Cashflow to Freedom Academy Review – Top 3 Risks with Triple Net Lease Properties

March 28, 2023

Cashflow to Freedom Academy by Ryan Stackhouse and Jess Reed is an online course and program that teaches you how to make money with by investing in commercial real estate with triple net lease properties (NNN). Triple net lease properties are commercial properties where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance. 

As a commercial real estate investor looking to focus on triple net leases, you must be prepared for the challenges ahead. Finding tenants to agree to a NNN is no small task and your initial investment in a commercial property is not inexpensive. Raising money to purchase a property is also intricate. A real estate investing business, whether residential or commercial, is high maintenance. There are many moving parts that are out of your control, such as delays in inspections, issues with funding, poor communication, and more. 

For those who are looking to get into real estate investing, specifically with triple net leasing properties, seeking adequate mentorship is a must. Do Ryan and Jess teach you everything you need to succeed with NNN properties?

If you're looking to own property and make a profit of over 95% without having to deal with all the headaches that come with real estate investing, check out the local lead generation business model that offers a passive income by leveraging well-positioned online properties you own. 


Jess and Ryan have built a real estate investment portfolio of over $40 million.

They share their Rolodex of industry contacts that took them over 10 years to build. 

You learn how to raise money legally and remain compliant with the SEC. 


Real estate investing, residential or commercial, doesn't pay you a predictable, passive income each month. 

Months and years can pass without you finding tenants. 

Expensive program


Cashflow to Freedom Academy offers a range of levels and pricing per level. 

The Freedom Foundations course costs $297.

The Bronze Package costs $5,000.

The Silver Package costs $15,000 and $5,000 each year after.

The Gold Package costs $25,000.

Refund Policy

No transparency with their refund policy. 


The Freedom Foundations course has 4 video training modules. Each of the other levels unlocks more tools and mentorship opportunities. 


Private Facebook mastermind group only for the Silver and Gold packages.

Top 3 Risks with Triple Net Lease Properties

1. Not finding tenants willing to sign a NNN lease

Finding tenants that will sign an NNN lease will be difficult. Most tenants would not want to take on the responsibility of having to take control of the maintenance and upkeep of their space on your investment property. There is more that a tenant has to take care of and tenants may view it as a job. Unless a tenant is looking to stay long term, has the capital to cover all the costs, and will do so, you will have a hard time renting your rental property. Months and years can pass without you finding a tenant, which means you won't have any positive cash flow.

2. Lower rents

When dealing with triple net lease properties, rents are lower. Rents are lower since the tenants are assuming the expenses of the property, which includes real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance. This is all besides the rent and utilities they are paying. You also have to factor in that you won't be spending any of the money you make on any maintenance repairs. Nevertheless, your profit margins on the rental income will be low.

3. Landlord might overestimate operating costs

As a landlord, you might overestimate the operating costs when determining how much rent your clients have to pay you each month. If this happens, you tenant won't be happy if they find out they are also taking on some of those costs. It could cause them to ask for you to lower the rent and to pay them back everything you overcharged. This is all very uncomfortable and can hurt your reputation because you will look like don't know what you're doing. 

Cashflow to Freedom Academy Overview

Freedom Foundations

In this 4 module course, Jess and Ryan share everything they've learned from the real estate and mortgage investment industry. 

Module 1 -  Introduction to Real Estate Investing

In module 1, they give you an overview of what passive income is, how to forecast your wealth, how to figure your annual return, and how they got started in commercial real estate investing. 

Module 2 -  Residential Real Estate vs. Commercial Real Estate: What are the pros and cons?

In this module, they highlight the different types of commercial real estate investing, which are:

  • Airbnb
  • BRRR Method
  • House Hacking
  • Flipping

Module 3 -  Case Studies: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investing

Here, they show you real life examples of how profitable commercial and residential real estate can be. 

Module 4 -  Real Estate Lease Structures and How We Use Them

In the last module, they give you an overview of lease structures, and 2 more case studies. One of a single-family home and another, a commercial syndication deal. 


As a bonus, you learn:

  • How to do a deal from beginning to end
  • Steps to get started immediately
  • Mindset training, new habits, and breaking through barriers
  • Asset protection and tax strategies to implement

Price: The Freedom Foundations course costs $297.


This level is for the commercial real estate investors who want to fly solo. You get access to Jess and Ryan's self-paced mastermind course, and their full list of industry contacts. According to them, their contacts can help you save up to $20K in startup costs.

Price: The Bronze Package costs $5,000.


With the Silver level, you get everything offered in the Bronze level along with access to the private Facebook group. You only get access to the group for 6 months. In the FB group, they host live coaching calls each week. 

Price: The Silver Package costs $15,000.


With the Gold level, you get everything in the Bronze and Silver levels. With Gold, you get lifetime access to the private Facebook group, an invitation to two live weekend events with Jess and Ryan, and assistance with designing your lifestyle. 

Price: The Gold Package costs $25,000.

Who is Ryan Stackhouse?

