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Russ Ruffino’s Clients on Demand Review – How To Get High-Ticket Clients?

May 9, 2024

clients on demand

Clients on Demand by Russ Ruffino is a business coaching program designed to help coaches attract high-quality clients. It teaches a high-ticket business model, encouraging participants to charge premium prices for their services. The program focuses on comprehensive support, marketing, sales, business strategy, and mindset coaching.

Clients on Demand has garnered a mix of positive and negative feedback on Trustpilot and Quora. It got a 4.7 out of 5 stars in Trustpilot. Many clients appreciate the program's comprehensive approach and focus on results. Others criticize its high cost, aggressive sales tactics, and lack of refund policy. Some students said that it lacks structured teaching and constantly upselling. 

High-ticket coaching involves offering coaching services or programs at a premium price. This is typically between $3,000 to $15,000 or more per program or package. As a high-ticket coach or consultant, it's difficult to justify the high price and attract clients who will spend tens of thousands of dollars. It often involves deep emotional engagement. Moreover, the high-ticket coaching industry is competitive. According to the International Coaching Federation, the coaching industry is continuously increasing. This means that differentiating and standing out in the market can be challenging.

This Clients on Demand review will cover the course's pros and cons, content, reviews, and many more. We will also look at another business model that offers greater stability, scalability, flexibility, and lower overheads than high-ticket coaching. 

Client on Demand Review: Pros and Cons


The Clients on Demand course offers comprehensive lessons on scaling a coaching business. 

Purchasing the course offers access to exclusive groups, resources, and tools.

The Clients on Demand course has been around for a long time. 


The Clients on Demand course is quite expensive. 

Students of the program reported too many upsells. 

The course has mixed reviews online. 

There are very limited success stories found online. 


The Clients on Demand course cost between $9k to $15k.


Clients on Demand provides a comprehensive training program designed to help coaches, consultants, and service providers build and scale high-ticket businesses.


Russ Ruffino has a Facebook page with 53K followers. 

Refund Policy

The Clients on Demand have a strict no-refund policy. 


The Clients on Demand started in 2011. 


Russ Ruffino has a reputation as a successful business coach and founder of Clients on Demand. However, his approach has drawn mixed feedback. He has 2,808 followers on  LinkedIn, 21.6K on Instagram, 53K followers on Facebook, and 12.3K subscribers on YouTube. 

How To Get High-Ticket Clients?

You get high-ticket clients on demand by: 

  • Understanding high-ticket buyers: These clients are everyday people. They are looking for solutions to their major life or business challenges. The core of Clients on Demand is to focus on the client's problem, rather than just on your product or service.

  • Focusing on mindset: A strong mindset is crucial. You must broadcast certainty and confidence in your program's value. If you show uncertainty,  clients aren't willing to invest. According to Russ, high-ticket clients usually mirror your confidence.

  • Pricing strategically: Clients buy outcomes, not the program itself or your credentials. Keeping your ticket price high means you can take care of your clients and get them amazing results. 

  • Leading with the problem: Always lead with the problem in your marketing. When you clearly state the client's problem, they assume you have the solution. This approach attracts high-ticket clients because they see you understand their needs.

  • Focusing on delivering results: Providing more freebies or bonuses does not attract clients. Instead, focus on delivering results. 

  • Providing a great process: High-ticket clients require a consistent, repeatable, and scalable process. You need a structured system to find and attract clients, convert them, and deliver results in less time.

  • Providing world-class support: The Clients on Demand stressed the importance of hands-on support. Clients on Demand stress the importance of mentoring clients throughout their journey.

  • Using targeted marketing: The program encourages targeted marketing to attract the right clients. This includes paid advertising, social media outreach, and effective lead-generation techniques.

Russ Ruffino's webinar offers insights into a 4-step business model. It helps coaches get high-ticket clients and become 6 and 7-figure earners. 

What is Clients on Demand?

