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Commission Hero 2.0 Review-Is Robby Blanchard’s Updated Course Worth The Price Tag?

January 13, 2023

Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 Course will teach you how to find the best affiliate offers to promote using networks like ClickBank, Perform CB, and Digistore24. Blanchard uses a proven system that includes his three 'top secrets for making big profits online. He covers how to leverage Facebook and YouTube Ads to send traffic to landing pages where you can pitch your affiliate offer. (The key is to use effective ad campaigns and high-converting sales funnels.)

Learn how to 'psychologically force people to buy your offers' and utilize paid traffic to serve your best interest and land the best affiliate commission. In his updated course, Commission Hero 2.0, Robby Blanchard has upped the ante. Now he's teaching students how to leverage new sources like YouTube Ads, Native Ads, and free traffic to diversify traffic generation.

The 2.0 version also comes with new tools and software designed to run promotions at scale and maintain a high ROI without being banned by Facebook. This Commission Hero 2.0 Review will show you what Robby's selling and the challenges of driving consistent traffic to your offers. We'll also discuss why the local lead generation business model might be a better way to make money online. Issues with affiliate marketing and if being an affiliate marketer is still worth it in 2023.


Robby Blanchard is a top-performing Click Bank Affiliate with tangible proof to support his financial income claims.

Blanchard’s original course was launched in 2019 so the program isn’t new. But Commission Hero 2.0  is the most up-to-date content and covers additional training not previously released.

Commission Hero 2.0 is an in-depth training course ideal for beginners. But veterans interested in learning profit hacks to increase ROIs will benefit from Robby’s insider tips.


Commission Hero Pro  is expensive.

Robby still relies heavily on paid traffic which is becoming increasingly expensive and competitive. 

There are a lot of negative reviews about Robby Blanchard and his training program online.


one-time payment of $2497
three payments of $997 (billed 30 days apart)
additional costs: 
  • ClickFunnels software (landing page builder): $97/month
  • Cometly (tracking tool): $37/month-$99/month
  • Autoresponder software like ManyChat: free-$15/month 
  • Spy software like Spy Hero (Robby's app): free download

Refund Policy

14-day money-back guarantee if you have not accessed the course or Facebook Group (yes you read that correctly)


12 modules divided into easy-to-digest content that includes live videos, PDFs, downloadable templates, resource materials/tools, and bonuses. The course also provides copy and paste landing pages, funnels, and professional ad images. Commission Hero Pro has a private Facebook and coaching group and Robby is very active in the Commission Hero community (on a daily basis). Robby or his team also conducts weekly coaching and Q&As in their exclusive CH Coaching Group. And he has a YouTube channel with  42.8K subscribers. They offer done-for-you landing pages, ads, images, and funnels in addition to live/virtual mastermind events. 


Robby Blanchard is the mastermind behind the affiliate marketing course Commission Hero Pro and has a net worth of over $5 million. Blanchard claims that his affiliate marketing training can teach people how to leverage Facebook Ads and make $1000/day. He began his affiliate journey in 2015 by selling an online information product for his gym. After seeing astronomical success and achieving the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in 2019, he launched his Commission Hero training course. Robby Blanchard has helped over 11,242 people make more than $50,000 online with his Commission Hero training programs.


His website has countless reviews and student success stories and testimonials. But he has his fair share of negative press with 2.8 and 2.4-star reviews on Trust Pilot.

Reviews From Other Students

Review by Tamara - "It works but you have to work too"

  • Verified Student

"Hi, this is Tamara. Robby's training works, but you need to be prepared to work too. And you should plan on having a budget of around $5,000 when you get started to cover the cost of your tools and testing. And be ready to test a bunch of products. Robby gives you a lot of tips and pointers on what kind of products you should pick. And he includes all kinds of templates and landing pages you can use. 

I think a lot of people jump in, pay for this training and think they can make the kind of money that Robby's earning as soon as they get started. But they forget affiliate marketing is a slow slog, and it takes time to build an audience on the internet. But that's a business model. Affiliate marketing takes time. It takes a long time.

