Clickbank VS JVZoo — Which Affiliate Program Is Better For Beginners?

March 15, 2024

ClickBank vs JVZoo: Which one is better? ClickBank wins over JVZoo. ClickBank and JVZoo are two big affiliate networks where you can promote products and make money by earning commission. ClickBank has been around for 25 years, while JVZoo has been doing this for over 11 years. ClickBank has paid out a huge $6.1 billion in commissions to their affiliate with zero delayed payment. While JVZoo has made over $1.2 billion in sales. This means you can earn extra money by getting people to buy their products and you'll get a commission for every sale.

But there are risks to consider when joining ClickBank or JVZoo. Both have refund risks. With ClickBank, if a customer asks for a refund which they can do within 60 days and sometimes up to 364 days, you might lose up to 90% of your commission. JVZoo doesn't have a way to get your money back if you accidentally buy something from a scammer. Another thing to think about is the tough competition. Since it's easy to join these affiliate networks, there are many people doing it. Clickbank has over 100,000 active affiliates, and JVZoo has over 800,000 active affiliates. If you're just starting out, you'll need to work really hard, create good content, and promote it well to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we'll compare ClickBank and JVZoo and tell you the important things you need to know before you join. We'll also give you a list of the good and bad things about each one and share some facts and numbers you should know. Then, we'll give our opinion on which affiliate program is better for beginners. We'll also talk about how much money you can make with Clickbank and JVZoo. At the end, we'll tell you about another way to make money that's different from affiliate marketing.

ClickBank vs JVZoo




Signing-Up Process

ClickBank has no approval process, it is open for everyone who wants to be part of their affiliate network..

JVZoo is also 100% free even if you are applying as a seller or an affiliate.

Affiliate Commission

ClickBank offers standard commissions of 70% to 90%

JVZoo allows you to earn 50% to 75% or higher commission rate.

Affiliate Fees

Clickbank is free for affiliates

JVZoo is free for affiliates.

Payouts Schedule

ClickBank pays their affiliate weekly or biweekly (every other week).

JVZoo claims to have automatic affiliate payment. It means when the sale was made, you will instantly get your commission from the sellers.

Payment Method

ClickBank offers multiple payment methods like direct deposit, bank transfer, PayPal, and checks sent by mail.

In JVZOO, you can use direct deposit via JVZoo Pay, Payoneer, PayPal and cheque.

Payment Threshold

According to ClickBank, you can select an amount between $10 and $1,000,000 as your payment threshold amount. However, the default amount is $100.

JVZoo requires a $50 minimum balance for payment withdrawals.

Affiliate Population

ClickBank has more than 100K affiliates in their program.

JVZoo boasts more than 800K affiliate in their program.

Vendor Fees

ClickBank requires one-time activation fee of $49.95 when seller's first product is approved.

In JVZoo, you can list and sell unlimited products from a single JVZoo account at zero cost. However, according to JVZoo Vendor Agreement, JVZoo will charge a commission fee of 5% of the gross selling price on each product or service sold by a seller through the affiliate program.


ClickBank offers a range of digital products like eBooks, software, and online courses.

JVZoo features digital products, and software in various niches.

Products Listings

ClickBank has more than 4,000 digital and physical products to promote across more than two-dozen categories.

JVZoo has over 18 million product units.

Customers Population

ClickBank has a global audience of more than 200 million customers.

There is no information about JVZoo’s customer data but according to SemRush, last September, it had 1.01M website visits.

Refund Policy

ClickBank offers a standard 60-day money-back guarantee for customers.

JVZoo refund policies can vary by product and vendor.

Years In Business

ClickBank is already 25 years in business. It started in 1998.

JVZoo is almost 12 years in the business. It started in 2011.

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a digital marketplace where sellers can list their products on ClickBank, and affiliate marketers promote these products to earn a commission on sales. ClickBank is a big company with over six million clients all over the world. It's a major online retailer and ranks as the 87th largest one in North America. In the year 2011, it had a whopping 46,000 different products available for its affiliate marketers to promote. ClickBank's yearly sales add up to over $1 billion in USD.

Pros And Cons Of ClickBank

ClickBank is really popular affiliate program online, but right now, we will share with you the four major advantages of joining ClickBank and also its dangers. 

