Matthew Tang’s Click Wealth System Review: Does Customer Middleman Arbitrage Work?

March 26, 2024

Click Wealth System is an affiliate marketing program by Matthew Tang. It is a famous product on ClickBank that features pre-made landing pages, paid email marketing, lessons, and more. The Click Wealth System is a legit program to use. How much you can make from it will depend on how you use the tools that are provided. In this Click Wealth System review, you’ll learn who is it for, what’s inside it, and how does the Click Wealth System work. We’ll also cover what people say about it, who Matthew is, and if his claims are achievable.

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Matthew Tang's Click Wealth System Review: Pros and Cons


Refund policy is guaranteed by ClickBank.

Some basic training is included in the program.


The solo ads paid services appears spammy.

Misleading information on the websites and offers.

You need to purchase upgrades to be able to promote other affiliate offers.


$9 with various upsells

Refund Policy

60 Day money-back guarantee by ClickBank




Mixed reviews due to the affiliate program. Non-affiliated reviews do not recommend the program.

What Is Customer Middleman Arbitrage?

In his introduction video, Matthew claims that he found the business model that the internet millionaires are using to make money. He calls this method "customer middleman arbitrage". This method is basically affiliate marketing. It is a strategy where you promote other people's products and get an affiliate commission.

What makes the Click Wealth System different is that it provides the entire affiliate marketing system for you for a very low price. Of course, there is a catch to this. You are basically buying the system to be able to make money promoting his course. This means you won't be able to sell any other affiliate program with them unless you purchase some upsells.

In order to start earning, you need to make sales. In order to sell Click Wealth System or another affiliate offer, if you purchase the upsell, you need to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Click Wealth System recommends you purchase traffic from their “influencer sources”. It is clear why some people would think Click Wealth System is a scam that just sells itself. However, this is only true for the $9 basic buy in, although it does come with several lessons.

Who Is Click Wealth System For?

  1. Anyone with no experience in making money online. Click Wealth System provides a simple way for you to earn without any experience or skills.
  2. Beginners who want to lean the basics of affiliate marketing for a very low price. You do not have to purchase any upsell to access the lessons.

The course is NOT for anyone looking for a comprehensive course on affiliate marketing. The tools and lessons you get from Click Wealth System is very limited.

What's Inside the Click Wealth System?

click wealth system review

Inside the members' area, you will have access to the tools you need to earn. Access to the upgrade sections is only open if you purchase the corresponding upsell. You will also receive an invitation to the Click Wealth System Facebook group.

  • Profit Pages - 6 PDF pages that teach you how to set up your landing pages.
  • Click Tracker - 4-page PDF training that teaches you how to set up and use a click tracker.
  • Free 100 Clicks - Matthew advertises that you will get 100 free clicks to your landing page when you sign up. Keep in mind that it is not clear where this free clicks come from and you wouldn't have anyway of knowing either if there are no purchases.
  • Influencer Traffic - This section gives you a PDF where you'll find paid email marketers and their pricing and packages. You'll be able to purchase paid solo ad traffic from these 2 recommended sources.
  • Free Traffic - You will get a 51-page training on 30 ways to get free traffic. You will also get training PDFs on how to get traffic from Pinterest, Facebook, and by commenting on blog posts. There is also 1 video training on getting free traffic from Twitter.
  • Basic Broadcast - You get an email template that you can use to send to your mailing list.
  • Bonuses - The bonus section directs you to Matthews affiliate link for ClickFunnels. 

Click Wealth System Login

click wealth system login

The Click Wealth System login is very simple. You just have to login with the email address you provided when you purchased the program for instant access. You are also required to make a ClickBank and GetResponse account.

3 Click Wealth System Upsells

  1. Profit Activator $147 - this upgrade will give you access to 5 plugins that you can use to customize your landing pages to increase your conversion rate.
  2. Click Profit Multiplier $148 - this upsell gives you access to an atuomated cloud-based email marketing application to make your marketing campaign more efficient.
  3. 5X Profit Pages $148 - this upgrade gives you 5 done-for-you capture pages to capture the names and email addresses of potential leads.

How Does Click Wealth System Work?

Click Wealth System teaches you how to make money online by using their done-for-you tools to promote an affiliate product. For $9, you can only use 10 pre-made sales pages which are affiliate landing pages for Click Wealth System. You only get a commission if the customer buys into the Click Wealth System program and purchases an upsell.