So you either need to do it the way Robby teaches, with paid ads and sales funnels. Using landing pages and scripts, or invest your own time and build an audience with a blog or your YouTube channel. So it really comes down to deciding, are you going to spend the money? Or do you want to spend the time? And for me, it was worth it to spend some money. 

I will say that without the support and coaching from Robby and his team. I would've quit a long time ago. I really like the question, answer sessions in the Facebook group. And Robby's always around to ask other questions and bounce ideas off of. Other members have been super helpful too. So for me. The training was money well spent."  

Review by Tim - "Most people will leave with their FB ad account suspended"

  • Verified Student

"What's up guys? Tim here. Today I'm going to give my experience with Robbie Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 course, which I took earlier this year. I'm actually no stranger to taking other popular affiliate marketing courses. I've done Affiliate Lab, as well as Savage Affiliates, just to name a few. What lead me to take Robbie’s course too was that I really wanted to become much better at Facebook advertising. I saw how well from his ads that Robbie was doing with ClickBank and Facebook advertising so that led me into taking his course too.

The course material itself I found was overall pretty good from what I already know about affiliate marketing. I felt like he delivered the course material well, but I will say most of the course material itself you could find probably for free online yourself with just a bit of digging.

What I really found valuable about the course, and which was really kind of worth paying for, was Robbie’s live face-to-face training. He brings people in to train with him live and he lets people in the course watch him give this training. That was extremely useful because he gives a lot of really great high-level information in those trainings that you can get a lot out of. 

Besides that, he also gives a tremendous amount of resources when you get this course. You have access to over a thousand different image ads. He gives you high-converting material for nine high-converting ClickBank offers that are ready to go. So yeah, he gives you quite a bit of value with the course, but there are two reasons that I wouldn't recommend this course to most people, especially beginners in the affiliate marketing space.

One is that the way Robbie teaches you how to do Facebook advertising is pretty much guaranteed to get your Facebook advertising account banned at some point. Robbie does offer some solutions to that, like using, the account of somebody else to do your Facebook advertising while yours is suspended. But it's more of a workaround. It's not a real solution and there's no guarantee you'll be able to get your Facebook ad account back. So that's the first reason. 

The second reason is just that besides the cost of the course itself of $2,500, you'll also need to have around $4,000 to $5,000 laying around for advertising spend and affiliate marketing tools like ClickFunnels, spy tools, and tracking tools, that are going to cost you a few hundred bucks a month as well. So, you really need that couple thousand dollars just for ad spend so you can collect the necessary data with your Facebook pixel to make the right decisions. 

The course gives some good information, but overall, it's not a great course for beginners and most people are going to leave the course with their Facebook advertising account suspended and unable to use it."

Review by Josh S. - "Don't do it"

  • Verified Student

"Hey, this is Josh. I paid 10K for Robby Blanchard's training. And all I can say is don't do it. Not only is this training way overpriced. But he's teaching some pretty sketchy stuff, like making fake Facebook accounts. And, of course, Facebook figures out their fake accounts, so they get shut down. So then Robby and his team tell you to make more fake accounts. 

And you're promoting products that suck. They don't make any money. And you need to spend a ton of cash on paid ads. But they don't tell you that in the sales call. So if you don't have a budget or you’re not prepared to spend, you need to steer clear of this program. I dropped about $5,000 on Facebook ads.

I don't even think Robby Blanchard makes money with click funnels or affiliate marketing anymore. I think now he's just pushing his course and trying to get you on the upsells, like his  Avenger Mastermind, which is like 25K. I get that you need to use paid advertising as affiliate marketing. 

But I never thought you'd need to drop that much cash. And a lot of the best products in the high ticket niches are super competitive. So even with a great funnel and landing page, there's no guarantee that you're going to sell them. And yeah, they teach you some stuff, like how to set up your Facebook campaigns and target specific audiences. And he does show you some pretty cool strategies you can use for your copy and images and reels and whatever.  

But not enough, in my opinion, to make the kind of money, at least not the kind of money I want to earn as an affiliate marketer. I know, affiliate marketing. Isn't a quick way to make cash. But if you buy this training, it will be the fastest way you've ever lost money. Big red flag-worst mistake ever."

