helping them achieve the biggest payday of their real estate career. On one transaction, they profited $45,000.

Brian B. also spoke about how Cameron funded a deal that he couldn't have done by himself. Thanks to Cameron's help, he made $7,406 in a few short weeks. 

Robert complained that he never received the course he bought and after requesting a refund, he had to wait over 30 days to receive it. 

The next reviewer talks about the misleading marketing of Cameron's training programs. They only signed up for the Vacant House Data Feed but found that the information was in 'View Only' format and could not be used to create a mailing list. They were forced to go through a more expensive mailing service, which they found to be inconvenient. 

They were also upset about the constant upselling that Cameron's team attempted over the phone and email.

George Carr: New Funding Client Makes $36,342

George Carr's Background and Story

George Carr is a real estate agent for two and a half years. He ventured into real estate investing for more financial opportunities. He found Cameron Dunlap's program through a Facebook ad and, despite some initial doubts, he decided to join. George had no prior experience with investors and lacked the funds and credit for independent investing. He used what he learned from Cameron's program to successfully complete his first investment deal near a property he was developing. 

Current State of George Carr's Business

George Carr's real estate business is doing well. He made a profitable deal in Monroe, North Carolina, investing $172,496 and earning a profit of $36,342.44. This success was a big step for him. It showed he could make good money with real estate investing and potentially grow his business in the future. George credits his success to the funding program he used and the help he got from Cam's team. 

Top Lessons Learned from Challenges Faced

Taking Risks and Verifying Opportunities: George was initially unsure about the program, but learned that taking well-thought-out risks and checking things carefully can lead to profitable income opportunities. 

The Power of Proper Guidance: George found that having clear instructions and advice from a mentor gave him the confidence to make smart investment decisions.

Networking and Marketing Strategies: He used social media, especially Facebook groups, to successfully find real estate buyers. 

Adapting to New Roles: Moving from being a real estate agent to an investor, George adapted to new ways of doing things and learned the language and needs specific to investors.

Impact of Extra Income: The money he made from his deal helped him financially and allowed for family benefits like vacations and retiring his spouse. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Real estate income can be unstable. The market can fluctuate because of economic factors like interest rates and local market conditions. This can impact the property's value and investment returns. 

Cameron Dunlap Success Stories

Sue Yarborough found success with what Cameron teaches in his Real Estate Wealth Network. They helped her pick up 4 properties. She invested $40,000 in one property and sold it for $80,000. This turned into a $40,000 profit thanks to what she learned from Cameron and his team's mentorship.

Bruce is another success story and product of Cameron's platform. On only his second real estate wholesale deal, he profited just under $10,000. This was an REO assignment deal that he thanked Cameron and his team for helping him through. 

Mark Dennis took advantage of Cameron's transactional funding opportunity. One house he sold made him a profit of over $43,000. He also uses Cameron's Proof of Funds letter template regularly in his business. Mark is thankful for all of Cameron's training and guidance. 

Is Cameron Dunlap Legit?

Cameron Dunlap is legit because he teaches a real estate business model that works. Each of Cameron Dunlap's courses teaches a specific part of real estate wholesaling, while each of his tools compliments the process. Cameron's style of business is by buying foreclosure properties, using private lenders to fund the deal, and selling the properties to house rehabbers. 

Every product and service has a separate price, which makes it easy for you to pick the course or tool you want to learn or use. If you're looking for an all-in-one program to learn real estate, there are other options. If you like Cameron's setup, then this may be the real estate investing guru for you. There are many students who have profited thousands of dollars in wholesaling properties, which proves he is legit.

If you are completely new to real estate wholesaling, you might find that taking only one training course is not enough to be proficient in the entire process. Some of Cameron's tools are reported to have a high error rate, yet it is still better than using no tools at all. 

Cameron Dunlap Alternatives

Tiffany and Josh High are real estate investors who teach you how to scale your real estate business by improving several aspects of the business. They sell a live 4-week training program that teaches you how to boost your marketing, systems, acquisitions, and dispositions. You learn how to hire a team to help you scale and you are given access to a private FB group for support.

More Info: The Virtual Group Review

Van Sturgeon is a successful real estate investor from Chicago that teaches people how to invest in real estate using the 4-F Framework. He helps you find properties, get funding for the properties, fix and flip them. Van teaches the Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets course, which gives you an introduction to the business model.

More Info: Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Review

Check out my top wholesaling course list for more courses that have unique strategies. If you're looking for a cheap, simple option for a wholesaling course, check out Hector Perez's Smart Wholesaler.

Is Real Estate Investing Still Relevant in 2024?

Real Estate Investing is still relevant in 2024 because of the after-effects of the pandemic, which has people still looking to move, the state of the market, and the increasing value of real estate. But you must keep in mind that it takes a lot more work than the gurus claim. Profit margins can be high, but real estate wholesaling is not as easy as they claim. It takes a lot of time and money to learn all the tools and tricks of the trade. Much of your time will also be invested in creating your list of sellers, buyers, lenders, title companies, and others in order to find and close real estate deals. The real estate industry is also heavy on laws and regulations which take time to go through. If you make any mistakes, you can end up paying hefty fines or worse.

Digital Real Estate is More Passive Than Flipping Physical Properties

Digital real estate with the local lead generation business model allows you to build wealth while growing your digital real estate portfolio. Your initial investment is not in the thousands of dollars like you do when selling physical properties. 

The digital properties you create take a few hours to put in position to generate leads for local small business owners. After they rank at the top of the search results, you will predictably get paid a passive income every month for the leads your lead generation websites generate for your clients. 

You have all the control over this business model. You choose your niche, ranking strategy, clients you work with and how much they have to pay you. To learn how you can reach financial freedom faster with digital assets, check out the local lead generation business model.

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