Pros Of Clickbank

1. ClickBank Is A Reputable Affiliate Network

ClickBank is a reputable affiliate network where you can earn money by promoting products. It's been around for over 25 years and people from 190 countries use it. ClickBank is a big online seller in North America. It ranked 87th, and they make over $200 million in sales each year. On Trustpilot, they have a good score of 4.0. Out of 3,899 reviews, 3,038 people gave ClickBank a 5-star rating. Many of these reviews talk about how ClickBank's customer service is great at helping and solving customer questions.

2. ClickBank Pay Affiliates On Time

ClickBank is a trustworthy choice for making money because they consistently pay their affiliates on time. They have a track record of paying over $6.1 billion in commissions promptly for over 25 years, with zero missed payments. According to ClickBank Support, they usually send payments to ClickBank users on Fridays, just two days after the pay period ends. If you choose direct deposit, you can even get your payments every week instead of every two weeks.

3. ClickBank Offers High Commission Rate

ClickBank offers a high commission rate ranging from 50% to 75% and higher. Some vendors are generous and offer commissions as high as 75%, while others may go as low as 30%. When you sign up and explore the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace, you can easily see these commission rates along with the average earnings per sale. This makes ClickBank a promising platform to earn money.

However, it's important to note that over 1,000 of the products in ClickBank's marketplace have a low gravity score, which means they aren't selling well. When you opt for products with higher gravity scores, you may encounter more competition because many ClickBank affiliates are also vying for those products. So, while ClickBank affiliate marketing is legit way to earn money, it's essential to choose products wisely to maximize your earnings on ClickBank.

4. ClickBank Has Low-Barrier To Entry

ClickBank is that it's easy to get started with because there are no hurdles to clear. You can join ClickBank for free, and they don't have any approval process. This means anyone can sign up for their affiliate program. To begin, you simply provide some basic information like your name, phone number, and country. After that, you can start searching for products to promote. If you already have a nickname, you can quickly generate a hoplink and add it to your content.

However, the downside of this easy entry is that it attracts many affiliate marketers, which can lead to a crowded marketplace and tough competition. So, while the low-barrier entry is a pro, it also means you'll need to work harder to stand out and succeed in the ClickBank marketplace.

Cons Of ClickBank

1. ClickBank Has Tons Of Affiliates

ClickBank has a huge number of affiliates, with over 100,000 active affiliate marketers worldwide. Many of these affiliates are already successful, earning from $250,000 to even $5 million per year. For beginners, this means you'll need to put in extra effort to stand out and potentially make some side income in a highly competitive environment.

2. ClickBank Requires Incurring Fees For Being Dormant

ClickBank will make you pay fees if your account is inactive or not making sales for 90 days. These fees can significantly reduce your earnings. If you're not selling regularly, these increasing fees will eat into your profits.

Here is the fee breakdown for inactive accounts:

  • $1 per pay period after 90 days of inactivity
  • $5 per pay period after 180 days
  • $50 per pay period after 365 days

So, if you're not consistently putting in time and effort, you could end up paying as much as $50 per day.

3. ClickBank Has Refund Risk

ClickBank comes with a significant risk of refunds that can lose your initial commission. They give customers a default refund period of 60 days, which can extend up to 364 days. This extended refund period can attract buyers but also puts your commissions at risk. ClickBank holds back a portion of your earnings, usually 10%, in a "return allowance" to cover potential refunds. Despite this, it can still have a notable impact on your profits.

4. ClickBank Has High Default Payment Threshold

ClickBank has a high default payment threshold, which means you need to have $100 in your account before they pay you. This payment threshold is the minimum amount you must reach before ClickBank releases your earnings. While you can choose a different threshold between $10 and $1,000,000, the default is set at $100. For newcomers to affiliate marketing or those who are just starting with ClickBank, reaching the $100 threshold may take some time. This initial hurdle can be discouraging, as it may seem like a long wait before they can actually receive their earnings.

How Much Money Can You Make With ClickBank?

The money you can make with ClickBank is up to $100 per day if you can sell 4-5 products per day. ClickBank commission rate ranging from 50% to 75%. This means you could earn up to $3.50 for each click if the product has a 75% commission rate. ClickBank has successful affiliates, with some Platinum affiliates making over $250,000 per year and some Diamond affiliates earning more than $5 million annually. But it's important to know that such earnings don't happen overnight. You need to create high-quality content consistently and promote products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok in order to achieve this level of success. It takes time and effort to build a substantial income through ClickBank.