Review by Meg - "Cautiously optimistic"

  • Verified Student

"Hi. My name is Meg. I joined Robbie Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 Affiliate Marketing Course after trying on my own with affiliate marketing for about six months. I've been using paid ads on Facebook while I get my blog set up. But my account kept getting banned. And so I was starting to get really frustrated. 

And I found Robbie's course, and I have to say I'm cautiously optimistic. He gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Facebook accounts, how to set up your copy, landing pages and ways to circumvent if you get banned from Facebook. They offer a lot of value. He also has a private Facebook group. 

And I find that the members there have all been extremely helpful. There's a lot of people that have made some real money with Robbie's techniques and everybody seems really helpful and willing to answer any questions. So at this point, I'm learning a lot and I am hopeful that by putting into practice the techniques that Robbie is teaching I'll have more success with affiliate marketing. 

What I didn't research when I started with affiliate marketing was just how competitive the business model is. There's a lot of the same affiliates that are promoting the offers you're offering. So you need to know which offers are best for your niche and the ones to look for on ClickBank. But Robbie and his team really helped with that. So at this point I would highly recommend his training and hope that I see some real profits soon."

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

From a struggling gym owner to making millions online and the number one ClickBank affiliate in the world. Robby Blanchard describes his journey as "wild and crazy." Blanchard grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and earned an MBA from Fitchburg State College. 

After graduating, Blanchard opened a fitness gym, CrossFit Reach but struggled because he didn't know how to market. So he began running Facebook ads and went on to promote his own product. Then Robby found other products on ClickBank to promote and started generating $1000/week.

By 2017, he was earning $10,000/week on the ClickBank Affiliate platform. In 2019 he won the Click Bank Affiliate Contest and was named the ClickBank Affiliate of the Year. 

He is now the owner and CEO of Blanchard Media, and has been featured in publications like:

In six years, Blanchard has assisted hundreds of business owners. Companies with a proven offer scale to 7 and 8-figure earners. And he's helped over 10,000 students achieve results with this Commission Hero 3-step affiliate marketing training. He had no prior experience-just a hunger to succeed, and the tenacity to never quit. Now we're sharing the details in this Commission Hero Review and how Robby Blanchard's training can help people win with affiliate marketing.

infographic of affiliate marketing

What Is Commission Hero 2.0?

Commission Hero 2.0  is an extensive online marketing training program that teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing using affiliate networks like ClickBank and PerformCB. In his course, Robby Blanchard shares his simple three-step system to generate thousands of dollars every day by promoting other people's products through paid advertising.

Blanchard shows his students how to find the best niches and the anatomy of a winning ad. Learn how to leverage Facebook advertising and YouTube ads to create custom audiences that want to buy what you're promoting and the importance of video marketing. In addition, Blanchard shares his personal spy software (Spy Hero App), how to use the best growth tools, and where to find the best offers. He covers how to set up your ad account, the difference between native and story ads, and the Facebook pixel.

What’s Included In Commission Hero 2.0?

Robby Blanchard provides in-depth training on setting up and scaling your affiliate marketing business. Including the perfect landing page formula and the fastest way to 5X-10X ad spends to get big payouts.

So what's included in the price of admission to Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 Course? His super affiliate system and coaching program consist of the following:

Commission Hero 2.0 Course Content:

  • 6-Week Live Masterclass

  • CH 2.0 Automation Tools

  • The Traffic Money Magnet

  • 7 Figure Offers

  • Rapid Scale Training

  • Lead Gen Goldmine

  • Commission Hero Coaching Group

Students also receive the following: 

  • The Complete Commission Hero System
  • Complete Access To The Commission Hero Private Coaching Group
  • Million Dollar Ad Images
  • My Complete Facebook Super Profits Training System 
  • Complete Done-For-You Landing Pages

And bonuses including:

CH 2.0 Bonuses: 

  • Access To The Next Virtual Event

  • My Personal Ad Library

  • 7 Figure Landing Pages

  • Full Access To SPY HERO

  • Full Access To Cometly

  • VIP Network Access

  • The CH 2.0 App

  • CH 2.0 Landing Page Builder

  • Omnipresent Traffic 

image of CH 2.0 course videos

My Key Takeaways From Each Commission Hero 2.0 Module

1. Welcome

Robby starts with a welcome and what students can expect with CH 2.0. Then, he outlines the importance of building your foundation and his habits for success. But Robby is clear that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to understand the concept and the systems first. And then the money will take care of itself.