Ryan Stackhouse is a successful real estate investor from Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up in a small town in Indiana. In 2006, he attended The Art Institute of Indianapolis. At 22 years old, he started working in the mortgage business as a mortgage loan officer. Ryan worked that role at banks, including Bank of America, Huntington National Bank, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and more. In 2017, he founded The Ryan Stackhouse Mortgage Team and helped people purchase homes. In 2019, he founded Stackhouse Holdings and is now partnered with Jess Reed, coaching the Cashflow to Freedom Academy course. 

Who is Jess Reed?

Jess Reed is from Nashville, Tennessee. Before getting into real estate, he sold home security systems. In 2012, he got his real estate license and started buying single-family homes. Over time, he found himself working 80 hours per week and didn't like the fact he was the one getting phone calls when the toilet broke or when there was a water leak. This made him realize he had to make a  change. He and Ryan had done a lot of deals since Ryan was working in lending. In 2017, they partnered on a commercial deal in Clarksville, Tennessee. Jess learned a lot from Ryan in the commercial space and now the two have a portfolio of over $40 million. 

Cashflow to Freedom Academy Review: Is it worth it?

Cashflow to Freedom Academy is worth it if you have thousands of dollars ready to invest in mentorship. Ryan and Jess have made 7-figures in commercial real estate investing and share their knowledge and experience in the Freedom Foundations course. You also get access to their list of industry contacts, which will help you save money as you get started. Also, once you join the Silver and Gold levels, you join the private Facebook group, where you get more training and assistance with your commercial real estate business.

Cashflow to Freedom Academy Testimonials

Chris shared his testimonial in 2021 and gave thanks to Ryan and Jess for everything they have done for him. Having access to their industry contacts made a difference in his business. They had access to commercial real estate brokers, attorneys, insurance agents, and more. Their team helped Chris avoid getting involved in real estate deals that made little sense. 

Adam also shared his testimonial in 2021. After completing the Cashflow to Freedom Mastermind program, and said joining was well worth the money he invested. He said that Ryan and Jess break everything down step by step and are always available outside of the bi-weekly coaching calls for questions. Now, Adam said that after going through the program, he feels more confident.

Cashflow to Freedom Academy Alternatives

Jerryll Noorden from SEO for Real Estate Investors teaches you how to generate highly motivated seller leads using the search engine optimization strategies Jerryll shows you. When you join, they provide you with a high converting website design, one-on-one mentoring, 15 video training modules, a private Facebook group for support, and Jerryll even checks your progress.

Price: SEO for Real Estate Investors costs $25,000.

More Info: SEO for Real Estate Investors Review

Generate Agent Leads by Prab Mangat is another real estate course that teaches you how to start or scale your real estate marketing consultancy. Prab's goal is to get you to land your first ten real estate marketing clients in just a few weeks. Prab shares the strategies for scaling your real estate marketing consultancy past $100K per month and how to automate your entire process. 

Price: Generate Agent Leads costs between $5K and $15K.

More: Generate Agent Leads Review

Is Investing in triple net lease properties profitable in 2024?

Investing in triple net lease properties is profitable in 2024 as long as you have the capital to invest in large commercial properties and the patience to seek tenants who will agree to a NNN lease. If you understand how unpredictable commercial real estate is and don't expect to see a return on investment quickly while still paying your bills, then you can be profitable. 

The issue with investing in triple net lease properties and commercial real estate is that there are too many unpredictable variables. Finding tenants who will agree to signing a triple net lease is difficult and because there may be unexpected costs for tenants, they may not want to sign on. If too much time passes and you don't find tenants for your property, it will be difficult for you to make any money, especially if you took out a loan to purchase a property.

With real estate, you are relying on other people to do their part. Whether it's not finding the ideal tenants, a lack of communication or the lack of urgency some people may have, there are too many things that can hold you back from making money.

You can make money investing in commercial rental properties, but it doesn't offer you the financial independence that local lead generation does. 

Local lead generation pays you predictably with far less risk than commercial real estate

Local lead generation is a business model that allows you to earn a passive income by generating leads using digital real estate as opposed to leveraging physical properties.

You build simple service sites and rank them on Google. Once they rank and start generating leads, you forward them to a local small business owner who wants more customers per month.

You dictate what your client has to pay you every month for exclusive leads and if they stop paying you, you can send the leads to another local business who wants more customers. 

My tree care site in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is just one of over 50 digital properties that pays me every month on autopilot because it ranks at the top of the search results and generates consistent leads every month. This site pays me $2,000 like clockwork. 

Local lead generation

Investing in digital real estate is far more profitable (over 95% profit) and more passive because you don't need to rely on inspections, funding, or other variables. 

You simply build your site, rank it on Google, send the leads to a local business owner, and get paid. All you have to do to scale and make more money online is build more websites and rank them. It is much easier to reach your financial goals with local lead generation than with commercial real estate and triple net leases.

To learn how to invest in digital real estate and avoid the hassle of investing in physical real estate, check out the local lead generation business model to start on the path to financial freedom.

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