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Cashflow Channels Systems Review – Ryan Hildreth Teaches YouTube Automation (Scam?)

March 11, 2024

Ryan Hildreth used to sell the 'Affiliate Marketing Masters' course along with Tanner Fox. That course taught you how to make money online through affiliate marketing. Ryan now sells his new course, 'Cashflow Channels System'. 

Cashflow Systems teaches you how to earn a 6-figure income by building and monetizing an automated YouTube channel. According to Ryan, all you need to dedicate to this business model is 4 hours per day. In this Cashflow Systems review, we'lll discuss what YouTube automation is, who benefits from this course, what not to do when creating a YouTube channel, if Ryan's course has produced any successful students, and how YouTube Automation compares to the popular local lead generation business model.

Who is Ryan Hildreth?

Ryan grew up in Orange County, California and was a financial advisor, spending his days in an investment bank. After going through Tai Lopez's social media marketing agency course in 2016, he started his own SMMA.

In 2018, Ryan made his first YouTube automation channel that earned him 5-figures per month.

Of his 7 automated YT channels that he now owns, one of them earned him over $139,000 in one month at one point. That success made him want to create the Cash Flow Systems course with the purpose of training thousands of students worldwide to do the same.

What helped Ryan earn that much money was the fact that he outsourced the creation of his channels and videos.

What does YouTube Automation mean?

YouTube Automation is where you outsource every step of the video creation process from script writing, narration, editing, and more. All you do is come up with the idea for your channel and get freelancers for fulfillment.

How Ryan Hildreth Makes $30,000/Month with Faceless YouTube Channels in 2024

Ryan's Strategies for Achieving $30,000 Monthly with Faceless YouTube Channel Automation

Selecting the Right Niche: Ryan advises against low-earning niches like funny dog videos or prank channels. Instead, he suggests focusing on high-earning niches like male self-development, where advertisers pay more.

Modeling Successful Channels: He recommends analyzing successful channels in your chosen niche, focusing on their most recent and popular videos.

Utilizing AI for Content Creation: Ryan emphasizes the use of AI tools, like Google Bard, to rewrite video scripts and ensure they are copyright-free and unique.

Voiceover and Video Editing: He suggests using AI voiceover software and hiring affordable video editors from platforms like Fiverr to mass produce the videos.

Catchy Thumbnail Design: Similar to video editing, he advises finding budget-friendly designers for creating engaging thumbnails.

Regular Content Uploads: Ryan highlights the importance of consistency in uploading content to the channel.

Key Metrics in Creating Profitable YouTube Channels

  1. CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views): Select niches with higher CPMs, where advertisers are willing to pay more per thousand views.
  2. Viewership Engagement: Focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience, leading to higher engagement and views.
  3. SEO and Trends: Keeping up with the latest trends and using effective SEO strategies to increase video visibility.
  4. Monetization Strategies Beyond Ad Revenue: Consider incorporating affiliate marketing in video creation to diversify your income sources. 
  5. Channel Analytics: Regularly monitor channel analytics to understand audience behavior and optimize content accordingly.

Example of Low-Paying Channels: 

Funny Dog Videos: Ryan specifically mentioned that this type of content is among the lowest earning niches on YouTube, possibly making only about 50 cents to a dollar per thousand views.

Example of High-Paying Channels: 

Male Self-Development Channels: Ryan notes that these types of channels can earn significantly more because of its target demographic and content focus. He estimates that channels like these typically make around $15 to $25 per thousand views, which are substantially higher than most YouTube channel categories. 

Who benefits from this course?

  • Anyone who wants to create another revenue stream
  • People who want to earn an ROI of over 10%
  • New business owners looking for a scalable business model than can sell for 4-7x the annual revenue in 5-10 years
  • Anyone who wants to run a business that is relatively on autopilot
  • People who want to create video content but not be on camera or use their own voice

How to make money with YouTube automation

If you're going to create a channel, automated or not, choosing a profitable that you enjoy is a must.

A few profitable niches Ryan recommends are...

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Finance
  • Personal Development

It's also wise to create a Facebook group and Instagram page around your niche which you can leverage to get traffic. Even setting up a TikTok page is a smart move.