First, you need to know your numbers. This system uses paid ads, so you need to track data. (start your ad campaigns at $20/day). But you need to track your data to have more success overall. Blanchard recommends using Cometly to track your campaigns and monitor things like:

  • Spending
  • ROIs
  • Landing Page CTR

Focus on your mindset and develop success habits like having a specific vision for yourself and an ‘operator mentality.’ But put in the work, and you will see success with this program.

2. Lead Gen Goldmine-Offer + Networks

Robby shares his best niches to promote (he lists 7). He tells students that the key is to focus on large categories—ones with a substantial niche audience with multiple offers you can promote. This will help you scale faster and generate more sales. Robby covers his criteria on what makes the best offers to promote. He looks at four qualifications to look for when deciding if you want to promote an offer:

  1. Large Category
  2. High Payout Or Low Barrier (coverts well and pays high)
  3. Low Refund Rates
  4. Proven Winner Or Proven Offer Creator

CH 2.0 offers more affiliate network choices, so you’re not limited to ClickBank and just sales offers. Blanchard discusses the differences between lead offers versus sales offers, including the number of sales you need to make big money and conversion rates. With sales offers, you need to make sales to earn money. But with lead offers, you get paid per CPL/CPA. So you might make less money, but you typically get more traffic because people don't have to buy anything. 

picture of digistore24 logo

He also covers in-depth training on how to sign up for networks like MaxWeb, AffWorks, Digistore24, and ClickBank. Learn the best ways to reach out to offer owners and why you need to build relationships. Blanchard shows you how to use CH 2.0 software to streamline the process and find winning offers. Cut down time researching for the best offers to promote and get in-depth information, including:

  • Featured & Trending Offers
  • Affiliate Manager Links & Contact Information
  • Sales Offer Vs. Lead Offers
  • Average Earnings/Sale Vs. Payouts

The CH 2.0 updated program also includes an app so students can access information anytime.

3. Building Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone pages that take the consumer from a platform (like Facebook) to a site with a single goal-your call to action. For example, when running paid ads, you want to send your audience to a landing page where you will have your offer. (You want your audience to click the link on your landing page, so you get paid).

CH 2.0 uses the software ClickFunnels to create landing pages. And your landing page needs to include:

  • Your affiliate link
  • A clear call to action

Get your audience into a buyer's mindset with a quiz (creates curiosity) with CH 2.0's three components for quiz questions:

  • Create curiosity & grab attention

  • Create engagement & emotion

  • Be congruent with your niche offer & include a solid call to action

View example questions and recommendations on wording, how many questions to use, and editing your outcomes. CH 2.0 dives into their formula for creating the perfect landing page that includes:

  • Attention-Grabbing & Curiosity-Based Headline
  • Curiosity-Based Image (Open Look)
  • Strong Call To Action That Includes Your Affiliate Link
  • Content Related To The Offer
  • Quiz Element 

Students also learn how to set up their domain, affiliate link, and pixel.

4. Tracking Your Campaigns

CH 2.0 shares its exclusive software Cometly. Get in-depth training on how to use and set up the Cometly software that can:

  • Make your ads more profitable
  • Provide accurate ad attribution
  • Show you what's working and what's not
  • Daily breakdowns for Facebook stats & metrics
  • Profit & loss
  • Analyze trends

Cometly offers easy data analysis and easy-to-read dashboards that will save you time and help you scale faster and make more money as an affiliate. In addition, learn how to troubleshoot issues and fix common setup mistakes. And tips on daily ad optimization techniques and when to scale up. 

image of scaling campaigns

CH 20. List Of Cometly Scaling Principles

  • Number of ad sets & daily budget

  • When to kill ad sets

  • What ROIs make a successful ad set

  • Scaling vertically

  • Scaling horizontally

  • High-budget ad sets ($250-$1000/day)

CH 2.0 Tip: Track your campaigns every day because it's the best way to know what ads are performing well and what ones are driving your sales. 