Clients on Demand is a business program by Russ Ruffino focused on attracting high-quality coaching clients. It aims to help professionals generate a steady flow of ideal clients who are eager to work with them. It teaches marketing techniques designed to attract decisive, coachable, and resourceful clients.

The program also teaches strategies that work to increase business revenue. The program prioritizes client enrollment over audience building. In addition, it also provides technical support and mindset coaching. Clients on Demand works by guiding you through the 3 key elements that will enable your coaching company to scale. These are client attraction, enrollment, and customer retention. 

What Will You Get With Clients on Demand? 

  • Remote working tips to take fewer in-person meetings while still helping clients.
  • Alternatives to PDF, podcasting and content marketing.
  • Problem solving for people who don’t believe in problems
  • Ways to make yourself stand out amid a sea of competition and make your pricing work for you. 
  • How to push the right clients to make you look like a coaching genius
  • Doing what I do in a more sustainable and socially ethical way.
  • A 1-2 day method for closing interested clients.

Who is Clients on Demand For? 

Clients on Demand is for professionals who want to attract and convert high-quality clients. Such as the following: 

  • Coaching professionals who want to find clients more and increase their revenue.

  • Business and marketing consultants seeking to expand their client base and grow their businesses.

  • Service providers who offer professional services and want to scale their client acquisition.

  • Professionals aiming to become experts in their fields

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to attract more clients

  • Individuals who want to scale their business without relying on traditional content marketing 

Who is Russ Rufino? 

Russ Ruffino is the founder and CEO of Clients on Demand. It is an Inc. 500 company specializing in helping business owners attract high-quality clients and build a respected brand. He lives in Los Angeles together with his wife and son. He founded Clients on Demand in 2011, and has been mentoring ever since. Russ is also a marketer who uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media for outreach. He also creates Podcasts and Webinars through his YouTube channel. Rufo started his program when he was 31 years old. He quit his job as a bartender and started an online business doing affiliate marketing.   

What People Are Saying About Clients on Demand?

People from Trustpilot, Quora, and Apple Podcast have mixed opinions about Clients on Demand. Positive reviews often highlight its comprehensive coaching approach, effective high-ticket business strategies, supportive community, and focus on results. The negative reviews suggest that the success of Clients on Demand's program might depend on individual factors. Some clients reported that they didn't receive enough guidance or feedback, while others faced aggressive sales techniques and poor follow-up after the initial program.

Clients on Demand Reviews From LinkedIn

Maureen Faul from LinkedIn called Russ soulful, smart, and success-minded. She has worked with Russ for 4 years and her clients and coaching success would not be possible without his expertise. She also called Clients on Demand the best way to serve and scale a life-changing program. Robert Brauer acknowledges Russ as one of the best minds in internet marketing. He also praises Russ's ability to explain complex ideas in a simple, actionable way. Both Maureen and Robert recommend Russ and his program. 

Clients on Demand Reviews From Apple Podcast

Russ's podcast called Clients on Demand got a 4.9 out of 5-star rating in Apple Podcast out of 209 reviews. Many positive reviews highlight Russ's deep commitment to client success. Listeners praise the podcast for its real value. They highlight how Russ's advice and extensive knowledge are invaluable. Russ provides practical tools and strategies to overcome challenges. 

But, some listeners complain about the recent shift to shorter, workshop-oriented episodes. They feel they lack the depth of earlier content. Additionally, a few reviews criticize Russ's use of strong language. Despite these criticisms, the podcast remains popular. 

Clients on Demand Reviews From Trustpilot

Clients on Demand have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in Trustpilot, from 476 reviews. Reviewers praise the comprehensive support system, the high level of expertise, and the sense of community of the program. For instance, Dan was skeptical about the course. But, he later noted that mindset and strategic guidance made a significant difference. Natalie Borrell shared how the program transformed her business from a hobby to a thriving enterprise. It now has a steady flow of ideal clients and tripled its monthly income within a year. 