As far as automation and outsourcing go, Ryan recommends you use the following services to help with channel/video creation...

  • Quillbot (to recreate unique content)
  • Find freelancers for voice-over services (Fiverr, Upwork, etc.)
  • Find a video editor (Fiverr, Upwork, etc.)

He emphasizes the importance of creating a good thumbnail. People's attention span these days is short. That's why it's necessary to have professional thumbnails that grab people's attention. 

A freelancer on Fiverr can also help with this. If you make sure each aspect of your channel is well done, you can expect it to eventually pay you passively if you are patient and stick with it.

What not to do when creating a YouTube channel

In a recent video Ryan uploaded, he showed an example of a channel that’s faceless in a niche that isn't as profitable.

They upload random meditation music and even stream it live.

Why is this not a profitable niche? 

  • Advertisers don't like to advertise on these kinds of videos because people go to those channels to listen to music and relax
  • They're not educational videos that teach anything important

Therefore, when looking to create a channel, don't...

  • Get into niches that aren't really going to be targeted by advertisers
  • Upload all of your videos on the same day
  • Upload very long videos (ideally around 10 minutes)
  • Forget to ask for engagement from viewers

Automated YouTube channel earning $5K-$10K per month

Altcoin Daily is a great example of an automated YouTube channel. It provides crypto content and they upload videos daily.

The reason this channel does well is that big financial companies like Robinhood, TD Ameritrade & different brokerages look at channels like Altcoin Daily and know they can advertise on their videos.


Because their content applies to what they're promoting and they create videos daily. Therefore, it's safe to believe that the ads shown on these videos will draw interest from the audience viewing them.

Using, you can see Altcoin Daily’s estimated monthly and yearly earnings as shown below.

There's no doubt that creating an automated YouTube channel can be lucrative. It all comes down to how well you set everything up.

Cash Flow Systems Success Stories

On their sales page, they share many student testimonials. Two of those success stories that stand out are that of Billy and Victor.

Billy was busy with Amazon FBA before he came across Ryan's course. He became profitable in his first week in the Cash Flow System's program and was closing in on $10K per month from his automated YouTube channels by the time he shared his testimonial.

Vicor is another student who, after just 3 weeks of joining Ryan's program, was profitable and already at 5000 subscribers, making almost $2-3K each month. He was already having success with his own YT channel, but the automation caught his eye.

Clearly, you can have success by creating these automated YT channels. 

YouTube Automation vs. Lead Generation

Although you can have success creating automated YouTube channels, to me, local lead generation is the #1 online business model by far.


Look at how YT automation compares to my local lead generation business and judge for yourself.

    YouTube Automation
Lead Generation

Barrier to Entry

Low; anyone can create a YouTube channel, especially since it's free to do. Also, anyone can go to Fiverr and outsource to freelancers.

High; you learn high-level skills in the lead generation coaching program that help keep the number of competitors low


Moderate; you outsource the different aspects of your YouTube channel but, with outsourcing comes the fact that you have to continue monitoring what each freelancer is doing. You're often going to be correcting the work your virtual assistants do, which can be time-consuming.

Complete control; you are the owner of your digital properties (lead generation sites). You build them how & when you want to. If you don't want to work with a local business, you don't have to. More importantly, you dictate how much commission you earn each month.


It can take over a year to grow your channel to over 1000 subscribers, let alone many views and likes.

Easy to scale; depending on the niche and market you choose, you can start making money within 30-45 days


To generate more views, likes and subscribers, you need to promote your channel. This includes paying for ads and promoting on social media. This is expensive and time-consuming.

All your traffic is organic. Ranking locally on Google is easier than statewide or nationally. This equates to you earning your commission faster, which allows you to scale faster.


There are many profitable niches that are saturated.

There are thousands of niches and markets to get into. Saturation level is very low.


I have been living the laptop lifestyle ever since 2014, which is why I am all for looking for different ways to make money online to continue living this life.

Local lead generation is my #1 choice for earning a passive income and the $52K I earn each monthly is proof of that. As soon as I joined the lead generation coaching program, I got to work and today I'm reaping the rewards.

You can do that same.

Click the link below to find out more about lead gen.

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