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Charisma Mastery Review – Does RSD Jeff Allen know the key to success?

March 20, 2024

In the Charisma Mastery course by Jeff Allen from Real Social Dynamics, you'll learn all about how charisma can affect your relationships in life and with women. In this review, we'll go over what Jeff teaches in this course, if charisma is the key to success in all aspects of life and if it's worth spending your money on. I'll also explain how the popular local lead generation business model has had a positive impact on my family and social life.

Who Is Jeff Allen?

Jeff was borned and raised in San Francisco but wasn't always the charismatic leader you may think he is.

Jeff says that he suffered from depression and also had massive social anxiety.

He thought that to end up in a happy relationship, he had to do what society dictated men should do.

Therefore, he worked tirelessly to better his financial situation, went to the gym and bought a big house.

Through it all, he was still miserable.

It took plenty of trial and error to figure out how to become a charismatic leader, but he did it.

In 2001, he was already appearing on pickup artist and seduction forums.

His alias at the time was, "JLaix".

Jeff did some crazy things to pick up women while being drunk and was often posting about his experiences.

In 2002, he teamed up with Owen Cook and was invited to join the Real Social Dynamics team.

Some time after, Jeff gained the reputation of having threesomes with his girlfriend.

During 2016, the entire RSD team was under fire.


According to news outlets and angry women worldwide, Jeff and RSD were advocating rape and teaching how to "score" with women in ways that appeared to be sexual abuse.

In one of Jeff's books, Get Laid or Die Trying, he spoke about a "rape van".

There was even a poster in the RSD forum that advised guys to "...physically force her", if a woman rejected them.

It's clear why there was such a big back-lash.

Julien Blanc, another RSD member, even went on CNN to publicly apologize about everything.

After that whole debacle, Jeff still has put out content to help men be charismatic leaders in their own right.

Let's get a preview of what you'll learn in the Charisma Mastery program.

What You'll Learn

This is an exercise based program that lasts 8 full weeks but, you can absolutely take more time if you need to.

Jeff designed it so that you can have a process where you're able to identify any weaknesses or blockages in the way you communicate with others.

Not only that, he teaches you how to get over them.

The goal of this course is to help you open and sustain charismatic expression/communication on a consistent basis.

With this program, Jeff wanted to get specific and not teach surface level stuff that other programs or books teach.

The following are some of the topics he covers...


  • Social Conditioning
  • Entanglements
  • Facial Mode
  • Kinesthetic Mode
  • The Inner Emotional Process
  • Intuition

Time to jump in!

Charisma Mastery Review

The first thing Jeff talks about in his course is social conditioning.

He emphasises how we've all been conditioned negatively from when we were born.

It's the process of training certain people in a society to act or respond in a way that's generally accepted.

For example, as children, our parents taught us how we should behave if we were to visit other family members.

They were teaching us how to behave in a way that was acceptable to others.

Jeff encourages you to break the mold and be yourself.

You shouldn't have to worry so much about what's acceptable to other people.

Do what you feel is best for you.

According to Jeff, you don't have to live your life doing what's right or wrong.

It's ok to be in the middle.

The second point is the concept of entanglements.

These are things that stop you from expressing yourself.

They prevent you from feeling relaxed.

Maybe you've walked into a room, felt tense and not comfortable to be yourself.

Now think to when you're with your friends and you can act as you are.

Jeff talks about the intricacies of that.

When you're nervous, your body acts a certain way.

If you're in a comfortable setting, your muscles will relax and make it easier to be you and interact with ease.

Some people will even feel pain because they're so nervous.

Crazy, right?

You want to get to the point where you aren't exerting so much energy and can just be yourself.

Jeff teaches how you can overcome these feelings so that you can speak without entanglements.

Another point Jeff talks about is the facial mode.

This has to do with how you are expressing yourself with your face.

Jeff has you messing around with different and weird facial expressions just so you can get comfortable using your entire face.

Tension is the enemy

- Michael Andrews

As you go through these exercises, you're going to release tension and feel more comfortable.

That's what it's all about.

When you can speak to other people in any setting and use facial expressions, you're going to show other people that you're comfortable.

If you can't really use your face to express how you feel about what you're saying, people can easily lose interest.