However, there are also various concerns associated with Clients on Demand. This ranges from aggressive sales tactics to unmet expectations. Many reviewers mentioned that they didn't see a return on their investment. Some noted that the program's method, such as setting up funnels or running ads, did not work for them despite following all instructions. There were also complaints about inconsistent or outdated materials.

Clients also reported issues with the support provided by Clients on Demand. These ranged from unresponsive team members to a lack of personalized guidance. Some mentioned that their assigned coaches were inexperienced. Many also found the 8-week program too short to achieve significant results. Clients noted that to achieve the desired outcome, they had to spend additional money on ads and other tools, leading to unexpected costs.

Clients on Demand Reviews From Quora

The Clients on Demand program has faced criticism from several reviewers from Quora. Robert Murdoch spent $12,000 on a workshop, only to find it poorly organized. He said it requires too many subscriptions with no coherent plan of implementation. 

Scott Methe described Clients on Demand's webinar as designed to sell, rather than provide valuable content. He found it focused on persuasion and marketing without delivering useful information. Erin Harrington noted that the high cost of the program didn't reflect its value, leading to extreme stress and a useless funnel.

Clients on Demand Success Stories

Olivia and her husband Kevin joined the program to scale their career coaching business and found success. Before joining Clients on Demand, they faced challenges with their low-ticket pricing model. They used to offer services for as little as $97 a month or $500 for more comprehensive support. Despite having a list of 300,000 contacts, their revenue topped out at $25,000 a month. They struggled with low engagement and high refund requests, too. Kevin and Olivia joined Clients on Demand to revamp their business model.

They raised their prices about tenfold. They transitioned from one-on-one coaching to a high-ticket group coaching model. The results were transformative. Kevin and Olivia saw a 300-400% increase in revenue, achieving $87,000 in March 2024 and expecting even more growth. 

Is High-Ticket Coaching the Most Profitable Service-Based Business?

Yes, high-ticket coaching is one of the most profitable service-based business. Some coaching niches like executive and business coaching, command higher prices due to the expertise and experience required. According to ZipRecruiter, coaches can earn go from $27,000 to $128,500.

However, success with high-ticket coaching depends on having high-ticket clients willing to invest in high ticket services. This job often involves extensive marketing and networking. Clients paying premium price often have high expectations for results and service quality. Meeting these expectations can be demanding and stressful. In addition, to command high fees, coaches need to establish themselves as experts in their field. 

Moreover, high-ticket coaching has a very limited scalability. This can make it challenging to grow the business without hiring additional coaches or expanding into other revenue streams. Retaining high-ticket clients can be challenging too.  As the high- ticket coaching market grows, competition increases. Differentiating yourself and staying ahead of trends is vital to maintain a competitive edge.

Can Local Lead Generation Help You Earn 6-Figures in 2024?

Local lead generation can help you earn 6-figures by attracting local businesses within a specific area. It relies on building a loyal customer base so you generate consistent business. This approach uses targeted marketing methods like local SEO to generate high-quality leads for a local business. These businesses can pay you a monthly recurring fee of $500-$3000. The process is pretty simple. Build a website, rank it, and forward valuable leads to these business owners. High-ticket coaching advocated by Russ's program is more transactional on an as-needed basis. This means that you need new clients all the time.


Local lead generation targets businesses seeking to grow their customer base. This consistent demand can offer greater stability compared to coaching. High-ticket coaching is more specialized and fluctuates with trends. Moreover, local lead generation can be highly scalable. Once you establish effective lead generation systems in one area, you can expand to other regions or diversify your services.

In addition, it primarily involves marketing and technology skills. These are easier to acquire than coaching skills. Coaches typically require specific expertise, certifications, or experience. This makes the entry barrier higher for coaching compared to local lead generation. So if you want to do something that offers greater stability, scalability, flexibility, and lower overheads, try local lead generation.  

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