Profit Pages

With the $9 base fee, you are basically just a Click Wealth System Affiliate. If you want to promote other affiliate offers, you need to purchase the Profit Activator. With the upsell, you can create landing pages for any affiliate program on ClickBank.

Traffic Sources

You need to study how to generate traffic if you want to market the affiliate offers yourself. The available training gives you the basics on creating free traffic using various strategies. If you want the done-for-you traffic source as advertised, you need to purchase the solo ads paid traffic.

What Do People Say About Click Wealth System

You’ll find a handful of Click Wealth System review videos on YouTube. Most of them are by affiliates, which you can tell by their link on the description, their disclaimer, or even their use of AI voice. Buying in to the program automatically makes you an affiliate as it is only offer you can sell without buying upsells. Half of the reviews speak highly of the program and promote their affiliate link. The other half are from those who bought into the program but do not promote is as they point out several issues with it.

Non-biased Click Wealth System reviews mention the misinformation on the promotion. For one, the sales page consists of a video with a person claiming to be Matthew Tang who sells you the program. If you buy the program and login into the members area, you'll find out that the person welcoming you claiming to be Matthew Tang is a different person from the one on the sales page. All the reviews also point out the problems with solo ads and point out that buying an email list is very risky.

The Click Wealth System is not a way to scam people to buy a few plugins and traffic. Even though it may appear that way, there is nothing wrong or illegal in promoting your own system. The reason many people find it scammy is because of how they set up their system where you are bound to fail if you do not purchase upsells.

You should not trust everything you read on the available click wealth system reviews online. This is especially true if the review you are reading is from an affiliate of the program, as it will be biased. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Who Is Matthew Tang?

click wealth system review

Matthew Tang is an affiliate marketer and creator of Click Wealth System from Singapore. Previously, an accountant at a local manufacturing company, he was laid off because of economic downturns. After trying many ways of making money online, he found success with what he called customer middleman arbitrage. He claims he now earns more than 10x of what he used to make in his former job.

click wealth system review

Matthew Tang's Claim

Matthew Tang's claim is that by using his Click Wealth System, you can make $1,000+ a day in profits while only working about 7 minutes each day. He claims that it is a total income generating system for only $9.

4 Reasons Why You Are Unlikely to Find Success With Click Wealth System

1. Solo Ads Are Outdated

Running solo ad campaigns is an outdated online marketing strategy in 2024. According to GetResponse, the conversion rate with solo ads is 1.5%-3%. Keep in mind that this is also based on the people who actually open the email and then click the link. Email open rates can range from 3%-5%.

2. Cold Leads

Purchasing solo ad traffic from the recommended sources by Click Wealth System means that the email list is random. You are not emailing targeted customers who show interest, such as the ones you would get if you had a lead capture page. Cold leads have very low conversion rates, if any at all.

3. Same Email Lists

There are only 2 paid traffic sources that the Click Wealth System recommends. The first problem with this is that everyone in the program will be using the same email lists. The second problem is that members of the program will be promoting the same product using the same landing pages which could mark your emails as spam. These problems will significantly lower your chances of getting any sales at all.

4. Operating Expenses

Besides what you initially spend on the program and upsells, you also have to pay operating expenses. The cheapest package for GetResponse, an email marketing tool which is required for this type of marketing, costs $15 per month for 1,000 contacts. If you purchase an email list, you need to constantly buy new ones to keep your mailing list fresh. With the low conversion rate of solo ad marketing, there is a high risk you won’t be even able to recover your investment.

Summary: Is Click Wealth System Worth It?

In my opinion, Click Wealth System is worth it if you just want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing for a very low price. If you are looking for a system to use to make money online, I do not recommend using the Click Wealth System. The program has high sales on ClickBank, although it appears this is because people who buy into the program become affiliates to promote the program itself. It can take a very long time before to see results with the Click Wealth System. You would also be better off finding your own traffic rather than relying on their done-for-you “influencer traffic”.

You should not depend on the Click Wealth System to make money. Their paid traffic source is unreliable. I would not recommend solo ads as it is simply an outdated form of marketing. When was the last time you bought anything from a random email you received? Do you even know anyone who has?

You can earn as much as a few hundred dollars a month being a Click Wealth System affiliate. Although it is more likely, you earn nothing just by promoting the program alone. I could not find a single success story online from anyone making money promoting Click Wealth System. The screenshots and testimonials shown on the sales video cannot be verified.

Click Wealth System will not help you gain financial freedom. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online as long as you have a good strategy and employ effective methods.

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