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Luke Alexander Closer Cartel Review – Is High Ticket Closing Legit?

June 19, 2024

Closer Cartel is a high-ticket sales closer course by Luke Alexander. The course teaches you how to become an appointment setter or closer. You will learn advanced high ticket closing sales strategies, how to handle objections, how to track and manage your leads, top follow-up strategies, how to find sales clients, and more.Luke also guarantees that you get placed with a successful company if you follow the training.

Reviews for Closer Cartel are positive. Students praise the training and coaching. Some criticize the job placement guarantee. They complained that the guarantee only applies to those who have earned a certain amount in sales.

In this article, You will discover what you get and what you learn with Closer Cartel. You will also find out who the course is for, if the students are successful, and what people say about it. You will also learn all about Luke Alexander and if high-ticket closing is legit.

Closer Cartel Pros and Cons


Luke built a $30K per month social media marketing agency as well as $30K per month as a high-ticket closer.

There is job placement after going through the high ticket closer program until you make $10K per month.

3 live coaching calls per week with Luke and other course coaches.

Luke's course has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs earn $10K-$90K per month in sales with high ticket selling.


Selling a high-ticket deal to a potential customers may require you to speak to hundreds or even thousands of people before you make your first sale. 

To close a high-ticket deal, you've got to make more than one sales call all day and be ok with hearing many "NOs" when cold calling.


Closer Cartel costs $4000.


Closer Cartel has a 7-day money-back guarantee as long as you don't consume more than 20% of the content.


Luke started Closer Cartel in May 2021. The latest version is Closer Cartel 3.0 which is the combined updated version of Closer Cartel 2.0 and Sales Accelerator.

What Do You Get With Closer Cartel?

  • Access to the Lesson Library: Get immediate access to nearly 50 hours of recorded content, documents, guides, and diagrams to help you learn.
  • Live Coaching: Five coaching calls a week, plus a call with the program leader every Wednesday. The calls cover topics such as appointment setting, high ticket sales, psychology, objection handling, and tonality. All calls are recorded and stored for replay.
  • Active Community: Access to private community where you can get support and discuss with other members. The community is also a place where job opportunities are posted.
  • Exclusive Access to Closeify: Access to Closeify, a sales hiring platform that connects sales reps with top companies. Members can create profiles and receive interview requests from companies looking for closers.
  • Sales Accelerator: An appointment setting course with over 30 hours of training videos

What Do You Learn in Closer Cartel?

Closer Cartel teaches high ticket sales techniques and appointment setting. The program emphasizes practical skills like objection handling, tonality, and understanding of human psychology.

Closer Cartel Curriculum

Phase 1 - Fundamentals

In this phase, Luke talks about what it takes to be a member of the Closer Cartel. He shares his step-by-step roadmap to making $100K per year, and the tools you'll need to scale to 7-figures. He also invites you to the Discord community and how to access your 1-on-1 support coach and live coaching calls.

Phase 2 - What it Takes to Be Successful

Phase 2 is a 10-minute video where Luke talks about the importance of health, fitness and following a routine.

Phase 3 - Appointment Setting

Luke shows you how to go about appointment setting. He teaches his sales strategy and sales skills to help you be in the top 1% of appointment setters and how to qualify potential customers. 

Phase 4 - High Ticket Closing

After learning how to set appointments, you learn how to close deals. Luke shows you how to pay attention to your tonality and more so that you can reach your sales goals each month. 

Phase 5 - Objection Handling

Phase 5 focuses on handling objections. Luke shows you his entire framework for dealing with objections from potential clients.

Phase 6 - Finding Clients

Luke helps you find sales clients in Phase 6. He goes over how to speak to them, how to get hired, and what to look for in your offer so that you ensure you're selling to people who are desperate to buy, which makes your job easier. According to their sales page, they even give you some clients. This way, you become high ticket partners with Luke and his team. Companies that are most likely to hire high ticket closers are high ticket online coaching programs and SaaS companies. 

Phase 7 - Life and Building Wealth

In the last Phase, Luke teaches you everything you need to know about taxes, health, fitness, how to build a social network, and more.

Who Is Closer Cartel For?

  • Beginners who want to learn how to be a high-ticket closer.
  • Closers who want to improve their skills and learn new techniques.
  • Closers who want to benefit from the community and job posting.
  • Beginners who want to learn how to be an appointment setter.

Closer Cartel Successful Students

There are several students who claim to have found success with Closer Cartel. This student mentions they landed a client that pays them $25K per month and equity in their institutional crypto business.

Connor interviewed for a lucrative opportunity with the potential of earning him over $15K in commissions in only the first month of working together.

Austin closed his first deal after 4 months. This was a deal worth $10K. 

Josh made over $21K in commission in only his first month of being part of the Closer Cartel. He said he was only closing deals for two weeks.

Clearly, people who join Closer Cartel are closing high-ticket deals after learning the high ticket closing skills from Luke and his team.

What Are the Closer Cartel Reddit Reviews?

Closer Cartel reviews on Reddit are not so positive about Luke and his program. This comment calls Luke a scam artist and saying that them shutting down their training course was a rug pull. 