Jeff also talks about the concept of facial masks.

The next point Jeff teaches you is the Kinesthetic Mode.

This is basically all about body language.

Jeff teaches you how to use your body without being tense.

You need to get comfortable expressing yourself while using your body.

Not just your face.

This can also help you in your social interactions to be relaxed.

When you're relaxed, everything will just be better.

If your body language isn't good when talking to a women, they're going to feel uncomfortable and your chances of getting laid will drastically drop.

Trust me.

In business, if your body language isn't good enough, you may not be able to close a deal because you won't look like you believe in what you're saying you can do.

The next point is the vocal mode.

This is about how fast or slow you speak to someone.

You need to be able to change your voice depending on who you're talking to as well as what you're talking about.

The tone you use will also differ depending on where you are.

If you visit a speakeasy, you aren't going to be talking loudly, right?

If you're around family, your tone will most likely be soft and loving.

In a business meeting, you should come off stronger.

When talking to women, you need to be masculine and relaxed, but also confident.

Confidence is key.

Another point that you learn with Jeff is, the intellect.

This is all about your conscious mind.

Something that happens often is that people judge themselves while they're socialising.

If you say something in a conversation that maybe you didn't want to say and let it affect you too much, you could make people not want to continue interacting with you.

Jeff teaches you to just express yourself as you normally do.

Don't beat yourself up during your social interaction and if you feel you need to make any changes, make them later on.

You need to just relax and not take yourself too serious.

Another point he speaks on is the Inner Emotional Process.

He teaches you how your emotions work inside of you.

I didn't really think this information was anything spectacular though.

Nothing worth getting into.

The last point Jeff mentions is Intuition.

He talks about the difference between getting a hunch and what intuition actually is.

Also, he clarifies the difference between a need and a desire.

There isn't much info here but still, a decent point.

In conclusion, Jeff then has you go through a few exercises to help you apply what you've learned.

The following are a few of them...


  • Concentration: When talking to someone, focus in on what they say regardless of the possible distractions.
  • Imagining: Saying anything that comes to mind. This can be very powerful when you're in a social setting and makes conversations more interesting.
  • Stylizing: Making different accents, being funny and showing people you're comfortable and charismatic. You could imitate someone famous like an actor or athlete.

Anxiety Techniques That Make You Confident According to Jeff

Jeff's Background and Story

Jeff talks about how he got better at social skills by interacting with about 30,000 people over 20 years. He claims to be an average guy, not very tall, but is slightly better-than-average way with words. Jeff believes his success in social situations comes from regularly practicing and socializing. It is not because he was born with special qualities. 

Problems Jeff Identified with Himself

-He was reluctant to introduce himself to new people. 

-He refuses to change his current behavior and traits even if they weren't good. 

-He struggled to maintain a relaxed demeanor in social interactions.

Anxiety Techniques That Helps with Confidence According to Jeff 

  • Massive Repetition of Social Interaction: Engage with people regularly to build confidence and social intelligence.
  • Understanding InhibitionsRecognize that social conditions may prevent effective social interactions.
  • Enjoying the Environment: Enjoy every moment so in a social setting so you appear more approachable and less needy.
  • Methodical Exercise Process: Develop a systematic approach when interacting with people to become more comfortable in social situations.
  • Quick Conversations to Build Confidence: Start with brief, low-stakes interactions to build momentum and reduce initial reluctance.
  • Facial Expressiveness: Be more expressive of your facial movements to clearly convey emotions and intentions. 
  • Improving Body Language and Voice Modulation: Use the right body posture and voice variations to communicate effectively. 
  • Intuitive Communication: Balance intellectual thought with intuition to make conversations more natural and engaging.
  • Focus on the Vibe, Not Just Content: Prioritize the emotional tone and vibe in every conversation over the specific content.

What's not mentioned in the video: 200 million people are anxious when engaging in a conversation. About 75% of the population has glossophobia or the fear of public speaking. 


In my opinion, I don't think you need to sign on and invest in the Charisma Mastery course.

What I learned in this course are things that personally I already knew and was already implementing in my life.

None of this was new to me.

Also, charisma isn't the key to success.

Prioritizing your finances is what will determine if you have success in all aspects of life.

It starts there.