5. Researching Ads

CH 2.0 provides their new software for students called Spy Hero, which is the best tool to spy on competitor Facebook advertisements and research other peoples' ads. See what's working and potential gaps in the market. Make more money by using this software because you can see what's working right now. 

What To Spy On In Competitors' Ads:

  • Offers & Copy

  • Images & Ideas

  • ClickBank Offers & Lead Gen Offers

  • Videos & Fan Pages

photo of spyhero software

With over 85,000 ads to access, you can use this tool on your desktop or with their mobile app. Robby Blanchard walks through the anatomy of a winning ad and how to find ads to use and fast-track your success.

Blanchard encourages students to look for low-hanging fruit and don't get hung up on saturation. Instead, focus on the reason why success happens and look at things like:

  • Creatives used
  • Popular headlines
  • Landing pages

How long have the ads been running? How many Facebook ad campaigns are using specific creatives/copy?

Do your research and look at the trends. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, model what's working and make it your own.

6. Traffic Training

Robby Blanchard's detailed training outlines the a-z on how to set up your Facebook Business Manager account. Learn how to use a hash custom list from the vendor to create a look alike audience on Facebook. Students also get instruction on creating a fan page, adding payment methods, and how to add admin/users.

Facebook ads

Learn how to create a detailed and targeted audience that coordinates with your niche and the product you're promoting. Include components like:

  • Locations & Language

  • Ages & Gender

  • Facebook Suggestions

Boost posts to warm up your audience to stay within your billing threshold. And get completed posts through your Facebook ad account to build more trust with the platform. In addition, students are privy to insider hacks on creating engagement campaigns, conversion campaigns, and traffic campaigns.

7. Creating Your Ad

CH Pro provides a checklist on the anatomy of a winning Facebook ad that includes a strong call to action and passes the 'party trick' test. Your goal is to pique curiosity and create an open loop in their brain and still be congruent. In addition, it needs to make your audience stop and want to read your ad copy. 

infographic of CH 2.0 course

You need to 'stop the scroll.' People aren't on Facebook to buy. They're on the platform to be entertained. So it's your job to use strategies to stop the scroll and click on your landing page to learn more. CH 2.0 shares where to find designers and copywriters for the best FB ad creatives.

8. Ready To Launch

CH 2.0 walks you through the testing strategies, so you need to ensure you've followed the training and completed fundamental tasks, including:

  • Warming Up Your Fan Page
  • Warming Up Your Account Ad
  • The Ad Is Meeting The Billing Threshold
  • Created The Pixel
  • Created The Audiences

When you've met the checkboxes, you can implement strategies. Like how to test and budget ads using a winning formula and key KPIs. CH 2.0 shows students how to find winning creatives, landing pages, and other audiences to combat ad/landing page fatigue or declining CTRs. So, you can ensure that you always have profitable ads. Creatives that are performing well and getting sales.

CH 2.0 Tip: Only test one variable at a time.

9. Scaling Your Campaign

You need to follow the CH 2.0 rules and nurture campaign growth. Analyze the data, and don't scale until your campaign is ready. Then you can decide how you want to scale:

  1. Vertical Scaling (increase the ad budget)
  2. Horizontal Scaling (duplicate the ad set)

Robby Blanchard advises that you can scale across: 

  • Accounts
  • Ad sets
  • Business Managers Accounts.

Now you have multiple ads working efficiently, and they're all profitable. So you 'hedge your bets' if Facebook shuts down one because you have others to fall back on. (Robby also recommends having more than one profile on Facebook).

picture of robby blanchard

Once you understand the systems, there's no limit to how big you scale. Or how much money you can make using Blanchard's proven concepts and scaling techniques. Robby shares his 'famous 80-20 rule'. Learn what it is and why it's essential if you want to set up your campaigns for success. 

CH 2.0 Tip: The worst thing you can do is become complacent because your goal is to take your winner (control) and beat it.