This person said that they felt Luke's program was a Catch-22 because they claim to place you in an offer but later, they asked this students to show proof of having earned $4,000 in commissions from a previous offer they had sold. They were unhappy because they joined the program to learn how to sell. They also spoke on how mediocre the support is in Luke's course.

Who Is Luke Alexander?

Luke Alexander was born in Piketon, Ohio and now lives in Miami. Growing up, his father was abusive. His mother raised him and his brother with under $20K per year and on welfare. At 18 years old, he went to Wright State University and majored in marketing. Luke admits he learned nothing while in college because he was busy partying with girls, playing Fornite, and building his personal brand. When he realized he had no money, he felt he had to get his mom out of Piketon. After cutting class and trading stocks, he realized there was a better way of making money.

Luke and a friend started a dropshipping store called Adventr Co., where they would sell fake chains from China for $11.99. Then Luke attempted to create a social media marketing agency called Vitalis Media, and generate leads for real estate agents with Facebook ads. Both business ventures were failures.

In May 2019, Luke dropped out of college and did some freelance jobs. Eventually, he landed his first client,, which was a 7-figure eCommerce brand, and created his first ad for them. Everything changed for Luke when he met Zach Shade, who wanted Luke to help him with a funnel. In January 2020 alone, Luke made $19K and bought his mother a car.

By August 2020, Luke hit 6-figures in sales with his biggest client after making the adjustment of pursuing high-ticket clients only.

Eventually, he moved to Miami and started closing deals for other companies. He reached $30K per month, closing high-ticket deals. In 2022, Luke finally reached his first million in sales at the age of 22 and bought his mother a house. Closer Cartel came to life in May 2021, when he realized he could make more money teaching people how to close high-ticket deals themselves. 

What Is Luke Alexander's YouTube Channel?

Luke Alexander's YouTube channel is where Luke posts videos every few days about online marketing and his Instagram has over 33.6K followers and posts every few days and or every couple of weeks. 

What Is Luke Alexander's Instagram?

Luke Alexander on Instagram is where Luke shares his lavish lifestyle thanks to his high ticket closing business. He has over 47,000 followers on Instagram.

Closer Cartel Alternatives

Cardone University by Grant Cardone has a wide variety of online courses that teach you sales. They designed Cardone's online platform to help anyone become a great salesperson. There are courses that teach negotiation, objections, buyer psychology, closing, and more. Grant is arguably the best at what he does, so learning the art of selling from him will put you in a good position to close all the deals you want.

Price: Courses in Cardone University range from $47 all the way to $24,000.

More info: Cardone University Review

The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, has a sales training called Straight Line Persuasion. Jordan teaches the art and science of prospecting, how to master the art of tonality, how to paint a prospect's future vision to make them want to move forward with you, the 5 core elements of the 'Straight Line System', how to identify motivated buyers from non-buyers, and more. Jordan's training goes in depth with sales, which is why he is also considered the best salesperson. Dan Lok also dives into tonality when on sales calls. 

More info: Straight Line Persuasion Review.

The ASK Method Masterclass by Ryan Levesque is another training program that helps you dive deep into the intricacies of the sales process. Through his ASK method, you will easily pin point what your clients' needs are so you can customize a solution for them. When you join, you get access to the 3 phases of the program that are discovery, segmentation, and launch. There's even a Facebook group for mentorship and support.

Price: The ASK Method Masterclass costs $1,999.

More info: The ASK Method Masterclass Review.

Remote Closing Academy by Cole Gordon is a high ticket sales program that teaches "recession-proof skills" to its students. They also provide access to their network of partners for potential employment. 1-on-1 coaching is also provided by Cole and his team to help you become an expert at remote closing. 

Price: The Remote Closing Academy program costs $8,400.

More info: Remote Closing Academy Review.

Is High Ticket Closing Legit?

High ticket closing is legit because there are many online courses and coaching programs that pay hundreds of dollars in commission per sale. Becoming a high ticket closer in 2024 is worth it because, according to Gulf News, a high ticket closer makes an estimated $50,000 to $150,000 per year in commissions and bonuses. You need skills like tenacity, good tonality, discipline, and more to become a high ticket closer.

The problem with being a high-ticket closer is that your income isn't predictable. There's no guarantee that you will close any deals and if you don't make any phone calls, you don't make any money. You always need to be hustling to make money. This is not a business model you can set up once and get paid residually. The payoff can be good and there's always a demand for salespeople. But how long before you tire of talking to people on the phone every day? You then also have to compete with other more experience and skilled closers for high-ticket closing jobs. Being a high-ticket closer doesn't pay you a residual, passive income and doesn't have the benefits local lead generation does.

Create Predictable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model where you earn predictable passive income by renting out your digital asset. By ranking a site on Google, you can rent it out to local businesses who will benefit from the organic traffic it generates. You can earn $500 to $3,000 a month completely passively. This income stream is consistent and you don't have to sell anything.


As a closer, your income is limited by your time. With a local lead generation business, you can scale to increase your income. It is as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. There is no limit to how many sites you can have. You can potentially earn 6 figures completely passive from just a handful of sites. This is why local lead generation is my number 1 business for creating time and financial freedom.

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