You may find another review on Reddit or Quora that says that you should buy into this program but, let me explain why you shouldn't.

The truth is that everything Jeff teaches you in this program, is information that can be found by just going on Google or checking out his YouTube channel.

Those Google searches are free by the way.

Another thing that turned me off about this program was that there was a lot of repetition of the material.

Also, the homework he gives you isn't as clear on what exactly you need to do.

That's just not helpful.

You pretty much just have to go back, watch the videos and figure it out.

It is what it is.

This course can help open your mind if you're a younger male who isn't good in social settings, but investing in it isn't a must.

Let me share how my lead gen business helped me reach the levels of success and abundance in all areas of life that I have.

I Obtained My Charismatic Expression By Putting My Lead Generation Business First

As crazy as that sounds, it's true.

look, let's be honest... a man, financial success is a huge part of what it takes to become a high value man.

That's a fact.

Many of the courses or programs out there aren't going to teach you that.


Simply because they can't solve that money issue for you.

As a result, they teach you that you need to change things like your mindset.

In this program, there are even plenty of exercises that take some time to get you comfortable and preparing your mindset so you can be more charismatic.

I just think that takes too long and it's not as effective.

Truth be told, when I got my finances in order, my confidence and charisma increased automatically.

As a result of having an increased confidence, my dating life and communication with others in different social and professional settings, improved big time.

No, money isn't everything...

...but you can't ignore that it does matter.

If you want to feel more confident with women, prioritize getting yourself multiple streams of income.

I made sure to do that.

There were so many times that my friends would go out and try to pick up girls at the clubs on the weekends.

I stayed home to continue building out my business though.

I'm financially free now because I prioritize my biz.

Not because I learned how to be charismatic.

If you do what I did, you won't feel so stressed out about not being able to take women on dates or travel wherever you want.

You'll also have way more to talk about in general.

Also, if you start a business, the confidence you gain will allow you to talk to other business owners and not feel inferior.

Networking, for example, will be a breeze.

When you're financially free, your life is yours to enjoy to the fullest.

I can honestly say that I do what I want with my life, whenever I want because of the income my lead generation business earns me every month.

I'm talking over $50K a month on autopilot.

The money I make and the impact I have on local businesses gives me all of the confidence in the world.

I'm a much happier and confident person today than I was years ago.

I'm able to have conversations with women from all over the world and not stress out about what to say or how to act.

I can just be me and live.

Let me give you a glimpse as to how local lead generation has helped me be the charismatic entrepreneur I am today, and reach financial freedom.

How Lead Generation Earns Me $50K+ Every Month on Autopilot

In my experience, being charismatic and confident with women, for example, stems from getting your finances in order first.

For me, lead generation was the key for me reaching those levels of charisma and confidence.

How does it all work?

By first building out simple websites offering a particular service

See this site below?

I have over 50 sites that I've built out and ranked on page 1 of Google like this limo site.

What's the point?

The point is that I send any leads that flow into my sites exclusively to local business owners looking to take on more customers per month.

Each month I collect a nice commission of $750 for exclusively sending those leads to them.

Here's what the local lead gen process looks like...

What allows me to earn a passive income each month is the fact that I don't have to keep fussing with the sites once they rank.

I've got sites that I haven't really messed around with since 2014.

That's what allows me to live my life how I want.

I even have the confidence to talk business no matter the location.

Prioritizing my business has been the best decision I've ever made in life by far.

That's what changed the game for me with women and in the way I communicate with others.

What also helped me was spending more time with other entrepreneurs that are doing the same thing.

They have the same goal in mind.

To keep leveling up.

Once I got together with the entrepreneurs in the lead gen coaching program, everything got better for me.

What I also found super valuable was the fact that in our coaching program, we have 2 live weekly coaching calls which help us all level up overall as online entrepreneurs.

Who you surround yourself has a big impact on what you do and how far you go.

That's the reality of things.

Who will you surround yourself with?

Here are all the reasons why you should get into lead generation.

You won't regret joining.

Believe me.

I used to work at an auto parts counter back home in Detroit.

Today, I've never felt more confident and charismatic in all of my social and professional interactions.

I'm a better man for it.

An alpha male at that.

If you're coachable and ready to make a change for the better in your life, click the link below.

This is the way.

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