10. Advanced Tips

CH 2.0 shares the protocol on how to avoid Facebook accounts getting flagged like:

  • Having a new Gmail account
  • Using a burner account (like for Hushed) for a cell phone number to receive texts

Learn how to set up new accounts and why you need to let them 'warm up' before creating a Facebook Business account. Robby reminds students that these accounts are 'disposable assets.' You need at least ten to circumvent issues to ensure that you always have an active and profitable account.

photo of gologin logo

Understand why you need a proxy and how to set them up. And the best solutions for running multiple accounts and profiles successfully with software like GoLogin or Multilogin.

11. Building Your Business Structure

Get the inside track on your overall business structure (Facebook accounts, audiences, pixels, etc.). Then, learn how to set up additional assets and why you need to build your business horizontally. The training also covers:

  • Cellphone Setup
  • Sharing Pixel To Other Business Manager Accounts

Robby shares the 'why' behind optimizing accounts and additional tricks on how to scale your business.

What’s New In Commission Hero 2.0?

In module 12, Robby Blanchard ups the ante, shares new and revamped Commission Hero course content, and includes diversification techniques to drive more traffic to your offers, including an affiliate bot bonus course. Learn how to use bots to take what you're learning from Robby and 'put it on steroids.' Bots can help you:

  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Support

Learn how to use growth tools like ManyChat to trigger more flow and generate more sales. The new training updates also include:

Omnipresent Traffic - Native Ads & YouTube

Get step-by-step instructions on the Flow Builder tool, including:

  • How it works
  • Basic navigation
  • Editing flows

The training walks you through how to set up and implement ManyChat from a user's perspective to the back end. Learn how to choose your triggers and access cheat sheets that show you what growth tools to use and for what situation. And an overview of BotBuilders Development software to generate more leads, make more sales and build your business.

picture of native ads on CNN

The Commission Hero system covers a deep dive into native ads with tips and tricks on how to utilize them to amplify your affiliate marketing capabilities. Learn what they are and how they add value to your website. Formatting tips, optimizing, how to choose your ad image, and the best way to slide your native ads into existing content.

Native ads run on a bidding system. CPC depends on the platform, so the more you spend, the better your placement. (You need to budget a minimum of $100/day for your paid ad campaigns). However, the potential reach with native ads is enormous. Yes, there's risk. But you're looking at hundreds of billions of potential ad impressions monthly. 

Learn how to use software like adbeat to see what other advertisers are doing. Find out what strategies are working and how you can model them and leverage them for your ads.

CH 2.0 shares affiliate marketing secrets for advertising on YouTube like:

  • How To Format (get the most leverage)

  • Types Of Ads
  • How To Set Up Campaigns

Understand what ads are not YouTube ads, and the difference between them and other paid advertising styles. You also get step-by-step instructions on:

  • What to focus on to run ads on YouTube as an affiliate marketer 
  • How to leverage the platform 
  • The best way to take strategic advantage and get your audience to take action 
  • Where to find resources and outsource video production
  • Tips for creating swipe files 
  • Smart bidding techniques

Learn best practices for compliance and how to create video ads that convert. You also get tips on setting up your account and how to set up ‘Conversion Actions’ and track your ads (even the ones with ClickBank offers).

CH 2.0 Tip: Tracking the wrong things or not tracking is a recipe for failure. But you need to be careful what you track to feed the algorithm to give you what you want.

Commission Hero 2.0 Ad Target Tips:

  • Individual Video Placements

  • Specific Channels

  • Custom Audiences

  • SKAGs (single keyword ad groups)

photo of robby blanchard

CH 2.0 Recommendations:

Research tools like Answer The Public and Google Keywords Planner

Landing pages versus videos (when to use what)

Language and demographics

Income and demographics

Frequency and scheduling (what to cut out to maximize your profits)

How Can You Make Money With Commission Hero 2.0?

You can make money with CH 2.0 by promoting other people's products or services using landing pages and paid advertising. Robby Blanchard teaches you how to find the best niches and winning offers.