What Is JVZoo?

JVZoo is an online platform that helps people sell products and make money through affiliate marketing. It connects product creators with affiliate marketers who promote those products and earn a commission for each sale they generate. JVZoo is a fast-growing company in America. It regularly featured on the Inc. 5000 list. JVZoo's users have been making an average of 6,085 sales every day since 2011. 

Pros And Cons Of JVZoo

We will share with you the four pros and cons of JVZoo to better understand if this affiliate network is for you. 

Pros Of JVZoo

1. JVZoo Can Pay You Instantly

JVZoo has an auto affiliate payment feature. When you make a sale, JVZoo quickly pays the affiliate on your behalf using JVZoo Pay. This means you don't have to wait to get your commission, which is really convenient. You can promote products through various channels like your blog, email list, website, or PPC.

Your commissions go directly into your personal JVZooPay account. However, it's important to note that JVZoo has a fixed commission structure, and the minimum payout is $50. It's also worth mentioning that some online reviews mention not receiving commissions from certain sellers, so it's essential to do your research not only on the products but also on the providers to avoid such issues.

2. JVZoo Receives 49% Good Reviews In Trustpilot

JVZoo receives almost 49% good reviews in Trustpilot. Many reviews highlight how JVZoo is quick to respond to and resolve customer problems. It shows strong customer support. Additionally, JVZoo takes action against dishonest providers who cannot pay commissions to their affiliates, even after generating sales. According to a Trustpilot user, the issue isn't with JVZoo but with the sellers themselves. This shows the importance of customer support and reliable refund policies when considering an affiliate program, especially for beginners.

3. JVZoo Has Great Commission Rate

JVZoo offers generous commission rates, ranging from 50% to 75% of the item's price. Products over $35 have higher commissions. If you promote subscription-based items, you'll earn recurring commissions each time the customer pays. The main conversion types are pay-per-sale and pay-per-install. Also, take note that sellers may hold your commission for a while to account for refunds. For beginners looking to learn effective affiliate marketing, they provide JVZoo Academy. However, it's not free. You can access JVZoo Academy Mastery + Page Builder Software costs $65 per month.

4. JVZoo Is Easy To Get Started

Starting with JVZoo is a breeze. You don't need lots of information or credentials. To join their affiliate program, you can just simply sign up using your email. The approval email usually comes within minutes. Also, both sellers and affiliates need to create JVZoo profiles. If you’re a seller, you can list your products and set your affiliate requirements. For affiliates, you just click "request approval" to apply. Then, set up your preferred payment method. Most of the affiliate marketers go with PayPal for instant commissions. It is available to "Premium Affiliates." You can become a Premium Affiliate by hitting certain sales goals in a specific affiliate program while keeping refunds low. For beginners, a program with an easy entry is attractive. But, it also means more competition since anyone can join and promote the same products as you.

Cons Of s JVZoo

1. JVZoo Has Fierce Competition

JVZoo has a vast number of active affiliates, which is over 800,000. This means it's tough for newbies to get noticed. You'll have to work really hard and spend a lot of time to get people to see your offers and buy from you. In such a competitive place, it's super important to do good research on the products you want to promote. You have to pick products that can make you money and aren't promoted by too many other affiliates. This means you need to be really smart about your choices and know how the market works.

2. JVZoo Doesn’t Handle The Customer Support

JVZoo doesn't handle customer support for their affiliates. Instead, the responsibility for customer support and refund requests falls on the vendors. This means the quality of customer support you get with JVZoo depends on the individual vendors. Some vendors offer good service, while others may not meet your expectations. However, you can contact JVZoo to help resolve issues with vendors, and based on a few Trustpilot reviews, they respond faster once you raise an issue. So, JVZoo's customer support depends on the vendor, but you can contact JVZoo for assistance when needed.

