Jose Soto’s ClickATeam Review: The Correct Way To Set Appointments

June 1, 2024

ClickATeam is a company that provides appointment setters, founded by Jose Soto. It offers placement of managed setters who are able to call, qualify, and book appointments. It also sets up cold email systems and Facebook ad campaigns. Through the company’s Setter Success Program, it provides an 8-week certification, scripts, coaching calls, tracking sheets, and bonus training sessions. ClickATeam also offers daily task reporting for their setters and live support. There’s lifetime access to the training materials as well.

According to TechReport, the appointment scheduling industry is set to grow by 13.1% in 2026. It is also estimated that in 2023, 700 million people have adopted online appointment bookings. This is understandable because of its convenience and efficiency. Studies have also shown that 94% of clients are likely to select a company that enables online self-scheduled appointments.

ClickATeam customer reviews are mainly positive. Most reviewers were pleased with the service and the number of appointments they got. However, one person posted that she had a negative experience. Accordingly, most of their booking were no-show appointments. For small and medium-sized businesses, no-shows are especially problematic. Because they increase costs, they have been shown to result in a loss of about $26,000/year.

This article will discuss ClickATeam’s pros and cons, services, offers, customer reviews,  who it is best fit for, and the Setter Success Program. It also covers the founder’s background. Additionally, it includes appointment-setting methods and skills.

ClickATeam Review: Pros & Cons


Satisfaction guarantee: They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It states that they will keep on working for a client if they are unhappy with the results.

Managed appointment setters: In addition to placing setters, they also manage them.

Cold email & Facebook ads setup: ClickATeam sets up cold email systems and Facebook ad campaigns.


Undisclosed pricing: The pricing options for ClickATeam aren’t transparent.

Upfront payments: According to the company website’s FAQ page, services are pre-paid upfront. They are also billed monthly.

Inability to cancel anytime: At least 3 working days of anticipation for cancellation is needed. ClickATeam also requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment.


ClickATeam’s price is not disclosed on their website.

Refund Policy

Refund policy for ClickATeam is not available.


ClickATeam was founded in August 2018.


ClickATeam has a mixed reputation. Positive reviews highlighted that they had several booked appointments. They also commented on their good experience with the ClickATeam support. However, one negative review shared that they had the opposite experience. They added that they weren’t happy with the compensation received.

The Correct Way To Set Appointments

The correct way to set appointments is through organic traffic channels. This is according to ClickATeam’s Setter Success Program. Methods include the ones mentioned below. 

  • LinkedIn outreach: LinkedIn appointment setting involves direct communication with a targeted audience list. Utilizing LinkedIn groups is another powerful method.

  • Instagram outreach: To set appointments on the platform, direct messages are available. Businesses are also able to use the Appointment on Instagram feature.

  • Cold calling: Successful cold calling involves building rapport with prospects. The setter or VA must be engaging and have the ability to connect with potential clients.

  • Cold emailing: A good cold emailing strategy includes personalized short and actionable emails. Sending follow-ups is also advisable.

  • Video outreach: Prospecting through videos is an impactful way of reaching prospects. It utilizes personalized, informative, and engaging videos.

  • Facebook groups: Business marketing using Facebook groups has good potential. Aside from connecting with ready buyers, creating a Facebook group is also beneficial.

What Does ClickATeam Offer?

ClickATeam offers managed appointment setters, cold email systems, and Facebook ads management. Their setters are all in-house employees, not virtual workers. They are trained in sales and automation software.

  • Appointment setters: ClickATeam offers appointment setters who call, qualify, and book appointments. The company places and manages them. These setters either book appointments from outbound systems or solely do cold calls.
  • Cold email systems: The company builds cold email systems capable of 1,500 daily cold emails. Clients choose whether they want the system created, managed, or both. They also write the copy, scrape targeted lists, and verify leads.
  • Facebook ads setup: The company sets up and manages Facebook ad campaigns. These campaigns generate a solid source of qualified leads.

What Is ClickATeam Setter Success Program?

ClickATeam’s Setter Success Program is a training for appointment setters and virtual assistants. It aims to help them generate more qualified appointments. It has the following features listed below.

  • Eight-week certification program: It provides immediate access to 85+ videos. They teach proven methods of setting qualified appointments through various organic traffic channels.

  • Customizable scripts: The program also provides tested scripts for all social media channels. These are customizable to suit niches and offers.

  • SOPs & tracking sheets: These help maximize results and monitor daily work.

  • Weekly coaching calls: Setters are trained by senior appointment setters every week. They are given personalized coaching in the 8-week training program.

  • Bonus training sessions: Additional sessions are given about following up on leads.

  • Lifetime access: There’s lifetime access to the training materials and scripts.

What Services Does ClickATeam Offer?

  • Recruitment: ClickATeam offers vetting and recruitment of high ROI-focused call operators. They have specialized teams that are able to cater to different business beads. 

  • Daily reporting: They also ensure operators hit their KPIs through daily task reports. Operators also follow structured plans to execute.

  • Live support: ClickATeam provides live support. They are available through email and a private Slack channel as well.

Who Is ClickATeam For?

ClickATeam is for coaches, consultants, business owners, and marketing agencies who need more qualified leads. It is also for those who want to scale to $50k/mo revenue. The company provides full-time appointment setters. These setters are vetted, hired, and trained to generate up to 50 monthly appointments. Once a booking is confirmed, clients receive SMS and email alerts.