CH 2.0 gives students the material to succeed with affiliate marketing, including research tools and spy software. In addition, CH 2.0 provides updated training with other affiliate networks, so students no longer rely solely on making money with ClickBank and sales offers. 

Instead, you can run sales offers, lead offers, or a combination. Take advantage of networks like AffWorks and PerformCB. (Which pays per CPA/CPL, not just commission-based like ClickBank). The updated content also includes strategies on how to leverage other platforms like YouTube (not just Facebook). 

Is Robby Blanchard & Commission Hero Legit Or A Scam?

Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 isn't a scam. He sells an extensive training course that covers in detail how to set up, scale, and become profitable with affiliate marketing. Does Commission Hero work, and can you make $1000/day with his 3-step system? That depends on the niche you choose, the offers you promote, and how much time you're prepared to invest in your affiliate marketing business.

Robby has his fair share of negative reviews online. But his website also shows testimonials and reviews from students who claim to be making some pretty impressive coin with his program. If you pay for CH 2.0, you get access to the material. And there's no evidence to suggest that Robby Blanchard is a scam or that what he teaches isn't the real deal.

Is Being An Affiliate Worth It?

Yes, being an affiliate is worth it. There are endless untapped markets and opportunities to make money as an affiliate. In fact, the affiliate marketing industry in the USA is headed for a valuation of $8.2 billion in 2023

But affiliate marketing is not an easy business model. You're marketing a product. And while you're not spending time finding or making your own product, you still need to be an expert marketer and a content creator.

Clickbait tactics and spamming people's emails or social media groups aren't going to cut it in 2023. These methods are outdated and a fast way to get banned. 

affiliate marketing

So you need to leverage paid ads with an irresistible offer. Or create a community where people can congregate-like a blog, podcast, or social media group, and present as an expert or an authority in the field.

Decide if you want to pay with cash or your time. But you need to choose a profitable niche with a potential market and plenty of scope for affiliate sales. Connect with quality affiliates and find a way to stand out and get into the consumers' minds.

  • What will they search for before they buy a product?
  • Where are they looking to do research before buying?

You need to create specific, targeted content and become an expert content creator. Or design scroll-stopping creatives with a clear call to action. Ads with on-point sales copy that target consumer pain points or invoke emotional impulse buys.

Affiliate marketing is worth it. But it's incredibly competitive and far from a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and effective marketing techniques to get your content in front of your ideal target audience. Or a budget to run effective ad campaigns.


To succeed with affiliate marketing, you need to hone in on the right offer. Connect with the right audience and create the perfect pitch. Affiliate marketing isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. And even with paid ads, you need to be willing to invest the time and money to scale your business.

But Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 can help you learn profit hacks and techniques to create high-converting landing pages, find the best offers and make more sales. You also have access to a group of like-minded individuals and support that can help you learn faster and scale quicker. But you need to invest some serious coin for the course and add additional costs to cover your daily budget for paid ads. 

Affiliate marketing is easy to start, but traffic is hard to get (even with a lot of affiliate offers). And it will always dictate your success which is why it might not be the best online business to start in 2022

An Alternative To Affiliate Marketing

My biggest challenge with affiliate marketing is the time you need to invest for low-profit margins. I like that you don't have to find or make your own product. But promoting products that don't belong to you comes with questions: 

  • How reliable is the vendor? 
  • Do they stand behind their product?

The other issue is around refunds and chargebacks. Again, you're doing all the legwork promoting products, but you might not make as much money as you banked on because customers are dissatisfied. You need to decide if the time and effort are worth the payout, and it's not my first choice in 2023.

So many variables in this equation are entirely out of your control, so I prefer the lead generation model. I sell leads that business owners need, and they pay for every month on autopilot. Lead gen offers higher conversions and less upfront time or capital. I create websites like this in about ten hours and earn $500-$2000/month.

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Lead generation puts me in the driver's seat because I control every aspect of my business (including my profit margins). There are a lot of ways to make money online, but lead generation is my number one recommendation. So, if you're curious or want to learn more about the business model, check out this local lead generation program.

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Ippei Kanehara

$52K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners.

His #1 online business recommendation in 2023, is to build your own lead generation business.

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