3. JVZoo HAs 46% One Star Vote In Trustpilot

JVZoo gets a 46% bad rating on Trustpilot, meaning many customers aren't happy with it. This is a red flag, and it's crucial to research JVZoo before getting involved. Among 65 reviews, 30 are just 1-star, with one person calling it "The worst place to shop." The main issue is that JVZoo doesn't handle payments properly. When customers buy digital products that don't work from the marketplace, JVZoo often says they're not responsible for refunds. This makes JVZoo risky, especially for beginners. JVZoo gives sellers too much control, which attracts scammers and fraudulent activities. So, it's essential to be cautious when dealing with JVZoo based on these reviews. If you want to learn more about this affiliate network, check my JVZoo review

4. JVZoo Needs To Filter Their Sellers

JVZoo should review its sellers more carefully to prevent complaints. Many of the 46% critical reviews are about sellers being scams or engaging in fraud. Some affiliates even report that certain sellers don't pay commissions after making sales, which is a big problem for beginners. People also complain that sellers oversell their products, making big promises that the products don't deliver on. There are also complaints about unprofessional seller behavior, like not responding to inquiries and refusing refunds. JVZoo needs to address these issues to protect beginners from these threats.

How Much Money Can You Make In JVZoo?

The money you can make with JVZoo is around $100 to $1,000 per month, and with more effort and time, your earnings can go even higher. But if your goal is to turn affiliate marketing into a full-time job and leave your current one, that takes time, perhaps a year or more. According to High Income Source, while JVZoo might not be as profitable as ClickBank, you can still earn about $1,000 per month by promoting certain software products. So, it's possible to make money with JVZoo, but it requires patience and hard work.

Final Verdict: ClickBank VS JVZoo — Which Affiliate Program Is Better For Beginners?

The clear winner is ClickBank. In terms of commission rates and reputation for providing payment on time for affiliates, Clickbank is the better affiliate program for beginners. It offers a standard commission rate of 50% to 75%, and you can even find products with 100% commission. ClickBank has a solid reputation for paying its affiliates on time, having delivered $6.1 billion in commissions with no missed payments during its 25 years in business. However, it's important to note that about half of the products on ClickBank have low gravity scores. It means you might need to work extra hard to stand out and make a profit, especially with the more competitive high-gravity products.

JVZoo isn't a poor option either. It offers a standard commission rate of 50% to 75% and has a lower payment threshold of $50, compared to ClickBank's default threshold of $100. However, JVZoo has received some negative reviews on Trustpilot, mainly related to certain sellers and providers being involved in scams and fraud. JVZoo has put much control in the hands of its sellers and takes a hands-off approach when it comes to customer complaints and refunds. This places JVZoo slightly behind ClickBank in terms of reputation.

In conclusion, both ClickBank and JVZoo offer opportunities to make money, and the choice between them depends on your specific needs and niche. It's essential to conduct research and consider factors like commission rates, payment thresholds, and the level of competition to determine which program aligns better with your goals as a beginner.

Conclusion: What Business Model Is Superior Than Being An Affiliate In Clickbank and JVZoo?

Local lead generation is superior than being an affiliate in Clickbank and JVZoo because it offers a more passive, less crowded, and high-profit-margin. In local lead generation, it's akin to digital real estate: you build a website, invest as little as $500, and optimize it to rank high on search engines like Google. Once your site secures a top position, you can lease it to local businesses in need of leads, earning you a recurring monthly income ranging from $500 to $2,500.

Here are the major advantages of local lead generation: 

  • Local Competition: Unlike ClickBank, where you compete with over 100,000 active affiliates, or JVZoo with a massive 800,000, local lead generation has you competing with just 10-20 local companies or even fewer. The competition is far less intense.
  • Passive Income: With local lead generation, you can rank and get free traffic within 3-6 months and far less effort because you only need 10-15 pages. Also, once your website ranks higher, it can stay a year or more. In contrast, Ahrefs reveals that affiliate marketing usually demands over 12 months of hard work and 1-2 daily content creation to attract traffic and sales.
  • High Profit Margins: In local lead generation, profit margins can reach up to 95% because you're generating free traffic and selling information (leads) without the overhead costs associated with physical or digital products. In affiliate marketing, despite high commission rates, the competition and refund risks can eat into your profit margins.

Affiliate marketing is not passive as building and ranking sites that generate free traffic in Google. It is more crowded, requires tons of ongoing effort and can have fewer profit margins. If you want to learn a business model that is more passive, not crowded and has a high profit margin, join my local lead gen training program.

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