ClickATeam Reviews

ClickATeam reviews are mostly positive. This is according to a 2022 YouTube video and website testimonials. However, a 2023 Facebook mention shared a negative experience. Positive reviews stated that they had several booked appointments. As for the negative feedback, it shared that most of the appointments were no-shows. Despite compensation, it still felt that the service needed improvement. 

Based on a 2022 YouTube video, Mariana Hilker of 7 Figure Academy shared that she had a stellar experience with ClickATeam. She said that in just 12 weeks, she had 65 booked appointments. She was also pleased with the responsiveness of the support team.

Her first impression of the founder was that he was authoritative. She also found him to be systematic. These gave her the confidence to begin a partnership. The founder was also incredibly helpful throughout the challenges.

Another positive review comes from Zach Machuca of Agency Automation. He stated that ClickATeam provided excellent customer service and great results. He has been working with the company for months. Every day he received booked appointments.

Additionally, Joshua Brummel stated that ClickATeam helped him with one of his top employees. This individual has closed many clients monthly. As a result, his company had added revenue.

Regarding the negative feedback, it was given by CH Web Media. In a 2023 Facebook mention, they shared a negative experience with ClickATeam. Accordingly, they paid $2,500 per month. However, this only resulted in 25 appointments in 8 months. They added that only 2% of the appointments were valid leads. After expressing dissatisfaction with the service, they were offered 5 appointments as compensation. But, these resulted in no-shows.

They also stated that following up on these appointments was taxing. It was difficult to do so because of their busy schedule. The majority of the appointments were also no-shows. They felt that the service could have been better.

Who Is Jose Soto?

Jose Soto is the founder of ClickATeam, His company has served 500+ clients. It vets, hires, trains, and places appointment setters. He also aims to provide his clients with 30 to 50 monthly appointments.

Soto was the President of Digital Ceiba for 7 years, starting in 2010. He was in charge of acquiring valuable patients. He used social media sites to generate leads, build a reputation, and grow an online presence. Additionally, he established systematized sales funnels. 

He was also the Regional Product Manager for GlaxoSmithKline Pharma GmbH. He began from January 2005 to December 2009. He was responsible for the following listed below.

  • Field force supervision

  • Creation of regional strategies

  • Marketing plans and research

  • Promotion and advertising (P&A) expenses.

Additionally, he served as the Senior Product Manager for Novartis. He started in January 2001 and worked there for 4 years. He was in charge of marketing plans, product launches, and P&A expenses.

What Are the Important Appointment Setter Skills?

  • Having sales skills is one of the most crucial appointment setter skills. It helps customers see how a product or service caters to their needs. Lead qualification enables the booking of more qualified appointments. This is because prospects have been filtered

  • Effective communication is indispensable to appointment setters. It creates a good impression, evokes trust, and increases the chances of bookings.

  • Customer service skills ensure that clients have a good experience. This boosts brand reputation and loyalty.

  • Good listening skills are vital to help understand the needs of potential customers. When they feel understood, prospects are more likely to set up an appointment.

  • Objection handling is detrimental to appointment setters. It helps persuade customers who have their concerns.

  • Phone etiquette involves using constructive words and phrases. It creates a respectful impression and makes prospects feel valued.

  • In-depth product knowledge shows expertise. It also enables setters to easily answer any questions potential customers have.

  • The combination of time management and organizational skills is vital to increasing productivity. This disciplined strategy also boosts the reputation of the company. 

  • The use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is important for accuracy and efficiency. It helps track customer info and manage appointments.

  • Scheduling tools, such as Calendly, are essential to maximizing available time. They prevent conflict and enable clients to select their preferred time.

  • It is key to maintain professionalism and emotional maturity throughout the sales process. This strengthens trust and leaves a good impression on prospects.

  • Having an adaptable approach is necessary for appointment setters. Every client is going to be different and therefore needs unique solutions.

  • Both calmness and persistence are requisite to ensuring appointments. They help manage challenges, especially when clients are behaving erratically. 

  • Practicing empathy ensures that prospects feel valued and understood. This increases customer satisfaction, which increases the likelihood of clients committing.

Is Appointment Setting a Legit Side Hustle?

Yes, appointment setting is a legit side hustle. Zippia estimates that in 2023, there are more than 17,965 appointment setters in the US alone. However, there are MLMs and unscrupulous companies that scam individuals. Some setters are onboarded without proper training, written contracts, and base salary. Some appointment setters even work for these businesses without earning anything.

Create Passive Income With a Local Lead Generation Side Hustle

Having a full-time appointment setter has the potential to increase business. However, there’s no complete guarantee it will pay off. There's a possibility your financial investment to not meet the expected results. Meanwhile, if you're considering to appointment setting, there's a better alternative. You won't have to go through several scam openings. It is a legitimate and profitable side hustle.

It's called local lead generation. Compared to appointment setting, the skills you'll learn are high-level. You will become an indispensable member of any digital marketing team. The cost of starting is also affordable. All you need is an initial investment of $300 to $500.


Through a local lead gen biz, you can earn up to $3,000 per website monthly. Once your site is up and ranking, you can replicate the process and scale. If you so choose, you can even make it your main source of income.

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